Cindy Margolis vs. Anna Nicole Smith (Battle of the Blondes by SamDog 4-Jun-00)

Cindy Margolis cried out in pain as another blow to her face snapped her head back. The blonde cleared the cobwebs from her head just in time to receive a volley of jabs to her face, giving her what would become a black eye.

Looking up, Cindy watched her big blonde foe as Anna Nicole Smith taunted, "What's wrong, girl? Can't take a good beating?"

With that, Anna slammed her fist into Cindy's belly, bending her over as the blonde groaned in pain. Desperate, Cindy began to throw uppercuts to Anna's tits, knocking them up and down as the blonde moaned with each blow. Cindy's reprieve soon turned to anguish as Anna slammed her fist into her cunt.

As Cindy's hands dropped to her cunt, Anna landed a hard punch to her face, knocking the smaller blonde flat on her back.

Anna had been itching for a fight. In Hollywood's closed circles, her notoriety as a brutal fighter had been waning, and her reputation had become tarnished after several recent losses. Slowly but steadily, she was slipping away from the limelight. In fact, many actresses were now ridiculing her, not even bothering to hide their feelings. Thus, Anna sought to reestablish her reputation by decisively beating someone well-known, sending out challenges to various celebrities. Anna found exactly the opponent she was looking for in Cindy. The two agreed to settle their differences on a deserted beach. That day, both arrived dressed in string bikinis, Anna's black and Cindy's blue.

Grabbing her hair, Anna pulled Cindy up to her knees. Anna began slamming her knee into her breasts, flattening them against her chest as Cindy screamed in pain. As Cindy struggled to cover up her breasts, Anna hammered her in the face with a pair of punches to the face, knocking her on her back.

Suddenly, Cindy managed to bring her leg up and kick Anna in the stomach, sending her stumbling backwards a few steps. Rising quickly, Cindy lunged forward and tackled the bigger blonde, taking her to the ground. Straddling her quickly, Cindy grabbed Anna's hair and slammed her head into the ground, stunning her.

Cindy began slapping Anna in the face, snapping her head back and forth as she shouted, "I'm gonna break your fucking face, bitch!"

Suddenly, Cindy groaned loudly as Anna slammed her fist into the blonde's stomach. Reaching up, Anna began to slam uppercuts into the blonde's tits, managing to knock Cindy's left tit from its cup. Grabbing it, Anna began attacking it with both hands, clawing and pulling on it as Cindy screamed in pain. Grabbing at Anna's wrists in an attempt to free her breast, Cindy was stunned by a left hook to her jaw, rattling her. Grabbing her hair, Anna threw Cindy off to the side before she rose to her feet. As Cindy rose to all fours, Anna kicked her in her belly, sending her back down to the sand as she continued to kick her.

Anna came down ass first on Cindy's back, Cindy screaming aloud as her tits were flattened under the combined weight of her body and Anna's. Anna continued to bounce her ass on Cindy's back, relishing her cries. Pulling off Cindy's bikini top, the bigger blonde wrapped it around her throat and began choking her with it. Cindy bucked wildly as she was being strangled by Anna, struggled to free herself from the blonde's clutches. Holding onto the top with one hand, Anna began punching Cindy in her sides with the other, slamming her fist into her ribs. Cindy's cries escaped her lips as she slowly succumbed to Anna's attacks, her struggles becoming weaker and weaker.

Grinning, Anna taunted, "You fucking bitch! Your ass is mine!"

Rolling the two of them onto their sides, Anna brought her legs up and wrapped them around the Internet Queen's waist, squeezing viciously as Cindy groaned in pain. Cindy's screams echoed across the beach as Anna's nails dug deeply into her firm breasts, the blonde bucking wildly. Ecstatic, Anna continued clawing at Cindy's tits as she began pulling backwards on them, as her breasts began accumulating scratches and welts. Anna began slamming Cindy's tits together, mashing them into each other with all of her strength as the flesh oozed out from between her fingers.

Tears streamed down Cindy's face, twisted in agony, as Anna began punching them, grinding her knuckles in. Cindy cried out as the bigger blonde grabbed her nipples and began twisting them back and forth. Wrapping her fingers more fully around the front of the blonde's tits, Anna yanked forward on them, pulling them to their limits as Cindy bellowed in agony and tried to pull her hands from her aching breasts.

Cindy tugged on Anna's wrists, but barely held onto them as the pain was immense. Desperate, she let go and began ramming her elbows backward into the big blonde's body. Anna groaned in pain as her elbows drove into her belly and then into her tits, her arms digging into her big breasts. Feeling Anna's legs weaken, Cindy managed to twist around and face her foe.

Punching her in the face to stun her, Cindy tore Anna's top away and began raking her nails across her tits as Anna screamed in pain. Anna's face was twisted in pain as Cindy began twisting her tits back and forth, her scissors having no effect on the smaller blonde. Cindy gasped in pain as Anna continued to expertly squeeze her breasts, desperately pulling on the big blonde's tits. Anna screamed in agony as Cindy suddenly began slamming her tits together, her legs snapping open as she was forced onto her back. Anna fought back desperately, digging her nails into Cindy's breasts and twisting them left and right as the blonde screamed in pain.

The busty blonde finally managed to toss Cindy off of her, throwing her off to the side. As the two of them rose to their knees, Anna reached down and ripped off Cindy's bikini bottom. Grabbing her pussy hair, Anna began ripping out handfuls as Cindy screamed in agony.

Grinning, Anna taunted, "How's that feel, bitch? Can't take a little pain? I'm gonna enjoy ripping your cunt apart!"

She then began pulling and twisting on Cindy's pussy lips as the blonde shrieked and grabbed at Anna's wrists, trying to free herself. Reaching up, Anna grabbed one of Cindy's tits and began twisting it back and forth as Cindy cried aloud. Rising to her feet and picking Cindy up with her, the blonde amazon showed her immense power as she bodyslammed her into the ground, the sand softening the blow. Kneeling beside her, Anna continued to violate Cindy as she reached into her pussy and began pulling and twisting her clit. Cindy's body convulsed as she twisted back and forth, screaming at the intense pain. Pulling her hand out, Anna slammed three punches into Cindy's cunt, as the blonde sobbed in pure agony.

Anna finally rose to her feet, laughing at Cindy. Looking up at the big blonde, Cindy was suddenly filled with fear as she rolled onto her back and weakly struggled to crawl away. Suddenly, Anna reached down and grabbed Cindy's legs, spreading them apart. She then began kicking Cindy in her cunt, slamming her foot deep into her pussy as the blonde screamed with each blow. Finally letting go, Anna watched as Cindy lay face down, sobbing.

As Anna grabbed her hips and hoisted her to her feet, Cindy begged, "No, no, no... My pussy, please, stop hurting me..."

Grinning, Anna shouted, "What's wrong, bitch? Not such hot shit now? I'm gonna beat your pussy so bad that you won't be fucking anyone for a long time!"

Picking her up, Anna dropped Cindy cunt-first onto her outstretched knee, ramming her knee into her cunt. Cindy screamed in pure agony before she rolled off to the ground, sobbing uncontrollably. Lifting her again, Anna repeated the move. Cindy once again fell to the sand, barely strong enough to cry.

The Internet Queen lay face down on the sand, barely moving as she moaned weakly. Her entire body was wracked with pain, and to make matters worse, it didn't look like the blonde amazon had any intention of stopping the carnage. Lifting Cindy up, Anna brought her down right as she swung her knee underneath, rearranging her spine with a backbreaker as her kneecap rammed into Cindy's back. Leaving her there, Anna began raining ax-handles on her stomach and chest and then grabbing her nipples and twisting them back and forth, relishing in Cindy's cries before she pushed the blonde off her knee.

Pulling Cindy to her feet, Anna put her in a vicious bearhug. Cindy moaned as she bucked and twisted between Anna's strong arms, struggling futilely to free herself. Anna smiled as she crushed the blonde's midsection, enjoying the look of helplessness and agony on Cindy's face. Loosening her arms enough for Cindy to slip slightly, Anna put her in a tit-to-tit bearhug, crushing her breasts with her own. Anna was exhilarated to feel Cindy's flat nipples press against her big breasts while her hard pair dug painfully into hers. Anna began twisting her torso back and forth, letting her nipples wreak havoc on Cindy's swollen, battered, and bruised breasts. Her breasts burning in pain, Cindy suddenly screamed as Anna lifted her off her feet. Using her size and strength, Anna crushed all resistance from Cindy, bending her backwards while she crushed her tits and rib cage. Slumped over her foe, Cindy moaned weakly each time Anna squeezed a little harder.

Finally, she let Cindy fall to the sand, totally beaten.

Laying her body across Cindy's, Anna took off her bikini bottom and laid herself out atop Cindy, pressed her pussy against hers. Feeling their clits press against each other, Anna began gyrating her hips, rubbing her pussy against Cindy's. Cindy groaned aloud, overwhelmed by the grinding and thrusting of Anna's cunt against hers.

Totally helpless, she was completely consumed by the pleasure as it washed over her again and again. Anna was enjoying herself as she dominated and humiliated Cindy, gyrating her hips faster as Cindy's moans grew louder in response. Reaching down, Anna began massaging her pussy and fingering her, as Cindy finally came wildly and uncontrollably, before beginning to sob as she realized what she'd allowed Anna to do to her. Turning around, Anna planted her well-shaped ass on Cindy's face, smothering her with it.

Sliding up, Anna pressed her big breasts into Cindy's face and commanded, "Kiss my tits, bitch, or else I'll rip you a new asshole!"

Unable to do anything else, Cindy pressed her lips against Anna's right tit, and then the left, whimpering in humiliation. Grinning, the big blonde began punching Cindy's bruised and swollen tits again and again as Cindy screamed and struggled futilely, her entire body convulsing as the pain spread across her entire body.

Aroused by Cindy's hot breath inside her cunt, Anna began grinding her pussy into Cindy's face as she shouted, "Lick my cunt, slut!"

Out of options, Cindy did as she was told, her tongue entering Anna's pussy and licking her clit and her cunt walls. Anna was in heaven, moaning louder and louder as Cindy's tongue did its job, waves of pleasure washing over her body again and again. Cindy, meanwhile, cried softly as she continued to service Anna. She was regretting ever accepting Anna's challenge, or even for having thought of fighting her. The look on Anna's face was one of pure ecstasy, the blonde gyrating on Cindy's tear-stained face before she finally came, and then twice after that. Sliding forward and turning around once more, Anna decided to finish Cindy in the best way she knew how. Grabbing Cindy's hair, Anna brought her head up as she lowered her tits into her face, slapping her a few times with her mammoth breasts.

The triumphant blonde taunted, "See these, bitch? These are what a real woman's boobs feel like! But don't worry, I'll let you have a better look..."

With that, she pressed her tits fully into Cindy's face, breast smothering her. Anna grinned as Cindy's weak cries for mercy were muffled by her awesome chest.

Suddenly, Anna's anguished scream echoed across the empty beach. Looking down, Anna watched in horror as Cindy ripped out her cunt hair and began pulling and twisting her pussy lips. The pain was immense and more than she expected, as she reached down with one hand to pull Cindy's hand out, hoping that the blonde would pass out soon. Abruptly, Anna screamed even louder as Cindy let go and began punching her in her cunt. As Anna let go and tried to protect her womanhood, Cindy took in the air denied to her as she began punching her in the face, knocking her on her back. Crawling on top of her, Cindy reached into her cunt and began pulling and twisting her pussy, while her other hand mauled one of her tits. Gripping both of her tits, Cindy dug her nails into Anna's breasts and began twisting them back and forth, as the bigger blonde screamed and struggled futilely to free her tits.

Grabbing her nipples, Cindy began yanking Anna's tits left and right. Desperate, Anna grabbed Cindy's tits and began twisting and crushing them as the blonde groaned in pain. Anna then began slamming them together, the tired and battered blonde screaming aloud with each blow. Finally, Anna slammed her fists into both breasts, knocking Cindy onto her back.

As Anna came forward, Cindy sat up and lunged forward, wrapping her arms around her waist. The bigger blonde rammed her knee into Cindy's belly, dropping her to her knees as she groaned in pain. As Anna cocked her fist back, Cindy suddenly brought her head forward and bit into her right tit, dropping to her knees and bringing Anna down with her as the big blonde screamed in agony.

Pushing her onto her back, Cindy continued to bite into her tit, twisting her head back and forth as Anna screamed aloud. Letting go, Cindy began ripping punch after punch into Anna's tits, battering them as she howled in agony. Grabbing her tits, Cindy began yanking on them, twisting them back and forth as Anna cried out in pain. As Anna reached up to attack her tits, Cindy slammed her knee three times into her cunt, eliciting screams from the bigger blonde as her hands dropped to protect her pussy.

Rolling her onto her side, Cindy got behind her and reached forward, grabbing her tits and mauling them. Anna screamed as Cindy got a secure grip on her big tits, stretching them to their limits as she pulled on them, the bigger blonde screaming in agony. Tears forming in her eyes as Cindy pulled on her nipples and twisted her tits back and forth, Anna desperately grabbed her wrists, trying to free her aching breasts.

Suddenly, Cindy began punching her in the face, snapping her head back and forth as Anna cried out, completely helpless. Grinning, Cindy slammed her fists into the outsides of Anna's tits, mashing them together again and again as the bigger blonde bawled loudly. Reaching down, Cindy ripped out Anna's pussy hair, balding her with one hand while the other clawed her tits. Anna sobbed uncontrollably, begging for mercy.

Rising, Cindy grabbed Anna's tits and began dragging her across the beach by them. The big blonde howled, screaming her surrender before she finally passed out from the immense pain.

Letting go, Cindy let Anna slump onto her back. Physically, Cindy was a mess. Her entire body ached, her face had been battered, her tits had taken a terrible beating, and worst of all, she'd allowed herself to be humiliated by Anna. However, she had won, and that was all that really mattered.

Planting her foot on Anna's chest, Cindy taunted her defeated rival. "Who's the better woman now?"