Language Barrier: Karen McDougal vs. Ellen Rocche by Irish

It was Super Bowl Sunday and although there was the Michelob Light Playmate Party in San Diego, the real party was taking place back at the Playboy Mansion. Playmates from around the globe attended Hef's latest bash with this years theme being, ‘If you can't be an athlete, Be an athletic supporter!’ In keeping with the theme, many Playmates and invited guest were dressed in the jersey of their favorite team, college or pro. Karen and Irish attended the party in his and hers Notre Dame football jerseys. Hef approached them and kissed Karen hello.

"Kelly green! Nice touch! #3. Lemme guess... Joe Montana?"

"Good guess Hef," said Karen. Shaking Irish's hand, Hef pondered, then asked, "Navy blue #45…who's that?”

"I'll give you three hints Hef... Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!" chuckled Irish.

All three laughed and Hef asked for Karen's help meeting and greeting the guest. Irish excused himself and with a cold Bud in one hand and a handmade Arturo Fuente in the other he set out for a comfortable chair in front of the big screen TV. Some people actually did watch the game on Super Bowl Sunday and with gorgeous women serving hors d'oeuvre and making sure that your drink was always full, life couldn't be better. Karen made her way around the room renewing old acquaintances and meeting some of the foreign Playmates who were spending their first day in the United States. There was a small group of women near the bar and Karen approached to introduce herself and welcome them to the mansion.

As she grew near she heard a tall blonde in broken English say, "Irish how you say, suck?"

Karen's ears perked up as she walked up behind the blonde who was saying, "First problem with the Trojan, then on New Years just horrible performance!"

Karen tapped her on the shoulder and said, "Excuse me, I over heard you say something about Irish."

Just then Christy Hefner stepped in and said, "Oh good, you two already met. Karen this is Ellen Rocche one of our Brazilian Playmates. Ellen, this is Karen McDougal, one of our OLD Playmates."

Karen shot her a dirty look as Christy quickly hustled her butt across the room.

"First old Playmate, I not talking to you! Second, like I say, Irish suck! You go now before you get hurt!"

Karen just stood there trying to absorb what had just been said to her by this bitch, but again Ellen yelled, "GO!"

"I don't know who you think you are missy! But nobody talks to me like that!" responded Karen.

Ellen again in broken English said, "What you do about it, old Playmate!"

"Let's you and I take a little walk down stairs bimbo,” Karen hissed. “I'll show you what I'm going to do about it!"

Karen led the Brazilian away from the partygoers and down into the arena. When they reached the ring Karen shut the door and locked it so that the two women would not be disturbed. Karen pulled her new jersey that Irish had given her up over her head so that it would not be damaged in the scuffle. When the 23-year-old blonde saw what she was doing, she took it as a challenge for her to also remove her clothing.

It now became a game of one-upmanship as both Playmates were soon standing in their bra and panties.

Ellen then removed her undergarments and slipped under the bottom rope saying, "Where I come from, this is how you fight!"

Karen stripped the remainder of her clothing and slipped between the two bottom ropes. Just as she lifted her leg and stepped through, Ellen planted a solid kick to Karen's temple stunning the brunette. Before she knew what hit her, Ellen grabbed Karen by the hair and powered two knee uppercuts into Karen's chin leaving the brunette wobbly and straddling the ropes.

Ellen slid under the bottom rope to the outside of the ring, grabbed hold of both of Karen's ankles and pulled her off her feet; forcing the rope between her naked legs into her sex. The attack relentlessly continued as Ellen ran towards the right ring post dragging Karen's body along the rope and then changed directions back the other way. Karen's pussy was on fire as it was abraded across the rough covering of the ring rope. Once Ellen made her way back towards the center of the rope, she pulled back on Karen's legs like she was drawing an arrow back into a bow. When the rope reached it maximum, Ellen let go and Karen vaulted forward landing in the center of the ring with a thud.

Ellen climbed the outside of the ropes to the top turnbuckle and leapt off dropping a knee to Karen's lower back. The brunette Playmate rolled around in pain in the center of the ring. When Ellen approached, she kicked Karen in the ribs forcing her onto her back.

Ellen pulled Karen's arms up over her head and then knelt on either side of her head pinning them to the ground. Ellen then dug her sharpened fingernails into the under side of Karen's breast and began to maul them as she taunted her American hostess.

"Where I come from, We respect old peoples, but you are not from my place," said Ellen as Karen cried out in pain.

Soon her cries were cut short when the 5'9" blonde lowered her 39" ass onto Karen's face smothering her nose and mouth.

"I knew that Irish was your boyfriends name the whole time asshole!" taunted Ellen.

Karen was struggling to free herself when Ellen's last comment pissed her off further. Drawing on her last ounces of strength, Karen kicked up with both legs connecting solidly with Ellen's forehead knocking the blonde from her perch. Both women scrambled to their feet with Karen standing a little faster. Grabbing the Brazilian by her hair, she pulled her into a side headlock and began pumping right fist into her face unmercifully. The blonde slipped her hand around the back of Karen and worked her claw into Karen's damaged pussy. Once she found the right spot, Ellen clamped down for all she was worth till the grip that Karen had on her head loosened. She then powered Karen up onto her shoulder and dropped backward bouncing Karen's head off the mat stunning her.

"What's the matter old Playmate? Having a tough day?" Ellen then picked up both of Karen's ankles and stomped down onto her womanhood causing Karen to nearly pass out from the pain. "When I'm done with you, I'm going to put on that green sweater of yours and plop my ass down on your boys lap and what the rest of the game."

Ellen raised her foot for another stomp, but Karen reached out and grabbed her by her other leg pulling it out from under her knocking her onto her ass. Karen quickly locked her legs around Ellen's neck and rolled her to her side trying to choke out her rival. After softening up the blonde, and catching her own breath, Karen pulled Ellen up onto her wobbly legs and Irish whipped her into the ropes. Ellen was met with a devastating clothesline dropping her to the mat. The fact that her head was still attached to her shoulders was a miracle in itself.

Once again Karen whipped the blonde into the ropes, but this time her large ass fell between the bottom two ropes. Karen was on her in a flash and used the top rope to trap her rival. Karen made up for her earlier abuse and then some by pounding away at the defenseless blonde until she was just about out. Karen then grabbed her by her two nipples and stretched them till their full extension and began to twist. Ellen was jolted back from dreamland and was begging Karen in perfect English to please stop. After several more moments of a one sided beat down, Karen knocked out the Brazilian with a final kick to the groin.

Karen calmly dressed, stopped in the ladies room to fix her makeup, and then glided back into the party with a renewed bounce in her step. When Hef asked Karen what she thought of the new Brazilian bombshell Ellen Rocche, Karen smiled and said, "Hef, she's just like a cue ball. The harder you hit her, the more English you get out of her!"