Jeri Ryan vs. Jerri Manthey by The Masked Avenger

When all was said and done, it was the lick that everyone remembered! Those who saw it - live, replayed over and over on the stadium screen, or on countless Internet downloads in future weeks - found that single imaged burned into their brains. It was the perfect expression of dominance of one female over another. The supplicant flat on her back, semi-bound, weeping in embarrassment and frustration; helpless to stop or prevent the humiliation. The other woman, soaked in the atmosphere as she glided her tongue slowly, ever so slowly, up, up, up and over the fullness of her victim's proud breast. Taking her time, drawing out the moment of torture as the salty sweet taste of her defeated opponent's bare breast played on her taste buds.

Actually, the fight was an afterthought.....a hastily put together under card for the evening's main event. "Jeri-on-Jerri," the fight was billed; Jeri Ryan - ex-Borg and current Boston Public star; Maxim magazine covergirl and owner of one of the most formidable chests on planet Earth - was going to take on ex-Survivor ingénue Jerri Manthey, rapidly working her way to the back of the 'Where are they now?' file. It was sure to be a mismatch, but the promoters thought, what the hell it might get a few more butts in the seats.

Jerri Manthey entered the arena first and it seemed that no one noticed her. She was halfway from the tunnel to the apron before the crowd began to stir. Skipping lightly, her chestnut locks danced over her black silk robe. Finally sensing her presence, the crowd immediately greeted her with boos. Jerri didn't flinch at the jeers. In the year since her time in the limelight, she'd become the woman America seemed to love to hate. Her main fear was being forgotten, but the rude greeting from the crowd reminded her she still had a place in the public eye. In every appearance she made, her attitude backed up her reputation. Not phased in the least by the chorus of boos which greeted her, she climbed into the ring, dancing to warm up her legs as she shed her robe. Her modest-yet-alluring breasts filled a black triangle-top bikini while the barest g-string bottom covered her lower extremities. A red-and-yellow flame pattern appeared on the cups and her crotch, making sure to draw the eye to her strategic areas.

The crowd couldn't wait to see this strumpet taken apart and the pre-fight betting definitely bore this out. Although coming off somewhat impressively with come-from-nowhere defeats of Dina Meyer and Liz Hurley on the Celebrity Catfight circuit, Jerri still entered this fight as a prohibitive 10-1 underdog.

Seasoned catfight veteran Jeri Ryan entered next. Eschewing a robe, Jeri strode in wearing her fight garb and all eyes were immediately drawn to her impressive chest. Modestly covered, without so much as a hint of cleavage, Jeri's breasts still bulged in a shiny Lycra top as brief matching shorts completed her modest outfight. With confident strides and a statuesque posture, the gorgeous blonde strode to the ring and gracefully slid between the ropes. She stood to receive a loud ovation as she wind-milled her right arm, then her left. She rotated her head slowly on her shoulders; this woman definitely had a champion's poise!

"Jeri! Jeri!" the crowd chanted until they realized the contestants were indistinguishable by name. "Jeri! Jeri" they called again and Jeri lifted her arms and slowly turned, acknowledging their support.

In mid-turn, the bell rang to begin the fight and Jerri Manthey immediately saw her opening; Jeri's back was to her! Jerri charged, lowering her shoulder, apparently looking to barrel into Jeri's unprotected back. Seemingly at the last minute - afterward observers debated whether or not Jeri had been baiting her - Jeri spun and caught Jerri by the hair. Stepping lithely sideways, she propelled the hellcat on into the corner. The fact that Jerri had her head turned slightly when she charged was the only thing that prevented the fight from being over right there and then. If Jerri had hit the turnbuckle full force she definitely would've been out, if not severely injured. As it was, her shoulder hit the turnbuckle with incredible force. The crowd roared as the svelte star recoiled back five feet from her own momentum and fell on her back where she lay motionless for several seconds.

Cries of "Finish her!!" spurred Jeri Ryan as she moved to the flattened star. Jeri stooped, wrapped her hair in the golden curls of Jerri's hair, and hauled the dazed woman to her feet. Jerri's knees barely supported her and her head lolled on her shoulders as Jeri clasped a hand onto Jerri's wrist and put the other on her shoulder. Swinging Jerri around once, Jeri sent her into the ropes. Jerri's body sprawled on the ropes, her legs angled inward on her knees. It was apparent that only her desperation grasp of the top rope kept her from collapsing. Her head hung to the side, her curly hair covering her face. Egged on by the crowd, and apparently sensing a quick, easy, victory, Jeri strode to her namesake and, driving downward, slammed her fist into Jerri's firm, toned abs again and again! Jerri's body bounced and jiggled, she let out a loud grunt each time Jeri's hard fist slammed into her with an audible THUMP!

Then - in one of those seeming implausible moments that always seem to turn the fortunes in catfighting fiction - Jerri's foot flashed upward and her shin connected flush with Jeri's wide-open crotch. Jeri let out a little squeal and her face turned pasty white as both hands flew to her groin. As Jeri's eyes rolled in her head, she slowly sank to her knees, her shoulders hunched forward in pain. Meanwhile, the crowd groaned its displeasure at the turn of events while Jerri herself slipped off the top rope and dropped on her ass. She lay back against the ropes with her neck balanced on the bottom rope, her body extended full length into the ring feet first.

Neither moved for several moments while the crowd mumbled and grumbled nervously. Then, Jeri Ryan wobbled to her feet first; her hands still clasped over her crushed crotch...until she realized the unseemliness of the pose. Still stunned by the low blow, she struggled to get her rubbery legs under her, her face changing from a deathly pale to a bright red that suggested deep embarrassment as much as pain. Jerri Manthey pulled herself up the ropes, slowly, and gained her feet just a few seconds behind Jeri.

"Jeri! Jeri!" the crowd chanted, trying to energize the clear favorite.

Both women stepped forward and Jeri drew her hand back, then landed a back-handed slap full across Jerri's cheek to wild exaltation from pro-Ryan crowd! Jerri slowly lifted her battered face up and glared at Jeri. Reaching out suddenly, she too landed an open-palm slap to Jeri's cheek, turning her head with the impact as an audible "ooooh" ran through the crowd. Perhaps, some thought, Jerri wouldn't be the pushover she was made out to be.

Not to be outdone, Jeri slapped Jerri again and Jerri quickly returned fire as the energy was building in the crowd. This was something to behold; golden goddess Jeri and petulant upstart Jerri standing center ring, toe-to-toe, trading slaps with no thought to defense, just how much pain they can inflict on the other. Applause built with each stinging hit as their previously-perfectly coifed hair shook flew in all directions with each blow struck.

Finally, it was Jerri Manthey who broke the stalemate. Timing her move perfectly, Jerri ducked under Jeri's swing and dropped to her knees. Jeri had put her whole weight into her slap and when it missed, she spun around 180 degrees, nearly falling in the bargain. Jerri grabbed the waistband of Jeri's shorts and tugged them down around her ankles! You could hear a pin drop in the hush that followed as every pair of eyes darted to Jeri's curvaceous suddenly bare backside and the smooth swell of her neatly shaved private area.

Jeri glanced down, realized what had happened and froze in horror. Then, she slowly turned and stared open-mouthed at the grinning Jerri. Ryan seemed unable to process what had happened. Those few seconds of inaction allowed the crowd to soak in the sight of her fantastically firm, toned-looking ass and neatly trimmed pussy.

Had Jerri been a veteran catfighter, she would have pressed her advantage. Baring Jeri's lower body had been pure instinct and she herself was in awe of what she'd done. Jeri finally jerked to life, reached down and quickly tugged the lycra shorts back up while Jerri was getting back to her feet

Not quickly enough it turned out! Recovering her composure, Jeri was now filled with a murderous rage. She punched Jerri, driving a fist to Jerri's chin just as the ex-Survivor star came upright. Jerri staggered back a few steps, then collapsed. Stunned by the punch, her reversal of fortune didn't register at first. Instead, she was groggily giddy at the embarrassment she'd caused Jeri. But now, Jeri's actions suggested a desperate attempt to return to a business-like approach to the fight. She hair-hauled Jerri to her feet and pulled her to a corner, spun her around and propelled Jerri into the turnbuckle. But Jeri's move had little force behind it for the last few minutes had badly unnerved her. She hadn't expected Jerri to put up much of a fight, certainly not against a veteran like her. In fact, Jeri had half expected the match to be over by now!

Jeri caught Jerri as she staggered away from the impact with the turnbuckle, spun the curly-haired woman around and shoved her back into the corner. Jerri wobbled, supporting herself with both hands on the top ropes; a goofy expression on her face. Jeri reared back and slapped the bare skin of Jerri's chest just above her perky bra cups. Redness bloomed immediately and Jeri struck again, this time eliciting a wail from Jerri. The well-endowed star drew back to smack her again when Jerri lashed out and, for the second time, her foot found Jeri's unprotected pussy. The well-aimed kick caught the unprepared Jeri square in the twat and she turned away, tears filling her eyes and once more dropped to her knees. As tears of pain rolled down her cheeks, Jeri almost choked on her own tongue she was so embarrassed. Her pussy had been pounded twice in the space of three minutes - to say nothing thousands of strangers ogling her lower body stripped buck naked.

Jerri stumbled off the ropes and stood over Jeri who was gurgling in pain. She grabbed one of Jeri's arms., pulled it up and wrapped it around her own throat; then put her knee in Jeri's back and tugged. Jeri gagged as she was choked with her own arm. Knowing Jeri was preoccupied, not only with the pain in her pussy but her inability to breathe, Jerri deviously reached down and pulled Jeri's shirt up. Not completely off or over her head, but just far enough to bare a pair of tits bulged half out of their lace - surprisingly, no sports-bra here - cups.

Jerri didn't need to see Jeri's face to know it was beet red because the crowds roar at getting a second look at Jeri's never-before bare body told both women that much. But Jeri didn't react immediately, she was too distracted to realize at first what was going on and Jerri took the opportunity to help herself to a claw full of one of Jeri's mouth-watering melons. The worked-over blonde screamed as her tit was brutally raked by Jerri's nails, the sheer bra giving no protection to the soft flesh.

Jeri fumbled with her shirt, trying to use her free hand to pull it back down to cover her bosom - the burning glare of a stadium full of eyes nearly as bad as the very real searing pain caused by Jerri's fingernails. Finally, wrenching the fabric down, Jeri grabbed Jerri's invading hand and she leaned forward giving it a jerk. The move flipped Jerri over her shoulder and she landed on the mat with a THUD!

Jeri sat up, her face burning with humiliation and thirsting for vengeance. She pounced on Jerri, flipping her over backside-up and wrapped her hands in the vixen's curly hair. Hauling back, Jeri pulled Jerri's head up, then drove it down into the mat. Again she pulled it up and again she slammed it down. She repeated the move a third time and then stopped. Not out of mercy, but from what she was hearing. She was still hearing her name being chanted, "Je-RI! Je-RI! Je-RI!" over the crowd noise. But, mixed in and seemingly growing louder by the minute, she heard other cries, "Jerrrrr-ri! Jerrrrrr-ri! Jerrrrrr-ri!"

Again, Jeri's face flushed red. Somehow, she was losing the support of her fans who had been unconditionally backing the regal, professional blonde at the onset. Now, their preference seemed to be slowly turning away from her and building behind Jerri. Jeri wanted to end the fight but a savage desire to extract revenge for her humiliation clouded her mind. She flipped Jerri over and saw that Jerri's eyes were dazed but open. Jeri scooped the woman up under her arms and hauled her to her feet, then steered the beaten fighter to one side of the ring. Jeri shoved Jerri's body between the top and second ropes and, for a moment, let her dangle with her body jackknifed over the middle rope.

Reaching over the top rope, Jeri grabbed her enemy's head outside the ring and pulled it back up and bent it over the top rope. Jerri's body was now woven into the ropes; her bikini top straining to hold her breasts the outside of the ring as her feet beat a rhythmic tattoo on the mat between Jeri's legs. Holding Jerri in this position by her throat, Jeri untied the back string of Jerri's bikini top and pulled it off. Now Jerri was exposed! The audience on that side of the arena got a real treat, as Jerri's silky, modest-yet-perky boobs were bared. Holding Jerri like that a minute more, Jeri broke the hold by bringing a knee up sharply into Jerri's back, making Jerri wince and cried out in pain. Jeri pulled the topless Survivor star back into the ring by the hips and tossed her casually on the mat at the center of the ring.

Standing over her fallen victim, Jeri stomped down viciously on Jerri's up-turned belly. Her body jerked involuntarily and then curled into a ball. Jeri went to her knees and scooped the backs of Jerri's legs, folding her limp legs back and pushing them down onto her chest. Jerri was hopelessly folded in two as her shoulders were pinned to the mat. Jeri took several moments to compose herself; her heaving chest burned; her scratched and clawed tit throbbed and her cheeks were flushed red from her efforts.

Returning to the matter at hand, Jeri peered down at her captive. Jerri, glared up at her foe, peering between her own folded legs, jaw clenched. Delight at her foe's helplessness refreshed Jeri and she decided to make the bitch suffer even more humiliation. Jeri raised her right hand for a moment, then, feeling she had the crowd's attention, brought her open palm down in a hard, sharp spank to Jerri's butt. Jerri squealed but could offer no resistance. Jeri, meanwhile, took her time, letting her open hand caress Jerri's tight, strained ass. The crowd roared in approval while Jeri surreptitiously ran her fingers under the waistband of Jerri's bikini bottom. She made eye contact with her opponent, then gave a slight tug. Jerri's eyes widened, telling Jeri she realized what was coming. Then the older blonde slowly teased the bikini bottom up and pulled it off Jerri's legs; exposing her firm ass.

Jerri was now completely nude and Jeri decided she needed to show off her handiwork. She wrapped a hand in Jerri's hair and pulled her to her feet. Grasping her by the hair with one hand, Jeri pinned one arm behind her back with another as she slowly paraded Jerri's naked body around the ring, stopping at each side of the squared circle to give everyone in the audience a good look. And the crowd rose in waves to give Jeri's walk-of-shame a standing ovation. From corner to corner, Jeri paraded the naked woman, pausing often to give the crowd a long look at the lithe, unclad body in her grasp.

But suddenly, Jeri realized something was terribly wrong! As she pulled her around, Jerri wasn't offering any resistance. In fact, as the display continued, Jerri seemed to be pulling Jeri around!! Jeri shoved Jerri away and Jerri caught herself on the ropes, then turned to face her tormentor. Jeri gasped as she realized Jerri was grinning! Actually, a smile at first but her smile widened and then Jerri started to laugh.

Jeri's face blushed angrily as Jerri tossed her head back and laughed out loud, "Oh my God!" Then Jeri growled as she muttered thru clenched teeth, "That bitch is getting OFF on this!"

Rage built within the proper blonde as, with long strides, Jeri crossed the space between her and Jerri. Reaching back with one hand, Jeri again slapped Jerri's laughing face. Her head snapped and her perky tits bounced slightly but Jerri righted herself and stared coldly at Jeri for a moment; then she started to grin again. Once more Jeri hauled off and backhanded Jerri's face. Again, after Jerri was rocked by the hard slap but after righting herself she straightened up, thrust out her perky bosom and positively beamed at Jeri.

Then Jerri placed her hands on her bare tits, cupping her breasts briefly before she ran her hands slowly, sensually, down the length of her torso.

"Oooooooh," she cooed. "You're sure turnin' me on! Getting a glimpse of your fine ass and those sweet tits got me all worked up." Then glancing around at the leering crowd, she added, "And it surely did the same for everybody else!"

Jeri was positively fuming as she again drew back to slap the taunting Jerri. Anticipating this slap, Jerri caught Jeri's hand mid-flight, pulled the yelping Jeri off balance and spun her around, reversed their positions. She slammed Jeri back against the ropes. Now that they'd traded places, it was Jerri's turn to dish out some punishment. She whipped her right hand back and cracked it across Jeri's already ruddy left cheek.

The cold stinging slap froze the Borg portrayer in her tracks. The heat from that rebuke was spreading on her cheek when Jerri turned her body in behind her open left hand and smacked Jeri's right cheek. Jeri raised her hands to her burning cheeks, her eyes flashing but she didn't respond; just stood there in stunned shock..

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Jerri reared back and drove her right fist knuckles-first just as hard as she could into Jeri's sore right breast. The slow-motion replay; one shown over and over again throughout the stadium after the fight, showed Jerri's bare knuckles sinking deep into the soft flesh of meaty tit. The breast bulged out either side and nearly engulfed the intruding fist. When Jerri pulled her fist back, Jeri's boob popped back into shape. That so much action could be seen while Jeri's jug was still covered by her top was mute testament to the quality of her breasts.

Afterward, fight analysts studying the film of the match determined this single punch took Jeri out of the fight. All her experience, all her poise, the support of the crowd; all were overcome with this one mammary blow. Jeri's face was ashen as she uttered a guttural "Oooof!" and staggered back to slump against the ropes. Jerri pressed in, crossed the ring and threw her naked body against Jeri's so she couldn't escape. Pressing the heel of her palm up under Jeri's chin, Jerri forced her head and upper body back over the top rope. With her body bent backward, Jeri couldn't see and was helpless - unable to defend herself as Jerri rained judo chops down onto Jeri's unprotected chest. With each blow to her breasts, Jeri's body slumped a bit lower. With each punishing, pounding punch to her gorgeous tits, Jeri's knees buckled a little more.

At length, Jerri allowed Jeri to collapse to the canvas, her once-proud blonde body lying in a heap of wreckage at the Survivor's feet. Jerri gave Jeri a swift kick in her once taut abs, ensuring the juggy blonde would stay out of commission for several long, vital minutes of the match. Jerri knew she had the fight in hand now; Jeri showed no signs of rising or even resisting so she took the opportunity for a quick 'victory lap' around the ring, clapping her arms over her head, her bare breasts and tight butt bouncing as she egged the crowd to a fever pitch. Once, she stopped to pick up her bikini where Jeri had dropped it and twirled it above her head as she completed her circuit.

Then, her ego satisfied, Jerri turned her attention back to Jeri who still lay face-down on the mat gasping for breath as she cupped her battered boobs in both hands. Jerri bent down and collected Jeri's legs, using them to drag the felled actress slowly to the center of the ring on her back. Holding her bikini in her teeth, Jerri folded Jeri's hands behind her back, then did a quick-and-dirty job of binding her wrists with the bikini.

Jerri squatted of Jeri's body, grabbed her lycra shorts at both hips and lifted Jeri off the mat, then walked backward, dragging the shorts down Jeri's legs until she pulled them completely off. As Jerri worked the tight material down and uncovered her ass, Jeri bucked her hips and tried to sit up, but Jerri simply put her foot squarely in the small of Jeri's back and the felled blonde offered no more resistance. Having nuded her lower half, Jerri flipped Jeri over on her back using her toe under one shoulder and the actress's long, golden hair fell across her blushing face. Jeri's battered chest rose and fell rapidly, almost excitedly Jerri thought as she stood over her victim, peering down at the helpless blonde. She raised her foot and was about to place it on Jeri's heaving chest and claim victory when her torso began to tingle as her sweat-dampened skin cooled in the air of the auditorium. She realized that she was standing there completely naked while Jeri's famous tits were still covered.

Jerri shook her head, "This won't do. It won't do at all. I think I'll play this out a little more, see where it leads."

She sank to her knees straddling Jeri's belly then sat down. As her tight butt dropped onto Jeri's abs, she heard a satisfying grunt and saw the cascade of golden hair covering Jeri's face puff upward. She leaned down and brushed the hair away from Jeri's face so she could see her eyes and they betrayed her pain, frustration - and her acute embarrassment.

To the surprise of almost everyone save herself, Jerri took Jeri's face in her hands, lowered her face and kissed her hard! Jeri's body bucked as Jerri held the kiss. Jeri struggled, trying frantically to turn her face away, but Jerri's hands held it tightly in place. She delighted in the squirming between her thighs and when she finally broke the kiss it was after a prolonged sucking on Jeri's lower lip. Jerri raised up on her knees still straddling her victim and, grinning wickedly, waved to the crowd as she licked and smacked her lips to show how delicious an experience kissing Jeri Ryan was.

The crowd's roar of approval was thunderous as Jerri turned her eyes back to Jeri's face. The blondes heart sank when she realized there was more humiliation to come. Jerri grabbed the bottom of Jeri's shirt and pulled it over her face and tucked it behind her head. Jeri was now blinded by the shirt covering her face. Working deliberately, Jerri planted one hand on the bare skin of the supine woman's upper chest as she grasped her bra between the cups with the other. Pulling sharply, she ripped the bra between the cups, spilling Jeri's perfect, full breasts out onto her heaving chest, bared for all to see. Jerri rose up on her knees astride Jeri's trembling body and cackled in triumph - the very picture of dominance; the top figure with her fists raised in victory, her chestnut curls swaying from her thrown-back head. The defeated, blind, bound and flat on her back - weeping softly as her gorgeous full tits quivering, rising and falling with each sobbing breath she took.

Jerri drank it all in for several long moments, then she again lowered her face, this time her mouth hovering with predatory delight above the helpless woman's exposed breasts. Jeri cringed when she felt Jerri's hot breath on her bare breast. Jerri gently tweaked Jeri's left nipple, rolling it between her fingers until it stiffened in involuntary arousal. Jerri clasped the nipple and pulled it upward, drawing the top into a conical shape - then releasing it and watching with detached interest as the flesh spread out on Jeri's heaving chest.

Jerri put her mouth at the bottom of Jeri's breast, stuck out her tongue and then slowly - painfully slowly for the bound Jeri but deliriously so for the audience - ran her tongue over the breast. Jerri took her time, running her tongue up the lower swell of Jeri's tit to the erect nipple and swirled her tongue around the erect nipple for a few delicious seconds. Jerri almost lost herself in the moment, no longer aware of the din of the throng as she repeated the process on Jeri's other breast.

After a few delicious minutes of enjoying herself, Jerri rose. She’d thought of the perfect way to end this fight. She pulled the defeated blonde to her feet and ripped the shirt covering Jeri's face off. She tossed the garment aside, stooped and picked up Jeri's discarded bra before she forced her mouth open. By this point, Jeri had ceased resisting and she went along with whatever Jerri asked. She had no will left and allowed Jerri to stuff half her bra into her mouth. Jerri then led her prey around the ring in a grueling, shameful, degrading walk of shame. It was a sight indeed; the blonde steered slowly from corner to corner, her formerly proud body slumping, her perfect tits groped and fondled by her tormentor to more howls of delight from the crowd. The gagging undergarment dangled from her mouth as Jeri’s tears streamed silently down her flushed cheeks and dripped onto her up-thrust breasts.

Jerri steered her prize to each of the four corners of the ring. At the first corner, she waved and tweaked a nipple, forcing Jeri to jump in startled reaction to this untoward advance. In the second corner, Jerri worked Jeri's other nipple; plucking it and, when she refused to react, pulling, twisting until the disheartened blonde squirmed in abject dismay. At the third corner, Jerri turned Jeri's back toward the crowd, then sensuously caressed her ass, fingering her as she rose up on her tip-toes in an unsuccessful attempt to evade the intruding digit. Finally, in the fourth and final corner, Jerri stood in front of Jeri, turned her back to the weeping blonde and sensuously ground her ass on Jeri's bare crotch.

Jerri finally led the unresisting Ryan back to the middle of the ring, stuck her foot behind her and pushed. Jeri tumbled to the mat on her back, her legs splayed in disarray. Jerri kicked Jeri over onto her belly, took hold of her hips and lifted, raising them until the blonde's head and knees were still on the mat with her beautiful round butt in the air. Then Jerri lifted her foot and planted it on Jeri's ass as she raised her hands in victory and posed with her bound trophy blonde.

“Give me Theron!” Jerri screamed; demanding the Celebrity Catfight Champ come out to face her! Would she? Time will tell.