Shea Marks vs. Shauna Sand by Kit<p>

Shauna Sand sat in Carmen Electra's beach house enjoying a glass of tea. Shauna had auditioned for a role in Carmen's movie, so when Carmen invited her over, she knew it must be about that. So far Carmen hadn't said anything about it though. She was just admiring the view of the ocean and talking when there came a knock at the door. <p>

"Come on in, Shae," said Carmen opening the door. <p>

"Hi," said Shae. "What the fuck is SHE doing here?" asked Shae when she saw Shauna. <p>

"Me!" said Shauna. "What the fuck are YOU doing here?" <p>

"Carmen, what the hell is going on?" asked Shae irate. <p>

Carmen said, "Settle down you two and I'll explain. Both of you have auditioned for the role in my movie," Shae and Shauna looked hatefully at each other. Neither one could stand the other, and neither knew that the other had tried out. "Out of all the girls that auditioned, the director and produce liked you both. When they asked me my opinion, I couldn't decide because both of you are my friends. So here's the deal, if you want the part I'm going to let you fight each other for it. That way it will be fair and square and no favoritism will be shown on my part." <p>

Shae and Shauna looked at each other and smiled. "This is great," said Shae. "Bitch, I'm gonna rip your fuckin' tits to bloody pieces." <p>

"Fuck you, bitch," snapped Shauna. <p>

"Alright you two. Did you bring bikinis like I said," Carmen asked. They both said yes. "Then get them on. I want to see a hard, sexy catfight out of you two." <p>

With their bikinis donned, Carmen led them outside to the beach. The setting sun provided a beautiful backdrop for the ensuing catfight to come. <p>

Shae's 34d-23-34 body looked awesome as her blue bikini was busting at the seams. Shauna's 33d-22-33 body was equally hot in her skimpy white bikini. Both busty brunettes stood 5-4, but Shae outweighed her 105 to 98. <p>

"Okay, ladies," said Carmen. "I don't want to see any eye gouging, choking, or sand throwing. Other than that, anything goes. Good luck to you both." <p>

"Bitch, you're dead," said Shauna circling. <p>

"Eat shit and die, you fuckin' whore," remarked Shae crouching over and circling. <p>

"You're the whore, you slut-faced cunt," barked Shauna. <p>

"When I get done with you, bitch, I'm gonna fuck Lorenzo's cock off," threatened Shae. <p>

With that being said, Shauna lunged at her and slugged her across the jaw. Shae's head snapped to the side, but she countered with a left that landed against Shauna's cheekbone just as Shauna fired her second punch across Shae's chin. Shae stepped back, but suddenly lunged forward and sank her hands deep into Shauna's long hair. <p>

"FUCK!" cried Shauna as Shae ripped out a handful. Shauna stuck her hand inside of Shae's bikini bottoms and twisted her fingers around a clump of soft, curly, pubic hair and pulled. <p>

"EEEEOOUU!!" screamed Shae. <p>

"Fuck up my tits will you!" yelled Shauna as she yanked down Shae's top and sank her teeth into the big left orb. <p>

"SSSHHHHIIITTT!!!" screamed Shae as she gave Shauna a desperate uppercut to the jaw that knocked her off. As Shauna staggered backwards, Shae grabbed her hair and stopped her. <p>

"Bitch!" yelled Shae as she pulled down her top and latched onto her huge brown areolas. <p>

Shauna was brought to tears as Shae pulled her nipples in a circle. Shae grabbed another handful of hair and pulled while still keeping on hand tugging on one nipple. Shauna cried out again as she lost another clump of hair. <p>

In a blind rage, Shauna began throwing punches. She drove Shae back with a lip-splitting left hook, a right cross that cut her above the eyebrow, another left hook across the lips, and a right hook that buckled her knees as it smashed across her chin. <p>

Carmen cringed as she saw Shauna drive her knee between Shae's parted legs, and ram hard against her crotch.

"UGH!!!" moaned Shae from the bottom of her gut, but she refused to go down. <p>

Shauna sent Shae staggering backwards with another combo to the face that sent blood flying from Shae's mouth.

With her fists now covered by Shae's blood, Shauna was growing irate at the fact that she couldn't put the bitch down, much less knock her out. <p>

"Give it up, slut," she ordered as she took a quick breather. <p>

"," mumbled a dazed Shae. <p>

Carmen admired Shae's courage, but she was a fool not to give up. <p>

"You asked for it," threatened Shauna advancing on her. <p>

Just as Shauna flattened out Shae's right tit with a jab, Shae gave her a nasty slap across the face. Momentarily stunned by the blow, Shauna received another cheek-popping slap that told her this fight wasn't over.

"Fuckin' slut!' she said as she lunged at Shae and grabbed her hair. <p>

Shauna slung Shae around in circles as she managed to tear out two wads of silky, smooth hair. Shae cried as her hair left painfully from her scalp, but she retaliated by raking her nails downward across Shauna's big boobs, leaving a trail of deep scratch marks. <p>

"Aaauugghh!!" screamed Shauna as her tits received their pain. "BITCH!" she yelled as she threw Shae to the sand on her back and then dropped her kneecap onto her face. <p>

Blood flowed from Shae's nose as if a dam had broken loose. But Shauna wasn't taking any chances. She straddled the bitch's waist and started beating the back of her head into the sand by the hair. <p>

When Carmen saw that Shae was totally helpless, she rushed in and pulled Shauna off of her. Shauna was still kicking and screaming as she tried to get back at Shae, but when Carmen slapped her across the face and told her it was over, Shauna smiled and laughed hysterically as she saw Shae's limp and bleeding body. <p>

The End