Cindy Margolis vs. Shania Twain by Shanahan 01-Jul-99

Shania Twain and Cindy Margolis couldn't stand one another. Rarely did the award-winning country singer and the Internet download queen mix in the same circles, but when they did, it was bad news. Fabulous babes both, they each saw the other as threat to their popularity and beauty. So they decided they needed to try and beat each other to a pulp to see who was the better babe, with the loser never being able to live it down.

Shania graciously offered the use of her southern U.S. vacation home for their fight, which was fine with the California-born Cindy - she just wanted a piece of Shania, as much as the other woman wanted a piece of her. They accepted each other's challenge, Cindy accepted the invitation to fight in Shania's home, and they went their separate ways until fight time. The appointed day arrived the following week, and at 8 p.m. that evening, Shania answered her doorbell to see Cindy standing there in a purple knee-high dress, with matching purple pumps. Shania herself was dressed only in a pink cotton bathrobe, her feet bare.

"Well," smiled the hostess upon seeing who it was. "Look who made it!"

"Of course I made it!" snapped Cindy, glaring at her cocky opponent-to-be. "Did you think I wouldn't show?"

"If you were smart," mocked Shania, pausing long enough to take a sip from the bottle of spring water in her hand. She crossed her ankles as she leaned against the wall. "Now you can't get away."

"Oh, I'm not looking to get away, sweetie" grinned Cindy, her perfect teeth flashing white. "Believe me."

"Good," remarked Shania, looking the shapely blonde up and down. "Well, come on in and let's get going."

Cindy stared at Shania quizzically, and then began to walk past her foe. As Cindy passed the brunette, though, Shania dropped her bottle, locked her hands together and brought them down hard in axe-handle fashion across Cindy's back, pitching the blonde forward and sending her sprawling upon the white living room rug, one of Cindy's high heels snapping on impact. The blonde rolled over to glare furiously at her attacker, and saw Shania standing there smugly, arms folded across her ample cotton-covered chest.

"You fucking bitch!" cursed Cindy as she sat up, one foot tucked underneath her ass. "You'll pay for that!"

Shania continued to smirk at her rival, but still remained unmoving. "Easy, little girl, you'll get your chance," chided the confident brunette. "Now why don't you make yourself more comfortable?"

"You bet I will!" shot back Cindy as she stood up and kicked off her shoes. Dropping her dress, she revealed a purple satin bikini about one size too small hugging her sweet shape. Most of her white breasts were exposed above her top, while her French-cut panties barely covered her ass cheeks. "Your turn now," offered Cindy, eyes still fixed on her opponent several feet away.

Shania grinned as she unfastened her belt and let her robe fall to the floor, revealing her stark naked body underneath, her full breasts readily apparent. Cindy stood transfixed at seeing her nude enemy, as Shania mocked her once more.

"What's the matter, bitch? Afraid to fight me nude?"

"Hardly," replied a smiling Cindy, as she unfastened her top in front and her panties from the side, both held in place by small Velcro strips, as her swimsuit finally dropped down and away to expose her fully. Seconds later the two women stood facing each other totally nude, and Shania smiled as she approached Cindy, the brunette's hands upraised to signal her readiness. Cindy backed off a few feet and raised her own hands until the combatants were almost an arm's length apart. They began to circle one another, and pawed and feinted as they drew ever closer.

"No rules, no holds barred!" growled Shania, her smile replaced by a determined snarl. "Fight 'till you're finished. Only one of us is walking out of here!"

"Well, it won't be you!" barked Cindy as she lunged forward and seized Shania in a bearhug, Cindy's arms wrapping tight about the brunette's waist and squeezing hard as the blonde lifted her foe up onto her toes. Shania squealed in agony and pushed away with both hands at Cindy's pretty face; but the out-of-towner only intensified her hold about her entrapped prey. Cindy's head was thrown back, her eyes closed tight and her teeth clenched as she summoned all her strength and squeezed the life from the brunette ...

Shania continued to push away hard with her hands at Cindy's chin, but could still feel her waist and back being crushed in the blonde's arms. Desperate to break free, the brunette kicked back and forth madly until her feet were flat against the floor. Cindy was oblivious to her opponent's struggles, so intent was she on squeezing Shania senseless, and thus the blonde was completely shocked when she crashed back first to the floor herself, with Shania on top of her. In a desperate gambit, the brunette had hooked one of her feet behind one of Cindy's ankles, and pushed forward with both hands on Cindy's jaw until she sent both battlers crashing to the carpet.

Seizing the opportunity, Shania sprang to her knees and tried to straddle Cindy, but the quick-thinking blonde managed to spread her legs wide and then slide them up and about Shania's waist before locking her ankles together. Her hold in place, Cindy tightened her thighs and again began squeezing Shania breathless, the brunette exhaling a great whoosh of air as she suffered once more in her foe's grip. Thinking quickly herself, though, Shania reached down with both hands and cupped them about the bottom of Cindy's pert breasts, one in each hand, before squeezing them mercilessly. Cindy cried out and reached up to return the favor, pink flesh spilling between the blonde's fingers as they sank deep into Shania's magnificent boobs. Both women howled in anguish as they mauled one another, but each also refused to relinquish her own painful grip.

Shania maintained her grasp on one of Cindy's melons, while slapping the blonde across the face with her other hand, Cindy's cheeks reddening with each blow as Shania smacked her enemy around. Reaching up higher, Cindy wrapped her hands in Shania's long brown locks and yanked down hard, eliciting a squeal from the brunette as the blonde tried to rip her opponent's hair loose. Shania tried to pull Cindy's hands loose from her mane, but when that attempt failed, the hostess reached down and got a hold of Cindy's own golden tresses before pulling them hard and shaking Cindy's head from side to side. The combatants wailed aloud and cursed in agony once more as they continued their hair-pulling contest, Cindy's legs still tight about Shania's abdomen as the two women rolled over onto their sides.

Suddenly Shania cut loose with a punch that crashed off of Cindy's chin, stunning the blonde and softening her grips, until Shania could wriggle free of her rival's crushing legs. Seizing Cindy by the wrists and pulling her hands loose from her own brown hair, Shania then reached down again to cover Cindy's nose and mouth with her hands in an effort to suffocate the blonde. Cindy's eyes went wide at her sudden lack of oxygen, and she tried to pull Shania's sweaty palms off of her face; but when that didn't work, the blonde squeezed her own fingers about the brunette's exposed throat in a vicious chokehold, causing Shania to gasp and sputter for breath.

They lay on their sides in that deadlock for long moments, both fighters again stubbornly refusing to give in, until Shania again let loose with a punch to her foe's face, and then another, and then another, until Cindy's hands fell away from the brunette's neck. Regaining her bare feet, Shania grabbed Cindy by the hair and dragged her enemy up to a sitting position. The brunette then sat on the blonde's shoulders from behind, interlocked her hands underneath Cindy's lower jaw, and began to pull upwards mercilessly. Cindy shrieked as she felt her spine stretching, but she could only claw at Shania's fingers, trying in vain to dislodge them from her chin as she felt her back breaking...

Cindy's hands flailed in front of her as she sought escape, but now it was Shania in control, the Canadian beauty rearing back hard, intent upon snapping her adversary in two. Steeling herself as Shania punished her in a grueling modified camel clutch, Cindy reached behind her and did the only thing she could, wrapping her arms around Shania's long legs. Thankfully for the blonde, the singer's great gams had not made their way under Cindy's armpits, in which case escape would have been impossible. Summoning all her strength, Cindy reared up and pitched forward, sending Shania tumbling ass-over-teakettle. Free again, Cindy decided she had better finish the brunette bitch off - and quickly.

Stunned by her sudden fall, Shania tried to clamber to the nearby bathroom on her hands and knees. She had almost made it when she felt a weight on her back, and hands wrapping around her face from behind to cover her nose and mouth. The blonde was trying to suffocate her, and Shania was in a bad position to defend herself. She pried at Cindy's fingers, but the seals remained airtight. She could taste the bitter, acrid, sweaty flesh of her foe's hands as she tried in vain to suck air into her covered breathing passages.

"Mmmph," was all the brunette could mutter.

"Don't breathe" whispered Cindy in a soft voice. "Don't breathe. Just pass out."

Shania refused to do that. Determined to beat this bitch even though she had been battered, and now couldn't breathe, she tapped hidden vestiges of strength and pushed off with her knees to begin rising off the floor, the blonde still on her back, hands still plastered over her face. Steeling herself for a last-ditch effort, Shania reached up and behind her head to grab Cindy by the hair with both hands; then she vaulted forward, catapulting the blonde over her and onto her back, her breath-stealing holds eliminated.

Cindy quickly recovered, though, spinning around to face Shania as they both rose to their bare feet. They made a grab for each other's hair, each getting a good grip on the other's locks, but it was Cindy who pulled Shania headfirst to the right so that the brunette struck her head against the bathroom door frame. The brunette's grip weakened on her opponent's hair, and Cindy was quick to press her advantage. Forcing Shania into the lavatory, the blonde slammed the brunette's forehead against the sink, all but taking the fight out of her.

"I'm getting tired of this, Shania," voiced Cindy as she closed the bathroom door behind her and locked it, sealing them both in the small room where the final scenes of the fight would be played out. "I'm going to put an end to things for tonight." She grabbed Shania by the hair again and yanked her upwards; then the blonde felt flesh against her face as the valiant brunette backhanded her foe across the cheek, refusing to go quietly. A mistake.

"Ooooo, you!!!" squealed Cindy, her face a mask of rage. Without warning she blasted Shania across the face with a left hook, followed by a right cross, and then another left, slamming the brunette back against the door. A dazed Shania was only vaguely aware of Cindy rushing her with hands outstretched, but by then it was too late. Once more the blonde's grasping fingers got hold of the brunette's vulnerable white throat and began squeezing mercilessly, the golden-tressed female determined to choke the life from the dark-haired looker.

Cindy began throttling Shania as the brunette grabbed the blonde by the wrists and tried to pull free; but her attacker's grip was like steel. Cindy's blue eyes blazed and her white teeth were gritted as she funneled all energy into her arms, the blonde's thumbs pressing down hard on the brunette's windpipe while her other fingers crushed the back of Shania's neck. The victim's face was a portrait of agony, eyes shut tight and lips pursed, and she whimpered as she felt her life running out in the blonde's cruel hands.

Cindy then tightened her hold, her knuckles turning white as Shania's face began to turn red. Rising up on the balls of her naked feet, Cindy pushed forward and poured all her strength into strangling Shania, the blonde's arms braced up against the brunette's chest as she got right in her face.

"Air ... no air," gasped Shania from deep inside tortured lungs. "I can't ... breathe ..."

"Small wonder," joked Cindy. And why not? She was winning handily.

"Give in," offered the gleeful blonde as she brushed the tip of her nose against the brunette's, like some jungle predator nuzzling its helpless herbivore prey just before the kill. "Give in, and it won't hurt so much. You'll just go to sleep."

Still Shania scratched and clawed and her antagonist's wrists and hands, desperate to survive, but weakening all the while. In a supreme act of defiance, she spit at Cindy, although the weakened singer didn't have enough strength left to really hock a good one in the model's eye. Nonetheless, Cindy was pissed, and she frowned as she maintained her stranglehold.

"Fine," she growled. "I offered you the easy way out. Now pay the price!"

Licking her red lips, the blonde began to crush Shania's throat in her hands.

"I'm going to squeeze the breath from you, once and for all!"

She didn't really mean it, of course, but she didn't mind scaring Shania a little. Putting the fear of me into her, Cindy thought humorously to herself.

Shania's brown eyes bugged out and she wanted to scream, but she knew it was impossible. Her tongue was hanging out now and she just wanted to hold on as long as she could before the end. She felt she would surely go down in the next few moments, and indeed was preparing herself for the sweet embrace of unconsciousness, when Cindy said something stupid.

"And the Internet queen heads for victory lane!" laughed Cindy as she held on for the finish. Or so she thought ...

Just as Cindy prepared to wring out the last of Shania's consciousness, she saw the brunette pooling all her strength into her right arm, Shania's whole side shaking, before the singer fired a punch that buried itself deep into the blonde's trachea. Cindy gagged in pain and released one hand to assuage her wounded throat, and then felt new pain as Shania grabbed that arm and twisted it behind the blonde's back, the brunette pulling Cindy's other hand away from her throat in the process. She punished her rival in this hammerlock move for the next few minutes, wrenching the blonde's arm and elbow up in agony every time the blonde tried to wrench free.

"Let go of me you whore!" cursed the blonde, enraged at herself for letting a surefire victory slip away.

"Uh-uh," muttered Shania. "You had your chance." The brunette took her time, sucking in life-giving air and recovering from her latest ordeal.

Finally, after several minutes, her strength and energy almost fully returned, Shania draped her other arm around Cindy's neck and began to choke her in a headlock. To add salt to the wound, she bit down on Cindy's left earlobe, not hard enough to draw blood, but firm enough to let the blonde know she wasn't kidding with her.

"Fucking bitch!" Cindy swore as Shania's teeth sank into her soft skin. The blonde was at a total disadvantage now, one arm trapped behind her, the other one unable to pry Shania's arm away from her neck. And still she spat insults.

"I should have choked your lights out when I had the chance!"

Shania then released her bite to spit out, "And you blew it, bitch!"

She forced the blonde down to the smooth tiled floor, and pushing forward, wrestled her over the edge of the bathtub and down inside it. Still keeping Cindy's arm wrenched behind her, Shania reached out with her right hand and turned on the faucet full blast (warm water, of course) before pulling up the shower plunger and bringing a cascade of clear aqua down upon the two naked combatants.

Rolling Cindy over onto her back, Shania snarled, "Now we fight for real!" before dropping down on her opponent and wrapping her in a frontal headlock, Shania on top of Cindy, their heads side-by-side. They grunted and groaned as they strained against one another, wet flesh pressing together and full breasts squashing together as they fought woman-to-woman. Cindy wrapped her arms around Shania's head, trying to squeeze it like a melon, as Shania tightened her two-armed noose about the blonde's neck. They punished each other like this for the next few minutes until it became clear that the brunette was winning handedly, especially when she banged the blonde's skull against the white porcelain surface several times, scrambling her already scattered brains, and softening Cindy's wild struggles.

Cindy tried to wrap her long legs around Shania's trim waist and squeeze the brunette to death, but Shania knocked the blonde's knees painfully against opposite sides of the tub to dissuade her of that notion. Draping her left arm around the back of Cindy's shoulders and neck, Shania clutched Cindy's left breast from its bottom up in her right hand before lowering her head and engulfing as much of it as she could in her eager mouth, teeth biting down hard. Cindy tried to cry out, but Shania clamped her free hand over the blonde's pretty mouth to stifle her. At the same time, Shania also reached back with one of her long legs and brushed the drain plunger with her toes, causing the tub to fill up with water.

Finally the brunette rose to her knees and stared down at the blonde, as the waters began to rise from beneath and over the two women as well as wash down on them from above. Pinned underneath her aggressor, Cindy began to panic as the water began to lap the sides of her pretty face, rising relentlessly towards her breathing passages. The brunette sneered as she looked down at her frantic foe, then prepped herself for the finale.

"And now I finish this!"

Greedy, eager hands latched onto an unprotected throat and squeezed as Shania began to strangle Cindy senseless. She worked her hands like a garrote, pulling Cindy's head up only to plunge it back beneath the surface again. Up and down, up and down, until the blonde began to look like a very pretty yet very drowned rat. Spinning her prey sideways and over the edge of the tub, so that Cindy's head touched the tile floor, Shania choked the life from her foe even as Cindy squeezed her attacker's waist in a leg scissors, ankles locked high above the floor, toes pointing skywards. She also groped wildly at the brunette's face, hands grabbling over Shania's nose, mouth and eyes as Cindy tried to fight her way free. Both of them were soaked to the skin as the waters pounded the two women, yet their only concentration was on each other.

"No way .. unnhh ... baby," mouthed Shania as Cindy clawed her mouth. Undaunted if uncomfortable, she tightened her hands about Cindy's throat, trying to do to her what the blonde had almost done to her minutes ago against the door. Now all the leverage and advantage was on Shania's side, and she knew it was only a matter of time before this fight ended in her favor.

"Gugghh ..." gurgled Cindy from below, spittle running down the sides of her mouth. "Guhhh ... auggh ...".

"Choke, bitch," Shania cursed from above. "Choke!"

Cindy grabbed frantically at Shania's wrists and hands, but by then she knew she was only postponing the inevitable. Shania then braced the soles of her bare feet against the far wall of the shower and pushed hard, sending both women sliding out of the tub and across the bathroom floor like two trained aquarium seals. Shania remained on top, flattening herself against her foe as the blonde's legs unwrapped from about Shania and then fell to a prone position alongside the brunette. The dark-haired beauty stretched wide with her legs and grapevined the blonde, preventing any possible flight, and then she teased her soon-to-be-beaten foe.

"Nighty-night, Cindy!" squeaked Shania with delight as her fingers curled wickedly about the other woman's throat for one final choke.

"Fuck ... " Cindy grimaced weakly despite her agony, then soon yielded as the brunette finally choked out the last of the blonde's consciousness.

Shania maintained her grip for the next few minutes, determined to make certain this fight was over. She twisted Cindy's head from side to side as she squeezed, the blonde completely motionless, arms fanned out to the sides. An aerial photographer would have produced a fantastic shot of a wet, fully nude brunette, her luscious ass, legs, and feet in full view, atop an unconscious, yet lovely, drenched blonde, her head corkscrewing left and right thanks to two soft hands squeezing mercilessly about her exposed alabaster throat.

Finally satisfied that she had triumphed, Shania turned back to shut off the shower as water began to spill over the sides of the tub, then pulled the plunger up so it would empty. Standing up, the soaking wet brunette rubbed her bare wet foot over Cindy's face, toes groping the blonde's nose and lips. Then Shania found herself placing her sole upon the blonde's breasts and striking an erotic victory pose, her hands running through her long dark wet curls, her teeth and eyes dazzling, her firm fabulous breasts in full glorious view. All hail the TRUE queen!