The Playboy Interview: Tricia Helfer vs. Karen McDougal by IRISH

Tricia Helfer, a star north of the boarder in her native Canada, had been on a hot streak making a name for herself here in the movie capitol of the world, Hollywood California.

She had finished shooting for the day and made her way home to her Redondo Beach home, dropped her keys on the end table, and made her way across the room to check her answering machine. As she crossed the living room she took a moment to glance out the large westerly windows and admired her breath taking view of the Pacific Ocean. "Damn! I just about have it all." She thought.

Snapping out of her trance, she reached down and pushed the play button that was flashing away, indicating an incoming message. "Tricia, this is Joe. I have something pretty hot set up for this weekend. Give me a call if you're interested." Beeeeeep! Was the sound of the message ending.

Joe had been her agent since she came to the US. He had never steered her wrong, and he seemed pretty excited about getting the message to her right away. Dialing his cell phone number from memory, she wasn't surprised when he answered it on the first ring. "Tricia! I have been trying to get a hold of you all day. E! Network wants to interview you this weekend for one of their specials. There is a good chance that they will air the segment during their Oscar week specials."

Tricia agreed to do the show. The added exposure certainly wouldn't hurt her career. She glanced out the window again watching a luxury boat making its way up the coast. "Soon! Very soon I will be lounging on one of those in my spare time. Of course I will have to hold interviews for the cabin boys, or should I say men, that will be tending to my every need." Tricia picked up the phone and called one of her friends from back home to touch base with her and run her latest project past her. Tricia had known Pam Anderson for years now and valued her opinion.

"Hey Pam, its Tricia. I have to run something past you... I just got a call from my agent. E! wants to do a piece on me. Should I do it?" Pam was excited for her friend and told her, "Yes! You absolutely need to take them up on this one. Even if it's a freebee you will make out in the long run. Let me make some calls for you and see if I can't find out any more information for you. I always find that having a heads up on my interviewer and the questions makes for a better interview."

Tricia thanked her friend and looked out the window again, this time at a little sail boat struggling to make its way back to shore. "That is how I started." She thought to herself. "Now I'm that one over there... the one with the helicopter on the aft deck."

Pam called a friend at E! and did a little digging to find out all she could about Tricia's opportunity. And to be honest, she was a little jealous of her friend's meteoric rise to fame. She had to sleep around with all kinds of men to get where she is. Or should she say was. Lately her phone had stopped ringing and it had been months since her last decent job offer. Maybe she could latch onto Tricia and live her fantasy through her.

Anderson set up the time, place, and most importantly who the interviewer would be. She even planted seeds of what questions should be asked, and which questions should not be asked. If only she could be a fly on the wall that day. Maybe there is still a way.

Pam called Tricia with all of the details that she was able to "pry" out of her friend from the network. She also issued a warning to her friend. "Tricia, be very careful with this girl. She has a reputation for being a real aggressive catfighter. Don't do anything to provoke her, she'll kill you. If you are looking to make a name for yourself in Hollywood, this girl will give you one. But you're not going to like it!"

Tricia thanked her friend for the advice and the warning that she provided and hung up the phone. The large ship had anchored just off shore in her plain sight and her mind drifted from the interview for a moment. As the ship bobbed up and down in the water, the sun reflected off of the chrome helicopter and flashed a bright light right into her eyes. The idea hit Tricia like a bolt of lightening. "Maybe I will let this all star make a name for me in Hollywood. But she is the one that isn't going to like it!"

Helfer had been in many fights with other women back home in Canada. Her 5'10" frame gave her an advantage over most of the women that she had faced. But the key to all her fights was preparation, and that was just what she was about to do... Prepare!

Tricia sat down at her computer and fired up her high speed Internet connection. She brought up Google and typed in some of the information that Pam had provided her with. Over the next couple of hours she found out anything and everything about her interviewer that was available on the net. "Let's see... 5'8" 125 lbs. Should be easy enough. Oh lookie here! In high school her nickname was Barbie. Now isn't that precious? Well Barbie, when I'm done with you, Ken is moving into my place!"

She glanced down at her watch and realized that she had lost track of time. It was almost midnight. "I still have a lot of work to do tomorrow to prepare for this weekend. I better get some rack time. Rack time! Now that's another great idea for this weekend."

Saturday morning arrived and Tricia sat with a cup of coffee gazing out the window. Her focus was on a boat that she had recognized from the local boat rental place that was anchored about 100 yards off shore. It almost looked like the occupant was setting up binoculars or a camera. "Damn paparazzi! I'll give them some memories bound to make the front page of their respective rags!"

Tricia's trance was broken when she heard the sound of tires making their way over her crushed stone driveway. She looked out the front window and saw a shiny silver convertible approaching the house with a pretty brunette behind the wheel. But she was alone. "I guess we will have a little quality time alone before the camera man gets here." Tricia placed her cup in the sink, and made her way to the front door to great her visitor. "Now stay cool Tricia! You want this captured on tape." She thought to herself as she reached for the doorknob.

The front door opened just as Karen McDougal was reaching for the door bell, startling her a little at the sudden unexpected motion in her peripheral vision. She had gotten a last minute call to do the interview telling her that Tricia insisted that she be the one that do the interview. She was given a list of questions to ask during the interview and instructed to wear a bikini. That seemed a little odd to Karen at first, but it was explained to her that the interview would take place on the private beach, just outside Tricia's oceanfront home.

"Come on Karen... two hot women in bikinis on the beach. Think of the ratings!"

What he didn't tell Karen was that this was another of Tricia’s - or should I say Pam's - requirements for the interview.

Tricia smiled broadly when she saw she’d made the Playmate jump, "This was going to be easier then I thought!" She had a two inch height advantage over Karen and decided to wear heels to accent the difference even further. Putting it bluntly, the blonde towered over the brunette. Karen's gaze made its way up Tricia's tall frame till their eyes met. Tricia was still smiling broadly at the effects her mind game were having on Karen and extended her hand to the Playmate, "Welcome to my home. You must be Ms. McDougal."

"Call me Karen, pleeee……" Karen's reply was cut off when Tricia locked down her grip on the brunette's hand crushing it in her firm grip.

"This is gonna be even easier’n I thought!" Tricia reassured herself. "Oh I'm sorry Karen! It's just that I'm so excited about the interview. Sometimes I don't know my own strength." Tricia insisted as she released the death grip on the Playmate's hand. Karen accepted her apology as Tricia showed her into her home.

"I have to keep my guard up." Karen thought to herself. "This could be another set-up."

Tricia hovered at the door a moment, then followed Karen into the living room. "Is this an interview for a magazine or for TV? I thought there was supposed to be a camera crew?" Tricia asked when she caught up to Karen.

"No it's for TV. The camera guy should be here in about a half hour. E! Likes for us to arrive early so that we could get comfortable with each other." Tricia nodded her head and smiled.

"The bitch has no idea how comfortable she is gonna get with me!" Tricia thought, fighting the urge to pounce on the Playmate right there and then. "No!" she reminded herself. "I want this on tape." With a few minutes to spare, she decided to continue her head games, "Hey Karen, let me show you around."

Karen agreed and Tricia led her through the house. They paused for a moment at the window and took in the view of the ocean. If Tricia didn't know better, she could swear that it was a blonde woman on the ship anchored off shore. She was wearing a big floppy hat pulled down over her eyes, so it was tough to make out who it was. When the two women had completed the tour of the first floor, Tricia led Karen to the top of the basement stairs and opened the door. Karen felt a cold breeze on her spine as the two women descended into the darkness.

"This chick is weird," Karen thought to herself. When they reached the bottom of the stairs Tricia opened a door and waved Karen through the opening. When Karen entered the room, she saw that it was illuminated by a series of candles located every couple of feet, along the walls. "This is getting down right spooky." As Karen's eyes struggled to adjust to the dimly lit room, Tricia closed the door and bumped into Karen, shoving her towards the middle of the room.

As Karen glanced around the room she recognized the furniture as torture devices from mid-evil times. She felt that cold chill wash over her body again as she began to have an ominous premonition of Tricia's post interview plans. She could feel the warm breath from the blonde against the back of her neck and she became nervous. She was just about to spin around in a defensive crouch when the sound of the door bell broke the silence. "Thank GOD!" and "Shit!" were the two opposing thoughts that came to mind at the sound of the bell.

"That must be my camera crew," Karen said, her voice cracking slightly. "Come up stairs and we'll get started."

Tricia answered as you could hear the disappointment in her voice. The two women made their way back upstairs and let the camera man in. "Oh good," he said. "I didn't think that anybody was home. I was just about to leave."

Karen and Tricia looked at each other knowing that there would be more to their little interview. With or without the cameraman who had been running a little late. When he left his apartment this morning, he found a thick envelope underneath his windshield wiper. Opening the envelope he found $2,500 in cash with a note attached to it. It read: ‘Whatever happens today...don't interfere and Keep the camera rolling!’ He was puzzled at first, but with all the bills he had due at the first of the month, he placed the envelope into his breast pocket and drove off in his car.

Tricia led Karen and her camera man through the house to a sliding glass door that lead to an outdoor sitting area that Tricia had set up for the interview. The refreshing ocean breeze put Karen at ease as she took a seat with her back to the house. The air smelled so fresh and clean, she could get used to a place like this herself. Tricia waited to Karen looked like she had gotten comfortable and said, "Excuse me Karen, that's my chair. This is my good side... You don't mind do you?"

Karen was reminded of the Budweiser commercial with Joe Buck and thought, "OK Leon, Whatever makes you happy." Karen switched seats with her host while Tricia slipped out of the long robe that she had been wearing revealing a toned, luscious, bikini clad body. "No wonder why she wanted to do this interview in bikinis... she certainly has the goods to pull it off."

Where Tricia had been standing, she had been blocking Karen's view of the house. When she stepped out of the way, Karen had a clear shot of the large home. Her vision instantly focused on the bilco doors that led to the home's basement... and Tricia's torture chamber. Tricia noticed Karen's gaze and smiled, "This is working out exactly like I planned."

The camera man finished setting up his tools of the trade and said, "OK ladies, whenever you're ready."

They both nodded that they were ready to begin and singled to him to start the tape rolling. Karen had just finished her intro and glanced down at her notes to read the first question when Tricia interrupted. "Actually Karen, if you don't mind, I prefer to do the interview standing." The tall blonde said as she rose out of her chair. In the seated position, Karen was looking about mid thigh of the blonde.

"OK Tricia, whatever you like," Karen said politely as she also stood.

Back on the ship offshore, Pam licked her lips and said, "Yes! This is just about to start getting good!"

Tricia knew that she was winning the physiological part of the pre-battle banter and decided to try and shake the brunette once more. She looked over at the camera man to make sure that he had the camera rolling and looked back over at Karen when she was sure that he was. Noticing that the Playmate had a cloth wrap around her waist, Tricia interrupted the first question once more. "Karen, why don't you take that hideous thing off?" she said as she reached down and began to pull it off of Karen's body. "The camera adding 10 pounds to you is just a myth. Your hips aren't that fat!"

Karen was livid. "Screw this upstart whore! In another minute screw E!, we are going to rolling around in the surf!" She struggled to maintain her composure and removed the wrap from her waist and tossed it aside and the interview final got underway:

1. What’s your favorite piece of music?

Music is really a mood thing and can vary widely. Generally though I tend to listen to Jack Johnson, Norah Jones, Fleetwood Mac, Remy Schand, Blur, Jesse Malin. See - I can't narrow it down.

2. What is your favorite film?

I liked when Lisa Dergan kicked your ass in "The Arena" but I don't know if THAT really counts as a movie. It's not like anybody went to see it or anything.

"Wow! This is getting personal." Karen thought.

3. What’s your favorite TV program, past or current?

“I loved Seinfeld and X-Files.”

4. What do you feel has been your most important professional accomplishment to date?

“My most important professional accomplishment to date is simply that I keep moving forward and upward - babysteps through hard work. You know how that is, right Karen?”

Karen ignored Tricia's comments and continued with the interview.

5. Which project do you feel didn't live up to what you envisioned?

Jeremiah didn't live up to what I had imagined at the time but I'm sooooooo glad that it didn't since I moved forward much more by not being a regular on the show. You never were a regular on a show. Were you Karen?

6. What’s your favorite book?

Again, no favorites for books either. I love Patricia Cornwell books for airplane reading, Lovely Bones made me sob uncontrollably, and I'm reading ‘Tuesday's with Morrie’ right now which I think everyone should have and read a few times throughout their life.

7. If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be?

I’d change the push for women to look like Playmate Barbie dolls - that is just ridiculous. Striking a nerve, Tricia smiled as Karen glared back at her.

"I have to give her credit, she's holding back longer then I could have," Tricia thought.

8. Who - or what - would you say has had the biggest influence on your career?

My family - for their support and love.

9. What is your next project?

I'm filming right now playing Farrah Fawcett in the NBC movie Behind the Camera - Charlie's Angels. It the real Charlie's Angels. Not that cheap knock off they aired a couple of years ago. Wow! Another dig at the Playmate that had a small appearance during the movie. And I'm actually in the movie! Not just walking through a scene.

Karen was steaming. "One more questions and I'm going to kick some ass!"

10. What is the one project that you've always wanted to do, but have yet to be able to?

I'm fairly new into this business so there are so many projects that I'd like to be able to do, ask me that in 10 years. However, I would love to do a fight scene. Something like a fight club movie, just with all women. Could you see yourself in a movie like that Karen? You know, one with lines and everything.

"Well Tricia, I'm sorry, that's all the time we have for right now. Thanks for being on E!" With that Karen signed off and lowered the microphone. What she didn't see was Tricia's signal to the cameraman to keep the tape rolling. He just tapped the bulge in his shirt and nodded; for this kind of scratch, he’d do just about anything.

Karen looked up into Tricia's eyes and demanded, "Now what the fuck was THAT all about?" Tricia just smiled to egg Karen on. "If I wasn't a professional, I would have kicked your ass right there on camera," Karen continued.

Tricia stepped forward and bumped chest with Karen, knocking her back a step. "So that's what you are... a professional. How much do you charge? I know a couple of clients that would probably fuck you as long as you didn't charge more then five bucks a lay." Karen was incensed and fired a wicked backhanded bitch slap across Tricia's unsuspecting face. "Well, I guess I pushed the right button." Tricia thought to herself. "Now it's time to mix it up since she threw the first punch!"

Not taking the time to rub the stinging pain from her face, Tricia stepped in and fired a punch aimed directly at the Playmate's belly. SLAP! Was the sound when the clenched fist slammed into Karen's taught abs. Karen stood her ground like the punch had no effect on her and then launched her own offensive. A three punch right-left-right to Tricia's face that had her head snapping back and forth in the direction of the last punch.

The tall blonde staggered a bit, and then pitched forward with her head coming to rest on the Playmate's shoulder. Did she underestimate her opponent? She struggled to figure out why her fist had so little effect on Karen's belly. With Karen tied up for the moment, Tricia glanced down to try and check Karen's belly. Did her blow miss its target?

As her eyes traveled south, Tricia's gaze never made it past the cleavage prominently displayed by Karen's bikini. The blonde had another veil thought. "I bet there ain’t no muscle there! Before Karen knew what happened, Tricia's hands shot at her intended targets and pulled the small material patches down and out of the way, exposing her breast. Karen's nipples instantly stiffened in the cool ocean breeze. A second later and the big blonde latched on with both hands, digging her nails deep into Karen's tender tit flesh, causing her to howl in pain.

Tricia pulled her head off of Karen's shoulder. Mainly to get her ear away from the blood curdling scream that was coming from the Playmate. As she looked down at the pain in Karen's face, she twisted both of her hands bringing the Playmate up onto her tiptoes trying to alleviate some of the savage pain in her breast.

Karen's hands shot to Tricia's wrist trying desperately to break her grip by digging her own nails into the blonde's arms. But it was having little effect on her captor. In an act of desperation, Karen lined up Tricia's chin and fired a nasty upper cut to the blonde's face. The first blow weakened the grip slightly so Karen continued her counter attack. By the third undefended upper cut, Karen had broken the blonde's grip. She quickly got her hands inside Tricia's arms and knocked them outward, away from her breast.

With Tricia wobbling back and forth on rubbery legs in front of her, Karen took careful aim and fired one more punch from the floor, scoring a direct hit to Tricia's glass jaw, sending the big blonde skidding across the grass on her ass.

Tricia came to rest flat on her back at the camera man's feet. It took her a moment to stop the little birds from flying laps around her head before she lifted her hand to her chin to rub away the pain. On first inspection she found no blood and didn't feel like anything was broken. It was however throbbing like a base drum in a high school marching band. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

A few feet away Karen took the time to glance down at breast to do her own battle damage assessment. "Holy shit!' she thought. Her once proud sun tanned breasts were covered in bloody scratches and claw marks. She could almost see them grow in size right before her eyes as they began to swell from the trauma they had been subject to. "That bitch has some grip! But now it's MY turn." With that, Karen began to approach the downed blonde with the intent of making her pay for the suffering that she had just endured. "Get your skanky ass up bitch! I'm not done with you yet." Karen demanded as she neared Tricia.

Karen's voice snapped the big blonde out of her trance and she realized Karen must have been directly over her as the brunette blocked out the sun that had been shining in her eyes a moment earlier. Karen hovered over her for a moment waiting for her to rise and meet her challenge. When Tricia didn't move an inch, Karen figured that she would have to help the blonde to her feet so that she could finish dishing out some more punishment. Tricia took Karen's hesitation for indecision and decided to help the Playmate make up her mind as far as what came next! As Karen began to bend at the knees and reached down to grab a handful of hair to drag her opponent back to her feet, Tricia waited patiently, ready to strike.

Just as Karen's bent forward and the sun reappeared in Tricia's eyes, the blonde whipped both of her legs around in an arch, catching the Playmate right behind her knees. Karen's legs went flying up in the air like somebody had just pulled the carpeting out from under her feet. Karen landed flat on her back with her head striking the ground hard. A split second later, her ass met the ground followed by her legs crashing back to earth. Karen had no idea what hit her! Tricia had kept her legs in motion the entire time and a split second after Karen's body hit the ground, Tricia's heel drove into her belly, knocking all the air from her lungs as she buried her right foot deep into Karen's gut.

“OOOOFFF!!!!!!!” Karen's head and feet left the ground as her body jack knifed up at both ends from the impact.

"That's more like it! Those abs aren't so tough now... are they?" Tricia giggled. When Karen's legs came back to earth again, Tricia was right there to catch both of her legs by the ankles. She tucked one under each armpit, trapping them in place. Karen was clutching her belly and had not even thought of trying to free her legs from Tricia. Looking at the tape afterwards, it's unsure if she even knew that Tricia had her in such a vulnerable position. Tricia bent her right leg at the knee, locking it back in position. Like a piston building up pressure, Tricia fired her foot forward as soon as the needle hit the red line, slamming a devastating heel into Karen's pubic mound. The Playmate twitched a couple of times, then her arms dropped to the ground at her sides.

With her foot firmly planted in Karen's crotch. And with both of the Playmate's legs trapped under her arms. Tricia began to straighten her knee forcing her foot deeper and deeper into Karen's groin, jolting her back to consciousness.

As Karen screamed in pain, the camera man cringed from her cries and tried to cover his ears as he kept the tape rolling. thinking with a smirk, “Oh well, the show must go on!"

"What's the matter sweetheart? You bit off more than you can chew?" Tricia taunted Karen. "I'll tell you what sugar; I'll name this hold after you. I'll call it the Barbie Bow & Arrow!" Tricia accented each word of the hold with a thrust of her foot forward. Only relaxing the hold for a moment to differentiate each pulsing thrust. Tricia smiled up at the camera man and asked, "You getting all this?" When he nodded in the affirmative, she asked again, "And how about THIS?" she asked, using her heel to push Karen's bikini bottom to one side, exposing her southern region for the camera and any lucky viewer who’d get a chance to view the tape. Tricia was intent on embarrassing the Playmate as much as she could.

"If this is a top notch Hollywood catfighter,” she thought. “I sure could make a quick name for myself with an all out total domination of her."

She focused all her attention on clearing the patch of material from the treasure that it was protecting, she didn't realize that Karen had made it up to her elbows and then all the way to a sitting position. Her first clue was when Karen sunk her nails into her ankle trying to dislodge her foot from its resting place. Tricia shrieked at the surprise attack by the Playmate, but it was not enough to force her to remove her foot. As a mater of fact, as Karen concentrated on clawing her way free, Tricia rolled to her right side. Karen thought she was begging to make some headway when Tricia's left foot exploded into her temple, knocking her back to the ground. With the brunette dazed, Tricia reestablished her dominant hold.

"Wow! That was close!" Tricia thought. "Let's see if she can get out of THIS!" She rolled Karen onto her side and continued rotating until the Playmate was face down on the ground. "I don't think she’ll be sitting up, clawing my ankle NOW!" But after a few minutes of this ‘Barbie Bow & Arrow’ Tricia pulled her foot out of Karen's crotch and placed her legs on either side of the brunette's torso. Karen breathed a sigh of relief when the nonstop pressure in her groin ceased, but her relief was short-lived. "OK Barbie... What do you think we should call THIS?" Tricia asked as she lowered her ass, folding Karen in half. "Normally, this would be a Boston Crab and….HEY, while we're at it, let's DO a crab inspection. I bet you're smarmy cunt’s just infested with the nasty little buggers!"

Keeping Karen's legs trapped under her arms, Tricia freed up her hands and untied the strings to Karen's bikini at her hips. What she was unable to do with the heel of her foot, Tricia had no problem doing with both hands free. With the strings untied, Tricia relieved Karen of her swimsuit bottom. The camera man zoomed in, admiring Karen's neatly trimmed bush while Tricia began poking and prodding with her fingernails, raking the sharpened digits over the sensitive area.

"Not much hair there to hide the little buggers. You just may pass inspection….well, the EXternal one anyway!" With that Tricia dug her nails in deep and began to spread Karen’s labia wide. "Now let's take a look INside. Holy shit! This looks like the Holland Tunnel!” she giggled as she waved the camera man in for a close-up. "Take a look down there; I think I see her gynecologist's watch!! See…over there….next to the water cooler!” Tricia laughed at her own wit. She was sure having a pleasant morning so far. Looking out to the ship off shore, she saw the blonde had removed some of the clothing she'd used to disguise herself and mused, "Guess things are heatin' up out there for Pammy. Hope she decides to beach that thing and spend the night with me and my new toy."

Having tired with playing with Karen's bottom, Tricia released her legs allowing the Playmate to crash back to the ground. She looked the camera man up and down and asked him, "Do you know anything about running a ship?" She figured after her and Pam got done playing with Karen, the stiff wood that this guy was sporting was just what the doctor ordered. She was disappointed when he said he couldn't swim. Tricia reached down and grabbed hold of Karen's hair. With a firm grip wrapped around the brunette's locks, Tricia pulled her to her feet. Karen's body was propped against Tricia's and Karen took the opportunity to fire a punch into the blonde's gut. There wasn't much behind the punch at this point, but it was unsuspected and was enough to sting the big blonde.

"You dirty little tramp! You're going to pay for that!" Tricia cried as she latched a tight bear hug under Karen's arms. With the brunette trapped breast to breast with her. The taller blonde lifted the brunette off of her feet and began to crush her with all her might. Karen's breast were being crushed against Tricia's smaller, but yet undamaged breast, and she was having a tough time trying to catch her breath. Tricia looked over toward the house and saw the outside bilco entrance that led to her basement torture chamber. "Yeah! Soon enough and you'll be down stairs pleading with me to put you out of your misery!" she whispered into Karen's ear. (Actually it wasn't much of a whisper and it was clearly picked up by the camera's microphone)

Tricia leaned back, lifting the Playmate off of her feet and began to violently shake her back and forth. Karen struggled to breathe as darkness began to creep into her peripheral vision. Karen thought back to her tour of the house earlier and pictured herself attached to one of the many torture devices that the basement contained. Maybe she would be chained to the wall with nipple clamps attached to the car battery she saw in the corner of the room.

"Can't let that happen. Must fight back!" she thought as she urged herself to fight on.

Karen forced her hands up and grabbed hold of Tricia's hair, trying to pull it out by the roots and inflict enough pain on the blonde to break the hold. But she wasn't having any luck. Tricia shook her head back and forth trying to shoe Karen away from her hair and get back to the business at hand, crushing the life out of the Playmate. Karen was able to notice that as Tricia's blonde locks flew from side to side that her opponent had some mighty big ears.

"They might have called me ‘Barbie’ in high school," Karen hissed. "But what’d hey call you, wing nut?"

Reaching under Tricia's hair, Karen latched onto each of her opponents' ears and tugged with all her might. When Tricia began to howl in pain, Karen just cranked up the pressure, crushing the Playmate's torso even further as she struggled to maintain her grip....not just on Tricia's ears, but also onto consciousness! As Karen held onto Tricia's ears for dear life, one of her thumbs slipped and slid around to the front of the blonde's face.

"That's it!" Karen thought. Still holding onto Tricia's eras with her four longer fingers, Karen found Tricia's eyes with her thumbs and pressed in with all of her might. Tricia yelped and immediately released her grip on the brunette and shoved her away. Karen landed on her ass a couple of feet away, but she was able to catch her breath as Tricia staggered around, blinded by Karen's latest counter.

Karen made the best of the time that she had, released from Tricia's crushing hold. And just as Tricia was able to start seeing shadows again, Karen moved in and dropped the larger blonde with a drop kick. Tricia went flying over one of the chairs that the women had begun the interview in and landed ass over tea kettle. Karen, on the other hand, might have over-extended herself as she crashed down hard to the ground. The outcome of the fight could well be decided by which woman first made it back to her feet and gained the advantage and Tricia was the first to show signs of life. But then she got tangled in one of the legs of the up-ended chair and that gave Karen just enough time to move in and tee off on her chin once more. The blow snapped the blonde's head to the side, sending spittle flying from her mouth into the face of the camera man who wore the moisture like a badge of honor as he continued taping some of the best catfight footage off all time.

"Fuck you Tricia! You'll be working on MY boat after I sell this tape," he thought.

With the blonde staggered before her, Karen took the opportunity to fire a kick up between her legs, causing her to drop to her knees. Karen realized that Tricia was the only one still in a bikini and she moved in close to remedy that situation immediately. Quick hands made short work of Tricia's top which Karen tossed off to the side. The Playmate then reached down and grabbed hold of Tricia's bikini bottom, and used it to pull the blonde to her feet. The material didn't tear, but rather wedged deep in Tricia's slit.

"OK wing nut; these have to go too!" Karen said as she grabbed the waist of Tricia's bikini bottom. But as Karen leaned forward and the material began to ease out of its fleshy prison, Tricia reached down and grabbed Karen's hair in both hands. Before Karen knew what happened, Tricia pulled her head down and snapped her knee up into the Playmate's descending forehead. THUNK! Karen was stunned and completely defenseless. Three more knees followed, all hitting the target! THUNK! THUNK! THUNK! Tricia kept Karen paralyzed and hunched forward as she reached down and wrapped her arms around Karen's waist from behind, then began to squeeze with all her might. Showing her unbelievable strength, Tricia picked Karen up off of the ground and heaved her up onto her right shoulder. With the brunette draped inverted over her shoulder, the blonde began to bounce up and down using a back-breaking move.

"Hey you!" Tricia cried out to the camera man. "Get your ass over there and get those doors open," Tricia said, nodding her head toward the torture chamber entrance. Backing towards the door, he kept the camera rolling and once he reached the door, he felt behind him and lifted the heavy door open while keeping his camera trained on Karen's body. Tricia was duly impressed with his ability to carry out orders while keeping his mind on the task at hand and thought to herself, "There just may be a place for him on the ship after all!"

With each step, Tricia continued to bounce up and down inflicting as much pain as possible on Karen's rag like body. When she finally reached the stairs, she instructed the camera man to enter first and film her entrance from below. What Tricia did was hop down each step with both feet. Each time she landed it sent a jolt of pain through Karen's body.

Tricia carried Karen's body across the room and body slammed her down on to the rack, with the Playmate coming to rest flat on her back. (OK maybe rest is not the right word to use in this situation, but you get the jest of my meaning!) The big blonde grabbed hold of Karen's right wrist with both hands and began forcing it down to the restraint of the table. Karen struggled with all her might knowing that it would all be over if Tricia secured her to the table.

Tricia leaned in with all her weight against Karen's struggles, and was able to get the leather strap secured in place. "You're right handed... aren't you?" Tricia asked the Playmate. "Sucks to be you!"

Karen's free hand fought valiantly trying to punch Tricia in the face so she could regain her freedom, but after a brief struggle, and at least one black eye, Tricia was able to capture Karen's left hand with both of hers and powered it down into position. Tricia leaned across Karen's body, using her entire body weight to pin Karen's wrist in place as she reached for the second leather strap to secure the brunette's arm. Escape was impossible! In another moment, Tricia would secure both of Karen's ankles as well, leaving her naked and helpless in the torture device.

"Should I wait for Pam to get here... or start the party without her?" Tricia wondered aloud.

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