Karen McDougal vs. Katherine "Kat" Heigl (over Salma Hayek) by XXX

Karen McDougal carefully shadowed Salma Hayek at a distance as she walked to a dilapidated building and reflected - not on the strange surroundings, but at her own uncharacteristic behavior that had led to this foray into slumming and subterfuge. Her lover Salma had been emotionally distant for the past few weeks after a six-month whirlwind romance. Salma had been spending more and more time away from Karen's home - and gave feeble or non-existant explanations for her absences. Karen had never seen herself as insecure, needy, possessive or - despite the rarefied company she kept - as a victim who'd passively let a lover as passionate and skilled at making lesbian love as Salma simply walk away without a fight.

Entering the gloomy, sparsely equipped "gym," it crossed Karen's mind that the discreet sign may be a front for something sinister, but seeing the mats covering much of the floor, she realized both what the premises really were and why they were so improbably located. She’d stumbled onto the legendary-but-secretive ‘Celebrity Women's Wrestling Club. The overwhelming allure of the female fighting fantasy for most men and not a few women required such extreme measures at concealment.

That resolved, Karen was suddenly unsettled to glimpse Salma, topless, front down on a corner massage table, being attended to enthusiastically by Katherine Heigl. As Salma's eyes locked back on Karen's, the mutual embarrassment was palpable. An unabashed Kat unhanded Salma and took a step back, if only to better take in the ensuing drama. As Karen strode deliberately over, there was no question of any of the three women apologizing. It wouldn't change a thing. As Salma sat up and modestly wrapped herself in a towel, whether she had been exchanging more than back rubs and wrestling holds with Kat was almost immaterial to Karen. She felt threatened, which she rarely felt, and never endured for long.

"Do you like to wrestle?" Karen asked coolly, putting the best face on things.

"Well, I'm here more for the exercise," Salma transparently lied in response. "I'm also working on my aggression," she added, coming closer to the truth. While Salma loved her girlfriend deeply but she could sometimes chafe under her Type A personality, a logical extension of her killer body and renowned athleticism. "I thought if I could first get good at this it would be something we could share, as equals," Salma explained with mild reproach.

"So, let's wrestle then," Karen invited, pointing to the mats. "I'll take it easy on you." That stung Salma, representing everything wrong with their relationship.

Before Salma could reply, Kat interrupted and announced imperiously, "The club rule is: newcomers start with an experienced member. You're lucky, I'm here and this is a slow day." Grinning, she continued, "Two of three submissions; oh, and don't worry...I'll take it easy on YOU."

Now Karen knew what it felt like, but while she’d said it out of her own hurt, Kat was deliberately provoking her competitiveness and it worked. "Do I look worried?" Karen asked, confidently accepting the challenge. Although she’d never before wrestled professionally, Karen always enjoyed testing herself physically against other women - and more often than not, she dominated them. She wouldn't have backed down - even if Salma hadn’t been there watching.

"There's another club rule," Kat added nonchalantly. "The winner gets to have a little fun with the loser afterward."

In her three weeks at the club, Salma had never heard of such a rule, but she wasn't saying a word. It occurred to Karen how shrewd Kat had been to add the vague stipulation after Karen had already agreed to the match. Karen had no intention of showing fear, and didn't feel any. She did, however, get the uneasy sense she was being manipulated, and not just by Kat.

"Then I'll plan on having my fun real soon," Karen nevertheless said defiantly.

From a well-stocked closet, Karen changed into a stunning metallic gold thong micro bikini. Kat couldn't help admiring Karen's toned body, with six pack abs, muscular but graceful arms and legs, firm medium-sized breasts and, when she obligingly turned around, tight, shapely ass. Salma was as always transfixed by her lover's exquisite physique, even if her outfit was frivolous for the occasion. As Salma had expected, Kat remained in her usual, more serious attire: modestly revealing navy blue bikini bottoms and matching sports bra that contrasted nicely with her milky white skin and held her breasts well in check without concealing her impressive cleavage.

Compared with Karen's, the younger blonde's stomach was thicker and softer; her limbs less defined and her full ass looser. Karen wasn’t impressed with “one of the world's most desirable women.” She held special contempt for pampered starlets who didn't bother to keep themselves in perfect physical condition the way she did!

* * *

As the combatants circled each other on the nearby mats preparing for battle, Kat gleefully made another announcement: "There's one more club rule I forgot to tell you about...we begin with a Test of Strength." Karen was relieved, but Salma knew it was another lie. Karen enthusiastically raised her arms, anxious to demonstrate her power, but when their hands joined overhead, Kat's heft allowed her to quickly force Karen down into a crouch. The grimacing brunette, determined not to sink to her knees, breathed deeply and summoned a burst of strength, reversing the momentum and slowly forcing Kat back up and then down. The blonde realized this particular test was a mistake when she dropped to her own knees, trapped in Karen’s powerful grip. But Karen wasn't quite sure what to do next so, trying what seemed natural, she pushed forward on their intertwined hands, forcing Kat onto her back, then falling on her in an awkward and ineffective pin.

Before it occurred to Karen to mount her, Kat bucked and reversed their positions. The fighters rolled around a few times to no particular advantage and eventually came entwined. As they both jumped to their feet, Kat rang out her hands, and then the warriors squared off again, this time both intending to force the issue.

Kat, hoping to redeem herself, was the aggressor. She lunged forward in an attempt to tackle Karen but she was too agile and side-stepped out of reach just as Kat over-committed. As Kat tumbled past, Karen dove on her back and slammed her facedown on the mat. After a brief struggle, she managed to lock in a Half - then a Full Nelson.

Now playing to her strengths, Karen used her powerful arms to neutralize her foe's arms, and forced her face into the mat, although Kat astutely ensured that her chin and not her nose bore the brunt of the pressure. Each time Kat tried to force herself back up, her opponent managed to push down with enough leverage to force her back down. Kat seemed helpless, but was still in no mood to submit. With her chin to the mat, the damage to her neck was limited, but Karen's physicality was clearly dominating the fight even if she couldn't seem to close the deal.

Kat next took a calculated risk, noisily forcing both herself and her opponent up with all the strength she could summon. The power move was impressive, but its success also depended on Karen's inexperience. It backfired. As Kat rose slowly, her rival intuitively knew to use her weight to force her rival down to a seated position, and still hanging on her back for dear life, cranked even harder on the nelson. With Kat's torso upright, and the powerful brunette on her knees behind her, the hold was now devastating. Kat's chin was forced down into her own vast cleavage. Worse than that cruel irony, Kat's neck was straining unnaturally against itself, causing intense pain. A moaning Kat's arms remained useless, trapped by her opponent's stronger ones. The blonde tried again to force herself up, but Karen prevented that and added to her suffering by pressing one knee hard into her back. Submission to such an elementary hold was a bitter pill for Kat to swallow, especially since her immobilized arms required that she verbalize it, but she did.

"You won this one, the next two are mine!" Kat allowed with a chagrined smile. Though it wasn’t the result she’d expected, Salma was still impressed with Karen's accomplishment. She couldn't take her eyes off that body glistening in the gold bikini.

As the exhausted veteran slowly rose to her feet, Karen casually taunted her. "Gotcha this time!" She punctuated the remark with a friendly backhand slap to Kat’s midriff. It was meant as friendly, but as executed - with just a fraction of Karen's strength - it forced a grunt from the surprised recipient, jiggling the outer layer of belly fat and knocking Kat back to her knees. "Sorry about that," a surprised Karen said as she offered her hand to help Kat up. As she stood, Kat’s stomach was still showing a round pink glow at the point of impact.

Embarrassed, Kat glared at Karen and huffed, "So, you like to play rough!!" Having proved herself on the mat, Karen saw no need for words, but Salma regretted the hard feelings and still hoped they could all still walk away friends.

* * *

After a few minutes' break mostly for Kat's benefit, the wrestlers faced off for the second fall. Trying to wrap the match up quickly, Karen lunged at Kat, who nimbly sidestepped her, kneeled down a bit and punched her in her taut but vulnerable belly with a hard left-right combination. As the shocked brunette grunted and fell to her knees, her rival followed up with a powerful kick to her wounded midsection, sender her sprawling onto her back, and knocking the wind completely out of her.

Hearing, no FEELING, the sickening THUD, Salma worried the day was getting out of hand, but with all of Kat's dubious club rules, the actual rules of the match were never specified. Besides, Karen had arguably opened the door with her own impetuous slap. The brunette rolled around gasping and holding her bruised stomach. She hadn't expected this level of violence, and knew that her opponent could just stomp the fight out of her if she so wished. But she didn't. The lesson had been taught.

Before Karen could catch her breath or regain her wits, Kat was all over her back, roughly wrestling her to the mat and flipping her around on it. Their sweaty, slippery, bodies made purposeful movement difficult, but the invigorated blonde was finally able to wrap Karen in a waist scissors from the side, using both hands to control one of her arms. As Karen squirmed, Kat astutely twisted with her, working the Waist Scissors now from behind as she exchanged the arm bar for a One-arm Reverse Chinlock that pulled Karen's head back, stretching her lithe torso all the way out. It could have easily been a rear naked choke had Kat not recently discharged her anger in a less scientific manner. Like a great racehorse, Karen strained furiously against her full body harness.

As Kat squeezed her midsection ruthlessly , Karen’s breathing grew harder and louder, struggling to keep her lungs filled despite the pressure continually emptying them. Kat maneuvered her prey further up between her thighs, their considerable girth now able to crush both Karen’s waist and ribcage. Feeling Kat’s rock hard nipples boring into her back and the intense pain in her ribs, Karen had to grudgingly respect the power of Kat's seemingly soft body.

In an unacknowledged tribute, Karen began solidly punching the thighs that bind, making Kat grunt in pain. She even considered scratching those same limbs, but knew it would be unwise so long as Kat had access to her face and hair although, despite her own pain, Kat dared not loosen her hold with either hand.

Fighting evenly for the first time, the warriors settled into a beautiful, punishing, dance; the voluptuous blonde constricting and grunting, the supple brunette punching, gasping and moaning. Concerned, Salma inched closer and saw the pained, desperate look on her lover's face. Karen noticed and felt that much worse. They both knew Kat was hurting too, but she had more padding on her thighs than Karen had on her midsection.

Fearing Karen's stubbornness could lead to a broken rib. Salma knelt down and whispered into her girlfriend's ear, "It's OK to submit. You'll win the next one for sure."

If lacking a bit in inner conviction, she had for the first time identified herself as being on Karen's side, having previously seemed neutral at best. Karen reluctantly took the advice, and that in style, tapping out with two stinging slaps to one of Kat's already aching and reddened thighs. Both weary warriors rose slowly, Karen holding her tender ribcage and the limping blonde rubbing her thighs, now showing black and blue.

Salma tended to her lover, whispering, “Kat was way too rough on you. Can you continue?"

"Yes," Karen sighed softly after a noticeable pause.

Salma realized it was the most tentative she’d ever seen Karen during a match, perhaps ever! "You're in better shape, you have more left in your tank," she plausibly encouraged, running her hands gingerly all over Karen's battered torso. Still recovering, Kat watched and waited patiently; vindicated but alone.

* * *

After a rest they both needed badly, the warriors circled again, much more warily this time, but when Karen feinted at her, Kat surprisingly backed off. "It's getting real hot in here," she explained coyly, removing her bra and letting her large sweaty breasts fall free. After taking a moment to admire her rival's chest, and despite knowing she'd be upstaged, Karen tossed off her own drenched bikini top. When she noticed Salma still staring at the buxom blonde, she couldn't blame her.

As they rejoined battle, an anxious Karen quickly lunged forward, trying to take Kat down, but her speed advantage had withered, and they just wound up locked tight with both hands grabbing each other's arms and shoulders. The blonde pressed her larger breasts forward into her weary opponent's, forcing her back slowly, but eventually there was nowhere to go but off the mats, requiring a restart. The second such lockup seemed to be going the same way, when Karen slipped out and slapped a clumsy but powerful headlock on her foe. As Karen cranked, the grimacing blonde went down to one knee, then after taking a deep breath forced herself back up.

As Karen cranked again, Kat moaned and this time slowly sank to both knees. While Karen smiled in satisfaction, Kat suddenly flopped backward to the mat, allowing her startled rival to fall on top of her lengthwise. Before Karen could capitalize and gain leverage, Kat rolled her over and reversed positions, grabbing both her foe's hands. As Karen struggled to roll over again, Kat held her in place long enough to sit up on her stomach, leaning forward and holding Karen's wrists with her own hands. As Karen kicked wildly, Kat slowly inched forward on her without giving her a chance to force her off.

Kat's methodical effort was rewarded when she achieved the demeaning schoolgirl pin, her considerable ass crushing Karen's chest, knees trapping Karen's arms against the mat, hands still immobilizing her rival's wrists. Every time Karen used her lower body to force herself up a bit, Kat managed to redistribute her own center of gravity and force her back down. The brunette was surprised she couldn't overpower her opponent even from this unfortunate position, but the last fall must have taken more out of her than she’d thought. The pain was severe in her already bruised ribcage. Karen was again breathing heavily, squirming under Kat's bulk.

As Karen forced her head up a bit, she found herself staring directly into damp bikini bottoms, which explained why the sensation on her flattened breasts was such a warm one. As Kat shifted slightly for better leverage, Karen's sense of smell was engaged too. The feminine scent was neither unfamiliar nor unpleasant, but it was one that Karen was used to experiencing voluntarily and not having imposed on her by a dominant woman.

Breathing with difficulty, Karen held on gallantly, conserving her strength, and then bucked up more strongly. But that motion just increased the downward resistance against her, and hurt her ribs even more, as a worried Salma could tell from her loud groan. Karen rested again, tried the same thing and obtained the same disappointing result, only taking still more out of herself in the process.

Salma looked away from her dejected lover and met the eyes of the haughtily smiling Kat. The blonde decided to heed her silent plea and finish the match quickly, slightly raising up her ass and dropping it back down gently on her opponent's chest. Before Salma could say a word, Kat asked her rival softly but firmly, "Are you done?"

Proud Karen just grunted a she kept panting for breath. Kat bounced a bit higher and came down harder, causing a louder grunt. Then asked again. A silently suffering Karen dared to look up into her eyes and what she saw for the first time, was a woman as competitive and stubborn as herself. So when Kat bounced on her even harder a third time and asked, "Are you done?" a beaten, exhausted, but somewhat relieved, Karen whispered softly, "yes" and closed her eyes.

* * *

Karen's eyes reopened only when she noticed that Kat was not getting up despite her submission. "Now its time for some fun, just like we agreed," the leering blonde cheekily reminded her.

Seeing fear for the first time on the face of her still flattened lover, Salma objected, "Please Kat, she's had enough. You won; just let her up."

But Karen could abide anything except her lover's pity, and stoically interrupted, "No! She won fair and square. She can finish the match as we agreed."

Karen was well aware they hadn't agreed on anything specific - or excluded anything. All three women realized Kat needed only scoot up a few more inches to totally envelop Karen's mouth with her aroused womanhood, not to mention the potential a few inches further than that.

Kat was of course enormously attracted to her worthy conquest, but with one long imposing look down at her decided that if she were ever to have a sexual encounter with Karen McDougal, it would be with mutual passion - such as that she knew Karen and Salma would share later. It was a supreme act of self-denial given how close Kat already was to orgasm.

Nevertheless, Kat raised up her ass, relieving the pressure on Karen's aching ribs and the brunette’s slick, bare, chest heaved mightily as she finally inhaled loudly. Kat stretched out and gently lay atop Karen's prone body; her breasts on Karen's and with stiffness in her own nipples. Kat understandably lingered a bit before lowered her mouth to Karen's ear and whispering, "Here's a small taste."

Kat slid up further and dropped her large breasts astride Karen's head. She pressed her orbs together just enough that there was some minuscule space for Karen's mouth and nose, as Salma observed gratefully. Even so, Karen couldn't breathe completely through her nose, and wound up tasting some samples of victorious tit sweat. At one point, her tongue inadvertently darted across a moist nipple - to Kat's delight and her own embarrassment!

Knowing it could have been far worse, Karen closed her eyes and imagined how many men--and women--yearned to place their faces where hers was now, as indeed she might under different circumstances. After a few minutes, Kat heard Karen's breathing getting more labored, and considerately got up, concluding, "My fun's over...for today."

As Karen lay there, physically and emotionally spent, both Kat and Salma gazed down upon the fallen goddess. But when Salma went to help her girlfriend up, Kat warded her off with a brief look. Instead, it was Kat who extended her hand to Karen, lifting her effortlessly and directly into an embrace in which their bare breasts once again happened to be touching. The familiarity elicited a satisfied giggle from Kat, and the tiniest bemused grin that Karen was unable to conceal. As Kat drew her head back, she noticed a lone tear streaking down her victim's beautiful face and tenderly brushed it away with her thumb. She then leaned forward and whispered into Karen's ear, "You can have a rematch...any time."

Hugging Karen one last time, the victor looked at Salma, then with a nod motioning her over. Salma smiled as a triumphant Kat graciously excused herself to the showers. Knowing her conquered lover's ego was wounded far worse than her body, Salma approached Karen with a warm smile and, holding Karen's face firmly in both hands to stop her from looking away, Salma said, "I am very proud of you!"

Then she kissed her girlfriend passionately and guided her down to the mat. And right there, on that sweat-soaked mat in that shabby gym, the couple made love as if it were their honeymoon suite. Salma was the clear sexual aggressor. Tired and battered, Karen tried to keep up with her partner's ardor, but she was by far the net recipient of pleasure this once. Salma's fervent ministrations were not unappreciated; on this day, Karen badly needed to be loved.

During a momentary break, Karen uneasily wondered about how visibly aroused Salma had become during her worst defeat, then surveying the scene, recalled why she was there in the first place! She’d wanted to get Salma back and it looked like she had, but now she wondered when - not if - she’d face Kat Heigl again!

As Salma eagerly climbed on top of her, Karen cleared her mind and surrendered to an afternoon of unexpected ecstasy…