Rose McGowan vs. Jessica Hahn by Alexis 5/23/01

After the video showing Rose McGowan humiliating Linsey Dawn McKenzie was released it became so popular it had to be reissued. Rose became a very rich woman with a reputation as a wildcat that preceded her. She was the toast of the celebrity world and commanded great respect. It wasn't so much that she had beaten Linsey as what she did to her after the tables were turned. Everyone who watched it was shocked at how far Rose went to humiliate another woman. It was for that reason many other celebrities didn't mess with Rose McGowan anymore. They knew if she won a fight there was no limit to what she'd do to her opponent.

For her part, Rose knew she'd been lucky, not just once, but in twice defeating Linsey. No other woman had ever turned the tables on Linsey before, and more likely than not it would never happen again. But then, Linsey wouldn't be fighting anyone for a long time. She was in the hospital being treated for the beating she took at Rose's hands. While Rose openly gloated about her two victories, she certainly didn't want to run into Linsey again! She'd twice escaped with life and limb intact and she knew the chances were good it wouldn't happen a third time - especially after what she'd put Linsey through.

The video made the rounds and it gave many promoters ideas about producing similar catfight videos with celebrities. Unfortunately for the promoters, not many celebrities were interested in taking a chance of being humiliated like that - especially having it captured on tape. Many fake catfights were staged and celebrities eagerly signed up to humiliate unknown models hired and paid to take a fall. But everyone knew these were staged and they lacked the fierce reality of the Rose-Linsey tape.

Howard Stern was one of many prepared to make a buck off of this newly popular entertainment medium. He staged many fake fights in his television studio and the star of most of his productions was his friend, Jessica Hahn. Jessica wasn't far different from Rose. She wasn't overly talented in anything she did but she was unforgettably arrogant doing it. Jessica made a name for herself with her willingness to do whatever people wanted (and paid) to see. Her fifteen minutes of fame were long over, but thanks to the generosity of Hugh Hefner (and a gifted plastic surgeon) Jessica had been centerfold material. That in itself gave her a living. Stern had capitalized on Jessica's looks, booking her on several shows a year. One of his favorites had been when she got in a tussle with Dian Parkinson and defeated the blond game show model. That gave him the brilliant idea of marketing Jessica in fake catfighting videos. She agreed to sign on the dotted line only because she craved attention and on condition that she didn't ever have to lose one of her staged catfights.

It wasn't long before Rose McGowan contacted Stern to complain.

She asked, "Why have a no-talent hag like Hahn be the star of the show when I'm the real thing. Hell, I'd gladly star in the videos for the same price - and with the same condition."

He thought about it for about ten seconds, then invited Rose to the studio for the taping of Jessica's next 'match.' Stern and Rose got into an argument before Jessica even arrived and Rose stormed out. However, Rose took a wrong turn and ended up in the dressing room of the actress Jessica was going to beat up. Within minutes, the unfortunate actress found herself bound and gagged in her dressing room. When the knock at the door came to tell the actress they were ready for her on the set, Rose was in costume and she who ended up on the set with Jessica.

The set was a dimly lit bedroom scene and Rose's character was supposed to be in bed with Jessica's man. The scene called for Jessica to come in, pull the other women from her lover's bed and beat her up in front of him.

On this particular day Jessica was being even more difficult to work with than usual. She complained that her limo was late, that the Danish in her dressing room were stale, the coffee was cold, etc. She even complained about the two-bit actress she'd have to work with.

"I suppose I'll have to make her look competitive before I beat her too? If she's no better than the last one you hired, I may just kick her ass in the first minute and go home."

Generally, it was a non-stop bitch session for the star of the show. If Jessica's bitchy attitude, looks and enhanced breasts weren't good for ratings, Stern would have slapped her around himself. He wished he hadn't told Rose to go fuck herself.

When the scene opened, Rose was laying in bed on top of the actor playing Jessica's boyfriend. Under the sheets she wore nothing except bra and panties and was actually dry humping the actor without anyone on the set but him realizing it. Rose considered it a great warm up for what was to come.

Jessica came on the set in black high heels, garters and a corset. The corset was cinched tight to make Jessica's waist only 21 inches. It made her breasts look even bigger and her ass look even more shapely. Without a thong, Jessica's well-endowed labia - one of her trademarks, the body part allowed her to dispose of Dian Parkinson - hung down a couple of inches between her thighs. They already glistened in the key light of the dimly lit set.


Jessica stormed into the room and yanked the sheets off of the bed uncovering her lover with a woman on him. As the script called for, she reached down, grabbed the brunette by the hair and yanked her to her feet. This all happened so fast no one but the actor in bed with her realized it was Rose McGowan. Even when Jessica came face to face with her she was so into herself she didn't realize it was Rose standing in front of her.

Jessica finally realized something had gone wrong when Rose lifted her knee forcefully up, smashing into Jessica's glistening labia. She doubled over as the film crew nearly convulsed at the sudden, unexpected turn of events. Luckily, the director knew enough to tell everyone to stay away and "keep rolling." He knew a good thing when he saw it.

Rose pulled Jessica back upright and looked into her confused eyes.

"You don't need a script to know how to do this, Jessica," Rose said.

She again drove her knee straight up between Jessica's wobbling thighs. Jessica again leaned forward, her knees bending, her eyes bulging. Slowly, she slumped to the floor on her knees in front of Rose who just stood there laughing annoyingly at Jessica with her hands regally planted on her full hips.

"See Howard! I told you I was the real thing. Now. keep that film rolling and you'll see why I'm a better choice to play this role," Rose said.

Jessica was on her hands and her knees, gasping; her big breasts dangling heavily between her arms after they'd been dislodged from her corset by Rose's second kneeing. Rose grabbed Jessica by the hair and forced her to lean back over her knees, then she moved behind Jessica, wrapped her long fingers around the older woman's neck and started to choke her. In this position, Jessica was forced to back over her head and up into Rose's eyes. She was frightened by what saw there.

Rose choked Jessica until the redhead was just about out, then dragged her over to the wall with a trick she'd learned from Linsey. She held Jessica's hands over her head against the wall and used her own breasts with their bigger nipples to irritate Jessica's large breasts with their tiny nipples. Jessica was just now comprehending what had happened but it did her little good. Here was a young woman nearly fifteen years younger humiliating her in front of the cameras.

Rose kept working her overly large nipples against Jessica's and smiled as she heard Jessica whimper. Rose so enjoyed her power that she continued to look at the camera and Howard Stern. Perhaps a little too much for her own good. Jessica, just now getting over the stunning turn of events, was able to get a measure of revenge using her own well-muscled thigh and knee, slamming it upward into Rose's crotch. It was a direct blow and one would have thought Rose was impaled from the way her eyes snapped open in shock.

Jessica followed with a second knee to Rose's pussy that brought the arrogant youngster to her knees. Jessica used her long nails to rake the flesh from Rose's shoulders clear down her back to her ass. With each ripping stroke of her nails, Rose screamed again, but she was still intent on protecting her bruised pussy. Jessica, a veteran at such wars, pulled up the back of Rose's bra and forced it over her breasts, then used the material to choke Rose until she was gasping for air. Rose's fingers pulled and ripped at the material around her neck. Suddenly, the once-vicious Rose looked helpless and ready to be choked out.

Jessica continued to pull on the bra as Rose was dragged across the floor by her bra strap. When she finally released Rose, the youngster collapsed but Jessica didn't give her time to recover. Instead, she forced Rose to her feet, grabbed her in a headlock and rammed the top of Rose's head repeatedly into the wall. With each blow, Rose's arms shot out from her side and moved in a windmill motion as her legs bucked and her knees wobbled.

After the fifth time Jessica slammed her head against the wall, she released Rose from the headlock and the brunette tumbled to the floor like a drunk. Jessica wasted to time rolling Rose over on her back and straddling her tiny waist. She kneeled on Rose's wrists to immobilize her hands, then repeatedly slapped Rose's nipples back and forth, then her beautiful face.

Rose was in tears, helpless to prevent the torture. There was nothing Rose could do when Jessica reached down with her long painted nails and twisted her long nipples beyond what was thought possible. Rose was screaming for mercy, her legs kicking up and down, sounding like a little girl. And she looked like a little girl under the older Jessica who just kept torturing Rose's nipples despite her sobbed pleas.

Rose continued to beg for mercy but Jessica wouldn't listen. Instead, she shifted her weight forward and let her trademark pussy lips spread out covering Rose's gasping mouth and nose. Then she started to hump the young girl. Within minutes, Rose's kicking, flailing legs lay spread and motionless while Jessica slowly rocked herself to a rousing orgasm.

Still, Jessica wasn't done.

She'd seen the video of Rose and Linsey and was prepared in case it came up in one of her scripts. She walked to a bag which was just off the set and retrieved her favorite strap-on dildo. When Rose finally started to wake up, Jessica a woman fifteen years older than Rose, was entering her. Jessica's amazing breasts were sliding over Rose's panicked eyes as Jessica took her missionary style. It wasn't long before Rose, despite her best efforts to resist, came and came and came.

Jessica rolled the weak and barely conscious young bitch over, pulled her hips up and plunged the dildo into Rose's young, tight ass. Her protests were loud and strong at first, but they didn't last long. Within minutes Jessica was taking Rose's tiny ass with all the gusto of a sailor who hadn't seen a woman for six months. Time after time Rose came and Jessica, who'd been going to the gym and now had the endurance to prove it, fucked her harder each time than the last. While she was doing it, Jessica imagined what it would be like to get her hands on the almighty Linsey Dawn McKenzie.

"If I can do this to the woman who beat and tormented Linsey," Jessica thought. "Just imagine what I could do to Linsey herself."

Jessica finally stopped when Rose could no longer even move. Rose had been stripped of all her arrogance and left laying on the floor in abject humiliation. Luckily, the film crew had caught every slap, every moan and every pleading word of Rose's on tape. There was no doubt the right woman was the star of Stern's show.

Jessica walked off the set and immediately started daydreaming about what it would be like to force Linsey to beg for mercy. "Now that would truly make me a star!" Jessica said to herself. But just as she began to scheme, another woman reared her head and diverted Jessica's attention.

Jessica Hahn faces a pornstar known as "Houston" Asset cbdac1ac.

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