Karin Taylor vs. Karen McDougal by Southgate (May 99)

Karin Taylor, returning from a visit to Jamaica, flings open the door to the LA flat she shares with Kimber West and Elan Carter. As she bounds into the living room, she stops short as she sees the wreckage of her two roommates. Kimber lies on a leather couch, her ribs bandaged and her right arm in a sling. Elan sits in a chair holding an ice pack. Her left eye is swollen and her bottom lip, an angry purple, is split and puffy.

"Jeez, What the hell happ'n here?" Rushing over to the couch, Karin sits gently next to her girlfriend. "Girl, you a fright, what sista caught you in bed with her man?" Turning to face Elan, Karin studies her bruised face for a moment. "Elan, tell me what happened! Were y'all mugged?" Karin demands.

"Sort of," Carter offers, sheepishly. "Kimber got herself in Karen McDougal's face Saturday, and, well…(a long pause) McDougal kicked the crap out of her."

"And what happened to you?" the Jamaican interrupts, with an edge to her voice.

"Well, I pulled the bitch off of Kimber before she killed her, but she turned on me. God Karin, McDougal's as strong as an ox and positively vicious," Elan whimpers.

"That ain't the half of it, Karin. I swear I'm gonna get even with that steroid poppin' bitch if it's the last thing I do," growls Kimber, grimacing as she slowly lifts her hips to shift her weight on the couch.

"What's wrong with your ass, girl, did you let Lily White beat your sorry ass, too?" asks an angry and disgusted Karin.

"F*** you, Karin. Yeah, she beat my ass good and she can beat your bonny ass, too. Truth is, that witch says she can't get enough brown butt. She was all over my ass as we fought, grabbing and squeezing and scratching like a tomcat. I got welts on both cheeks."

Kimber rolls to the side to show Karin her scratched and bruised butt. Taylor's eyes open wide.

Elan continues, unsolicited.

"We went to the company's big lawn party bash for the man's new white bread princess Heather Kozar last Saturday afternoon. Hef is all over this young broad, right in front of her man. It's gross, to see that old man all hot and panting. Anyway, McDougal's there and she ain't handling being a 'former' PMOY. Little Miss Mid-West never made it to this LA in-crowd, so she's way, waaay jealous how Heather is instant big-deal. She's mouthin' off and pushing her way into every conversation. Well, Hef is gettin' annoyed, real annoyed. He sees me and Kimber. So he comes up to Kimber and says, 'You shoulda been the PMOY last year, not Karen--she's low class. I'd sure appreciate it if you put her in her place and get her out of Heather's way.' Well, that's all Kimber needed. You know she feels she was robbed of the title anyway.

"Later the afternoon, me and Kimber catch up to McDougal in the dormitory-she been asked to move out of the primo apartment so's to make room for Heather. Kimber jumps the gun. She marches right up to the bitch an' gets in her face. They're standing nose to nose, Kimber puffs up and shoves her boobs into Ms Lily White's and tells her how she's all done and should haul her sorry ass out of town. Well, that crazy bitch just explodes. She's poppin' too many steroids, that one.

"Her fist comes up from outta nowheres and BLAM! blasts Kimber in the chin, then her belly. She musta punched Kimber ten times 'fore I could get to her. So I grabs her in a full nelson, but she breaks free and shoves me away like I was nothing, just nothing. Then she grabs me by the hair and starts banging my head into the wall. I passes out, I mean out cold.

"By the time I clears my head, McDougal has Kimber up against the wall and is just hammering away on her, I mean pounding the piss out of her. I'm sitting on the floor holding my head and yellin' for her to stop, but she just spins Kimber 'roun, throws a hammerlock on her. She's twisting Kimber's arm and all the while her other hand's in the sista's pants - she playin' grab ass and stirring the girls honey pot. She's all crazy, shouting at Kimber, calling her 'whore' and 'slut' and cooing in her ear at the same time. The she has this really nasty look in her eyes. She twists harder on Kimber's arm 'till I hear a sick 'crack' and Kimber's crying like a baby, shoutin' that her arm is broke.

"Still she don't stop. She throws Kimber to the floor and stomps all over her. I get up and try to tackle her, but she catches me mid-air, lifts me off the ground and slams me down on her knee. That bitch is dangerous. She rolls me on my belly, straddles my back and goes after MY ass with both hands. Only Kimber's screaming stopped her. A crowds gathered at the door. They're banging on it to let them in. McDougal just stops, like a switch is turned off, stands up, goes to open the door. Then, cool as can be, the bitch says, 'Call the police, these two whores broke in to my room and attacked me.' We were all afternoon sorting that out and in the end, the F***** cops ask her to not press charges! Hef got us out, finally."

Taylor is steaming. "Where is she living now," Karin snaps.

"Don't know and don't care," Elan replies, "but I know she works out every morning at that fancy women's gym in Santa Monica."

The next day, bright and early, Karin drives out to the gym to pay Karen McDougal a visit. She arrives at the gym at 5:30 in the morning. The lights are on. McDougal is alone inside, having begun her rigorous workout a half hour earlier.

Karin enters and walks quietly across the gym floor which is covered in a thin exercise mat. Karin stands behind McDougal who's working out bare handed with a light exercise bag. Karin lashes out with her left foot and kicks McDougal in the ass, sending her flying.

McDougal spins around, in an instant, she recognizes Taylor and know why she is there. She launches spinning kick that catches Taylor in her left side and backs away. She smiles, eager for the fight. Karin steadies herself, rubs her bruised ribs and raises her fists.

"Guess we don't need no introductions," Taylor taunts.

"Shut up and fight," threatens Karen.

Taylor moves in cautiously, only to be meet with a series of spinning kicks that nail her twice in the belly and once in her left tit. Karin turns away, holding her bruised tit cupped in one hand.

"Miss Lily White knows how to fight," thinks Karin. McDougal follows up and nails Taylor in the back of the neck with a double ax handle. As she staggers forward, Karen moves in and bulldogs the Black woman face first into the thin gym mat. McDougal leaps on Taylor's back, spins around so her legs are positioned over Karin's head and snaps a leg scissors around Karin's neck. She reaches her right hand under Karin's belly and shoves it in into her crotch, yanking on a handful of the thick dark hair covering Karin's crotch while the fingers of her left hand dig into Karin's perfect ass.

Laughing as Karin howls, Karen taunts her Black foe, "I'm going to enjoy this. You think you're such a bad-ass. You think you're a match for me? I'm gonna take my time and really enjoy this."

Locking her thick thighs tight, Karen works over Taylor's ass. Bucking and twisting wildly, Karin manages to turn her head around and sink her teeth into Karen's thigh. She chews for all she's worth.

"Whore," screams McDougal as she shoves Karin away.

Both women scramble to their feet. Taylor rubs her ass. McDougal ignores the blood on her thigh as she moves forward aggressively, fists raised. Two quick jabs from her left hand land decisively on Taylor's cheek, snapping her head back. She backs up and keeps her cool. While McDougal stalks her, head-hunting, Karin gets on her bicycle, peddling around her foe, slipping punches as she concentrates her counter-attack on McDougal's side and belly. While her thin arms cannot match Karen's thick ones for power, Taylor's strength is evident as her quick fists pepper McDougal's body, thumping Karen's ribs and tagging her chin frequently.

But McDougal nails Karin with a punch to her left tit and follows up with a low blow that smashes through Taylor's taut stomach muscles. On instinct, Taylor drives a straight arm punch into Karen's face that staggers the tough amazon. She ignores the cramping sensation in her belly and Karin follows up which an uppercut that snaps McDougal's head and freezes her in place. Karin takes advantage of the moment and launches an all out assault on Karen's body and belly. The Black woman's fast hands are pummeling Karen's ribs and arms, finding her open belly.

Frequent head shots slip through Karen's now sloppy defenses, but McDougal just stands there, covering up absorbing the punishment and holding her ground as Taylor tries in vain to knock the beast down. Taylor is muttering to herself, hitting Karen with all she has, but McDougal won't go down.

Suddenly, the brunette lunges forward and wraps her arms around Taylor. She lifts the taller woman off her feet, trying to lock her into a bearhug. Karin slips her right hand free and belts Karen in the side of her head, punching her way free but McDougal just shakes off the punch and charges.

McDougal retaliates with a blistering backhand that slams across Karin's face, blooding her nose and sending her reeling backward till she bangs against the thinly padded gym wall. McDougal lunges again, trying to trap her victim on the wall but Karin slips free and drives her knee up into McDougal's belly. She slams an uppercut into Karen's chin. With a double handful of hair, Taylor seizes Karen's head and slams it against the wall. She drives her knee up into Karen's back, then unloads a two fisted attack on Karen's kidneys.

Taylor's confidence returns as she grabs Karen's hair and yanks the amazon's head back. Trapping McDougal in a reverse headlock, Taylor unloads a barrage of nine huge punches into Karen's chest and belly. McDougal's legs are wobbly. Karin rips off McDougal's jog bra and digs her fingernails deep into each of Karen's tits. Taylor twists Karen's head up a bit and re-targets her attack on Karen's neck, twisting hard as she then chops Karen twice across the throat.

Twisting McDougal around, Karin holds her head down as she cracks her knee up into the brunette's chin, then drops Karen on the floor and straddles Karen's back. Wiping the blood from her nose, Taylor punches McDougal twice in the back of her neck and then digs her fingers into Karen's neck muscles. McDougal groans, roars, then presses off the mat, lifting Karin with her. First to her knees, then up on her feet, McDougal gets up taking Taylor with her still holding the double neck claw and cursing how she couldn't hold McDougal down.

In a test of wills, Taylor musters all the strength she can as she tries to destroy the brunette's neck. McDougal has pulled her head down into her shoulders, struggling to break free. For nearly twenty seconds, Taylor controls her foe until, with a surge of raw power, McDougal spins to the left, bats her left arm up and shoves Taylor away. A clumsy right hand lashes out and slaps hard across her face as she reels away from the angry bull.

McDougal wastes no time as she charges in at Taylor. She lands a series of punches to Taylor's chin, chest and arms, but the taller woman counter punches and sweeps an overhand right off the top of Karen's head. That gets McDougal's attention, stopping her for a moment. Taylor lashes out with a long leg and slams a kick into Karen's belly, then dances off but the resilient brunette shakes it off. Karen stalks her opponent. In a crouch, McDougal picks her shots and rocks Taylor with hard punches to her ribs and arms. Karin is getting hammered and frustrated. Backed against the wall, she tries her best to cover up but she has no chance to bull her way off the wall. She can only look for an opening.

Taylor's arms ache from the incessant pounding and her ribs are so bruised it hurts just to breath. She does manage to land a few counter punches to McDougal's head, but mostly she simply covers up. McDougal rocks her again with thundering punches to her ribs. Karin knows she must do something fast or the beast will beat her senseless. As Karen plows a fist into her ribs, Taylor jams an uppercut between the brunette's arms and nails her in the chin. McDougal is staggered. Karin slams her forehead forward, and head-butts Karen, leaving her tottering.

Taylor grabs Karen's hair, yanks her head down into her driving knee. Holding McDougal's hair, Taylor lets fly three staggering kicks to McDougal's belly. Still holding McDougal's head down, Taylor hesitates just a moment to think through her next move. Her hesitation gives Karen an opportunity and the beast roars and charges forward. Karin holds on, jumps into the air and crashes her elbow down on the back of McDougal's neck, driving her face first to the floor. Karin twice drops her knee across the back of McDougal's neck.

Karin straddles her back, takes a handful of hair and pulls Karen's head up and back. Taylor jabs her right fist repeatedly into Karen's face, leaving her with a split lip as McDougal seems to fade. Karin rolls to her side and slips her legs around McDougal's waist and wraps her right arm around Karen's throat, stretching her head back as she tightens her thin, strong legs around Karen waist. For more than two minutes, Karin, drains the fight out of McDougal.

"You think you can beat on a sista and get away with it? I'll teach you respect. I'll beat it into you. You want some Black ass, girl, I'm gonna give you some. I'm gonna grind my sweet ass down into your face. It's going to be the last thing you see," taunts an exhausted, but elated, Taylor.

McDougal renews her struggling, nearly jerking her head free. Taylor locks her legs tight and rides out the storm.

"Shit, girl, you too stupid to know when to give it up," hisses an exasperated Taylor.

McDougal twists and stiffens, she succeeds in pulling her head free then twists her body. Karin tightens her legs with all the strength she can muster. She reaches around and grabs a double handful of Karen's boobs. Still, McDougal thrashes her body wildly, managing to get into a sitting position. Taylor clamps her right hand over McDougal's nose and mouth, her left corkscrews the nipple on Karen's left tit. McDougal struggles like a woman possessed as Taylor tries use her legs to roll her back on her side. But Karen continues to twist her body around until she's facing her tormentor. Fighting to get to her knees, McDougal wraps her arms around Karin's waist and lifts her off the floor. Driving forward, she slams Karin's back down onto the thin mat, forcing Taylor to release her scissors hold.

McDougal straddles Karin's thin waist and easily pins her wrists to the mat. Taylor struggles like her life depended on it, but Karen holds her effortlessly. Karin panics, feeling completely overpowered by the beast. Karen slides up to sit on Taylor's chest. With her left hand clamped around Taylor's throat, Karen reaches back with her right arm. Her fist pounds rapid fire into Karin's belly, over and over and over. Karin can't get a breath as McDougal beats and beats on her belly.

Finally, Karen stops, drags Taylor to her feet, wraps her arms around her and lifts her into a bearhug. Growling, McDougal shakes Karin's slender body like a rag doll. Throwing her to the gym floor, McDougal squats down on her face and rips open Karin's halter top, exposing two big, soft boobs. Karen strokes her victim's belly.

"How now, brown cow! Very nice boobs," she coos. McDougal takes Karin's left nipple in her fingers, pinching and squeezing as the Black woman's body quivers under her.

"Now, let me introduce you to my fine, white ass," Karen threatens. She grinds her butt down on Taylor's face.

"Now I want to own your ass, sugar," Karen coos. She flips Taylor on her belly, roughly yanks off her pants and straddles her waist, facing her feet. She slips one hand under Karin's belly and the other down over Taylor's fine butt. She works Karin slowly, expertly, forcing her against her will to come again and again.

"You beat her sorry ass," a voice says, "Let her go."

Karen turns to see Holly Hunter. She stands slowly, pausing to dry her hands by wiping them in Karin's hair.

"Sure, I'm all done here," laughs Karen, her eyes twinkling mischievously. "Say, you've got a fine ass, you wanna play?"

Holly stiffens indignantly. She glares at Karen, looking her straight in the eye.

"Maybe another time. In fact, I'm sure we'll play real soon."

McDougal is too tired to push it at the time, so she says, "I look forward to it."

Karen turns and walks slowly to the shower room as Holly helps the thoroughly trashed Karin to her feet.

(Vote total: McDougal 112, Taylor 111)