The Big D: Karen McDougal vs. Divini Rae Sorenson by kit

"Hi," Karen said rather quickly as Divini opened the door.

"Hey, Karen," said the blonde to the brunette. Divini could tell by the way Karen said 'hi' and the look on her face that something was definitely on her mind.

"Uh, are you busy?" asked Karen, glancing past the blonde's shoulder and into her apartment. "We really need to talk."

"No," said Divini, letting her in. "Does this have something to do 'bout Jake?"

Karen stopped in the middle of the room suddenly as Divini closed the door. "Oh, so I guess you're not gonna deny sleepin' with him then."

"Nnnooo," Divini drew out the words. “Hell, why would I?"

"Well," popped Karen, "I heard you were...sleepin’ with him, that is!"

"So, what's the big deal? You guys are divorced," said Divini, now standing a couple of feet away from the brunette.

"Uh, no; we're not divorced, we're separated. He's still my husband," Karen declared with a little stamp of her foot.

"I still don't see what’s the big deal!" shrugged Divini. "You guys are GONNA be divorced."

"Maybe, maybe not," said Karen. “But we can't work it out if you're sleepin' with him."

"And what about you?" asked Divini, folding her arms under her 36D’s.

"What about me?" Karen asked in return, tossing her purse on to the chair without really looking.

"Uh, you've been doin' quite a bit of sleepin' around - from what I hear," stated the blonde.

"Oh is that a fact?" asked Karen, and Divini nodded. "And where do you get that idea?"

"Oh please, Karen. You know us blondes tell each other everything. I heard from several of the girls that you’ve slept with at least four or five guys. At least Jake's only sleepin' with me."

"Oh I haven't been SLEEPIN’ with them,” said Karen, waving her hands in exasperation. “They were just dates!"

"Oh really? Well what about that guy you've been sleepin' with the last couple of weeks?"

"Who? James? We went out twice."

"Maybe so, but I hear you've slept with him almost every night. And then there's that guy...what's his spent the whole weekend with him up at his cabin on the lake..."

"Where're you hearin' all these lies?" asked Karen, interrupting and leaning in.

"...and humping your little brains out the whole time," Divini finished.

"Bitch, that's a fuckin' lie," spat Karen, growing rather irritated now.

"Oh, so now I'm a bitch, huh? It's okay for you to sleep around, but not Jake? That doesn't seem fair, now, does it?" snapped Divini, cocking her hands on her hips.

"He's still MY man," declared Karen, putting her hands on her hips as well.

"Well not anymore, bitch. He's mine now!" the blonde stated emphatically.

"Yeah, well, you always did have a wet spot for him, so I guess you think you're gonna make him yours now that we're separated," said Karen, moving to Divini's right.

Divini moved with her, hardly even aware that she was doing it. "Yeah, I've always found him rather handsome...and he's great in bed too."

"I can't believe you, bitch," said Karen, shaking her head. "I thought we were friends."

"That's got nothin' to do with it, bitch," said Divini. "You guys are gettin' a divorce and we've got the hots for each other."

"Well I guess he's still got some hots left for me then," said Karen.

"And what's that supposed to mean?"

"It means, he called me this mornin' and wants to take me out tonight. That's what it means."

"Yeah, right. He probably wants to tell you 'bout us, and tell you that we've been talkin' about livin' together," said Divini, not believing her.

"Like he's gonna choose you over me? I doubt that!" said Karen as they still slowly circled each other.

"And just why not? I'm body's better...and I'm MUCH better in bed!" Divini said smartly.

"No, no, no," said Karen, interrupting her. "I don't think so, and you're damn sure not better in bed than me."

"Uh, yeah, I am, bitch," said the blonde harshly.

"NO; you are NOT! Bitch," replied the brunette in no uncertain terms.

The two 26-year-olds didn't speak for a few moments as they just now noticed that they were pacing each other.

"Do you wanna get into a catfight?" asked Divini, stopping. "Is that why you're here?"

Karen stopped with her. "I came over here to tell you to stop sleepin' with him, but right now I've got a good mind to kick your cheatin' ass."

Divini nodded and smirked. "Oh, so now I'm the one doin' the cheatin'. Seems to me that you're the one out whorin' around." Karen licked her bottom lip as she started to turn with Divini. The blonde shook back her silky hair as she locked in her eyes with Karen's.

"Well, bitch?" asked Divini, stopping.

"Well what, bitch?" asked Karen.

"Do you wanna catfight me?"

"He doesn't want you," said the brunette. "He's just sleepin' with you to make me jealous."

"Bitch, you just need to accept it that he's got someone else in his life now," Divini said.

"Well I wasn't lying, bitch. He called me and wants to see me tonight. And I can assure you that we'll make love and he'll be spendin' his nights at home with me and not here with you," said Karen.

"He may have called, and he may see you tonight, but there's no way he's sleepin' with you and gettin' back with you. He's told me as much, bitch," said Divini.

"He's my husband, bitch," growled Karen, stepping in.

"Big deal. He's my man, bitch," declared the blonde, moving to meet her.

Karen and Divini were perfectly sized to fight each other. They both stood 5’8” and around 125 pounds. Karen, a simply gorgeous brunette, measured a dreamy 34C-24-34, had thick chestnut hair just beyond the shoulders, and a face that was pure beauty. Physically she was in great shape. Her tan, tone body had firm, round breasts, a flat stomach and a pair of the sexiest legs around. But maybe her best asset was her perfectly curved, tucked and very firm ass.

Divini was nothing less than a bleached-blonde hardbody with hair down to her full, voluptuous breasts. Her dark roots only seemed to highlight her slutty, but very sexy, face. She was also in great physical shape, maybe even more than Karen. Her bronze belly was tight and her sun kissed legs were toned and shapely. Like Karen, Divini too had a fantastic ass, fuller and rounder with meaty buttocks that where rock-hard, yet tender to the touch. She measured a flawless 36D-24-36.

Karen and Jake had been married less than two years, and they'd been separated for about three months. Outside of the bedroom, their relationship was like a bad wreck, and they'd both cheated on each other from time to time. Karen had thought she wanted a divorce, but after playing the field lately, she just couldn't find someone that could fill her up between the legs. Karen was all about hot sex, and she had to have someone with a long, meaty tool to satisfy her powerful womanly needs. And Jake was that someone.

Divini and Karen had been school friends in high school, but since those days, they rarely spoke except for at parties or bars and chance meetings on the streets. They'd never been good friends, but until now they'd never had any problems either.

Now almost nose to nose, they let their eyes mix it up as they both gave little shakes of the hair and shifted their hips from one side to the other. Both had been in fights, and both knew how nasty a catfight could be, especially when the fight was over a guy.

Divini's heart beat in her ears, and her nipples were tight and protruding as she stood squared off with Karen, "Are you gonna leave or are we gonna fight?"

Karen's nipples were stiff and crusty, and her stomach tightened under her breasts, "He's my husband, bitch."

"He's my MAN, bitch."

"Over my dead body, slut," said Karen, pushing her breasts into Divini's.

"Whatever it takes, bitch," shrugged the blonde, pushing back.

Karen’s breasts bulged over the swooping neckline of her blue/white pinstripe top with spaghetti straps. The little khaki shorts that she wore were cuffed up to her ass cheeks, allowing every inch of her delicious tan legs to show, and on her feet she wore a pair of Reeboks.

Having been cleaning around her apartment, Divini was dressed rather skimpily in an old gray T-shirt and a pair of tight, denim cut-offs. She had cut the sleeves off and the collar out, and had a deep cut down the front of it so that if formed a long V. It was also cropped to about her navel. Her cut-offs were frayed and slit high up the sides with the front pockets showing. Every bit of her long, tan legs showed, and she had on a pair of pink Nikes.

"I guess I sorta expected this to happen, bitch," said Karen, running her arms around Divini's back and finding her long, blond hair.

"Uum, bitch," moaned Divini, her arms going past Karen's shoulders as she combed her fingers into the sides of her hair. "I figured we'd fight 'bout this."

Twirling their fingers in rather deep, Karen and Divini firmly, but slowly started to stretch back each other's head and twist it in a circle. They closed their eyes and shifted their legs front to back, each with a leg between the other's legs and slightly bent at the knees. Their breasts wallowed like four healthy pups under a blanket as they started to lowly moan in their throats and test each other's endurance.

"Aahh...bitch," whimpered Karen under her breath as Divini made her chin go into her chest.

"Ooww, fuck," the blonde winced as she was pulled sideways with her head twisted the other way. They pulled each other upright, stretched back and turned, and then pulled each other over at the waist.

"Uuummm," groaned Karen deeper as they bowed before each other and pulled on the very back of the hair. Their legs were bent and locked and their feet shuffled on the carpet as they painfully dragged each other back and forth a step or two.

" bitch," winced Divini, biting her bottom lip.

"Ow, ow...ow, leggo, bitch," Karen panted, gritting her teeth.

"You leggo, uumm," grunted the blonde, turning Karen's hair in her hands.

"Ouch...okay, okay, bitch, leggo!" grimaced the beautiful brunette, letting go of Divini's tresses. Divini let go, but came away with several loose strands of chestnut locks twisted around her fingers.

"Bitch," swore Karen, rubbing her head and noticing her hair wrapped in the blonde's fingers.

"You wanted to fight," said Divini, flicking the hairs from her fingers.

"I still do, bitch," said Karen, massaging her scalp.

Divini combed her fingers thru her tangled hair as both beauties looked at each other and knew there was a lot of catfighting left. "We can stop," suggested the blonde, shaking back her hair and getting her breath. "You don't need to lose your looks and Jake all in the same day."

"We'll see who has her looks an' who doesn't when we're done," said Karen, leaping out and catching the blonde across the cheek with a crisp slap.


Divini's long hair whispered around her slapped face, and Karen slapped the other cheek as she reached in and caught a glob of flying blond tresses.


"Fuckin' cunt!" shouted Karen, shaking out Divini's brains. "You want be so hot after I bald your sluttin' ass."

"Ooooo!" wailed the blonde, running her hands in the brunette's hair.

In classic catfighting style, the fur really started to fly as the two beautiful young women went to a higher level of hair pulling.

"Ooooo ggaawwdd!" cried Karen, losing some hair as Divini jerked her over at the waist.

"You damn bitch!" shouted Divini, yanking Karen back up and tearing out another lump of hair. Karen screamed as she bulled into Divini and drove her back against the wall. Divini grunted, but slung Karen around and slammed her against the wall.

"Uummpphh!" groaned Karen, rolling off and slinging Divini into the wall again. Divini grunted but forced her way off as they now entered the little hallway of the apartment leading to the bedroom and bathroom. "Fuuuck!" cried Karen, losing another sum of hair around the back as Divini shoved her against the wall.

"Ooooww!" howled the blonde as her head was ripped straight back and she was driven shoulder first into the other wall.

"Bitch!" shouted Karen, taking out her first handful of blond hair from the back of Divini's head.

"Uuunnnggg!" grunted Divini at her loss, but dropping her right hand across Karen's left breast.

"Uuummfff, oooww!" flinched the brunette as the blonde clamped her fingers over her melon. Karen's tiny spaghetti strap gave way as the blonde jerked back on the top and then tried to get her hand in the cup of the bra. Karen's 34C jiggled in fear, but her cup stayed in place even though Divini squeezed her fingers around it. "Uuunnggg!" grunted Karen, doubling over in defense as she pried on Divini's wrist.

WHAM! The kneecap caught the brunette directly under the left eye and over the cheekbone. Karen was sent jarring into the wall as Divini caught her by the swooping neckline and ripped it open down to her waist.

"I'm gonna tear off your fuckin' tits," threatened the blonde, reaching for the mammaries.

"Nnnooo!" howled Karen, her hands instinctively going for Divini's hair as she came off the wall in defense. She slammed into Divini, driving her up against the wall. Divini latched on to Karen's hair as they both buckled at the knees and fell over on the floor. It was a small cramped area between the bathroom and the bedroom and the area leading into the living room. The door to the bathroom was closed, but the bedroom door was wide open.

"Uumm, you bitch," grunted Divini, her right leg knotting up with Karen's left leg as they still had each other by the hair.

"You cunt...umph," battled Karen, trying to get herself on top.

They twisted each other's head by the hair as they scuffled in the matchbox area on the floor. Both girls were getting some carpet burns on what ass they had hanging out of their tight, tiny shorts as their legs dueled for positioning. They rolled back and forth on each other few times, but it was impossible to complete a roll because of the walls.

"You slut," muttered Karen, twisting Divini's head sharply around.

"Ooowww!" winced the blonde as her hair was painfully pulled.

The brunette wormed her way over Divini's backside and was able to nestle her 34" ass on the blonde's 36" buttocks. "You fuckin', cheatin' cunt," cussed Karen, her hands filled with lovely blond hair as she used that hair to rub Divini's face into the carpet with.

"Oooww ggaawwdd! Fuuck...this hurts!" moaned Divini into the floor as she tried to scratch Karen's hands out with one hand as her other slapped the carpet. Bucking her tight buttocks against Karen's grinding chisled ass, Divini kicked her legs up and down as their foxy cracks lined up with their fighting, flexing buttcheeks.

"Give it up, slut. I'll wear out the carpet with your face," Karen demanded, rubbing the blonde's face in the coarse carpet while doing her best to stay on top.

"Uuunnnggg!" grunted Divini, forcing herself to all-fours and then falling sideways so that Karen slammed into the wall which not only dislodged Karen, but caused her to hit her head hard into the wall. Turning and getting on her knees, Divini put her left fist across Karen's chin as the brunette tried to get to her knees from a sitting position. Divini could punch, and she hit Karen a good one, putting a deep gash over her chin with her ring.

"Uuuggghhh!" grunted the brunette, her head and shoulders slamming into the wall after she was punched.

"You fuckin' cunt!" swore Divini, leaning forward and plunging her face in Karen's wide cleavage. Although her bra was still on, the top of Karen's left orb took a vicious biting as Divini sank her pearly whites into the beautiful, round ball.

"Aaarrrggg!!!" screamed Karen at the top of her lungs. Digging her hands inside of Divini's hair, Karen yanked her off her tit. The blonde's teeth left a nice, red circle that would later form into a very ugly and tender bruise.

"Oooww!" wailed Divini, yanked off by the back and top of her hair. Karen was now fighting on sheer guts and determination. She was still very shaken by the punch in the chin and all the wall banging her head had taken. Divini now grabbed Karen by the hair as they somehow managed to get to their knees while pulling hair with each other. "Oooww! You bitch!" cried Divini, dropping her right hand over Karen's bitten breast and squeezing it.

"Oooww! Oooww!" bawled Karen, running her left hand under Divini's cropped T-shirt and clamping down on her right bra cup. Both girls gave each other a good twisting, squeeze, but when Karen's areola popped out, Divini doubled her over with a cruel pinch. "Aaahhh fuuuuuck!" screamed Karen, tears now squirting out her eyes as she doubled over in utter agony.

Divini shoved Karen's face into the carpet by the back of her head as she moved around behind the brunette and forced her all the way down on her belly. "You piece of fuckin' shit," swore the blonde, now mounting the brunette's backside and stretching back on her hair with both hands. "You're not gonna come over here and threaten to kick MY ass."

"Oooooo gggaaawwddd...mmmyyy h-a-i-r!!" screamed Karen, bowed backwards with her breasts dangling off the floor. Divini slammed her face down into the floor. Karen nearly puked as her tits pancaked across her chest and her face hit the carpet.

"Let's see how ya like it, you cheap cunt," said the blonde, smearing the brunette's lovely face across the carpet.

"Oooooo ssshhhit...b-i-t-c-h!!" cried Karen, a trickle of blood running from her nose and over her screaming lips. Divini scooted up across Karen's shoulders and started to bounce her ass up and down. This naturally created even more pain for the brunette as her pancaked tits were now smashed even more across her chest. Divini also put a lot of weight on Karen's head, pressing her face harder into the unforgiving carpet. "Oooohhh pppllleeeaassseee!!" cried Karen, gasping, gagging, choking and bawling.

"You had enough, you fuckin' cunt?" asked Divini, lifting Karen's head up by her hair, then slammed her face down into the carpet. THUD!

"Ya still think you're fuckin' Jake tonight?" the blonde asked, repeating the procedure. THUD!

"Ya think anyone's gonna wanna fuck your guts now, slut?" asked Divini, bouncing Karen's face off the floor. THUD!

The brunette was sobbing hysterically but she wasn't struggling. She was completely at the blonde's mercy, and so far the blonde wasn't giving her any.

"You bitch," huffed Divini, sliding up further so that her ass was firmly planted across the back of Karen's neck and the top of her shoulders. She kept a firm hold on the top of Karen's hair as she sat resting and catching her breath. Karen lay very still, but still crying very hard, and Divini could feel the brunette's body lifting and falling beneath her ass as she tried to breath. "You fuckin' slut," she swore, firmly tugging on the hair she held in her hands. "I outta make you lick my pussy."

"No, no, please...please, Divini," Karen wept out between sobs.

"Why not, bitch? Jake does," taunted the blonde, twisting Karen's hair in her fingers.

" can have him...I don't want him," Karen begged between tears.

"Well...if you suck snatch anything like you suck cock, you probably wouldn't get me off anyway," said Divini, taking Karen's nose between her knuckles and twisting it.

"Ooooowww!" cried Karen, her body bucking for the first time.

Divini swatted her across the ass a few times, demanding that she stop bucking. "Well, you probably can't suck me off, but I can finger myself off," Divini said, putting her right hand between her thighs. "I'll just kinda mark you like my bitch with my scent. Catfightin' always makes me horny, especially when it's with a nasty little tramp like you."

"Oh please, please, Divini...don't do that," pleaded the brunette. "I'll do any...anythin'. I'll get the divorce...I'll do it tomorrow. You can have him...please just le' me go."

"Promise? Do you swear it, slut?"

"Oh yes...yes. I swear it. I swear it."

"Well..." Divini pretended to ponder. "You're not even worth me sprayin' on. I'd better save my stuff for Jake tonight when he's down there eatin' me out."

"Oh please, Divini...just lemme go. Oh gawd, just let me go…pleeeeeeze…"

"Alright, bitch!" Divini picked Karen up by the back of the hair, and held a handful of hair for control as she grabbed her by the left wrist and bent her arm behind her back in a hammerlock. Guiding Karen to the front door, Divini made her open it and then she put her foot on Karen’s ass and kicked her out, tits and all dangling in the wind. "Oh, don't forget your purse, bitch!" Divini shouted, throwing it out the door at her. "I noticed your low on birth control!"

A guy driving by in his car almost hit a lamppost as he stared at Karen’s voluptuous nude body; wondering just what the hell had happened and kicking himself for having missed it. He quickly pulled to the curb, rolled down his window and leaned out. “Hey lady! My name’s IRISH and I’ll gladly give you a ride to anywhere you want to go!”