Shania Twain vs. Cindy Margolis: The Rematch by Shanahan 19-Jul-99

Shania Twain and Cindy Margolis made their way to Cindy's penthouse and proceeded to strip down for action, dresses and stockings and shoes being peeled off layer by layer until at last they both stood stark naked in the apartment. Tossing their discarded vestments into the hall closet, the two beautiful nude women faced each other in the center of the living room. Sizing each other up as was their custom, their ample breasts heaving and falling with anxiety and anticipation, they crouched down, putting their weight on the balls of their bare feet, and began circling.

They circled some more, each never taking her eyes off her opponent, before coming together and sinking their nailed hands deep into each other's ass cheeks. They began bashing together, softly at first and then harder, pussies banging simultaneously and breasts squashing into each other's tits as they moaned softly with eyes shut tight. They continued their mutual physical assault several more times before clenching together, groins grinding concurrently and boobs caving into one another.

They squeezed against one another for long moments, each women feeling ecstasy in the other's form, until Cindy withdrew her hands from Shania's rear-end and reached up to clutch them hard about the brunette's breasts. Shania gasped in surprise before returning the favor, and soon both women were mauling each other's mammaries to the best of their catfighting ability, crushing each other's soft mounds like sponges as both females squealed in agony. The fight was truly on, until only one of them was left standing.

Cindy shifted her grip, releasing Shania's right breast and reaching up and behind the brunette's shoulders to come down in front and clamp her left hand on top of Shania's left tit, her right hand still clamped on from below. Her new hold established, Cindy squeezed Shania's left breast viciously with both of her hands, concentrating all her efforts on crushing that one mound of soft flesh.

"Bitch ..." mouthed Shania as she released her own holds and began clawing at Cindy's fingers, trying to dislodge them from her breast.

Both women sank to their knees as the blonde began to take control of the fight. Cindy merely grinned with malicious delight as she poured on the pressure.

"Gonna squeeze your tit till it pops," she promised.

She caught a glimpse of Shania's agony, the brunette's eyes shut tight and her head thrown back as she suffered in the blonde's grip. Badly in pain, Shania seized Cindy by the hair with her right hand and began pulling madly, trying to pull Cindy's head off if she could. Anything to make her foe let go.

"Owwww!" squealed Cindy as the brunette began to yank hard on her golden locks. She tried hard to ignore the pain, concentrating her focus on mauling Shania's left mammary, fingers squeezing ruthlessly, thumbnails digging into the aroused brown nipple. In the end, though, the pain in Cindy's scalp was too much for her to ignore, and she reached out to clamp her hands about either side of Shania's pretty face and begin to press inward.

Shania moaned at this new discomfort, feeling her soft cheeks caving into the rest of her pretty features, and she released her hair hold to claw at Cindy's mouth, digging her fingers into its corners and pulling outwards. Cindy groaned as she felt her mouth being pulled apart, gums and teeth fully exposed, and she pulled her hands back to smack them across Shania's cheeks, stunning the brunette and making her let go.

Regaining the advantage, Cindy reached down and wound her long arms about Shania's waist before pressing her fists into the small of Shania's back and constricting her in a bearhug. Shania moaned again as she felt her back breaking, her eyes still closed in anguish, while Cindy's eyes were wide with glee, her lips creased in a wicked smile as she squeezed the breath from her equally-shapely opponent in her vise-like grip.

"This ought to take the fight out of you, Shania," teased Cindy as she licked her lips with delight.

"Not ... yet, Cindy," Shania answered through tortured lungs, the air being compressed out of her body.

She pushed at Cindy's shoulders, trying to push free, but soon realized it was a wasted effort. Switching her attack, she wrapped her own arms about Cindy's body and squeezed back, breasts squashing together sensuously again as both women struggled for advantage. They continued in their bearhug battle for a long while, moaning and sighing as their nipples and crotches rubbed together perpetually.

Finally Shania tired of being compressed in Cindy's arms, and began to push away at the blonde's lower jaw with both of her hands, bending Cindy back further and further until the blonde felt her spine cracking, and released. Shania pushed Cindy back onto the carpet, and the blonde quickly scuttled away to a safe distance as both women took time out to catch their breath and plan their next strategy.

Rising to her bare feet as Shania did the same several feet away, Cindy playfully brushed the soft gray carpet with her toes, moving her foot back and forth in front of her repeatedly as if drawing an imaginary line she dared Shania to cross. The brunette stared straight at her rival and approached the blonde cautiously, hands raised in front of her for protection should Cindy lunge suddenly. The blonde took Shania's cue and raised her own hands, and soon their fingers were interlocked in a test of female strength.

They struggled and strained against each other, bare feet shuffling and slipping on the carpeted floor, but neither woman could get the best of the other as they pushed and pressed against one another, so evenly matched were they. They ultimately broke loose from each other's grips with a game of mercy, each woman twisting and turning with her hands and arms until she pulled free. They backed off slightly, and glared at one another.

"I'm not going to lose in my own home, Shania," warned Cindy, standing up straight. "I'm not. No way. If you think - gack!"

The blonde's words were cut off as Shania sprang forward and wrapped her hands about Cindy's throat in a chokehold, a favorite move of the two fighters. Cindy gurgled and gasped as she tore at Shania's hands, trying to break loose.

"You talk too much, Cindy," scolded Shania as she tightened her hold, thumbs pressing down hard on the blonde's windpipe. "Now shut up while I squeeze the breath out of you!"

They fought in this fashion for the next minute or so, Cindy tugging wildly at Shania's wrists and trying to dislodge them, Shania holding on as she squeezed harder and harder, determined to choke the blonde out cold in her own home. They came together again, furry crotches and smooth stomachs sliding against one another as Shania's forearms pressed in on Cindy's full breasts, the brunette right up in the blonde's face as she took control of their combat.

Cindy gagged as she struggled to breathe, her tongue hanging out as she felt herself fading in her foe's grasp. Shania shook Cindy back and forth as she throttled her, feeling she needed only a few more minutes before Cindy would pass out in her unyielding grip. The brunette's fingers pressed in tight on the back of the blonde's neck, her thumbs dug in deeper into her rival's throat as Shania prepared to apply the coup de grace ...

... and caught a knee in the cunt for her troubles. The sound of bone on bone was unmistakable as Cindy's knee cap made direct contact with Shania's pubic bone.

Shania cried out and released her chokehold and bent over to clutch her wounded pussy, as Cindy rubbed her raw throat with both hands and inhaled deeply, trying to suck in as much sweet, stale air as she could. Recovering slightly as Shania moaned low and long in agony, Cindy locked her hands together and brought them down in the middle of Shania's back, driving the already-injured brunette to her knees. Cindy stood admiring her triumph, still trying to breathe normally, and prepared to land a second double-blow when she felt hands grabbing her behind her knees and pulling her down and forward, feet first. The blonde crashed on her back with a loud thud, the hard impact knocking some of the recovered breath from her body. She could see Shania kneeling over her, trying to surge forward and perhaps renew her chokehold, but the brunette made the mistake of trying to go up the middle.

Before she could attack the blonde again, Shania felt Cindy's long legs sliding about her waist and squeezing her in a powerful scissors hold, the blonde locking her ankles to increase the pressure. The brunette groaned and pulled at her enemy's calves, trying to pull loose from their grip, but Cindy only laughed and squeezed harder, her hands braced beneath her body for support. Shania threw back her head and howled as Cindy poured on the pressure, the blonde trying to squeeze the life from her opponent and looking to be more than able to accomplish her goal ... until Cindy felt Shania's hand groping between the blonde's legs, finding a hold, and clamping down hard.

Cindy squealed as Shania squeezed her cunt like a vise, and her scissors hold weakened, just long enough for Shania to wriggle free with the aid of her other arm. Thus free, Shania brought her other hand to bear between Cindy's legs, the blonde squealing even louder as her arms and legs flailed wildly.

"No ... no, stop," she pleaded.

"Uh-uh," mocked Shania, preparing to slip her index finger inside the blonde. "Oh, I'm gonna enjoy this, baby."

Feeling herself passing out, Cindy forced herself upwards to seize Shania's nipples with her fingertips; then using her body weight, she fell backwards, as she stretched the brunette's nipples like taffy. The anguished brunette shrieked and immediately let go of Cindy's crotch to clutch at her wounded chest, the dark-haired beauty sniffling, feeling as though her pointed brown nipples were on fire. The two women rolled away from one another to lick their respective wounds, with Cindy softly massaging her velvety pussy as she whimpered to herself.

They lay there for a long while, each female tending to her own needs, until at last they came to grips again. Shania came up behind the blonde and reached over her enemy to grab Cindy by the ankles and lift the blonde's long legs high into the air, with Cindy still flat on her back. Cindy shrieked as her legs and calves were stretched, and she reached up to clutch her greedy hands about Shania's soft breasts and squeeze hard. The brunette cried out herself and bit down with her open mouth on Cindy's exposed toes, eliciting a further shriek from the blonde. They continued in this fashion for a while longer - struggling, stretching, squeezing, biting - until they both broke off their attacks and fell to the floor, exhausted and in pain.

Lying side by side, they came in close to one another and clamped their hands over each other's mouths and noses, trying to suffocate one another. Their eyes were shut tight as both women struggled to breathe. Growing lightheaded as they deprived one another of oxygen, Shania ended their impasse by gripping Cindy's chin with one hand and fastening her other hand atop Cindy's skull before twisting Cindy's head from side to side, trying to wring the blonde's neck.

Cindy immediately broke off her smother hold to combat this new menace, and was moaning in pain before grabbing Shania by the wrists and trying to stave off the brunette's attack. They battled up onto their knees, Shania still trying to twist Cindy's head off even as her hands were restrained, until Shania shifted her grip again and got behind the blonde.

Quickly regaining her feet, Shania draped her legs over Cindy and then sat atop the blonde's shoulders before renewing her neck-wringer, hands now twisting Cindy's neck from behind. The blonde moaned low and long as she suffered in her foe's grip, her predicament made worse by the fact that Shania was now pressing in on Cindy's head with her smooth, strong thighs, squeezing the blonde's head like an overripe melon. Cindy squealed and beat at her rival's thighs with her clenched fists, pounding and punching as hard as she could, but could do little damage from her awkward position. Indeed, it was soon clear to both of them that Cindy was getting the worst of the affair.

Shania maintained the head-scissors, squeezing for all she was worth with her strong thighs, one of her hands now covering the blonde's mouth and nose and smothering her. The brunette suffocated and squeezed for what seemed to be an eternity as the blonde grew weaker and weaker, punches growing softer and more infrequent, until Shania no longer felt Cindy's fists pounding away at her legs. Looking down, she saw that Cindy was out cold.

Breathing a deep sigh of relief, Shania untangled her long legs from about the blonde's neck and stood up as Cindy dropped to the carpet and lay still. Running her hands through her dark, sweated hair, the cute brunette made her way to the phone on a stand in the far corner, and dialed her home number to leave herself a reminder about a recording session she had coming up. She heard the usual robotic greeting, heard her own recorded voice, and waited for the beep to begin speaking.

"Hello, self. Just remember that on Monday afternoon you have to ---- urkkk!"

Suddenly a knot of agony had collected in her throat and was squeezing hard from behind. Shania was able to peer out of the corner of her eye to see that Cindy had regained her feet, had snuck up on her adversary from behind, and then fastened her hands around the brunette's neck from the rear.

"It's not nice to turn your back on me," kidded Cindy as she choked Shania, fingers pressing in hard on the brunette's windpipe.

Shania dropped the phone as agony coursed through her lungs, and tried to pry Cindy's fingers loose from her throat, but to no avail. The brunette felt herself being shaken back and forth as Cindy throttled her, hands tightening about Shania's throat in the process; and then Shania felt herself being dragged backwards, her flailing feet failing to gain purchase on the soft carpet as Cindy took control.

Cindy dragged Shania back further and further, still maintaining her grip, until they reached the bathroom door on the left, straight across from the single bedroom. Spinning Shania to the right some 90 degrees, the blonde twisted one of the brunette's arms behind her back in a perfect hammerlock, and removed her other hand from the brunette's throat to fasten it in the back of Shania's dark curly locks. Cindy then shoved Shania forward into the bathroom, flicking the light switch up with her own shoulder as she did so, and pushed the brunette forward onto the smooth white vinyl floor.

Jamming her knee into the back of one of Shania's knees, Cindy forced both women down to the floor, the blonde on the brunette's back, until they were kneeling in front of the open toilet. Suddenly Shania felt her head being pushed down towards the open bowl (the seat already surprisingly up, and in a woman's place, no less), and could do nothing as her rival bounced on her back and forced her face down towards the sitting water.

"You bitch!" cursed Shania. "This is way over the line!"

"Oh, eat shit, Shania," giggled Cindy, realizing that would be almost true.

She pressed down harder with her right hand, fingers curling tight about Shania's hair, shoving the brunette further and further down until Shania's nose and mouth were just about touching the water's glassy surface. Cindy then reached out with her other hand to pull the lever and flush her foe ...

... and caught an elbow in her stomach, before getting butted in the face by the back of Shania's fast-rising skull. Cindy hit the far wall hard, as Shania spun to face her, the brunette's face a mask of pure rage.

"Sick bitch!" Shania cursed again.

She reached out with both hands, intent upon on closing them around the blonde's neck like a vise, but only caught a left hook in the face from Cindy. Regaining her advantage, the blonde wrapped her arms about Shania's head and shoulders and sent both beauties tumbling sideways into the tub. They kicked and kicked, until they were both fully inside, and then Cindy reached out with one hand to get the shower going, turning on the faucet (semi-cold water) while pulling up the shower plunger on her downswing.

The clear water washed down over both battling babes as they tumbled about the tub, struggling fiercely as they sought to regain their feet. Making it to their knees, they began to push up upwards together while tearing at each other's soaked hair, their breasts and pussies pressing together as they fought to the finish with their faces right in each other's. They tried squeezing each other in a mutual bear hug, tits and cunts pressing together even more erotically, and then latched on to each other's heaving breasts with their hands and squeezed, both women sighing in closed-eye ecstasy. Suddenly Cindy shot forward and pressed her lips against Shania's, surprising the brunette.

Shocked at first, Shania then began to kiss her rival back, the tips of their tongues meeting briefly, until Cindy suddenly pulled away and head-butted Shania right on the forehead. Shania yelped as she hit the back of the shower wall with the back of her head, and was helpless just long enough for Cindy to reach up and clutch her hands about her opponent's throat.

"Got you!" squealed the blonde as she strangled her opponent once more, this time from the front.

Shania grimaced in agony and tried to pull Cindy's hands off her throat, but the blonde's grip was like cement on the brunette's smooth skin. Thumbs stabbed down hard as Cindy cut off Shania's air, and the brunette gasped hoarsely as the breath was squeezed from her body.

"God ... auggh ..." was all the anguished brunette could mutter, as her enemy choked the life from her.

"No divine intervention for you today, baby," joked Cindy as she forced Shania downwards, riding down with her struggling prey until Cindy twisted hard to the right and wrenched their wet bodies out of the tub and onto the floor.

Once there, Cindy straddled Shania, pinning the brunette's arms to her sides, before clamping one hand over the brunette's mouth and pinching her nose shut with the other, forming a pair of airtight seals over Shania's breathing passages. The brunette twisted from side to side, trying to wriggle free, but there was absolutely no chance of that this time. She smothered in Cindy's fierce grip, her struggles growing weaker until she had just about stopped moving all together. Shania tried to suck in whatever air she could, but tasted only her foe's palm as she began to pass out.

Suddenly the hands lifted from Shania's face, and she could breathe again - but only for a fleeting moment. She opened her eyes and saw Cindy descending upon her from above, furry blonde snatch coming up fast to meet Shania's pouty mouth. The brunette tried to mutter "no", but her cry was soon muffled by Cindy's soft pussy, as the sexy blonde began to grind up and down on her hapless victim's face. Shania scratched and clawed at Cindy's shapely round ass, but couldn't push free as Cindy humped away on her foe's pretty face, with only Shania's closed eyes and slicked-back hair visible beneath Cindy's writhing, wet crotch. The blonde ground away on Shania for what seemed like hours, her cunt hair soft and moist on Shania's smooth skin and lips, until she felt Shania stop struggling and could barely hear the brunette breathing.

Drawing back, Cindy then pushed forward until she was flattened out atop Shania, hands once more snaking about Shania's neck and squeezing as Cindy twisted the brunette's head from side to side on the wet floor. The blonde's hands gripped and squeezed about the brunette's throat for a few more long moments, tightening with each passing second, until Shania slumped in Cindy's grasp and was still.

Rising to her bare feet, smiling widely as she ran her hands through her soaked scalp, Cindy placed one foot on her unconscious adversary's pretty face. The blonde then gave it a slight shove, before shutting down the cascading shower and then toweling herself off and heading into the bedroom, leaving Shania out cold on the bathroom floor to awaken.

Awaken, and remember her latest, greatest defeat.