Amanda Schull vs. Rachel McAdams by Archer

Amanda Schull studied her fighting outfit in the full length mirror she used in her home dance practice. A smile of satisfaction broke across her face. The black bra and panties with the red R. McA. monogram on the hips that Rachel McAdams had been forced to surrender fit quite nicely. She swung a leg up to the practice bar and confirmed she would have no problem fighting in the trophy garments.

Of course, Amanda had made some modifications in the bra and panties. The most obvious was the golden thread that had been stitched across the monogram in a contemptuous X and the golden stitching across the rear the panties that spelled out: PROPERTY OF THE G.G.

The changes would show McAdams that "The Golden Gatekeeper" had been her superior then and would be in the future. She left the need to make this point because, though she would admit it only to herself, her fight with McAdams had not been her usual dominant performance. She was proud of being the champion of Northern California, the champion ambitious young guns sought out when they wanted to establish some fighting credibility before heading south. She was used to shattering the self-confidence of such fighters and sending them away with only their broken dreams. Rachel McAdams came away from their fight with her self-confidence bruised, but still intact and this was something Amanda Schull found intolerable. So now, after waiting the upstart wait a suitable interval, she had sent word that they would meet again in a suit at the fabled Barbary Coast Legacy Inn.

Amanda studied herself in the mirror and nodded her blonde head. She was looking forward to crushing Rachel and make everything as it should be in the world of the Golden Gatekeeper.

Meanwhile, Rachel McAdams was also looking forward to her second visit to the secluded and discreet Barbary Coast Legacy. True, she felt tense as she sat in the back of the chauffeured limousine taking her to the match, but it was the tension of anticipation. Her loss to the insufferable blonde ballerina, Amanda Schull, deeply rankled. Simply losing would have been bad enough, losing because she had gotten careless was worse and having to hand over her "lucky" fighting bra and panties was much worse. Of course, the VERY worst had been allowing Amanda to take her off guard with a knee to the crotch that had made Rachel cry out in agony. Showing weakness to an opponent burned at the heart of the proud auburn-haired warrior and she was determined to reverse the verdict in this new fight. Once her fight injuries had healed, Rachel had worked very hard and she felt she was truly ready. On top of that, under her dress she wore her new fighting outfit. She was quite pleased with it and hoped that it might at least surprise the blonde bully...

The two young women faced each other across the deep pile carpet of the room, Their robes had been tossed into corners of the room from which all furniture had been removed. They were both 5'5 and they both had legs to be proud of and they obviously were. However, they were actually studying each other's attire (they both were barefoot). Amanda's modified black bra and panties drew a gratifying scowl from their former owner, but Amanda broke into a smile at Rachel's replacement outfit. It consisted of a shiny black vinyl bikini with a crimson red thickly lettered R. McA. monogram on the hips, while across the rear the same crimson red lettering spelled out THE RED RAIDER. The most interesting feature was that the letters were made to look as though they were oozing blood.

"Rachel 'The Red Raider' McAdams, how cute!" Amanda sneered.

"I thought of 'The Ballerina Buster', but I wanted something I use after I finished leaving you in smoking ruins," Rachel replied with a wicked smile.

Amanda shook her golden head: "You'll be handing that outfit over to me just like you did this one."

"Trying to make sure I wouldn't want my old one back?" Rachel inquired. "Because it might not matter. There is a principle involved--I'm a raider so I have to take things-or leave them in ruins."

"The only ruins around here will be what's left of you!" Amanda snapped, she was starting to look impatient.

Rachel felt that same impatience rising within herself as well: "Why don't we just stop talking and start fighting?"

The two women suddenly lunged at each other and the battle began...

The fight had been going on for much longer than either young woman had expected. In fact, not many things had gone as expected for either Amanda or Rachel. Amanda discovered that Rachel had learned to block her favorite sweeping side kicks and more than once had come close to damaging her treasured beauties with leg holds. Worse, Rachel was no longer making the careless rookie mistakes of the first fight. For Rachel, the surprise was that Amanda had very strong arms and shoulders that she used to power a very nasty hip toss. More than once it had sent Rachel flying into the carpet with painful effects on her hips and shoulders. Amanda also kept trying to her her between those strong thighs for another crushing Headscissors and it had been all Rachel could do to elude this fate.

As the prospects for a quick victory faded, Rachel realized she was beginning to pant--and Amanda wasn't. Rachel grimly realized that she was threatened with a battle of attrition where the dancer's superior stamina would be a winning factor. Rachel knew she couldn't let it come down to such a struggle, but she needed the right opening.

Oddly enough, that right opening came as Rachel made another unsuccessful charge at Amanda. Once more she got caught by those strong arms and was swung over the blonde's hip to crash once more into the carpet. Rachel had sprang up quickly, but Amanda now went on the attack aiming a straight shot with her right leg towards the brunette's midsection, hoping to double her over. Instead, Rachel was able to pounce on the incoming leg and seize it. She then gave a heave and dropped Amanda on her butt. Just as quickly, she flipped Amanda over on her face and sat down on the blonde's butt, still holding the right leg. With the limb now in her control, Rachel started twisting and turning it until Amanda was pounding the carpet in silent agony.

At the same time, Amanda kept trying to use her free left leg to knock Rachel from her perch. Rachel tried to ignore the blows, but the desperate kicking finally paid off. A Snap Kick slammed into Rachel's head with stunning force and Amanda was then able to buck free. The blonde shot to her feet, but then discovered her right leg was now a pain-wracked liability. Nevertheless, Amanda attempted a leaping knee drop on Rachel as she lay on her back, still stunned by the head kick. Unfortunately, Rachel saw doom hurtling down on her and she threw herself clear. Amanda's left knee hit only carpet. It was thick pile, but Amanda had leaped high for maximum effect and, unfortunately for her, that maximum effect was on her left knee. Pain exploded out of the joint and Amanda crashed forward with a gasp of agony.

Rachel sprang onto the now crippled Amanda and quickly put the injured left knee into the horrors of a Figure-Four Leglock. Amanda's face was deathly white and streaked with tears, though no cry of pain escaped her clenched jaws, as though not crying out might somehow save her. Rachel moved to crush that faint hope.

"Give it up, Amanda!" Rachel said in a commanding voice. "You're finished and you know it."

Amanda looked at Rachel with a tortured expression of both pain and defiance. The tears continued to flow, but the lips were still held tight. The pain was clearly more than just what was coming from her trapped leg. Rachel looked into Amanda's eyes with the most merciless glare she could muster.

"I said 'Give it up, Amanda'…or you may never fight-or dance- again!" Rachel said fiercely.

At last a single awful groan escaped those clenched jaws and for a terrible moment, Rachel feared she'd actually broken something, but the came the whispered words from Amanda Schull: "I quit."

For some reason, those two softly spoken words meant more to Rachel McAdams than if they had been shouted. She instantly released the Leglock and stood up triumphantly while Amanda just sat there, rubbing both her aching legs. Rachel then walked over to retrieve her robe. When she came back, Amanda had tottered to her feet, but she was swaying as she stood there.

"Do you want my outfit?" Amanda asked quietly.

Rachel paused and then smiled nastily: "Those old things? Keep ‘em. Only thing I’m taking is that 'Golden Gladiator' robe of yours."

Amanda's face now flushed red. "NO! Y…you can't do that!"

"'The Red Raider' takes what she wants. You want to stop me?" Rachel asked as she took charge of the midnight blue robe with “THE GOLDEN GLADIATOR” lettered across the back in gold.

Amanda was now furious, but her legs were still swaying. Rachel couldn't resist. She went up to the blonde and PLINKED her on the nose. Amanda was ever-s0=-slightly knocked backwards, but it was more than her weakened legs could handle. She went down on her butt with a THUMP. She glared up at Rachel with a volcanic mixture of shame and rage made all the more picturesque by the tears stains that still ran down her cheeks. Rachel burst out laughing and then headed for the adjoining room to change back into her street clothes.


Rachel paused and said coolly; "If you want to make this the best of three--fine. You know how to reach me."

Rachel went into the bedroom and firmly closed the door firmly behind her, leaving Amanda sitting on the floor, weeping fresh tears of shame and rage...

Erik Blandford exuded an air of discreet competence that was to be expected of the Barbary Coast Legacy Inn's Director of Special Events. He had a way of putting his visitors at their ease, which was no simple matter when these were Amanda Schull and Rachel McAdams. Though they were seated far apart, the air seemed to crackle with
electricity as the two rivals looked about to start their third wrestling match right then and there.

Which, Mr. Blandford knew, wouldn't do at all.

"Now ladies," he said firmly, "I think we can make this go quite smoothly and be on our way. Now, you both got our written proposal for hosting the event. I must tell you that we haven't seen this much interest in a fight in some time. You can both be assured of a suitable purse."

"I see we'll split it right down the middle: 80/20," Rachel said. "I think that's more than fair to the loser."

Amanda gave her auburn-haired rival a look of disdain: "That is the standard arrangement for a fight with an audience and, am I correct, closed circuit broadcasting via satellite? Scrambled signal. of course."

"I see you remember those details well," Mr. Blandford said.

"Just how many people are going to be here?" Rachel asked.
"I didn't mind the first two being broadcast on closed circuit from behind that two-way mirror, but I don't want to dodge flying beer cans."

Mr. Blandford looked offended and Amanda burst out laughing; "The audiences here don't throw anything--they are the rich and the powerful. They'll dress like it, too--so make sure there are no holes in that cheap vinyl bikini of yours," Amanda said.

Amanda glared at the blonde, but before she could fire back a retort, Mr. Blandford loudly cleared his throat.

"Actually, we have a special request concerning your attire from one of our most loyal and distinguished patrons--"

"Erik--I am NOT starting the fight in high heels and my birthsay suit! It's undignified even if one of use does end up that way at the end."

"Hey, I don't like that either!" Rachel chimed in.

"No, no, Ms. Schull, Ms. McAdams, this is a request from Mr. Tansel. He would like you to wear stockings and high heel--he's prefer pantyhose, tan if you wouldn't mind. He is willing to make a substantial increase in the purse for this fight if you would agree."

Amanda frowned; "Think he’d settle for thigh-high stockings?"


Rachel frowned; "I could do the pantyhose, but I might require some custom work."

"We can supply the name of a shop that can do that at a nominal charge."

"All right--but don't expect me to fight in high heels," Rachel said and Amanda nodded in agreement.

"I think we should go see the arena next, but, Ms. Schull, I should show you the prospect guest list. They've all applied for tickets--I think you'll see several doubtful names there."

Mr. Blandford handed Amanda a piece of paper and she studied it. She frowned, then smiled.

"I see no reason they shouldn't be in attendance, presuming they behave themselves. I'm a bit surprised they could afford your prices."

"We think the ARS membership pooled their funds to buy these four tickets."

"How sweet of them," Amanda said.

"Wait a minute! Who are you two talking about? I want to see that list. What's the ARS?"

Mr. Blandford helpfully handed the paper to Rachel and pointed to four names: APPLBY, SHIRI; ARMSTRONG, SAMAIRE; DELFINO, MAJANDRA: HARNOIS, ELISABETH.

"These names are sort of familiar," Rachel said, still puzzled.

Amanda smiled. "They’re part of a group made up of former opponents. They seem to feel it's somehow MY fault their lives haven't gone as they wanted because I so thoroughly defeated them. They call themselves the "Amanda Revenge Squad'. They're a bunch of neurotic losers who obviously don't know how to spend what little money they have left."

"They sound very strange. You sure you even want them there?" Rachel asked.

"We could refuse them admittance," Mr. Blandford proposed.

Amanda shrugged; "They've never actually done anything. I suppose their club is a cheap form of group therapy. I refuse to be afraid of them. Let them waste theur money to see me win again," Amanda said with assurance.

"Don't count on that happening!" Rachel snapped.

Tensions were rising again, so Mr. Blandford decided it was time they inspected the scene of the fight. He escorted the two young women to an elevator which took them to a lower level of the hotel. He then led them to what looked like a small theatre-in-the-round. Very comfortable looking seats circled what should have been a circulaer stage, but was now a flat carpeted circle.

"This is where you will fight. Your dressing rooms are to the left and the right. The lights will be dimmed over the seating and kept brightly lit in the ring. You may not even see the audience during the fight," Blandford explained. "The cameras are very carefully placed to not be noticed but still capture all the action. We've gotten very high praise for our broadcasts."

Amanda nodded: "I trust your Security people will not be too obvious."

"No, but we've never had a problem. Our audiences are quite well behaved. They make a great deal of noise when appropriate, but no more," Blandford assured her.

Rachel prowled around the arena and inspected the dressing rooms. They were exactly the same. She finally came back and announced;

"It is acceptable."

Mr. Blandford smiled and turned to Amanda. She nodded: "It is acceptable to me, as well."

"Fine, we will commence our final preparationsm immediately," Blandford said with clear eagerness.

They returned to the office to sign some documents. Then, as Rachel was about to leave, Amanda suddenly handed her a small gift-wrapped package. Rachel eyed it with suspicion.

"It won't explode, I promise," Amanda said with a smirk. "I thought it might come in handy for your personal preparations."

Rachel opened the package. It was a DVD: THE GOLDEN GATEKEEPER'S GREATEST MOMENTS. Rachel gave the still-smirking Amanda a look of disgust.

"Why would I want to see you in action--I think I've seen quite enough!"

"Oh, but I had it custom-made. I even did the commentary," Amanda said innocently.

"I hope there's an TURN OFF COMMENTARY symbol to click on," Rachel muttered thrusting the DVD into her purse.

"Then you'll watch it?" Amanda asked in a mocking tone.

"I never said that," Rachel growled and went out, slamming the door behind her.

She was actually rather curious to see what was on the DVD, but she wasn't about to admit to Amanda....

The scene was a fast food restaurant near the Barbary Coast Legacy Inn. At one of the tables in the back of the establishment sat four young women, who seemed rather overdressed for the establishment. They were munching on plastic containers full of green salads and quietly talking. None of the other patrons realized the group was a delegation from a very unofficial organization that liked to call itself the "Amanda Revenge Squad."

"It's so tacky eating at a place like this before going for a place as fine as the BCL," grumbled Elisabeth Harnois, once the star of POINT PLEASANT.

"That's another thing we have to thank Amanda Schull for," growled Samaire Armstrong, who had been on the first season of THE O.C. "Even pooling all our money and only sending the four of us to her fight with Rachel McAdams, didn't leave us with much in the way of spending money."

"We didn't have to rent that fancy car for the night," Shiri Appleby pointed out.

"What did you want us to do? Show up in something from Rent-a-Wreck?" Retorted Majandra Delfino, who had co-starred with Shiri on ROSWELL.

"I think we should just concentrate on carrying out the club's plan," Samaire said firmly.

"That's right. It's time to make that woman pay for what she's done to all of us!" Elisabeth declared. "She tortured me with that grapevine--I haven't been the same since."

"We all feel the same way," Shiri said, "that monster's reign of terror has got to be stopped."

"Yeah," said Majandra, "she treats the ARS like we're a big joke. She won't be laughing after tonight!"

"You ladies keep assuming Amanda will lose," Samaire pointed out, "don't forget we'll still have Plan B."

"I'm not much interested in this Rachel McAdams. I want Amanda," Beth said.

"Don't we all," said Majandra, "but we can still make our point with McAdams. Amanda will know she's next--sooner or later that day will come. It might even be better if she had to worry when it might happen."

"Let's think positively--it'll be Plan A and then we'll have REALLY made our point!" Shiri declared.

The other young women burst out laughing and they exhanged a round of "high fives."

"Hey!" Samaire said looking at her watch. "We better leave now or there won't be time for any plan!"

With that, the four members of the ARS hastily headed for the door...

Rachel McAdams was in her dressing room in the lower levels of the Barbary Coast Legacy Inn. She pulled the red hood of her robe up over her head. Her attendant was standing behind her at the door that led out to the arena where she was to meet Amanda Schull.

"You like it?" Rachel asked the young woman.

"It seems--a bit unusual Ms. McAdams," the young woman said tactfully.

Rachel laughed: "I'm sure it does, but I have a point to make to Ms. Schull."

"Whatever you say, ma'am," the attendant said.

"Have you done this before?" Rachel asked.

"Yes ma'am. You don't have to worry. I'm getting ready to go out and wait for my cue from Mr. Blandford. Then I'll knock on the door and escort you out. Ms. Schull being the champion, will be introduced first. Once the fight begins, myself and Ms, Schull's attendant will remove your discarded robes and anything else. You won't see me again until after the fight."

"I'll try not to take too long," Rachel said.

"Good luck, ma'am," the attendant said politely and left the room.

Rachel was alone now and she mentally reviewed her game plan. She had been in enough of these matches to know a plan seldom lasts long before events start to change it, but she knew what she wanted to do and how she was going to accomplish it. Then it would be a matter of execution and she would emerge the winner over the Northern California female fight champion twice in a row. She was eager to begin....

On the opposite side of the arena, Amanda Schull was also eager for the contest to begin. She was convinced that Rachel had been unable to resist watching her DVD and that it would provide just enough mental distraction to tip the match in Amanda's favor. The auburn-haired challenger had suddenly become a thorn in the blonde champion's side and she was determined to remove it. She would crush Rachel and turn her into another of those losers who called themselves the "Amanda Revenge Squad." Revenge? All that bunch of whiners had ever done was snivel about how mean she had been to them and how she had messed up their lives.

"They can't blame me because they let losing mess up their lives," Amanda told herself reassuringly. "Didn't they ever hear of personal responsibility?"

"Ma'am?" Amanda's asked, looking puzzled.

Amanda laughed; "Sorry, mind got wandering. Does it look like we'll have a full house tonight?"

"Mr. Blandford told me all 100 tickets had been sold and they've been filling up steadily. It shouldn't be too long until we're ready to go."

"Okay, you go out and wait for my cue. I need to be alone anyway," Amanda ordered.

"Yes, ma'am and good luck tonight."

"Thank you."

Amanda was now alone. She let her mind concentrate on one objective and that victory. She envisioned Rachel McAdams on that carpeted arena floor, beaten and defeated while Amanda herself strutted to the cheers of her loyal fans. (The thought crept into her mind of the four ARS members who were supposed to be here tonight.)

"Sorry ladies, but you'll be losing again!" Amanda whispered with a wicked smile. "I can't wait for this to start!".....
It was about to begin. It was a tribute to the Barbary Coast Legacy Inn that no one walking pass it would have realized a major event was taking place inside. The 100 persons who had paid very handsomely for the privilege now sat in what had once been a small theater-in-the-round. The seats encircled what was now a thickly carpeted oval floor. In this arena they (and many more watching a special satellite PPV feed) would soon see the reigning Northern California female fighting champion, Amanda "The Golden Gatekeeper" Schull take on her latest and most persistent challenger, Rachel "The Red Raider" McAdams". The crowd was very well-dressed with many of the women wearing their finest gowns and jewelry, while many of the men wore tuxedos. Many of these people were in elite of the Bay Area both in terms of money and power. However, there were in that same crowd, four young women who seemed much younger than those around them and not as expensively dressed, though they were, in fact, wearing their best evening gowns. The four young woman occupied excellent seats just behind the waist-high partition that was the only barrier between the seats and the actual fighting area.

"I wish the entire membership of the Amanda Revenge Squad could have been here tonight," Samaire Armstrong, once an actress on THE O.C. sighed. "Think how it would have shaken Schull to see all of us glaring at her."

"It wouldn't have bothered her a bit," Majandra Delfino replied. "That bitch doesn't have any feelings."

"That's exactly right," Shiri Appleby, Majaandra's one-time costar on ROSWELL agreed. "Amanda is a horrible excuse for a human being. She want to see her destroyed for how she crushed my dreams--how she crushed ALL our dreams."

The baby-faced blonde seated next to Shiri, Elisabeth Harnois, once of the series POINT PLEASANT nodded: "I may be the newest member of the group, but I'm glad I won the drawing to be here tonight. I never knew I could hate someone as much as I hate her. I just hope this Rachel McAdams comes through for us tonight."

Samaire smiled unpleasantly; "If she doesn't then we will go to our agreed-upon 'Plan B'. McAdams will deserve it for giving us hope and then letting us down."

"At least the ARS will get something out of pooling all our money to buy four tickets to this thing," Majandra said. "Schull won't be laughing at us anymore."

I always did like the way you think," Shiri snickered.

"Okay," Beth said, "but I still think anyone but Amanda would be a poor substitute."

"You check the security?" Shiri whispered to Majandra and Samaire.

Majandra and Samaire nodded confidently: "All the Security is on the outside to keep people out," Majandra whispered back.

"It's never occurred to them they'd have a problem with all these VIPs in here," whispered Samaire. "We just have to remember to move fast and strike hard."

All four young women nodded in agreement. Then, suddenly the lights began to dim and the crowd fell silent. The lights continued to dim until there was only the dazzling light that fell on the arena itself. A man in a maroon Barbary Coast Legacy Inn blazer came out with a cordless microphone. The crowd politely applauded.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am Erik Blandford, Director of Special Events, on behalf of the staff and management of the Barbary Coast Legacy Inn, I would like to welcome you all to this VERY special event. Tonight, you will witness a one-fall, no rules, victory by submission or unconsciousness only fighting match. First, I proud to introduce our reigning Northern California champion: AMANDA 'THE GOLDEN GATEKEEPER'SCHULL!"

To the right of the MC, a door opened and out came a blonde in a long golden robe. Many in the crowd broke into noisy cheers--though these were mixed with some rather rude hisses from the four young women of the Amanda Revenge Squad. Amanda grandly waved at the crowd, though the lighting meant she couldn't see them very clearly.

"Welcome, Ms. Schull," Erik Blandford said and the champion nodded politely.

"It is always a pleasure to fight here, Mr. Blandford," Amanda said pleasantly.

"Thank you, Ms. Schull," Erik said. "And now, I would like to present to you the challenger: AMANDA 'THE RED RAIDER' MCADAMS!" The door to the left of the MC now opened and a figure appeared clad in a long red hooded robe. Her face was visible, though not much else and a puzzled murmur arose and mixed with polite applause.

"Welcome, Ms. McAdams," Mr. Blandford said.

"As you all know, this is my first time fighting before a live audience at the Barbary Coast Legacy and I want to thank you, Mr. Blandford and your entire staff for making it such a wonderful experience," Rachel said sweetly.

"It won't be wonderful for much longer," Amanda said in a whisper that could be heard in the top row. The crowd laughed.

"Not for you," Amanda retorted smoothly and drew a few chuckles of her own.

"Well ladies, I and the staff of the hotel appreciate your kind words, but now it's time I got out of the way and let you two get down to business. I wish you both a good fight. You may begin whenever you wish," Blandford said, handing the mike to the champion and then disappearing from view.

"I think we need to get things rolling, don't you agree, Rachel?" Amanda said graciously.

Rachel leaned toward the mike: "Ready whenever you are, Amanda."

Amanda then slid out of her golden robe. The crowd ahhhed in appreciation for it revealed Amanda was wearing a beautiful flame red dance mini-dress with a tiny ruffled skirt underlined with black. The outfit left her beautiful shoulders bare except for two straps that held up the dress. The more knowledgeable in the crowd recognized the costume as one she wore in her one and only film CENTER STAGE. Amanda posed in her red high-heeled shoes which helped show off her strong beautiful legs which were encased in silk thigh-high stockings. The crowd applauded enthusiastically (though certainly not the four members of the ARS who sat in their seats scowling, but unseen by Amanda).

"Oh, I forget my manners. Rachel, show these good people what you're wearing. We need to get on to the fight," Amanda said in a nastily lighthearted way that drew many laughs.

Rachel smiled through it all, but then she threw back the hood of her robe. The crowd gasped audibly and even Amanda looked surprised. They had been expecting to see red-brown hair--but they were now seeing golden hair! Rachel then let the robe slip all the way to the floor and there were more gasps (including one from Amanda herself): Rachel was wearing a midnight blue one-piece swimsuit and as she did a little circle dance, everyone saw on the back in golden letters were the words: "THE GOLDEN GATEKEEPER 2.0"!

"You can't do this!" Amanda spluttered.

Rachel grinned: "It IS a little tacky, isn't it. I shouldn't be trying to imitate a sorry loser like YOU, Amanda--I need to be MYSELF--'THE RED RAIDER'!"

With that, Rachel snatched at what turned out to be her blonde wig and tossed it into the darkness. It was quickly followed by the midnight blue one-piece which she sexily shed like a snake emerging from a second skin. The crowd roared to life as they saw she was now wearing a satiny black bra and tan colored pantyhose with a black French-cut top. On the hips was the proud bleeding blood red “R.McA” monogram. Across the rear were the similarly bleeding blood red letters that spelled out THE RED RAIDER. The pantyhose certainly showed off Rachel's own strong, beautiful legs and the effect was helped by the black high heeled shoes she wore.

"GOTCHA!" Rachel whispered loudly at the dumbstruck Amanda.

The blonde furiously knocked the microphone out of Rachel's hand and then sent her left hand cracking across Rachel's face. The impact rocked the auburn-haired beauty, but she quickly lashed back with her right hand with a slap that staggered the champion. Even as their attendants scrambled to retrieve the discarded robes and other clothing, the battle was suddenly on!

Amanda and Rachel had intended to kick off their high heels before fighting, but this was forgotten in the sudden fury of the slapping. Amanda and Rachel lunged at each other, quickly becoming locked up in a test of strength as each tried to push the other back. The heels were now used to dig into the carpet and their leg muscles strained for leverage as they put their arms and shoulders into the fray as well. The struggle swayed back and forth, first in Amanda's favor, then in Rachel's, then back in Amanda's until a leave put the advantage back to Rachel, though only momentarily. The two young women were now glaring at each other face to face each trying to will herself to victory through sheer will-power.

Suddenly, there was a SNAP! The heel of Amanda's right shoe had given way! This caused Amanda to lurch sideways, but she kept her grip on Rachel. They both sprawled onto the floor, landing hard and breaking their grip on each other. They both rolled away from each other, trying to gain some distance to recover.

Amanda threw her shoes into the audience and Rachel quickly did the same. They would now both being fighting in their stocking feet. (The shoes were quickly seized by eager fans and would soon become cherished mementos of the event).

Amanda and Rachel now came at each other again. Amanda tried to grab Rachel and hip toss her to the carpet, but Rachel was able to reverse the move and send the blonde thudding to the floor! Amanda was more than a little surprised at being made the victim of one of her own favorite moves, but she shot back but and rammed her head into Rachel's belly sending her sprawling.

Amanda then waited for Rachel to start to rise and drove her knee up into the brunettes jaw. Rachel's head snapped back and she toppled onto her rear. The blonde yanked her up by the hair and the executed a bulldog that drove Rachel's face into the carpet.

Rachel McAdams lay with her face down on the arena carpet, her butt high in the air, dazed by the forced of Amanda Schull's bulldog. Rachel then found herself yanked upwards and then backwards until the back of her neck rammed into Amanda's knee, she then bounced away with pain exploding from the aptly named neckbreaker.

"This is going to be easier than I thought!" Amanda cried gleefully and next tried to put Rachel into a full nelson that would put still more pressure on her damaged neck.

However, Rachel fought off the pain-induced confusion of her mind to ram an elbow squarely into Amanda's solar plexus. The blonde staggered backwards. Rachel nailed her with a running clothesline that drove her into the carpet. Then a knee drop to the chest had Amanda gasping like a beached fish.

"Now you're REALLY going to get it!" Rachel snarled and did a knee drop into Amanda's vulnerable groin. The blonde's body jackknifed as she shrieked in pain.

Rachel then grabbed for one of Rachel's legs, hoping to start taking them out of the fight, but the champion swung her free leg with pinpoint accuracy right into Rachel's own womanhood. Now it was Rachel who let out a shriek of pain and staggered off, clutching at her bruised crotch.
Rachel tried desperately to shut out the pain, even as Amanda was staggering to her own feet and setting out for further vengeance.

Rachel could hear Amanda's charge, she turned just in time to have Amanda leap on her like a defensive football player sacking a quarterback. Amanda's full body weight crashed Rachel into the carpet. Now Amanda tried to roll Rachel over onto her back. She seemed to be trying to set the challenger up for a grapevine, but Rachel wanted no part of this weapon in Amanda's arsenal. Rachel shook free of the blonde and managed to give her shove backwards that landed Amanda on her rear.

Rachel now darted forward and unleashed a surprise side kick that bounced solidly off Amanda's skull. Amanda was knocked onto her face and Rachel leaped astride her hoping to put on a Boston Crab, but Amanda reared up suddenly and sent Rachel spilling to the carpet. Now Amanda pounced on her fallen foe, still clearly hoping for that grapevine, but Rachel responded with a solid right to the jaw!

Stunned by the punch, Amanda fell sideways and Rachel grabbed her by the hair for some follow-up punching. Amanda then got a punch of her own into Rachel's jaw and the auburn-haired challenger reeled backwards. Amanda lurched to her feet, trying to shake off the effects of the punches, but she could see Rachel on her feet again, too. Anxious, not to be punched again, Amanda suddenly grabbed Rachel in a bear hug to pin her arms, but Rachel got her arms free and put a bear hug of her own around Amanda.

The crowd watched as the two combatants now were locked in a bizarre dance of domination. They were not busty women, but their small breasts did battle as fiercely as any bigger racks. The bear hugs were well-applied and soon both young women were struggling to pull air into their aching, oxygen-deprived lungs.

Then Amanda attempted to tilt the battle in her favor. She worked her stockinged thigh between Rachel's straining thighs and began to rub the thigh against Rachel's groin.
Amanda watched with satisfaction as Rachel's eyes widened as the obviously pleasurable sensations began flowing upward from the formerly pain-filled area.

"Got you now!" Amanda whispered in Rachel's ear.

"We'll see," Rachel said, but it sounded more like sigh and Amanda giggled.

Suddenly, Rachel lunged forward and it was the a distracted Amanda who found herself slammed into the carpet with the brunette on top of her. Amanda absorbed the impact and the tried desperately to roll on top. Rachel
was trying to do the same thing so they began to roll around the ring. Finally, Amanda drove her knee back up into Rachel's groin. Rachel gasped and Amanda broke free from the bear hug even as she released her own.

The two fighters now retreated from each other. They were now both drenched in sweat and aching from the various blows they had thus far sustained and the sheer strain of the battle. They panted and glared at each other defiantly. Then they began to move towards each other, circling warily, looking for that one opening that could bring them victory.

Rachel suddenly unleashed another of her newly developed sidekicks, but Amanda dodged and tried to grab the extended leg. Rachel was able to keep the leg clear and grab Amanda's extended arm. She used it to yank Amanda off her feet and over her shoulder. Amanda hit the carpet head first and rolled over onto her back. Rachel crashed across Amanda's chest in a crossbody slam. Then Rachel backed up and attempted a full body slam, but Amanda rolled over so that Rachel hit Amanda's left shoulder full in the chest. Amanda was rocked by the impact, but Rachel landed in a seated position gasping for air.

Amanda got to her feet. Her left shoulder and arm were numb, but the sight of the dazed Rachel gave her fresh energy. She pulled Rachel to her feet and tried to get her into a piledriver set-up position, planning to drive the brunette’s head into the carpet. Rachel was alive to her peril and squirmed furiously. Amanda's weakened left arm caused her to lose her grip. Rachel thudded to floor, but then scampered away.

Amanda was now furious. Her own weakness had cost her a match-winning move and she could see by the grin on Rachel's sweat-dripping face, that she knew it, too. Still, Amanda let Rachel make the next charge and then time she nailed her with a right fist deep into Rachel's already painfully abused groin. Rachel's face turned a sickly white, but then pure hatred came exploding out of her eyes and she unleashed a kick straight into Amanda's own womanhood. Amanda doubled over, but then lunged forward in a fury of her own, clawing at Rachel's bikini top.

Rachel lurched backwards as Amanda's fingernails ripped at her modest, but tender breasts. She hadn't expected this at all and it infuriated her. She steadied herself and began to rip at the top of the flame red dance outfit, reaching for the vulnerable breasts beneath the fabric. Then Rachel realized there was a strapless bra under the dress and it quite irrationally enraged her. Rachel seized the dress with both hands and yanked as hard as she could.
Amanda stumbled back as the beautiful flame red costume was ripped away leaving her in the black bra, matching bikini briefs and the stockings.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Amanda screamed at the devastation of her beloved costume. With a crazed cry of rage, she leaped at Rachel, claws bared, but Rachel threw the tattered fragments of cloth into her face. Amanda was blinded for only moments, but it was enough time for Rachel to ram a forearm into her throat. Amanda crashed to her knees, gasping for breath. Rachel grabbed her by the hair and thrust the blonde head between her thighs.

"You--aren't--the--only--one--with--a--standing--headscissors--and I won't make the mistake you did--LOSER!"
Rachel panted.

Amanda squirmed and clawed, but she could not free her head. Rachel even moved around, grinding her sweaty pantyhose in for fuller effect. Rachel kept the hold until she felt Amanda grow weak--but remembering how she herself had once played possum on the champ, she held the scissors even tighter until Amanda panty-clad butt was drooping lower and lower. Suddenly, Rachel grabbed Amanda around the waist and hoisted her up, letting her head pop free long enough to position it for a piledriver.

"Now THIS is a PILEDRIVER!" Rachel cried and drove Amanda's head into the carpet. The impact sent the blonde spasming as she bounced and rolled away, but Rachel took no chances leaped in with a full body splash. It wasn't necessary. Amanda was clearly finished.

Rachel McAdams was NOT finished. She moved into that classic wrestling position--the schoolgirl pin. She was seated on Amanda's chest, her knees cradling the blonde's head and with the crotch of her pantyhose resting snugly against Amanda's chin. Rachel gently patted Amanda's face until her eyes fluttered open and focused. Once Amanda realized her position, she tried to squirm, but Amanda clamped her knees against the blonde's head.

"It's over Amanda, but I have good news and bad news," Rachel said chattily.

"Oh, shut up!" Amanda groaned.

Rachel ignored her: "The good news is: I won't make you say 'I Quit'--'cause we've already shared that moment."

"And the bad news?"

"You're about to be my first-ever reverse face-sit. I suggest you don't do anything stupid, because, if you do, I will do very bad things to your boobs and crotch here."


Amanda managed a cry of indignant protest, but it was quicly muffled as Rachel swung into the reverse face-sit.
She was suddenly aware that there was a crowd around them and it was screaming wildly. She supposed she should pull down the pantyhose, but ahe wasn't quite ready for what that meant. Instead, she did a nice little circular lap dance that rather pleasurable and made her realize why the facesit was so popular with winners. She kept up the dance until she felt Amanda go limp beneath her. Then she lifted Amanda's arm and let it drop as the crowd helpfully chanted the count:


A bell rang and and the voice of Erik Blandford proclaimed: "THE WINNER-RACHEL 'THE RED RAIDER' McADAMS!"

As Rachel got to her feet and basked in the applause of the crowd, the four young women of the Amanda Revenge Squad had crept over the waist-high barrier. They crept toward the helpless Amanda Schull who was only slowly beginning to stir. As they came forward, they unzipped their dresses and let them slide to the floor...

The small arena was filled with cheers as Rachel McAdams walked to the center of the ring. She still soaked in sweat and exhausted, but she had never felt so alive as she did at that moment. She raised her arms and the crowd responded and she began to take a victory lap.

While all this was distracting most of the crowd, the four members of the Amanda Revenge Squad had crept out of their ringside seats and into the arena. Samaire Armstrong, Shiri Appleby, Majandra Delfino and Elisabeth Harnois were about to execute their club's planned revenge on the woman who has smashed their dreams of fighting glory. As part of this plan, they slid out of their evening gowns to reveal the black bra and bikini briefs with a large skull and crossbone design over which had been written in a semi-circle A.R.S.

"You laughed at us!" The young women cried at Amanda who was only just returning to consciousness after being knocked out by Rachel's facesit finish. It didn't really matter, they closed on her like hungry vultures.

Rachel suddenly heard the crowd gasp and cry out behind her as they belatedly realized something was about to go horribly amiss. Rachel whirled and saw four young women in bizarre underwear swarming over the helpless Amanda. Shiri was sitting on Amanda's face, Majandra was clawing at the fallen blonde's crotch, while Beth and Samaire seemed to playing tug of war with Amanda's breasts!

Rachel saw the ARS and knew who these women were. A sudden rage filled her and she charged straight at them as the crowd roared its support. Rachel gave Majandra a kick that sent her flying, she slammed Beth and Samaire's heads together. Then she went for Shiri who leaped to her feet.

"Get away from us! Just be glad you won or it'd be you!" Shiri cried, rather foolishly.

Rachel swung her leg in a sidekick that dropped Shiri in a heap. Rachel stood there somewhat surprised at herself--you really could knock someone out with a single kick. Suddenly, the house lights came up and the Security men made a belated appearance to drag the dazed ARS women away. Rachel picked Amanda up in her arms and turned just as Erik Blandford appeared with several private paramedics.

"You should have known better than to let those bitches in here!" Rachel cried.

"You're right, we are very sorry. They will be dealt with," Erik told her. "Let us take care of Ms. Schull, we have excellent medical help available."

Rachel reluctantly handed Amanda to the paramedics. She seemed to be coming around even as they assisted her back towards her dressing room.

"Ms.McAdams," Blandford was saying. “We need to present the title belt to you." Rachel became aware of an assistant standing behind Blandford holding a large golden title belt. "You are our new champion," Blandford explained.

Rachel shook her head; "Thank you, but I must decline the honor. I waa never in this for the title. This was really
just between Amanda and myself. If you want it filled--well that's your problem. I have other plans. I thank you and all these fine people, but I must say 'Goodnight'."

Rachel started toward her own dressing room, but her eye was caught by the fragments of flame-colored cloth on the carpet. She picked them up and took them with her as she exited the arena to the cheers and no little puzzlement of the crowd....

One week later, Rachel accepted an invitation from Erik Blandford and went to his office at the BCL Inn. She came in to find Amanda already there. She was wearing a coat, jeans and there was duffle bag at her side. Rachel put down her large handbag and pulled up a chair.

"I heard you've taken a leave of absence from the ballet company and sublet your apartment," Rachel said to Amanda,
"I'm pretty disappointed in you. I beat you, but that's no reason to leave town with your tail between your legs."

Amanda sighed; "Thank you for your support, Rachel, but Ihave good reasons to be going. I came to realize I lost because I'd lost my edge. I've been fighting the same girls in the same kind of fights for too long. I got dull. Along came someone like you--sharper and fresher--and I lost. I've got an appointment book full of contacts and some very unique fight scenarios. I expect to come back ready to whip your ass--so keep it out of trouble until I get back."

Rachel smiled; "Well, actually I'm headed down to L.A. I have some contacts of my own. Can I expect to you there?"

"Probably not, I'm a Northern California girl at heart, I may wander around for a while, but I'll always end up back here."

Erik Blandford spoke up; "If you two should ever fight again, I hope you'll consider our hotel, though I assure you security will be much stricker next time and all members of the ARS are banned for life."

"That's all right, Mr. Blandford, I underestimated those crazy girls, too," Amanda said.

"Speaking of them, I have something for you, Amanda," Rachel said digging a large plastic bag out of her oversized handbag. "You see I visited each of those girls and made them see the error of their ways. I was so convincing they insisted on giving me those as a 'peace offering'."

Amanda opened the plastic bag and out came four sets of the black briefs with the skull and crossbones with the A.R.S. over it. She exploded with laughter.

"They really did have club underpants!" Amanda roared. "I thought people were making that up. This is priceless!"

"Well, I understand they all left town rather suddenly and their group has probably broken up," Rachel said.

"Say these have been all cleaned and ironed," Amanda noted.

Rachel snickered: "Um--I'm afraid my powers of persuasion made that necessary in several cases so I had them all laundered."

"Well, you keep them, they're your trophies, not mine," Amanda insisted.

"Well, all right, but I have one other thing for you," Rachel said and pulled a package out of the bag.

"What's this?" Asked Amanda.

"Open it up."

Amanda opened the package and gasped. It was her flame red costume. She picked it up and held it close. There was moisture in her eyes, though she quickly brushed them away.

"That was a beautiful costume. I'm sorry I got carried away and wrecked it. I took what left and had it duplicated, you know, so you can wear it when we fight again."

Amanda nodded: "Thank you--and I promise you, we will fight again some day."

Amadna then carefully rewrapped the package and handed it to a surprised Erik Blandford.

"Please take care of this until I get back," she said.

"Of course, Ms. Schull."

"And Rachel, it just so happens I have something for you."


Amanda rummaged around in her duffle bag and came up with a package of her own. "Something to remember me by."

Rachel opened it up. It contained the thigh-highs Amanda had worn during the fight. They were much worse for wear, of course, but Rachel smiled.

"If you'd had any imagination, you'd have pulled them off during the facesit," Amanda smiled.

"I'll work on that...thank you," Rachel said as she offered Amanda her hand. Instead, the blonde gave her a hug.

Then Amanda picked up the duffle bag and headed for the door: "Time for me to go. I thank you again Mr. Blandford and Amanda, next time I'll be sitting on YOUR face."

"I'll keep that in mind," Rachel laughed. "Goodbye...for now."

Amanda nodded; then was gone. Rachel got ready to leave herself.

"If you should hear from her, I'd appreciate you're letting me know," Rachel said handing Blandford a card with her L.A. address on it.

"Certainly, and Ms. McAdams...Ms. Schull asked me to do the same about you."

Rachel smiled: "Then I'd better make sure I give you lots to tell her about..."