Reese Witherspoon vs. The Crush Queens (Christina Ricci, Rose McGowan) by Oberon

It was near closing time in the mall, and the store was nearly deserted except for a few shoppers who milled around here and there. Christina Ricci's last encounters with Reese Witherspoon and friends at Thora Birch's house and the Catfight Resort were still fresh in her memory as she looked around in the lingerie section of the spacious department store, searching for some choice item she knew she would look good in. Back at Thora's place, she and Reese agreed to sexfight; at first Christina planned it before an audience of any of Reese's friends who was available, but a friend of hers expressed interest in getting into the action, insisting it happen between the three of them. Figuring Reese would relish the chance of another contest with or without an audience, Christina agreed, promising to track her down soon.

Christina chose this day to go shopping, knowing this was Reese's day to do the same and suspecting that she would bump into Reese somewhere in this shopping mall; hopefully in private, for the purposes of how she intended to set up the match. Growing wet at the thought of the two of them matching their bodies against Reese as she grabbed a black and red two-piece ensemble, partially see through and cut high on the hips. Christina was surprised when she entered the hall to the dressing rooms, entered a cubicle she thought was empty and saw who was trying on lingerie inside.

It was none other than Reese, in the flesh, her hair dyed black for her latest movie. She was trying on a skimpy red lingerie bikini she was considering for purchase. As Christina folded the door open, Reese's back was turned as she admired herself in the mirror, looking over how her garments accentuated her formidable curves. Out from the corner of her eye she saw the door open, she spun around with a sharp, surprised yelp. Seeing who made the unexpected intrusion, Reese narrowed her eyes a bit and gave Christina a sly, devilish smile, like ice cream on cheesecake. Wolfishly returning Reese's smile, Christina slinked her way into the dressing cubicle, sliding the door shut behind her.

"Funny meeting you here…" she intoned softly. "…where we could get caught!"

Reese knew where Christina was getting at, even before Christina discarded her pocketbook and peeled off her street clothes, sexily sliding into the two piece lingerie she decided to try out back in the department store. Reese still wasn't aware of the other plans Christina had in mind for her, but Christina figured it would make for a good fight once Reese found out. Giving Reese a loooooooong glimpse of her mouthwatering, well-proportioned body, Christina took her time sliding the material along her skin, seeming to instinctively know just what was on Reese's mind as Reese ran her hand along her stomach, along her hip, and along a round ass cheek she slapped audibly enough for Christina to hear.

"After I've thrashed you," Christina said, straightening and facing Reese. "I'll give you a 'taste' of what you're in for!"

"You'll have to 'get me down' first," Reese breathed, spellbound and excited at the prospect of fighting Christina.

"That’s exactly what I had in mind," Christina breathed in turn, dropping into a low crouch as Reese responded in kind.

A couple of seconds later, the two brunettes came together with the sound of flesh on flesh resounding in the closed confines of the small dressing cubicle. The SLAP mingled with their louder sighs as their naked bellies slid and ground together, their arms encircling each other's waists and establishing mutual bearhugs that compressed their midriffs. Christina's alabaster flesh ground Reese's slightly tanned flesh in a dual embrace that sent shivers up and down their spines.

"I can tell you want this as bad as I do," Christina breathed again, grinding Reese harder as her tongue slid into Reese's ear, licking the outer fringes as her teeth lightly bit her earlobe and her grinding motions started to increase in intensity.

Reese responded by gripping Christina's waist harder, grinding her lingerie-covered crotch into her opponent's. The larger brunette, not to be outdone, met Reese's crotch grinding with some of her own, licking and nibbling at Reese's ear with greater fervency as she ground herself harder into Reese's chest, her generous breasts engulfing Reese's breasts. Their sighs grew louder; just slightly but enough to let the other know how excited they were growing.

"You think I'm turning you on NOW," Christina moaned, rubbing and grinding Reese's flesh. “Wait’ll we REALLY go at it!"

Wrapping a leg around Reese's thigh and sliding her calf behind the knee, Christina slid her arms lower along Reese's waist, squeezing tighter as she pressed her moistening crotch forward. This position gave Christina greater leverage to grind herself into her sexy adversary, so when Reese stood her ground against Christina's efforts to trip her down to the floor, Christina responded by pressing her sexual offensive. Reese's sighs grew louder still; her breathing grew thicker; however she refused to fall to Christina's seductions without a fight for the time being. Moving her arms lower, Reese gripped Christina's ass, increasing the friction of their crotch grinding, gratified to hear Christina's breath thicken and grow deeper.

"Apparently I'm not the only one whose getting turned on by this…uh…uhencounter," she moaned.

"And I'm not done yet," Christina moaned back, suddenly lunging forward and using the leg that was coiled around Reese's thigh for leverage, forcing her opponent to the floor. "I've waited quite some time for this,” she cooed seductively. "I want this to be worth it!" She began to hump Reese's prone body, grinding their pussies, sensing that their contest would not be drawn out for an extended period of time. Reese seemed to sense this as well as she redoubled her efforts to stimulate Christina's dampening womanhood.

"Fuck me, Reese!" Christina growled. "Or I'll fuck you to an orgasm you'll never forget!" Her chest and stomach ground Reese's with a sudden, vicious jerk and she grunted, "Fuck me!"

"Not to worry," Reese growled back, her breathing growing even heavier, more pronounced as Christina's seductive strategies were beginning to take their toll on her. "I'll turn you to jello! If not here, then wherever you and I finish this!"

"Not likely in either case," Christina moaned, anxious for Reese to learn her surprise but keeping it a secret for now.

Their fight continued; each woman was dead set on domination as their grinding increased in their mutual exertions to overpower the other. Finally, in a surge of sexual excitement, Christina and Reese began tearing each other's lingerie off their bodies, fingers simultaneously gripping the flimsy material of the other's ensemble as if at an unspoken signal. In seconds they were naked from head to toe; they sprang apart, registering their nakedness for a split second.

Incensed at being stripped by her rival as they rose to their feet, Reese sprang at Christina to resume their sexfight as Christina met her charge. Their bodies slammed together in a reverberating SLAP as they twisted and danced around the dressing cubicle, crashing through the doors and out into the empty hallway. Immediately, the enraged and aroused brunettes slapped, punched, kicked and mounted assaults on any and all available part of the other's unclothed bodies; breasts, vaginas and even the areas between their asscheeks.

The tactics served to intensify the raw sexual energy of their fight, as evidenced by the low groans and cries of pleasure that mingled with their passionate kisses. Fingers buried in each other's hair, Christina and Reese hurled each other everywhere, their movements taking them further down the hallway until they crashed through an old fire exit with an alarm that was long since disconnected, out into the loading bay. Not seeming to notice or even to care at this point, Reese and Christina stumbled, crashed and rolled, their breasts mashing, their bellies grinding, their legs sliding together and their pussies abrading with wild abandon as they did everything to cause the other physical discomfort, with slaps, rakes, punches, knees and kicks.

"Woman to woman, bitch," Christina growled as they struggled for dominance, "exactly how I like it!"

"Let's see how MUCH you like it," Reese growled in turn, defying Christina's attack. "When I'm through with you!"

"I believe I'll like it... very... VERY... much," groaned Christina as she pulled herself to a kneeling position, pulling Reese with her and slapping a bone-crunching bearhug on her curvaceous body, crossing both wrists at Reese's back and squeezing Reese's waist into as compact a space as she could as she continued to grind their bodies together.

Gasping from the sudden loss of breathing, Reese wrapped her arms around Christina, raking her nails up along her back as the crushing pressure around her nubile waist mounted with no immediate sign of letting up. Christina mewled and squeezed Reese's body harder, mashing their breasts between them as their torsos pressed together tightly. The caught brunette in Christina's clutches groaned and gasped again as the crushing pressure increased, gritting her teeth as Christina leaned into the bearhug, grinding their torsos together as her breasts ballooned and engulfed Reese's.

"Ya think that'll discourage me from fighting?" groaned Reese as she watched Christina's breasts engulf hers, defiantly pushing her hardening nipples into the massive boobs pressing into her chest.

"All the better if it doesn't, bitch," moaned Christina as she shifted and reset her arms, squeezing harder still. "I love the feeling that I worked hard to beat another woman in contests such as these! By the way, how's your breathing?"

They resumed the kiss as Christina reinforced her crushing bearhug, reveling in the sensation of Reese's breath being forced into her mouth in harsh gusts each time Christina exerted more pressure on her curvy midriff. Imagining that she would pass out if the squeezing continued for much longer, Reese raked her nails along Christina's upper arms in long, deep strokes, eventually forcing Christina's bearhug to loosen and fall away. Before she had an opportunity to catch a breath, Reese reeled from a sharp slap Christina hurled across her face that knocked her halfway to her back.

Catching Christina moving to press her advantage, Reese returned the slap with one of her own, whipping Christina's head to one side as she pressed forward, slithering her shapely legs around Christina's ribcage. Crossing her ankles, Reese leaned back on her hands and SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZED as hard as she could, eyes narrowed, teeth gritted in concentration as Christina writhed under the pressure of her rival's deceptively soft-looking thighs, grunting in pain.

"How's YOUR breathing, Christina?" Reese taunted her. "More than that, how do your ribs happen to feel?"

"Just fine, whore," Christina grunted, balling fists as she undulated to escape Reese's powerful legs. "Let's see how those legs can handle THIS!" she exclaimed, pummeling Reese's thighs with both hands as the scissors tightened.

Grunting from each impact, Reese stubbornly refused to relinquish the hold her legs had on Christina's full midsection. Grabbing Christina's wrists, she wrenched them behind her rival's back and stretched her legs, narrowing the space between her thighs as Christina groaned from the intense strain on her ribs and waist. Wrenching her hands free of Reese's fingers, Christina slammed both fists into Reese's stomach, leaning in to pin her as a loud "Uh!" sounded from Reese's lips, accompanied by a gust of breath. Christina groaned again as Reese set her sweet face in determination, bending her knees a little as Christina leaned in, then kicked the scissors tighter around her rival's generous middle. A longer groan escaped Christina's lips as Reese crushed her midsection, arching her back to increase the pressure.

Looking at Reese's perky breasts, Christina opted for a third stab at a counterattack, as sexual as in the fighting spirit of their contest. Leaning in the rest of the way, Christina lowered her head to Reese's breasts and proceeded to kiss and suck on them; first one, then the other; licking the nips and lightly sinking her teeth in, making Reese moan in spite of herself. These moans were replaced by louder cries of pleasure when Christina's teeth sank deeper into her nips, not biting down hard, but just hard enough to send sudden shockwaves up and down Reese's spine. This tactic was arousing Reese's desire again, but the scissors remained wrapped around Christina's waist nonetheless, draining her energy to stay in the fight. Christina knew she would have to resort to dirtier tactics if her plans were to work out.

Easing a hand in between Reese's thighs as she continued to work Reese's nipples, Christina began rubbing Reese's naked crotch with her fingers. The tactic turned out to work like a charm as Reese, deep in the heat of the moment as she enjoyed the feeling of power she got from squeezing Christina's body with her legs, responded to the stimulation of her pussy that she was distracted from channeling energy through her crushing limbs long enough for Christina to wriggle her way out of the devastating scissors. Seeing her chance had come, Christina slid up to lower her breasts over Reese's angelic face, smothering her as she grabbed a clump of Reese's hair from behind, pushing her face in.

"Now your hot ass is MINE, bitch," Christina hissed as she pulled Reese into yet another crushing bearhug. "Let's see whose the stronger," she continued as she squeezed Reese as hard as she could, grinding their bodies together.

"Ohhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhh..." Christina groaned louder than ever as she watched the increasing arousal on Reese's face.

"You like this, don't ya?" was all she could verbalize to Reese in her own state of arousal. "Feels good, doesn't it?"

In response, Reese lowered her hands, gripping Christina's asscheeks with both hands, pulling Christina's crotch into hers as if to ask how that felt to HER. Wordlessly, Christina responded by planting a long, passionate French kiss directly on Reese's lips. Reese's eyes widened in brief shock at this, then she returned the kiss with equal passion. In the next few moments they were tongue-wrestling as well as fighting for dominance, growing more excited with each other the more their naked bodies rubbed and ground provocatively together.

"I've a feeling that it won't be long now," Christina breathed as she beheld the look of pleasure on Reese's face; slowly being overcome by her lust.

"I'd... enjoy... making... you... scream... in... pleasure... much... more..." was all Reese could pant as she and Christina continued to roll around on the floor of the cubicle; each syllable forced from her in a huff or breath as she felt herself succumbing to the soft, sexy body grinding her into release.

Still Reese fought valiantly on, determined to first bring Christina to the plateau they were rapidly approaching; rolling, kissing, nibbling, sucking, biting, clawing, grinding... until Reese's body stiffened under Christina's, her mouth unhinged in a silent scream of an orgasm that she had no choice but to ride out as Christina looked down at her, smiling in lust and utter dominance.

"Now... we... finish... this..." Christina breathed heavily, scrambling around until her generous ass covered the beaten brunette's face. "I told you I'd... give you... a taste... of what... you're in for... Reese... taste... me!" Christina exclaimed as she ground her womanhood on her prone opponent's nose and mouth, bearing down each time Reese clawed her ass and thighs in protest.

Christina bore down as hard as she could, which took a great deal of effort after the energy she expended to make Reese come, until she was absolutely sure her opponent was not merely playing possum. Once she was convinced of this, Christina went back into the hallway and hurried back to the dressing cubicle where she retrieved her pocketbook and hastily dressed. After a moment of consideration she retrieved Reese's clothes and headed back out to the loading dock where Reese was starting to awaken.

Placing her clothes in a pile, Christina knelt next to the stirring brunette and reached into her pocketbook, pulling out a small bottle and some Kleenex. Opening the bottle and spilling liquid on the tissues, Christina draped them over Reese's nose and mouth. Keeping her hand pressed firmly over Reese's breathing passages took a great deal of effort between the energy she expended to make Reese come, and her feverish struggling to stay awake. But there was no consternation in Reese's blue eyes, just an itching to tear into her full-bodied rival as she slipped back into unconsciousness.

"Don't worry," Christina cooed all the same as Reese's naked body ceased moving, "You'll find it worth all the trouble I'm taking to ensure things go well."

Reaching back to her pocketbook, Christina replaced the closed bottle and pulled out a cell phone. Dialing it, she spoke in hasty whispers, saying she ran into Reese sooner than she expected and asking the woman on the other end if she could meet her by the underground loading docks behind the department store. Agreeing to rendezvous with her there, the woman hung up and Christina dragged herself to her feet, picking up her pocketbook and both their clothes that lay on the floor of the loading bay, waiting for her ride to show up.

"When you wake up," Christina spoke soft and low to her unconscious rival, smiling with lustful excitement. "We’ll see whether my friend or I can make you come harder!"

Some time later, a jet-black Trans Am pulled into the loading bay, stopping five feet from the platform. The driver opened her door and pulled herself halfway out of her seat, her dark features breaking out into a semi-smile, semi-smirk as she saw the nude woman passed out next to where Christina sat and waited. Christina rose, hopping off the platform and greeting her friend with a long, wet French kiss, working together to carry Reese and her belongings into the back seat of the car. That done, they hopped into the car, Christina settling into the passenger's seat as the doors closed and the car did a three point turn by the platform, eased its way from the loading bay and roared off into the evening with "The Fight Song" by Marilyn Manson blaring on the car stereo, taking Reese with them to their intended destination.

The first thing Reese realized upon awakening was her wrists were bound above her head. Clearing her head was no small feat; she vaguely recalled being chloroformed by Christina Ricci after being facesat into unconsciousness out in the loading dock behind the department store. The next thing Reese became aware of was that she was near-naked except for a tight-fitting red bikini that someone must have slipped her in as she was out. On the heels of this discovery came the realization that she was in the center of what could have been a mobile home, or a trailer of some kind.

Her frame tingled with the distant sensation of Christina's crushing bearhugs and the orgasm she experienced as they wrestled and sexfought to domination back at the mall, but Reese was surprised to learn that while she was unconscious her pores were cleaned of the sweat that gathered on her and mingled with Christina's as they warred for dominance. Reese was admittedly grateful she was bathed and re-dressed on her way here, wherever 'here' was. However, the fact that she was bound to the ceiling suggested her captors; Christina was plainly one of them; had plans for her.

Clearing her head more, Reese realized she was standing upright, comfortably enough despite her hands being tied by a rope that looped over a pipe above her head. Her feet lay on a soft carpet that covered the floor; she looked down at the rug, then looked around her as far as she could turn her head. Taking in her surroundings, Reese realized she must have been in a trailer, probably on the set of a movie or TV show. It was spacious enough; a sizable bed faced her on the far side she guessed she was meant to see. The other furniture had been cleared away from her immediate area.

The clearing this opened was wide enough to allow for a contest of physical strength and endurance such as the one she and Christina had engaged in before she was taken here. Testing the carpet under her with her bare feet, Reese surmised it was soft enough to comfortably allow heavy impacts, such as a body hitting the floor with another body on top of her. The carpet's softness seemed right for staging girlfights; together with the recollection of being bearhugged, smothered and chloroformed by Christina it aroused her inner toughness and resolve to kick ass. The only thing was, Christina was not working alone; someone was in this with her, and she imagined she'd find out who this was shortly.

As if confirming Reese's thought, the door to the trailer opened a few seconds later, revealing the full moon in the night sky outside. The shadows in the lot outside shared a few last second words before they entered. Reese was certain that one of the shadows must be Christina; there was mention of their being on the set of TV's ‘Charmed’ which helped Reese formulate a better idea who the other shadow must be. This also gave Reese the idea if things got too heavy for her fighting two opponents at once, someone else might stumble onto the scene and end up evening the odds a bit.

The two shadows mounted the steps and walked inside the trailer. As Reese already knew, Christina Ricci was one of them, making her presence known first as she walked in the door and made way for the second woman who followed close behind. This woman made direct eye contact with Reese and smiled a bit, pleased to be making her acquaintance again. At Reese's sign of recognition, the woman gave her a broader smile, slapping her naked stomach with her hand as if to remind her of matches long past, of struggling to overpower and dominate each other. It was Rose McGowan.

"Had a good sleep, I trust?" Rose asked cheerfully, but with biting sarcasm as she shut the door behind her.

"Believe me, she did," echoed Christina with equal cheerfulness. "Who wouldn't after having me sit on her face?"

"Good point," Rose agreed, then addressed the bound Reese: "Was it as good for you as it was for Christina?"

Reese ignored the taunts, taking in the sight of the raven-haired ladies flanking her a few feet away and off to the side. Christina and Rose wore black bikinis that left little to the imagination, concealing the smallest areas of their breasts and crotches. They were staring at Reese with matching expressions of anticipation and speculation, waiting to see if their captive would express nervousness, fear, anger or submissiveness. Reese bode her time as they looked her over from her head to her feet, waiting to see the effect her silence would have on her hostesses. The silence became thick with sexual tension as well as violent tension as the three women exchanged their stares, then Rose broke it and spoke up.

"Nothing to say, I suppose. Frankly, I'm disappointed; I thought you would've been flattered that we went through all this trouble to get you here, even if it was to watch you squirm... unable to breathe... while being crushed by one of us. But still, you're worth the effort. You're not only squeezably soft and as sexy as we are, but hard to conquer to boot."

"I AM flattered…" Reese answered quietly, narrowing her eyes. “…that you enjoy seeing me squirm and unable to breathe, as much as you enjoy seeing me hog-tied and vulnerable to whatever you have in mind at the moment."

"As vulnerable as last time we fought," Rose reminded her. "When I made you pass out from the bearhug I had you in I should’ve been angrier that I didn't get a submission from you, but your refusal just made crushing you out sweeter."

"I remember," said Reese, "how bad you wanted me to submit to you. As if my orgasm with you wasn't satisfactory."

Rose approached her, stopping within kissing distance and speaking in a low voice. "I imagine you enjoy being crushed and dominated by another woman more than you're letting on," she said. "That's why we'd like to show you how much you enjoy it, so if a menage-a-trois should come of this, you may find it more pleasurable than you would otherwise."

"Enough talk," Christina piped up from behind Rose. "Let's crush the bitch!"

Rose turned back to address her friend. "You first! I wanna sit and watch you dominate her."

Rose stepped back as Christina approached Reese, who narrowed her eyes to thinner slits. Taking a seat nearby, the Charmed actress lounged against a nearby wall, sliding her hand down over her chest, stomach and between her legs as she watched her partner narrow the distance between herself and their bound captive. Unintimidated by Christina's darkening, lustful smile, Reese defiantly launched a kick to Christina's belly when she arrived close enough. Knocked a few steps back, Christina responded by kneeing Reese in the stomach with a slap of flesh on flesh that echoed loudly in the trailer, then wrapped her arms tight around Reese's midriff as she coughed and fought to regain her breath. The sudden gust of wind expelled from Reese encouraged Christina to squeeze tighter, making Reese squirm in pain.

Ecstatic, Christina lowered her head and squeezed Reese's middle. Reese threw her head back as far as her bonds allowed, clenching her teeth against the crushing pain of Christina's bearhug. She wrapped her legs around Christina's thighs in protest as the pressure around her waist grew stronger, trying to cause her tormentor to lose her balance. A sinister smile crossed Christina's face as she steeled herself and squeezed harder, forcing the air from Reese's lungs as the bound actress twisted her curvy body left and right, seeking escape from the pythons wrapped around her.

Briefly looking over Christina's shoulder, Reese could tell Rose was growing sexually aroused by the sight of Christina squeezing her writhing body. The sight of Reese's legs entwined with Christina's must have aroused her further since she was mouthing encouragement to her friend, prodding Christina to maintain the punishment she inflicted on her rival as Reese gasped and groaned from the pain of Christina's bearhug. Sensing Rose watching them intently, Christina let out a small sigh as she began to grind her body against Reese's in slow, rhythmic strokes, mashing her boobs into her chest and rubbing their crotches, pressed together by Reese's legs wrapped around her thighs. Reese gasped again as Christina lowered her head to Reese's neck, teasing it with light kisses, lighter bites and strokes from her tongue.

Grasping Reese's body tighter to suppress her writhing, Christina seemed to sense she had Reese where she wanted her, with no chance of escape. C capitalizing on this, Christina ground herself against her opponent in harder strokes as Reese moaned from the combined sensations of being crushed, ground against and stimulated by Christina's mouth. At the heavier breathing and louder moans from her caught rival, Christina redoubled her efforts to push Reese to orgasm, increasing the force of her body strokes as she squeezed harder and worked Reese's neck hungrily. Rose saw how excited Reese was getting from Christina's tactics; her hand moved faster and harder as she watched her face show the pleasure her body felt from the endless erotic stimulation until all three of them experienced mini-orgasms.

"Now..." Rose breathed as the mini-orgasms subsided. "… my turn...."

Christina was lost in the ecstatic feeling of being pressed against Reese's soft skin as she felt Reese stiffen in orgasm and felt the same explosion in her own loins. In the back of her mind she had heard Rose draw in a sharp breath as the erotic sight before her pushed her womanhood past the brink of release, heard her suck the love juice from her fingers as Christina gave Reese a final Herculean squeeze, announcing her victory in dominating the hog-tied actress as Reese bucked and whipped her body back and forth, fighting to regain control over herself as she slowed her breathing.

Uncoiling Reese's legs from hers when she heard what Rose said next, Christina gave her space to approach Reese, who was coming down from her orgasm. She retired to the bed on the far side of the trailer, hoping to see Rose crush Reese's nubile body into pudding. As much as she wanted to continue mixing it up with Reese, Christina had expended a great deal of energy on her rival here and at the department store, and desired time to collect her strength again.

"Are you sure you want to dominate her so soon, Rose?" Christina asked sarcastically, noting Reese's flushed appearance as she came down from the mini-orgasm Christina had given to her. "She hasn't had a chance to recover yet!"

"Nonsense," Rose answered cheerily. "If she can handle you after the mall, she can handle me as well, can't she?"

"Why don't you come over here and find out?" Reese piped in, clearing her head of the cobwebs, disliking her position and wanting to continue fighting. The orgasm Christina had given her had worked the kinks from her body, relaxing her nerves and priming her for whatever Christina and Rose had in mind for her next. She knew her bondage had her in a vulnerable stand against them, and hoped for the chance to escape and face them on equal terms. But seeing the look of conspiratorial satisfaction between the two, Reese realized they intended to keep her bound until one of them wore her down to the point where she'd be unable to stand up to their sexual stimulation. As for whether Reese found this enjoyable was another story, but she knew she'd have to turn things around if she hoped not to be over dominated by them. "See whether I can handle you, Rose," she whispered defiantly, "now that Christina's had her way with me."

Rose looked back at Reese, contemplating, running her eyes along her semi-nude body.

"If you insist!" she finally said, seeing the desire to tangle in Reese's eyes, confident that she and Christina had tied her to the ceiling tightly enough.

Reese glared defiantly back at her raven-haired rival as Rose looked back over her shoulder at her. "I do," she replied, and added. "The question is if you can handle me in the long run. I kind of doubt that, but come for me if you're coming."

"I'm sure you have had plenty opportunity to build your muscles... and your resistance..." Rose retorted, smiling evilly at her bound adversary, "but in the end, Christina and I will have proven far too much for you to handle!"

Rose approached Reese like a lioness stalking its prey, her eyes boring straight into Reese's as if telling her how much she'd been looking forward to reacquainting one another. Reese glared back; again she made a statement of defiance as Rose approached her, kicking her legs and slamming them around Rose's midsection, fitting one ankle over the other and stretching her limbs as far out as they would go, feeling Rose's soft waist give way between her thigh muscles.

They emitted matching grunts as Reese squeezed down hard. There was an expression of determination etched deep on Reese's face as she focused half her energy into the leglock, the other half into the twisting of her hands. From her position on the bed, Christina yelled encouragement to Rose as Reese tightened the leg scissors. Absorbing Christina's words, Rose eased herself into Reese's body as she leaned back and lifted up, exerting force on Rose's midsection.

"I see you've worked on your legs since our last meeting," Rose groaned as Reese bore down harder on the scissors, compressing Rose. "I, too, have perfected my own unique style of submission wrestling, as you are about to discover!"

A few moments later, Reese exhaled in agony, fighting to maintain the scissor lock around Rose as Rose's arms found their way around her smooth midsection. The ensuing compression felt like steel cables squeezing the life from her as Reese grunted and poured more pressure through her shapely legs. Rose similarly vocalized her discomfort at the tight scissors that compressed her waist as Reese's thighs shifted, repositioned, stretched and squeezed, pushing oxygen from her lungs. Despite her discomfort, Rose grinned darkly into Reese's eyes, reinforcing her grip on Reese's waist.

In a matter of seconds, the interior of the trailer was a cacophony of grunts, groans and shouted encouragement from Christina. Before long it was a contest of wills where one combatant flexed her limbs, increasing the constrictions on her rival, who would respond in turn, determined to exert greater pressure. Groaning and breathing heavily, Rose and Reese held their positions and reinforced their mutual holds, both of them steadfastly refusing to yield to the other. The trailer resounded with the noises coming from their lips as they squeezed and crushed and fought for the advantage.

Christina watched, transfixed, as Reese curled her sexy legs and stretched them again, and Rose hunched her broad shoulders and pressed herself closer into her opponent in her resolve to wear Reese down. Their groans increased in volume as their efforts to outcrush each other grew more fervent, then Rose decided to add some additional incentive to Reese, easing backward as far as she could while her body was still caught between Reese's formidable legs. The raven hair soon elicited pained sounds from Reese's lips as she pulled back and slammed their bellies together. A thick, startled grunt from Reese was followed by a series of combined grunts and groans as Rose continued her assault.

Encouraged by the effect her belly-busting attack was having on Reese, Rose increased the power of the gut thrusts. In turn, Reese threw her head back in her exertions to crush Rose with her legs, suddenly noticing her balled fists had twisted a small opening in her bonds, alerting her it was possible to escape her vulnerable position. As Rose continued to crush her, Reese maintained unwavering eye contact with the raven-haired seductress in an effort to prevent Rose from noticing what she was doing as she twisted her fists back and forth in harsh semi-circles, hoping to loosen them.

As Rose's attention was fixed on the powerful legs wrapped around her waist, she squeezed harder, barely noticing Reese's effort to pull her hands from the rope that held her to the ceiling as Reese twisted her hands back and forth in wider semicircles. Eventually she felt the ropes around her wrists beginning to loosen, and not a moment too soon, for Rose's bearhug and belly-busting was slowly beginning to overtake her. Reese's thighs quivered from the energy that her legs poured into compressing Rose's waist; the repeated collisions of their stomachs pushed more wind out of her body as Rose squeezed and squeezed. Her hot breath drifted onto Reese's neck, signifying the energy she put into it.

Noticing how much she was overtaking Reese, Christina called to Rose to begin the sexual part of the domination. The idea as appealing to her as it was to Christina, Rose proceeded to grind against Reese with each impact of their bellies as she tightened her bearhug to near excruciating levels, feeling Reese's legs quivering and shaking as she fought the severe punishment that Rose was inflicting upon her. The added friction of Rose's flesh abrading hers aroused Reese in the same sexual manner as Christina had done; with growing desperation she worked to free her wrists of the tight bonds that held her arms to the ceiling of the trailer. Thankfully, she found her efforts were met with greater success.

Lost in her state of arousal and her determination to bring Reese to orgasm, Rose didn't notice her pulling herself out of the ropes until her hands were almost free. It was Christina who noticed first, giving Rose a verbal warning that Reese was about to pull her wrists loose... too late. Before she could react, Reese wrapped her arms around Rose's head as she pressed her tits into Rose's face, cutting off her breathing. Shifting her legs and extending them with a loud groan, she forced Rose to lose balance and crash to the floor with Reese landing on top. In the flurry of movement that came next as they rolled and sprang apart, Rose ripped Reese's bikini top from her chest, exposing her boobs to them. Rose waved Christina back as Reese glared hard at her, surprised that Reese had gotten loose but not that disappointed.

After a moment's consideration, Rose peeled off her own bikini top and cast it aside, saying, "Ya want it even between us? Fine by me. We'll have another crush war. Only you have to take on BOTH of us, in any arrangement we choose."

"If you say so," Reese countered, narrowing her eyes, "as long as my hands aren't tied."

"Tied up or not, bitch, we'll dominate you all the same!" Rose proclaimed, slowly advancing upon her.

Topless, arms outstretched, Reese and Rose stalked each other like jungle cats in the close confines of the trailer. They sized each other up, to determine what improvements they made with their bodies since the last time they wrestled their crush war so long ago, as Christina watched them from a fair distance, prepared to pounce at a second's notice if Rose found herself in too much trouble at Reese's hands. Saying nothing, the two actresses circling each other took inventory of their arms, legs, breasts and bellies... and especially the expressions they wore on their faces, the looks in their eyes, trying to see how intimidated the other would be. Finding no intimidation, they slowly stopped, and sprang at each other.

Eyes blazing, they came together in the center of the trailer as Christina watched them intently, sitting in a chair close by. As their boobs crushed together, Rose and Reese slammed their arms around one another, squeezing brutally as their arms completed their unaffectionate embrace. Gasping as they channeled energy through their bearhugs, they glared hard in each others' eyes, the feeling of their bare chests pressing encouraging them to increase the pressure.

They exchanged long groans as their muscles rippled underneath their skin, keeping eye contact as they exerted their best strength to overtake the other in their mutual embrace. Legs shifted and repositioned themselves on the carpet as the interlocked rivals squeezed each other's waists, their bodies pressed so tight they appeared joined at the stomach. The only sounds in the trailer were their heavy breathing, then Rose broke the silence for the first time since it started.

"You and I first," Rose snarled into Reese's eyes.

"Fine," Reese snarled into Rose's eyes.

They compressed each other tight, Rose eliciting a pained yell from Reese as she flexed and squeezed, Reese replying by flexing and squeezing tightly enough to wrench a yell of equal volume from Rose. Rose steeled herself and crushed her opponent with greater enthusiasm, causing Reese to groan through clenched teeth as her body squirmed to find an advantageous position to force more air from Rose's lungs. Rose pressed her tits harder into Reese's chest, seeking to flatten them against her rival's chest as her arms pushed their way deeper into Reese's yielding flesh, squeezing hard.

Reese continued writhing in Rose's crushing grasp, searching for a better position to crush Rose in return. At another strong tug of the arms wrapped around her waist, Reese grunted and returned the favor, tightening her arms around her rival. Their dual efforts to out squeeze each other pulled their bodies closer together, mashing their heaving boobs between them. Groaning from the combined agony of their tits bunching and fighting to overcome the other's and their midsections being compressed tighter, Reese and Rose relaxed their arms and squeezed again, harder than before. Their faces registered the pain of being compressed as both of them twisted and writhed for a better position.

They had worked themselves to a stalemate before Rose started slamming her stomach into Reese's, tightening her powerful grip on Reese's middle each time their bodies slammed together in a breast-to-breast, stomach-to-stomach collision that echoed throughout the trailer. Reese didn't do a shabby job at meeting these forward thrusts, but Rose knew this was her ballpark, as she demonstrated to her rival as the belly busting began to wear Reese down.

"Get her!" Christina shouted encouragement to her partner. "Make her scream!"

"Like this?" Rose asked sweetly, lifting Reese off her feet and increasing the force of her bearhug.

"I don't think…" Reese began, her words cut off with rude suddenness and her mouth hung open in a silent scream as Rose lifted her off the carpet, squeezing her hard and holding her suspended in mid-air for a few drawn out moments.

The pressure was intense as Rose held her, then set her down and resumed her belly busting, forcing harsh expulsions of air from Reese's lips each time they collided.

The raven-haired seductress grinned darkly at Reese's predicament and taunted, "If you need to scream, don't be shy."

Reese, red-faced from the strain of the bearhug, ground her teeth and squeezed her lips closed to prevent giving Rose the satisfaction of hearing her cry out in pain. Curling her legs at the knee, she wrapped them around Rose's thighs; as they snaked all the way around, Reese's ankles kicked at the backs of Rose's knees, knocking her off her balance and sending her crashing to the floor with a surprised yell as Reese landed on her. Their chests slammed together hard as they collided, knocking the wind from Rose. Reese flipped them over, lay back and coiled her legs around Rose's waist.

Feeling the pain of Reese's legs closing around her midriff, Rose immediately took to clawing the soft thighs squeezing her, hammering them with her fists when Reese reinforced the pressure on her waist. Rose moved forward to attack Reese's breasts, but Reese stopped her before she had a chance to do so with a massive kick of her legs around the raven-haired beauty that compressed her waist into a tighter area. Rose's hands returned to clawing her thighs, trying to loosen them, as she continued glaring into Reese's eyes, wordlessly promising to repay her for her treatment.

Rose groaned loudly as Reese crushed her waist, arching her back and stretching her legs; unknown to either of them Christina rose from where she sat watching the fight. Hopping onto her seat, she jumped into the air as Rose struggled to free herself and Reese fought to maintain the scissors. Coming down with the back of her thigh slamming across the smooth neck in front of her as Reese scissored Rose, Christina reveled in the sound of Reese choking and gasping for air as Rose took the opportunity to wriggle her way out of the scissors. Following up on her sudden assault, Christina moved lower and body scissored Reese, stretching her legs as Reese's body jackknifed from the strain of the hold.

Reese pushed at the leg crossing her waist, trying to push her way out of the scissors, but Christina reset the hold as she did so and closed the leglock tighter with harsh compression of her thighs. Reese grunted each time the scissors kicked tighter, only vaguely aware of Rose moving away from where she lay on the floor to watch, waiting for another chance to re-enter the fight. Sitting up to reach for another part of Christina's body, Reese found herself forced back to the floor of the trailer, gasping for air as Christina extended her legs, her thighs pushing themselves into her flesh.

Keeping the scissors locked around Reese's waist as Rose crawled to the seat where she had been sitting, Christina smiled evilly at the groans her legs pushed from Reese's lips. Releasing the scissors, she crawled on top of her sexy opponent, moving slowly enough to let Reese know what she was about to do next. Smiling, she tore off her bikini top, tossing it aside and lowering her generous breasts firmly over Reese's face before she had a chance to retaliate. She wrapped her arms around Reese's head, grapevining her legs so as to completely immobilize her, going to work on the trapped actress. Reese whipped her torso left and right, fighting to squirm her way out from under her opponent.

Suppressing her struggles by tightening her arms around Reese's head and pushing Reese's breasts further into her face, Christina began rocking up and down on top of her rival, undulating her well-proportioned body to grind herself into the pinned actress underneath her. Reese attempted to bend her legs to escape, but Christina's grapevine was locked on her tight, preventing any movement from Reese's lower body. Every time Reese tried to squirm away, Christina increased the intensity of her movements, grinding Reese into the floor as Rose watched the erotic display in rapt fascination. A loud scream ripped out of Christina's throat some time later as Reese's teeth embedded themselves into her nipple!

Furious, Christina pressed her knuckles in Reese's eyes, twisting them clockwise and counter-clockwise until she forced Reese's jaw to unhinge. Grabbing her by the hair again, Christina moved to apply another breast smother, but Reese was quicker this time and buried her fingers in Christina's hair, rolling on top of her before Christina could press her face in her cleavage. Reese was about to capitalize on her sudden counterattack when Rose abruptly sprang from her seat, moving quickly, descending on Reese to pull her off Christina by the hair. Upon standing, Reese twisted and lunged at Rose.

Grabbing Rose's midsection and applying a brutal bearhug of her own, Reese squeezed her eyes closed in concentration as her arms compressed Rose's middle, making Rose's eyes bug wide open in shock and surprise at the sheer tightness of the submission hold. At a tighter squeeze from Reese, Rose raked her nails upward along her back, twisting her body free of Reese's clutches, grabbing Reese's hair and throwing her to the floor, sitting behind her and wrapping her legs in a figure four position around Reese's neck, her calf pressing into Reese's throat as Reese gagged and choked for breath.

Struggling against the tight choke, Reese leaned forward and sank her teeth into Rose's calf as Rose leaned back on her hands to apply the tightest pressure she could on Reese's neck. Kicking her legs reflexively open, Rose grabbed Reese's hair, only to be met with a sharp uppercut to her belly. Returning the favor by slugging Reese in the gut, Rose took the opportunity Reese presented by doubling over, Rose slipped behind her, snaking a forearm choke on her neck.

Rose twisted the choke she applied to Reese's neck into a side headlock, pressing her face into her right tit. Reese's hand pressed into her face from under her, pushing her head to the side as she twisted in the other direction. Pulling herself away from Rose's clutches, Reese stepped back to watch what Rose would do next, only to have Christina sneak up on her from behind and grab her arms, slipping a leg between Reese's calves and causing her to fall to her knees. Kneeling behind Reese, Christina wrenched Reese's arms behind her back, scissoring the upper arms as she pulled on her limbs.

Looking over Reese's shoulder as if offering Rose a free shot, Christina pulled Reese's arms back as Rose got up and approached the scene of battle. Grabbing Reese's ankles, Rose rained her heels on the back of Reese's left leg, then the right as the trapped actress groaned and gritted her teeth. Suppressing Reese's movements by squeezing her legs around Reese's upper arms, Christina watched Rose hammer the backs of Reese's thighs with one heel then the other; then she released her hold as Rose tangled Reese's shapely legs in her own muscular legs and applied a figure four.

Despite the pain in her legs, Reese managed to roll to her chest as she felt the pressure of Rose's legs bearing down on her, dragging Rose onto her stomach and channeling the pressure back up along her legs. Reese held Rose there in that position before Rose managed to roll herself and Reese face-up again, tightening her legs around Reese's limbs and applying more pressure this time. Meanwhile, Christina grabbed Reese's right arm, stretching it as she draped a leg over Reese's stomach and the other over her neck at first. Reese steeled herself against the dual pain of the arm hold and the figure four until Christina shifted, bending Reese's elbow and holding her arm in place with her leg and arms.

They held her like that until Rose signaled Christina to let go, that she wanted to go one on one with Reese for a while. A small smile played on Rose's full lips as Christina gave them room to go at it. They circled one another, their feet padding on the carpet beneath them as they inched closer together, raising their arms to engage a test of strength. Clasping their hands, they channeled energy through their arms, seeking to weaken the other, until they came together in a loud SLAP of skin striking skin, once again wrapping their arms around each other in a mutual embrace.

As soon as their grips were in place, Rose began to cudgel Reese's stomach with her own. Reese's arms reflexively tightened around Rose's waist, Rose lowered her head to her shoulder, increasing the impacts of her belly busting. A low guttural sound came from Reese as she met the strength of Rose's bearhug by tightening her arms, lifting Rose a few feet off the carpet and holding her suspended for a few seconds. Rose responded in kind, lifting Reese from her feet and shaking her like a rag doll. Shaking her head in protest, Reese kneed Rose hard in the crotch.

Wincing from Reese's knee ramming her womanhood, Rose dropped to one knee, slamming Reese's crotch against the other. Bellowing from the pain, Reese reared back and head-butted Rose, her forehead slamming Rose's nose as stars exploded in Rose's head. They fell apart, regaining their bearings, and crawled to each other on the floor of the trailer. Reese reached for Rose's hair, twisting her into a headlock, but Rose wriggled out of it and twisted Reese into a surf board, stretching her limbs painfully before releasing her and pushing her to her side. Grabbing hold of a wrist and an ankle, Rose stretched Reese's limbs behind her, planting her feet into Reese's back and stretching her legs.

Again Reese clenched her teeth, refusing to cry out as Rose stretched her legs and yanked on her caught limbs. Rose wrenched the hold as hard as she could, gleefully prolonging it until she looked over at Christina and saw her watching them eagerly. Withdrawing her legs and releasing Reese's wrist and ankle, Rose bent to pull her up by the hair. Reese reached up and seized hold of Rose's hair, planting both feet into Rose's stomach and flipping her to the floor. Landing with a loud CRASH! Rose felt the air knocked out of her body as Reese jumped high in the air and belly flopped her.

The belly flop knocked even more wind from Rose's sails as Reese took charge of the situation, showing Rose that she was no slouch in the submission hold department by rolling her onto her stomach and grabbing her legs, bending them toward Rose's back as she fit them under her armpits, reached forward and grabbed Rose under the chin. Pulling the raven-hair's upper torso toward her, Reese took to rocking back and forth, putting pressure on Rose's spine and legs. Rose attempted lowering her head to bite into Reese's fingers, but Reese gripped her neck harder and streeeeetched, rocking back and forth in wider motions as Rose uttered long, low grunts from having her body bent out of shape.

Opting to capitalize on her advantage as Rose was now squirming in pain, Reese released Rose's neck and legs, and stood on shaky legs as Rose lay face down under her. Grabbing Rose's legs and fitting them under her armpits again, Reese grabbed hold of Rose's wrists, stretching all four of her limbs and swinging Rose back and forth, putting extra pressure on Rose's arms while swinging her forward and on her legs while swinging her backward. Rose groaned, her jaw setting as she endured the submission Reese held her in, hating the idea of being incapacitated and having no choice but to ride it out as Reese swung back and forth, bending her body backward at an excruciating angle.

"Are you getting enough of a workout," Reese intoned from above her, "or do you need a bit more?"

"Fuck you... bitch!," was all Rose could force through her lips as the pain grew unbearable.

"Not a smart move cursing me; especially while I have you where I want you!" Reese retorted, setting Rose face down on the rug and sitting on her back. Keeping her grip on Rose's legs and arms, she fell backward and rolled onto her back, carrying Rose with her, as she stretched her arms and legs all the way out, pushing Rose to the ceiling. Rose groaned louder at having all four of her limbs stretched at even more painful angles as Reese expertly worked the ceiling hold, watching Christina for any sudden movements. Christina was sitting close by, watching the fight and glaring at Reese, having no opening to intervene but ready to spring back into action on a second's notice.

Drawing her attention back to Rose, Reese stretched her limbs for a few more drawn-out moments, then she fell to the side, releasing Rose's arms and legs as she rolled Rose face down on the carpet. Pressing her knees into Rose's back, she rolled face up, pushing her knees upward as she gripped Rose under the chin and bent her backward, holding her there until Rose bit into Reese's fingers, kicking free of Reese's clutches. Spinning painfully around as Reese pursued her, Rose slashed her nails across Reese's eyes, spinning her and shoving her headlong to where Christina sat as she fought to regain her vision. Christina caught Reese between her legs and squeezed for all she was worth.

Watching Christina scissor Reese's neck as she slowly regained her circulation, she signaled her to let go, eager to have some payback on her. Christina rose as Rose hauled Reese to her feet, twisting her into an agonizing abdominal stretch. As she beckoned Christina to step forward, Rose stretched Reese's arm from under her armpit as she stretched Reese's hip and ribcage on the same side. Christina added to this for a time by raking her nails along Reese's bare chest, starting with her lower abdomen and working her way up to her breasts, causing Reese to grit her teeth against the sensation.

Rose held her indefinitely as Christina repeated the clawing maneuver a few more times, then proceeded to whale Reese in the stomach as Rose stretched their trapped prey to the point where it looked like she might tear her asunder. Satisfied that she’d stretched Reese long enough, Rose released the abdominal stretch and trapped her in another, stretching her body on the opposite side as Christina continued raking and hammering her with brutal blows that reddened her stomach.

"Whaddya think?" Rose finally queried Christina as the red-faced Reese sagged against her, groaning through gritted teeth. "She ready for another climax?"

"Suits me fine," Christina echoed with equal cheer. "She's all yours!"

With a dancer's grace, Christina shoved Reese into Rose's waiting arms when Rose released the abdominal stretch. In a fluid motion, Rose wrapped her arms around Reese's midsection, lifting her and slamming her ass first to the carpet. Not wasting time as Reese let loose with a thick grunt from the impact, Rose wrapped her legs around Reese from behind, crossing ankles and squeezing as her arms slithered under Reese's armpits, inescapably locking them in a full-nelson.

If she thought Reese was beyond retaliating, however, Rose shortly discovered this was not so as she squeezed Reese from behind, sliding her heels down to Reese's crotch and rubbing her womanhood. To Rose and Christina's surprise, the trapped actress was grinding her ass against Rose's crotch as Rose stimulated Reese with the heels of her feet. At the long expulsion of breath from Rose's lips that mingled with Reese's breathing, Christina moved forward again to assist Rose in pushing Reese past sweet release. Lowering her head, she began teasing Reese's nips with her tongue. Rose pulled back on Reese's arms, giving her freer access to her tits as Reese ground her ass harder on Rose's crotch. Rose and Christina expertly worked Reese even as she continued to grind Rose's crotch with her ass.

Breathing heavily, Rose leaned forward to whisper in Reese's ear as Christina began alternating between one of Reese's breasts and the other. "You can make me come if you want, but you can't keep it up against both of us!"

"Maybe not," Reese countered, "but you still have to work for it!"

It wasn't long after this exchange when Reese was pushed to another orgasm by the persistent stimulation of her sexy adversaries. But seconds after Reese's body stiffened, Rose's followed suit as Reese had succeeded in making her foe come as hard as Reese had. Seeing there was still much fight in Reese, Christina advanced on her as Rose rolled away to rest and regain her strength, pulling Reese into her and peeling off the bottom half of her bikini. Christina was shocked to see that Reese was not only offering little resistance to this, but leaning forward to strip her of her own bikini bottoms. Pleased at this, taking it as a sign that Reese was starting to succumb to their seductions, Christina pinned Reese under her on the carpet, flattening their chests together as they began to grind and hump, to see who would orgasm first.

"Let's make this part of it good," Christina half-breathed, half-hissed as she leaned in to French kiss Reese.

"I'll do my part, bitch," Reese snarled defiantly, returning Christina's kiss as she humped her harder.

Getting her second wind as Christina and Reese rolled over and over on the carpet, humping each other to orgasm, Rose waited until Christina pinned Reese to the floor, then got up and walked over to where they regained their contest, peeling off her bikini bottoms and tossing them behind her. Reese saw Rose signal Christina with her eyes while she approached them; before she could react, Christina shifted position so they lay facing each other with their crotches pressed together head on. Rose sat on Reese's upper chest, sliding forward and wrapping her legs around Reese's throat. Pressing her womanhood into Reese's face, she taunted, "Just relax; I'm not letting go. If you should get horny, just eat me out."

Groaning from the scissors crushing her neck, Reese matched Christina's crotch thrusts with much effort, her fingernails dragging along Rose's muscular thighs. Rose changed the position of her legs, tucking one calf behind the other knee as she twisted enough that Reese's angelic face was buried in Rose's pussy, without enough room to open her mouth to bite. Still, Reese saw that Rose had left enough room for her to extend her tongue, deciding to take Rose up on her offer. The smell and taste of Rose's pussy combined with Christina's erotic movements made her feel lightheaded, but nonetheless she made every effort to fight them on their own territory, humping Christina as her tongue probed Rose's damp pussy and she witthed and squirmed seductively, her body undulating as Reese pleasured her and she responded to her stimulation.

"That's it, Reese," she breathed, "let's see if you can keep up with us." Squeezing her legs harder, she added, "Are you turned on yet?"

As much as she was hesitant to admit it, there was a certain arousal she got from the constant physical contact between herself and her two rivals. Still, there was no time to think about it now as she intended to put up as much of a struggle as she could against them. Hoping to be able to turn things around, she ground Christina's snatch harder than ever.

As if in response, Rose tongued Rose's pussy with greater fervency, breathing the musty scent of Rose's pussy as her tongue pushed in deeper. Rose squeezed her scissors around Reese's neck as Christina humped her wet womanhood faster, prompting Reese to respond with the same rolling motions. She could sense Christina slowly overtaking her, but also sensed that Christina and Rose were responding to her retaliations with the same arousal Reese was experiencing. This was confirmed as, yet again, orgasms washed over all three of them simultaneously, thrashing their bodies.

Before long, all three women were beyond words as they collected themselves and resumed their contest. Only now, it was two on one as Rose and Christina jumped Reese at once, overcome by the excitement of their fight and determined to dominate their opponent physically and sexually. Confident that victory lay within their collective ability to wear Reese down until she either submitted to them or fell unconscious, they circled her slowly, searching for an opening.

Finally charging her together, Rose and Christina tackled Reese to the floor and let themselves go as their arms and legs intertwined with their opponent's in their struggles to overpower their rival. Pinning Reese face down on the carpet, they straddled her, Christina arching Reese's back as Rose bent Reese's shapely legs in their combined efforts to wear down her physical resistance, reveling in the groans coming from their fallen foe. After that, they took turns scissoring Reese's midsection, squeezing and squeezing her curvaceous body 'til they worked her together, Rose scissoring Reese's neck as Christina scissored her middle, maintaining the punishment until satisfied they had forced enough wind from her.

When they stood to admire their handiwork, Christina bent to lift Reese up, draping her over her shoulders and bouncing on her feet, arching Reese's body backward. Dropping to one knee, she slammed Reese over the other, suddenly letting out a gasp as Reese lifted her legs and slapped a scissors on Christina's neck, rolling her to the floor and squeezing her throat for all she was worth, in agony but still determined to put up a fight. Rose sat next to Reese and wrapped her in a neck scissors in retaliation, flexing her thigh muscles as Reese flexed hers around Christina's throat. Biting into Reese's thigh, Christina pulled her head free and slid alongside Reese, wrapping her legs around her midriff and squeezing. The dual compression drained Reese of more energy to retaliate, yet she fought on, drawing on every reserve she could.

After a time, Rose released the neck scissors, and she and Christina took turns scissoring Reese's midsection while the other stimulated her womanhood. Rose's feet, Christina's tongue, Rose's breasts and Christina's breasts pushed Reese closer to the edge of orgasm again, to which Reese was eventually able to respond by rolling onto her hands and knees, pressing her crotch directly over Christina's face as she pressed her breasts into Rose's womanhood, grinding her rival like there was no tomorrow as Christina's tongue probed her own womanhood. Rose's legs encircled Reese's upper torso as Reese ground her pussy with her tits, pulling Reese close as Christina, excited by the sexfight, changed position and worked Reese to orgasm by grinding their pussies, eventually pushing herself over the edge as well. Their screams of pleasure mingled with Rose's as Reese's breast grinding edged Rose beyond the precipice of release.

As Christina pulled Reese to her feet, Rose fought to regain her footing, stumbling across the carpet as she approached. By now, the energy they expended drained them almost completely, and they were all nearing the end of their endurance. Christina's arm was wrapped around Reese's neck from behind, but it seemed she was leaning on her to prevent herself from keeling over as much as she was keeping Reese from jumping Rose. A pall of silence filled the air around them as it became apparent that one side or the other would fall decisively before much more time had passed them by. Wordlessly sharing a look, the three women decided to expend the last of their energy in a final push to end in victory or defeat.

Reese took care to watch both women as they circled her, moving closer as they prepared to launch their last offensive. Slinking around to face Reese as Christina moved behind her, Rose lunged toward her, wrapping her arms around Reese and gripping one wrist with her other hand at the small of her back. Gasping, Reese pushed at Rose's shoulders, trying to escape the bearhug but the mounting pressure around her middle seemed unstoppable. Reese slumped against Rose as Christina moved in from behind her, wrapping her arms around Reese and joining her hands behind Rose's back to crush Reese's curvaceous body between them, going to work as they ground against her in unison, from both sides. Rose let out a small sigh as she started slamming her belly into Reese's again, grinding her pussy as Christina ground her ass.

Reese writhed against the dual assault, making her best effort to match Rose and Christina's grinding movements, but her struggled were steadily diminishing as her two opponents steeped up their assault, slowly but surely overtaking her. From her position, Rose could see the look on Reese's face, exhausted, but aroused beyond expectation at the physical friction the three of them had experienced fighting nude in close quarters. She was enjoying being sexually dominated.

Rose recognized the signs from other women with whom she had engaged in combat; now she saw them on Reese's face. Reinforcing her crushing and belly busting, she leaned in close to whisper in her ear: "I see you're enjoying this as much as we are." With another grinding movement of her body, she added, "Why not let your inhibitions down and we'll ####?" Demonstrating her words, Rose ground her pussy against Reese in a long, seductive stroke that took her breath.

Reese didn't give Rose a verbal answer to this, but the look of assent in her eyes told her all she needed to know. Rose looked over Reese's shoulder, giving Christina a look of triumph to let her know Reese accepted her desire for their soon to be conquerors, squeezed harder and slammed their stomachs and crotches with renewed vigor. Christina pulled them closer into her arms, narrowing the space Reese still had available to breathe as their naked bodies pressed more tightly against her squirming frame, eliciting a heavy sigh from Reese as she responded to the persistent grinding and crushing.

As the crushing and grinding continued, Reese reacted to the stimulation more automatically, feeling her body respond to the soft, muscular bodies wearing her down little by little. Encouraged by their rival's waning strength, they continued increasing the intensity of their attacks, enjoying the feeling of overpowering Reese as their arms tightened and pulled Reese's curvy body closer into their grasp. Christina was now slamming her chest and stomach into Reese's back, her mouth and tongue teasing their prey's neck. Reese uttered louder sighs, on auto-pilot as she ground her crotch against Rose's crotch and her ass against Christina's crotch as they moved faster, sensing Reese was nearing the brink.

Rose and Christina threw everything they had into conquering Reese, working themselves to a state of near-exhaustion as Reese breathed faster and heavier under their endless seductions. Sensing Reese's arousal rising in proportion to her energy being drained, they squeezed tighter and slammed their nude torsos against Reese's skin in harder collisions. Their lower bodies abraded in widening circles, their hips and legs growing stiffer with each pelvic thrust. Then came the first small convulsive shake of Reese's body as her impending orgasm began to overtake her. Rose and Christina felt the orgasm waiting at the end of Reese's resistance, which spurred them to move faster against her. The hot breath of their trapped prey drifted lazily onto Rose's shoulder, encouraging Rose to tighten her arms as her own orgasm began to rise.

Christina held out for as long as possible as Reese and Rose pushed each other closer to release; this was no easy task as the friction created by her crotch and Reese's ass was slowly overwhelming her. Still, she bit her lower lip and did her best to keep her arousal under control, mashing Reese between herself and Rose. Reese's ass ground her womanhood in a reflex motion as Christina pressed her forward into Rose's heaving chest, sending shivers up and down her spine as she rammed her tits and stomach in Reese's back. Rose pushed back as Reese pressed into her, her arms tightening to levels of compression beyond what another woman's body would be expected to withstand over extended periods.

They moved faster and faster, squeezing, humping, grinding, mashing breasts and slamming bellies, 'til their movements became completely instinctual and they weren't even thinking anything though. The three of them, especially Reese and Rose, had become lustful animals; feeding off one another's womanly seductions until they blocked out everything else. Their breathing grew faster, their sighs becoming cries of pleasure, in turn becoming screams of pleasure, and still they pushed on, harder and faster. Finally, Reese let out a scream of ecstasy that could have cracked a crystal goblet, shuddering in the throes of her pleasure as Rose released a scream that mingled with Reese's. Rose's pleasured cries lingered for several seconds after Reese had gone limp in their arms, knocked unconscious by her multiple orgasm.

Rose uncoiled her arms from Reese's body as Christina did the same, allowing Reese to slump unconscious to the floor as she staggered back. Christina watched her partner collapse near the seat they had taken turns resting in, exhausted and almost completely out of breath, deciding now was as good a time as any to strike! Lunging, Christina knocked Rose to the floor before she knew what was happening, executing the other plan she had in mind before she bumped into Reese back at the department store. Grapevining her legs so there was no escape, Christina took advantage of Rose's depleted condition by pinning her arms to the floor above her head and molding her generous breasts over the struggling brunette’s nose and mouth; holding Rose's body firmly in place as the surprised, enraged raven-hair struggled in vain to free herself. Christina kept a strong grip on Rose’s wrists and ankles, blocking her breathing passages until Rose followed Reese into dreamland.

Now the last woman still awake after the long, long contest of domination, Christina dragged herself to her feet by sheer force of will, studying Reese and Rose's sleeping bodies and considering all that had happened that evening. As much as she wanted to dominate Reese in this contest, she wondered what it’d be like to put Rose in the same defensive position Reese had found herself in upon awakening. If Rose was correct about how much Reese enjoyed going against two of her most active rivals, she wondered how much Reese would enjoy dominating Rose....