Ally Walker vs. Vanessa Marcil by Doug Haig 02-Jul-99

Vanessa Marcil and Ally Walker step into each other, their breasts crushed against one another, until Vanessa gives Ally a hard smack on the top of her breast, and pulls away, as Walker massages her stinging mammary. Ally comes rushing in at the brunette, and Marcil pulls back and slams the heel of her palm into the onrushing woman's face, connecting just on Walker's left eyebrow, the blow hitting the blonde actress with such force that she takes a step backward before falling flat on her back.

Vanessa pounces on her downed foe, grabbing Ally's thick blonde hair and mercilessly slams the back of head into the floor again and again. Vanessa takes a hold of Ally's breasts, pinching her half-dollar nipples painfully. Ally moans out in pain with each and every tweak on her burning nipples, as Vanessa returns to Ally's thick hair, and again tries to smash Walker's head through the hard wood floor. Vanessa gets to her feet and delivers a bush bursting stomp to Ally's pussy, insured to change Ally Walker's sex life for weeks to come.

As Ally's hands clutch at her throbbing crotch, Marcil helps the blonde to her feet with two handfuls of Ally's incredibly firm breasts, and then rearranges her spine with a terrific powerful backbreaker. Tears of pain course down Ally's face as Vanessa smashes her muscular body down on top of Walker's, forcibly driving out every last bit of the blonde's air. With Vanessa lying draped over Ally, the beautiful brunette decides to go in for the kill. Vanessa reaches back and unclasps her lacy red bra, translucent from the sweat streaming down her chest, Vanessa's huge nipples forming dark brown circles against the material of her bra sticking to her tits. Vanessa's larger breasts come out of hiding, her nipples already hardened as she presses Ally's face into her sweaty cleavage. Ally's moans are quickly silenced as Vanessa starts to expertly work her titty smother. Leaning forward even further, Vanessa traps Ally's head and face between her pink melons, using her body weight to keep the blonde pinned to the floor.

Seconds drag by as Vanessa savagely pushes her Ally's face deeper into her breasts, grinding her right nipple into Walker's eye. Ally, desperate from no light and air, runs her manicured hands down the brunette's sweat-soaked body, and reaching her groin, interlaces both fists into one with her index fingers raised like a steeple, and rams them hard up into Vanessa's pussy.

Vanessa's face turns ashen from the searing pain as she screams out, releasing the blonde's head from her moist cleavage. Ally emerges from Vanessa's breast smother a mess, her hair plastered down with sweat and her reddened face streaked with mascara, as are Vanessa's dripping breasts.

In as much pain as Vanessa was feeling radiate from her pussy, Ally was in worse shape from lack of air. Vanessa rolls Ally over, straddling her stomach, and slaps her face between her breasts again, this time digging in her fingernails painfully into Ally's head, as she pressed and kneaded her soft breasts right into Walker's face. Ally started to buck her well-toned body up off the floor, so Vanessa spread her legs wide for stability.

Out of nowhere, Ally suddenly delivers a vicious knee lift between Marcil's wide-spread thighs, smashing into her sore pussy. The blow to her totally unprotected groin in devastating to the brunette, and Ally gives her another hard knee in the same place for good measure.

This time, Ally crashes a hard uppercut into Vanessa's pussy, Ally's fist colliding with a dull THWACK as Vanessa rolls away from Ally, holding her pain-wracked pussy. Ally gets to her feet and goes over to a prone and moaning Vanessa, and kneeling down, Ally slowly rakes her strong red nails across Vanessa's tanned back and sweaty shoulders, trailing burning red welts. Vanessa moans in pain, banging her fist down on the floor as Ally treats her to another blistering back rake with her fingernails, scratching her nails in harder and drawing blood. Walker trowels Marcil's lush back yet again, this time ripping her healthy nails in deeper than before, as Vanessa screams in ultimate pain.

Vanessa flops about on the floor, trying the soothe the fiery pain in her raw back, when Ally rolls her over. Now lying flat on her back, Vanessa falls prey to a double gut claw. Ally slams both hands down on Vanessa's sweaty heaving stomach, grasping dual handfuls of the brunette's thick abdominal muscles, twisting and turning them in her hands as hard as she could. Ally's sharp nails, in combination with her strong hands make Vanessa cry out in intense pain. Vanessa lets out a low and throaty moan as Ally claws deeper into her ab muscles, setting her whole belly on fire.

Reaching up, Vanessa manages to rip her nails down Ally's arms, breaking the hold, but Ally comes back and rips Vanessa's bra off her body completely, and takes a grip of the brunette's large breasts. Ally concentrates on Vanessa's slippery nipples as she digs her nails into the firm tits. Vanessa lets out a scream of utter pain as Ally tears into her sweaty breasts. Ally goes around each of Vanessa's blonde aching tits and mauls the supersensitive nipples and clawing the tender undersides. With a scream of rage and pain Vanessa slashes her right hand across Ally's breasts, still contained in her bra, and tears it off her body.

Not to seem rattled, Ally hauls partially up by her flaming nipples, and starts to slam her firm breasts into Vanessa's face, her breasts smashing into her face like cement blocks, before throwing her head down on the floor again to continue her nipple punishment. Once again Vanessa's right hand slashed across the blonde's tits, this time striking home as one of her nails caught the cherry tip of Ally's nipple and sliced clean through.

Ally leaned her head back and let out a thunderous scream of pure agony as her breast torture ceased and her hand flew up her torn mammary as blood began to well up between her fingers. Vanessa kept it up after seeing her weakness, as she raked her nails hard across the blonde woman's breasts, mauling the sensitive areola, raising welts and drawing blood.

Staggering back, Ally suddenly flew at Vanessa with everything she had left, pounding her hard ringed fist deeply into Vanessa's midsection. Ally was attacking Vanessa's lithe and flat tummy with devastatingly hard punches, forcefully rearranging the brunette's innards. Vanessa could barely breathe now, and she slumped down to one knee. Walker stepped forward to finish her off. As she did this, Vanessa unloaded a spectacular punch that plowed directly into Ally's pussy.

Ally felt the most blinding pain surge upwards from her vagina and through her supple body, and slumped to her knees as well. Now both on their knees Vanessa cocked her arm back and smashed her forearm hard into Ally's face, breaking the blonde's nose with a loud crack like a pencil snapping. Blood flowed down Ally's face as her body hit the floor, and Vanessa was on top of her in a second. Vanessa slipped her right hand inside Ally's black panties and groped around in her bush, before tightly gripping one of her labia.

"Remember that cunt-ramming you gave me? Now I'm gonna return that favour, you BITCH!"

Vanessa wrenched her hand inside of Ally's legs, ripping pubic hair out by the roots, tugging and twisting until she felt a large piece of Ally's vulva breaking loose. The agonized blonde screamed in shock and pain, falling back down, clutching her wounded womanhood.

Vanessa hauled the woman to her feet and wrapped her slender but powerful arms around Ally's body, crushing the woman in a face to face bearhug.

Vanessa heft Ally off her feet, pouring the power of her strong arms into Walker's back and ribs. Ally leans back, moaning in pain, as Marcil squeezes her body. Vanessa starts to jiggle and pump Ally's body to increase the strain and stress on her back. Ally feels like her spine is about to splinter, when Vanessa gets tired of carrying Walker's body and bodyslams her to the floor. Both woman are sore and exhausted, but Vanessa gets to her knees first and raises her hands high over her head. Ally knows what's coming but is in too much pain to do anything about it.

Marcil slams her hands into Walker's gut, setting another devastating stomach claw, but much lower and deeper than Ally's before. Ally's stomach explodes in pain, but all the pretty actress can do is slam the floor with her hand as Vanessa works her over.

Giving Ally a fiercely hard gut wrench that has the woman moaning out in pain, Vanessa refocuses her attention on Ally's creamy round breasts, and rips into them, giving her tits clawed slaps that slice into Walker's raw nipples. Taking a firm hold of each sweat-soaked breast, Vanessa starts to jog and shake Ally's breasts as hard and fast as possible, mauling her way on top of the blonde. Vanessa takes a tight hold of Ally's swollen nipples between her knuckles and pulls the woman off the floor and smashed her down hard again, the force nearly splitting open Ally's torn nipple, as Ally Walker passes out from the pain under Vanessa Marcil.