Karen McDougal vs. Stacey Sanches - PMOY catfight by John J. 23-Nov-99

Karen McDougal had enough. She was only a few months into her reign as Playmate of the Year and one of the previous PMOYs, Stacey Sanches, was making derogatory comments about her. Karen tried to be a lady about it and just ignore Stacey's rude and nasty comments, but her latest press release was just too much for Karen to take.

Stacey had done a magazine article, and when asked about Karen, Stacey had not been kind:

Q: "Ms. Sanches, we've heard rumors that you are not fond of your successor as Playmate of the Year, Karen McDougal. Would you care to comment about Karen officially, for the record?"

Stacey: "Well, personally, I think Karen is a sweet gal. But professionally, she's a disgrace to the name "Playmate," and especially to be called "Playmate of the Year." I want to know how she got that honor. I'll agree that Karen is somewhat pretty. But being a Playmate means being gorgeous, having awesome tits, and having an ultra-curvy figure. I've got all those qualities, and Karen doesn't have any. That's my problem with her."

The day after the Stacey Sanches interview, the reporter called Karen and read Stacey's comments to her. Karen was beyond furious at Stacey.

He asked, "Any comment, Ms. McDougal?"

Karen said furiously, "Hell, yes!"

Karen paused and then said, "I've put up with a lot of crap from Stacey without saying a word to act more mature and like a lady. This tops it all though. Stacey is dissing the wrong girl. I've had it with that Spic bitch."

The reporter asked enthusiastically, "Can I quote you on that?"

Karen replied angrily, "Fuck, yes! Tell that cunt what I said, I don't care. I'll have a more complete statement for you in a couple days, but those comments stand."

As soon as Karen got done talking to the reporter, she called her agent. She repeated to the agent what Stacey had said, and her response to it.

Karen told her agent, "You get Stacey's agent on the phone. I have a message for Stacey. Tell her, 'I demand an apology from her, or she's going to be sorry. I'm sick of her shit.'"

The agent did as directed.

Stacey fumed, "Why that bitch! Nobody, I mean NOBODY calls me a 'Spic bitch' and gets away with it."

She told her agent to reply to Karen, "'Apology? You can kiss my ass, bitch. I'm not giving you shit. If anything, you owe me an apology. I don't take being called a 'Spic' from anybody. You've got a real problem with me now, you little whore.' You call Karen's agent and tell him to tell her that!"

Stacey also asked her agent to check if Playboy still had their Playmate catfights running. And if they did, she wanted to challenge Karen to a nothing-barred catfight.

A few hours later, Stacey's message got to Karen. Karen fumed with anger.

She told her agent, "Enough talk. I want that slut. Check into the Playmate catfights for me. I want Stacey in a nothing-barred catfight as soon as possible."

A few days later, both women received the other's challenge along with a note from Playboy that since they both challenged each other, no formal acceptance of the challenge was necessary, and the fight was scheduled for a week from Saturday.

The ladies were informed that since this was very clearly a grudge match that their would be special rules for the fight.

The rules were:

1. The fight will be won by a knockout only. Submissions, pins, TKOs don't matter.

2. Anything goes in the fight. Scratching, choking, crotch attacks and any other typically illegal tactics are allowed.

3. The referee's only function is to declare the loser out cold.

The note said that if the rules were acceptable to call in that the rules are acceptable. If not, the agent should contact the other woman's agent about the changed rules. Neither Stacey nor Karen had any changes though, the rules were just fine to both of them. The both looked forward to "knocking the shit out of the slut."

On fight day, the ladies were instructed to wear a thong styled bikini or monokini of their choice. They were provided with the address and told to be there and ready to fight at five o'clock in the afternoon.

Stacey arrived fight, at twenty minutes after four. When she arrived she was greeted by a woman who directed her to a small dressing room. The Playmate fight officials had learned after several fights started and were finished in the dressing room instead of the arena, that the woman needed to be kept apart until the fight. After being shown to the room, Stacy got out here bikini and makeup case and got herself ready to fight.

A few minutes after Stacey arrived, Karen arrived at the large rural mansion. A different woman greeted Karen and directed her to a dressing room down the hall from Stacey's room. Karen proceeded to get ready as well. The ladies were left in private at that point to get prepared for the fight.

At five minutes before five, the attendant women were sent back to their respective Playmate's room. They waited at the room as directed. The attendants escorted the Playmates to the basement, each by a different entrance so nothing would happen before the fight. Karen came into the basement through one entrance, with her attendant at her side, and Stacey came in through the other door on the opposite side of the basement, with her attendant.

Hef was there in the room when the girls entered.

He told them, "Stacey, Karen, I heard about your disagreements from your agents and we set up this little evening for you two to settle your differences. After tonight, the issue is settled. The winner gets an apology from the loser for her insulting comments. Then this argument is over. Are we clear?"

Stacey said, "Yes, clear."

Karen nodded and said, "Yes."

Hef said, "Good." He added after a short pause, "You girls understood the rules, right?"

Karen glared at Stacey and said, "I know. Anything goes!"

Stacey glared back, "Right, No rules except to kick ass!"

Hef replied, "That's right. No rules at all. The fight continues until one of you is out cold. OK, ladies. Take off your bikini tops, get in the ring, and fight!"

Both Playmates removed their bikini tops and handed them to their attendant. Stacey quickly went to the ring and climbed in, and waited for her opponent.

Karen turned to Hef and asked, "What about the heels?"

Hef responded, "I just said to remove your top. I didn't say anything about the heels. You better get in the ring and fight."

Karen wasn't ready to fight just yet, she wanted an answer.

She asked, "But, how am I supposed to fight in heels?"

She never got an answer. She never saw Stacey leave the ring and walk over to her. All She felt was her hair pulled back, and then she felt her legs go out from under her as she landed hard on her back on the concrete floor, as she didn't have her balance perfected yet, for fighting in the high heel shoes. She looked up and saw Stacey staring down at her.

"What the hell was that?" Karen demanded.

"This is a fight, stupid bitch," Stacey taunted as she kicked Karen hard in the back with her heel, on exactly the same spot Karen came down on just a moment earlier.

Stacey pulled Karen to her feet by the hair and then lifted her up. Stacey bodyslammed the brunette back to the concrete floor. Karen was hurt a little and needed a break. As Stacey approached again, Karen grabbed her leg and twisted. Stacey went down hard on her back with the same probably as Karen had with her balance in the heels. Stacey was somewhat shocked and embarrassed by it, but not hurt. While Stacey got herself reoriented again, Karen rolled away and started to get up as well. The girls faced each other, about six feet apart, anger in their pretty eyes.

Stacey raised her fists in a boxing stance. Karen matched the stance, and the two women closed slowly. They watched each other for any chance to strike. Karen fired a hook at Stacey's jaw. Stacey easily blocked the blow and countered with a stiff jab that flattened Karen's tit. Karen gasped as she backed away.

Stacey followed and fired another solid punch at Karen's tit. Karen blocked that shot, and answered with one of her own. Now Stacey was in pain as her tit got flattened out by a solid fist. Karen followed up with a quick left-right combination to Stacey's tits. Karen clearly hurt Stacey at least a little. The big girl lowered her guard to give her tits some protection. That left Stacey's face wide open, and Karen took advantage. Karen put a huge right hook into Stacey's mouth. The blow snapped Stacey's head to the side and started a trickle of blood from her mouth as well.

Stacey backed away. She tried to protect her face and tits, which were taking a beating. She had a plan now and she was ready for Karen this time. Karen moved in and fired another jab at Stacey's tits. As the blow hit, Stacey grabbed Karen's arm and twisted it so she had full control of Karen's movements. Stacey twisted and forced Karen back. Stacey kept up the pressure and she pushed back and started to spin around. Karen spun and Stacey increased the speed, so she would make Karen dizzy. She kept at it and then suddenly released Karen's trapped arm. Karen's own momentum ran her at full speed into the basement wall, back first. Karen cried out in pain as her back rammed into the wall.

Stacey hissed, "Payback is a bitch, sweetie," as she ran in after Karen and caught her across the throat with her forearm.

Stacey held the forearm across Karen's throat, holding her against the wall and choking her, while she pounded Karen's tits and belly, delivering blow after blow to the delicate tit flesh.

After she took many unasnwered blows to each tit and her stomach, Karen had enough. She needed to get free and take the fight back to Stacey. She knew that her best chance when was Stacey wound up for a punch. When Stacey set herself for the next blow, Karen brought up her leg hard, and kneed Stacey hard in the crotch. Stacey gasped as she immediately released Karen and grabbed her crotch. She moved away in pain.

Karen took advantage of her opponent's inability to fight back and carefully aimed a punch, and put her best uppercut into Stacey's jaw. Karen surveyed the damage she had done. Stacey's jaw was red and bruised and blood flowed from her mouth. It was now bleeding steadily, not just a trickle like before. Stacey wobbled back, her head ringing from that blow. Karen followed and fired off a series of jabs to Stacey's tits, giving her tits the same beating that her own got. Karen's arms were getting tired from all the punches she was throwing, so she changed tactics.

Karen grabbed Stacey's arm and wound it into her own in an arm breaker move. She had Stacey's head in the right position, so she grabbed a fistful of Stacey's hair too, just to add to the pain and pressure of the hold.

After a few minutes, Stacey got herself in the right position and she elbowed Karen in the gut twice. That was just enough to make Karen release the hold. Stacey quickly reversed the hold and started to put the pressure on Karen's arm. Karen got out of it the same was Stacey did, with a couple elbows to the midsection.

Stacey expected Karen to re-reverse it again, but she didn't Instead Karen took Stacey down to the hard cement floor roughly with huge bodyslam. She clamped her long legs around Stacey's midsection and squeezed her guts and ribcage with a powerful bodyscissors move. Stacey yelped in pain and tried to escape, but she couldn't.

Stacy reached out with her long, sharp fingernails and raked them across Karen's face. Karen immediately released the scissors hold as she yelped out in pain and covered her eyes with her hands. With Karen momentarily blinded, Stacey stepped back as far as could to the back wall and got to high speed as she ran toward Karen. Stacey lashed out with her feet as she approached and nailed Karen right in the tits with a drop kick. Karen went down hard. She was dazed and nearly out. Stacey went down as well after the kick. Karen's tit blows and scissors had hurt her, and that drop kick used a lot of her energy. She needed to rest as well.

Neither woman stirred for a while and Hef thought about declaring the fight a draw since neither woman could continue. Stacey started to move at that point, slowly at first, but she was ready to fight again. Stacey got herself up and ready a lot faster than Karen. Karen was still in her daze when Stacey was on her. Stacey moved slowly over to her adversary and roughly grabbed her hair and pulled her up to her feet. She held Karen by the hair and punched her in the mouth, bloodying her mouth. That shocked Karen back out of her daze somewhat. She retaliated with a backfist across Stacey's tits.

The punches weren't that powerful as both woman's arms were tired from punching, but with all the damage the tits and mouths had taken, they were just as effective as the stronger earlier punches. Both women knew that the other's tits were her weak spot, and they concentrated there. Stacey reached out and grabbed two fistfuls of Karen's melons and Karen did the same.

For minutes and minutes, they held each other in their tit vice grips, doing a sort of painful dance as they moved around in circles around the room. Each tried to lessen the pressure of her own tits, while she increased the pressure on her enemies tits. After several minutes, they shifted the contest from just squeezing to scratching as well. Five razor sharp nails dug into each mound of feminine flesh, increasing the pain tremendously. Both women knew that their tits were bleeding. They could both feel the drops against their skin. Neither woman was going to give in first and let go to pull her opponent's hands off her own tits, no matter how badly it hurt.

Stacey finally broke the stalemate when she kneed Karen hard between her legs, the toe of her heel impacting into the crotch. Karen was forced away, but she wouldn't release her tit hold on Stacey. Stacey repeated the kick to get Karen off her tits. Karen backed away again in more pain, but she kept her nails in as long as she could, and she left long bloody scratches down Stacey's tits. Stacey was really angry now. She raised her hands, giving Karen a signal to meet her in a test of strength. They locked their hands together. Each woman tried to force the other back, and they occasionally dug their nails into the other's hand. Stacey started to force Karen back, so she pushed Karen back further. She gave a big shove back and down, and Karen went down on her knees.

Stacey nearly toppled over as Karen abruptly pulled her hands loose and punched hard at Stacey's crotch. Stacey realized too late that she had won that test of strength a little too easily. The searing pain shot like a rocket from her crotch up through her entire body as Stacey fell to her knees nearly in tears. Karen got up and kicked Stacey across the tits with her heel. She wanted to take this fight back to Stacey now, and not let her back on the attack. Stacey groaned as her damaged tits took even more punishment from the stiletto heel. Stacey went down to the concrete floor, tits down.

Karen had no intention of giving her foe any compassion or chance to rest. Karen jammed her heel into Stacey's lower back and pulled back on her arms in a surfboard hold. Stacey squealed as her lower back was bent at an unnatural angle. The more Stacey yelled in pain, the harder Karen pulled and more pressure she put in the hold. Abruptly, Karen released the hold and let her battered brunette rival go. Stacey flopped down to the concrete.

Karen took her heel out of Stacey's back and squatted over Stacey's back, trapping Stacey's arms around her own legs. Karen pulled back on Stacey's neck, wrenching it at a horrible angle. Again, Karen abruptly released the hold. She grabbed a fistful of Stacey's hair and slammed her head down into the concrete floor hard a few times. Stacey was dazed and her nose was bloody.

Karen pulled her up by the hair and powerbombed her back down to the floor. As Karen pulled Stacey up yet again, they locked up. Stacey avoided the slam that Karen had planned and instead whipped Karen into the wall. Stacey followed in behind her and splashed into her. Stacey unloaded a half dozen punches to Karen's tits. She grabbed hold of Karen by the neck and monkey flipped her to the floor. Stacey moved in to continue her attack and drop her elbow onto Karen's sore tits, but Karen rolled out of the way at the last second and Stacey landed on her elbow as she hit the concrete floor.

Karen cruelly forced Stacey to her feet by twisting on Stacey's sore arm, and immediately put her into a hammerlock. Stacey cringed as her hurt elbow was subjected to more pain. Karen kept her hold and hoisted Stacey into the air. Karen dropped Stacey hard across her own knee, backbreaking her rival. Karen rolled Stacey off her knee and applied a nasty stomach claw to the downed girl. Stacey fought and tried to free herself, but she couldn't pull Karen's hand free. Stacey started to have trouble breathing from the pain, and at that moment Karen released the hold. Karen grabbed hold of Stacey's injured tits and pulled her to her feet by the tits. Karen got a firm hold of Stacey's hair and face slammed her enemy to the floor. Stacey saw stars as she was dazed and nearly out.

Karen grabbed hold of Stacey's hair again and clamped her powerful thighs around Stacey's neck. She hoisted Stacey's legs into the air and piledrived her adversary down to the floor. Stacey looked to be completely out cold.The referee came in and checked Stacey. Stacey didn't respond. He started to count her out. Karen started to slap Stacey on the face to bring her around, and she came back to being alert and conscious. The referee stopped his count.

Karen immediately went and hauled Stacey up and then slammed her down again on her tits. Karen straddled Stacey and applied a nasty chokehold, nearly knocking her out again. Karen stopped just short of the knock out though. Karen switched gears again and clamped Stacey into a choking figure-4 headlock. Once again, Karen stopped the hold just before the knockout. Karen lifted Stacey up again and put her into a reverse headlock, she bent forward and wrenched Stacey downward, applying a vicious neckbreaker. Karen clamped her thighs around Stacey's neck again, and piledrived her down yet again. This time Stacey was out cold, and Karen just watched as the referee counted her out.

Hef had the doctors check on Stacey to make sure she was OK, and bring her around. He then raised Karen's arm in victory, with a sobbing Stacey watching.

After both women got cleaned up and changed into their regular clothes, Hef brought them both out.

He said, "Stacey don't you have something to say?"

Stacey sobbed and said, "Karen, I'm sorry. You'll have a formal written statement of apology in the next magazine."

Karen said, "Accepted. Don't screw with me again or you'll get worse next time!"

Karen stalked off, leaving Stacey and Hef behind.

The end.