Old Lady: Karen McDougal vs. Julia Schultz by kit

When Karen returned from the restroom she found Julia sitting on her bar stool next to JJ. "That's my seat, bitch!" said Karen, giving the blonde's arm a tug.'

"Hey!" shouted Julia, jerking loose and spinning around on her stool.'

"Bitch, that's MY spot," repeated the irate brunette.'

"Well, it’s not YOURS anymore, cunt!" Julia hissed. "I'm takin' this spot."'

Karen looked at her old man, JJ as if asking his permission.'

"Don't look at HIM, bitch," snarled Julia, grabbing Karen's shoulder and whirling her back around.'

Karen jerked free, then asked JJ, “Is this the way you want it?” He just cocked his head to the side and raised an eyebrow.'

"You're days are over, bitch," stated Julia. "I'm top old lady now."'

Karen stepped back and nodded as, motioning with her hands, she asked, "So missy...think you can take me?"'

"A washed up old whore like you? Hell yeah. There's no thinkin' 'bout it, bitch," snapped Julia.'

"Hey!" shouted the ratty bartender from behind the counter. "If you bitches wanna fight, take it outside."'

JJ glanced at him, then nodded toward the door.'

"Let's go, bitch," said Karen. "Show me whatcha got!'''

"More'n old hag like YOU can handle," huffed Julia as her full, round ass slithered off the bar stool.'

Karen led the way out as Julia, JJ and the rest of the biker gang went outside.'

Five years ago in a catfight Karen had won the right to be JJ's old lady and the gangs top bitch. Now for the fifth time since then, she was about to catfight again to remain the Alpha bitch and JJ's main squeeze.'

A few months ago, young Julia joined the gang, and right away she made it clear that she was going to take Karen's place. Already she had fought and whipped three other biker babes and was now ready to make it four.'

"What 'bout it?" Spike asked JJ as the girls squared off in the middle of the crowd.'

JJ had always been very fond of Karen and her hot ass. But the young blonde was a real looker and after a few tumbles in the sack JJ found himself growing very fond of her hot ass as well.'

"Maybe it's time for some new meat," answered JJ with a shrug.'

Karen and Julia swore at each other as they waited for JJ to give them the signal. The gang was already cheering and shouting as the two lovely babes circled and prepared to get it on with each other.'

Besides Karen being a brunette and Julia being a blonde, both girls were very close physically. Karen was 5-8 and Julia was 5-9, and they both weighed 125 pounds. Each also had a set of full, hard 34c breasts pouting above a smooth, flat belly and firm, golden legs. Around back, both blonde and brunette had awesome, shapely asses as Julia measured 36" across and Karen 34".'

Stepping between the two females, JJ took the 26-year-old brunette in his arms and choked her with a kiss. Turning around he took the blonde 18-year-old and swapped spit with her as well.'

"Loser leaves," suggested Karen.'

"No," said JJ, shaking his head and quickly getting out of the way.'

"Shit!" said Julia. “You're gonna be my bitch."'

JJ took one final look and admired the beauty that was fixing to fight over him. Karen looked absolutely hot in her sleeveless leather vest that buttoned up the front and her matching black leather shorts and strap-on heels. Not to be outdone, Julia was just as sexy in her white cotton tank top and classic denim cut-offs and white strap-on heels. As JJ stepped back, Karen and Julia called each other 'bitch' while bouncing forward and filling their hands with the other’s hair. Blonde and brunette shook the shit out of the other as the gang wildly cheered them on.'

"Fuuuuck!" swore Julia as her head was yanked over.'

"Oooww!" Karen barked as her head was jerked backwards.'

The girls kicked each other in the shin a few times before Julia reached for Karen's vest collar and tried to rip it open. But Karen turned and took a set of fingernails across her breast plate. '

"Slut!" yelled Julia, spinning Karen by the hair and giving her ass a hard shot with her knee.'

"Uuugghh!" grunted Karen as her firm buttocks jiggled under impact.'

"I'll fuckin' kill..." Julia said as she yanked Karen back around towards her, but caught a fist across the mouth.'

The blonde's knees buckled from the blow, and then she was sent staggering into the crowd as Karen put her right fist across her chin.'

Naturally the gang caught Julia and shoved her back into the fight where Karen threw her down by the hair and mounted her across the waist.'

"You blond cunt!" shouted Karen, slapping Julia's cheek.'

Karen slapped the dazed blonde again and then took her by the tits.'

"Oooowww!" wailed Julia as her precious boobs were painfully squeezed and twisted.'

Wanting to get her nails in Julia's bare flesh, Karen grabbed the front of the tank top and pulled. The top tore a little bit, but before she could finish ripping it off, Julia gave her hair a yank and her face a slap. Karen rolled off as Julia rolled on and straddled her.'

"Bitch!" shouted Julia, popping Karen's cheek with a smart slap and then going for her tits as well.'

"Oooowww!" cried Karen as it was her tits turn to be squeezed and twisted.'

Julia tore the vest half open as Karen yanked her off by the hair and tried to roll on top. Julia pulled her off by the hair, and together they went rolling back and forth in one spot on the old busted pavement, pulling hair and shouting at each other.'

"Aaahh fuuuck!" screamed Karen, loosing a handful of her soft dark hair.'

"Oooowww!" Julia cried as her bare left tit was squeezed.'

Julia grabbed Karen's right tit, and for several seconds both girls filled up their nails with each other's breast flesh.'

"Oooooh...le' go," whimpered Julia, getting the worst of it.'

But Karen didn't let go. Instead she scratched harder.'

"Oooowww!" cried Julia, scratching Karen's across the right cheek.'

The scratch did nothing but bring out the ire in Karen. Letting go of Julia's left tit, Karen leaned over and sank her teeth into it as she grabbed the blonde between the legs and squeezed.'

"Yeeeooowwweee!!" screamed Julia, bucking and kicking and filling her hands with Karen's hair.'

Tearing Karen off her tit, Julia jerked the brunette over and rolled on top of her. Using her body as a weapon, Julia bounced up and down several times before Karen could yank her off by the hair. The gang was really going wild now as Karen and Julia rolled rapidly over and over across the pavement pulling like hell on each other's hair and screaming face-to-face.'

JJ watched with a raging hard-on as the gang's best looking females battled in one of the fiercist catfights he'd seen in a very long time. Tit-to-tit the girls rolled and rolled. Their long, silky legs flying and kicking, and fighting to get around the other's waist, but to no avail.'

Rolling up on their knees, Karen and Julia pulled hair with one hand as they traded single punches to the face. Julia put her fist in Karen's cheek while Karen planted her fist under Julia's left eye. Both were dazed for a second, but Julia gave Karen's hair a hard jerk and her face a stinging slap. '

POP! Karen fell backwards, but took Julia with her by the hair. The two rolled some more, going thru a puddle of murky water and soaking them from the waist down. "You bitch!" shouted Karen, running her nails down Julia's right cheek.'

"Yeeooww!" cried Julia, still tearing at Karen's hair.'

Karen pulled back on Julia's hair, and they rolled thru the puddle again.'

"Slut!" yelled Julia, spanking Karen's ass thru her tight, leather shorts.'

Karen winced as her butt took three swats, but still she managed to mount Julia's waist.'

"Ge' off!" barked the blonde, running her hands in Karen's open vest and grabbing her by the tits.'

"Ooooh...sssshhhit!" howled Karen, doubling over with her face going between Julia's wet breasts.'

"Aaaarrrggggg!!!" screamed Julia as her right tittie was suddenly bitten.'

A hard slap to the face knocked Karen off, but as Julia tried to roll clear, Karen caught her by the back of the hair and slipped her legs around her waist.'

"Uuuunnggg!!" gagged Julia as her hair was pulled and her waist scissored.'

Flexing her sexy thighs, Karen squeezed Julia's belly and twisted her fingers deep and high in her blond locks. Julia cried and struggled as her hair was almost torn out and her guts crushed.'

"Ooooh...I fuckin' hate you," growled Karen as the catfight seemed to be turning in her favor.'

But young Julia was as tough as she was beautiful, and somehow she managed to turn facing Karen and break loose her leglock. Rolling up on their skinned knees, the blonde and brunette banged foreheads as they hooked each other in a headlock and grabbed a handful of tit. Both screamed and doubled over as they pinched nipples and stretched out areolas.'

"Fuuuuck! Leee' gggooo!" cried Julia, tears squirting from her lusty green eyes.'

"Ooouucchh! You leee' gggooo!" bawled Karen, her eyes red and watering.'

Letting go of Karen's tit, Julia balled up that hand and socked the brunette in the nose. No blood was drawn, but it did knock Karen over on her back with her head splashing in another nearby puddle.'

Now on their backsides and at opposite ends of each other, Karen and Julia's long legs became tangled and scissored at the thighs.'

"Bitch!" shouted Julia, slapping and scratching at Karen's legs.'

"Whore!" Karen yelled, clawing and spanking the blonde's legs.'

The two girls ripped up each other's legs, and Karen leaned forward and caught Julia by the top of her hair.'

"Oooowww! Mmmmyyy h-a-i-r!" screamed Julia as Karen tore out a chunk from the front.'

Unwinding her legs from Karen's legs, Julia tried to roll away, but Karen caught rolled after her and caught her by the back of the hair. '

"C'm back here, bitch," grunted Karen, slipping her legs back around Julia's legs as she continued to stretch out the blonde's soft tresses.'

To JJ Julia seemed to be done for, but still the young biker ran her hands in the brunette's hair as they now lay on their sides with their legs locked and their hands full of hair.'

"Uuummph...bitch," moaned Karen, tightening her legs and twisting Julia's head over.'

"Oouuch," winced Julia, pulling back on Karen's hair and trying to roll on top somehow.'

Shifting her black, leather shorts more squarely with Julia's denim cut-offs, Karen butted hips with the blonde and slowly inched her way somewhat on top. '

A hush started to fall as the gang watched the two girls hunker down and lay seige to the other's hair while their legs sexily wrestled. Five minutes of nasty fighting had brought them to this point and everyone knew it was now just a test of wills and determination. Slowly Karen's wet legs slid up and down with Julia's wet legs as both stretched back each other's head by the hair. Grunts and groans could be softly heard as Karen battled her way on top and grinded her hip bones with Julia's hip bones.'

"Uuuuummmm," moaned the blonde in pain as she pulled back on Karen's hair.'

Karen's hot, shapely ass could be seen flexing thru her tight shorts as she pumped her pelvic bone with Julia's pelvic bone and firmly banged the back of the blonde's head against the busted pavement. Julia tried to unsnake her legs with Karen's legs, but the brunette's legs were too strong and firmly in place.'

"Uuuummmpphhh," groaned Julia. "Get off."'

Karen stayed on top, and now used her breasts to fight Julia's breasts. And although their tits were still somewhat concealed by their tops, Karen's tits were proving to be much harder, rounder and firmer as they forced Julia's tits to sink into her chest and spread out.'

"Ow, ow, ow, ow," grimmaced Julia as the sharp broken pavement dug into her skull with each firm thump that Karen gave her.'

"Give it up, cunt," huffed Karen, gritting her teeth as Julia continued to stretched out her hair from the back.'

Julia answered with a small thrust of her hips and sharp tug of the hair. Karen turned the blonde's face into the pavement and smeared her cheek across the bits of broken rock and grit.'

"I said 'give'!" hissed Karen, driving her whole body into Julia's and nearly pulling out a handful of hair. Julia gasped and winced. She sent one more surge with her hips, but was turned back as Karen busted cunts with her.'

"Uuunnggg...OK…OK," groaned Julia; knowing she was beaten. "You win, bitch...uuummmph...you win."'

"Fuckin' whore," snarled Karen in her ear as she rolled her firm tits across the blonde's flat ones and busted cunts with her again.'
Karen would continue to rule as the gangs #1 Old Lady well into her late-30’s, defending her title ten times - until she was soundly whipped by a hot young redhead with something to prove!'