Karen McDougal vs. Vida Guerra “Destinations“ by bocarat

Karen McDougal was in San Francisco and at the Embassy suites by the airport for an interview and audition for a new travel show for the Travel Channel. The premise was vague, but would require some travel, and some studio time. Karen was interviewing as a host of a travel show to be shown on the Travel channel, and possibly clips would be shown on various airlines as their in-flight entertainment. The show was a cross between “Wild on E!” and “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?”. The host would give clues about the location from sites around the city or attraction being visited, and then provide the answer, and hints and suggestions to the traveler where to stay, what to see, etc.

Karen made the final round of interviews, along with another woman, and told to prepare to spend the night. Karen went first, and was now waiting in a suite in the hotel. She helped herself to bottled water, and turned on the tube to check the weather, and any local news. The door was opened by one of the assistants, and let the other woman in the suite. Karen rose up from the couch to meet the ‘other woman.’ The pretty female assistant asked both women to wait in the suite for a little longer, and said, “Some food should be sent up soon!” Karen put her right hand out and introduced herself and the other woman took it, muttering, “Vida Guerra” as she brushed past Karen and headed to the bathroom. Just after Karen sat back down, the food arrived and almost as soon as the room service girl left, Vida reappeared.

Karen grabbed a plate full of food, and Vida was grazing on the veggies. Karen broke the silence by saying, “I’m famished,” as she dug into some veggies and chicken wings.

Vida asked, “You wanna coke?”

“Yeah! Diet if they have it!” Karen replied.

Vida walked over to Karen and handed her a diet coke in a can and she too took a diet coke. Karen looked Vida up and down as she moved to the chair in front of the TV. She appeared a little younger than Karen, thicker around the thighs and ass, with big round brown eyes, heavy boobs and a wide easy smile. Vida was Hispanic; dressed in a short blue skirt and blouse, which displayed her buxom chest, and curvy body. As she crossed her legs, Karen noticed her tanned, olive colored skin with firm, muscular calves. Karen noticed Vida checking her out also, so Karen would consciously flex her calves, thighs and arms whenever Vida glanced her way.

Finally, Vida broke the silence, saying, “So I guess it’s between the two of us, huh!”

Karen just nodded, looked at Vida and sighed, “I hope we hear something today.”

Vida got up, and moved to the platter of food of the small circular glass table. She delicately fingered some of the food, and returned to the chair. Suddenly there was a knock of the door, and the female assistant walked in and stated, “The producers would like you two to stay the night as they discuss some new thoughts in the show’s design. They would like to see you two again tomorrow. Is that okay?”

Vida asks, “If we say no, might it have a bearing on their decision?”

Karen thought that was a pretty insightful question. The assistant said, “To be honest, it would be in both your best interests to stay put if possible.”

“Well I’ll be here! How about you Karen?”

“Yeah! I’ll stick around, too,” Karen replied.

“Good!” the female assistant said. “I’ll let the producers know. Maybe you two can settle this yourselves. See you in the morning!” she said cheerfully as she closed the door behind her. The two women exchanged glances of disgust at the statement.

“Well roomie, looks like it’s just us tonight!” Vida said.

Karen. Karen just smirked and said, “Which room do you want?”

“I’ll take the room behind you,” Vida said, picking up her overnight bag and moving into the bedroom.

Somehow as Karen reached and picked up her luggage, the two women bumped into each other. “Excuse me!” Karen said and awkwardly backed away. Karen heard Vida mutter under her breath, “So that’s how it is!”

Karen wasn’t afraid to mix it up with the bitch, but it was just an innocent bump. She thought she didn’t want to make matters worse, so she decided to order a pizza and utilized the hotel recommended pizza place. She picked up the phone in the room, and gently knocked on Vida’s bedroom door, and asked if she was hungry for some pizza. Vida opened the door, and this startled Karen who quickly moved back from the door.

Vida said, “What did you say?”

Karen said, “I asked if you were interested in some pizza, I was going to place an order?”

Vida, thought momentarily, then said, “Sure, it sounds great! What about a salad too?”

Karen backed away, then ordered the food, and sat back down on the sofa and watched the TV. She removed her stockings and curled her feet under her lovely ass, as she waited for the deliveryman. Vida joined her on the couch and she too removed her stockings. The two women smiled at each other, as both waited anxiously for the food to be delivered. When the food arrived, and Karen got up and saw Vida reach into her purse for some cash. The two women split the bill and tip, and the deliveryman, paused to glance at both the women before he left. Karen put the food on the small circular table by the leftover veggies, and both women helped themselves. Vida reached in the small refrigerator, and asked Karen if she wanted a beer.

When Karen replied, “Sure.” Vida opened both bottles and brought it over to Karen, and she took a full swig of the brew. Vida then sat down on the couch and started to enjoy the feast, as did Karen who joined her on the couch. The two appeared to watch the television show intently, even though neither really followed the program. They were more intently sizing the other woman up. The secretive cattiness between the two continued as they finished their pizza.

Karen, fed up with the series of events, decided to call it a night. “I’m going to bed Vida, see you in the morning…if you’re still here!”

Vida replied at the crack, “Don’t worry sweetie I’ll be here; and keep dreaming you’ll get the job.”

Karen heard the response, but just closed the door. Vida changed the channel on the television to some music video, and turned up the volume. Vida hoped to disrupt Karen’s “beauty sleep” with the noise.

Karen stripped off her skirt and blouse, and just lay out on the bed in her bra and panties. Between the anticipation of tomorrow’s events, reflecting on today’s interview, and the noise Vida was making in the room next door; Karen knew it would be a while before she went to sleep. Karen just started to relax and get comfortable as she ran her hands over her tight stomach and firm breasts, when Vida walked in and sat down on the bed next to her.

Karen sat up saying, “What are you doing in here?”

“Look, I don’t know about you, but I would rather we two girls settle this ourselves like the woman said.” Vida stated matter-of-factly. She sat on the bed across from Karen and crossed her legs, learning back on her hands. Karen, having enough of this showmanship, decided to take matters in her own.

“Let’s settle this ourselves then!” Karen said as she pulled Vida down on the bed by the hair and one arm.

The sudden attack caught Vida by surprise and Karen quickly put her in a chokehold as she put her on her back and then threw her right thigh over the struggling Hispanic model to pin her down.

“Unnnghh!” Vida grunted as she gasped and struggled with the taller brunette on the bed. “Get off me bitch!”

Vida scowled at Karen who was now sitting on Vida’s stomach, with one hand around her neck, and the other pulling on her the top of her blue dress. Karen released the hold around the smaller woman’s neck, and tried to pin Vida’s right hand on the pin. Vida reached up and started to pull at Karen’s bra and breast with her left hand. Vida’s blue dress was inching up her thighs, and she could feel the warm, thighs of Karen’s against her own. Karen moved forward and towards Vida body, as Vida kicked and buck underneath the former Playmate.

Vida gives Karen a few more kicks and bucks, and she is able to get out from under Karen, and she was now on her side with Karen riding her thigh. Karen slides off, and now both women are fighting on their sides. They both have a handful of thick mane, and a handful of breast flesh. Each was throwing punches and slaps at the other woman. Vida throws her thigh over Karen’s as they both strive to gain the upper hand in their battle. Vida tries to escape her close and private battle, but is pulled back down her hair by Karen. With both of Karen’s hands in Vida’s hair, Karen is exposed as Vida reaches down and grabs and handful of flesh and fur between Karen’s legs.

Karen let out an “aaaiiieee!” at the intrusion into her womanhood and let go of Vida’s hair.

Vida goes on the offensive and continues to scratch and claw Karen’s inner thigh, Karen pulls Vida’s hands away, and starts to claw at Vida’s thigh’s and stomach. Karen is on her back, and Vida is sitting up as they attack each other. Their legs are interwoven as they struggle against each other. Vida is pulled back on top of Karen by her chin. Vida is being stretched like a rubber band across Karen’s body. Karen throws her thigh over Vida’s stomach, and knees her in the gut. Karen can feel Vida’s body shudder from the blow, but she doesn’t let her double over. Somehow Vida escapes the hold and moves away from Karen, who reaches out with her left hand, and gets a hold of her skirt and she moves in a bites Vida’s generous ass. Vida screams, “oowww!” and jerks away from Karen who takes a moment to admire her work.

While Karen’s feeling smug, Vida snaps out her leg and her heel smacks into Karen’s love mound! The two women look at each other, suck in precious air and cuss at each other. Karen recovers quickly and leaps on Vida. She attacks the breasts of Vida with claw and teeth. She sinks her teeth into the fabric and flesh, as Vida lets out a roar of pain. Vida reaches up to protect her assets, and kicks out nailing Karen with her heel in the gut. Vida collects her left leg and nails Karen in her chest with her heel.

As Karen rolls away from the blow, Vida brings her right leg on top of Karen’s love mound but Karen rolls into Vida trying to tie up her legs and stop the model’s kicking. Karen flexes her strong leg and rolls Vida face first on the bed. Now both women are ass to ass facing away from each other. Karen grabs one of Vida’s legs and digs her nails and teeth into her calves and foot. Vida cries out in pain, and begins to hit the mattress with her hands, and kick Karen with the other leg. Vida hits Karen’s thigh with her leg kicks; Karen sits up and pulls at Vida’s hair pulling her body up and pressuring her back and torso. Karen puts her knee in Vida’s back, and continues to pull at Vida’s hair.

Vida is crying, “STOP! STOP! My hair, my back…aggghhh!”

Karen continues to claw at Vida’s foot and pull her hair and pressure her back. Karen lets go of Vida’s hair and foot, and moves her knee out from Vida’s back. Vida crying and sobbing still had some fight left; slaps Karen on the side of her face and knocks the surprised playmate down on the bed. Vida rushes at Karen grabbing her hair and launching at her neck and chest. Karen breaks the hold, and now both have handfuls of precious manes of hair. Both women squeal out in pain. After a few moments of impasse, Karen forces Vida off of her and both are now fighting on their knees near the edge of the bed. With their hands locked they are now in a test of strength and stamina. They both fight off the urge to quit as they exchange cusses and insults. Karen forces the smaller Vida’s arms over her head, and this brings their faces and bodies together. They each can feel the slick skin and fabric rub against each other. They can hear the deep, lung full of air being brought into their lungs.

Vida shakes her voluptuous breasts into Karen’s luscious chest. Karen snakes out her left hand and pulls at Vida’s hair away from her. Vida pushes with her hand, and pushes Karen off the bed. Karen falls with a thud as she hits and carpeted floor. Vida sits on the bed and kicks and heels Karen in her chest and gut. Then Vida lowers herself on top of a balled up Karen. Vida straddles the prone playmate slaps her and says, “let’s see what you got!” Vida rips off Karen’s bra, and begins to knead and pulls at Karen’s breasts. She then manipulates the nipples between her fingers, and then clamps her talons on the sensitive breast flesh.

“Stop bitch! STOP IT!”! Karen commands.

Vida only says, “We’re just getting started slut!”

She leans back and gives Karen a crotch claw. Karen screams “FUCK!” between her gritted teeth as Vida is toying with her. Vida removes her hand from the love mound, and then manipulates her fingers inside of Karen’s thong, and begins to finger the playmate. Karen protests, but Vida expertly arouses the brunette, then teases, “Oh my, you’re getting wet aren’t you whore!”

Karen gets her arms freed of Vida’s leg pin, and tears at Vida exposed breasts. Vida uses her right hand to defend herself, as she uses her left hand and fingernails to scratch and probe the insides of Karen. Karen grits her teeth through the pain, and manages to snake her right hand underneath Vida’s skirt, and finds an already wet love mound. The two begin to finger, and massage each other’s love mound. Vida felt confident that she could outlast the playmate as she and Karen groped and toyed with each other’s breasts and pussy.

Karen had been in fights before, and even in tests of sensual stimulation with other women, but Vida was good, real good! As the two exchanged stimulations, they also began to moan and groan. Vida could see that her plan of attack was beginning to affect Karen. She kept up the pressure, knowing that she too was on verge of releasing the pressure to come within her. Vida maneuvered her thighs to break the contact between her and Karen’s probing fingers. She then lowered her body on top of Karen, and started to rub her chest and her pussy into Karen’s. Karen knew the end was near, and spread her legs and wrapped them around Vida’s legs and thighs, hoping to outlast her.

She looked up and saw a determined Vida, and her expansive breasts flopping and grinding against hers. The two bucked, humped and flopped against each other like two fish out of water. Screams of pain and pleasure filled the suite as both women came in each other’s arms. They both held each other tightly as the onset of their orgasm subsided. Vida fell into Karen’s arms, as both searched for air and then composure.

When the fight started they had hate in their hearts, now both used their womanly assets and skills to sexually arouse, and then to dominate, their hated rival. Vida continued to lie on top of Karen, as their energy levels were nearly empty, but their sexual juices filled the cracks and creases in their love mounds.

After a few moments of silence, Vida says, “This job is mine! It’s time for you to leave puta!”

“Never; and I’m not giving up this job to a bitch like you!” Karen retorts.

Karen being bigger, stronger and in better shape knocks Vida off of her, then picks her up by the hair, and throws the model to the bed. Vida reaches out to meet Karen’s strong arms, and the two continue their struggle on the bed. Karen and Vida move their slick, sweaty bodies against each other. They can feel the love juices they exchanged earlier; mix again in their struggle for dominance. Karen can feel Vida’s arm weaken, and soon collapse allowing Karen to fall on top of Vida. Karen has Vida’s arms pinned beside her, as Karen grinds her proud chest into Vida’s. Karen as spreads her legs for leverage, and uses her feet to pin Vida’s ankles to the bed. Erotically, the two wiggle and strain against each other, Karen maintains dominance by forcing her shoulder into Vida’s chin and neck. They both begin to waver in and out of consciousness as their struggle continues.

The next morning the female assistant who escorted them to the room the night before, enters the suite. She goes to one bedroom and finds it empty, with the luggage opened. She moves around the suite and sees the other bedroom door open and peers in to see who is left. She finds both beautiful women partially naked, sprawled entwined with one another on the bed. As the female assistant moves closer, she finds them still breathing heavily, their bodies covered with scratches and bruises. Both women’s hair look like rat’s nest, and it’s hard for her to tell where one ends and the other begins.

The attractive assistant approached the battling babes, tripping as her feet tangle in someone’s discarded bra and falls on the bed, the bouncing awakening the two women.

“Ummmm! Excuse me ladies, but the producer’s would like to meet with you two this morning. I tried calling, but I guess the phone was knocked off the receiver. See you downstairs in thirty minutes!”

Then she excused herself, making sure to lock in and store the vision of the two naked women in her long-term memory for eternity, then closed the suite door behind her. Karen and Vida unlocked their legs and arms from each other. Karen pushed Vida off of her, and Vida leaves the room to her own, and quickly goes to the bathroom to check on the damage, and to hopefully salvage her looks for the producer. Karen did the same as she stumbled into her bathroom, and hesitantly looked at herself in the mirror. The two cursed at the mirror, as it reflected the damage each had incurred during the night.

Karen was showered, dressed and primped up first, and called out to Vida that it was time. Karen was wearing a bright, floral dress with heels. Vida came out wearing a long dark dress, displaying plenty of cleavage for the producers.

“You don’t ever quit do you? Karen said.

“Nope! And good luck!” Vida said as the women made their way to the elevators. As they ride the elevator each woman checks out the other’s chest, face, arms and legs for damage they had inflicted during the night. As they entered the conference room, they are greeted with smiles and handshakes and each is asked to sit down.

“Congratulations ladies, we decided that since you two get along so well, we’re going to hire you both to cohost the show.”

Champagne is poured and offered to the women, as well as the producers and the female assistant. The female assistant offers a toast to “New destinations and old.” She stares at both women who seem to be in shock as she introduces herself as the director.