Cindy Margolis vs. Julie Strain by jjj 2-18-02

Cindy comes to the ring first, smiling and waving to her cheering fans; her hair long and free flowing with big curls at the end. She wears a white cut-off T-shirt baring her tight midriff and tight, faded cut-off jeans. Cindy paces around the ring patiently, as her fans cheer her. She begins stretching seductively, and as she bends over her ass cheeks are visible to the crowd.

Then Julie appears and starts to walk down the aisle and gets an even louder response than Cindy! Julie is dressed as a dominatrix with knee-high boots and black leather thong bikini. She carries a whip in her left hand and a small black leather bag in her right.

Cindy's never seen Julie in person before and now that she has, she's in sheer terror. Julie enters the ring and it's blatantly obvious this is a mismatch! Julie Strain is 6'1" and 150 pounds of pure muscle; Cindy stands 5'5" and while her body's firm and well toned, she barely weighs 115!

Julie deposits the bag and whip in the corner of the ring and stares daggers across the ring to Cindy who tries not to look intimated but can feel the butterflies building. Cindy makes the mistake of turning around to walk back to the turnbuckle and that's when Julie charges the smaller blonde. She drives two closed fists into Cindy's back, sending the blonde crashing chest-first into the turnbuckle. Julie's momentum carries her into Cindy; trapping the blonde monetarily under the Amazon. As Julie's body heaves up off her, Cindy collapses to the mat on her shapely ass.

Julie doesn't even give Cindy a chance to gather her senses as the Amazon picks her up by her long blonde hair. Julie grabs two handfuls of long blonde hair and soon has Cindy off the mat. Julie viciously snap mares Cindy as the blonde shrieks in pain again landing on her back. Cindy tries to rise off the mat, but is meet with a stunning kick to the face. Cindy's hand shoots to her nose fearing it may be broken as tears well in her eyes.

Fortunately for Cindy, the pain was much worse than any damage that may have been caused and no blood was evident from the attack. With her hand holding her nose, Cindy never sees the punch that slams into her unprotected stomach. Again the wind is knocked from the blonde's lungs, as she struggles for breath. With both girls on the mat, Julie again grabs Cindy's long blonde hair and rises to her feet with the blonde in toe.

With a hand still entwined in the blonde's hair, Julie fires an open hand slap across Cindy's beautiful face. Cindy realizes that she's now in serious trouble and decides she must mount some kind of offense. She weakly punches Julie in the stomach which seems to have no immediate effect on the Amazon except to infuriate her and Julie brings up a knee into Cindy's crotch!

Cindy drops to her knees, tears welling in her eyes, her hands clutching her throbbing crotch. Julie again fires a kick, this time to the side of the blonde's head. As Cindy falls backward on to her back, Julie drops down to her knees and unbuttons Cindy's shorts. Cindy tries to rise up to stop the brunette, but is met with a vicious backhand slap across the face that knocks the blonde back down. This allows Julie to pull Cindy's shorts down over her knees. Cindy's orange underwear is now on display for the audience to see and it roars it approval.

Julie begins laughing as she sees Cindy's choice of color in underwear, as she finishes removing her shorts. Julie gets up and walks to the corner of the ring, throwing the shorts into the appreciative audience. Cindy starts to get up as Julie walks back toward her. She makes it to her knees and the audience gets a great view of her perfect ass. Cindy's orange underwear turns out to be an orange G-string that leaves nothing to the imagination as she timidly begs the Amazon to leave her alone.

Julie laughs as she yells, "No way slut, this is to entertaining!"

She walks slowly up to Cindy and delivers a snap kick to her stomach, again stunning the beautiful blonde. This time Julie grabs two handfuls of Cindy's blonde hair and drags her into the turnbuckle. She stands Cindy up and leans her against the ropes, putting one arm over each rope. Julie yanks Cindy's shirt off, leaving the stunned blonde in a matching orange bra and thong. Cindy tries to feebly kick Julie, barely connecting with her thigh but momentarily slowing the onslaught.

Again Julie seems to become enraged and delivers a huge uppercut into Cindy's left breast. Cindy's bra can barely contain her enormous breast as it violently strains the contains of its current home. Cindy falls to the mat and holds her damaged breast, as Julie walks across the ring, bends over and picks up the whip, which she carried to the ring. Turning, Julie begins to walk back to Cindy.

Cindy, curled up holding her damaged body, never sees what's coming. Julie brings the whip overhead and snaps it down on her exposed back. Cindy's shriek can be heard throughout the building as her back is on fire from the welt which can instantly be seen. Cindy lays thrashing on the mat as Julie patiently waits for her bucking to stop. When she sees a clear opening, Julie fires another snap into Cindy's exposed stomach, catching part of her exposed chest in the process.

Cindy's screaming in pain on her knees; one hand attempting to cover her back, the other her chest. Julie just laughs as she drops the whip at her feet and picks up Cindy again by the hair. This time, Julie bends Cindy over and places her head between her knees. Cindy's ass is now on display as the audience yells its approval. The welt from the whip can clearly be seen as Cindy's flesh is beet red.

Julie decides to show how powerful she is and does a textbook power bomb to the blonde beauty. Cindy's body bounces of the ground before ending up spread-eagled and motionless. Cindy sees stars as she hits the mat as the wind again leaves her lungs. Cindy can only stare at the ceiling as she tries to regain her composure. Her rest is short lived though, as Julie goes for the whip again.

This time though she grabs Cindy's hands and begins to tie them together. Cindy is too hurt to put up much of a fight and soon Julie has her hands securely bound behind her. Cindy is now very afraid; completely at the mercy of the crazed Amazon. Julie brings Cindy to her feet slowly and, as Cindy struggles to break free, Julie rushes Cindy into the turnbuckle chest first as the blonde's breasts mash into the corner. With Cindy in the corner, Julie begins to unbutton the blonde's bra. Soon, Julie has Cindy's bra in hand. Cindy, who has never displayed her beautiful breasts before, immediately tries to drop to the mat as Julie places the bra down beside her as the audience reaction is deafening as Cindy's breasts are on display for all.

Cindy manages to free her hands but is just as quickly put in a full nelson. Because of the size and strength difference, Cindy is helpless as Julie parades around the blonde chest first for the audience to see. Julie begins shaking the blonde viscously causing her massive tits to thrash side to side, and up and down.

Within minutes, Cindy is begging to be released but Julie again rams her chest into the turnbuckle. Julie releases the hold and turns Cindy around, slapping her tits and instantly reddening the area. Julie begins to throw punches into Cindy's tits leaving them jiggling from the force of the blows.

Growing tired of the breast battering attack, Julie puts Cindy into a front-to-front bear hug and begins to violently squeeze the blonde. Without warning, Julie lifts Cindy into the air and then drops her down crotch first on her knee. Cindy's brown eyes bulge as she hobbles around the ring holding her aching crotch, her face contorted from pain. Cindy falls over on her knees sobbing.

Wasting no time Julie jumps onto Cindy's back causing the blonde to become flattened under her. Julie jumps up and down on Cindy's lower back as the blonde's screams fill the arena. Julie again stands up this time pulling Cindy up by her thong. Unfortunately for Cindy the thong quickly buries itself into her ass and crotch, as she is violently lifted to her feet.

Julie grabs the front and back of Cindy's orange thong and attempts to lift the blonde beauty in the air and on her second attempt, she is successful as she has Cindy suspended in the air. Gravity begins to take an effect, however, and Cindy's bikini bottoms slowly disappear up into her crotch and ass. Cindy is now in the air only by her thong, as her feet struggle futilely to reach ground. Her breasts quiver and she begs to be put down. Julie obliges, dropping Cindy to the mat.

Julie decides it's time to start having some fun with the beaten blonde and drops onto her stomach, pining Cindy's arms. Julie grabs Cindy's breasts and puts everything into squeezing them. Cindy shrieks as her already sore breasts feel like they're about to explode. Julie continues to squeeze through the shrieking- for what seemed like minutes to Cindy! Then Julie pulls Cindy up to her feet, using her perfect breasts as handles.

Tears are flowing down Cindy's beautiful face, the pain is unbearable. Releasing the grip on Cindy's breasts, Julie throws Cindy through the ropes onto the floor below. Cindy lands hard on her shoulder and instantly grabs it in pain. Julie crawls through the ropes and stares down at a badly beaten Cindy. She jumps off the apron, dropping an elbow to Cindy's upper back and already damaged shoulder. Cindy's body slumps to the ground as she tries in vein to move her limp right arm.

Julie drags Cindy to her feet, then puts her over her shoulder and slams her shoulder first into the metal ring corner. Cindy is screaming, now helpless to do anything while Julie is all smiles. Showing her tremendous strength, Julie walks up the stairs and between the ropes carrying Cindy's body over her shoulder.

Julie carries Cindy over to the turnbuckle, drapes a leg over each rope so Cindy is hanging upside-down over the turnbuckle suspended in the air. Julie puts her hands together and brings both fists slamming down into Cindy's crotch. The blonde's body drops from the prone position, landing once again on her injured shoulder.

As Cindy futilely tries to rub her throbbing crotch, Julie drops her ass down on Cindy's face and begins to tug on Cindy's thong. Cindy tries to buck out but doesn't have the strength or energy to escape. Julie pulls unmercifully on the thong as it disappears deep into Cindy's throbbing pussy. Soon, Cindy's pubic hair begins to show as Julie pulls for all she is worth. The material eventually breaks, leaving Cindy completely nude for the first time in public.

Julie rises off Cindy who is motionless, lying naked and spread-eagled. It appears Cindy may have passed out from lack of oxygen. Julie leaves the ring and goes underneath the ring apron, bringing out a table. She quickly slides it into the ring and sets it up. Then she picks up Cindy's limp body and lays her out on the table. Julie goes to the leather bag she brought to ringside, and returns to prey on Cindy. She takes out a length of rope and ties Cindy's hands together, knotting the rope as she ties each of Cindy's legs to a different table leg, leaving her spread for all to see.

Cindy is just coming to as she realizes she's unable to move. Her screams of panic filled the arena, as she was completely at Julie's mercy. Julie begins her fun, tantalizingly running her fingers over Cindy's perfect nipples until they're hard. Julie does an excellent job and grabs each one between her thumbnail and fingernail. Then she pinches as hard as she can. Cindy's shrieks of pain could break glass.

Julie reaches into her bag and brings out a bag of clothespins. Julie clips two over Cindy's still erect nipples and she instantly cries out from the intense pain and tears freely flow down her flawless face. Julie is suddenly grabbed from behind as security has come to break up her fun. Her face shows her extremely disappointment as she was just getting into her fun. It takes three security guards to get Julie under control and lead her from the ring. Cindy, on the other hand isn't so fortunate. It took two people to carry her out on a stretcher!