Dark Huntresses (Jessica Alba/Ashley Scott) vs. Hollywood Horrors (Sarah Michelle Gellar/Neve Campbell) by The Walkin' Dude

The old Yellow Sign Tavern in Arkham Massachusetts wasn't the biggest or grandest stop on the "All the Marbles Tour" and in fact, most people outside the Northeast probably never heard of the quaint old city and the ancient ramshackle building hosting tonight's festivities. But that didn't stop the locals from packing the place when the teams came to wrestle, even on cold, rainy May nights like this one! The crowd started hot and stayed hot, building to a fever pitch during the under-card battles even though teams from the tour were facing off with 'no names'; local ladies hoping to make an impression on the promoter - what was known in professional wrestling circles as "enhancement talent" but what typical fans called 'jobbers.'

But now that all the jobbers had been dispatched - sent to the back to nurse their wounds (and some had quite a few), a slow roar was building in the crowd in anticipation of the night's feature, main event in which two local favorite teams were facing off against each other - The Dark Huntresses and The Hollywood Horrors!

The roar of the small crowd suddenly died as the announcer made his way to the ring, raised his mike and began the introductions, "Ladies and Gentleman, it is time for our main event. The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall with a one hour time limit. Introducing first..."

The announcer was cut off by the opening chords of Aimee Allen's "I'd Start a Revolution" as the Dark Huntresses moved through the curtain and toward the ring clad in their identical black leather trench coats - a sight to behold! Jessica came first, her long dark hair pulled behind her, an expression of supreme confidence on her pretty face. She was followed closely by Ashley, her dark hair cut shorter than her partners, the same look of icy confidence stamped on her features. The crowd erupted as the Huntresses hit the ring and simultaneously shed the coats to reveal their battle attire, black vinyl bikinis with matching elbow and knee pads finished off with short boots that went to halfway below the knee.

The crowd was ecstatic as the beauties posed and the announcer was finally able to resume his duties without missing a beat, "...at a combined weight of 265 pounds, they are... Jessica Alba and Ashley Scott...The Dark Huntressssssssses!"

When the noise subsided, the announcer brought the mike up again, "And their opponents, hailing from...."

Again his effort proved futile as the first strains of Drowning Pool's "Step Up" filled the building and the crowd again rose to its feet for the arrival of the Horrors. Sarah Michelle was first through the curtain in a maroon leather one-piece outfit familiar to everyone who followed her career. She'd added calf-high black boots, elbow pads and fingerless black gloves to complete the look and her dark blonde hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail. As she appeared, her eyes locked with Jessica's, both glaring daggers at her nemesis. No one was really sure how the rivalry between them started, but everyone knew these young women couldn't stand each other and took every opportunity to tear the other down publicly. Now the talking was over and the feud would finally produce something more than mere words. Neve came through the curtain moments after her partner, watching everything with what appeared to be a detached indifference. Clad a bit more conservatively than Sarah Michelle - or the opposition - she was still a stunning figure in a midnight blue bikini bottom with a matching tankini top and dark gray boots and pads. To top everything off, her dark hair hung to just above her shoulders and she looked ready to fight.

As the Horrors slid through the ropes in tandem, the beleaguered announcer was finally able to resume, "...at a combined with of 273 pounds; Sarah Michelle Gellar and Neve Campbell, the Hollywood Horrrrrrrrrrrrors!"

All the while, Sarah Michelle and Jessica never stopped glaring at one another while Neve and Ashley were sizing each other up with a kind of weary caution, watching for a sneak attack on their respective partners. Some unspoken signal passed between the teammates and Ashley and Neve went to their corners, giving their partners a chance to face off with her hated rival.

Sarah Michelle and Jessica both assumed martial arts stances and began circling, waiting for the other to strike first. Over the din of the crowd Jessica baited her foe, "I've been looking forward to this for a long time bitch. You're going to beg me for mercy before we're done."

Not fazed by the threat, Sarah Michelle fired back "Dream on slut. Everyone knows you're just the bargain basement version of me and after tonight there won't be a doubt in anyone's mind that I'm better than you." Jessica bristled at being referred to as a cheap knock off of her nemesis and retaliated by launching a roundhouse kick at Sarah's head. The blonde blocked the kick easily and responded by firing a trio of jabs at Jessica's face and chest. But Jessica quickly recovered from the missed kick and deftly blocked the strikes. Seeing a small opening, Jessica threw a jab of her own to Sarah's chin followed by a European uppercut that rocked the blonde back on her heels. Sarah Michelle came to her senses and saw Jessica smiling sweetly at her.

"First blood goes to me you twat." she spat. Furious, Sarah Michelle struck faster than most people blink, delivering two hard open palm strikes, one to her foes chest and the other to her right cheek.

As Jessica staggered back, Sarah Michelle voiced her own ladylike reply... "Fuck you!"

Clearing her head Jessica lunged at the lithe blonde, firing off punches and kicks at an alarming rate of speed. Sarah Michelle for her part matched the darker skinned girl move for move, blocking the strikes and attacking back with everything she had. However, although many of their shots were landing neither had been able to take her rival off her feet. That is until Jessica caught one of Sarah's incoming kicks, trapping the blondes leg between her arm and her torso. As Sarah Michelle hopped helplessly in front of her captor, Jessica used her free arm to ram the point of her elbow into Sarah's knee several times, eliciting a howl of pain from the trapped girl. Distracted by the pain in her leg, Sarah Michelle did not see Jessica's fist, flying in to bury itself in her unprotected gut. Jessica let go of her rivals leg and Sarah Michelle doubled over in front of her. With a look of cruel calculation, Jessica raised her arm, then drove the point of her elbow into the base of the other girls skull, knocking Sarah Michelle to the mat.

"Already on your back I see. You're pathetic." Jessica smirked as she bounced off the ropes, looking to pounce on the downed blonde. But Sarah Michelle had recovered quicker than Jessica expected and as the brunette came running back, Sarah Michelle kipped up and nailed a beautiful spinning heel kick to the point of Jessica's jaw. Not giving her the chance to recover, Sarah Michelle rained a series of knees on Jessica's prone abdomen, forcing the wind from the felled brunette. After the knee drops, Sarah Michelle tried to hyper-extend Jessica's arm with a cross arm breaker although Jessica made it to the ropes after only a few painful seconds in the hold. Dragging her dazed enemy to her feet the blonde whipped the brunette to the opposite side of the ring looking to level her with a lariat. However, Jessica had the presence of mind to duck her foes outstretched arm and bounced off the ropes behind her, looking for a lariat of her own.

Sarah Michelle did a quick 180 when Jessica ducked the first clothesline, hoping that a second attempt would pay dividends. Unfortunately, in a painful example of great minds thinking alike, both ladies took the impact of their respective clotheslines and they went down in a heap. The crowd came alive at this point looking for the first tag of the match. Sarah Michelle and Jessica had each crawled across the ring to their corners and seconds later Neve and Ashley were squaring off for the first time.

As the two brunettes circled, looking for an opening, Ashley spoke clearly and coldly to the other woman "You and I are going to fight. And then you're going to tap out. Nothing personal..."

Neve took the barb in stride responding "Well lets see if I can't make it personal.... bitch."

She lunged at Ashley, locking her up in a classic collar and elbow tie up. They struggled against each other briefly, then Ashley slipped behind Neve and cinched the other brunettes right arm in a hammerlock. Wincing at the pain in her shoulder, Neve quickly spun behind Ashley, locking in her own hammerlock. She maintained the hold briefly then transitioned into a waist lock, lifting Ashley high off her feet and dropping her to the canvas. On the mat, Neve sat behind the gasping Ashley, pulled her to a sitting position and locked in a waist scissors, using her powerful legs to squeeze the breath from her foe.

Grimacing as Neve's legs constricted her ribcage, Ashley thought fast and drove both her elbows back into Neve's midsection surprising her into releasing the hold. Using her small window of opportunity, Ashley scrambled into position, then forced Neve's head between her thighs and squeezed hard, cinching on an early head scissors. Neve tried not to panic as her captors strong thighs crushed her skull, but it was hard not to. Ashley's scissors were strong. As Ashley increased the pressure Neve deftly worked her hands behind Ashley's knees and dug her long fingers as hard as she could into the soft flesh just above her opponent's knee pads. Ashley let out a loud cry as Neve pinched her legs mercilessly. She released the captured girl from the scissors and rolled away, massaging her wounded legs. Neve rolled away too, clearing her head from the fog that Ashley's crushing had induced. After a moment, both women got to their feet and stared the other down.

"It won't be that easy later," Neve said.

"No, it won't" Ashley agreed as she leapt at Neve, looking to flatten her with a thrust kick.

Neve sidestepped the kick, and brought her knee up directly into Ashley's navel, just above the line of her bikini. Ashley doubled over as the air rushed out of her. Neve took the opportunity to deliver three more knees to Ashley's abs before slinging one arm over Ashley's shoulder and the other between her captives legs and hitting a massive power slam in the middle of the ring. Ashley's back arched in pain as she hit the canvas and Neve buried her booted heel in Ashley's stomach before the stunned girl had a chance to react. Pressing her advantage, Neve bounced off the ropes looking for a knee drop, but as she went to the far side of the ring , the waiting Jessica smashed a knee into her lower back, staggering her. Turning to pay retribution for the cheap shot, Neve was greeted with a forearm to the jaw that set off fireworks behind her eyes. She stumbled away from Jessica only to be hit with a ferocious standing drop kick from the recovered Ashley.

With Neve dazed on the mat, Ashley tagged in her partner. The Dark Huntresses approached the fallen brunette and brought her to her feet, only to hoist her up in a delayed double Vertical Suplex that sent her crashing back down again. While the referee admonishes Ashley and orders her to leave the ring, Jessica grabs the incapacitated Neve by one ankle and wrist and plants her boot directly into Neve's side, then pulls as hard as she can, applying a painful standing bow and arrow lock.

Neve groans in pain as Jessica taunts her, "Give it up you C-list bitch! Ashley and I are gonna destroy you two skanks no matter what, so just submit now and save us all a lot of time."

Neve didn't waste any breath on a response, which only caused Jessica to lean back further on the hold, bending the captive beauty into a painful U shape. Eventually tiring of the bow and arrow, Jessica releases the hold and kneels at Neve's head, turning the unresisting girl roughly onto her stomach. Jessica then places Neve's head in a front headlock, crushing her cranium like a walnut in Jessica's strong arms. Jessica really cranks the hold hard, but Neve refuses to give up, fighting the ever increasing blackness enveloping her vision. She summoned the strength to regain her knees and then to her feet, the muscles in her legs, back and shoulders straining against Jessica's strength. Surprised at the girls tenacity, Jessica cinched the hold even tighter and used her free hand to spank Neve's ass (much to the crowds delight) before attempting to drive Neve's face to the mat with a wicked DDT.

But before Jessica could implement the maneuver, Neve's arms locked around her waist and the trapped girl thrust up and over with all her strength, slamming Jessica to the mat in a Northern Lights suplex, while still in the headlock! The crowd roared at the abrupt change in the flow of the match and Jessica was so shocked at the move that she almost didn't realize her shoulders were down and being pinned until the ref reached 2. Breaking the hold and Neve's bridge, Jessica rolled to her feet and angrily charged the groggy looking Neve.

However, Neve was anything but groggy after escaping Jessica's torturous headlock. She met the charging Jessica with a boot to the gut that doubled the Dark Angel over. Pulling the dazed girl into her, Neve at first glance appeared to be going for a bear hug, but after a few rough squeezes of Jessica's sweaty midsection, Neve lifted and spun Jessica in one smooth motion, driving her into the mat with a Belly to Belly suplex. All the air rushed out of Jessica when she was squashed between Neve and the canvas. She rolled onto her side hoping for a few seconds of reprieve but it was not to be. Neve grabbed a double handful of Jessica's hair and yanked her up on wobbly legs.

Dragging her to the Horrors corner, Neve hisses in Jessica's ear, "You like cheap shots huh slut? See how you like THIS!"

She tagged in Sarah Michelle who was itching to put another hurting on Jessica. Neve gave her a few free shots when she locked Jessica in an abdominal stretch, leaving the helpless girl wide open for Sarah Michelle's assault. Picking her spots, Sarah Michelle fired off three deliberately paced martial arts kicks to Jessica's exposed midriff. Slamming against her already stretched middle the kicks sounded and felt like rifle shots to the tortured Jessica. Neve released the hold in disgust, watching the brunette crumple to the mat like a felled tree. Neve went to the corner and waited, allowing Sarah Michelle some more time with their victim.

Back in the ring, Sarah Michelle was stalking the wounded Jessica, laying in stomps and kicks to the midsection as Jessica tried to struggle across the ring to where Ashley desperately reached to make the tag. Sarah Michelle wasn't having any of that though and kept her body between Jessica and Ashley, keeping up the physical and verbal abuse. Finally, Sarah Michelle drags the brunette to her feet, wanting to finish her dazed rival with something more forceful than a mere stomp.

Wrenching Jessica's right arm, Sarah Michelle delivers a series of snap kicks to her captives midsection and chest. She gets to about 3 before the audience starts counting along, the numbers and the impacts ringing in Jessica's ears. Sarah Michelle paused for dramatic effect right before number ten and then smashed an especially vicious kick into the brunette's temple. "Time to finish you off once and for all" gloated Sarah Michelle as she picked the lifeless Jessica off the mat and forced her into a standing head scissors. Holding the scissors but briefly, Sarah Michelle wrapped her arms around Jessica's middle and lifted her high in the air for her brutal Spiral Bomb finisher.

But Jessica had just enough energy left to rake her nails viciously across Sarah's exposed face. Crying out, Sarah Michelle dropped Jessica, and went to rub her burning eyes. Jessica did the first thing that came to mind and drove two consecutive knee lifts right between Sarah's legs. The resounding thud of kneecap on pussy left everyone in the audience wincing. All the color drained from Sarah Michelle as she crumpled to the mat holding her devastated womanhood. In their respective corners, Ashley and Neve were screaming for a tag but Jessica was the one who would oblige her partner. Crawling slowly over to her corner she makes a weak tag to Ashley and then crumples in the corner, too exhausted from the Horror's assault to help in a double team.

Not giving Sarah Michelle a chance to recover, Ashley grabs the blonde's ankles in both hands and drives her heel right into to the already injured crotch. Ashley continues to stomp away at Sarah, the brunette taking special pleasure in grinding her heel down on Sarah Michelle's thinly covered groin. Still holding Sarah's feet, Ashley hooks them high under her armpits and turns Sarah Michelle over in an agonizing Boston Crab. Sarah's back explodes in pain and her screams are long and loud while she does everything in her power to keep from tapping out, going so far as to grab a handful of her own hair to fight the pain. Ashley's not making it easy though, the brunette leans back as far as she can, her vinyl clad ass mere inches from Sarah's leather clad one.

Every time Sarah Michelle appeared to make an attempt to break the hold, Ashley forced her butt down onto the writhing blonde's, increasing the pain of the hold that much more. Smiling, she repeats this bouncing maneuver several times, each one forcing wails of agony from Sarah Michelle as she struggles uselessly against the hold. Finally Ashley tires of the hold and tosses Sarah Michelle's sweat soaked legs to the mat. As she plans her next move, Ashley engages in a bit of psychological warfare. he plants both feet on the small of Sarah's devastated back and stands on the helpless blonde, grinding her heels in as deeply as possible. As she's doing this, she stares directly at Neve, who's waiting helplessly in the Horror's corner.

"Is this personal enough for you?" she mouths silently then turns her attention back to Sarah Michelle, leaving Neve to fume in silence.

The dominant Huntress yanks Sarah Michelle up by her hair and whips her hard into a neutral corner. Sarah's back is screaming at her to submit as she leans drunkenly in the corner. As Ashley approaches, Sarah Michelle lashes out with a kick in desperation but it is easily blocked by the brunette.

"You liked kicking my partner so much, lets see how you like it" Ashley sneered as she slammed her own kicks into Sarah's bruised frame, aiming for the blondes chest and face.

Each kick sends new waves of pain coursing through Sarah Michelle and she's almost numb as Ashley finishes her vicious assault with a spinning roundhouse kick that knocked Sarah Michelle of her feet and onto her ass, slumped in the corner. Ashley senses Sarah Michelle is almost done and prepares to put her away. She crosses to the corner diagonal to Sarah Michelle and sprints across the ring, intending to drive both boots into Sarah's face. But somewhere in the dim recesses of her mind where losing was still not an acceptable end to this pain, Sarah Michelle mustered enough energy to pull herself out of Ashley's path, rolling to the side and leaving the brunette to drive her feet painfully into the turnbuckle.

As Ashley massaged her sore ankles, Sarah Michelle crawled desperately toward her corner where Neve was waiting to make the tag. Neve and the crowd were both screaming at Sarah Michelle to make the tag, knowing that if she couldn't the match would be over in minutes. Sarah Michelle was mere inches from her corner when Ashley grabbed her right leg and started dragging her away. Thinking more on instinct than anything else, Sarah Michelle bounces off the mat with her free leg and catches the surprised Ashley with a stinging enziguiri. The brunette drops the blonde's leg and Sarah Michelle makes a last ditch suicide dive toward her corner where she just barely tags Neve before collapsing to the mat.

Neve comes into the ring in a fury, leveling Ashley with a series of stiff clotheslines before whipping the other brunette into the ropes and executing a high back body drop that has the Huntress flailing on the canvas. Continuing her attack, Neve lifts Ashley up and then drops the small of her back right across her knee in a backbreaker. Neve keeps Ashley bent painfully over her knee, pressing one hand down on her victims chin and the other clawing at the slick vinyl covering Ashley's crotch. As Ashley moaned, Neve taunted her sweating captive," So you want personal you bitch? How about if I snap your fucking spine!"

Neve's usually pretty face was transformed by a look of feral malevolence as she wrenched down on Ashley's back. Though the Huntress was in agony, she was far from done and she proved it by snaking a free hand up to Neve's face then clawing it viciously. Neve released the backbreaker to attend to her face while Ashley rolled away holding her throbbing back. The two women regained their feet and lunged at each other, Neve looking for the lock up while Ashley was looking for a knockout shot. Ashley ducked under Neve's charge and kicked her hard in the back of the thigh, bringing Neve down to one knee.

Wasting no time, Ashley slammed a toe kick into Neve's spine and then another one right between her rival's breasts. Neve was writhing from the blows, alternately holding her back and her chest. Ashley straddled Neve, facing her head. Scooting up a bit so her ass was resting on Neve's chest, she bounced up and down on Neve's tits as she rained open palm slaps on Neve's defenseless face.

"You want to try and break my back?! I'd rather beat you to a sobbing pulp in front of everyone! Give it up before I cripple you!" Ashley screamed at Neve as she continued her abuse.

But while she was busy smacking Neve around she didn't notice the brunette's hands creeping up her sides. That is she didn't notice them until Neve locked her hands around Ashley's tits in an agonizing double claw. Ashley howled in surprise and pain as Neve mangled and kneaded her firm globes. Using the surprise of the claw, Neve bucked her hips, forcing Ashley off of her while Neve maintained the claw hold. Neve slipped her strong legs around her opponents waist and then squeezed with all her might, cinching tight the side body scissors. Ashley's hands flew from her tits to her abdomen and she raked her nails across Neve's strong thighs in an attempt to break the hold. But Neve grabbed hold of Ashley's wrists before she could do much damage and cinched the hold even tighter.

Ashley was mad with pain as Neve put all her energies into cutting her in half. Ashley abandoned trying to claw her way out of the hold and instead broke her hands free from Neve's grip to drag herself towards the ropes and the release they promised. Ashley had almost accomplished her goal before Neve realized what her foe had in mind. Then before she made the ropes, Neve released the hold and dragged her squirming foe back out to the middle of the ring. Dropping an elbow into Ashley's gut to keep her from moving, Neve ran to the ropes again, this time looking for a leg drop. But Jessica had been quietly recovering in her corner and when Neve bounced near her, she again struck a glancing blow the back of the brunettes head. Neve rolled with the shot and this time was ready for Jessica's meddling. She blocked another punch attempt and buried two hands in the girls long hair, tossing her into the ring by her dark locks.

"I've had enough of you, you interfering bitch!" Neve spat as she advanced on the recovering Jessica.

In the Horror's corner Sarah Michelle had also significantly recovered and when her nemesis blind-sided her partner, she entered the ring to take down Ashley while Neve dealt with Jessica. As Ashley staggered to her feet, Sarah Michelle tossed her into the Horror's corner and unleashed a flurry of knife-edge chops that sizzled Ashley's already tenderized chest.

"I believe I owe you some payback" Sarah Michelle hissed as she fired chop after chop into Ashley's tits.

As the four ladies attacked each other, the referee merely looked around with surprised eyes and an expression that said, "Ah, the Hell with it!" (He was never one to let the rules get in the way of a great match.)

In the opposite corner, Neve and Jessica were exchanging blows in a fury. Volleys of punches, slaps and chops were thrown as the two brunettes were intent on destroying each other. Finally, a hard uppercut to the chin glazed Jessica's eyes and Neve spared a glance over her shoulder to see Sarah Michelle firing away at Ashley.

"Hey Sarah!" she yelled "How about if these cunts have a meeting of the minds?"

Getting her partners message, Sarah Michelle whips Ashley out of the corner at the same time Neve whips Jessica out of her corner. The two teammates hurtle towards each other, but at the last possible instant, avoid collision and proceed to land perfect heel kicks on the jaws of their incredulous opponents.

Lifting a dazed Neve to her feet, it's Ashley's turn to call for her partner, "Hey Jess, help me dump this bitch over the top!”

“Gladly!" sneers Jessica as she and Ashley prop Neve against the ropes before leveling her with a double clothesline that sends the brunette tumbling over the top rope.

Before Neve has even completely left the ring the Dark Huntresses turned their attention back to the recovering Sarah. Jessica and Ashley lined up side by side and waited for the perfect moment to take Sarah's head off with their double Super Kick finisher. Unfortunately, this is one time when their haste to end a match backfired on them. When they clotheslined Neve over the top rope they didn't watch long enough to see that she landed on her feet. She was waiting outside the ring, picking the best time to strike. That time came when The Dark Huntresses went to hit their kicks. As they lunged forward, Neve wrapped an arm around each girl's ankle and pulled hard. Caught completely off guard both Ashley and Jessica landed hard face first on the canvas. Not wasting any time, Neve yanked Ashley to the outside and grabbing a handful of hair, proceeded to bash the girl's face into the ring apron over and over.

When Neve thought she'd done enough damage, she forced Ashley into the pile-driver position, squeezing Ashley's head a few times with her thighs a few times to rub in the domination. Upending her victim, she held Ashley inverted for just a moment before sitting out and driving her rival's head into the thinly padded concrete floor. Ashley hit the floor with a sickening thud and fell bonelessly to the mat, definitely unconscious. Neve took just a moment to relax before directing her attention back towards the ring.

At the same time Neve was putting the finishing touches on Ashley outside, Jessica was recovering on the inside. She got to her feet and saw Neve assaulting her partner, went to help, then realized that the match couldn't be won on the outside anyway. She spun around to finish off Sarah, planning to pin her before Neve knew what was going on. This turned out to be her last coherent thought of the match, because as she turned around Sarah Michelle (who had been laying in wait) caught her under the chin with a picture perfect Super Kick of her own. Jessica fell as if shot and lay sprawled on the mat, unsure of where, or even who she was.

Sarah Michelle thought about going for the pin, but then thought better of it. Instead, she looked to the outside where Neve was contemplating the downed Ashley.

"Hey Neve!" she called. "Let's finish this match in style shall we?"

Hearing her partners call, Neve slid into the ring and surveyed the wreck that was Jessica, then looking back at Sarah Michelle she asked, "Pin or submission?"

Sarah Michelle smiled, "Submissions are no fun when they're already unconscious. Let's give this bitch a headache she won't soon forget!"

"Agreed!" grinned Neve.

No more words passed as she hoisted Jessica's dead weight onto her shoulders in a fireman's carry. Sarah Michelle backed up a few paces then leaped high into the air, letting loose with an Ax Kick that crashed down on the back of Jessica's neck as Neve dropped her headfirst to the mat with the Samoan Driver. After the move hit, Neve straddled Jessica's chest facing her legs and hooked both of those unresponsive limbs under her armpits, leaning way back in a picture perfect reverse matchbook pin

Adding insult to injury, Sarah Michelle slapped Jessica's upturned ass in cadence with the refs count, “1.....2.....3!!”

The crowd went nuts as the Horrors celebrated their victory. After posing for the crowds, Sarah Michelle slowly straddled the unconscious Jessica, lowering her crotch until it was hovering millimeters from her rivals chin.

The triumphant blonde looked down sweetly and said, "I know you can't hear me Jess, and this would be more fun if you were awake. But what the hell. I've earned it and you can always watch the video! I hope you do...."

She grabbed two fistfuls of Jessica's hair and forced the brunettes unknowing face against her crotch, really grinding her hips into her defeated adversaries nose and mouth.. She threw her head back and smiled as she rubbed Jessica's slack features against the sweaty leather of her outfit, imaging how much better it would be to feel Jessica's screams reverberate against her tingling crotch and thighs. Yes, she would do this again but she would make sure Jessica was awake and aware the next time.

While Sarah Michelle continued to draw whatever pleasure she could from the unresponsive Jessica, Neve watched the apron whree Ashley had staggered to her feet. When she saw what Sarah Michelle was doing to Jessica, Ashley made a move as if to get into the ring, but then she saw Neve watching and thought better of it. Instead, she just glared coldly at Neve. Looking briefly at Sarah's energetic face ride, she turned her attention back to Neve.

"If you think you can do that to ME, you're dead wrong bitch," Ashley said evenly. (Her team may have lost but Ashley was a proud fighter and wouldn't back down from anyone!)

Neve slowly rubbed both hands up and down her butt as she answered, "I wouldn't dream of riding your face while you're knocked senseless. I want you aware and struggling when I grind my ass on your terrified face and smother you out!"

Neve spoke in a rather conversational tone that did nothing to mask the dark intent of her words but Ashley replied in a tone colder than a Arkham snowstorm.

"One day soon you and I are going to meet in a place with no prying eyes and no partner to bail you out. Then we'll find out who's the Huntress. And who's the Prey!" She held Neve's gaze for a moment longer and then headed to the back, waiting for the Medical staff to carry Jessica back to the Huntresses locker room.

Neve watched Ashley go and as her new rival faded from sight, she whispered under her breath, "You've never hunted anyone like ME before, hon!"

After a moment she turned back to the cheers of the crowd and simply basked in the feeling of a well fought, hard earned victory. But the thoughts of another confrontation with Ashley wouldn't leave her mind. Eventually the two did meet, and their battle was epic.... But that is a story for another day.

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