Karen McDougal vs. Petra Verkiak by IRISH

The battles between Karen and Petra have been epic and seem to have been going on for a lifetime. Karen’s first meeting with Petra was their battle over the cover for a newsstand special. Next, the two brunettes mixed it up during the entire “12 Labors of Karen McDougal” saga. Petra was angry as hell and just when it looked like she was about to put Karen away once and for all, something happened and foiled her plans. Today, however, will be much different.

Karen was staying at Hef’s mansion while in LA. She’d just stepped out of the shower, a towel wrapped around her body and a second wrapped around her head as she headed back to the room she was staying in. Petra lurked in the shadows and allowed Karen to pass her in the hallway; then slipping up behind her, followed the former PMOY to her room. As soon as Karen opened the door to open her room, Petra gave her a shove sending her sprawling across the floor.

Karen should have known to expect trouble at any moment and around every bend. But Petra had gotten the drop on her and quickly closed the distance between them after closing the door behind her. Just as Karen rolled onto her ass and began to sit up, the towel around her hair slipped down over her eyes! Before she cleared the material blocking her sight, her jaw was CRACKED with a solid right from Petra that snapped Karen’s head to the side.

The hair damp hair towel was left on the floor as Karen was pulled to her feet by the towel wrapped around her body. Petra twisted and spun and sent Karen whipping into the wall on the far side of the room. Not leaving anything to chance, Petra pounced on Karen, pinning her face to the wall with her left hand wrapped around her throat. As Karen gagged and struggled for breath, Petra used her right to rip Karen’s towel away as she tossed it on the floor. Karen’s eyes began to flutter and Petra lowered her gaze to Karen’s tits that still glistened with water.

“How many times have I beat those udders black and blue?” she hissed in Karen’s ear.

Releasing her hold on Karen’s throat, Petra sunk her nails into each of Karen’s breast and dug in deep eliciting a yelp from the Playmate. Petra knew few Playmates could challenge her in the tit department and using her huge, natural breasts in battle was on of her favorite tactics - the best way to demonstrate to opponents who the better woman was!

Keeping Karen pinned against the wall with her knee, Petra pulled her blouse up and over her head. Next she reached behind her and undid the clasp of bra that she had to have custom made, not only for cup size, but she had them use rip stop material for added support.

“Now THESE are a set of tits!” Petra proclaimed to Karen.

Pulling McDougal off the wall, Petra wrapped her arms around Karen under her arms, locking her hands as she applied a crushing bearhug. Petra began squeezing with all of her might, crushing Karen’s over-matched breasts with her own. Karen could barely breathe and, in an act of desperation, she raised her arms and slapped both hands over Petra’s ears as hard as she could. With the intense ringing in her ears, Petra was forced to release the bearhug.

Karen fought off Petra’s effort to shove her away and drove her knee up hard between her legs, leaving the big breasted woman gasping in front of her. Then Karen swept Petra’s legs out from under her, sending her crashing to the floor flat on her back. Now it was Karen’s turn and she pounced; in an instant she was straddling Petra’s waist, pounding away at the two very large targets before her.

“Let’s see how your tits like abuse!” Karen spat as she paid back Petra for her earlier attack.

Petra was hurt, but she refused to let another opportunity to batter Karen slip away from her. As Karen wailed away at her tits, Petra reached up and grabbed Karen by the throat with both hands. As soon as Petra began to squeeze, Karen’s attack on her tits instantly stopped. Then showing her upper body strength, Petra flung Karen off of her and the panting Playmate crashed to the floor next to Petra’s feet.

Petra raised her legs and slammed her heels down on Karen’s belly while her hands tried to message the pain out of her breasts. Petra got up and dragged the breathless Karen to a standing position by her wet hair, then in yet another display of her awesome strength, she heaved Karen across the room.

As Karen flew backward, the back of her knees hit the bed’s foot board, sending her tumbling as she sailed through the air onto the mattress where she landed spread-eagled and flat on her back. While Karen tried to catch her breath, Petra sauntered over to the bed and climbed onto the foot. Karen wasn’t showing a whole lot of life at this point and Petra crawled up her body from her feet. When she reached the ‘V’ of Karen’s spread legs, Petra reached down and gave Karen’s peach a squeeze, snapping the Playmate back to life as she screamed for help.

Petra continued to crawl up Karen’s body rudely elbowing her in her right tit and causing the Playmate’s eyes to tear up as she bit her bottom lip, trying not to give Petra the satisfaction of another cry of pain. When Petra made it up to Karen’s head, she slapped her huge tits down on Karen’s face, firmly establishing who was boss.

“You know what’s coming, don’t you bitch?” Petra purred. “I love ending fights with a good old fashioned breast smother!” Petra lowered her chest until her breasts molded themselves to Karen’s face, then began to grind them back and forth stealing all of her oxygen.

“UUugghhhhhh!!!!!” Petra screamed when Karen fired her knee up between her legs, hitting almost the exact spot as earlier, compounding the injury.

Two or three more well placed knees and Karen was able to get her hands up under Petra on her shoulders. With a might heave, Petra was sent flying off the top of Karen. Petra tumbled off the bed and landed awkwardly on the floor head first as her body jackknifed, leaving her head and shoulders flat on the floor with her back against the side of the bed and her legs pointing skyward.

Karen was the first to re-enter the fight and she was glad to see that Petra hung up. Once Karen slid off the bed and got a better look of Petra’s position, she became ecstatic. Karen quickly sat down on the undersides of Petra’s breast, pushing the mighty mounds down onto Petra’s own face.

“You know… I love to end a fight with a good old fashioned breast smother!” Karen mocked as she shoved Petra’s breast together and pressed down, smothering her with her own cleavage as Petra panicked, kicking her legs wildly; her feet bicycling in mid-air until Karen was able to reach back and capture her legs and trap them under her arm pits as she rode out the storm. In minutes Petra’s struggles ceased…a victim of her own deadly weapons!

Karen hauled Petra up and dumped her unconscious body face down on the bed. Using available clothing, Karen secured Petra’s wrists and ankles to the four corners of the huge four-poster bed, then Karen slid off and grabbed the wet towel from her hair and rolled it into a tight rat’s tail.

Karen climbed back up onto the bed and stood straddling Petra’s restrained body, then with the quick snap of her wrist, Karen began to carve a “Mark of Zorro” on Petra’s bare asscheeks. When she was shocked back to consciousness by the biting pain in her behind, Petra began to wail and beg Karen to stop.

Now hearing cries for help was nothing all that unusual at the Mansion but, as usual, the sound quickly drew a crowd - this time to Karen’s bedroom. None of the other girls cared for Petra and so they just sat back watching the show until finally, someone spoke up…

“Karen, you think I could give that a try?” Angel Boris asked.

Before Karen knew it, a chorus of “ME TOO” rang through the second floor of the Mansion as a long line began forming in the hall.