No Punches Pulled: Rose McGowan vs. Jenny McCarthy by TNT

Rap. Rap. Rap. "Who the hell could that be?" the beautiful redhead snarled as she quickly tossed her keys and sweater on the sofa, turned and walked briskly to the door. Rose McGowan had just gotten home from an enjoyable evening out and was in no mood for late night visitors. She stopped briefly to look at her gorgeous reflection in the mirror; she looked beautiful, her silky red hair, pretty face, lovely but mischievous eyes; she wore a short tight skirt, sheer pantyhose, a perfectly formfitting blouse.

"Oh its YOU?; what the hell do you want?" the redhead snapped as she quickly recovered from her surprise of seeing Jenny McCarthy at her front door; especially late at night.

The beautiful busty blonde roughly pushed Rose aside as she marched in; "Close the door Rosie, we need to talk."

"You didn't fake that punch or pull it; it hurt; I want an apology and I want it now!"

Rose quickly shut the door, snapped the lock and stepped forward and stared at her unwelcome intruder; it was quite obvious that the blonde bombshell had been drinking, and was as angry as she was beautiful. Jenny wore a tight low-cut dress and very high heels that seemed to be challenging her equilibrium a bit.

"Well I must say that I-"

"Shut the @#$#@% up bitch; you do stunts in fights all the time; you hit me on purpose; my nose still hurts; I want you to say you're sorry right now, you little bitch!"

the blonde continued as she angrily moved into Rose's personal space.

"All right, I punched ya, so what; I get my kicks by punching big-boobed blonde bimbos; so what's it to ya?" Rose snipped as she took a step closer to the angry blonde who was now pointing her finger close to the redheads face.

"Well, you carrot-topped smart-ass, since you admit it, now apologize!"

"Apologize? Like hell; I should have taken your head off; Keep pushing me and I'll take a few more things off, Miss BigTits" Rose warned, her lips snarling. Mentally she was enjoying this verbal spat immensely; she thought about how much fun it was to not hold or fake the punch; it was fun to see the blondes lovely head snap back, to see the surprised look on Jenny's face and so many others. The other girls on the set had mixed reactions; some thought it was mean; that Rose should have been reprimanded or maybe slapped around courtesy them or even her regular costars. The others thought it was quite amusing; Jenny in all her blonde beauty and "self-idolization" would make the perfect "hair-pulling, slapping around" target for a feisty gal like Rose who emanated the true "catfighting" spirit.

"Well, I did give you a fair chance; a chance to make it right; you blew it Miss Witchbitch, so I just have one more thing to say...."

THWACK! "Aieeeeee....uhhhhhhhh!”

Jenny swung her fist with all her might at the redhead; Rose dodged the incoming knuckle-buster easily, but the busty blondes full weight slammed into her; Jenny had swung so hard that she lost her balance; the blonde screamed; Rose groaned as she hit the floor, the angry blonde on top of her.

"Eieeeeek!" Jenny screamed as Rose buried her fingers in her luscious blonde hair; wrapped her legs around the blonde and with a burst of strength rolled her rival and quickly straddled her sitting on her waist.

"Get off me you stupid bitch" Jenny shouted as she instinctively started to squirm, twist and buck. "Uhhhhhhhh!"

Rose's punch found its mark as it slammed into the blondes jaw. SLAP! "Uhhhhh!" SLAP! "Uhhhhhh!" The redhead treated Jenny to several hard slaps, both backhand and forehand before she fired a punch to her rivals full left breast that knocked the huge orb halfway out of her dress.

"What a nice bra, Jenny sweetie," Rose snipped as she reached down and squeezed the exposed breast through the sheer lace cup.

"Oucccch! Damn you biiiitchhhh!" Jenny screamed. She bucked hard thrusting her pelvis up with great force sending Rose tumbling off, slamming hard into an incredibly hard coffee table. THUNK. The left side of Rose's head went numb.

"Noooooooooo..." Rose screamed; she grunted as one angry blonde fired another punch, this time the target was hit as Rose saw stars and her jaw exploded in pain. "Uhhhhhhh!" she groaned as her scalp exploded in bursts of fire from angry fingers tearing into her beautiful red hair.

"You can be a real bitch, Rosie; well so can I; wanna see?" Jenny chirped as she jerked Rose to her feet, and fired a punch deep into her rivals stomach. Rose sucked air as she doubled over and... RIPPPPPP ... the unmistakable sound and feel of her blouse being ripped off did NOT leave Rose a happy camper! She tried hard to ignore her pain and think out a most necessary strategy. Drat! In her bent over pose, Rose saw Jenny was no longer wearing her stilettos which had gotten lost somewhere during the tussle. Stilettos and drunk blondes make for an easy tipover, takedown and takeout.

"Get up Rosie hon, I'm gonna make you apologize and then you're gonna kiss my feet, wtch bitch!" Jenny snarled. She grabbed a handful of red hair in one hand and quickly unsnapped Rose's bra with the other. "Gonna free me some boobies," she giggled.

"YIEOWWW!" Rose yelped as the angry blonde jerked her to full upright by her hair and in a flash Jenny tore her bra off. "Hummmm, nice boobs - for a witch...or should I say bitch?" Jenny snickered. "Mind if I have a pinch?" she chirped as she reached out to pinch the redheads erect nipple. The long fingers had almost reached the fleshy nub when they were assaulted with a most painful attack.

"AIEEEEEE!" Jenny screamed as her fingers were grabbed, and bent back hard, then her hand, wrist, fingers and arm all exploded in excruciating pain as the angry redhead seized the unwelcome, uninvited, intruding fingers and bent them sharply back, twisted her wrist and almost wrenched the blondes arm out of the socket all in one smooth move. Rose's fist slammed into Jenny's naval and now it was her turn to suck air!

The topless and furious Rose went into high gear! She'd only just begun to show Jenny how much of a bitch she really was! She smiled mischievously as she gazed down at the gasping doubled over busty blondes lovely grimacing face and laughed, "Gosh Jenny, you really are a pretty girl!" Next, her eyes focused on the blondes bulging bra almost out of the front of her torn dress. "Still want that apology, Miss Big Boobs? I just may give it to ya, but firs..."

"Aieeeeeckk! Uhhhhhhhh!" RIPPPPPP!! Rose's hairpull brought the blondes head to perfect alignment for a backhand that send her reeling back into the wall and then bouncing off it. .

"First, I'm gonna do what a lot of guys, and a whole buncha girls, would love to do; rip that dress right off'n your fat ass," Rose shouted as she grabbed the front of Jenny's dress and pulled. The sheer fabric ripped easily tearing right in half and a hail of hard slaps sent the screaming blonde reeling sideways. Rose stuck her leg out as she shoved Jenny in the chest and...

PLOP! "YIKEE! UNGH!" Two open hands smashing two beautifully firm bra-clad breasts was followed by a painful yelp from Jenny's full sensuous lips; then a grunt as she tumbled to the floor landing hard on her sexy ass.

"Two bad the other gals aren't here; maybe they could help you....or maybe they'd help me? Don't think you're gonna get your apology Miss BigKnockers, though you may be givin' me one when I'm done," Rose continued her verbal taunts as she pounced on her downed rival and peppered Jenny with slaps and punches to the face with both hands - then with only one hand as her free hand slipped up under a bra cup, found its target and squeezed.

"Argggggh! My boob, leggo of my boob...AIEEEEEE!" The blonde bawled as Rose's fingers dug into her firm tit. Feeling the nipple stiffen, Rose's fingers found the newly awake target and pinched the rock-hard nub viciously, watching Jenny'sbeautiful face morph into a most agonizing grimace.

"Any other bitch do this to ya? Pam Anderson? Shannon? Tiffany? How about Carmen or Nicole?" Rose rattled off several names, thinking of how each beauty would probably love to be dishing out the pain to the whimpering blonde. She knew they all loved to catfight, pull hair, scratch, claw and knock their rival's knockers around with reckless abandon.

"Let go, ouch; I'm gonna pound you; I'll kill you!" Jenny hissed as she began to buck and squirm.

In a last ditch desperate effort, Jenny swung wildly and...BONK...lady luck smiled on her! Rose's chin rocked back in pain, then a second punch, more focused, slammed into the redheads right breast and Jenny's knuckle mashed the erect sensitive nipple backward, inverting it into the firm mound.

"Uhhhhhhh!" Rose groaned, her breast feeling like it was on fire. She instinctively released Jenny's breasts as both hands zipped towards her own wounded mammaries. One hard pelvic thrust combined with a powerful kick from Jenny's strong legs sent Rosie flying.

"Ya just can't stay on top, can ya, huh Rosie? Maybe you need a little witch magic, huh?" Jenny teased as she scrambled to her feet and fired a kick into the redheads ribs. Rose screamed and grabbed her side as she started to retreat, but a hard kick to her buttt sent her sprawling facedown on the floor. "Gosh, this is even easier than I dreamed," Jenny cackled. "I'm gonna get that apology yet!" The booze's effects were wearing off as the fight pumped her full of adrenaline. Now, she sensed victory as she moved toward her topless rival. Another kick, this time to Rose's thigh made Rose scream once, then a second scream when Jenny grabbed her hair and jerked her back on her feet. "Gonna twist your pretty little head off," Jenny cackled. "Umppppffh! YEIOWWWWW!"

Dazed and down, but definitely not out; Rose summoned her strength and slammed an elbow into Jenny's right breast. A twist of her foot and a hard kick to Jenny's shin brought a scream. "Eiieccck!" WHAM. WHAM. WHAM. Jenny cried out each time Rose fired a rapid, well-placed punch; one to her jaw and one to each huge breast - the last two with such force Jenny saw stars as her luscious breasts were almost beaten up and out of her bra.

"Awwwww, hurtin' puppies? Beggin' for release? I see they're taking a peek!" Rose snarled as she saw her groaning rivals erect nipples peeking out over the edges of the sexy lace bra.

"Nooooooooooo!" Jenny screamed as the angry redhead grabbed her bra and jerked. Shelost her balance and tumbled down while Rose just laughed and jerked the bra harder still. The fabric stretched and stretched but it finally yielded up its bounty and Rose quickly tossed the captured bra toward her keys, knowing it would make a great trophy and an excellent conversation starter on the next shows set.

"Now, what were you saying about an apology, McCarthy?" Rose hissed as she leaped at her topless rival.

"Aieeeeeee!" But it was Rose's beautiful face that grimaced in pain and her face went pale as her groin erupting in agony where Jenny had kicked her!

"Oh my! Rosie's takin' a tumble thanks to a little old 'ditzy" blonde' ME!" Jenny hissed as she grabbed a handful of red hair and pulled, her mighty twisting heave sending Rose flying onto the sofa.

"Umppppfh!" Rose moaned as she slammed headfirst into the plush cushions.

Jenny was on her in an instant and buried her fingers in her hair. "Gonna give you a taste of blonde power,” she hissed. “Your bitchy-witchy friends will soon taste our wrath - on screen and for real, you cunt!"

"Ouchhhhh!" Rose screamed as she was jerked to her feet; her right breast crushed in Jenny's fist as she grabbed the firm breast and squeezed, digging her sharp nails deep into the soft flesh. As Rose's eyes filled with tears, her heart filled with rage. WHAM! She turned and lashed out, slamming her heel into Jenny's leg.

"Aieeeeeck!" Jenny screamed; the pain in her leg was dwarfed as her angry captive spun around and drove a fist deep into her lower stomach just below the naval. As she sucked air, lightning fast fingers grabbed her silky blonde hair. "Uhhhhhhhh!" her grunt echoed Rose's as she signaled her intensity with a downward pull as she dragged Jenny forward and down. Jenny's moan signaled the explosion she felt in her chest as Rose brought her knee up hard, flattening her breasts.

"Got news for ya sweetie,” Rose snarled. “Redheads and brunettes always beat blondes," she snarled.

She released the doubled over gasping blonde, clasped her fingers in a double fist, raised her arms and slammed her double fist down into the busty blondes back.

"Umppfffh!" (gasp, whimper, moan) Jenny dropped to her knees. Rose gave her a shove. "Yeah, assume the position," she hissed as she pounced on the whimpering blondes back. Jenny’s big beautiful breasts dangling as she rested on hands and knees, then she groaned again as the angry Rose dropped full force on her back. "Nooooooo...Ergggghhh...Uhhhhhhhhh...."

Rose smiled, then giggled as her once uppity, snotty, smartmouth rival moaned and whimpered as she clamped her legs around Jenny's waist, grabbed her hair and pulled back hard as she wrestled the busty topless blonde to the carpet.

"Let me go! Get offa me damn you, bitch!" Jenny bawled as Rose tightened her legs and released the hair-pull in for two far more tempting targets.

"My, how strange," Rose teased. "Big tits on a big-mouth blonde bimbo!" She began to squeeze, twist and milk her lovely captives huge breasts. "Now, what was that you said….something ‘bout an apology?" Rose snarled as she gave Jenny's nipples a tug. "Who's the queen witch now, huh?" Rose continued. Each sarcastic question and Jenny's whimpered reply was punctuated with a painful nipple pinch or twist. "I oughta squeeze you to death; or at least pinch these boobs flat,” Rose threatened. “But I'm in a good mood; and we still have the shoot to complete…plus me and my friends need a couple blondes to slap around and do some titty twistin' with."

Rose broke out into hysterical laughter as she slowly released her most painful holds. "Now get up Jenny dear. I've decided to let you go; at least for now," she rasped as she playfully slapped the dizzy, breathless, whimpering blonde as she struggled to her feet. "So sorry you didn't get your apology," Rose mocked as she watched Jenny stumble toward the door. But the near-naked blonde opened the door, Rose charged toward her, and then stopped on a dime, inches from her retreating defeated rival. "Oh and Miss Blondie, there's just one more thing!”

Jenny, who was standing in the open door, turned to look at the snickering redhead.

"And what's that?" Jenny said impatiently as she rubbed her sore breast.

WHAM! "Forgot to tell you I don't pull punches!" Rose snarled as she looked at the beautiful topless blonde as she crumpled in slow motion over backward into a beautiful heap of destroyed blonde. Rose kissed her aching fist, toseed her head and then with a smile, stepped back into her place and slammed the door. She couldn't wait to see Jenny and her blonde friends again soon...very soon!