Pissed Off Playmate by Kit<p>

Nikki Schieler was pissed. Pissed at the fact that Karen McDougal was selected as PMOY instead of her. There was no way that 'bitch' had a better body. Nikki was sure that her body was much, much better. It didn't take long for word to get back to Karen that Nikki was trashing her behind her back. Nikki was calling her a 'whore' and a 'slut', and believed that Karen had to fuck Hef, his daughter, or perhaps even both of them in order to be picked PMOY. For a couple of weeks, Karen did nothing about it. She hoped that Nikki would eventually shut up. She remembered how nasty her one and only catfight had been, and even though she had won it, she wasn't interested in having to fight again. <p>

It was late, and all Karen wanted to do was relax in the hot tub and then go to bed. She had just spent the day modeling, and was tired from all the posing and smiling. As her luck would have, when she walked out onto the deck at the back of the mansion, there sat Nikki, Kelly Monaco, and Victoria Silvstedt. <p>

"Hi, girls," Karen said, trying to be as friendly as possible. <p>

Kelly and Victoria spoke, but Nikki just rolled her eyes and let out a loud sigh. The tension in the air was thick, and Karen felt especially uncomfortable. <p>

"Whew! What a day," she sighed, trying to strike up a conversation with Kelly or Victoria. "Boy this sure feels good," she said settling down into the hot water. <p>

"Why? What did you do today?" asked Kelly. <p>

"She probably spent the day on her back with her legs sticking straight up in the air," blurted Nikki. "I'm surprised she can even talk, what with all the moaning and screaming she probably did." <p>

"Alright, bitch," snapped Karen. "And just what the hell is that supposed to mean?" <p>

"It means that you're a whore," stated Nikki sitting up. The bubbles from the water lapped against her brown areolas. <p>

"A whore!" barked Karen. <p>

"That's right, a whore. Hell, everybody knows that you fucked Hef," remarked Nikki. "How else could you have been chosen." <p>

"Yeah, right. Like you didn't fuck him yourself. You and everybody else," answered Karen, sitting up straight in the tub. <p>

"If I'd of fucked him, then I'd of been picked," Nikki replied. <p>

"Bullshit. You're just jealous because I've got a better body and know how to use it," said Karen. <p>

"Bitch, I can out fuck you any night of the week," NIkki said. <p>

"In your dreams, bitch," said Karen. <p>

"You're such a fucking slut," Nikki said getting out of the water. Walking away she added, "Girls, if I were you I'd get out of there. There's probably all kinds of Aids coming out of that slut's pussy." <p>

"Fuck you!" shouted Karen as Nikki walked in the mansion. <p>

"You've got to do something about her," Victoria said. "As PMOY you've got an image to uphold." <p>

"That's right," added Kelly. "She's already got some of the other's talking about you." <p>

"If you don't stop her, " said Victoria, "then I will." <p>

Back in her room, Karen thought about what Victoria had said, and she was right. Karen was going to demand that Nikki stop talking, or else fight her. Although it was almost midnight, Karen phoned Nikki's room. <p>

"Bitch, I've had enough of your bullshit. Either you shut the fuck up, or I'm gonna shut you up," Karen said in a firm tone of voice. <p>

Nikki just laughed. "You and what slut army?" <p>

"Meet me downstairs in the exercise room in five minutes and I'll show you what army, bitch," Karen replied. <p>

The exercise room had played host to numerous catfights over the years. It was an excellent place for two playmates to settle their disputes and jealousies. Even though Hef didn't approve of his girls fighting, he knew that whenever this many beauties got around each other, fur was going to fly, and as long as they kept their fighting in-house, and not damage the magazines reputation, then so be it. <p>

When Karen entered, Nikki was waiting for her. Both of them looked sweet and sexy. Nikki wore a white lace bra and matching g-string panties. Karen wore a pink g-string and an old white tank top that had been cut in half around the waist. <p>

"I was beginning to wonder it you'd ever get the nerve to fight me," said Nikki walking towards her. <p>

"Bitch, before I'm done with you, I'll have you begging for mercy," said Karen approaching her. <p>

"You wish," snapped Nikki as they started to circle and eye each other from head to toe. <p>

Both females were 5-8, but Karen out weighed Nikki 125 to 118. However, they both had bodies that were heaven sent, and their asses took a backseat to no one's. Karen body was 34-24-34, while Nikki stacked out to 36-23-35. Their firm, young breast rose and fell slowly as their stomachs trembled in anticipation of that first blow being thrown. Their eyes locked together in a hate filled glaze as they licked their soft lips with nearly dry tongues. <p>

Suddenly, as if responding to the same signal, the catfight was on. Karen gave Nikki's face a terrific slap just as Nikki buried her left hand into her hair and drove her right fist against her belly. <p>

"Umph," grunted Karen as her stomach soaked up Nikki's fist. Karen fired back with a left-uppercut against the blonde's jawbone. Nikki clutched her face and turned her back to Karen. The sexy brunette quickly sent a pair of swift kicks into Nikki's well-rounded ass that sent her jolting across the room. Karen ran after her and grabbed the blonde by the back of the hair and slung her around. <p>

"Eeeoouu!!" cried Nikki as she lost several strands of hair. <p>

"Bitch!" shouted Karen as she swiped her sharp fingernails across Nikki's soft cheek, leaving several nasty scratches. <p>

Nikki winced as she escaped the vengeful brunette. But Karen came after her and immediately dropped the blonde to her knees with a punch in the stomach. Karen then sank her hands into Nikki's hair and wrestled her all the way to the floor. Karen continued to tug at Nikki's hair as she fought to straddle her. <p>

"Oooo!" cried out Nikki. <p>

In an effort to escape, Nikki started to spank Karen on her firm, round ass. After several stinging slaps, the brunette was forced off. <p>

"Fuckin' cunt!" shouted Nikki as she dove on Karen. <p>

The playmates spent several seconds rolling across the floor aseach looked to gain the upper hand. Finally Karen was able to straddle herself across Nikki's waist. "Blond bitch," she said as she pulled down Nikki's bra. "Take this!" <p>

"Ooooo....fffuuucckk!!!" screamed Nikki as Karen screwed her fingernails into her firm, tan tits. <p>

Reaching under Karen's top, Nikki clawed her nails across the brunette's left breast. <p>

"Shit," winced Karen. She doubled up her right fist and sent two crisp punches across Nikki's mouth, splitting open her lower lip. Nikki was dazed, but was quickly brought back to reality by the pain in her breast. Karen was violently pulling and twisting on her nipples. <p>

"Aauugghh!!" she screamed as she plowed her right fist firmly against Karen's ribs. <p>

"Ugh," grunted Karen as she rolled away holding her side. <p>

Even though their catfight was only a few minutes old, both girls took time to suck in some much needed air, and assess the damage to themselves and each other. Nikki wiped the back of her hand across her busted lip as her tits throbbed with pain. Perhaps she had underestimated the brunette she-cat, but it was too late now. Besides, she wanted revenge for what Karen had done to her breast. <p>

Within just a few moments, Nikki and Karen were back on their feet and catfighting. Nikki ducked Karen's punch, and then tackled the brunette to the floor. They grappled fiercely, but it was Nikki that managed to straddle her foe. Pinning Karen's arms above her head, Nikki noticed Karen's firm boobs because her shirt was hiked up over them. She decided to try and use her tits against Karen's in an effort to crush the fight out of her. <p>

"Let's see if your tits can handle mine, bitch," Nikki said as she lowered her chest down. <p>

"Bring it on, bitch. Your tits ain't nothing but shit," said Karen arching her back for the coming battle. With their legs tightly encased together, their upper torsos became glued as Nikki kept Karen's arms pinned above her head. Nikki pressed down hard on Karen's tits, and rotated her shoulders back and forth vigorously. They could each feel the other's hot breath on their neck as their tits grinded and rubbed together. They whispered nasty insults back and forth and called each other every name in the book. <p>

It wasn't long before Karen's tits where turned cherry red by Nikki's course lace bra and started to ache. "Oooo ... shit," she moaned. <p>

"Looks like your the one with shit for tits, you fuckin' slut," whispered Nikki into her ear. <p>

"Get off, you fat cow," said Karen as she started bucking her hips up and down under Nikki's. Nikki rode her like a dog, but Karen's powerful thrust were too much as their pelvic bones collided again and again. Realizing that Karen wasn't going to submit, and becoming drained of energy, Nikki allowed herself to be thrown off. But instead of rolling away from Nikki, like the blonde thought she would, Karen rolled towards her. As they got to their knees, Nikki slapped to shit out of Karen's face, but Karen buried her hands deep into her hair and twisted Nikki's hair around her wrists. <p>

"Fffuucckk!!!" screamed Nikki as Karen twisted her around so that her back was up against Karen's chest. Karen leaned back and pulled Nikki on top of her. She quickly wrapped her long legs around Nikki's trim waist and rolled them onto their sides. Pumping her strong thighs for all they were worth, and stretching Nikki's neck back to almost a breaking point, she demanded that Nikki surrender. <p>

"Nooo!!!" screamed Nikki as the tears began rolling from her eyes. <p>

"Give, bitch, give!" demanded the brunette pulling and pumping. <p>

Nikki scratched Karen across the thigh, but Karen just pumped and pulled harder. With her sides now throbbing and her hair about to be removed from her scalp, she whispered out her surrender, "Okay, please. I give." <p>

"What, bitch?!" asked Karen tugging on her hair even harder. Karen made Nikki repeat herself several more times until the blonde went limp between her legs. <p>