Jenny McCarthy vs. Stephanie Seymour (The Lie by SamDog)

Jenny McCarthy was at a beach party in Malibu. Decked out in a black string bikini, she'd planned on having fun, but for the past half-hour, she'd been listening to Stephanie Seymour brag about her catfighting experience, and wasn't incredibly impressed. From time to time, Jenny truthfully thought that she was lying.

"Anyways, I draped my tits over Drew Barrymore's face and breast smothered her," Stephanie boasted, "Then I hog-tied her with her bikini. That really wasn't much of a fight for me."

"Yeah, I'll bet." Jenny replied. "You were begging for mercy the whole time, weren't you?"
"Are you calling me a liar?" asked Stephanie, as she got up into Jenny's face. "If you are, then I'll love giving you the beating of a lifetime!"

Stephanie shoved Jenny backwards, as the blonde stumbled back a little.

"You dumb slut," Jenny replied, "I can save you some trouble and kick your ass here and now!"

Jenny punctuated the last few words with a jab of her finger to Stephanie's right breast. The two walked back into the beach house, as Jenny knew of a spare bedroom where they could settle things.

Jenny walked into the room, and Stephanie followed behind her, locking the door. Before Jenny could turn around, Stephanie wrapped her arm around Jenny's neck and slammed her fist repeatedly into her kidneys, before letting her fall to the floor in anguish. Stephanie pulled the blonde to her knees by her hair, but Jenny's punch exploded on her cunt, as she stumbled back into the wall. Back on her feet, Jenny punched Stephanie's breasts, flattening them then grinding her knuckles in as Stephanie moaned in agony. Stephanie slammed a hard left into Jenny's face, and was rewarded with a punch to the mouth. Stunned for a second from the punch, Stephanie was wide open for another punch to the face, this one landing on her right cheek, snapping her to the side. Jenny unloaded another flurry of punches to Stephanie's face and chest, as the brunette struggled to defend herself. Stephanie ignored her throbbing breasts and punched Jenny in the stomach then in the face. Jenny's head snapped back, but she quickly retaliated and Stephanie screamed in utter pain as the blonde's fist lashed out at her right tit crushing it and stunning her with the intensity of the pain. Seeing her foe's weakness, the blonde clubbed her other tit with the back of her hand as Stephanie bellowed out in pain. Finally, Jenny stepped back and unleashed a roundhouse kick to Stephanie's face, as the brunette fell to the floor.

Stephanie tasted the blood in her mouth as she made it to hands and knees. Enraged, Stephanie rose to her feet, only to take a kick to her cleavage, as she fell back to the floor. Straddling her back, Jenny relieved Stephanie of her top. She then started to choke her with it, wrapping her legs around Stephanie's chest as she started to struggle. Stephanie twisted back and forth at first till Jenny's powerful legs immobilized her between them and her side exploded in pain, as she slowly began to pass out from Jenny's stranglehold. Out of options, Stephanie drove her head back into Jenny's face catching her right on the nose, as blood sprayed everywhere. Stephanie pulled Jenny's legs apart and took in the air denied to her, as the blonde laid on her back sobbing in agony.

Facing her foe, Stephanie ripped off Jenny's top and digging her nails in, as Jenny returned the favor by slapping Stephanie's tits. Jenny twisted Stephanie's tits mercilessly, as the brunette abandoned her attack and tried to pull the blonde's hands from her chest. Stephanie pulled Jenny's tits before punching her left tit. Jenny screamed as Stephanie punched it again and again, grinding her knuckles in as she enjoyed her dominant position. Straddling Jenny, Stephanie landed a hard punch to the temple stunning her as she drove blow after blow deeply into the underside of each tender tit. Desperate, Jenny slammed a forearm smash across her chest that brought a pained look to Stephanie's face, then tears streamed down her pretty face after two successive elbows to her breasts. Retaliating, Stephanie punched Jenny's sore left tit, as the blonde's lips parted to release a scream of total anguish.

Stephanie stood up and dropped back down, her ass crushing Jenny's tits as the blonde screamed helplessly.

"Dumb bitch!" Stephanie yelled, "Still think I can't fight?"

Holding on to Jenny's right tit, Stephanie ripped off Jenny's bikini bottom and buried her hand into Jenny's cunt and began ripping at it with her fingers for all she was worth. The blonde beauty roared in rage and pain and began tugging both of her tits. With a cry of utter agony, Stephanie squeezed Jenny's clit mercilessly, as Jenny sobbed uncontrollably. Pulling Jenny's hands off her breasts, Stephanie grabbed Jenny's nipples and pulled mercilessly, as the blonde moaned in agony. Jenny screamed as another punch slammed into her already damaged cunt. Jenny was teary eyed as she struggled to attack Stephanie, but screeched in agony as her sharp nails buried themselves into each of her tender tits and her attack was totally forgotten. She rocked back and forth, crying as her chest was savagely ripped apart by the brunette straddling her, unable to do anything but scream, as Stephanie raked her long sharp nails across her tits again and again.

Rising to her feet, Stephanie pulled Jenny up by her hair, but the buxom blonde landed a left hook as the two women started exchanging punches. Stephanie was slower to the punch, but her punches were more powerful and she began to drive Jenny back with a flurry of blows to the head and stomach. Jenny struggled to land a few punches but Stephanie, an excellent boxer, managed to block the majority of them. Realizing she was not going to win a fistfight, Jenny came flying forward into Stephanie and wrapped her in a bear hug. Trapped against the wall and unable to use her hands, Stephanie screamed in agony as Jenny ripped off her bikini bottom and started pulling her cunt hairs. Desperate, Stephanie returned the favor by lifting Jenny into a bear hug then savagely dropped Jenny hard down across her outstretched knee causing the blonde to cry out as her crotch slammed into her thigh.

"What's the matter honey, are you hurt?" Stephanie taunted. "Good, because I have plenty more where that came from! Come on, GET UP!"

"OOHHHHH, NOOOOO! Please it hurts, it hurts!" begged Jenny, but it was no use.

Stephanie picked Jenny up to her feet by her hair and quickly stepped in behind her. Dazed and confused, Jenny felt herself being lifted off the floor once again. Poor Jenny felt as if her cunt was being driven up into her stomach as Stephanie slammed her crying opponent's tender crotch onto her leg. Straddling her downed foe, Stephanie wrapped her legs around Jenny's neck, but the blonde reached upwards and sank her talons in, mangling her foe's battered and swollen tits. Jenny pushed them upward past the skin's threshold as the brunette let loose a bellow that rattled the windows. Jenny tugs them downwards then upwards over and over as she began to gasp for needed air, as Stephanie's leg scissors choking her. Jenny sent some hard punches crashing into the underside of each of Stephanie's tits till she was forced to release the blonde hellcat and pushed her away with her feet. Seeing her chance, Stephanie suddenly slammed her right foot into Jenny's left tit and sent her flying backward onto her back in agony.

Pulling Jenny to her knees, Stephanie slammed her fist into the blonde's sore right tit, grinding her knuckles into the bruised areas for a greater effect. The blonde cried loudly as the brunette's attack on her bruised tit flesh had the desired affect on her, her struggling subsiding as she tried to grab the brunette's wrist. Failing to secure her rival's wrist the Jenny punched her nipples a few times, ramming them into the tit flesh deeply as Stephanie moaned in pain at the blows. Still unable to free herself, Jenny rose to her feet and grabbed hold of Stephanie's long brunette locks. At the end of her rope, Jenny slammed her forehead across the bridge of Stephanie's nose. The two sexy ladies screamed in unison and fell to the floor, struggling to recover from the devastating blow.

Slowly, Jenny made it to her feet. Looking across the room, Jenny leaped forward and slammed a punch right in Stephanie's face just as she got to her knees, as the brunette fell back to the floor. Stepping behind her foe, Jenny pulled Stephanie to her knees and slammed her against the wall face first. Stephanie cried out as Jenny smashed her sides with punishing blows while using her upper body to keep Stephanie up against the wall. Stephanie used her ass to slam back at Jenny who took a further step back as Stephanie narrowly missed her jaw with an elbow, then quickly stepped forward and rammed her knee into the small of Stephanie's back. The brunette screeched in pain, another strike sending her in agony to the floor on her knees facing the wall. Jenny tugged Stephanie's head up by her hair and whipped her backwards, bringing her forearm down across the brunette's chest again and again. Stephanie tried desperately to block the punishing forearms as each one crashed into the center of her 34B tits, driving the nipple in deeply and painfully as the mounds of flesh shook and rolled around it.

Jenny flipped Stephanie onto her stomach and straddled her. The blonde grabbed the brunette's hair and pulled backwards, as the brunette screamed helplessly. Jenny released her hold and reaching forward pulled Stephanie's breasts underneath her arms, as Stephanie bucked wildly. Still managing to hold on, Jenny reached back with her left hand and dug her talons into Stephanie's ass, as the brunette screamed even louder. Rising off her ravaged foe, Jenny pulled Stephanie to her knees and punched weakly with her free hand into Stephanie's right tit then her left, back and forth as Stephanie followed suit. Soon both women were screaming at the top of their lungs as each of the once magnificent tits were pounded into a bloody bruised mess, the tit flesh popping out their sides as each stinging blow was driven in with all their remaining strength.

Jenny pulled Stephanie to her feet as she slammed her into the wall. Seeing Stephanie's raised fists, Jenny took up the obvious invitation and sent a hard right cross to Stephanie chin that sent her hair flying backwards with the force of the blow. A left uppercut to her stomach brought a grunt of pain, a right uppercut to her left tit brought a scream of pain as a now ashen faced Stephanie struggled to defend herself from Jenny's furious onslaught. The brunette tried to get at Jenny's tits with her nails now, knowing she could force a submission from her foe with just a small amount of attention to her already tenderized orbs. Her right hand closed on her target, but Jenny's unseen punch exploded on her cunt, sending spasms of pain though her lower body.

"Start saying your prayers, bitch," Jenny taunted, "This'll hurt you more than it hurts me!"
Jenny slammed her fist into Stephanie's left eye and snapped her head back into the wall, stunning her. As the brunette started to slump down Jenny reached out and grasped each of her foe's smaller tits and tugged the brunette back up by them as Stephanie let a shriek of pain escape from her lips. Jenny slammed her knee into Stephanie's belly so hard she gasped in pain and started to bend over, but Jenny had other ideas and again tugged her up straight by her tits as the brunette's cries filled the room. Stephanie traded hard breast and gut punches with Jenny till she was driven back in pain from a pair of vicious uppercuts to each of her tits as tried to cover up from her foe's savage assault. Jenny began raking her nails across the outsides of Stephanie's tits, starting a small collection of cuts as the brunette screamed helplessly. In total control, Jenny landed another pair of unanswered blows to the brunette's face and tits as Stephanie clinched with her, struggling to stay on her feet.

Jenny wrapped her arms around Stephanie in a bearhug, as the brunette quickly followed suit. Their breasts were crushed against each other and oozed out the sides of the fighting pair. Jenny's larger pair of orbs easily swallowed Stephanie's pair, as the brunette moaned in agony. Jenny screamed aloud as Stephanie tightened her grip, her erect nipples devastating Jenny's bruised tits. Refusing to be outfought, Jenny repositioned her nipples and dug them into the cuts on Stephanie's left tit. Stephanie's face turned white as she screamed in total agony, her body going limp as Jenny finished her domination by lifting Stephanie off her feet, pouring on the pressure.

"What's wrong, honey?" Jenny shouted, "Don't know how to fight a real woman?"

Jenny released her hold cupping her tits in each hand, dared Stephanie to come forward and titbox. Stephanie gladly took up the challenge and they began to exchange blows. Jenny's larger, firmer breasts quickly overwhelmed Stephanie's, as she drove the brunette back against the wall. Stephanie's left tit was taking quite a pounding from Jenny's right one and she could not seem to defend herself and retaliate as fast as Jenny. Jenny wanted to beat Stephanie badly in the tit fight as she let loose with all she had, battering Stephanie's breasts all around her chest and back again as a struggling Stephanie sagged against a wall and desperately tried to protect her tits from further agonizing blows. Jenny drove Stephanie to her knees in pain and cupping her massive tits jiggled them, taunting the brunette.

Still on her knees, the fallen fighter struggled to get up as Jenny turned her attention back at Stephanie. Laughing, Jenny taunted, "You want more, you overweight, washed up bitch, or are you looking to give up like the loser you are!" cupping her tits in her hands and beckoning her to come forward. Stephanie's face was awash in pain still, as she staggered forward to meet her foe. As Jenny unloaded a hard tit blow to Stephanie's right tit the brunette countered by ramming the underside of Jenny's massive left tit and driving it upwards, being rewarded with a look of irritation from Jenny. Stephanie grinned at Jenny's irritation and after absorbing another painful blow to her right tit she used her left to uppercut Jenny's huge right like the left one and she began to alternate back and forth, driving a Jenny back in pain!

"I thought you were tougher, you dumb slut!" Stephanie screamed.

Now it was the blonde's turn to be driven back till she was against the wall. Her face twisted in pain, Jenny tried to weather the storm as Stephanie rocked her tits again and again. Though it was no picnic for the blonde, Stephanie's breasts are become quite swollen and pain filled, as she wished Jenny would give in as she didn't know how much more she could take. Growing desperate, Jenny began battering away at Stephanie's jugs. Despite the obvious pain and soon Jenny and Stephanie were wailing away at each other as tears formed around their pretty eyes. Suddenly, Jenny took control and drove an outfought Stephanie back in agony a whole array of blows. Stephanie tried to cover up her swollen tits from anymore of Jenny's tit slams and collapsed on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably.

"I told you I'd kick your ass bitch," Jenny screamed, "so why don't you make it easy on yourself and quit now before I twist those puny tits of yours right off your chest!"

As Stephanie struggled to recover, Jenny pulled the brunette to her knees and dug her talons into her tits, as Stephanie screamed helplessly. Calling on the last of her reserves, Stephanie cocked her fist back and slammed it into Jenny's cunt. The first blow barely registered on Jenny's face, but Jenny screamed like a wounded animal as two more crashed against her pussy. Stephanie was all over Jenny as she fell to the floor, landing punches all over her body as the blonde bombshell struggled to defend herself. Straddling Jenny, Stephanie twisted both tits at the same time as Jenny's voice reached new levels of loudness, her tits getting a vicious twisting at her hated rival's hands as she tugged at the brunette's wrists, desperate to free herself from the monumental pain being inflicted on them.

"I'm going to twist these fucking things right off your chest and stuff them up your BIG ass, you washed up cunt!" Stephanie screamed in Jenny's pain filled face as tears welled up in her eyes as she continued to tug at her foes hands in a vain attempt to free her tenderized titflesh.

"Who's a stupid bitch?" yelled Stephanie as she pulled Jenny upwards by tugging on her tits, her rival's face filled with even more pain and agony. Stephanie smiled through her pain at having turned the tables and overpowered the blonde.

"I guess I'm the toughest titted bitch, HUH, my trounced friend!" Stephanie taunted, her smug, shiteater's grin look, driving Jenny wild with anger.

As Stephanie raised her ass up off of Jenny to bring it down on top of her breasts, the buxom blonde raised her knee upward and caught the unsuspecting Stephanie squarely in the cunt. Stephanie collapsed over Jenny, moaning in agony at the surprise blow!

Jenny used her knee to the brunette's cunt to toss her up and over her, releasing a moan of pain from Stephanie's lips as she slammed back first onto the floor. Jenny wrapped her up in a figure-four headlock, her sexy legs crushing Stephanie's windpipe and cutting off her air supply. Stephanie started to buck weakly as Jenny just laughed at her as she wiped the tears from her earlier mauling from her eyes.

"That's all you have left, little girl? Well that's not going to be near enough!" she shouted, driving her point home by crushing Stephanie's breasts between her forearm and the floor.

Stephanie's face turned white as she screamed her surrender and sobbed uncontrollably, Jenny's attack having burst blood vessels in her tits.

Jenny grabbed Stephanie's hair and draped the brunette across her lap. Stephanie's mouth opened in a silent scream as Jenny rammed her fist deeply into her cunt. Jenny parted the lips painfully as her fist buried itself inside as Stephanie cried in absolute agony as the blonde cruelly twisted her fist left and right. Jenny then grabbed Stephanie by the head and pulled the brunette into her sweaty cleavage. Jenny moaned as her tender and swollen breasts pressed up against Stephanie's face, but managed to hold her in place. After a few more moments, Stephanie's body began to go limp and Jenny released the hold. Stephanie's head fell back, unconscious and she lay brutally beaten on the floor. Jenny felt great but she wasn't finished. Jenny began to continuously punch her unconscious foe's breasts and stomach till she was left mostly black and blue.

"This won't ever happen again, you little slut, I'm gonna make sure of that."

With that, Jenny grabbed the remnants of Stephanie's shredded bikini and hog-tied her with it. Satisfied, Jenny cleaned herself up and put her clothes back on. Jenny then walked away to rejoin the party.