Karen McDougal vs. Charis Boyle by IRISH
It was a beautiful sunny day in Southern California and many of the Playmates were spending the day at the mansion working on their tans for the upcoming swimsuit season poolside. Christy Hefner was busy working on new Playmate Charis Boyle. It seemed at first impression Christy was a very nice person, but after you got to know her, the real bitch in her came out. All the Playmates that had been around for awhile avoided her like the plague. Christy took Charis on a personal tour of the mansion explaining the benefits of being a Playmate. They made their way out to the pool where Christy spied Devon and her good friend Karen McDougal sitting poolside enjoying mudslides.

Their laughter went right through Christy who couldn't stand seeing the women enjoying themself if she wasn't involved. A light bulb went off in Christy's head and she came up with a plan for this afternoon's entertainment. "Charis, please excuse me a moment, I have to make an important call," said Christy as she slipped behind the pool house. She placed the call, then quickly rejoined Charis before she had a chance to meet the other girls at the pool.

"Excuse me, Miss McDougal. You have a important phone call in the main house," the bartender told Karen.

"Thanks Joe," Karen said as she slipped out of her chair, excused herself and headed toward the house.

Just as she planned, Christy had separated Karen from former teammate Devon.

"So Charis, have you ever fought another woman?" Christy purred smoothly.

"I'm sorry Ms Hefner, I don't know what you're getting at."

"Call me Christy," she said, slipping an arm around Charis' waist. "Ms Hefner is way too formal! What I was getting at is every few years the Playmates and Penthouse Pets get together for a series of matches to see whose models are fittest. Normally, it's best of seven with the proceeds going to charity."

"Well Ms... I mean Christy. I had a couple of older brothers growing up so taking on a bimbo for charity won't be a problem. Hell, in high school, I practically owned the girls locker room!"

"Good! That's exactly the spirit we look for in a Playmate of the Year!" gushed Christy excitedly.

"Playmate of the Year! Wow! That'd be great!" chirped Charis. "When do I get to kick some ass?"

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves dear, although it may be sooner then you think. You see, we won the last series so it's up to Penthouse to issue the challenge. Normally, they cheat so we have to be careful - even here in our own back yard."

"What do you mean cheat?" asked Charis, furrowing her brow.

"They sent a spy into our camp to scout us out once. Or they might get one of our own girls to flip. They could be fed all the information they need on fighting styles and tactics we plan to use."

"Oh golly! How could you not recognize someone who doesn't belong? I mean, the security here is incredible."

"Well...," said Christy. "You see the blonde over there by the pool? That's Devon, a Penthouse Pet in January 2001. If she's here, I wouldn't be surprised a Penthouse challenge isn't far behind."

"So she's here to spy on us? And the brunette she was sitting with is working for them?" asked Charis incredulously.

"Let's not jump to conclusions, Charis. Just because she's here doesn't make her a spy. And that brunette she's with is Karen McDougal. You don't want to mess with her, she's almost solid muscle," said Christy with a barely contained smile. "Especially between the ears!"

"Well, there's one way to find out!" snapped Charis.

She stormed over to Devon and took a position hovering over her blocking out the sun. Devon sensed somebody standing over her and thought that it was Karen returning from her phone call. When she opened her eyes and looked up, however, she didn't recognize the tall blonde. With a pleasant smile, Devon politely asked Charis to move a little to either side so she could continue working on her tan. Without moving an inch, Charis demanded to know if Devon was, in fact, a Penthouse Pet. As nicely as she could, Devon admitted she had been a Pet in 2001, adding, "...but that was a long time ago."

"Once a Pet, always a Pet!" growled Charis.

Before Devon realized what was happening, Charis grabbed a handful of her hair in her left hand and jerked her to her feet. Devon reached up with both hands to retaliate, but her hands quickly shot to her stomach as she doubled over in pain from Charis fist which she drove deep into Devon’s soft belly. An elbow smash to the back of the skull left Devon sprawled tits-down on the pool deck, dazed and winded.

Inside, Karen couldn't figure out who called her with an important call and then hung up before she could talk to them. She tried all the phones in several rooms of the mansion but couldn't find her call. She called Irish at work to see if he’d called, but he reassured her everything was all right (for a change) and that he hadn't called her. Puzzled, Karen shrugged and headed back to the pool to rejoin her friend and her waiting frozen drink.

"Hope it didn't melt," Karen thought as she turned the corner of the pool house and walked right into the middle of a commotion. "What the hell?" she muttered.

But when she got closer, and saw the broad smile on Christy's face, she knew it meant trouble. Karen broke into a run toward where Devon had been sitting - and what seemed to be the epicenter of the fuss. By then Charis was seated on the small of Devon's back, throttling her with her own bikini top which Charis had tightly wrapped around Devon’s neck below her crimson face. Leaving her feet from a dead run, Karen tackled Charis off of Devon and threw her aside. Karen quickly turned and went to Devon's aid. She removed the bikini from around her throat and was holding her injured friend in her arms when Charis regained her feet.

Karen never saw Charis as she brushed herself off and started advancing toward her. Charis planted her left foot and with all her might kicked out, striking Karen square in the Adam's apple. Karen clutched for her throat, flopping around on the ground gagging, desperately trying unsuccessfully to get air past her injured throat.

"Ain't no muscle THERE is there Christy?" laughed Charis to her new best friend. "Get up, let's see whatcha, you traitor."

Reaching down, Charis slid her fingers into the strings of Karen's bikini bottoms, and in a flash, they flew down Karen's muscular legs and were whisked off her feet, leaving the Playmate bare-butt bottomless. Charis' attack continued relentlessly as she kicked Karen in the ribs over and over, rolling her toward the edge of the pool. Karen stopped rolling just short of falling in, with her head draped over the cornice of the deck. Charis reached down, closed her hand between the cups of Karen's bikini top and pulled, exposing her large, firm tits. Then Charis did a double knee drop on both of Karen's breasts, smashing them into her breastbone; hearing a satisfying pained grunt as she did.

With her knees pinning Karen to the pool deck, Charis pushed forward on Karen's chin, forcing head back and holding it underwater trying to drown her. The flailing of Karen's arms and legs was very animated as she thrashed frantically in an attempt to save herself. At this moment, Devon had finally regained her breath and had started crawling toward Karen planning to unseat this crazed blonde from atop her. But when she was halfway to her goal, someone grabbed a handful of her hair from behind and yanked her over backward.

"Whoa! Where do you think you're goin’ sweet pea?" Christy jeered as she dragged Devon back to her lounge chair, threw her down, swung a leg across her waist and dropped down, trapping her arms under her ass before she backhanded the blonde Pet across the face. Other Playmates had come running at the sound of combat, but as they approached Charis and Karen, Christy screamed, "Anybody interferes they’ll find themselves selling their ass on the street to make a living!"

Karen was on her own!

Struggling to free herself, Karen shot her open hands under Charis armpits using lethal, knife chops. Her strikes were perfectly aimed and her fingers drove in between Charis' ribs, burying themselves to the knuckles. Charis let out a yelp and strained trying to hold her dominant position, but Karen bucked her hips sent Charis sailing over her head, sending her headfirst into the deep end of the pool. Karen had to take a moment to recover, but she was waiting at the top of the ladder when Charis climbed out of the pool. Karen grabbed a handful of soaking wet blonde hair and pulled Charis' face down into three nasty knee lifts, each of which scored a direct hit on the bridge of Charis' nose. The crack of cartilage could be heard through out the pool area and every single Playmate watching winced and turned away fighting the urge to vomit as they thought about how much their nose jobs had cost them.

The Playmates had been forbidden to interfere in the fight, but Christy hadn't said anything about cheering on their friend so all the Playmates began to give Karen their moral support, cheering her on loudly - more than a couple with one eye on Christy who had her hands full trying to restrain Devon who's struggles beneath her were growing in intensity. Christy had a pissed off look on her face at the recent turn of events but her expression only got darker when Karen pulled the dazed and disoriented, bloody-nosed Charis into a side headlock, then ratcheted up the pressure on Charis' head and neck as she spread her feet for balance as she squeezed her arms with all her might.

Now it was Charis fighting for breath and she quickly became desperate. But Charis was not only tough, she was resourceful! One hand soon found itself sliding easily down over the curve of Karen's ass and then back up between her wide-spread legs. As Karen’s eyes widened in surprise, Charis worked her fingers between the soft folds, then before Karen could stop her, she dug in deep using her freshly manicured fingernails. Karen cried out, but she tried to fight through the pain. She began to pound her right fist into Charis' trapped head but the blonde felt Karen's grip failing and kept up her crotch clawing attack as she weathered Karen's barrage.

Charis reached around Karen's waist with her other hand and, in one fluid motion, lifted her off her feet, sweeping her legs out from under her and heaving her over backward, slamming her back down on the cement deck. Karen's head hit first, followed by her shoulders and finally her butt. The impact left Karen badly dazed and Charis was able to slide around behind Karen and pull her up into a sitting position by her hair. The Playmates in front of Karen could see her eyes spinning in her head as Charis resumed her attack.

Sitting behind Karen, Charis wrapped her legs around Karen's waist, locked her ankles and began to squeeze with all her might. She grabbed Karen's bikini top which since early in the fight had hung loosely around her neck and pulled it tight, using it as a noose to choke the dazed brunette. Just when Charis thought she certainly had Karen well under control, Karen snapped her head back and once again smashed Charis' nose flat on her face. The unexpected move stunned Charis and blood again flowed copiously from her nose. Struggling to breathe, Charis’ waist scissors loosened so that Karen was able to drive her elbows back into Boyle bruised ribs. Then, Karen wedged her elbows between Charis’ knees, pried the scissors open and rolled out, spinning to her right until she came up behind the wheezing Charis.

With their positions now reversed, Karen used her bikini top as a weapon and wrapped it around the blonde's neck, turning the tables on her. She used her bathing suit top to haul Charis to her feet and shoved her over in front of where Christy was struggling to keep Devon pinned beneath her butt. Karen snapped out with a kick that slammed into the point of Christy's chin, knocking her off the chaise onto the ground next to Devon. The Pet was glad to be freed and she popped to her feet, grabbed a life preserver and slammed it down over Christy's head trapping her arms at her sides. Now it was Devon’s turn to do some straddling. She was starting to enjoy the fight again!

Karen wrapped both arms around Charis under her breasts, lifted her into the air and then drove her straight down, slamming her crotch-first onto her outstretched knee. Charis’ shriek could be heard for miles and is, in all liklihood, what brought Hef running from the house to see what the hell was happening. When he reached the pool, he found Karen and Devon lying on the lounge chairs sipping fresh drinks enjoying the sun. Looking around, his eyes fell on his daughter, Christy, and Charis bobbing in the pool in life preservers. Upon closer inspection, Hef realized Charis’ legs were draped over Christy's shoulders with her shoelaces tied together holding Christy's face buried in her crotch. One look over at Karen pretty much told him what was going on, but he couldn’t resist asking anyway.

Smiling broadly Karen said, "Charis said something about a lesbian version of Marco Polo…well, you know that perv Christy, she couldn’t wait to try it!" Then she and Devon burst out in a fit of giggling.

Hef knew there was a lot more to the story than Karen let on, but he was afraid to ask in front of the Playmates…no telling what kind of twisted tale Karen would spin. And it was obvious Christy had already embarrassed the corporation enough for today. A dead giveaway was the fact that Christy and Charis were still fully clothed while Karen was naked and Devon’s bikini was in disarray. Still, with most of the day's paperwork done, there was no reason he shouldn’t take some sun and enjoy the girl’s company. Hef grabbed a mudslide for himself and sat between Karen and Devon while he waited to see what kind of story Christy and Charis came up with to explain their situation.