Catfighting Hellcats: Kym Malin vs Suzi Simpson by kit

"You can still back's not too late," said Suzi, ready to take on her chief rival.

"No way, bitch," responded Kym as they stalked each other in Suzi's backyard. "You better think again if you want some of this."

Suzi grinned. "Honey, I want it all."

"Well, you're gonna get it all and then some," smirked Kym. "You're in for the catfight of your life...I promise that."

"I'm not surprised it's come to this," said Suzi. "You've been jealous of me from the start."

"Ha! Are you fuckin' crazy, bitch? I have nothin' to be jealous about," said Kym, then slowly pulling her yellow t-shirt over her head and exposing her round breasts behind her white sports bra.

"Ssshhhit...that's nothin', bitch," spat Suzi, taking off her yellow t-shirt and revealing her round breasts tucked inside of her yellow sports bra.

"Humph," muttered Kym. "You wont be so proud after I get done with 'em."

Suzi tilted her head. "Nor you your's, bitch."

Truth was that both girls were highly impressed and equally jealous of not only the other's beautiful breasts, but body overall.

With hands on hips and their chests sticking out, Kym and Suzi closed the gap as they resumed circling and sizing each other up. To their friends and fellow classmates, it would come as no surprise to learn that these two senior high cheerleaders had fought. Everyone knew the jealousy and the resentment that these two drop-dead hard bodies had for each other. A catfight between the two wasn't a question of 'if', but 'when' and who'd win. Each girl had her supporters but all seemed to agree that a rough and tumble brawl it would be.

Kym and Suzi were both veterans of catfighting. As a California hard body, Suzi was undefeated in three beach brawls, and Kym, a Texas brickhouse, was a perfect 5-0 against Lone Star opponents. But neither had ever been pitted against an opponent so worthy or of equal beauty and fitness.

Being totally hot, Kym and Suzi had blond, dark-rooted tresses that were soft and silky and fell straight beyond their rounded shoulders. They were slutty in the face with seductive eyes and pretty, cock-sucking mouths. Each stood 5-5, but Kym held a five pound weight advantage, 105 to 100. Both racks measured a full and firm 36c with bikini top tan lines. Kym had dark pink arealos perfectly shaped and sized, with tart little nipples directly in the center. Suzy's areolas were bright pink but thicker and meatier, with eraser-like nipples that were stiff and long. Kym had a trim, smooth 20" tummy while Suzi's flat, firm tum-tum was 23". Between their succulent thighs both bombshells had a meadow of soft, curly pubs. Kym was a true blonde with a fluffy triangle of golden love, as Suzi had a mound of dark-brown weave. Around back, both babes had shapely and buttery-brown 34" ass with sexy tanlines across the cheeks adding to the desire. Leg-to-leg the girls rivaled each other in tan, tone and texture as both had limbs that dripped with appeal so that one would want to start sucking at the toes and lick all the way up to their fuzzy honey-holes. Pound for pound, Suzi and Kym were as hot and sexy as any two girls could be. And now they were about to put those bodies in heated, hated combat that would see them battling tooth-n-nail and from head-to-toe.

"You think you're pretty hot shit, huh, bitch?" asked Kym as they moved a little bit closer together.

Suzi nodded 'yes' as she said, "I guess you had it made 'round here before I moved in. I know you're jealous, bitch."

"I should've whipped your ass the day I saw you," said Kym as they still circled.

"Bitch, you are jealous," chuckled Suzi, but just a bit nervous as they were now about a foot apart.

"I won't be jealous for long after I rip out that blond mop and tear off those tits, bitch," spat Kym, stopping and squaring up with Suzi.

Suzi smirked. "I wish our friends were here to see me whip your fuckin' ass."

"You didn't want 'em 'round to see me kick your slut-ass," said Kym.

"No. I didn't want 'em 'round to stop me from kickin' your slut-ass," said Suzi.

The two girls now stepped breast to breast and stared past their turned up noses. With stern eyes, Kym and Suzi could feel the other's nipples tightening and swelling against her own. Their breasts heaved up and down as their tummies rapidly pumped in and out over their bracing hips and flexing legs.

"You bitch," growled Kym, slowly running her hands inside of Suzi's hair.

Suzi combed her hands thru Kym's hair. "You're gonna be sorry for spreadin' rumors 'bout slut." The day before (Sunday), Kym had seen Suzi and Pete at a restaurant having dinner. She had spied them flirting and leaving arm-n-arm in laughter. Naturally Kym got on the phone and began spreading rumors that Suzi was cheating on Rob, the high school quarterback. He and Kym had dated before the arrival of Suzi (the year before). "That's a fuckin' lie," Suzi had said when Rob confronted her on the matter. "We were workin' on a homework assignment for biology and just took a break to get somethin' to eat."

Because she was the best piece of ass he'd fucked since dating Kym, he wanted to believe her but said he'd have to talk with Pete first. When Suzi learned that Kym was behind all these evil rumors, she caught the blonde in the hallway that afternoon and challenged her to a catfight after cheerleading practice. Kym eagerly accepted the offer, and now had her chance to whip Suzi's ass and win back Rob. Twirling their slender fingers deeper into the other's whispy locks, Kym and Suzi went nose-to-nose and could feel the other's hot breath on her soft cheeks as they spoke.

"I've wanted to get into a catfight with..."

"Bitch," said Suzi, interrupting her. "I'm here."

"You slut," hissed Kym, her lips ever-so slightly brushing Suzi's lips.

"Cunt," snarled Suzi, almost in a lip lock with her hated rival.

Gripping two fists of hair, Suzi and Kym both gave a sharp yank back. Each winced under the firm hair pull and then groaned as their solid breasts plastered together and spilled out over their snug sports bras. Stretching out all the hair they could hold, Kym and Suzi gritted their teeth as they found their legs trying to knot up and fight. Shifting their weight, the blondes butted the crotch of their little cheerleading shorts as each tried to hook a leg around the other. Turning her slut-red fingernails into the back of Suzi's scalpe, Kym's breasts lunged above Suzi's breasts.

"Uuuummm," moaned Suzi, sharply turning on two handfuls of hair as her breasts then popped out and pushed Kym's breasts over her ribs.

"Aaaahhhh," Kym groaned, digging in with her fingernails.

Suzi winced, then put her hot pink fingernails into Kym's skull.

"Oouuch," winced Kym, her breasts now coming back around and mashing across Suzi's breasts.

Staggering off balance, the blondes firmly pulled each other over at the waist by the back of the hair. Crossing leg over leg, they shoved their hips together as they very, very slowly dragged each other down to one knee and then both.

" cunt," swore Suzi as they bowed forward towards the ground from the intense hair pulling.

"Slut...uuunnnggg," Kym groaned, then spilling over and landing sideways together.

Now off their feet and rolling across the lawn, Kym and Suzi continued stretching and pulling on each other's soft, silky tresses as their legs seized up and squeezed in a test of strength. Thigh-to-thigh their golden limbs tangled, with the hottest action going on between their inner thighs near their crotches. Concentrating on the hair pulling and rolling, Kym and Suzi weren't really aware of the battle between their thighs or that their panties were growing increasingly moist from the heated friction of a sexy thigh muscle flexing againt a pulsing vulva and labia. But it was there, and it was real.

"Uuummm, bitch," groaned Kym, underneath Suzi's grinding body.


"Ouch!" yelped Suzi, her tight, flexing buttocks taking a slap from Kym's sweaty palm.

The sudden sting caused a shift in their bodies as Suzi twisted around and fell off backwards. In this new position, Suzi and Kym were both on their backs with their legs quickly tangling about the knees.

"Bitch," mumbled Suzi, trying to sit up.

"Slut...slut," Kym cussed, attempting to turn over.

Their knotted legs flew up and out, causing their buttcheeks to plunge together and open cracks. For just a split moment or so, those two fine, foxy 34" buttocks wiggled buttholes together as their cheeks mashed and spread out under their tight, tiny yellow shorts.

"Bitch," swore Kym, leaning forward and slapping Suzi across the right thigh.

"Ooww! Bitch!" snapped Suzi, slapping Kym's left thigh.

The two blondes brought the blood to the surface as they spanked each other a few more times before Kym went for Suzi's snatch.

"Nnnooo!" squeeled Suzi, leaning way up and yanking on a handful of Kym's hair.

"Oouuch! My hair!" cried Kym, prying at Suzi's fingers now.

With their legs flying open, Suzi rolled up on her knees and shoved Kym over on her shoulders.

"Fuuuuuuck! Ooooww!" bawled Kym, losing that fist of hair in the process.

"You fuckin' whore!" shouted Suzi, now straddled across her belly and beating the back of her head into the ground.

Kym clawed at Suzi's hands, freeing her hair, but taking a couple of slaps across the face for it.

"Ooooowww! Mmmy tits!" Kym was crying as Suzi squeezed and pushed the bra over the tops of them.

Bucking her hips against Suzi's ass, Kym latched on to Suzi's sports bra, squeezing and pulling.

"Oooowwww! Leee' gggooo!" wailed Suzi, rolling off of Kym and trying to pry her hands loose. Kym rolled right over on her and slapped her across the face. Calling Suzi a few choice names, Kym slapped her face again as she plopped her ass across Suzi's tummy and started beating the back of her head against the ground.

"How's it feel, bitch? How ya like it, bitch?" asked Kym in anger as she tried to beat Suzi's brains out.

Screaming and bucking, Suzi grabbed Kym's tits and put her nails in. Kym threw back her head screaming, but went to work on Suzi's tits as she pushed her sports bra up and over her tits.

"Fuuuuck! Fuuuuck!" cried Suzi, bucking and clawing as Kym scratched at her tits.

Grabbing a handful of Kym's hair, Suzi yanked and bucked her off as she rolled back on top and straddled her again.

" bitch!" shouted Suzi, slapping Kym's cheek while wringing out her right areola.

Kym cried as she bucked and tried to push Suzi off. Suzi slapped her and then went to town on both her tits.

"Gonna tear these fuckers off!" yelled Suzi in her face as she turned her pink talons around and around.

"Ooowww!" cried out Kym, grabbing Suzi by the hair and jerking her off.

Rolling across each other once, the girls pulled each other up to her knees by the hair and exchanged slaps.

SMACK! SMACK! Went their palms simultaneously as they smacked each other's pretty cheek.

"Oh you, bitch!" yelled Kym, pulling hair with one hand and reloading the other.

"Fuck you, bitch," Suzi shouted, one hand filled with hair and the other flying.

SMACK! SMACK! Both left her fingerprints upon the other's soft flesh as they returned to pulling hair. Yanking each other back and forth, Suzi and Kym fought their way back to their feet and slapped each other again.

SMACK! SMACK! With their flesh crawling the girls staggered back a step and then stepped forward with another slap.

SMACK! SMACK! Both rocked on her heels as the ringing in her ears and burning on her cheeks caused them to double over and drop to both knees.

"Uhm, uhm, uhm, uhm," panted Suzi, head bent down.

Kym gasped and labored for breath too as they now laid down on their backs but kept an eye on each other.

"You 'bout ready to give, bitch?" asked Suzi after a minute or so of resting.

Kym looked at her but said nothing as she lay on her back and fitted her sports bra back over her throbbing tits.

"Uh-huh, that's what I thought," said Suzi, sitting up and adjusting her sports bra over her aching tits. "Didn't think I'd be so tough."

Kym now sat up and ran her hair out of her face. "Yeah, you're pretty tough, bitch, but so am I."

"Bitch, I'll admit," said Suzi, now starting to get up, "my fights are usually over by now."

"Well, bitch, so are mine," said Kym, getting to her feet, "but are you ready to get down an' dirty with me?"

Suzi looked at Kym for a second. She thought she knew what she meant but wasn't sure. Raising an eyebrow she asked, "Down an' dirty, bitch?"

Kym nodded, crossing her arms, ready to take off her top. "Down an' dirty, bitch."

Suzi nodded, and said just before taking off her top. "Down an' dirty it is, bitch."

Throwing their sports bras to the side, Kym and Suzi called each other names as they wasted no time in stepping forward and reaching out for the other's bare, exposed breasts. Casting wicked grins, the girls fell their hands on one another and then threw back their heads in pain as they squeezed. Suzi squeezed and pushed upward with her palms as she dug into the tops of Kym's tits with her nails. Kym squeezed and shoved Suzi's tits together as she speared her thumbnails into her areolas.

"F-U-C-K!" wailed Suzi, knocking Kym's hands off.

"G-A-W-D!" Kym howled, doing the same.

Immediately they latched on again and did the same. This time they held it a tad longer until Kym had to knock Suzi's hands off first.

"You bitch!"

"You slut!"

They yelled as they laid into each other again, this time pinching nipples. Quickly they doubled over together as they both stretched out and twisted the highly sensative flesh.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!'' barked Suzi, sinking to her knees.

"It hurts! It hurts! Oh, it hurts!" snapped Kym, trembling to her knees also.

Once on their knees, neither could stand the pain any longer as they grabbed each other by the back of the hair and fell to the ground.

With their eyes red and shot, the two foxy blondes groaned as their tits came into contact and their sexy legs laced up.

"Uuuummm, bitch," grunted Kym, pulling hard on Suzi's hair and rolling on top.

Suzi grunted also as she stretched out Kym's blond tresses and rolled her way on top. Back and forth the two girls fought. Both tugging on big wads of hair as their breasts rumbled at the nipples and their legs scissored and squeezed on each other.

"Uuunngg," moaned Kym, on bottom with Suzi's bullet-shaped nipples penetrating her tart areolas.

"Had enough, slut?" asked Suzi as each one pulled hard on the other's hair.

"Have you, bitch?" Kym asked, shoving her thigh firmly into Suzi's vagina and making her moan.

Suzi slipped to the side, and Kym tried to crawl on top. Together they swore as Suzi's leg fought off Kym's leg. Kym twisted hard on Suzi's hair. Suzi rolled back on top, her nipples digging into Kym's tits. Kym tugged her off by the hair and rolled on top. Suzi moaned as her tits were forced over her ribs, and she jerked hard on Kym's hair. Kym winced and was dragged over. Suzi went back on top, smashing her tits across Kym's tits. Kym shoved her thigh in Suzi's snatch. Suzi groaned as she was stretched off by the hair.

"Ge' off, bitch!" shouted Kym, kicking with her legs.

Suzi shoved Kym in the shoulders, and together they rolled up on their knees pulling hair with one hand and squeezing a tittie with the other.

"Oooowww! Le' go of me!" wailed Kym as her nipple was wrung out.

"You le' gggooo, bitch!" Suzi sang as her nipple was twisted.

With her head stretched back by the hair, Suzi didn't see Kym's hand, but she felt it let go of her nipple and dive between her legs. "Yeeeoooowww!" she cried, seeking revenge on Kym's sex.

Although their tiny little cheer shorts helped in keeping the other's nails from breaking the skin, it did no good when it came to pinching lips and squeezing vaginas.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Le' go! Le' go! Le' go!" chattered Suzi, squeezing and pinching and getting squeezed and pinched.

Kym gritted her teeth and held back her tears as she tried to end it all now by shoving her hand inside of Suzi's shorts.

"Nnnooo!" shouted Suzi, feeling Kym's fingers start to slink inside of her panties.

Yanking back on Kym's hair, Suzi wholloped her with a slap across the cheek, and then another one that spun her around and knocked her face down on the ground.

"Fuckin' bitch!" yelled Suzi, pouncing on Kym's back. "I'll teach you to pull my pussy."

Taking two fists of Kym's blond tresses, Suzi reared back and nearly snapped her head off. Kym screamed and clawed at Suzi's hands as Suzi shook the daylights out of her and then shoved her face in the grass and rubbed it in.

Riding further up on Kym's backside, Suzi twirled a set of fingers in Kym's hair as she reached behind her and hiked her little shorts up her foxy ass.

"Yeeeoowweeeee!" Kym cried, her ass bouncing like a ball as her crack was filled and overflowing with cheer shorts and panties.

Suzi swore as she grabbed a handful of hot, bucking ass and drilled in with her pink fingernails.

"Yeeeeooowww! My ass! My fuckin' ass!" bawled Kym, bucking and throwing Suzi off sideways.

Suzi tried to roll clear but Kym was hell bent on revenge, and she caught her by the back of the hair.

"C'm here, bitch!" yelled Kym, pulling Suzi's hair and slinging her legs about her midriff.

"Oooww! My hair!" cried Suzi, loosing a chunk from the back.

Pulling Suzi's backside against her body, Kym locked her legs around her waist and squeezed. Suzi groaned from the sudden pressure applied to her ribs and then screamed as Kym yanked out a handful of her bangs. Kym cussed as she wrapped her right forearm across Suzi's throat and took her by the tit with her left hand. Suzi grunted and gasped as her ribs poked into her lungs by Kym's flexing thighs and her air passage was cut off by the blonde's forearm.

"Uuunnggg...uuuggghhh...can't...breath," muttered Suzi, not even realizing that her right nipple was being rolled and stretched in Kym's turning fingers.

Running a set of fingernails across Kym's arm and another set over her thigh, Suzi hurt Kym just enough so that Kym lost her containment and found herself now on her backside with Suzi straddled over her. The two blondes now squeezed tits and pinched nipples as each had her turn at being on top but getting pulled off by her hair.

"Bitch," mumbled Suzi, trying to straddle her way on top for another turn.

"Fuck you," Kym muttered, shoving her in the shoulders.

Suzi fell over backwards between Kym's legs. But her legs were also around Kym, and as they rolled, both scissored the other across the chest and squeezed.

"Uuuuggghhh," grunted Kym as her 36c's pancaked beneath Suzi's scissoring thigh.

Suzi groaned also as they both locked their legs at the ankles and then dug into each other's ass with their fingernails.

"," managed Kym, swatting Suzi's tight buttocks.

"," Suzi said, screwing her fingernails in Kym's flexing buttcheeks.

Neither could withstand the pain for long and so through silent, mutual consent they slowly uncoiled and rolled clear of each other.

"Uuuummm, ass...uuummm," moaned Kym, laying sideways and rubbing her butt with a hand.

Suzi groaned like sounds and words as they both felt the pain of their terrible catfight soak through their bodies. For nearly ten minutes Suzi and Kym lay on the lawn, boiling under the rather warm Texas sun as the sweat covering their bodies stung their various and multiple open wounds. Nearly thirty minutes of savage catfighting could be seen and felt as they moved slowly back and forth on the grass rubbing and massaging aching and throbbing areas. Never before had either been in anything like this. Kym's longest battle had been about fifteen minutes, compared with Suzi's longest of twelve. They had pushed the envelope and beyond. And although they found a new respect for each other, neither was ready or willing to conceed or submit anything.

"Think you've had enough, bitch?" asked Kym, now sitting on her knees.

"Have you, bitch?" Suzi answered with a question of her own.

Kym didn't say a word but answered the question by getting to her feet. Suzi responded in kind as they both now stood before each other and shook back their hair.

"I asked you first, bitch," said Kym, delivering a slap across the face.

SLAP! Suzi's pretty little head spun, and Kym stood her ground, hands on hips.

Rubbing her cheek, Suzi turned slowly back to face her and gave her answer with a resounding slap across the face. "Have you!"

Now it was Kym's turn to slowly turn back around rubbing her cheek as Suzi stood with her legs spread and her hands perched on her hips.

"Bitch," said Kym, reaching for Suzi's hair.

"Slut," Suzi said, going for Kym's hair.

"Whore!" shouted Kym, filling her hands with sweaty locks.

"Cunt!" Suzi yelled, grabbing two fists of matted tresses.

And it was on!

Spinning like a wild Texas tornado on the broad open plains, Suzi and Kym fought the only way two young blondes can fight. Swearing and shouting, the two foxy cheerleaders went around and around shaking and slinging as their second wind kicked in and fueled them on to new and greater heights of catfighting. It was fierce. It was wild. And it was wicked.

"Ooooowwww!" screamed Suzi, losing a big handful of hair from the back of her head.

"I'm gonna rip this fuckin' shit out!" yelled Kym, going back for more.

But Suzi grabbed a handful of tit as their legs became tangled and tripped them to the ground.



Not even the hard impact of the fall slowed them down as they now went rolling across the lawn in a ball of twisting arms and tangling legs. Hair was constently pulled and breasts were repeatedly attacked as the girls rolled like a tumbleweed in a strong gail nearly 75 feet.

"You fuckin' cunt. Ooww! Le' go my fuckin' tit, slut."

"Uunngg...fuckin' slut. Ouch! My fuckin' tit."

It was catfighting at it's finest.

Suddenly the girls came to a knotted stop. Hands overflowed with hair. Bruised, bleeding breasts were interlocked. Trembling tummies lapped navels. Hips and crotches were firmly butted. Tan thighs, legs and calves were laced. Drunk and dizzy with pain from the last few minutes, Kym and Suzi lay cheek to cheek as each felt the tickle of the other's eyelash flicking against her own. Their hearts beat in unison and thumped on one another. Kym panted the word 'cunt'. Suzi could feel the corner of Kym's mouth on her's as she whispered back 'slut'. It was now a California 'hardbody' fighting a Texas 'brickhouse' as they turned a little bit more into each other and lined up their bodies for battle. Tits would fight. Nipples would duel. Bellies would push. Hips would grind. Crotches would pump. Thighs and calves would flex. Hands would pull hair. Fingernails would dig into scalpes. Up and down and across all fronts they would catfight.

The sun hit the horizon and shot it's ray of heat over their sweat-soaked skin and made their tan bodies glisten as the fight began. Digging their fingernails into the back of each other's head, Kym and Suzi pressed their cheeks together and held on for dear life as their bodies plunged into battle. Rolling their shoulders, their tits rumbled as their nipples fought. Bruised and battered as they were, their tits were still firm and full and fought evenly.

"Uuuummmm," moaned Kym as Suzi's nipples inverted her nipples and drilled into her areolas.

Kym pressed her hips firmly into Suzi's hips. Their hip bones grinded like stones, causing great pain to both as Kym ever-so slowly tried to roll on top. Suzi stretched back very hard on Kym's hair and slid her leg across her hip and stopped her.

"Fuck," muttered Kym, her lips brushing Suzi's.

"No ya don't, slut," whispered Suzi, pulling Kym's face into her's so that their cheeks pressed together.

"Uuummm," moaned Kym in Suzi's ear as Suzi's nipples bent her's over again. "I hate you."

"Ooohh...bitch," breathed Suzi in reply as Kym's thighs squeezed her thighs. "I hate you."

Suzi and Kym gritted their teeth as they scratched their nails across the back of each other's head. Their little, yellow shorts were now soaked at the crotch as their sopping, sweaty vaginas kissed lips and tried to open up on each other.

"Ge' your fuckin' pussy off mine," growled Suzi, not at all enjoying it, even though her pussy was.

"Your fuckin' pussy is on mine, slut," hissed Kym, not turned on even though her pussy was. Suzi tightened her legs around Kym's legs and very, very slowly worked her way on top by using her tits to push against Kym's tits. Kym groaned as Suzi's firm tits shoved her's sideways and her nipples were inverted again. Now semi on top, Suzi grinded down with her body. Kym grunted under the pressure but stretched back on Suzi's hair so hard that Suzi was forced to slip back off.

"You cunt," huffed Kym, now pulling Suzi along sideways with her.

"Fuck you, slut," growled Suzi as they both twisted each others tattered hair in their hands and went back to body fighting.

For the next several minutes Kym and Suzi rocked their bodies in unison as neither could overpower the other.

"Give, bitch," mumbled Kym.

"Never. You give, bitch."

"I'll never give, bitch," said Kym, even though her nipples were taking a beating by Suzi's superior nipples.

"Neither will I, slut," Suzi said, her thighs burning with Kym's thighs. So focused on their hair pulling and tit fighting and trying to hold back their tears, neither of them realized just how much their pussies were getting in to it through their shorts. Both girl's pussy lips had spread open far enough so that the tiny crotches of their shorts were now sucked up between their folds and actually allowing their lips to rub on each other. The shorts also acted as a stimulous as it applied pressure on their clits dangling beneath their hoods.

"Uh...uuhh...uuuhhh," moaned Kym, suddenly realizing she was about to orgasm.

"Oh...oohh...aaahhh," gasped Suzi, noticing the tingling feeling her pussy does just before she comes. Now neither knew what was happening to the other, but when they felt their hips vibrating together and the warm exchange of bodily fluids as they both moaned out that moan girls make when they cum, then they both knew it.

"Oh yuck! Yuck!" shouted Suzi.

"You fuckin' bitch!" Kym yelled.

Neither could believe it, but both were furious about it.

"You bitch! You came on me!"

"You came on me, bitch!"

Tearing at a fist of hair, Kym and Suzi went for the other's tits. The sweaty, blood-streaked flesh made it impossible to hold on to and squeeze, so they simply resorted to raking their nails back and forth. Suzi was clawing at Kym's right tit while Kym was scratching Suzi's left tit.

"Ooooowwwww!!" screamed Kym, her flesh sliced open.

"Fuuuuck! Give, bitch, give!" cried Suzi, her wounds reopened.

Trying to claw their way to an ending, Kym's thumbnail drilled into Suzi's elongated nipple.

"Aaaaaarrrrggggg!!!" screamed Suzi at the top of her lungs.

"Do you give, bitch?" shouted Kym in her face, twisting.

Suzi responded with another long scream in her face.

Blind with pain, Suzi didn't feel Kym's hand sliding inside of her shorts until it was too late. Kym went for the win and couldn't resist putting her nails in Suzi's pussy even though Suzi was screaming her surrender.

"Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggggg!!!!!" wailed Suzi, bucking, kicking and shoving Kym instantly away.

With the catfight over, the sun dropped off and left the two battered beauties laying in the evening breeze.

"Why'd you have to hurt my pussy?" wept Suzi, gradually coming back around.

Sitting up and holding her head, Kym replied, "I don't know. Just jealous I guess."
It took weeks for their bodies heal, but as their bodies healed so did their attitudes towards each other. They slowly realized how much they were alike and how much they had in common. They were both blonde; beautiful; and hot. The orgasm that they had shared changed how they felt about each other so that it wasn't very long before they were sharing many, many more orgasm more tenderly and lovingly.

Suzi and Kym had found a soulmate through a most terrible and violent way.