Karen McDougal vs. Julia Schultz By Irish

Julia Schultz had just beaten Heather Kozar for the second time, yet she still returned to her room in a fit of rage. Julia had actually believed that she could have dethroned Heather as Playmate of the Year by beating her again. She wasn't finished with Kozar yet. Julia fumed at Hef that she should have at least gotten some of Heather's photo shoots for her convincing win. But she knew there was little chance for her to get even with Hef. Her anger grew tenfold as she sat stewing. She knew she couldn't get past Kozar's entourage to finish what she had started. Getting even with Hef would be a very bad career move, but McDougal was another matter entirely.

"That fucking bitch," Julia muttered. "We'll see who's the teacher and who's the student."

Meanwhile, Karen was back in her room getting ready for a hot date. She showered and slipped into a tight fitting black dress that was cut very low on top and came down to just above her knees. With black stockings rounding out her outfit, she was dressed to kill. Karen admired herself in the full-length mirror as she looked at herself in the 'painted on' dress. Julia burst into the room and charged Karen as she stood making a few final adjustments to the low cut neckline to show off her beautiful breasts. Karen's mind was a million miles away when she heard the door slam open and she just turned toward the noise as Julia dove at her, nailing Karen with a perfect spear.

Karen flew backwards with Julia on top of her. All the air was knocked out of Karen as she hit hard striking the back of her head on the hard wood floor, knocking her dizzy. Julia's momentum carried her on top of Karen's belly, her weight knocking even more air from the brunette's lungs.

Julia quickly trapped Karen's arms at her sides as she straddled her waist. Karen was dazed, her eyes spinning in her head as she struggled to get her breath.

Julia yelled, "OK little schoolteacher, time for your first lesson!"

Julia yanked down Karen's dress, baring both beautiful breasts and then she began expertly working them over with her fists like a couple of bouncing bulbous speed bags.

Karen's head began to clear and she tried with all her might to try and free her arms so that she would be able to defend herself. Karen tried bucking wildly to free herself but the tight fitting dress hampered her efforts. Her breast began to swell with red marks appearing with each blow. With each punch her chances of her being able to fight back were lessened.

Karen was able to slip her hands down along her sides and began pulling up her own dress to try and increase the movement she had with her legs.

Julia soon grew tired of the viscous breast attack and began to hit Karen repeatedly in the face. Julia once again began to torment Karen, keeping up a running commentary with each blow.

"Lesson # 1, little schoolteacher. Mind your own fucking business!"

"Lesson # 2, little schoolteacher. Don't start something that you can't finish!"

"Lesson # 3, little schoolteacher. Since you chose to side with Kozar, I'm going to see you share her room in the hospital!'

Karen had freed her legs from her dress and was now beginning to buck wildly once again. The blows to her chest and face were really starting to have an effect. She caught Julia in mid sentence.

"Lesson # 4, little ..."

As Karen was about to free herself Julia once again changed her attack and dug her sharpened nails into Karen's already damaged tits. Karen cried out in pain as her tits were now on fire.

With every wild buck, Julia taunted Karen more yelling, "Yee-Haw! Ride-em Cowgirl!" while she dug her nails deeper and deeper into Karen's soft breastflesh.

Karen had managed to buck Julia far enough up off her mid-section that she could use her powerful legs as a weapon. She bucked one more time tipping Julia off balance, then kicked up with both legs and locked them around the neck of the very surprised Julia. Karen pulled Julia backwards and began to choke her with a leg scissors around her neck.

But Julia wouldn't let go of Karen's tits, just dug her nails in deeper. It was a tug of war to see who would begin to fade first. Karen began to pump her legs, applying more and more pressure to her choke. It seemed that the tide was just about to turn when Julia began to twist Karen's breasts as if she were trying to tear them from her chest. Julia sensed victory as Karen cried out in pain and her leg scissors began to weaken. Julia was really going to punish Karen!

"Looks like you had a hot date tonight. Too bad you're not going to be able to make it. Was he supposed to pick you up here? I got a good idea, I'll fuck his brains out and make you watch, then he can watch you eat my pussy and tell me how he tastes! I bet he'll enjoy having a real woman for a change!

Julia began to twist her nails even deeper into Karen's soft flesh.

"Where was I....Oh yes....Lesson # 4, little schoolteacher. I'm going to rip off your plastic tits and shove them up your fat ass!"

But Karen was finally able to free her arms and she grabbed Julia's wrists trying to break the hold. She once again clamped down hard on the leg scissors as if her life depended on it. Karen freed her injured tits from the Julia's clutches and kicked back with her powerful legs, sending Julia flying across the room.

Both women scrambled to their feet. Julia was a bit faster since the beating Karen had been subjected to had taken a toll on her stamina. Karen's tits were covered in bloody scratches, black and blues, and had nasty red welts all over them.

Once again Julia charged Karen, attempting to score with another devastating spear and pick up were she left off holding a 'special after school session' for the little schoolteacher.

This time, however, Karen saw her coming and side-stepped. Just as Julia flew past unable to stop, Karen stuck out her foot, tripping her and sending Julia flying head over heels.

Karen walked over to Julia and hair hauled the dazed blonde to her feet. Karen was about to go on the offensive for the first time of the night. As she tightly clutched Julia's blonde hair in her left hand, Karen cranked back with her right fist and lined up Julia's face in her cross-hairs. Just as she was about to let her fist fly, however, Hef and some Playmates came running into the room in response to the commotion. Karen never even got a chance to throw the punch as the two were quickly separated. Julia's face changed from fear to a broad smile. For the most part Karen never laid a hand on her.

In the meantime, Karen looked like she'd been in a war. As Karen's adrenaline began to fade, her legs got weak and the pain in her breast was unbearable. Hef was furious. He ordered Julia escorted out of the room by the other Playmates and told her she was in very hot water.

As Julia passed Karen on her way out, she said with a broad grin, "Hey teach, I hope you had as much fun as I did. We have to do it again real soon. And if you need me to pinch hit tonight, just send your boy toy to my room."

Karen was fit to be tied and she tried to grab Julia who went laughing down the hallway. Hef came over to Karen and asked if she were OK. Seething, Karen said she'd be fine but as Hef turned to go, she couldn't contain her fury any longer.

Karen screamed, "Dammit Hef, I want a piece of that bitch!"

Julia could still be heard laughing and boasting down the hall about how she took out two Playmates of the Year in the same day. Hef told Karen that he understood and he'd set it up when she was physically up to it.

Karen yelled, "I'm ready right now. The sooner the better."

Hef tried to calm her down, stating that she should take some time to recuperate but Karen insisted that she get her revenge. Hef reminded her of the old adage that revenge was a dish best served cold, but there was no talking to her. Karen's mind was made up.

"I want a piece of that bitch tomorrow!" she screamed, so Hef sighed and assured her he'd set it up.

When everyone was gone, Karen again looked into the full-length mirror and almost didn't recognize herself. She'd have to call and cancel her date, but she looked forward to tomorrow and her revenge.

The next afternoon the crowd gathered early. Rumors had swept through the mansion about the one sided fight between Karen and Julia. Most of the rumors of course were started with Julia herself.

Karen had been in several fights before with other Playmates and she'd always done well, even against girls much bigger. Nobody believed Julia had dominated her the way that the rumor mill claimed. The fight would take place outside the mansion at pool side to accommodate the large crowd.

Julia had talked her friend Lisa Boyle into volunteering to be the referee. Lisa stepped into the center of the ring as a hush swept over the crowd. She raised her hands for quiet and introduced the fighters.

"In this corner, wearing a blue bikini and heels, at 5'9" tall 125lbs., Julia "Playmate of the Year Killer" Schultz."

Julia entered the ring to mixed reviews and started her warm ups to work out some of the butterflies she was feeling. The crowd was in awe; she didn't look any worse then after the Kozar fight. Maybe she really did dominate Karen, some whispered.

"And in this corner, her challenger wearing a black string bikini and matching knee high boots; 5'8" tall and 125lbs, 1998 Playmate of the Year, Karen McDougal."

As Karen entered the ring her supporters gasped. Her breasts were black and blue and swollen to three times their normal size. The cuts and scratches had not even begun to heal. The makeup she wore barely covered her black eye, and there was no hiding her fat lip.

Julia's confidence soared as she saw for the first time the fruits of her labor. She knew exactly what she was going to target for her attack. Karen realized by the look in Julia's eyes that she'd made a mistake getting into the ring too soon. Hef must have sensed something and asked Karen if she was sure about the fight. But how could she ever show her face again if she backed out of a fight she had publicly demanded?

Karen had a reputation of being able to handle her self that took several fights to earn. She couldn't turn chicken now, not with her boyfriend in the crowd watching her fight for the first time. She was no pushover but never had she been at such a disadvantage at the start of a fight. After explaining the rules to both women (there weren't any) Lisa yelled for the fight to begin.

The two women began to circle and size each other up. Karen was holding her guard high trying to protect her injured breast. Karen swung first scoring a hit to Julia's nose drawing the first blood of the contest. Julia backed away, wiped the blood from her nose with the back of her hand.

"You're going to pay for that little schoolteacher," she said as a devilish smile crossed her face.

Karen swung wildly aiming a second blow at Julia's face, but this time Julia was ready and showed her speed advantage.

Julia ducked under Karen's punch and countered with a huge uppercut to Karen's right breast. Karen yelled as she backed away holding her injured breast.

Julia began to taunt her, "Come on little schoolteacher, you're making this too easy!"

Julia attempted another uppercut that Karen blocked. Karen grabbed Julia by the hair with her left hand and started to throw punch after devastating punch to the side of her head with her right. Julia grabbed Karen's bikini top and tore it off. Karen was so engrossed in pounding Julia's head, she did not realize what was about to happen to her.

That soon changed when Julia locked on her famous double breast claw. All color drained from Karen's face as the wounds she had suffered the day before were ripped wide open. She fought back tears as Julia once more began to rip her tits apart. But as Karen looked into the crowd she saw the pain in her boyfriend's face. It was too much and Karen began to cry uncontrollably. Julia sensed this and started taunting Karen all over again.

"So that's your boyfriend? Let's put on a good show for him!"

She tore at Karen's damaged tits and smiled toward were Karen had been looking.

Karen had invited her boyfriend so he could see her revenge for having to cancel their date. When she looked at him again he was cheering her on louder then everyone else combined. With newfound strength, as if someone had handed Popeye a can of spinach, Karen grabbed Julia's wrists and struggled to break her grip. Once she got Julia unbalanced, Karen swept her legs out from under her breaking the hold and knocking the blonde to the ground.

Now it was pay-back time! Karen began kicking Julia in the arms, chest, stomach, and back. Julia was defenseless; Karen must have kicked her over thirty times. If Karen hadn't begun to tire, she still would be raining kicks down on Julia's body.

Karen had to change her tactics. Before she went for the knockout, she wanted to punish Julia some more. She tossed Julia out of the ring so she could pound on her right in front of her boyfriend who was sitting in the front row. Karen followed Julia out of the ring and reached down, hair-hauling the blond to her feet. Karen was going to mess up Julia's obnoxious little face.

But as she turned Julia around to face her, Julia threw a handful of sand she had scooped from the ground in Karen's eyes, blinding her and securing her escape. Julia wound up and kicked Karen just as hard as she could between the legs.

Karen crumpled to her knees grabbing her aching crotch. Julia reset and hit Karen on the side of the head with a spinning heel kick. Karen dropped like a rock. Julia hauled her to her feet by her sore tits and flipped her back into the ring over the top rope, then climbed in herself to press her advantage. She stood over a nearly unconscious Karen and began to taunt her.

"Well, well, well! What should we do now to entertain ourselves now little schoolteacher?"

Once again, Julia grinned at Karen's boyfriend and licked her lips, then silently mouthed, 'I'll see you later.'

She was going to make sure Karen was not only beaten but completely humiliated. She reached down and pulled off Karen's bikini bottom.

"I know it really pissed you off when I worked over Kozar's pussy didn't it?" Julia laughed as she dropped down on Karen's stomach and began to claw at her pussy.

Karen was quickly snapped out of her dream-like state by the pain as she began to scream at the top of her lungs. The pain that Julia was inflicting was unbelievable. Karen was ready to cry out her surrender in a fight for the first time in her life.

After a few long minutes, Julia broke off her attack and knelt next to Karen who lay almost motionless. Julia leaned in close to Karen's ear so she would hear her over the screaming crowd and her own moans and sobs.

"Well little schoolteacher, I'm afraid that your performance is well below the curve. You'll have to stay after class for a little remedial work." Then added, "You never did get the chance to eat your boyfriend's cum out of my pussy last night. I guess that'll be your homework assignment tonight."

Julia stood up and walked to Karen's feet. She grabbed the ankle of each of Karen's boots lifted her legs and spread them wide.

"OK little schoolteacher, since you're obviously to stupid to know when you've been beaten by a better woman, I'm going to stuff my foot so far up your twat you'll have to open your mouth so I can buckle my shoe!"

Before she continued, she turned to Hef and yelled, "Hey Hef, if this skank and Kozar are supposed to be the best Playboy has to offer, we're in big trouble!"

That brought a smile to Lisa Boyle's face as she had never appeared as a centerfold in one of the magazines. Hef yelled at Lisa Boyle to stop the fight, but she just continued to smile and shook her head 'no.'

Julia yelled to Karen's boyfriend, "I'll see you later lover!"

Karen turned and looked once more into her boyfriend's eyes. She knew she'd die before she would let Julia have him.

Julia turned her attention back to Karen and said, "This is going to hurt you much more then it is me!"

But just as Julia was about to ram the stiletto heel into her, Karen grabbed Julia's ankle and then the heel of her shoe. She used the stiletto for additional leverage as she twisted. The pain shot up Julia's leg as her knee was painfully twisted and she had to release Karen's legs to maintain her balance while fighting off the attack.

Karen swept Julia's other leg out from under her with her foot sending her crashing to the ground between her legs. Karen quickly clamped on her patent leg scissors around Julia's chest and began to drain the life out of her opponent. Julia only had one option, she attempted to clamp on the double breast claw again.

But Julia had gone to the well one to many times and Karen anticipated the move. She grabbed Julia's hands, neutralizing the threat. Karen continued her crushing scissors assault and Julia began to fade. Karen once again searched the crowd for her boyfriend. When she spotted him he was smiling with approval as she had overcome overwhelming odds to launch a comeback and defeat Julia. Karen closed her eyes and used the image of her smiling boyfriend for that one last burst of energy that finished off Julia who screamed out her submission from the awful pain.

Heather Kozar was the first one in the ring to congratulate her. She hugged Karen and told her that she couldn't count worth a shit, but she was one hell of a fighter.

Karen told Heather, "I've got a present for you!" and threw Julia's limp body at her feet.

Heather smiled, "How'd you know it was my birthday?"

When Karen turned around she saw her boyfriend. He put his arms around her, gave her a kiss on the lips and said, "I'm damn proud of you babe."

She returned his kiss and whispered, "I couldn't have done it with out your help, Irish."