Karen McDougal vs. Michele Mayden by jjj

NOTE: This is the second fight in the league. Feedback would be appreciated.
LT (Leeann Tweeden) Well I thought that was going to be snoozer of a fight, and that's exactly what it was. As a matter of fact, that ending just turned my stomach. I would have liked to watch Jessica get her revenge for that nasty low blow, but Crissy ruined the fun for everyone.

CE (Carmen Electra) Well I thought that was a great match through and through, and let the record note that Erica came out on top...like I said she would. But for Crissy to come out with a chair...that just has no place in this league!

LT What are you talking about...Carmen this isn't going to be a wuss league; JJJ made it no holds barred for a reason. That's what the fans want...not some fake scripted shit!

CE Real action is fine Leeann, but steel chairs and two-on-one isn't...

LT (Interrupting) It IS what paying fans want to see...ratings...tits and ass...action, humiliation...that's what's gonna take this league to the next level. Get on board or get your ass out!

CE There's just no reasoning with you...Now fans this next match should be equally exciting as we have two absolutely stunning beauties set to go one on one in another boxing bout!

LT Well let's hope the action is more intense than the last contest. I almost fell asleep for a while there until Jessica got those gloves off. I wonder if Erica is in the back icing down those cowbells of hers that were used for punching bags! Speaking of punching bags if I'm not mistaken, there is some back story to this upcoming fight.

CE That's right, Michele Mayden was overheard making fun of Karen McDougal with a few other girls about how old she was and calling her a washed out has-been. Karen isn't a gal to stand for anything and attacked Michele in the locker room after a training session. The fight turned out to be an all out catfight that was broken up and these two have been waiting for this match since the league was formed. This should be hot and heavy action at its finest.

LT Wait a minute...Michele was making fun of someone's career? That blonde bimbo is a ring girl and nothing more in MMA fights...who does she think she is? And have you seen her...I mean her make up must take about two hours to put on!

CE Michele may wear some makeup, but she is an absolutely gorgeous gal...that

LT (interrupting) Some makeup!!! Are you blind...I saw Michele backstage earlier and I thought someone hired a clown...she had more face paint on then a street mime ready to go to work!

CE Again fans I apologize for Leeann's comments but she...

LT (interrupting again) Apologize...don't' apologize for me Missy...I call it like I see it and it's my job to report honestly to the fans. Michele is not in the position to be making fun of someone I mean I heard that girl has had more plastic surgery than

CE (interrupting Leeann) Oh here we go...Michele may have had breast augmentation, but I have a feeling that's all she has had done. Now on the other hand would you care to comment about anything you may have had done lately?

LT (standing up out of her chair) You better be careful Carmen, I am not going to sit here and listen to you talk shit about me!

CE Calm down Leeann I was just (fans cheering and screaming) ...and fans it looks like our second bout is about to get underway. Here comes Michele now!

LT (sitting back down) White trash at its finest...here you go fans take a good long look at Trailer Park Trash!

Michele was called out first and the crowd went crazy when the blonde sauntered out to the top of the ramp. Michele was wearing a sexy black lace corset that thrust her big breasts up seductively and left her tight midsection open. A black slingshot thong swayed back and forth over her curvy hips and spiky black heeled shoes accentuated her curvy hips. Michele's long blonde hair cascaded down over her breasts, while a tight black choker was wrapped around her neck as the blonde hi-fived some fans in the front row. The blonde's puffy red-painted lips curled in a smile as the crowd was going crazy watching her make her way toward the ring. Michele seemed carefree as she hi-fived and even playfully flirted with a couple of lucky guys. Making her way around the outside of the ring, the gorgeous gal climbed the steel ring stairs, giving the crowd a good look at her thong un-covered ass as she slid in the ring.

LT Ummm...this girl was making fun of someone's looks...has she looked in a mirror lately?

CE Oh stoppppp it...Michele is an absolutely beautiful girl...just listen to those fans.

LT Those fans can't see her face, they are all still staring at the melons hanging from her chest! Christ is she trying to keep the attention off her face for a reason...those things are really hanging out there! (The fans again come to their feet screaming) Now here comes an impressive looking blonde Karen McDougal!

Karen came out looking just as sexy as Michele wearing a slinky mesh spaghetti strap top that left little to the imagination. The material was almost see through and really showed off her tiny waist and large breasts perfectly, ending just above her belly button. A matching black thong hugged her incredible ass and barely covered any of her tan skin. Black ankle wrap stiletto heels completed the look and Karen slowly made her way to the top of the ramp with a smile on her face. The crowd loved what they were seeing and cheered the gorgeous brunette who tussled her long hair a few times before she sauntered sexily down the ramp. Karen made sure to sway her hips back and forth while slapping a few fans hands on the way to the ring. The brunette walked up the stairs and slid in the ring where she walked to a corner and stared across the ring at Michele with a look of rage on her face.

LT Wow look at the way Karen is just staring into Michele's eyes! She looks pissed and ready to kick some ass...maybe this won't be so boring!

CE Well both girls look determined, and here we go fans this bout is now underway!

The bell was rung to get the second fight under way and Karen and Michele slowly walk out of there respective corners, never taking there eyes from one another. Both girls walk forward slowly in their hi heel shoes and the fans were going crazy. Cautiously the girls begin to circle one another trying to look for an opening in the others defenses, not ready to throw any punches. Michele bounces forward faking a quick left and then firing a right cross to start things off. Karen narrowly dodged the punch and slid to the side and quickly followed up with a hard right cross that whistled through the air slamming into the blonde's head, spinning her around to the side. Michele took the blow in stride, stepped in and landed a right-left-right combination to Karen's midsection slamming through the brunette's defense. Before Karen could react, Michele danced out of range her boobs bouncing wildly in the sexy corset.

LT At this rate we're going to be here all night...Michele is clearly scared and I don't blame her!

CE We're just getting started, settle down...and I hardly think Michele is scared.

Karen sized up her opponent and slowly raised her gloves up challenging Michele to come at her again. Michele kept bouncing lightly on her toes and moved around the ring seemingly taunting her brunette rival, trying to draw her forward to her. Karen took the bait and as she charged forward, Michele slammed two quick jabs to Karen's face and midsection while narrowly dodging all of Karen's wild counter-punches. Michele's quick jabs weren't doing any real damage, but they were adding up and Karen was beginning to get pissed. Karen sprang forward and threw a right cross that Michele blocked and followed up with a left that pelted Karen across her jaw. Michele quickly bent her knees and sent two quick punches to Karen's tight midsection. Karen was furious as Michele was peppering her with quick jabs and crosses. The brunette sighed and again charged forward this time throwing a more refined combination of punches which were again blocked by Michele. Michele immediately responded with a beautiful one-two combination to Karen's face, then a hard right hook square into Karen's left breast. Karen instantly folded up her defense bringing her arms inward, and that's when Michele followed up with a nasty right cross that barreled into Karen's jaw, knocking her back against the ropes.

CE Nice start by Michele she is really taking it to Karen!

LT I knew this match was gonna be a dud...so who fights next?

As soon as Karen hit the ropes, Michele springs forward and sends a barrage of rights and lefts flying at the dazed brunette. Finally the ref stepped forward and pulled Michele back away from Karen who was trying to clear her head against the ropes. Karen shook her head a few times and now came out much more slowly, trying to make Michele come in at her while keeping her guard up. Karen hoped to get Michele in close and land some heavy punches to try to wear the speedy blonde down. Michele continued her dance around Karen and refused to go in close; she kept coming in and jumping back firing quick punches and jabs. Karen tried to move in close looking for an opening but Michele ducked under her left hook and answered with quick right that caught Karen flush on the jaw. Karen's head snapped to the side, the brunette was clearly stunned from the shot. She stood there dazed for a split second and that's all Michele needed, Michele charged forward and peppered Karen with rights and lefts. Quick hooks slammed into Karen's midsection and breasts sending her reeling back as Michele fired a huge left hook that barreled into the brunette's tight stomach. Michele drove Karen back across the ring firing quick punches and jabs and sent Karen right into the ropes. Trapped against the ropes, Michele poured on the punches as fast as she could, giving little regard for accuracy.

CE Uh-oh! Karen is wide open and her body is taking some serious shots!

LT Did you say shots? I could go for a few. What about Vodka? This match is sooo soooo boring...

Michele smashed her right glove into Karen's ample left breast, splattering it against her chest. Karen gasped in pain, just as Michele followed up firing her left glove right into Karen's right breast. Michele wound up her right fist and unleashed a huge right haymaker that caught Karen right on the jaw. Karen's head was ripped back, the blonde spinning in a complete 360 before falling against the ropes. The referee stopped Michele from advancing and checked on Karen who hung onto the top rope starring at the blonde in the center of the ring. Michele was parading around the ring with her arms over her head, shaking her sexy ass side to side, the fans going crazy for the gorgeous blonde. Karen has a look of rage in her eye as she pushes past the referee and stalks over to the showboating blonde. Michele sees Karen's advance and wastes no time taking the fight right back to her.

LT Yeah I am going to need a drink to stay awake...see what you can find for me.

CE I'm not a waitress...and this match has a great start to it open your eyes!

Michele reared back and threw a hard right cross, but Karen sees the punch coming and deftly sidesteps at the last second and then pushes Michele's arm outward. Karen fakes a right roundhouse and sends a quick jab forward catching Michele's exposed kidney. Michele groans in surprised pain, and as her body bucks in response Karen lets loose a huge right uppercut that slams into Michele's chin. Michele's face contorts in agony and Michele flies backward in pain. The stunning blonde is clearly dazed as she stumbles back a step almost tripping over her heel. Karen presses the attack and sends a quick jab into the blonde's midsection followed by a nasty right cross that barrels into Michele's left temple. The smaller blonde groans as her head shots out to the side, and then before she can right herself, Karen slugs her with a hooking left roundhouse square in the nose.

LT There we go...things are looking brighter already....now where's my drink?

CE Let it go...just watch the match and do your job!

The huge punch puts Michele right on her curvy ass and the crowd is going crazy as now its Karen who is parading around the ring. The blonde lies on the mat stunned from the quick attack not knowing what hit her. The count starts and Michele shakes her head to clear the cobwebs, and then struggles back up to her feet by the count of 7. The crowd is screaming for both girls and the referee makes sure Michele is OK to keep going. As soon as the referee is done checking on the blonde, Michele shoots forward and takes the fight right back to Karen. Both girls begin sending punches flying with no skill, just reckless abandon, but a barrage land home on both beauties. Left crosses, right hooks, and quick jabs slam home into both stunning girl's midsection and breasts. After going blow for blow for almost a minute, suddenly Michele sends a huge right cross that knocks Karen's head out to the side. The blonde quickly follows up driving Karen backward into the ropes with some vicious blows square into Karen's breasts. The brunette's guard dropped sending her aching breasts shooting about in the confines of her tight shirt. Karen grimaces and bounces back of the ropes and rebounds forward right back at Michele. Karen takes another quick left jab to the face, but keeps coming as she sends a hard right cross into Michele's left eye. Michele groans as her face is smashed by the glove, but before she can get her guard up, Karen rears back putting her body into another huge uppercut that slams into Michele's chin.

LT This is boring...come on Karen knock her out already!

CE What match are you watching? This is great back and forth action!

Sweat begins coating both girls, and Karen continues sending a fury of punches as fast as she can throw them, and never slows as she pounds away at Michele. Karen keeps up the attack and begins peppering Michele's incredible body with quick lefts and rights, Michele just groans as her body is being used as a punching bag. Michele's body begins to weaken as her midsection and breasts are assaulted with stinging punches and crosses. It's not long before Michele is leaning against the ropes for support, shaking her head in pain while trying her best to cover up her aching midsection. Karen keeps up the attack throwing a hard right hook to Michele's exposed head, followed by a left and right hook to the stomach. As Michele's gloves go down to her stomach, Karen unleashes a shooting jab that connects squarely with Michele's right breast. Michele's face contorts with pain, and she brings her gloves up to cover her pulsing breast. Michele suddenly finds herself doubled over as a right barreled into her belly button. As Michele's gloves go down in response, Karen unleashes a hard right cross that lands flush into Michele's nose. Michele is clearly dazed as Karen steps up and pops a quick right uppercut square into her right breast followed by a stiff cross that connects with her chin. Michele is stunned as she tries her best to block the punches, but Karen's next right cross sends her spinning around.

Michele was desperate and continued her awkward spin and kept spinning leading with her elbow as she had seen some foxy boxers do in films. Karen had no defense as the blonde finished spinning, Michele's elbow connecting square into Karen's temple. Karen groaned and slightly dropped her guard, and before she could defend herself, she finds herself on the receiving end of a quick left jab to her breast. Fighting through the pain, Michele continues her attack and sends rights and lefts flying with no regard for precision punching. Now it's Karen who is being driven backward across the ring and into the corner, as she tried to stop the barrage of punches. But the punches continue flying and Karen does her best to cover up, yet a few quick jabs and crosses still find a way through her defense. Finally Karen is able to block a punch and uses that to regain her footing. Karen blocks the next jab and steps forward and blocks another week cross. Michele winds up for an uppercut, and Karen snaps a quick right that barrels into Michele's chin sending Michele's punch off course. Karen winds up and let's loose a wild left cross that slams into Michele's breast, followed by a jab to the face and then an uppercut to the chin.

LT Here we go...I have a feeling Michele is out right now... this is over!

CE Let's see what happens, I think both beauties have a lot of fight left in 'em.

Michele stagers as her head shakes side to side, the blonde is unable to cover up as Karen's left hook explodes into her right breast. A hard right cross slams into Michele's midsection, and Karen follows with a left hook to the jaw. The hard hook caught the blonde by surprise and sends Michele shooting backwards stumbling to keep her footing under her. Karen never slows as she steps forward and begins to throw punches as fast as she can. Quick rights and lefts, jabs and crosses all slam home and land flush into Michele's aching body. A left jab, followed by a right cross to the breast opens Michele completely up for a huge right uppercut that lands flush into her chin. Michele is still on her feet, and lifelessly falls forward coming into a cinch with Karen. The ref runs over, but Karen begins driving her fist up slamming it right into the base of Michele's breast. Michele groans and falls back a step, and Karen rears back and sends a huge right cross to the side of Michele's face. This time, Michele crumples to the mat and lies lifelessly as the referee walks over and begins counting. The gorgeous blonde rises and then falls to the canvas causing the ref to only momentarily slow his count.

LT That's it! Thank god the fight is finally over! Good job Karen!

CE Well it's not over yet, but it looks bleak for Michele as the ref's count is approaching ten.

The count continues and by 9 somehow Michele makes it back up to her feet and the crowd is going crazy. Michele is standing dazed against the ropes and the referee walks up and begins asking her questions to make sure she can continue. Karen slowly walks around and then slams a hard right cross into Michele's right breast. The referee spins around and Michele drops her gloves, but Karen slams another hard shot directly into her aching right breast. Michele groans as her breast fells like its going to burst, and the referee tries to restrain Karen. Karen breaks free of his grasp and lets loose a huge right cross that slams into Michele's face sending the blonde to the canvas. Michele lies lifelessly on the mat, and the blonde could be out cold as she still hasn't stirred and the ref is dragging Karen back to a neutral corner. With no count going on due to the illegal attack the ref goes back over and begins checking on the aching beauty. Michele is fighting through the pain trying not to think about her pulsing breast, but instead finding a way back up to her feet. With the help of the referee Michele staggers back up to her feet, and the referee finally steps back and ensures Michele is OK to go on.

LT Well any normal girl would have thrown in the towel by now, but Michele probably can't even feel her chest on any given day...those have to be the biggest sloppiest fake breasts I've seen in a while.

CE Fans Michele is right back on her feet and looks ready to go!

Trying to fight the ringing in her head the gorgeous blonde wastes no time and surprises everyone as she suddenly charges forward off the ropes. Karen tries to send a quick jab into Michele's midsection, but Michele easily blocked it and responses by using her momentum to fire a right cross of her own to Karen's head. Karen's upper body shots to the side and before she could get her gloves up Michele fires a hard left into her stomach, followed by another stinging right hook to the breast. As Karen's gloves begin to come down, Michele responds by firing a roundhouse left that crushes Karen's eye. Michele fights through the pain and begins sending rapid jabs and punches into Karen's face. Karen's gloves rise and that's when Michele begins sending crosses and hooks that slam into Karen's quivering breasts. Karen's gloves go down slightly and a huge uppercut meets her eye again. Karen falls forward and onto all fours starring at the canvas shaking her head. Karen lifts her head up to glare at Michele and her eye looks like it is starting to turn purple. Michele walks to her corner and tries to take in as much air as she can as Karen is just starting to crawl back up. The referee's count reaches 5 and Karen makes it up to her feet.

CE What a great turn of events! Michele fought through the pain and now it's Karen who looks shaky!

LT Great this is gonna go on...I really am going to need a drink...or two...or the whole bottle!

The referee was about to go over, but Michele charges across the ring pushing Karen into the corner. Karen suddenly cries out as her back is pinned in the corner and her breasts are met with a barrage of uppercuts and hooks. After four straight punches, Karen's guard comes down and Michele steps back and fires a huge uppercut that lands directly on Karen's nose. Karen's head flies back and she falls to the mat lifelessly, a small trickle of blood begins dripping out of her left nostril. The referee begins a count, and Karen shakes her head a few times before using her glove to wipe her aching nose. Seeing the blood trickle down to the mat clearly enrages her and she hurriedly jumps up to her feet. Wasting no time, she charges out of her corner and goes right through Michele's right cross taking the blow in stride. Karen lets loose a huge right of her own that connects with Michele's cheek. Michele's head snaps to the side and Karen begins throwing hard crosses right into Michele's breasts. Michele groans and trips over her heeled feet finding herself down on the mat holding her throbbing tits.

CE What great action, but now it's Michele who is on the canvas!

LT Just put me out of my misery...end this please!

The referee begins counting and Michele chooses to keep holding her aching mammaries rather than get right back up Using the count to her advantage, she gets back to her feet at 8 and brings the fight right back to Karen. Karen is slow in blocking Michele's left hook and Karen's breast explodes in pain. Dropping her guard slightly Karen takes a quick right cross to the side of her face, and brought her gloves up to her face in response a second to late. Michele took full advantage sending another hard cross into her opponent's breasts. Michele begins throwing jabs and rabbit punches into Karen's aching breasts. After her guard dropped slightly, Michele fires a hard right cross flush into Karen's already aching eye. Karen falls straight to the canvas, her breasts aching, her nose still slowly dripping blood and her eye beginning to swell.

CE That has to be it...Karen is out!

LT What a shame that gorgeous girl's face has been hit so much her nose is dripping blood...Michele is going to pay for that I bet!

CE That's if Karen can somehow get back up to her feet, it's not looking good.

The referee's count continues and somehow Karen staggers back upward, getting to her feet at 9 much to the surprise and delight of the crowd. Karen comes slowly at Michele and both girls seem a little hesitant to make a move. Finally after almost 15 seconds of circling one another, Michele charges forward her right arm rearing back. Michele lets fly with a huge right cross, but she clearly telegraphed it as Karen sidestepped the wildly swinging punch. Karen steps up and throws much more refined punches, a quick left jab to the midsection, followed by a right hook to the ribs. Michele groans, and can't get her glove up in time to stop the hard right to her breast. Backpedaling to get out of the line of punches, Michele just gets her gloves up to block a right cross. Karen lets loose with a left jab and then let's loose a massive right uppercut that barrels into the base of Michele's right breast. Michele's mouth drops open in agony and shock as her right breast shoots out of the confines of sexy top. Michele looks over at the referee and lifts her gloves to the side, but the referee doesn't do anything. The crowd is going crazy seeing Michele's free hanging breast, but Karen never slows as she steps up and fires a nasty right cross that explodes into Michele's hanging tit. Michele groans in agony as Karen begins ramming punch after punch right into her exposed breast. Tears begin streaming down Michele's flushing cheeks, the blonde tries to cover up but Karen begins throwing quick punches that drive Michele back into a corner. Karen sends a quick left jab across Michele's chin knocking the blonde's head to the side slightly.

LT Finally some action...I love it! Karen is going to pop that fun bag!

CE How could the referee not stop the fight!!! This is an atrocity, poor Michele stopped fighting after she was exposed and Karen took advantage of the situation!

Michele was dazed as her head was met with another punch, this time a hard right cross. Michele dropped her glove slightly and Karen took the opportunity to fire away at Michele's exposed breast. Michele cries out in pain as a hard right, then a left jab, then a right cross all crush her free hanging orb. A hard right cross to the jaw sends Michele falling back into the ropes, her arms drooping on them for support. As Michele's gloves fall Karen sends a huge uppercut into her hanging breast sending the exposed orb upward almost smacking her in the face. Michele is openly sobbing as a left jab then a right hook crushes her tit against her breast bone. Michele stumbles forward and before she goes down, Karen lets loose another haymaker that pancakes her pulsating breast. Michele falls to the mat crying and holding her throbbing breast and it looks like the referee's count is a formality as Michele's tit feels like it is going to explode. The crowd is going crazy while Karen parades around the ring as the ref's count just goes on and on, the gorgeous blonde laying on the mat holding her pulsing breast.

LT Great match for Karen...and don't look now fans but she doesn't seem to be done just yet!

CE Michele gave her all...I don't see what Karen is hoping to accomplish here.

LT She's going to get her revenge for those comments that Michele made about her backstage! Let's hope Karen rearranges that hideous face of Michele's!

Karen began tossing the gloves off her hands and once her fingers were free she went right back to Michele who was still laying on the mat. Michele shrieked as she was ripped up by her long blonde hair and stumbled awkwardly as Karen began dragging her to the corner. Michele gasped as Karen began tugging her sexy top downward and in seconds had it hanging around her tiny waist. Michele's breasts were already showing signs of the fight, and the blonde's right arm came up to cover them while the crowd went ballistic. Karen ripped into Michele's hair and dragged the aching beauty out of the corner and flipped her to the mat using her hair as a handle. Michele screamed as Karen stomped her heel square into her aching left breast, digging the spiky tip square into her flesh. Karen began grinding the tip twisting her ankle from side to side as Michele's hands flew up and tried to pry her ankle from her aching orb.

The arena suddenly burst in cheers as Natacha Peyre, Michele's training partner and friend came running out from the back. Natacha looked sexy wearing a tight pink top and short jean skirt with white tennis shoes and as she ran down to the ring. Karen turned her attention to the blonde who carried a steel chair in her hands as she made her way up the stairs into the ring. Karen was dead tired form the intense match and wanted no part of Natacha, especially wielding a metal chair! Karen dropped and slithered out under the bottom rope, leaving Natacha frustrated as Karen screamed and shouted at her from the arena floor as the blonde turned to care for Michelle.

LT: I can't believe Natacha would interfere in this match!

CE: Whatttt are you talking about...the match is over! Natacha just came out to save her friend!

Natacha helped Michele to her feet and helped the blonde push her aching breasts back into her top. The fans were on their feet applauding the effort she'd put into her first match as the blondes made their way back to their dressing room.