Karen McDougal vs. Paulette Myers (I) by Irish

Spring had turned to summer and already all the calendars had picked models and the photo shoots were underway. And as always, Playboy Inc. was in the process of shooting their calendars for the up-coming year. One day they shot swimsuits, another lingerie. This year, in addition to the normal calendars, they were doing a fitness calendar and one with 'Playmates on motorcycles.' Beside the popular perennial Playmates, a few new models got a chance and were eager to follow instructions to the T. The new girls had to arrive earlier then established models when they underwent an orientation since Playboy found new model photo shoots took longer since the photographer had to make them feel at ease before they could get usable pictures. One new model was Paulette Myers, a young hard body full of piss and vinegar. She got bored halfway through orientation and struggled to stay awake.

Finally, it was time to begin shooting and the first series of photos Paulette was to pose for included a jet-black motorcycle with a Playboy logo. She was shown the motorcycle and told to start getting some ideas while they whisked her off to wardrobe. She was given a garment and sent to a changing room to slip into the costume. When she opened it, she found it was only a pair of black leather chaps. Some other girls left their dressing rooms to complain about the outfits they were required to wear...those women were given a polite tour of the photo studio, then shown the door.

When Paulette stepped out of the dressing room in her street clothes, Christy Hefner sighed, "Shit! I thought she was the one!"

But then Paulette stopped in front of the photo crew and stripped naked, then seductively wriggled into her chaps for a day's work.

Christy was all smiles, "Oh good, you stuck around. I knew you were Playmate material as soon as I laid eyes on you."

"I don't know what the other girls thought they'd be wearing, but this IS a Playboy calendar isn't it?" laughed Paulette.

Christy didn't hear a word Paulette said because she couldn't stop staring at Paulette's luscious young body, "WOW! Lookit the body on you, you pretty young thing! I bet you work out!" Then murmured sotto voce, "Ever fight another woman?"

Paulette didn't like the direction the conversation was headed, but she bit her lip, figuring Christy had a lot of influence and could help her career; especially when Christy warmly put a hand on her shoulder and purred, "You follow instructions and I'll help you make important contacts. Playmate of the Month could be in your future, you never know."

Paulette smiled broadly as if Christy had read her mind. Soon, Christy's hand was fluttering over the front of Paulette's amazing body, pausing briefly to fondle a breast before heading 'south of the border.' Paulette's grin was becoming strained as her skin crawled at the disgusting old woman's touch. "Yes sweetheart! Listen to old Christy and you're goin' places!"

The photo shoot began under Christy's close personal supervision. Paulette had the body of a fighter, but Christy wanted to see how tough she really was. Over the next couple of hours, Christy bossed Paulette around, having her pose in some very unorthodox poses. Not that the photographer was really taking any pictures! Christy merely wanted to ensure her new girl could follow instructions. She did!! Christy often stopped to approach Paulette and 'help' pose her. Very few useable photos were taken, but Christy couldn't keep her hands off the attractive model at her command. Paulette rapidly grew weary of the prolonged session and hoped lunch was soon to arrive. When Christy heard some movement in the adjoining studio, she decided to see if part two of her plan was falling into place.

"Paulette dear," she purred soothingly. "Please excuse me a moment. I have to check on the others."

"Finally!" sighed the photographer when Christy left. "Now I can actually get some pictures for the calendar!"

Knowing he didn't have long before Christy returned, he put Paulette through her paces and snapped frantically until she returned. Next door, 1998 Playmate of The Year Karen McDougal was posing in a bikini and black pumps straddling a yellow custom motorcycle. The Playboy pecking order was obvious from these pictures alone. Paulette had to arrive at the crack of dawn and pose half naked on a stock cycle while Karen arrived minutes before her session, fresh as a daisy and was shot lying across what looked like a Jesse James special edition cycle.

Christy grabbed Karen's photographer and warmed him if he liked his job, he'd have Karen start the motorcycle and rev the engine when she left to return to the other room. The photographer was puzzled but he played along. Christy went back to Paulette's studio and intentionally left the door between the rooms ajar. On cue, the pipes of Karen's custom cycle brought the decibel level in the studio to an unbearable level.

Paulette was unable to hear the instructions Christy was giving although Christy accented the difficulty by speaking softly and pretending to yell instructions. Christy began to wave her arms, feigning aggravation at the turn of events caused by the motorcycle's roar. When Christy thought enough time of her mock anger had passed, she told the photographer to pack up his equipment. Then she approached Paulette who was now spread-eagled on the black cycle.

Christy stood between Paulette's spread legs and slowly rubbed her hand on the blonde's taught stomach as she said breathily, "I'm really sorry things didn't work out hon. But I'm gonna have'ta cancel your session. You're such a beautiful girl...I really wanted you to get a fair chance..."

Before she could continue, Paulette sat upright and slapped Christy's hand away from her body.

"What the hell do you mean cancel the shoot? You've had me here since 4 AM and you've been pawing all over me since. Now you're kicking me out? I don't think so!" screamed Paulette, her face growing redder by the moment.

"Oh boy! This was gonna be good," thought Christy.

"Well, Paulette, we can't continue shooting under these conditions. I'm sorry, but there's nothing that I can do. The way that McDougal bitch's contract is written, she has 'creative control' of all her photo shoots. She chooses when and where they take place. I asked her...you saw me go over there...to please give you a break. I explained this was your first photo shoot. I asked for her cooperation. And she...(sigh)"

"And she what?" demanded Paulette, her color rising.

"Well I don't know how to say this but..." continued Christy.

"Spit it out! That's how you say it!" Paulette snapped curtly.

"'Fuck her!' That's what she said," Christy explained. "'Fuck her' I told her you were a virgin and she said, 'Well, fuck her! That's not my problem!' I've got no control over the bitch. Just pick up your things and show yourself out. We don't want any trouble," lied Christy as she spun on her heel and stalked out of the room.

As soon as she walked out the door, Christy walked to the two-way mirror into Karen's photo studio. Paulette's photographer approached her to ask what was going on but Christy said, "Just don't stand there! Get your camera ready. Better yet, get the video cam and meet me inside!"

Paulette sat there with her blood boiling until she exploded and screamed, "Fuck her? I'll show her 'fuck her'!"

Paulette stormed through the door into Karen's studio where Karen had just shut off the motorcycle and told her photographer, "I've had enough of that! I don't know why you wanted me do it in the first place."

He tried to explain he was following orders, but Karen never had a chance to hear him. As she lay on her stomach over the cycle, her ass jutting in the air, Paulette stormed through the door and jumped in the air, coming down straddling the surprised brunette's waist. Before Karen knew what was happening, Paulette had two handfuls of her hair and begin banging her face on the cycle's fuel tank. The photographer didn't realize what was going on, it all happened so fast! He was looking through his viewfinder when a blonde appeared in the frame and leaped on Karen.

He started toward the melee to separate them when Christy burst into the room screaming, "Get your ass back behind that camera! I'm paying you to take pictures not referee!"

Karen was taken be surprise and whoever was on her back was quickly knocking the fight out of her. She managed to turn her head slightly which was when she saw a smiling Christy Hefner standing with the photographer busy snapping away pictures and a second cameraman video taping her beating. Paulette grabbed a handful of brown hair and began raining punches on the side of Karen's face. Looking up into the mirror behind the camera, Karen saw it was a muscular blonde but because her face was covered by her blonde hair she couldn’t recognize her. Karen repositioned herself with her feet flat on the floor, then grabbed her attacker's wrists, temporarily gaining relief from the onslaught.

In a fierce battle for supremacy, they battled back and forth with neither gaining an advantage. With Karen still beneath her, Paulette shifted her body slightly, putting a knee in the small of Karen's back and digging in. When she found a comfortable position, Paulette pulled back on Karen's hair, bending the Playmate backward until Karen's body quivered with the energy she was using trying to relive the pressure on her lower back. The blonde was to strong for her to break the hold but she suddenly let go of Karen's hair and the brunette crashed face first into the fuel tank.

With Karen now laying motionless between her legs, Paulette untied the Playmate's bikini top and pulled it up, wrapping it tightly around her neck, pulling Karen back upright; this time by the top choking the life from her. As Paulette yanked Karen into position like she was trying to fold her backward in half, the Playmate's hands shot to the material at her throat trying to pull it loose so she could breathe. But Karen's struggles quickly diminished and Paulette began shaking her back and forth violently, her face twisted in a crazed expression. When Karen’s body went limp, Paulette pushed her limp body off the bike on the camera side, then she slid off and grabbed Karen by the hair. She pulled the defeated Playmate to her kneels and looked up, realizing Christy had been there the whole time!

"Wait! Ms. Hefner I can explain this!" pleaded Paulette. "I'm really sorry!"

Before she could go on, Christy held a hand to silence her, "It's like this kid... you beat the shit out of one of my feature models. Now I'm in a jam to complete the week-ends shooting. I don't know what I'm gonna do," she said, winking at her cameraman. "Don't get me wrong...," she continued. "I’ve wanted to see that slut get her ass kicked for years and you certainly did a fine job of it... but now I don’t have a model for our calendar..."

Realizing she’d let her anger get the best of her, Paulette pleaded, "I'm so sorry! I'll do anything to make up..."

Just then, Karen began to gasp and wheeze as she unwrapped the bikini from her neck.

"Well Paulette,” Christy said smoothly. “Since you offered…..Um, I guess we could use you in some of Karen’s poses…"

Karen had taken a few deep breaths and was struggling to get back to her feet but Paulette still had her hair from behind.

"If she’s unable to make her photo shoots," Christy said. "You can fill in…for her salary, of course. But that's ONLY if she’s unable to continue….you get me?" Paulette looked puzzled until Christy shouted, "Finish what you started damn it bitch!"

Looking at Christy’s angry scowl it finally sank in! Paulette swung into action. With a tight grip on Karen’s brown hair, Paulette pulled the weakened Playmate into a reverse headlock. As Karen's full breasts rose up toward her, Paulette raised her fist and began pounding for all she was worth. Karen's knees grew weak. She was unable to maintain her awkwardly bent back posture and started to slump to the floor.

"You getting this?" Christy screamed at the shocked photographer who quickly changed film and began snapping as his partner kept the video rolling.

Paulette released Karen who crashed to the floor flat on her back. Paulette again looked at Christy for direction. Without speaking, Christy rolled her hand in a circular motion to say ‘keep going.’ For the opportunity she was being given here, Paulette was willing to pound the shit out of the stuck up has-been for as long as Ms. Hefner wanted. She reached down and pulled Karen's legs straight up, then she lifted Karen upside down into the air and locked her into a bear hug, holding Karen upside down with her head between her legs and her face stuffed in the opening between her legs not covered by her chaps. With the Playmate secured in place, Paulette squeezed for all she was worth as Karen's arms and legs flailed wildly as she struggled in vain to break the powerful hold. Christy again played director, telling the cameramen to position themselves down low behind Paulette's legs. With the blonde's sculptured ass in the foreground, all they could see of Karen was her forehead and long brown hair.

"Paulette, be a dear and let Karen slide down just a bit," Christy instructed.

Looking behind her, Paulette got the of the shot they wanted, so she lowered Karen until her nose slide into her pussy. "That's perfect! Just like that!" Christy praised her performance.

“Well, if that’s what it takes to help my career,” Paulette mused. “Why not!”

She began lifting Karen up and then letting her slide down so she appeared to be masturbating herself on the Playmate's face. Paulette picked up the pace until she gasped and left a gooey snail's trail on Karen's face. Karen had recovered enough to fight back and she grabbed Paulette's legs in both arms and wrapped her thighs around Paulette’s head in a scissors. Paulette just laughed at the futile attempt to free herself. Not having any success with her scissors, Karen tried to use her forehead to butt her way out of the predicament. Her efforts were weak at best but after one stinging close call, Paulette got pissed. With Karen's head squeezed between her thighs, the blond dropped to her knees and drove Karen's head into the floor. Karen crumpled to the floor and Paulette looked up at Christy again. This time she fanned her hand in front of her mouth as if she were getting bored.

"If it's action she wants, it's action she’ll get!" muttered Paulette as she stood up between Karen's legs and picked up her ankles.

Paulette then began to stomp Karen's defenseless pussy with her black motorcycle boots while Christy looked down studying her fingernails to show Paulette she was losing interest in the fight now that Karen was nearing unconsciousness again.

"Hey! Watch this!" Paulette told Christy.

Still standing between Karen's legs, Paulette picked Karen up and wrapping the brunette's limp legs around her waist. She took a step toward the motorcycle, lifted Karen into the air and then slammed her down on her back across the seat. The impact had a crippling effect on Karen whose body folding in a "U" over the frame of the bike as she screamed in pain. When Paulette released her, Karen pitched backward over the bike and crumpled on the floor on the other side. But Paulette had gotten too close to the bike and had burned her shin through the leather chaps when her leg brushed the exhaust. The immediate shock of pain reminded her Karen had been running the cycle during her shoot which had precipitated the whole chain of events.

"I'll show that cunt, ‘fuck her’!" Paulette sneered as she stepped around the cycle toward the fallen brunette.

When she reached her, she roughly pulled off Karen’s bikini bottom and kicked her body over toward the bike.

"Hey, does that video have sound?" she called as she knelt in front of Karen, grabbed a handful of her thick pubic hair and shoved Karen back until her bare butt hit the hot exhaust pipe.

Karen instantly screamed out her surrender, "Please stop! I give! Please…stop…stop….STOP DAMMIT!"

But seeing the look on Christy's face, Paulette knew her new employer was enjoying this new torture a little too much to allow her to quit. After enjoying a few seconds of Karen’s painful screaming, Paulette released Karen who immediately scrambled away from the bike. Christy still was being entertained and looked for her beautiful new young champion to finish off Karen once and for all.

"OK Paulette! We're almost out of film. Big finish for the folks at home!" Christy moaned, squeezing her thighs on the hand down the front of her dress.

Running out of ideas, but wanting to lock up the modeling job, Paulette eyed the spokes of the custom bike's front wheel.

"I bet that’d hurt like hell," she thought.

Using Karen’s own bikini bottom, Paulette bound her wrists behind her back, then she dragged Karen back to the bike, dropping her on her chest with her face just inches from the cycle’s rear wheel. Sitting behind Karen, Paulette pulled her arms up high at right angles to her back, then she planted a foot between Karen's shoulder blades and pushed down, forcing Karen's right breast between the spokes. Karen kept crying and screaming out her surrender from the pain generated on her shoulders by the hold as Paulette pushed with her foot and pulled up on her arms. When she had Karen’s breast positioned right where she wanted, Paulette held Karen's arms between her legs which freed her hands.

"Ready for this?” Paulette asked. “Take a close up of the front wheel!"

Christy didn't know what Paulette was up to, but a picture’s worth a thousand words and in this picture, Karen's face was distorted in pain as her breast was pushed through the spokes of the front wheel of the custom bike. Christy dropped to her knees for a closer look and Paulette reached out to grab the motorcycle's frame. Christy made eye contact with Karen just as Paulette rolled the motorcycle forward, pinching Karen's trapped breast between the spokes and the front fork. After her initial scream, Karen stopped writhing and sobbing. The stare that she and Christy shared passed from anger, to pained, to an empty thousand yard stare in less then a second. Christy stood up and walked around to Paulette, telling her to release Karen from the hold. As Paulette got up, Christy slipped her arm around the blonde and lead her toward her office.

"Girlfriend, you have some papers to sign. I wasn't totally honest, you just kicked the shit out of one of the toughest Playmates we have. Or should I say, we had?"

Over drinks in Christy’s bedroom that night, she and Paulette hammered out the rest of the deal that gave Paulette her Playboy calendar.

"Paulette, you can come in at 10 tomorrow; only new girls have to be here at 4. And try to get plenty of rest, I want my new girlfriend and my cover girl looking good for the camera!"
Paulette Myers vs. Karen McDougal (Rematch) by Irish

The second day of the photo shoot took place along side the ocean with the women in bathing suits in the surf. Christy paid special attention to Paulette as she primped and preened over her all day. Some of the other girls wondered who Christy's new toy was but didn't pay too much attention to her other than to say 'Hello'. She seemed nice enough, they figured, but if she was with Christy they steered clear of her like she had the plague. The third day it was lingerie day and as Paulette was changing with a few of the other girls, she overheard them wondering where Karen was. It was the second day in a row she hadn't shown up and it wasn't like her; they were growing concerned.

"Are you talking about that loud-mouth bitch who was here on motorcycle day?" Paulette asked. "I put her in her place."

They couldn't believe what they were hearing, "You must be talking about someone else. Karen never said an unkind word about anyone."

"Oh, I'm not mistaken!" Paulette said, standing and pressing her chest in the face of a seated Shannen Stewart and shoving her backward off the bench she was sitting on. "If any one of you sluts has a problem with that, I'll kick your ass too!" huffed Paulette as she stormed out of the dressing room, knocking Angel Boris down as she barged out.

The girls were speechless when she left, wondering, "What the hell happened between her and Karen?"

During the photo shoot, Shannen asked her photographer if he knew what'd happened with Karen and he shook his head sadly, "The most brutal beating I ever saw! I shot a couple of Tyson's fights for Sports Illustrated and I saw the piece of ear he bit off but that was nothing compared to what Ms. Hefner made that girl do to Karen. She had her beat Karen down, then she tortured her for almost an hour afterward. You ask me, that one's bad news and I'd stay far away from her!"

Day four arrived and this time the shoot was in a gym. The models wore exercise clothes and posed with workout equipment and in a ring. New girl Paulette strutted around with a smug air as she had been thrust into the spot light. Fighting Karen had been the best way to start what was looking like it would be a very promising career. If any of these other chumps wanted a piece of her, she wondered what kind of impact that would have.

Paulette was in black Lycra shorts with red stripes and a red Lycra top with black trim that zipped up the front as she worked a heavy bag with taped fists while a photographer snapped away. A small crowd of models and Playmates gathered round to watch her and she began to show off her kick boxing skills for their benefit. She'd worked up a sweat that had her body glistening, accenting her curves and muscle tone. Christy was ecstatic at what she was seeing, not only were they getting some great material for the calendar, but Paulette was sending a clear message to the other Playmates that she and Christy were not to be messed with. Then Paulette spun around and again bumped into little Angel Boris. She quickly dropped the tiny redhead with a spinning kick to the side of her face. Paulette stood over Angel's body with her hands on her hips as she issued a challenge.

"If any of you other cunts wants a piece of me...."

With all eyes on Paulette, Karen McDougal entered the room and quietly approached her from behind, "I think I'd like a chance at a fair fight bitch!"

Hearing the familiar voice, Paulette spun and lashed out with a spin kick aimed at Karen's head. But Karen ducked under it and connected with a hard sidekick just behind the locked knee of Paulette's planted leg that dropped her like a rock. With her rival on the floor clutching her injured leg, Karen began to stomp her as the other Playmates cheered as they'd quickly grown sick and tired of Paulette's spoiled diva act. Karen unwrapped the cloth tape from around Paulette's fists and used it to bind her wrists together, then she hauled the blonde to her feet by her hair and roughly pulled her over to the heavy bag.

Using the hook that held the heavy bag suspended, Karen secured Paulette's bound wrists to it, hanging her from the ceiling. Paulette had to stand on tip-toes to ease the pressure on her shoulders, but she couldn't free herself. Karen unzipped the front of Paulette's top, baring the firm breasts that were about to become Karen's favorite targets. She worked over the blonde's breasts and belly for several minutes until the blonde's body began to sag. So, Karen went around behind the heavy bag, lifted the bottom of it up as high as she could, then let go and let it pendulum into the trapped blonde, hitting her in the ass sending her legs flying up in the air.

The Playmates all had a good laugh at Paulette's expense and, due to popular demand, Karen repeated it several times to great glee. The effect the heavy bag had on Paulette was more embarrassing then painful and she was beginning to recover from Karen's early onslaught as she tried to work her hands free from the binding tape.

Christy yelled at Karen, telling her to stop or she'd find herself unemployed. Karen just turned to her and said, "Don't think for a minute I forgot about you bitch! When I'm done with her, your nex..."

Karen's threat was short-circuited when Paulette swung both legs up and wrapped them around Karen's neck from behind, cutting off her air as she began to crush her neck between her muscular thighs. Paulette pulled Karen to her till she was sitting on Karen's shoulders and able to lift her taped wrist over the hook from which she was suspended. Still strangling Karen with her leg scissors, Paulette sunk both hands into the brunette's hair and pulled with all her might, wanting to leave the brunette bald. Christy backed up grinning and clapping excitedly!

Karen's scalp was on fire and she had to struggle just to get a breath. She couldn't believe how strong the young upstart was. She was about to panic under Paulette's relentless attack when she saw a low archway separating the workout area from the sports ring. She ran at the arch and knocked Paulette off her shoulders when she hit the low bridge. Paulette was stunned, but not out of the fight as she struggled to get back to her feet. Karen grabbed a handful of blonde hair and ran toward the ring dragging Paulette along in tow. When she reached the ring, Karen stopped and whipped Paulette around, sending her crashing into the steel ringpost shoulder first.

Paulette shrieked in pain as she crumpled to the floor clutching her injured shoulder in both hands. Karen picked up the heavy ring steps and lifted them high over her head. Standing with one foot on Paulette's ankle, Karen twisted the leg so it was pinned flat on the floor, then this demure former Playmate of The Year powerslammed the steps down onto Paulette's knee. Paulette screamed as she rolled and writhed around on the floor holding her knee; her body rocking back and forth in a great deal of pain.

Karen reached down and grabbed the wrist and ankle of Paulette's injured limbs and pulled, locking her into a wicked bow and arrow hold that inflicted even more pain on the young blonde. Just as Paulette thought it couldn't get any worse, she reached a new threshold of pain when Karen lifted her by her injured limbs and tossed her into the ring over the top rope! Gasping as her new champion - the woman that was going to help her rise to power - now in severe jeopardy, and facing the very real possibility of a public humiliation, Christy Hefner shoved through the crowd, rushing forward to the aid of her girl. But Christy was abruptly halted in her tracks, grabbed by Shannen Stewart!

As Christy writhed in Shannen's grasp, Karen reached under the ropes and pulled Paulette's workout shorts and thong down her legs, stripping her body before she grabbed Paulette's ankles and dragged the blonde's body forcefully forward, slamming her crotch into the ring post!

Any hope Paulette had of a recovery was dashed - it just wasn't going to happen without outside interference! And judging by the way Paulette had treated the other models in the last few days, she had a better chance of seeing GOD than any of them helping her - especially against Karen! Christy, as if she could see the future, decided this would be a very good time to go back to her office and return some phone calls. She left Karen who was wiping the floor with the beaten and destroyed Paulette.

Finally, Karen rolled Paulette on her back and straddled her chest, pinning her arms at her sides. Karen cruelly slapped Paulette until the blonde's vacant eyes stared blankly up at her, then Karen began to torment the young upstart.

After a few minutes, one of the photographers stepped forward and knelt beside them, asking, "I know this's none of my business, but do you two notice someone's not around any longer? I mean, not that you need me to remind you, but Christy was behind this whole thing. Paulette, the other day with the motorcycles? Christy orchestrated that whole thing! Now, you two can be pissed at each other and I won't care. But if you're looking to place blame, Christy's your villain."

That snapped Karen partially out of her rage. She threw a parting shot - a right cross to the jaw - and left the studio. Behind in her wake, Karen left a battered blonde, dazed and spread-eagled in the ring.

Just as everyone was gathering up their stuff and getting ready to leave, when Angel yelled, "Wait just a minute!"

The redheaded Playmate hopped up on the ring apron, then climbed to the top turnbuckle. All eyes, and a couple of camera lenses, focused on the middle of the ring. Just as Paulette began to struggle to get to her feet, Angel leaped off the top rope.

Screaming "Banzai!" she sailed through the air feet first and paid the blonde back for her earlier unprovoked attack with her own favorite move, 'the two tit drop kick!'

"That was a keeper!" screamed the photographer with a smile as he lowered his camera, having captured the perfect action shot.