Karen McDougal vs. Kiana Tom by Irish

Kiana Tom had been a fitness expert and model for several years and was well known for a daily show she stared in on ESPN. One day she was called into the producer’s office and thought, “Great, I’ll have a chance to run some new ideas past them for the show while I’m in there.” But before she had the chance to open her mouth, the producer closed the door and offered her some coffee. “That’s odd,” she thought. “These are always open door meetings.”

She asked, “Hey where’s everyone else? These meetings are never one-on-one.”

Instead of answering Kiana’s question, the producer said, “Kiana, we know you’re the best at what you do, and you sure look great for your age...” He paused, cleared his throat and continued, “...but the sponsors want someone younger.”

“Too old? I’m too fucking old! Screw you asshole!” Kiana screamed. “You can kiss my ass in Macy’s window - I’m too old! The reason the sponsors don’t like the show is because of no talent shits like you! I’ll be back on the air by the end of the week!” she proclaimed as she stormed at of the office red-faced.

Kiana quickly had her agent put the word out that she’d be listening to offers. Then she sat at home and waited impatiently for her phone to ring. And waited and waited and waited. But the phone never rang. With nothing left to do, she worked out, a lot! Kiana was growing bigger then ever.

After a few weeks of waiting, she finally called her agent and demanded, “What the hell have you been doing? What the hell do I pay you all this money for if you can’t get me a simple job offer?”

“Kiana, don’t be mad,” he protested. “I’ve called everyone I know and called in every favor I’m owed. I’ve been getting nowhere. I’m still working on it, I promise, but...”

Before he could finish, Kiana cut him off demanding, “... but what?”

“Hey Kiana, you know I love you - don’t shoot the messenger.”

“But what you spineless worm?” she demanded.

“Kiana, it’s just that they’re looking for someone a little...”

“A little what? Say it! A little younger? Well, fuck you too! If I don’t hear from you by Friday with a solid job offer, I’m coming over there and kick your ass! And when I’m done, I’m going to fire you and find someone competent to handle me!” she yelled just as she slammed the phone down in his ear.

He reached into the bottom drawer of his desk and took out a folder marked “DESPERATE” and blew the dust off. As soon as his hearing returned, he went back to working the phones with renewed vigor as Kiana’s threat echoed in his brain.

He still wasn’t having any luck as he approached the last two numbers on the page. One was Hugh Hefner’s, and he wasn’t sure how Kiana felt about posing nude - not that she could afford to be choosy! The other number was of a friend who worked at Fox sports. He called that one first.

“Hey Joe, it’s Mike. How ya doing ol’ buddy? I need your help with something. Do you have something for one of my girls who’s looking for work? She’ll do just about anything...”

“Well Mike, to tell you the truth; they just put me in charge of those Celebrity Fight Boxing Specials. Who is it, maybe I can help?”

“That’s great to hear Joe. She’s Kiana Tom and she could kick just about anybody’s ass you put her in the ring with. And, well, if she just happened to get a well-deserved pounding, I’d be just heart broken,” laughed Mike.

“Kiana Tom? Isn’t she kind of.....old?”

“What if I were to tell you she was about to appear in Playboy? Would that carry any weight?”

“I’ll tell you what Mike, if she appears in Playboy, can you get me a second Playmate to fight her? If so, I’ll make it worth your while. But not just any Playmate, I need someone hot. You know Rupert Murdoch is a BIG fan of Kim & Ginny’s web site. Everyday my boss brings me stories he’s sending down about how OUR show sucks and how they wanna see hot looking babes maul each other.”

“Hmmmm! Gimme a few weeks to work my magic and I’ll give you Kiana and a Playmate for your next show.”

“Just remember Mike, someone hot with a fan base that’ll take attention away from your gal’s age. If not, no deal!”

“Thanks buddy. I owe you one and don’t worry I’ll pull this off for you.”

Mike’s next phone call was to Hef’s people. Being the professional he was, Mike brokered a deal that wouldn’t be worth much to Kiana for appearing in the magazine, a mere $25,000, but one that would make HIM a shit-load of money from Fox.”

Then he called Kiana and broke the news, “I got you an offer from Playboy for a photo ....if you’ll pardon the expression, spread.”

Naturally, Kiana’s first reaction was to say, “Fuck you, Mike! What, you think I’m some kind of slut!”

“Now, now. Calm down Kiana! I told them you weren’t that kind of girl, but they really want you. Still, I’ll tell ‘em ‘no’ if you really don’t want to do it.” Then being desperate, he played his trump card. “You know, they only pay the most beautiful young women to appear in the magazine. But I’ll call them back and tell them ‘no deal’ especially for that kind of money. I’m not thrilled with this offer, either, but it could put you back in the running for your own show. But you’re probably right, for $10,000 it’s just not worth the embarrassment of putting your gorgeous, fit, trim body on display.”

The wheels were turning in Kiana’s head. She really wanted to get her show back! Too old indeed!

Mike said, “Look, if you want I’ll see if I can get them up to $15,000; it’s up to you babe.”

Kiana blurted out, “Hell Mike, sign the damn contract. I’ll do it for the $10,000. I’ll show them who’s too old!”

Heaving a huge sigh of relief, Mike put part one of his plan into effect. He signed contracts with both Playboy and Fox then took out his Playboy collection and began doing research for part two, thinking, “I need someone hot with a big fan base, maybe a Playmate of The Year. If I can get someone who’s hot, a PMOY and she kicks Kiana’s ass, that’d make the million dollars I’m making even sweeter. If the two women hate each other enough, maybe they’ll fight for free and I’ll keep their shares too!”
**One-Month Later**
The March issue of Playboy Magazine had just hit the newsstands with Kiana Tom gracing the cover and appearing nude inside. As with every issue, the release of the magazine was celebrated with a huge party with a who’s-who list of Tinseltown’s high and mighty in attendance and Kiana made her way around the room networking with the bigwigs. She figured all it would take was one or two solid contacts with someone with ‘juice’ and an eye for talent and she’d be back on TV for all of America to enjoy.

Mike had completed his research and found the perfect opponent for Kiana’s fight on Fox. As soon as he saw her working out in the basement of the mansion, he new he had the right woman. She was hot, she was very popular, and even if she didn’t kick Kiana’s ass, she’d surely do some damage to her smug little face.

Mike approached Kiana during the party and apologized, “If you still want to fire me I’d understand.”

Kiana had a puzzled look on her face and he suppressed the urge to laugh, “Holy shit she’s biting! Hook, Line, and Sinker!”

“What the hell are you talking about,” asked a grinning Kiana. “I’ve got these horny old men eating out of my hand.”

“I’m really sorry but they picked another Playmate to do the new fitness show I told you about.”

Smoke was now coming from Kiana’s ears as she screamed, “What the hell happened! When we got here you said it was a done deal you little weasel!”

“If I can just get her a little more cranked up,” Mike thought. “Well it seems it WAS a done deal, but they found someone a little younger to host.”

Kiana was slightly the other side of livid by this time. One more comment and she would surely explode!

“The guys from the network came in through the garage and they had to pass the gym on the way up to the party. Seems they got lost and went in the wrong door. They walked right in on her working out and offered her the part then and there. I just heard about it myself. I tried to talk them out of it, but.....”

He couldn’t believe Kiana was still standing there in front of him.

“This is bullshit,” he went on. “We’ll sue them......breach of contact, nincompoopsus mental or something. Don’t worry, I got Larry the Lawyer from Ally McBeal on retainer. Oh sure, they argued she’s younger and hotter then you; but hell, I saw her and I didn’t think she was THAT much younger even though she DID have a great body.”

That ought to do it, Mike was thinking just as Kiana went not just postal, but International Airmail Postale!

“She’s here!” Kiana screamed spinning around, her eyes flashing. “At my goddam party! Which one is she? Take me to the gym right this instant! I’m going to so beat her ass! We’ll see who has a hotter body after I’ve finished with hers!”

Just then, Christy Hefner was passing and overheard the exchange. She quickly hustled upstairs to the bedroom and pulled him out from under three or four young blondes.

“Hey dad, we better get the VIPs into the viewing room fast. The shit’s about to hit the fan!”

With no time to explain she quickly rushed the entire group of guest downstairs to the viewing room. The mirrors lining one wall of the gym were two-way mirrors with plush seats for invited guests. They were barely in their seats with one of the bunnies passing out drinks when the door to the gym flew open and Kiana stormed in!

Lying on a weight bench pumping a large amount of iron was 1998 Playmate of the Year Karen McDougal. She never heard the door fly open as she was grooving to music from the MP3 player she was wearing. Kiana approached the bench and ordered Karen to, “Stand up for the beating of a lifetime! We’ll see who’s hot and who’s not!” she yelled.

Karen never moved. Between the music, the clanging of the weights and the sound of her strained breathing she never heard the challenge issued by Kiana. Besides, seeing a beautiful irate woman was nothing new for Karen, or anyone else at the mansion. Taking Karen’s lack of reaction for a sign of disrespect, Kiana’s anger grew.

“So you want to play games you little whore,” she muttered. “OK, I’ll play a game with you. It’s called it’s my party and I’ll make you cry if I want too!”

With Karen’s legs spread at the end of the weight bench, Kiana thought she knew just how to show her she mean business. Christy licked her lips knowing the only thing between Karen’s pussy and excruciating pain was a thin layer of Lycra. Just as Karen was pressing the weight for her next rep, Kiana drove her right knee down between Karen’s thighs with all her might!

A wave of pain washed over Karen’s body and she lost control of the weight bar. It came crashing down across her chest, flattening her tits on her breastbone. Before she had a second to tip the weight bar off to one side and get out from under the crushing weight, Kiana straddled her stomach and pushed the bar against her throat, shutting off her attempt to replace the air that had been knocked out of her.

Hef was dialing security on his cell phone when Mike’s friend Joe from Fox Sports spoke up, “Let it go for a while. This is just what I’m looking for.” Then he shot an evil smile toward Kiana’s agent just as Christy chimed in, “Yeah dad, let it go a few more minutes. Karen can take care of herself.”

Christy ordered more champagne and slid into a front row seat with a huge smile on her face. The first thing she always did whenever she used the viewing room was switch on the recording system. Since she was saving it for prosperity, she would get to enjoy this moment again and again.

Leaning her full weight down on the bar with her left hand, Kiana began smashing her right fist into Karen’s face. Karen had a choice, cover her face and get strangled out - then who knows what - or fight to dislodge the bar from her throat and answer back with some shots of her own.

After a long struggle and numerous punches that left her tasting her own blood, Karen was finally able to lift one side of the bar and unbalance it so the weights slipped off her chest and clanged to the floor freeing her from beneath it. Karen’s arms - on fire after her workout just hung limply towards the floor, Her body, drained of the adrenaline that allowed her to win the life or death struggle with the weight bar slumped. Kiana saw an opportunity to destroy her rivals ‘hotter body’ and pulled Karen’s tight shirt up over her head and stretched it over the upright stanchions of the weight bench, pinning her shoulders to the bench with her arms trapped behind her.

“Oh, what nice tits you have,” cooed Kiana maliciously. “Maybe we should try a little meat tenderizer on them.”

She fired punch after punch, piston fashion, down onto Karen’s tits. When she felt they’d been adequately ‘tenderized’ Kiana dug her sharp nails into the tender tit flesh as deep as she could. After several minutes of twisting torment, Kiana released her grip and added a couple of angry scratches to the trapped Playmate’s awesome tits.

Christy was squirming in her seat, her pussy literally drooling as she watched Karen’s demise and thought to herself, God how I hate that bitch Karen,” as she sipped noisily at her drink, hoping the slurping covered the sound of her fingering herself.

Kiana grabbed Karen’s shorts at the waist and worked them side-to-side down over her hips and pushed them around her ankles. She stood on the shorts trapping Karen’s feet to the floor as she wedged her own knees inside Karen’s knees and used them to force her legs apart.

“Hey nice Mohawk,” Kiana said as she saw Karen’s pussy. “You some kinda Indian princess, princess?”

With this new and tempting target in her sights, Kiana threw several punches between Karen’s legs that made her her scream out as each blow splatted into her flesh. Satisfied, Kiana sat back down on Karen’s stomach to rest and admire her handiwork.

Hef was back on the phone trying to get security to intervene in the fight but there was no dial tone since he’d forgotten that he and the blondes had borrowed the battery to power their vibrator earlier. Sprinting to the door to get help, Hef found it was locked from the outside.

While Hef was running back and forth like a pecker with it’s head cut off, Mike called Kiana’s cell phone while everyone was laughing at Hef’s panic and told her, “Hey Kiana, your doing great, we’re behind the mirror to your right and we’ve seen the fight since the start. All you need’s a big finish and I’ll get a deal from Fox sports,” which was all she had to hear.

Kiana yanked Karen off the bench, stripping her nude as she pressed Karen over her head, then turned to face the mirrors as she dropped her back down onto her outstretched knee. With one hand on Karen’s chin and the other pushing a fist into her crotch, Kiana cranked up the pressure as she tossed her long hair and smiled at her reflection in the mirror.

“Well Pocahontas, lets bring the show to them up close and personal,” Kiana said as she rolled Karen off her knee.

She stood and hauled Karen to her feet by her hair, then spun and whipped Karen into the mirror breasts first. Quickly following her, Kiana crashed into Karen’s back and maintained the pressure against her body, mushrooming Karen’s tits on the glass and flattening them.

Kiana grabbed Karen’s right arm and twisted it up behind her back, then began blasting kidney punches into Karen’s lower back. Hef was yelling at the glass for Kiana to stop, but like a woman possessed, she just didn’t, or couldn’t, hear him. Or maybe she didn’t want to hear.

“Whose got the hotter body now?” Kiana yelled over and over as she accented each question by grabbing Karen’s hair and banged her face onto the mirror.

It wasn’t until Kiana grew tired of her workout and decided to finish up so that she could go back to her party that Karen’s torture ended. Grabbing Karen from behind in a bear hug, Kiana picked her up and then dropped Karen’s crotch onto her knee. Karen’s body was a human ragdoll with no strength left to resist. Kiana ended the match by grabbing Karen’s upper legs and lifting her to shoulder height, then she turned, jumped in the air and drove Karen’s injured back over the weight bench, collapsing it with both women on top of it.

Hef, Christy and the VIPs finally got out of the viewing room and came running into the weight room. Kiana got up, grabbed Mike and Joe by their arms and led them out of the room.

“Daddy we still have a lot of guest to tend too, why don’t you take care of business while I have security take Karen back to her room so we can have the house doctor look at her,” Christy suggested.

Not thinking clearly due to the ordeal, Hef thanked her and chased after the crowd who were following Kiana back to the main party room.

Once security arrived, Christy told them to take Karen back to her room but she never mentioned the doctor. As Christy turned to leave she saw Karen’s walkman behind the weight bench. She bent down, picked it up and her evil grin returned.

She took a detour past her room where she quickly packed a small duffel bag before she hustled to catch up to Karen. As she entered Karen’s room, she told security she’d stay with Karen and that, “We’re not to be disturbed, doctor’s orders.”

Karen looked angelic sprawled on her bed.

“We can’t have any of that,” thought Christy as she rolled Karen’s body off the bed and let her crash to the floor. Opening her bag, she pulled the head set from Karen’s walk-man out. Using her foot, Christy kicked Karen over onto her stomach and used the wire to bind her hands behind her back.

Grabbing Karen by the ankles, Christy dragged her into the middle of the room so they’d have more room, then rolled her onto her back. The nasty rug burns inflicted by the little journey only added to the abuse Karen’s tits had already endured.

Next, she took her vibrator out of the duffel bag, set it on maximum and wiggled it deep between Karen’s legs, then she slipped her fingers into her own moist box and rubbed them over Karen’s lips and over her upper lip under her nose.

“Take some deep breaths, sweetheart,” she mumbled. “Enjoy the aroma. I’ve wanted to ride your face since the first time I saw you.”

Christy went back into her duffel bag and came out with a strap on. She stood straddling Karen, making sure she could see what was happening as she said, “But first I’m going to fuck that tight little ass of yours.”

Every muscle in her body tightened as Karen realized that there was nothing she could do prevent Christy from raping her.

Christy rolled Karen onto her belly and thought, “OH fuck, she doesn’t deserve any lubricant.”

She was just about to jam the tip of the strap-on past Karen’s tightly clenched sphincter when the bedroom door opened.

“Goddam it!” Christy cursed. “I thought I left word we didn’t want to be disturbed.”

Then she looked to see who had entered the room and her face turned white when she saw IRISH standing in the doorway. She beat feet as fast as she could leaving IRISH to tend to Karen. He untied her and she told him what happened. She had no idea why Kiana attacked her but she swore she’d get even no matter how long it took, one story or two, or eventhree!
IRISH took Karen back to his place at least there her safety and security wouldn't be in question. She'ad taken quiet a beating and had a lot of healing to do before she could even think about going after Kiana. Yet Karen still had no idea what her problem was; she just knew that she was strong as hell and relentless on the attack.

Mike had already been in touch with Fox Sports and inked a deal for the fight between Kiana and Karen. All he had to do was get Karen's signature on a contract and he'd be a very rich man - win or lose. After the attack he coaxed Kiana into executing a contract and he didn't think it'd be much of a problem for him to encourage Karen to seek revenge.

When IRISH went out to pick up lunch, Karen called Hef to find out what happened the night before. Hef was glad to hear from her for the last he knew, Christy had taken charge and was going to make sure Karen got medical attention.

"Karen I'm so sorry. How are you dear, is there anything I could do for you?"

"Well Hef, you can start be telling me what happened. When I find Kiana, she's a dead woman! And that daughter of yours! That bitch has some answering to do also."

"Whoops. Hold on Karen I've got another call. I'll be right back."

On the other line was Mike, Kiana's agent. He apologized for her behavior and for what she'd done to Karen. He went on to tell Hef he had a serious offer from Fox Sports if Karen was interested in getting into the ring with Kiana. Hef told Mike he thought she'd be interested and took down his number to pass along to her.

Hef came back on the phone with Karen and told her, "I have some good news for you. How'd you like to get Kiana in the ring in July - and on national TV?"

Karen said, "Kiana won't be around in July; I'll have taken care of that problem by then."

"Look Karen," Hef interrupted. "I know you want blood and I can't say that I blame you. But remember last time you climbed back into a ring too soon? If you kill her, you'll wind up in jail! Take some time to train for the fight and take her on in the ring. Hell, you can kick her ass legally then."

Karen knew Hef was right and she took down Mike's number. After thinking about it for all of five minutes she called Mike. He apologized to Karen and told her Kiana must've been drunk.

"If you're interested, Fox wants to set up a match between the two of you. It'll be on national TV and there might even be some money involved."

"Mike, money is NOT the problem I'd do it for free! Just set it up so it's a no holds barred catfight rather then boxing. Mike, if you pull that off I'll sign the contract tomorrow."

He assured her it was a done deal and she thanked him, then hung up the phone. Now Karen had to break the news to IRISH.

Meanwhile, Mike called Kiana and said, "We have to talk about last night. The Fox people really like what they saw last night, you completely dominated her. That's exactly what they're looking for. We just have one little problem but promise not to shoot the messenger."

"What damn it! Tell me!"

"Well, Karen's already called the network demanding, and I quote, 'Tell that old fuckin' washed up whore if she wants my show, she'll have to meet me in the ring and take it from me!' Kiana, if you can repeat last night's performance, the job is yours for the taking. I don't think any money will be involved in the match, just think of it like a job interview."

"Mike I don't care what you have to do make it happen. Hell, I'd PAY the network for a chance to show the entire country who's a fucking washed up whore! I'm not going to repeat my performance; I'm going to improve on it. They haven't seen anything yet; I'm going to kill that bitch!"

Mike just had one more phone call to make, "Hey Joe, it's Mike. What would you say if I told you Karen and Kiana are signed and willing to do the show?"

"Mike, I'd say you're a friggin' genius!"

There's just two little problems," Mike said. "One, both insist on a no holds barred catfight not boxing."

"Done! What's the second?"

"Two being that each is looking for a million dollars to do the show."

"Lemme tell you Mike, I just showed my bosses that tape Christy sent. If they can repeat the intensity we saw on the tape they will get theirs and I'll even throw in another million for all your hard work."

"Joe, I'll be right over to sign the papers."

"OK Mike, see you then!"

When IRISH got home he didn't like the look he saw in Karen's face and asked, "What's the matter babe?"

"I just got off the phone with Kiana's agent. I set up a match with her on Fox Sports as part of their celebrity boxing show."

She sensed the tension in the air, as he didn't answer he right away, then he said, "You sure this is what you want?"

"I've never been more sure of anything in my whole life!'

He wrapped his arms around her in a big embrace, kissed the top of her head and said, "OK, let's get to work."

Before he could start training Karen, he wanted her injuries to heal first. He pulled a couple strings and whisked her off to a hyperbaric chamber. All sports teams were using them now as elevated oxygen levels sped up the heeling process.
Fight night finally arrived and Fox had let some segments of the weight room attack slip out through the Internet which was reflected in an unbelievable demand for tickets. The arena was standing room only. You could power a large city for a week with the electricity in the air. The "Battle of the Playmates" as they were billing it, would be the main event and was saved for last on the card.

Mike was pacing back and forth in Kiana's dressing room.

"Relax Mike, I'm the one who's climbing into the ring not you. The match won't last more'n fifteen minutes. After I destroy that cunt I'll treat you to a night on the town."

Little did Kiana know that he couldn't care less about the outcome; he had a flight to catch first thing in the morning. With three million dollars, he planned to retire and never set foot in LA again. But if she was going to let him fuck her afterwards.....well, what the hell!

After the matches on the undercard were over, the moment everyone was awaiting arrived. Emcee Chris Rose climbed into the ring and grabbed the microphone.

"Ladies and gentleman it's time for our main event. Fighting out of the red corner star of the hit fitness show 'Flex Appeal' Kiana Tom!"

As Kiana made her way to the ring they couldn't believe how big she'd gotten. In her TV shows she always sported some pretty big guns, but tonight it looked as if she'd been working out around the clock since the video of her and Karen had been shot. Karen's fans began to worry their heroine was in for a long and painful night.

After Kiana slipped between the ropes, Chris continued, "And fighting out of the blue corner, 1998 Playmate of The Year.... Karen McDougal!"

Karen made her way to the ring her fans exploded with cheers. As soon as she slipped between the ropes both women had to be restrained from attacking one another before the bell. The ref stepped between the two beauties and began his instructions and he explained that instead of a boxing match both had agreed to a no holds barred catfight.

"All boxing rules will be suspended. A win is by submission or knockout only. There's no time limit. I'd like to instruct you to keep the fight clean, but after seeing the video of your last meeting I'd be wasting my breath. Good luck. At the bell come out fighting."

On the timekeepers signal, both women charged out of their corners and met at center ring where they each latched onto their opponent's hair with their left hand and began swinging wild punches with the right to the side of her head. The brutal exchange lasted for several moments, neither letting on the toll the exchange was having, until Kiana suddenly lashed out with her right foot right to Karen's belly. As Karen gasped and doubled over, Kiana followed with a punch to the back of her head dropping her to her knees.

Kiana grabbed Karen by her hair and pulled her into a standing head scissors. Kiana had some pretty muscular thighs and she tried to crush Karen's head between them. Reaching down, she grabbed Karen's bikini and yanked it up into the crack of her ass in a super wedgie. As Kiana tried to pull Karen up by her bikini bottom to set her up for a power bomb, Karen grabbed the back of her legs and powered forward, pulling her legs out from under her and knocking her onto her back.

Holding Kiana by her legs, Karen managed to jerk her head out of the vice-like constraint and wasted no time picking her up and spinning her around in circles in the center of the ring. After several revolutions, she let go - sending Kiana crashing into the corner turnbuckle.

Karen charged in right after Kiana, grabbed the two top ropes and began stomping down onto Kiana's tits and stomach. In an act of desperation, Kiana waited until Karen raised her foot again and at that precise moment, drove a straight punch directly into Karen's supporting knee, hyper-extending it. Karen's leg buckled. As Karen struggled to catch herself from falling, Kiana lifted her right knee and drove it right into Karen's crotch, sending her crashing painfully to the mat holding her pussy with both hands.

Karen's body landed at Kiana's feet and as she tried tearfully to rub away the pain in her wounded womanhood, Kiana grabbed her by the hair and pulled her between her muscular thighs. She locked the hold in, crossing her ankles to apply immediate pressure. Karen clawed at her thighs in an attempt to break free but Kiana just got more angry and increased the pressure.

Then Kiana pulled off Karen's bikini top, exposing her beautiful tits and presenting her with a tempting new target. She quickly went to work, mauling Karen's tits and forcing her to abandon her escape attempt to protect her breasts. Karen was able to free her tits when she grabbed Kiana's wrists and bent her hands backward. But while her head was still trapped, Karen was able to spin slightly and work her way up onto her knees.

Showing her incredible strength, Karen stood up and lifted Kiana's legs up with her. But no matter what she tried, Karen was unable to free herself. She went back to the spin move again, but this time instead of releasing her, Karen moved close to the corner post and spilled Kiana between the ropes. She crashed directly into the steel post and then dropped to the mat in the corner. Karen was free; light-headed from the lack of oxygen and dizzy from the rapid spin she used to break the hold, but free! She took two staggered steps, like an infant trying to walk for the first time, then crashed onto her back in the center of the ring as she lost her battle with gravity.

Neither woman was in a hurry to move. The match was still in its infancy and already they'd given the fans a lifetime of action. The ref was confused, there was no sense in starting to count since they needed a clear winner in the fight. He looked over to the judges' table for guidance, but quickly turned his head in embarrassment as he saw two of the three judges waxing their carrots. The third judge, a female, had her hands under the table and was flushed as if her thoughts were elsewhere.

Both women began to make their way to their feet at the same time and again met in the center of the ring. With muscles bulging, Kiana offered a test of strength and Karen confidently obliged. For the first few moments, they appeared evenly matched but Karen had gotten the worst of the early exchanges and Kiana was able to get the advantage as she forced Karen's hands back until she Karen to her knees.

Just when the audience thought it was the beginning of the end for Karen, she was able to pull her right hand free and drove a punch up from the floor that smashed into Kiana's pubic bone. Kiana's eyes went wide in shock and her mouth gaped in a silent cry as she went down hard on her butt. As Kiana writhed in pain, Karen climbed to the top rope and just at the moment Kiana finally struggled to her feet and turned around looking for her, Karen leaped off and scored a direct hit with a drop kick to the chest that sent Kiana flying across the ring through the air. When she landed, Kiana smacked the back of her head on the mat.

Not giving her a moment of respite, Karen hair-hauled Kiana to her feet and whipped her into the ropes. Karen ran to the opposite ropes and bounced off, then as Kiana came rebounding back, Karen dropped her with a clothesline that again slammed Kiana to the mat flat on her back. It was now payback time! Karen straddled Kiana's waist, ripped off her top and went to work mauling her firm, full breasts. Kiana was in great pain; her breasts felt like they were on fire but she managed to power Karen off of her and rose to her knees.

But Karen wasn't finished! She drove a right into Kiana's belly, ducked a wildly aimed punch return punch and nailed the Hawaiian on the chin with a wicked uppercut that sat Kiana down hard. Kiana leaned back on her hands and shook her head until Karen dragged her back to her feet and set up for her next move.

But as Karen got set, Kiana raked her fingernails across her eyes blinding her! Now it was Karen who was whipped into the corner of the ring, crashing tits-first into the hard turnbuckle. Bodying up against Karen's back, Kiana pinned her to the corner and began to work on Karen's lower back with a series of vicious kidney punches. After three riveting blows, Kiana pounded a knee into the small of Karen's back, grabbed her by the hair and folded her over backward, locking her into a reverse headlock. With the headlock secured and Karen trapped in the corner bent over backwards, Kiana smiled down as she saw how Karen's big tits were jutting out from her chest.

"Yummmmy! Such an invitingly target," Kiana thought to herself. "Well I don't want to disappoint her."

She began scoring elbow smashes down onto Karen's bare and unprotected tits until tears ran down Karen's cheeks from the awful pain. She kept trying to block it out but Kiana continued her assault, reminding Karen of the brutal beating she took from the tough little Hawaiian in the gym. Karen wasn't looking forward to a repeat performance of that nightmare!

When Kiana was satisfied with her breast attack, she pushed her hand over Karen's tight abs and forced it down the front of her bikini where she locked on a crotch claw. Karen was struggling to breath as she was being choked by Kiana's reverse headlock and now she had to deal with the new threat trying to crush her pussy. Karen grabbed Kiana's wrist and struggled to remove her hand. After a brief struggle, Kiana slammed Karen back down on the mat striking the back of her head on the canvas. Reaching down she relieved the dazed Karen of her bikini bottoms leaving her totally nude.

Kiana grabbed Karen's hair and pulled her to her feet, pulling her into a side headlock. Karen's body was slightly in front of her and Karen was able to drive three successive elbows low into Kiana's belly, knocking the wind from her and gaining her escape.

Suddenly, it was Kiana who found herself in a side headlock, then Karen ran her across the ring, jumped in the air and drove her head into the mat with a bulldog that left Kiana dazed. Karen climbed to the top rope once again, then jumped and gave an elbow to Kiana's lower back. Kiana arched her back in pain as she slowly sank to her knees.

Karen kicked Kiana over onto her stomach and relieved her of her shorts. As Kiana tried to get up, Karen grabbed her ankles and pulled her back into a Boston crab, continuing to wreak destruction on her lower back. Trapping her in that position by holding her legs under her arms, Karen began delivering short, hard judo chops to Kiana's exposed crotch until Kiana cried out in pain.

Karen went to finish Kiana off, leaning way back and bending her nearly in half. The only thing keeping Kiana from screaming out her submission was the thought of regaining her exercise show. As Karen leaned back further, Kiana was able to grab a handful of hair and pull Karen over to the side, successfully breaking her hold.

Both women made it to their feet and went toe-to-toe, exchanging punches. Karen delivered wicked right hands to Kiana's head then was able to catch Kiana's arm with her next punch and hold onto it. Whipping her into the ropes, Karen leveled Kiana with yet another nasty clothesline. Kiana crumpled in a heap and Karen twisted her right arm behind her as she straddled her waist. With nothing standing in her way, Karen began delivering stinging rights to Kiana's tits and the side of her face. Next she drove punches to Kiana's bicep trying to give her a dead arm.

With thoughts of her night of torment at Kiana's hands etched in her memory, Karen stood and began peppering Kiana's firm body with stinging kicks to the ribs, then moved on to dropping a couple of knee drops to soften up her belly. Roughly, she grabbed Kiana's ankles, spread her legs and began to stomp down on her pussy; Kiana's body jerked and bounced with every impact until both women were too out of breath to continue!

Needing to catch her breath, Karen climbed to the top rope and went for an elbow drop across Kiana's tits to end the fight but in mid-flight, Kiana was barely able to roll out of the way, leaving Karen to crash to the mat and injure her arm on impact. As Karen lay face down in pain, Kiana crawled on top of her straddling her waist. With her right arm hanging limp from her shoulder, Kiana could do nothing but pound her left to the back of Karen's head. Then Kiana decided to use a couple of knee drops to loosen up Karen's back. She knelt on her back, grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled back on her head.

As Karen tried to resist the backward pull, Kiana suddenly released her hair, sending Karen's face slamming into the canvas with a sickening sound. Kiana pulled Karen to her feet by the hair and whipped her to the corner, crashing into the turnbuckle with her back and nearly snapping her head off over the top rope.

Karen just slumped to a sitting position in the corner, with her round bottom wedged between the top two ropes. Kiana stumbled over, stood on the bottom ropes on either side of Karen's body and began stomping and kicking Karen's tits and face. Karen was in big trouble as she was fading fast.

"Karen! Get out of there!" screamed IRISH. "Come on baby you can do it!"

Finding a reserve of strength as the entire audience joined IRISH's words of encouragement, Karen grabbed both of Kiana's legs and struggled to get to her knees, then standing up to face her as the place went nuts. Taking a page from the Undertaker's book, Karen dropped Kiana to the mat with a huge tombstone. Picking her back up, Karen tossed Kiana over the top rope, sending her to the concrete floor below. Following her, Karen dragged Kiana to her feet by her hair and smashed her head on the steel ring post.

Karen rolled the dazed and nearly unconscious Kiana back into the ring under the bottom rope with one leg on either side of the ring post. Planting her feet on the side of the ring and arching her back, Karen jerked back hard on both ankles, driving Kiana's pussy into the cold steel of the ring post. Over and over Karen pounded away at her hated rival. She was reloading for a fifth consecutive pussy-pounding smash when Kiana weakly lifted her hand and sobbed out her surrender. Karen gave her one more crotch-crunching slam just for good measure and then dropped her limp legs, letting them dangle over the edge of the ring as Kiana passed out from the excruciating pain!

Hef congratulated Karen on a hard-fought victory, then announced that he was hosting a large victory party back at the mansion. He invited the inner circle to return with him to celebrate, then walked over to Mike and Kiana and invited them back to the party also.

Kiana said, "Hef what? Are you crazy? These people probably never want to see me again."

But Hef reassured her that she was now a part of the Playboy family and it'd show a lot of class if she attended and had a chat with Karen.

"Fuck her Hef!" Kiana huffed. "I don't wanna be in the same state as her, never mind at a party in her honor!"

"Kiana," Hef said sternly. "I'm used to getting what I want. I'm *asking* you to come back to the mansion. I promise you'll enjoy yourself when I give you my little surprise."

As people showed up at the mansion they were surprised to see the ring set up in the main room were they were to hold the impromptu party. Hef climbed into the middle of the ring and asked his daughter Christy to join him. By the look on her face, you could tell she wasn't in on his little surprise.

Then he asked Karen McDougal, the woman of honor, to join him in the ring. She looked at IRISH with a puzzled look on her face and Hef invited IRISH to join them. They made their way to the front of the room and into the ring.

"Last but least," Hef said with a grin. "I'd like Kiana's agent Mike to join us."

Mike nervously entered the ring but when Hef began by complementing him as one of the shrewdest agents in all of Hollywood he began to relax. With all the players in place, Hef told every one how Mike - out of his own greed - had caused all the problems between Karen and Kiana.

"There never was a fitness show at stake Kiana," he said as Mike squirmed. "He was lying to you all along," he said as Mike tried to leave the ring only to be grabbed by IRISH.

"Why thank you IRISH, you read my mind," Hef chuckled. "Both of you agreed to fight each other for free due to the rage Mike caused between you. What you don't know is that Mike her was getting three million dollars from Fox for the fight. A million for each of the fighters and a million for himself for brokering the deal."

As the two women turned to glare at Mike who seemed to be shriveling in stature, Hef continued, "Karen, this wasn't Kiana's fault. She was manipulated by someone she had entrusted with her career. I hope that you two can start fresh from this moment on. If I'd told either of you about this, you'd both have thought I made it up to interfere with your fight. Kiana, even though this wasn't your fault, I could see Karen wanted - needed really - a chance for payback after the way you treated her after your last meeting."

Kiana and Karen exchanged a look that Hef interpreted as one of mutual discomfort at letting themselves be manipulated, so he went on, "And last but not least is my darling daughter Christy. You seem to have been pushing this showdown all along, dear. Why you prevented me from stopping the fight in the first place, then deceived us by locking us in the room to stop us from intervening once it started."

"But daddy," Christy whimpered like the spoiled brat she is. "That's not true! Who are you gonna believe? This lying cheat or your own flesh and blood?"

"Nice try Christy, but I'm not done."

Christy was looking to make a quick exit when Karen restrained her.

"I was very upset that night in March, and you assured me you'd take care of Karen for me," Hef groused. "Instead, you attacked her when she was completely defenseless."

"That's such bullshit daddy!" Christy pouted. "The slut's lying to get between us. I never did any of the things she said." "Christy! I saw the security tape with my own eyes. Don't make this worse by lying!"

Hef pulled IRISH and Mike aside and said, "Well to make a long story short Karen doesn't seem to be defenseless now, Christy. Why don't you two settle your differences here tonight in this very ring. IRISH, I'd consider it a great personal favor on behalf of Karen, Kiana and I if you'd teach some manners to Mike."

Hef didn't have to wait long for an answer! Before he had the chance to exit the ring, IRISH was pounding on Mike like he was tenderizing a cheap cut of meat and even though Karen had been in the fight of her life an hour before, she was making quick work of Christy as Kiana ran to get involved. IRISH and Karen stopped their individual lessons in manners to see where this was going but then Kiana reached out and extended her had to IRISH to be tagged in. IRISH just shrugged his shoulders and slapped her hand, then Kiana flew over the top rope and got all over her ex-friend Mike. She beat him all over the ring until Karen threw Christy over the top rope and looked to Kiana and Mike.

Kiana struck Mike in the face sending him tumbling to Karen who sent him right back with a punch of her own. Their tennis match went on for several minutes til Mike collapsed.

When IRISH left the ring after being tagged out by Kiana, he slipped into a front row seat next to Hef who said, "I knew those two could work together," as he pointed at Mike having his ass kicked by the two Playmates.

The End!

Oh wait you wanted to know about the $3,000,000? Hef donated it to his favorite charity, "The Hollywood Home for the Cosmetically Challenged." Now Playmate wannabes can get fuller lips, larger breasts and the fat sucked from their thighs!