We Just Don't Like Each Other: Karen McDougal vs Karin Taylor by kit

(ding dong) "Hi," said Karen McDougal, opening the door to her rival.

"Hi," replied Karin Taylor, stepping in as the white girl stepped back and bade her enter.

"You're late. I was startin' to worry," said Karen, closing the front door.

"Thought I wasn't comin'?" asked Karin, setting her purse down on the end table.

"No," snapped the white girl. "I knew you couldn't miss the opportunity to get your ass kicked."

"Well, I ran into traffic...that's all," said the black babe.

Karen and Karin looked at each other for a few seconds. "Want something to drink?" asked Karen. "Water, soda, wine?"

"No. Nothing," snapped Karin, impatient to get the ‘fun’ started.

"Well OK, you can change in the bathroom…down the hall on the left," said the white beauty, turning her back and heading towards her bedroom.

"Thanks, but I've already got it on," stated Karin as she started to pull her polo shirt off over her head.

"Great then. I'll be back in a minute."

"See that you do. You should've already been ready."

Karen stopped and glared back at her. "Don't worry, bitch. We'll be into it in just a second."

They exchanged a few insults as the white girl went to her bedroom to change.

"Fuckin' slut!" grumbled Karin, wriggling out of her shorts before kicking them into a corner of Karen’s living room.

"Black bitch!" Karen muttered under her breath as she undressed in her bedroom.

Karen and Karin were co-workers at a downtown firm, and on Thursday they’d finally had enough of each other. They agreed to settle matters privately on Saturday at Karen's house. After a long and acrimonious discussion, they at last decided on a rules-catfight, in bikini’s with the winner getting nothing except the satisfaction of forcing the loser to submit. The rules were basic, no punches or hiting in the face, but pulling hair and slaps to the body were allowed (at Karin’s insistance!) They also they wouldn’t bite, kick, scratch or pinch (this was Karen’s condition).

Putting on a little green/white stripe bikini, Karen took a deep breath before leaving her bedroom to confront the black girl. For two years she’d dreamed of getting her body on Karin’s, demonstrating its superiority; now she had her chance and she suddenly wondered if she could actually handle her! The beautiful black girl wouldn’t be easy. At 5’9” and 123 pounds, Karin Taylor's body was tight and toned and she would give Karen all she wanted - and more. Karin racked out at a very physical 34-23.5-34.

Out in the living room, Karin was also worrying about tangling with Karen as she adjusted the top of her black bikini. She knew the white girl was not only in great shape and would fight very hard but that Karen's 5’8” and 125 pound body would be difficult to dominate. However, like Karen, Karin had longed for this confrontation and was anxious to subdue Karen's impressive 34-24-34 body with hers.

When Karen entered the living room, both girls took a moment to study the other's beautiful body. Naturally, they were jealous as both filled out her bikini perfectly. "Where are we gonna fight?" asked Karin, ready to get it on.

"Right here, as soon as you help me move some of this stuff outta the way." They moved a recliner and a long coffee table into the dining room, then shoved the big couch up against the wall. Karen also brought out a couple of quilts which Karin helped her spread out. "That should do it," said Karen once the room was cleared for battle.

"I'm ready if you are, bitch," said the sexy black girl.

"I am too, bitch," nodded the foxy white girl. Then crouching, they slowly started to circle with their hands extended. "I've wanted to fight you for a long time," said Karen as they carefully clasped one hand and worked their fingers into a tight grip.

"So have I, bitch," said Karin as she reach out her other hand. They again confessed their strong desire to fight and their deep hatred of the other as they worked their fingers together, then started pushing and shoving.

"Uuumm, bitch," grumbled Karin, twisting her hands with Karen’s.

"Fuckin' slut," Karen cussed, tightening her fingers with Karin’s.

They kept their eyes locked as their hands and arms flexed and strained to bend the other's wrists back. Shifting their weight, their breasts jiggled as their legs powered up as they braced their arms. They huffed and grunted as each found she had one hand winning and the other losing. Karin took a step forward to break Karen's other wrist, but Karen stepped forward with her and their breasts thumped together as each wedged a leg between the other's.

"Uuummm," Karin huffed, her head on Karen's shoulder.

"Mmmph," puffed Karen, tilting her head back as their fingers tightened their grips. Karin rose to her toes for leverage, but Karen bent her knees and pushed her backward.

"Oouuch! Leggo!" squealed Karin as both her wrists knuckled under the pressure. Karen let go, and both stepped back wringing out their hands and wrists. "Shit," whispered Karin, rubbing her wrists. Karen sighed a sigh of relief. She had won this test of strength and was now confident that she could hang with the black girl. The girls took a moment to regroup as they kept an eye on each other while pacing around in a circle. "Bitch," mumbled Karin.

"What's the matter, slut? Ready to give?"

"Fuck you, bitch!" spat Karin, crouching forward.

Karen crouched with her and extended out her hand. Karin batted it away and reached for the back of Karen's neck. Karen reached with her, and in the blink of an eye they had each other in a dual headlock and were staggering around trying to take the other down. Hip to hip they butted as their cheeks rubbed togeteher. Trying to side-step and hip toss, their boobs swung and slapped sometimes as they grunted and swore in each other's ear. After a minute or so of neither being able to drop the other, they broke and stepped apart.

"I'm not as easy as you thought. You think because I'm white I can't fight?" smirked Karen as each adjusted her bikini top.

"Bitch, you haven't shown me nothin'," said Karin as they started to circle again.

"Well you certainally haven't shown me anything either, bitch," Karen shot back, shaking her hair.

"You'll see plenty ‘fore I'm done with your ass," Karin threatened.

"Oh really," said the white girl, reaching for the black girl's hair.

"Yeah really," said Karin, going for Karen's locks as well.

Running their fingers deep into the other's thick, plush hair, then tested each other with a hair tugging contest. Moving in a slow circle, they firmly stretched and twisted the other's hair without engaging in an all-out, hair-ripping fight. Good, firm tugs and pulls ensued and both swore under their breath as they worked their fingers tighter in the others silky tresses.

"Uuuummm," grunted Karin as her head was twisted sideways.

"Aaaaahhh," Karen moaned as her head stretched backwards. Then they stepped back and pulled each other over at the waist. For a few painful seconds, both girls shook each other pretty hard. "Ooooohhh, bitch," groaned Karen as they stood up, still pulling hair.

"Uunnn, damn," Karin groaned, stepping chest first into her rival. Thru some unspoken agreement, they stopped pulling hair and wrapped their arms around each other's neck and squeezed. Boob-to-boob, Karen and Karin pressed their cheeks together and breathed hot air into the other's ear. "How's my tits feel, bitch?" huffed Karin as her breasts rolled on top and pressed down.

"Uuuummm...like shit," Karen groaned as they squeezed each other tightly around the neck. They turned their faces across each other as Karin moved her arms around Karen's ribs and squeezed. Karen's head rolled backwards as Karin's strong pipes crushed her ribs.

"You white fuck," grumbled Karin, lifting Karen to her toes as she squeezed harder and grinded downward with her breasts.

"Gaawwdd!" wailed the white girl as she was lifted and felt her tits pancake on her chest. "Ooohh, leggo!" But Karin didn't let go; in fact, she lifted Karen to her toes again and repeated the process.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Karen's palm whipped back and forth over Karin's flexing brown buttocks.

"Ouch! Bitch!" yelled Karin, letting go to THWAP spank Karen’s ass too. She got off only two swats before the white girl popped her butt once more. SMACK! "You bitch!" Karin shouted, shoving Karen back.

"Fuck you!" barked Karen, lunging forward with a SLAP that cracked across Karin's face. So much for the rules! Karen charged in after the slap and grabbed a handful of Karin's flying hair.

"Ouch! Bitch!" cried Karin, fighting back with a slap of her own that rang Karen's ears. The catfight was on now as both had a handful of hair and pulling while trying to strike each other across the face with the other. SLAP! SLAP! They each landed one more stinging slap before grabbing two fistfuls of hair, each trying to knee the other’s cunt.

"Uuunnmmph!" grunted Karin as her thigh caught a kneecap.

"Uuugghh!" Karen grimmaced as her inner thigh received a kneecap. Twice again Karin and Karen exchanged thigh bruises as neither succeeded in cunt-busting the other.

"Fuckin' cunt!" shouted Karin, yanking hard on Karen's hair,, guiding her face into a wicked SMACK! The slap nearly knocked the filling out of Karen's back teeth and her knees buckled.

"White fuck!" cussed Karin, hair jerking Karen upright so she could slug her across the jaw with a hammering right cross that rocked Karen's head, staggering her backward into the wall; her ass hitting it with a resounding THUD! "I'll teach you to catfight with ME, bitch!" promised Karin. She grabbed Karen's bikini top and jerking down past her breasts. Karen yelped as she doubled over, grabbing Karin's forearms as the Black girl squeezed the shit out of her beautiful tits. "You white trash skank!" growled Karin, giving Karen's tits a final hard pinch.

Karin yanked Karen up by the hair, drew back her right fist and SMACK delivering another right cross that busted the white girl's lip wide open. Spit and some blood sprayed out behind Karin's hard knuckles as Karen almost dropped to her knees. She would have, but Karin wasn't done yet and she held Karen up by the hair as she THUMP slammed her head against the wall. Karin beat Karen's head against the wall five or six times before returning to her tits, wringing her pink nipples like tiny dishrags! Karen's cries were weak and she made no attempt to free her breasts from Karin's pinching, twisting grip.

"Not so tough, huh, bitch," sneered Karin when she realized her rival was just about out on her feet. "Maybe you'll think twice now about showing up for work on Monday. I think it's time your sorry ass found another job. Here’s something to consider over the weekend…slut!"

Jerking Karen off the wall, Karin threw her out into the middle of the room, then slapped her to her knees. Karen dropped to all-fours, but Karin cruelly hair-hauled her right back to her feet for one more SMACK! "You fuckin' piece of white shit," snarled Karin, rearing back and SWAT slapping Karen so hard she flew into the dining room, then clear over the coffee table, landing face down on the floor where she lay spread-eagled on her belly, not moving .

Karin wasked around the coffee table and pressed her foot down on Karen’s ass, flattening her ass cheeks as she ground her foot on the soft, white mounds as Karin proudly posed and preened. Rubbing the sole of her foot back and forth, Karin chuckled, “Now you my ‘sole girl!”

Karen McDougal didn't show up for work on Monday - or Tuesday - or Wednesday…in fact, not any day after that!