Karen McDougal vs. Candice Michelle by Southgate

Life at the mansion had become unbearable for Karen. Last month’s bash celebrating Candice Michelle’s Playboy pictorial was about all Karen could take. She had participated in a diva contest two years earlier and failed to make the grade, while that skank Carmella DeCesare actually progressed. Now, this cyber girl nobody Candice becomes a big deal; stealing the spotlight that should have been Karen’s. Okay, maybe Karen had too much to drink that night. Pouring a pitcher of beer over Candice may have been over the top, but challenging her to a no-hold barred fight was perfect. Tonight, fighting in a ring set up on the mansion lawn, Karen was determined to make a place for herself.

Karen struts her stuff in the ring. The 36 year old hard-body looks phenomenal, wearing a red thong bikini bottom. She exudes strength and confidence. She is ever so ready to destroy this cyber slut nobody turned wrestling superstar. Candice approaches with an entourage. She waves, struts like a peacock, lap dances several prominent gentlemen, then slowly makes her way to the ring. The 28 year old wears a silver bikini, that only suggests that it is covering anything. Once in the ring, she eyes Karen, then unhooks her top and tosses it out to the crown. Her full ‘D’ cups bounce as she dances luridly across the ring. An inch shorter that Karen, she looks every bit as muscular, trim waist, taut, full ass, thick, muscular thighs--the crowd actually grows quite for a moment, in awe, and then cheers wildly. Karen, upstaged, glares at the over-inflated wrestler. The two women are called to the center of the ring where the announcer announces that this is a no holds barred fight. The women glare, no one even thinks about suggesting a hand shake as they spin and head back to their corners.


Karen and Candice both rush forward, slamming into one another before Candice locks her arms around Karen’s waist and crushes her chest into the Playmate’s excellent but over-matched boobs!. Karen groans as she looks down in dismay at her tits which are being mashed flat by Candice’s. Karen counters, clamping her powerful arms around Candice’s torso, but the wrestler has better position and she cinches Karen tighter still. Karen grunts, leaning into her foe as their bodies strain and quiver, pressed together for nearly 30 seconds.

Suddenly, Karen howls; her arms drop as Candice grimaces, relentless, straining to apply still more pressure. Karen reaches up slowly and grabs a handful of Candice’s hair in one hand as she claws her face with the other. Undeterred, Candice’s crushing grip constricts tighter still and Karen moans, her body wilting. But she shakes off the momentary panic and her face is a mask of concentration as she twists her body; wrapping her legs around Candice’s legs, pressing pelvis-to-pelvis as she attempts tip the wrestler off balance. Both women’s muscles strain as they fight for control.

Few women can match Karen’s leg strength… but Candice can and the wrestler stops Karen’s momentum, shifts Karen’s weight and bodies her back where she wants her! Candice’s arms shift slightly lower and tighten around Karen’s back as she begins to lift Karen up onto her toes. Karen groans, then counters, planting the palms of both hands under her foe’s chin and shoving with what strength she can summon. She forces the wrestler’s head back but cannot break free. Karen grabs a handful of her hair, draws her free hand back and unloads a punch to the side of Candice’s head.

POW! Candice stumbles, but keeps her arms locked tight around her foe. Candice twists around, regains her footing by positioning her left thigh in between Karen’s legs. She squats slightly, then hefts the Playmate up off of her feet. Karen wails; the wrestler tightens her bear hug as her victim struggles to draw air into her compressed lungs.

“Give up or I’ll break your ribs!” Candice threatens.

Karen cocks her right fist, but Candice quickly drops and, extending her knee, she crotch smashes the Playmate! Eyes wide, Karen’s body goes limp. Candice loosens and lowers her grip enough to let Karen lean backward. The wrestler takes a few seconds to gather her strength, sneers, then hauls Karen to her feet and once more applies that crushing bearhug! The Playmate’s eye’s bug open as Candice’s grip tightens. Candice hoists Karen high and shakes the Playmate from side to side.

Surging with adrenaline, Candice leans into her foe as she bends Karen backward, trying to break her back. Searing pain rallies Karen. She wraps her hands around the wrestler’s head, moves them across her face, then finds her eyes. Karen jabs hard. Candice screams, drops Karen and turns away rubbing her watering eyes with one hand as she gropes towards the ropes.

Karen, gulping air, clambers to her feet, still gasping for air as she approaches the blinded wrestler. Karen’s right hand lashes our. The side of her hand slams into the wrestler’s throat. Candice falls to her knees, gagging. Karen stands for a moment, hands on her bruised ribs. She breaths in deeply, repeatedly, until she is numb to the pain that accompanies each breath. She steps towards her foe. Seizing Candice by the head, Karen drives her head forward and headbutts Candice who spins around, staggering, stunned, almost falling.

Karen throws a headlock on Candice, then bulldogs the athletic model to the mat. Candice hits the mat face first with terrific force and rolls onto her back, holding her head with both hands. Karen sits beside her, taking a few moments to fill her lungs as she rubs her throbbing ribs. Glaring at Candice, Karen shifts towards her, reaches down and wraps both hands around the wrestlers neck. As she slowly chokes her, Karen straddles her waist. Tears stream down Candice’s face as she desperately tries to pry Karen’s hands from her throat. But Karen is on a mission.

Candice sputters, her resistance fades. Smiling, Karen shifts her body, moving her legs to grapevine the wrestler’s legs. Karen lowers her body and wraps her arms around Candice’s head, forcing her face down into the deep crevice of her bosom. Candice gasps and sputters; Karen concentrates to control her foe’s powerful legs as she holds her own boobs down over her foe’s face. Candice yanks on Karen’s hair to no effect. But then Candice reaches her hands up and wraps her arms around Karen’s ribs again. Using all her reserves, Candice squeezes for all she’s worth. At first Karen grits her teeth, then she moans softly…then an audible groan…and finally she lets out a howl of pain and tries to pull away.

Candice manages to turn her head, draws a deep breath, then clinches Karen tight as she shifts her weight and rolls to her side taking Karen with her. Candice can feel Karen’s whole both writhe in agony as she pours on more pressure than Karen’s bruised ribs can absorb. She can feel the momentum shifting. This is her fight!!

Karen’s fingers find their way towards her foe’s eyes. Cursing, Candice releases her bear hug and pulls Karen’s hands from her face before further damage can be done. They struggle on the mat rolling over and over. Karen manages to roll Candice to her back, drives an elbow across Candice’s chest, just below her throat. Scrambling on top of the wrestler, Karen wraps an arm tight around the back of Candice’s head as she pumps her right fist into the side of Candice’s face. Candice thrashes from side to side, bucks wildly but Karen holds on and slugs away. Candice’s lips are puffy, one eye is nearly closed but she wraps her right hand in Karen’s hair and twists violently, finally throwing Karen off of her.

The two hellcats roll across the mat, both women screaming and cursing, arms and legs flailing. Karen, again manages to position herself on top of Candice, spreads her legs wide for leverage, grabs Candice’s hair with one hand, and smashes an elbow across Candice’s throat. As Candice gurgles, Karen, sits, up straddling her foe’s waist, and sinks her fingernails into Candice’s over-sized tits. Candice bucks her hips up, nearly unseating Karen, but the tough Playmate reaches back with her left hand, finds her foe’s thong and jerks up hard. Candice curses as she crashes back to the mat. Karen pulls for all she’s worth while her right hand digs into one of Candice’s tits. Candice, howling, reaches up and slashes at both of Karen’s tits. Karen counters by pounding her fist into Candice’s crotch. The frenzied attack leaves Candice cringing under the domineering Playmate’s all-out assault.

With a big smile on her face, Karen seizes Candice’s wrists and pins her arms on the mat. She bounces herself up and down on the wrestler’s belly. Karen leans forward and presses her boobs into the wrestler’s face, trying once again to smother her. Candice sputters and bucks. Pressing her feet into the mat, Candice arches up, lifting her butt of the mat and nearly unseating Karen. Karen leans back, holding tight with her legs around Candice’s waist. Karen locks her hands together and slams an ax handle down into Candice’s chest. She collapses to the mat. For good measure, Karen slams a series of ax-handles down into her foe’s chest. Karen lifts herself off of the stunned Candice, drives her knee into the wrestler’s gut. Standing quickly, Karen grabs her foe’s legs, spreads them wide and drives her knee into Candice’s wounded crotch.

Candice shrieks, sits up and then collapses onto her side, rocking and holding her crotch. Karen grabs a leg and twists, forcing Candice to roll onto her belly where Candice goes berserk, kicking her legs and thrashing her body. But Karen holds on and even manages to twist Candice part way onto her side, holding the wrestler’s left leg bent backwards. Karen reaches down to grab Candice’s free leg, going for a Boston Crab but Candice twists her body and flails her free leg until her foot slams into the Playmate’s wounded side and then her knee.

Karen is tripped to the mat and she lands on her back with her legs spread open. Candice, rolling onto her back, is in striking range and she raises her leg, then slams her heel down - twice - on the Playmate’s belly. Candice lashes out again and this time drives her foot into Karen’s ribs. Candice scrambles to her feet, pushes her hair back off her face, feeling her puffy lip, her swollen eye while Karen stands up holding her ribs and scowling.

The women circle each other. Karen holds up her hands and Candice obliges her in a test of strength. Their fingers lock tight, turn white as hands quiver and bodies press together. Slowly, Candice gains the advantage and drives the tough Karen to her knees. Candice twists her hands, bending the Playmate’s fingers backward, near the breaking point. Karen shrieks, yanks her left hand free and slams her fist up into the wrestler’s crotch. Candice tries to pull away, but Karen holds her in place as she thumps her fist into Candice’s crotch and belly. Candice drops to her knees. Karen slams an uppercut into her foe’s chin and shoves her to her back. Karen, slams a knee into Candice’s gut, squats down hard on Candice’s belly and immediately goes back to work on hammering on the wrestler’s tits. Candice drives her right fist up into Karen’s face, bloodying her nose. Candice thrusts up, hips bucking wildly and throws the dazed Karen from her perch. Karen lands hard on her side.

Candice, up quickly, kicks down hard, nailing Karen’s ribs. She hair hauls Karen off the mat and slams her knee into the Playmate’s chin. Karen fall onto her back. Candice stomps Karen’s belly. Karen rolls to her side. Candice smiles, then lands a double knee drop on Karen’s ribs. The Playmate rolls to her belly, trying to cover up. Candice squats down on her back, yanks up on Karen’s hair and locks on a camel clutch. The young brunette seems immensely satisfied when Karen cries out in agony. Candice pulls back on her neck and grunts with intense effort.

Holding Karen by the hair with her left hand, Candice slams her fist repeatedly into Karen’s head. Blood flows freely from Karen’s nose. Candice stands, hair hauls Karen to her feet. On her way up, Karen throws a fist into Candice’s belly, but Candice retaliates with a double ax-handle to Karen’s chest that drives her to her knees. Again, Candice hair hauls Karen to her feet and hammerlocks Karen’s left arm, shoving her forward into the corner turnbuckle where she pins her as she pummels her kidneys for a long 30 seconds. Karen screams as Candice concentrates on the punishing hammerlock, pulling up on the trapped arm with both hands. Then Candice spins Karen around and beats her sides with both fists for another thirty seconds, hammering Karen’s aching ribs until her fists are bruised.

As Karen sags in the corner, Candice wraps her arms around her waist, lifts Karen off the ropes, trapping the beaten Playmate in the ultimate and final bear hug. Karen’s legs dangle, swaying limply as Candice carries her slowly out to the center of the ring where, after planting her feet, Candice grunts and wrings every last ounce of resistance out of the Playmate.

Candice walks triumphantly around the ring, shaking the Playmate like a rag doll before finally tossing Karen’s body to the mat. Planting her right foot firmly on Karen's throat, Candice raises her arms high to celebrate her victory while the referee makes a perfunctory and totally unnecessary three count.