Rose McGowan vs. Gwyneth Paltrow by rswill 24-Feb-00

Three weeks ago Gwyneth Paltrow had been involved in a fight with Jennifer Lopez which was stopped by the referee when Gwyneth submitted after Jennifer had twisted her leg in a leg over toe hold that had Gwen screaming in pain. Her leg wasn't broken but she still had a serious limp and may have suffered a slight stress fracture.

Now Gwen was 5'10" and even though she did not have a reputation for being tough she was considered way too big for most of Hollywood's pint size actresses. However, Rose McGowan, knowing that Gwen wasn't recovered from her injury decided to challenge her. Gwen thought with her superior height advantage and thinking her leg was good enough to battle a little woman like Rose accepted the challenge.

On fight night Gwyneth came out first. She wore a blue satin boxer shorts with a matching blur bra and wore white tights. She thought the tights would give her sore leg some needed support and felt that it would hide some of the swelling that was still on her lower leg. Rose enter the ring next in a black support bra and cut-off Jeans.

She yelled at Gwyneth as she enter the ring: "Hey Paltrow like my bra?"

"Hell no, it's uglier than you" responded Gwyneth. Don't worry I'll have it off soon when I smother you with my breasts" Gwen just said "screw you"

Rose replied "I'll do that to."

The bell rung and Rose rush at Gwen going for the injured left leg. Gwen expected this and quickly jumped out of the way and gave Rose a quick kick to her butt as she passed. Rose went down and bumped her head against the middle turnbuckle. As she was struggling to get up Gwen was on her in a flash and helped her up and gave Rose a swift kick to the stomach. Rose doubled over but quickly straighten up as Gwen uppercut her in her jaw. Rose fell back against the turnbuckle.

Gwen then knee lifted Rose between the legs and threw Rose to the opposite corner where Rose was slammed back first against the turnbuckle. Gwen took off intending to run full force into Rose and she did driving her shoulder into Rose's upper body, knocking the air out of Rose. The damage was not as bad as it could have been as Gwen slowed down a bit because she felt a twinge in her leg. Gwen knew this tactic would wear Rose down and bad leg or not she was going to do it again so she grabbed Rose's arm and whipped her in the opposite turnbuckle. Rose landed with a thud.

Gwen immediately charged and was running full force into Rose. She knew this would end the match as Rose only weighed 113 lb. and Gwen although no heavy weight still had 126 lb. on her 5'10" frame. However as Gwen was charging, Rose had enough wear-with-all to get out of the way. Gwyneth hit the turnbuckle hard with her shoulder and went down. Rose wasted no time. She grabbed Gwen's left leg and came down hard with an elbow-right below the knee.

"Arghhh!" Gwen shouted as she realized her leg was not healed well enough for this match.

Rose showed no mercy she repeated with the elbow drop to the lower knee 6 times.

"Ohhhh pleeaase stop"

Gwen was now in tears as her leg could not take this punishment so soon after her last fight. Rose just smile that evil grin of hers.

"I've only just begun sweetie"

Rose then slipped outside the ring and grabbed Gwen's left leg and viscously swung Gwen's leg against the steel post.


Gwen's pain just turned Rose on more.

She repeatedly slams Gwen's leg against the post. Gwen's once pea shaped swelling is now the size of a softball. Rose finally tires of this abuse and slowly climbed back into the ring. She now has Gwyneth right where she wants her. She waited for Gwyneth to try and struggled up. Gwen could not put weight on her left leg and slumped back down and was now in a sitting position. Rose then came from behind Gwen and slapped on a sleeper hold.

Gwen struggled as best she could but without any leg power all she could do was try to scratch at Rose's arms. Rose loved this and wickedly toyed with Gwen. Just as Gwen was about to pass out, Rose would let up on the sleeper only to slap it on tight again until Gwen was about to pass out again. Rose kept this viscous cycle up for ten minutes.

Finally Gwen's arms went limp and was about to be counted out by the referee and end her suffering when …


The referee was knocked from behind on the head, by of all people Christina Ricci. Rose immediately let go of Gwyneth letting her slump to the mat. She got up and high-fived Christina! It seems Rose wanted to humiliate Gwen beyond just pinning her and ask Christina to take care of the ref. if he tried to stop her. In exchange Rose agreed to let Christina in on the fun.

"Go ahead and get on the top turnbuckle" yelled Rose to Ricci.

Ricci did and was getting ready to jump off and land on Gwyneth's prone body. Rose was sitting next to Gwen to make sure she did not regain consciousness and try to escape. Suddenly Ricci leapt off the rope and


Rose looked up just in time to see Ricci, flying at her feet first - right into her upper torso and lower face!

Christina never got over all of Rose's previous humiliations of her and wanted some payback.

Rose fell back and hit the mat hard. Ricci knowing how quickly Rose could recover picked Rose up and gave her a devastating DDT! Rose was now moaning.

Then Ricci gave her another DDT! Rose was now nearly out of it.

Then Ricci ran up against the ropes to get some momentum and jumped high in the air and landed butt first right on Rose's stomach. Rose reacted by involuntarily raising her upper body and legs only to have Ricci grab her by the hair as she came up and give her a brutal punch to the face. Ricci then got up and again ran against the ropes and jumped on Rose again. This time Rose's body moved just a little and then just spasm for a few seconds.

Ricci then got up, took off her shorts and sat on right on Rose's face! Soon all consciousness Rose had was gone. Ricci got up - turned around and reversed face-sat Rose and ground on her face for several minutes until she orgasm'd all over her face. Rose's legs and arms quivered a little then stopped. Ricci sat on her face another five minutes and had another orgasm before finally getting off her foe.

Meanwhile Gwyneth had come to and not knowing what Ricci might do to her started to craw away. She need not have worried. Ricci had no grudge against her and she left the ring. Gwyneth was almost out of the ring when someone picked her up by the hair.

It was Jennifer Lopez!

"Time to finish what I started" Jenn scowled.

With that she gave Gwen a viscous neck breaker. Jenn quickly followed by dropping an elbow to Gwen's upper chest. Then Jenn went for Gwyneth's legs. She put Gwen in a figure four leg scissors. It was quite a site. Jennifer's dark tan legs intertwined with Gwen's nylon/spandex white tight covered legs She applied with all the pressure she could. Gwen was now screaming bloody murder. Jennifer kept applying pressure until it happened "Pop" went the leg. Rose had soften the leg up. Now Jenn broke it.

Satisfied Jenn got up. But she wanted some fun too. She flipped Gwen over on her stomach, straddled her upper back and pulled up Gwen's head in a camel clutch. Gwen could do nothing except flap her arms a little against Jenn's legs but soon she went limp.

Jenn got up, picked Gwen up in piledriver position and drove her hard to the mat.

Gwen just went stiff and was laid out, totally out of it. Jenn then stripped Gwyneth of all her clothes, including her tights. She then disrobed and put Gwen's tights on herself.

Jenn then slapped Gwen awake and said, "It's not over honey."

She sat on Gwen's face and started rocking back and forth holding Gwyneth's hair for leverage she pumped and grind for about ten minutes before violently cumming all over her face. Juices were running through Gwen's, (now Jennifer's tights) and down Gwen's face, but she was unconscious at this point.

Jenn got up and reversed face sat Gwen and after a few minutes of grinding in her warm and wet womanhood she came again. Gwen's body spasmed a little but she felt nothing.

Jenn got up and was about to do more damage when mercifully Madonna came running down the arena with a chair in her hands. Jenn quickly got out of the ring, but both Rose and Gwyneth spent time in the hospital recovering from broken ribs and a leg respectively.

The end.