Jeri Ryan vs. Jenny McCarthy (Seve's Bulletin Bd) 04-Aug-98

Jenny McCarthy would have been the odds on favorite for this fight, but after Jeri Ryan beat up on Debbie Dunning, the match was up for grabs. Ryan appears at ring side confident in a white bikini that barely covers her marvelous boobs. Jenny is agitated and looks a bit concerned. While she looks terrific in her hot pink bikini, she can't take her eyes off of Jeri's incredible chest. While McCarthy is not used to being outgunned, she worries more about the outcome of this fight. Dunning is one of the few woman who has consistently been able to beat her. Ryan beat Dunning in their first encounter.

The round starts with both women demonstrating their kick boxing skills. Jenny, light on her feet, is the aggressor, landing numerous kicks to Jeri's belly, side and legs. Jeri, though frequently backpedaling and kicking primarily in defense, uses her height to her advantage, staying high, she is an effective counter-puncher. As Jenny moves in on her, Jeri succeeds in punching and slapping Jenny's face and tits frequently during the interchange. Jenny's nose is soon bleeding, there are hand prints on her tits. Jeri's belly and sides are already red, her left cheek is bruised. Jenny lands a combination of kicks and resounding slaps that backs Jeri into the ropes.

McCarthy launches a big kick that mashes Jeri's right tit, and slaps Ryan hard to the face. Though hurt, Ryan counters the slap with a wicked left and right hand across Jenny's face that sends Jenny tripping backward diagonally across the ring. Ryan is on her in a flash. Grabbing McCarthy's hair with her left hand, Jeri's pulls her head forward. Ryan's foot lashes out and clips Jenny in the side of her face four times in rapid succession. Holding Jenny's head at arms length, Jeri measures the distance and uncorks a devastating open hand slap to Jenny's face that splits her lip. Ryan wants to end this fight quickly. Pulling Jenny's head low, she slams three kicks up into McCarthy's crotch.

Jeri wraps her left arm around Jenny's head, trapping her dazed foe in a side headlock. Spreading her legs wide, Jeri works the hold, wrenching Jenny's head violently.

Ryan takes control of the match for the next several minutes, working Jenny's neck and slamming punches into McCarthy's head and belly. The young blond finally manages to wrap her arms around Jeri's waist, squeezing tight. Ryan gains immediate respect for the strength in Jenny's arms. Without loosening her grip, Jeri raises Jenny's head up, uses the fingers of her right hand to poke McCarthy's eyes and then claws her fingers into Jenny's nose and mouth while McCarthy screams. Jeri bears down with the headlock, trying to snap Jenny's neck. Jenny again wraps her hands around Jeri's trim waist. This time, Jenny digs her fingernails into Jeri's stomach. Startled, Jeri straightens and Jenny pulls her head free. Jeri reaches forward, attempting to again trap Jenny's head, but McCarthy, without a moment's hesitation, ducks down low and drives her fist deep into Jeri's gut. Ryan is immobilized. Staying low, Jenny lands a blistering combination of lefts and rights to Ryan's belly and crotch. Jeri trips forward and Jenny catches her in a bear hug. McCarthy's strong arms do their job.

Jeri's oversized tits flatten and ooze out between the fighter's bodies. Jenny bends Jeri backwards, trying to break her spine. Jeri, working on instinct, wrestles her arms free and yanks back on Jenny's hair, trying to break the hold. McCarthy spins Jeri around and shoves her backward into the corner of the ring. As Jeri's back hits the turnbuckle, Jenny's foot slams into her head. Ryan falls forward and Jenny wraps her powerful arms around the sexy Ryan's waist, flips her upside down as she hoists her foe up in a reverse bear hug. Carrying Ryan around the ring triumphantly, McCarthy pours on the pressure before pile-driving Ryan into the mat. Jenny, on her knees maintains her grip on the upended Ryan. Jeri's legs are wide apart, her crotch in Jenny's face. Jenny sinks her teeth in to Ryan's pubic mound, biting through the thin bikini material. Ryan yelps in pain and slams her thighs tight around Jenny's neck. Ryan's vice grip rolls Jenny off of her knees and onto the mat.

McCarthy looses her bear hug and finds herself trapped and having great difficulty breathing. Though her crotch throbs, Jeri works the scissors like an expert, grabbing Jenny's hair to hold her head in place. Ryan maintains the damaging hold for more than a minute. McCarthy's neck is already stressed and Jenny is fading fast. But McCarthy claws her way free, digging her fingernails into Jeri's thighs. Ryan opens the vice, slams her top leg down on Jenny's neck and then kicks Jenny hard in the face. Jeri scrambles to her feet. Dragging Jenny to her feet. Jeri pulls down McCarthy's bikini briefs, jams her the fingers of her right hand into Jenny's pussy. Her left hand clamps around McCarthy's throat. With surprising strength, Ryan hoists McCarthy off her feet, raises her to should height and slams her to the mat with a resounding crash. Ryan squats down on Jenny's belly, facing her foe's crotch. Ryan's right arm traps Jenny's left leg around the knee, bending it backward. Her own left leg grapevines Jenny's left leg, forcing her legs wide apart. Tearing away Jenny's bikini bottom, Ryan decides to pay the bitch back for biting her pussy. Jeri's right hand claws, punches and mauls Jenny's pussy. Jenny, in great pain, is screaming hysterically, but then has the presence of mind to rake her fingernails down Jeri's back.

"Bitch" shouts Ryan.

She spins herself around quickly, facing Jenny now. Jenny's left leg is still bent forward. Ryan presses her body hard against the leg. Her right hand tugs Jenny's bikini top off, grabs Jenny's left tit. Ryan sinks her fingers into Jenny's tits, pinching and pulling on her nipples, twisting and squeezing Jenny's prize tits.

Ryan is ready to crow, "Your tits are pretty, small, you know, I mean compared to mine. I think I'll work them over until they swell up to the size of a real woman's tits."

Meanwhile, Jeri's left hand goes back to work on Jenny's crotch, ripping out pubic hair as Jenny moans and cries. Jeri is starting to have fun as she tortures her foe. Jenny's tits are red, swollen and a mess of scratches. Her pussy is on fire. But unwittingly, Jeri is having too much fun; she fails to maintain the pressure on Jenny's trapped leg. With a huge effort, Jenny finds her opening and powers her leg forward. Ryan is unseated and as the two women struggle on the mat, Jenny succeeds in catching Jeri's face in her crotch. Ryan is trapped on her back. The playmate's strong thighs clamp hard on Jeri's head and neck. Ryan twists violently to break free, but Jenny catches both of her arms and finally takes back control of the match. Jenny grinds her pussy into Jeri's nose. The sweaty smell of Jenny's crotch appalls Ryan.

As Jeri arches up in last ditch effort, Jenny twists her left arm behind her back, adding a hammerlock to her painful predicament. McCarthy's iron thighs soon immobilize Ryan as she crushes the woman's neck. Jenny pours on the pressure for almost two minutes, waiting for Ryan's body to go limp. Finally, Jenny releases the neck snapping scissors. Rolling Jeri on to her back, Jenny squats hard on her face. She rips off Jeri's bikini top. Taking her time, Jenny jealously pounds on Ryan's bigger tits. Ryan is sobbing as Jenny's attack is relentless. Jenny stops to survey her work. Ryan's tits are a bigger mess than hers.

"That's 50 per cent of the payback, bitch," hisses Jenny.

Sliding forward. Jenny sits on Jeri's belly, pulls back her foe's legs to expose her crotch. Jenny goes back to work. Her right hand pounds down repeatedly on Jeri's pussy. Her left and claws into the soft flesh of Jeri's ass and thighs. Aching and exhausted, Jenny finally stops, stands and raises her hands in victory.