Karen McDougal vs. Bobbi Billard by Irish

It was a beautiful spring day and the annual muscle head convention was being held at the convention center in Indianapolis Indiana. The show brought manufacturers from home gyms and exercise equipment, fitness apparel, vitamin and dietary supplements, and the latest exercise tapes on the market. This year the show was so large, it overflowed into the nearby RCA dome and along with all the exercise equipment, there was strong representation from all the exercise journals and magazines. Like any trade show, the exercise people knew sex sells so anywhere you looked, there were young hard bodies. And since the show was geared towards a predominately male audience, there were plenty of well-toned scantily clad women.

Muscular Development Magazine and Muscle & Fitness Magazine shared floor space directly opposite each other under the inflatable dome. As eye candy to catch the attention of perspective subscribers, Muscular Development hired a former cover girl model Bobbi Billard while a stone's throw away, Muscle and Fitness brought in Karen McDougal, one of their former models. In such tight quarters it soon became clear that too many cooks spoiled the broth. The first day both women said hello to each other and, at least on the surface, seemed to be civil to each other. But the publishers of each magazine felt tension in the air and tried everything possible to draw attention to the simmering rivalry and their respective magazines. The recipe was simple... add a little heat... and bring the situation to a boil!

Both women were of similar size and weight, but otherwise the contrast was like night and day. Karen, a brunette, had developed an all around toned body. Her strength was in her legs, quickness and agility. Bobbi, a blonde, wasn't as well-rounded, but had a distinct advantage in her arms. Another weapon Bobbi had in her arsenal for turning heads was a 38DDD chest! About an hour into day 1, the publishers made a little wager... I bet my girl can jump rope for a longer period of time then yours. It seemed kind of goofy but what the hell and soon the two women were side-by-side working the rope. It was a minor contest of endurance, but before you know it, you could see the heightened level of competition in the two. With both women in tight-fitting spandex, everyone who saw the contest was a winner - if you get my drift.

One convention attendee commented, "Damn! Would you look at that poetry in motion! They really should be wearing eye protection."

In the end, Bobbi's larger breasts worked against her and she wound up conceding the contest to Karen who smiled a genuine smile after the contest as she reached to shake Bobbi's hand. But the blonde wasn't exactly a good looser about the outcome of the contest and left Karen empty-handed, high and dry. The idea for the contest was a huge success and both booths overflowed with autograph seekers and admirers. As the crowds started to dwindle, the publishers decided it was time for another contest.

"OK Bobbi, it's our turn to challenge. What's your strong point we can exploit?"

"Look at her puny little arms compared to my guns! How about a push up contest?" asked Bobbi.

"Hey Muscle and Flatulence! I bet my girl can do more push ups in a minute then yours!"

The challenge was issued loud enough so that in an instant, the audience was five deep in the aisle as the two women assumed the front leaning rest position.

Tommy B. pushed his way to the front of the gathering mob and said, "You lovely ladies are gonna need someone to referee this little contest, and I'm your man!" He slid into a prone position facing the two beauties before anyone had a chance to object. He extended an arm under each woman, made a fist and positioned them directly under each woman's chest. "For the push up to count, you must lower yourself until your chest touches my fist, then raise yourself up and lock your elbows. Any questions?" All present were caught by surprise by his gall, and then when his instructions sunk in, every guy for twenty-five miles was jealous. "Ready? Begin!"

Both girls lowered themselves towards his fist at about the same pace; Karen made contact with his hand directly between her breasts and started the upward motion as Tommy yelled "One!"

When Bobbi lowered herself she paused a moment when her large breast came into contact with the floor and then she started upwards. "That one didn't count Bobbi! You have to make contact with my hand!"

The look on Bobbi's face was one between anger and frustration, "What the hell do you mean 'didn't count'? I lowered myself all the way to the floor before I rose!"

"Bobbi the instructions were simple... You have to make contact with my hand for the push up to count. I never felt your chest on the top of my hand so that one didn't count!"

By now, Karen was up to fifteen push-ups and she continued to crank them out like a machine. Bobbi lowered herself again to the point when her breast touched the ground and then had to force her way further down compressing her large breast beneath her to make contact with his hand. Every guy in the first five rows had broken out into a sweat as they fantasized about taking the place of one of Tommy's fist.

"GOD if only his left hand was my face, I'd die a happy man!" one fan was told another.

Because of her early lead, and the fact that Bobbi really had to work for each push up, the winner of the contest by a 55-15 margin was Karen - and of course Tommy B! Once again the bitchy blonde snubbed the former Playmate and went back to her booth with her tail between her legs but the welcome wasn't exactly warm as she grabbed her water bottle and took a swig.

"What the fuck happened to 'the big guns vs. the puny little arms'? You're making us look like shit here!" yelled Bobbi's boss. "Look at the crowd around their display booth! We aren't even getting their overflow!"

"Don't blame me! Blame that pervert with the fucked up rules and the shit-eating grin on his face! He's going to have a hard-on til Christmas!" Bobbi yelled in response.

Once again the sideshow to draw attention to their product was a huge success. Well at least by Muscle and Fitness' account. This time the pressing crowd didn't subside for over an hour and Karen's bosses were very happy by the amount of new subscribers that were signing up for their magazine.

"OK champ, are you ready to go for the hat trick?" they asked Karen.

She glanced over towards Bobbi and the two women made eye contact for just a moment. Bobbi was staring daggers at Karen when she turned back to her boss, "Sit-ups! I'm going to embarrass that bleached bimbo but good this time. Look how soft she is," Karen said as she ran her fingertips over her own taught abs.

"Excellent choice champ! Excellent choice! Hey Muscular Dystrophy! My champ says she can do more sit-ups in a minute than your chump! Are you up to it, or do you want to quit while you're behind?'

Bobbi's boss looked towards her and said, "It's up to you. Are you up for it?"

Bobbi's rage had blinded her common sense, as she knew that sit-ups were not her strong point. Her pride would not let her back down from the challenge as she pushed herself forward and took a seat on the middle of the floor between the two booths. As another large crowd began to gather, Karen slipped forward and took her position sitting next to Bobbi. As the two women were told the rules for the contest, Irish slipped between the masses and knelt over Karen grabbing her ankles to spot for her.

"Hey babe how's your day so far?"

"I'm two and O and it just got a whole lot better," she said with a smile.

"Hey that's not fair!" Bobbi protested. "Who's going to hold my ankles?"

Before anyone had a chance to respond, like a bolt of lightning Tommy B took a position at Bobbi's feet, "I just want you to know if you ever want to work on your push-ups, I'd be glad to work with you."

Bobbi shot Tommy an evil glare but before she could protest his selection as a spotter, Karen's boss yelled, "Ready? Begin!" and the contest was on. Karen's form was much better than Bobbi's as she cranked out her sit-ups. Irish was yelling words of encouragement each time she rose up to meet him. In the other camp Bobbi was giving it her best shot but she began to fade halfway through the contest. Tommy B was trying to cheer her on with words of encouragement, but when he was referring to her form, it really had very little to do with her sit-ups.

When the minute was up Karen completed one last sit-up and was rewarded with a passionate kiss by Irish as he helped her to her feet. Tommy B saw this and puckered up for Bobbi as she struggled to complete her last sit-up. It wasn't her lips but the palm of her hand that made contact with his face as she slapped him.

"Hey! Whaddid I do?" he pouted.

With a commanding 3-0 lead, Muscle and Fitness soon ran out of subscription cards and they now had Karen signing agency head shot photos for $10 a piece.

Karen's boss took a moment to gloat and yelled over to the Muscular Development booth, "Is that a white flag I see you guys waving over there?"

"Eat shit maggot! This is a best of seven contest," came their reply.

"OK Bobbi, this is it! You have to come through for us right Now! What'll it be?"

"Arm wrestling! I'm going to wrench that bitches arm behind her back and twist it off! Then I'm going to beat her over the head with the bloody stump!" was the answer that dripped with venom.

"Are you sure? We can't lose another match here!"

Bobbi stared right into his eyes, "Trust me on this one!"

What her boss saw in her eyes scared him and even if he didn't think she could win this event he was afraid to say so, "OK Bobbi, but if you really do tear off her arm, please don't make a mess."

"OK Muscle and Fantasy, this time it's a show of strength. My girl's going to kick your girl's ass in arm wrestling!"

"You OK with that Karen?" her boss asked.

When Karen looked over towards Bobbi, she was making a motion of pounding her right fist into the palm of her left hand. About every other punch, she ground it in and licked her lips.

"What's the matter cunt? You chicken?" yelled Bobbi as she rubbed her eyes and pretended to cry.

Karen was incensed. "Screw her! Let's roll!"

Helpful Tommy B was there in a flash as he produced a small table and two chairs. As the two women took their places opposite each other, he began to message Bobbi shoulders and offer her some advice.

"Remember roll her wrist and go over the top," He whispered into her ear.

At first she was going to shoe him away, but this guy might have something here. The two models placed their elbows on the table and grasped hands tightly in the center of the table. Both women were shifting for position looking to gain an advantage and actually had to be separated twice before they both settled in. Bobbi anticipated the count down well and jumped off to an early advantage as she turn Karen's wrist and began to power her arm down towards the surface of the table. Karen struggled with all her might to prevent the early defeat and the match seemed almost to reach a stalemate as both women's arms began to tremble from the effort they were exerting.

Irish, who had a front row seat, was yelling encouragement to Karen and it seemed the stalemate had been broken when Karen began to force Bobbi's arm back up towards the neutral position. Sensing the match was slipping away, Bobbi stomped down on Karen's foot with the heel of her shoe and ground it in. Karen was just wearing a strapped high heel shoe and instantly felt sharp pain radiating up her leg. The under the table attack went unnoticed as everyone was paying close attention to the strained looks on the women's beautiful faces and Bobbi coordinated her stomp with a surge of power so that when Karen's face went from strained to pained everyone assumed it was because of her offensive.

Karen couldn't fight off the pain any longer and Bobbi was able to power her arm down to the table for the win. When Karen felt her arm hit the table, she relaxed her muscles conceding the match to Bobbi. When the Blonde felt her opponents arm go limp, she stood up and twisted it awkwardly back behind Karen. Before the two women could be separated, Bobbi had driven several punches to Karen's unprotected flank, knocking the wind from her. The organizers were able to pry the two women apart and whisked them off into different directions to prevent the incident from escalating. It wasn't til Irish saw Karen walking with a limp that he realized what had happened.

"That cheating whore! She's going to get hers tomorrow!" steamed Karen.

"Easy babe. Let's go back to the room and relax a little before tonight's cocktail party. I'll run you a bath, get you a glass of wine and then you can get dressed for the party," he comforted her.

"What do you mean get dressed? You didn't hear? Tonight I get to mingle with the masses wearing just a string bikini," was her answer. "An' I'm serious! The bitch is getting her ass kicked tomorrow!"

Both women went back to their rooms to prepare for tonight's party which was a sell-out despite the fact the tickets sold for $100 a plate. It was held in the lobby of the Omni Hotel which had large floor space and an atrium several floors above the lobby. For the corporate types, this was a black tie affair. Karen was back in her room putting finishing touches on her hair before she slipped into her bathing suit to make her scripted entrance. For what they charge for so little material, Karen was glad she didn't have to pay for the skimpy suit.

On the other side of the hotel, Bobbie slipped into a very low-cut sleeveless, leopard-print top that fit like it was painted on and equally tight-fitting matching shorts and mid-calf boots. As she put the finishing touches on her make up, there was a knock at the door. She opened it and was surprised to see Tommy B standing in the doorway. She tried to slam the door closed in his face, but he put his foot in the door to stop her.

"If you don't get out of her right now you pervert, I'm going to call security!"

"Wait! Wait Bobbi please hear me out! I've got a perfect plan for you to get even with McDougal! I'm just trying to help...gimme two minutes of your time. If you think I'm nuts, I'll leave and never bother you again."

For the next few minutes Tommy laid out his plan and Bobbi had to admit she loved it! The publisher of Muscular Development was brought into the fold because the plan required an accomplice and he immediately got on board. After falling to a 3-1 disadvantage to Muscle and Fitness he knew desperate times called for desperate measures and, facing elimination, it was time to play catch up because things don't get much more desperate then that. The boss hustled down to the lobby and sought out his counter part from Muscle and Fitness magazine. He led him over to an area in front of the small glass elevators that ran down the side of the building to the atrium. The room was very crowded with both fans and industry people as they made small talk and waited for the plan to unfold.

Meanwhile, Tommy was a busy boy! Starting on the lobby level and working his way up, he placed out of order signs on all the doors for the glass elevator, then took a position on the tenth floor halfway between Karen and Irish's room and the elevator. When he heard the sound of the door slam echo through the deserted hallway, he pushed the button he'd preset on the speed dial of his mobile phone. Just as they were leaving the room, the phone rang and Karen went back to answer it. She couldn't recognize the voice but the male caller told her it was an important long distance call for Irish.

While he went back to answer the phone, Karen told him, "I'll meet you downstairs, I don't want to be late."

"OK babe, I'll be right behind you."

Tommy hustled down the hall to the elevator and removedthe out of service sign. He'd barely ducked into the stairwell when Karen approached and pushed the button. The doors immediately opened and Karen stepped in. 'That's weird,' she thought to herself. 'I usually have to wait five minutes for this elevator.' As soon as the doors closed, Tommy replaced the sign and bounded down the stairs so he could be there to see his plan unfold.

When Irish picked up the phone, someone coughed into it and said, "Can you please hold on a minute while I get a drink of water? I have something caught in my throat."

Irish waited until the line soon went dead. 'They said it's important,' he thought to himself. 'I'd better wait a few to see if they call back.

Tommy Nextelled Bobbi who was waiting one floor above the lobby on the mezzanine level beside the elevator. When she got his message, she pressed the button and waited in anticipation for it to arrive. Down on the ground floor, the two magazine executives talked shop about the direction the industry was headed as they waited for their models.

"This ephedrine thing is a shame. It's really going to effect the amount of money that the drug companies spend on advertising."

The fact that someone died never came up in the conversation. The elevator slowed as it neared its stop on the mezzanine level and it was time for the Muscular Development accomplice to do his part.

"Hey here comes your girl now!" he said, changing the subject. "She really looks great in that bikini."

'That's strange,' Karen's boss thought. 'I had wardrobe send her up a Hilfiger warm-up to model.'

They turned towards the elevator as it stopped a floor above them. Bobbi's boss called to Karen to get her attention and she stepped up to the glass wall of the small elevator, smiled and waved at him. With her attention on her boss, Karen never heard Bobbi slip into the elevator behind her. She'd waited what seemed like an eternity for the elevator to arrive and the whole time she kept running Tommy's plan over and over in her mind.

When the Nextel message, "The bunny has left the hutch and is in the phone booth!" arrived, she knew it was time!

"Bobbi, she's much quicker then you. Don't fight her fight!" Tommy began. "You have a tremendous strength advantage, if you ever fought her in a phone booth, she wouldn't be able to use her speed. The next best thing to a phone booth is one of those glass elevators. Think about it... you can close the gap to 3-2 and kick her ass with hundreds of people watching from the lobby. And the best part is, nobody can do a thing about it!" Bobbi instantly fell in love with the idea and Tommy for bringing it to her and as she stepped into the elevator, she could still taste his salty seed in her mouth. After the party, she'd give him the other half of his reward!

Karen had her back to the elevator door and only sensed that something was wrong when she saw the look on her boss' face change from a smile to sheer panic in a heartbeat. Bobbi cranked back and powered fist after fist in the small of Karen's back, knocking her up against the glass. The pain was intense and she tried to pull away from her attacker but there was nowhere to maneuver in the close quarters of the elevator. Karen's boss ran around to the front of the elevator bank and frantically began pushing buttons to call the elevator to the ground floor but as part of Tommy's plan, Bobbi pulled the emergency stop button, shutting down the elevator between floors. There was no way for him to get inside to pull Bobbi off of Karen.

Many people heard the commotion and began to gather in front of the elevator but apparently the little sideshow wasn't drawing a big enough crowd for Bobbi's boss who climbed onto one of the planters in the lobby and called everyone's attention to the action, "Ladies and gentleman, for your viewing pleasure, we have the fifth installment of the best of seven series between Muscular Development's own Bobbi Billard and Muscle and Fitness' Karen McDougal. Pay close attention, you're not going to want to miss a single blow!"

When she felt she'd softened Karen up sufficiently, Bobbie stopped her barrage and leaned into Karen, pinning her chest against the glass. She pulled on the string at the back of Karen's bikini top and roughly pulled it from her body, then tossedit on the floor. Bobbi put Karen in a full nelson and rubbed Karen's face and bare breasts on the glass, giving the rowdy partygoers a treat as they jockeyed to get a glimpse of Karen's magnificent globes pancaked against the glass. Bobbi used two handfuls of Karen's hair to bang her head on the glass until Karen was barely able to stand. Then the cruel blonde forced Karen's head forward, driving her chin into her chest a she tried to power her into submission. Tommy had been right, the small confined elevator was most definitely Bobbi's turf! When she released Karen, she crumpled to the floor. With the masses cheering her on, Bobbi felt like a rock star. She was going to make sure that she publicly beat Karen so thoroughly, that her earlier failures would be erased from everyone's mind.

By now Irish had given up on the important long distance call and made his way down to the elevator. When he reached it he pushed the button and then noticed the out of order sign hanging from the door. "Shit! I guess I'll have to take the stairs." Not that he was opposed to a little exercise, but he was on the tenth floor. With the mezzanine level, that meant eleven flights of stairs - more exercise then he had planned on for the entire week!

As Karen's boss made his way through the crowd, Bobbi's boss greeted him with, "Well old chap, looks like we're only down 3-2 now!" While Karen's boss had to be restrained from going after him, Bobbi's boss called out, "Hey Bobbi! With her on the floor, we can't see nothin'!"

Following instructions, Bobbi reached down and pulled off Karen's bikini bottom, leaving her sprawled face down in only her sandals. Karen tried to struggle to her hands and knees but when Bobbi got a look at Karen's raised ass she got an idea. She reached down and jammed her middle finger in Karen's ass as she curled her thumb under and wedged it into her pussy. Bobbi picked the dazed Playmate up like a six-pack, holding Karen's waist about shoulder high. With Karen's face pressed into the carpet, Bobbi began to hammer Karen, aiming her fist at a point midway between her belly button and neatly trimmed Mohawk. The first drew a primal scream from Karen as her body was racked with pain. Everyone in the audience gasped, music to Bobbi's ears as she knew she'd found a sweet spot she could exploit. Each punch brought a new pained grunt from the Playmate until Bobbi could feel Karen's tough abs beginning to crumble under her assault.

Karen knew she had to act fast to keep from being beaten to a pulp. Before all of her energy was expended, Karen lashed out with a foot, her heel catching Bobbi in the chin. The blow stopped her punching long enough for Karen to swing her legs up and wrap them around Bobbi's neck. Then she began squeezing for all she was worth! Her gamble worked as Karen slowly deprived Bobbi of air. Bobbi pulled her thumb and finger out of Karen trying to pry her legs apart, but Karen's legs were too strong. When she felt Bobbi was weakened enough, Karen twisted her body sharply right and slammed Bobbi's head on the front wall of the glass elevator stunning her. When Karen released her leg scissors, Bobbi slid down the glass to her knees.

Karen knew that she couldn't stop to rest or recover and bravely struggled to her feet, walked over to Bobbi, grabbed a handful of blonde hair, and slammed her head on the brass handrail around the inside of the elevator. She reached down and pulled Bobbi's leopard print shirt up over her head which caused her large breasts to burst out when they were released from the tight restrictive top. Karen pulled Bobbi to her feet and shoved the blonde back into the corner, then began to wail at Bobbi's oversized breasts with both fists. Bobbi's tits were having a bad day; first the jump rope contest she'd participated in without a bra to support them, then she'd been forced to mash her tits on the ground so her push-ups counted and now Karen had her trapped in the corner, pounding her massive tits unmercifully.

When Irish reached the ground floor half out of breath, his attention was immediately drawn to the elevator by the crush of spectators who were cheering the two fighters on. When he looked over at the two models, he already knew one was his Karen and he didn't like the way she looked so he too pushed his way through the crowd and tried to open the doors. Bobbi didn't like the direction the fight was heading and knew she'd better do something quick before Karen destroyed her tits. With Karen targeting her tits exclusively, however, Bobbi got time to clear her head and she pushed off the corner with her ass, grabbed Karen's hair and the slugfest suddenly turned into an old fashioned catfight.

Neither woman would let go of the others hair and the fight became a stalemate as both of their scalps were on fire. Bobbi decided to make her move before Karen tore her bald, so she lunged forward and snapped her head, driving her forehead down on the bridge of Karen's nose. Karen immediately released Bobbi's hair as her hands shot to her face to inspect the damage and try to rub the pain away. Bobbi stepped in and wrapped her arms around Karen under her arms, locking her hands behind Karen's back as she lifted Karen's feet off the floor. Then she began to squeeze the Muscle and Fitness champ with all her might.

Bobbi could feel Karen exhale, and she timed her surges of power squeezing so that she constricted Karen's chest each time it contracted with her panting. Slowly, Bobbi was crushing the life out of the Playmate as Karen began to suffer from oxygen starvation as she wilted in Bobbi's crushing embrace. Giving one last lethal squeeze, Bobbi released Karen and let her body melt to the floor at her feet.

Now that Bobbi had things well in hand, she decided to have some fun at Karen's expense. She grabbed her tight leopard print shorts at the waist, turned her ass to the crowd and slowly and seductively wiggled out of them, then dropped them to the floor. Everyone then realized why they hadn't detected a panty line in her painted-on shorts - she wasn't wearing panties! She reached down, grabbed a handful of Karen's hair and pulled her to her knees. If Bobbi had let go, Karen would probably have slumped back down to the floor but of course Bobbi had no intention of letting go of her hair. Instead, she tilted Karen's head back so they made eye contact; so she would see Karen's pained expression first hand. But instead, she saw a look of defiance; not one pleading for mercy as Bobbi expected.

'Fuck her! It's her funeral,' Bobbi thought as she grabbed Karen's hair with both hands, plunged the Playmate's nose between her legs and ground it deep inside of her snatch.

"Whaddaya think a that, huh bitch?" Bobbi asked when she pulled Karen’s face from her crotch. "Not such hot shit now, are ya?"

Karen was gasping for air when she was released from the hold, unable to muster a response to the blonde's question. The fans in the lobby were going nuts! First, they’d been treated to a world-class catfight between two very beautiful and very naked women. Now, it had tuned into a show of lesbian domination and every man, woman and child was watching in rapt admiration as Bobbi showed Karen her stuff!

"And speaking of shit... how’s THIS smell?" Bobbi asked as she turned around and pulled Karen's nose into the crack of her ass.

Again, Karen was trapped, struggling for air, as Bobbi ground her cheeks onto Karen's face attacking the playmate with a stinkface. Bobbi released the brunette, allowing a breath for the first time in several minutes. Bobbi continued to hold Karen's hair as she stopped the smother to stand tall, basked in the limelight as she absorbed all the praise of her fans. Caught up in the moment, Bobbi curtsied to her leering fans, then cupped her right breast and lifted it to her lips. She gave it a gentle kiss then traced the outline of her areola seductively with her tongue. Bobbi was suddenly blinded by the glare as hundreds of flash bulbs were reflected off the glass of the elevator cubicle.

Karen was still kneeling behind Bobbi who kept a firm grip on the brunette's hair with her left hand. As soon as Karen caught her breathe, she drove a powerful forearm smash up between Bobbi's legs from behind. Bobbi gasped at the unexpected blow and let out a squeal as Karen stood up, wrapping her arms around as she lifted Bobbi completely off the floor. Karen didn’t stop until she’d driven Bobbi's head into the ceiling of the elevator. After the devastating contact, Karen slammed Bobbi face first into the elevator’s glass front wall. Bobbi came to rest at an awkward forty-five degree angle - her knees on the floor and her face and chest pressed on the glass.

Karen quickly took a position sitting behind the blonde with her feet on Bobbi's back between her shoulder blades. Then Karen grabbed both of Bobbi's wrist and pulled back as she extended her legs, locking her knees when her legs were fully extended. The flow of the match had drastically changed as now Bobbi was held in a surfboard submission hold with her face and breasts mashed on the glass. Karen's fans went nuts! She was tearing Bobbi's arms out of their sockets, smashing her prized possessions against the glass, distorting their shape and painfully digging her heels into the bone of Bobbi's shoulder blades.

After several long minutes trapped in the surfboard, Bobbi was finished and began to plead with Karen to stop. Karen tore the top and bottom of her flimsy bikini in half, then stood Bobbi up and pushed her spread-eagle, putting her body on display in the front window of the elevator. Karen used the four pieces of cloth to securely bind the blonde's wrists and ankles to the corners of the elevator, trapping Bobbi in an X position. Then she paused to slip into Bobbi's leopard skin outfit.

Looking at her reflection in the brightly polished brass door of the elevator Karen said, "This looks a lot better on me then it did on your skanky ass!"

It was now payback time! Karen removed the leather strap from her purse and folded it double in her hand. For the next several minutes, Karen whacked away, whipping Bobbi's bare back and ass with the leather strap.

"Quick! Get a picture of this!" screamed Karen's boss. "I need a thousand 8x10's by tomorrow morning!"

Irish was finally able to get the elevator doors pried open on the first floor and he dropped down on the roof of the elevator which had stopped between the mezzanine level and the lobby. From inside, he could hear a woman’s screams and he frantically rushed to pry the roof hatch open, dreading what he might find inside. Before he’d left the lobby he could see that Bobbi had things well in hand and he feared for Karen's safety; indeed, for her very life! When Irish opened the hatch and popped the ceiling he was expecting the worst. He dropped down into the elevator car and gasped in surprise and shock. He saw a barely standing brunette whipping an entrapped blonde's red and raw backside.

"OK Karen, she's had enough. Lets get back to the room," mumbled Irish.

"Wait! Just one more thing!" Karen responded.

She took the strap and slid it between Bobbi's legs, then grabbed both ends of the leather strap and jerked up, causing the strap to disappear into the crack of Bobbi's ass and between her labia Remembering how Bobbi had mis-treated her, Karen ignored her pleas and began to saw the strap back and forth, causing Bobbi to howl in pain.

For his effort to try to get into the elevator, the front desk of the hotel had given Irish a fire service key. Now, as Karen was having her fun, Irish placed it in the lock on the elevator's control panel and the elevator sprang to life….heading back up to the tenth floor! When they left the elevator, Irish pushed the button to send the beaten and securely bound Bobbi Billard back to the lobby where her adoring fans awaited. Then Karen and Irish walked down the hallway to their room. She stopped, turned and asked Irish what he thought of her new outfit as she piroutted and posed for him in Bobbi’s clothes.

“Looks a whole lot better on you then it did on her," was his wise reply.

"Exactly the answer I was hoping for,” Karen grinned lustily. “Now, let's go back to the room. I wanna play ‘You Tarzan, Me Jane!"

"Are you sure your up to it?" Irish gasped, although the impish smile on her face was all the answer he needed.

Back downstairs in the lobby, Karen's boss walked over to Bobbi's and said, "Well it's official! Karen won 4-1. I believe you have something that belongs to me."

With that, Bobbi's boss undid his belt and the top button of his pants. He lowered them to his ankles and stepped out of them, then handed them over to Karen's boss. He was forced to spend the rest of the party wearing just his boxer shorts and tails.

"It sure gets a bit drafty around here this time of year! Doesn't it?" one young woman asked him with a lecherous wink.

When the elevator carrying Bobbi’s bound body reached the lobby, Tommy B was the first to meet it when the doors opened. He made sure the doors quickly closed behind him as he madly pressed the button for Bobbi's floor. As the elevator climbed upward, Tommy B went to work untying Bobbi. By the time the elevator reached her floor she was freed and he threw her over his shoulder and carried her down the hall to her room.

“Looks like I’ll be going to bed tonight without any desert,” he thought to himself as he opened the door and tossed Bobbi’s battered body on her bed.

Tommy B spent the rest of that night at Bobbi's side nursing her back to health and tending to her needs. He figured if he had any luck she would find some way to pay him back in the future.

The next morning, a radiant and rejuvenated Karen was back at the Muscle and Fitness booth signing thousands of 8 x 10 pictures of her fight for her fans. Across the aisle, the only activity in the Muscular Development booth was the roadies breaking down the display and loading it on a truck.