"Taped Fists and Battered Bushes": Karen McDougal vs. Demi Moore by Danny Boy & IRISH

The sounds of cheering echoed throughout the Arena!! The only Lights Hung overhead highlighting the fight area. They didn't need to plug them in; you could feel the electricity in the air.

The location: a pro style ring.

The setting: an abandoned warehouse somewhere in downtown Mesa, Arizona.

The fighters: Karen McDougal & Demi Moore.

The reason for this Match: Both women are in a Tough-woman Contest, the winner goes on to the next round while the loser has to fight Nikki Cox in a match of Nikki's Choice at a later date!!

Demi enters the Ring first wearing a pair of clear plastic panties, her hands taped with bright white athletic training tape. Karen enters the Ring next wearing a pair of Red Latex panties, her hands were taped in a similar manner.

The 2 women look at each other from across the ring with hatred in their eyes. Demi says "You're going down, bitch!!" Karen shakes her off with a sideward motion of her head and replies "Don't predict your own Defeat skank!!" The signal is given and the 2 women circle each other before Demi throws a punch at Karen it travels high and wide and misses the playmate!! Karen responds by punching Demi in the nose with a sharp right followed up by a left hook to the injured area drawing Blood!! First Blood to K-Mac!! Karen glances down at her own fist and admires the sharp contrast of the crimson red against the bright white tape.

Karen spends a little too much time focus on her hands and Demi moves inside and throws a punch that connects with Karen's stomach, stunning her and causing her to double over slightly. With Karen in the perfect position, Demi scores with an uppercut to her chin that causes her to stumble back into the ropes. Demi moves in quickly and keeps the playmate pinned there with a series of lefts and rights to the body.

Karen has had enough and shoves her way out of the corner. Demi moves in trying to go back on the offensive, but Karen snapped the actress's head backwards sending her mouth piece flying out of the ring over the top rope. Karen follows up by using Demi's tits as punching bags before landing a powerful uppercut to Demi's chin. Demi is stunned!!

The 2 women are now bloodied, but both intend to win this fight!! Demi, not able to take anymore punishment, clinches with the playmate to stop the assault by tying up Karen's arms. The ref steps in a forcing the two women to break. Demi immediately turns to the ref and begins to complain about Karen's tactics trying to buy some time to recover. Stopping the fight and telling Demi that she has been watching closely and everything has been clean and legal. "Bullshit!" Demi insist, stepping around the ref. "She hit me right here!" firing a punch up between Karen's legs.

Karen dropped to the mat on all fours, gasping for air. The ref pulled Demi away from the fallen playmate, as Demi scored with one last kick to the ribs further knocking the air from the brunette. When the ref turned back to Karen to see if she continue, Demi burst past her and stomped down on her left hand with her heavy boot. Demi was again forced to the other side of the ring to keep her away from Karen.

After a moment, the ref was able to help Karen up to a standing position. "Will you be OK to continue?" the ref inquired. "This is a tough-woman competition, isn't it?" Karen said to the ref insisting on going after Demi right then and there. Karen flexed her injured hand a couple of times as she felt the tape cutting into her flesh as her fingers swelled. She had to end this fight fast or she would not be able to use her left hand.

The ref motioned for the two women to continue and they met at center ring. Demi fired first bouncing a right hook to Karen's ribs that she had kicked in earlier. When Karen yelped from the pain, Demi moved in for Moore, I mean more. With Karen's left arm lowered to try and protect her injured ribs, Demi swung for the fences this time with a punch aimed right at Karen's head, looking for the knock out blow.

Luckily, the playmate was able to duck under the punch and buried her right fist into Demi's unprotected belly. Acting on instinct instead of thinking, Karen followed up with a left to the actress's jaw. "Aaaaahhhh!!!!" It wasn't Demi who yelled out, but rather Karen. She saw stars when she used her injured hand to throw the punch. "Damn!" she thought as she tried to shake away the pain and Demi closed in with a toothy smile. "Looks like it's my turn now bitch!" Demi said as she approached Karen and grabbed a handful of hair in both hands.

Holding the playmate by the mane, Demi whipped her into the corner causing Karen to strike back first against the ring post. She grunted in pain as both arms made their way over the top rope, trying to stay on her feet. Seeing Karen's full breast jutting out in front of her, Demi forgot that this was a boxing match and moved in locking a double breast claw on the playmate causing let out a scream. The ref bolted in and tried to pull Demi off of the top of Karen but was not having any success. Finally, Demi had grown tired of the ref's interference and turned and gave her a shove, sending her skidding across the canvas on her ass. Demi spun her attention back to Karen to finish up the match.

As she moved in closer, claws extended, Demi was all smiles at the look of fear in Karen's eyes. Or was that determination? When Demi reached out to latch onto Karen's breast again, Karen fired a knee up between Demi's legs. Demi stood in shock with her lips forming an "O" as she gasped in pain. Then Karen gives Demi a brutal uppercut!! KO!!!! Demi drops to the canvas out cold!! The fight is over!!!

Karen looks down at Demi and says, "Next time stick to using a vibrator, bitch!!!"

Suddenly, Kimberly Conrad-Hefner enters the ring and raises K-Mac's Hand, then gives Karen a long kiss and says, "Come with me, honey, IRISH is waiting for both of us!!"

They leave the ring hand in hand as the battered, beaten, bloodied and nearly naked form of Demi Moore is wheeled off to the hospital.