McGowan vs Ricci (I) by LoneWolf

Rose stomped around her living room obviously pissed off about something. The room had been the target of her rage as several of her belongings were thrown about the room. She simmered down a bit after her long tantrum and lay out on the sofa on her stomach. She was wearing a red bikini which made her heart shaped ass look even better.

"How could they even think about giving that part to Christina Ricci? Not only am I a better actress, I'm also ten times better looking then that fat titted cow! I bet the little cunt just waltzed in there, flashed her tits and got the part! It wouldn't surprise me! A whore like that would stoop to anything!"

Rose looked down at her watch. It was just past 5 O'Clock.

"She's fucking late! I bet the cunt chickened out!"

Christina Ricci was behind the wheel of her cherry red sports car. The look on her face also showed that she wasn't in a good mood as well.

"Called me a Whore! Who the fuck does that no talent tramp think she is! That little Bitch is gonna pay for what she said! I don't need to sleep with anyone to get parts in movies! She might have to but with a body like that It's a wonder her fucking husband sleeps with her!"

Christina slowed her car down as she turned onto the street that Rose McGowan lived on. She eyed the houses intently looking for a certain number. When she found what she was looking for she quickly turned into the driveway and proceeded to the house. Inside Rose heard the sound of a car pulling up outside her house. She got up and went over to her big picture window and looked outside. Christina Ricci was just pulling her car to a stop. She opened the door and got out. She immediately noticed Rose standing in the window watching her so she flipped her the bird as she went towards the door. Rose turned around and watched as Christina threw open the door and walked in.

"Don't you knock, Bitch?" asked Rose.

"Fuck you!"

Rose moved to the center of the room as Christina looked around the room which Rose had previously redecorated.

"Had a little temper tantrum sweetie?"

Rose cocked her head as she put her hands on her hips.

"Listen Bitch, whatever I do in my house is my own business!"

"Fine with me!" Christina countered by crossing her arms in front of her large chest. "Well Bitch, here I am!"

Rose began eyeing Christina's body. Checking her out.

"Seems to me someone took something that belonged to me and I want it back!"

"If you're talking about the part in the movie then you're as stupid as you look! The part was never yours to begin with! Didn't your agent tell you that they were looking for someone with talent and not someone who can walk around and chew bubblegum at the same time!"

"That part was mine until you and your fat ugly cow udders came in! So did you have to go all the way like you did last time or did you just have to give him another b---j--!"

Christina saw red. She knew she got the part because of her talent and not the way Rose was assuming.

"You fucking Cunt! I ain't a Whore like you!"

"That's because I ain't a Whore! You're in a Slutty class all by yourself!"

The two girls stared at each other for several seconds with hatred in their eyes. Neither one spoke a word until Rose finally ended the silence.

"To show that I'm a reasonable person..."

"Bitch you mean!" interrupted Christina.

Rose looked at Christina and continued "I'm gonna let you off easy. You can call the movie studio and tell them that you don't want the part!"

Christina stared back at Rose still pissed.

"Like that'll ever happen!" Rose continued. "If you do, then you'll be saving yourself an ass kicking! If not then I'll make sure that those things you call tits are shoved up your fat ass!"

"Just try it Bitch and you might find it's your tits that'll be shoved up your ass!"

Rose began moving some of her furniture aside as she began making more room. Christina saw that Rose was wearing a bikini so she slid out of her jeans and top and stood there in her pink panties and bra. That way after she had finished destroying Rose's body she wouldn't be able to use the excuse of having more clothes on then her Christina thought. After Rose had cleared enough space she turned and faced Christina. Looking at her she quickly sized her up and realized that although her tits were pretty big, Christina's were even bigger.

"Last chance to save yourself a beating Bitch!"

Christina didn't answer she just walked right up to Rose and got into her face. They were so close that their tits were pressing into each other and their noses were only centimeters apart.

"Give it your best shot, CUNT!"

With that said Rose suddenly brought up her right hand and viciously slapped Christina across her face. the force of the blow left a red handprint on Christina's cheek. As if on cue the two of them immediately grabbed one another by their hair and began pulling for all they were worth. Both girls were pulling so hard their heads were yanked back so that they were each staring up into the ceiling.

Their bodies were still pressed tightly against each other. Their naked bellies were being introduced as their motions caused them to be rubbed together. Their large breasts were also pressed firmly together. Each of their ripe melons were rolling and rubbing together with only the material of their bikini top and bra coming between them. Christina's tits were larger then Rose's so as they kept banging into one another, Christina's seemed to mushroom out and partially engulf Rose's.

They stumbled around the room with each of them still locked in their hair pulling war. Grunts and groans came from each of their mouths as they each tried to outdo the other.


Rose slapped her belly into Christina's. Christina moaned as she returned the favor.


The belly slapping continued for a little longer. First Rose would Slap her belly into Christina's and then Christina would slap her back.

"Owwww! fuck! Screamed Christina as Rose yanked back harder on her hair and forced her head back farther then it was before. Some strands of hair began to fall from Rose's hands as she continued to pull on Christina's hair. As she did this Rose managed to get her right foot behind Christina's legs and with a yank on her hair and slap on their bellies, Rose managed to trip Christina to the floor.

Christina landed on her back hard but neither girl released their hair lock on the other and Christina ended up pulling Rose down on top of her. Rose landed firmly on Christina. Their Tits, bellies and crotches were plastered together as Rose landed.

As she lay on top, Rose's tits mushroomed over Christina's and, from her point of view, Rose believed that her tits were winning the war against Christina's. Christina bucked wildly causing their crotches to bang into one another more. A quick yank on Rose's hair and a well timed thrust of her hips caused Rose to roll off of Christina.

Christina tried to continue the roll so she could get on top but Rose managed to get her legs wrapped around Christina's legs which stopped the momentum. The next thing Christina knew was Rose let go of her hair and in one quick movement began to rip her bra off.

"So that's how you want to play, Bitch!" screamed Christina as her hands released Rose's locks and she too began to tear of Rose's bikini top.

"I just wanta see what these things look like before I destroy them!" Rose answered as she managed to free Christina's tits. She wrapped her hands around her massive titflesh and began squeezing.

"How's that feel, Bitch?" screamed Rose.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Shit!!!!!!!!!! L-Let go!!!!!"

Rose smiled as she heard Christina's pleas, but her smile was only short lived as Christina finally managed to get Rose's top off and went after her boobs as well. Christina wrapped the thumb and forefinger of each hand around the erect nipples of Rose's tits and began twisting them in different directions. Rose grimaced in pain as she dug her fingers deeper into Christina's breasts. The two of them lay there for over a minute with their hands working over each other's prime assets. Moans, Groans and cries of pain echoed around the room as their soft titflesh was abused in ways they had never been before.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! fuck!!!!!!!!" Screamed Rose as the her threshold of pain was crossed.

Christina dug her fingernails into each of her nipples, causing her to release Christina's breasts and grab her wrists in an attempt to free her ravaged boobs. Christina kept up the pressure as her breasts were momentarily reprieved from Rose's attack. She grimaced in agony as Rose dug her fingernails into her wrists but continued to focus her attack on her tits.

Rose knew that if she didn't do something quick then this fight would soon be over and not the way she wanted. So out of desperation she let go of one of Christina's wrist and then poked her in the eyes.

Christina cried out as she released Rose's breasts and quickly tried to clear the blurry vision which she was experiencing. As soon as her tits were free Rose quickly rolled away from Christina and began to try and massage the pain away from her extremely sore tits.

For several minutes the two of them sat on their knees trying to recuperate from the others attack. Each was breathing heavily. When they each decided to continue they rose to their feet and slammed into one another, again grabbing furiously at the others hair trying to yank it out by the roots. The bodies were again pressed into one another. Their tits crushed together so tightly you couldn't tell where one started and the other ended.

Their sweaty bellies were also pressed firmly together but because of the sweat on their bodies, they slid back and forth over each other as they danced around the room. Each had the same idea as they tried to wrap one of their legs behind the other and trip them to the floor. Christina was successful first as she managed to trip Rose first.

Rose stumbled backward trying to catch her fall but collided with the sofa and fell onto it. Christina was on her in a flash. She leaped into the air and came crashing down on top of Rose. Their bodies collided again. This time in a horizontal position.

Rose bucked in an attempt to unseat Christina but was unable to do so. Christina sat up on Rose's stomach, her ass sitting down right on top of her pubic area. Looking down at her trapped rival, she started to punch and slap away at Rose's face and tits. Rose frantically tried to block her blows and was successful in doing so with some, but most of Christina's blows found their mark.





Rose's tits were becoming red with each passing blow. Her cheeks as well were turning a different shade of red.

"Come on you fuckin' Cunt! I thought you were gonna kick my ass!" screamed Christina as she continued to slap away at Rose.

"Well come on Bitch! Kick my Ass!"

Rose was crying at this time and did nothing to try and stop it. She was in pain and this big-titted Bitch was responsible. This wasn't how it was suppose to be. Out of tear stained eyes Rose found what she was looking for. With one hand she grabbed the elastic around Christina's panties and pulled at them. With the other hand she plunged her it inside Christina's bottoms and found what she was looking for. Christina looked down at Rose's hand as it entered her most private area.

"What the fuck do y.......Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.........Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........fuck!!!!!!!!!"

Rose pulled her hand out and inside her fist was many strands of pubic hair which she yanked out of Christina's crotch.

Christina forgot all about striking Rose as she grabbed at Rose's hand as it entered her panties one more time.

"Cut it out Rose! Enough! You're going to far!"

Christina used both hands to finally pull Rose's hand out of her panties. When she did her hand was again filled with Christina pubic hair.

"I'm gonna fuckin' bald you Bitch!" screamed Rose as she finally managed to roll Christina off of her and onto the floor.

The two of them struggled on the carpeted floor. Their bodies were again firmly pressed into one another as their ravaged tits were continued their crushing war against each other. As they rolled neither of them was able to stay on top of the other for too long until finally they rolled into the far wall with Christina ending up on top once again. Rose tried to roll her off but the wall prevented her and Christina used the advantage to sit up on top of Rose.

This time she sat up further on her chest. Rose's tits were flattened into her chest as Christina's ass pressed into her heaving chest.

Christina bounced her ass several times on top of Rose's mushroomed tits causing her to grimace in obvious pain.

"Oh Cunt! You don't like that! Maybe you'll like this better!" said Christina as she reached back and grabbed Rose's bikini bottoms and yanked up on them.

The material disappeared into Rose's crotch and ass as Christina gave her a very painful wedgie.

"Owwwwwwwwwwwww!" screamed Rose as her bikini cut into her womanhood.

Christina pulled even harder causing Rose to scream out even louder. Christina cruelly smiled down at Rose and spit on her. "Stupid fuckin' Cunt!"

Christina reached back with her other hand with the intention of returning the pussy pulling that Rose gave her but was shocked and upset when she pulled off Rose's bottoms to find out that she was bald down there.

Christina looked back at Rose with an angry look.

"You fuckin' skank!"

Christina was robbed of the pleasure of hearing Rose scream as she ripped out her crotch hair and that didn't please her.

She began to slap away again at Rose's face several times. Rose did her best to block some of the blows. After about the tenth strike Christina leaned forward and slapped her tits into Rose's face for a few seconds.

"Now you'll get to see what real tits lot like!"

Christina then grabbed the back of Rose's head and pulled her face into her mountains of titflesh. Rose began kicking and bucking wildly as she realized that Christina was trying to breast smother her. Her kicking and bucking did nothing to dislodge Christina from her dominant post and the smile on her face as Rose's kicking began to slow showed that Christina was very happy with herself.

Her smile was then replaced with a twisted look of agony as she pulled herself away from Rose. Rose had trapped Christina's left tit in her mouth and wasn't letting go. Christina cried out as she pulled on the back of Rose's hair in an effort to free her tit. Rose's hair was being pulled out from the back of her head but she refused to let go of Christina's boob.


Not only did Rose not let go, but she managed to force Christina off of her and get herself on top. Rose had her seductive body laid out on top of Christina's with her teeth still imbedded in her soft tit. Christina continued to yank on Rose's hair but it wasn't doing anything in relieving the pain in her tit. Christina continued to thrash her legs about hoping that it might help in at least getting Rose off of her, but this was doing nothing except expending energy.

With her teeth still locked on Christina's tit, Rose glanced up and looked into her eyes. Christina's gaze met Rose's and Rose knew that it was only a matter of time. With her free hand Rose reached down in between the two sweat soaked bodies, reached into Christina's panties and found more of her pubic hair. This time though instead of grabbing her hair she reached down further and grabbed a hold of Christina's clit. She twisted Christina's pussy between her thumb and forefinger and listened intently as she bellowed in agony.

Rose was enjoying herself now. Christina was trapped and she knew that the part in the movie was going to be hers.

Christina out of desperation reached down to tried to get Rose's hand out of her pussy. After several seconds she was able to do so, but as she did Rose wouldn't let go right away and ended up stretching Christina's clit far beyond what it was capable of. Christina's body shuddered at the pain she felt in her crotch. Rose finally let go of Christina's tit and Christina did nothing to upset Rose from her position on top of her. Her hands went directly to her tit and tried to massage it.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Bitch?" screamed Christina.

"You could have seriously hurt my tit!"

Rose looked down at her. "Listen tramp! I ain't through with you yet!"

Rose then grabbed both of Christina's wrists and forced them to the floor beside her head. Christina struggled briefly but was too spent to offer too much resistance. Rose then moved herself further up Christina's chest until she was sitting on top of her large tits with her knees pinning down Christina's arms.

Christina kicked her legs up and tried to wrap them around Rose in an attempt to unseat her, but Rose wrapped her arms around the back of Christina's knees and held pulled them down so that her ass was sticking high up into the air. Rose looked down at Christina who was in tears.

"Oh! Poor little baby is crying! You make me sick, you Bitch! The way you walk around and stick your fuckin fat cow udders out as if to say ' Hey look at me! I've got big tits! fuck me! ' Well this time Bitch, you won't be fuckin anyone for a long time!"

With that said Rose moved further up Christina's chest until her naked pussy was sitting on top of Christina's face. Rose made sure that she held onto Christina's legs so they wouldn't get in the way. Christina's eyes were wide with fear as Rose's pussy was placed over her face.

"Alright you little Cunt! You better get that tongue you like using so much inside my pussy or else I'm gonna do some nasty things to your cunt!"

The look on Rose's face became a vision of ecstasy as Christina's tongue did her job. She stuck it inside Rose's pussy and rolled it in around her clit bringing her to orgasm many times. Rose was sure to allow Christina some air so that she wouldn't pass out as she exploded in orgasm all over the pretty girls face.

Rose let Christina's legs drop to the floor and as she did she placed her hand on Christina's sweating stomach and began to seductively rubbing it all over her taunt belly. For several minutes Rose continued this until she slid her hand inside Christina's panties and began to massage her pussy. Rose found that as soon as she placed her hand inside her bottoms she noticed that Christina's pussy was already moist. Christina knew what Rose was trying to do and she hated her for it. She had tried to ignore the pleasure that Rose was giving her but she couldn't. She still had her tongue inside Rose's pussy when Rose finally made her cum. Christina tried not to enjoy it but couldn't. It was just too damn nice.

Christina enjoyed her orgasm for a few moments until Rose exploded again for the fifth time. Her love juices spilling out onto Christina's face and into her mouth. Christina gagged as Rose noticed her. Rose did nothing to help her as she remained in her position. She even caused Christina more agony as she grabbed her head by her hair and forced her face deeper into her crotch. She even began grinding her face into her pussy. Christina's eyes grew wide with fear as she realized that Rose wasn't gonna give her anymore air. Christina struggled briefly but soon her fighting ceased and she remained still under her conqueror. Rose then got to her feet and looked down at her beaten opponent.

"That was fun." Rose said as she walked over and sat down on her sofa.

"Maybe we should do it again?"

Rose McGowan vs. Christina Ricci (2) by LoneWolf

Rose McGowan pulled into the studio parking lot. Since kicking the crap outta Christina Ricci several days ago a new part for a movie just happened to open and fall into her lap. In fact, the part used to belong to Ricci, but after the beating Rose handed her, Christina agreed to withdraw from the movie and give the part to her.

Rose walked away from her car swinging her hips as she moved. She wore a very short red leather mini skirt, a red silk blouse, long black stockings that accentuated her sexy legs and a pair of six inch stiletto heels. She walked around the lot until she found the right studio where the movie was being filmed for that day. This was her first day and she was definitely excited. Her excitement and joy left the instant she entered the studio. They were already filming so she had to be quiet, but the anger inside her made her want to explode. There was Christina Ricci on the set, working in her movie and on her part.

Rose seethed with anger. Christina was suppose to leave this movie so that Rose could step in. Ricci had double crossed her and Rose was gonna make her pay for it.

"Cut!" Yelled the director. "Alright folks that's lunch. Everyone be back here in one hour!"

Rose watched as Christina headed off behind the set towards her dressing room. Rose immediately followed her. She lost her in the back area, but after asking a few people where her dressing room was, Rose was back on her trail.

Rose stood outside Christina's room and listened as there were two voices coming from inside. She waited for several minutes until the door opened and out walked one of the studio's make-up artists.

"Is Christina ready for lunch?" asked Rose.

"I believe so." answered the young lady. "She just changing."

"Thank You." answered Rose as she watched the girl disappear around the corridor.

After she was out of site Rose walked up to the door and without knocking, barged in. Christina was sitting at her makeup table fixing her hair. She was wearing a pair of cut off denim shorts and a pink halter top which barely contained her enormous assets. The look on her face was pure shock. Whether it was because of Rose's abrupt entrance or because she saw Rose standing behind, we'll never know.

Christina spun around in her chair. "What the Hell do you think you're doing?"

"I think I'm looking at a piece of garbage!"

"Then you must be looking in the mirror! Now get the fuck outta here before I call security and have you thrown out!"

Rose smiled back at Christina. "That would be fine, but you should know that I paid off a couple of the security boys to make sure they weren't around her while we discussed a few things! You know, Girl talk."

Christina fidgeted in her chair a little bit. She knew what Rose was capable of. Her tits were still sore from the last encounter.

"You know Damn well that this part was mine! After I kicked your fat ass you dropped out of this movie. So what the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"First of all the only thing fat around here is those things you call tits! The only reason you beat me in the first place was because you fought dirty! So why don't you take that body of yours and go stand out on the street corner where you belong!"

"You know I was going to be nice and just let you get up and leave in one piece, but after that maybe I think I'll just kick your ass one more time!"

Rose turned around and went over to the door and locked it.

"We don't want anyone to walk in on us, do we."

As soon as Rose turned around she was met with a slap to her face. Rose quickly returned the favor and the two girls began trading slaps to each others face. First Christina then Rose.







Each girl squealed in pain as her face was struck by the other's open hand. Each of their cheeks were becoming bright red from their assaults. Christina started slowing down with her slaps and Rose began landing two slaps sometimes three to Christina's one. Christina knew that she was losing it so she changed her tactics. This time instead of slapping Rose across her face she curled up her right fist and punched her square on the tit.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" grimaced Rose as she felt Christina's knuckles go deep into her tit crushing it against her rib cage.

Before Rose could respond Christina punched her again in the other tit the same way as she did before.


Rose moaned again. Christina wasted no time as she grabbed the buttons on the front of Rose's top and popped them open with both hands. The buttons went flying in all directions as Rose's large, bra covered tits were exposed to Christina.

Rose took a set backwards to get away from Christina but Christina moved in forward and lunged at Rose. Their bodies collided together as hey stumbled backwards until Rose's back was pressed up against the door. Both of their tits were plastered together as they struggled against each other. Their boobs were being forcefully pushed together causing them to mushroom out. Their bellies and crotches were also being forced together as they slid into one another. The sweat starting to form on their stomachs caused their skin to slide easily together.

Christina thrust her chest into Rose's chest causing her moan as her tits were being crushed by Christina's larger orbs. Each of them had a handful of the others hair and were pulling as hard as they could. With her free hand Rose got it between the two pair of large dueling tits and yanked down Christina's halter top. The material as it was ripped down caused a bit of friction as it was pulled over Christina's hard erect nipples. She cried out as the pain hit her. She retaliated by using her free hand to tug away at Rose's bra. It took a little more effort, but Christina finally got Rose's bra off.

As they cursed and pulled on each other Rose was able to get her right leg behind Christina and knocked her to the floor. As she fell Christina refused to let go of Rose's hair and ended up pulling out a good handful of her locks.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! SHIT!" Rose screamed as she stood there holding her scalp.

"You fuckin Cunt! You're in for it now!"

Rose leaped on top and attempted to pin her down. Rose's mini skirt rode a little high and her black thong panties could be seen. Their tits were again forcefully introduced as Rose laid on top of Christina. Their bellies were pressed firmly into each other as Christina struggled to get out from under Rose.

Christina bucked her hips into Rose which caused their stomachs to sexually slid into one another and their crotches to bump.

"Get off me, Cunt! You weigh a ton!" yelled Christina

The only response Rose gave her was to use her hand and move it down towards the bellies. She then dug her fingernails into the side of Christina's belly and scratched her. Christina felt Rose's fingers damage the side of her belly and it wasn't something she enjoyed. She returned the favor and while their bodies were struggling together both of their hands were scratching the sides of their bellies. Each were leaving red stinging cuts in their sides. Not enough to draw blood, but enough to cause each other pain.

Rose then raised her chest up off of Christina's only to drop it down on top again. Rose's boobs flattened Christina's against her ribcage. Christina moaned at this assault so Rose did it again and again. At least ten times Rose brought up her tits and slammed them into Christina's. Each time Rose was rewarded with a moan coming from Christina's red lips.

"I'm gonna crush these cow udders flat, you Skank!" threatened Rose as she slammed her tits once again into Christina's boobs.

Christina waited and as soon as Rose lifted herself up again, she stuck her left hand out and latched onto the underside of Rose's right tit. Rose screamed as Christina's fingers sunk into her soft titflesh and gouged away.

This was the break Christina needed as she managed to roll Rose off of her and roll on top. Now it was Christina's turn. She raised herself up and gave Rose what she gave her. As Christina landed her tits flattened Rose's and were engulfed in her larger tit flesh. Rose groaned as Christina repeated the process.










Each time Christina's tits collided with Rose's, Rose's seemed to disappear into Christina's large bountiful acres of flesh. Rose considered her tits to be her best assets so when they were being humiliated in this fashion it made her embarrassed and upset. Rose managed to get a bearhug on Christina which kept her in contact with her. The embrace may have looked sexual but there was nothing sexual about it as Rose squeezed as hard as she could.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Christina moaned as she felt the pressure in her back.

Her tits were still on top and were flattening Rose's. Their soft, warm and sweaty bellies were pressed tightly together as the writhed on the floor with their legs kicking. Their crotches were meeting again. Rose's mini skirt had be torn off during the struggle and her black thong panty covered crotch was being pressed into Christina's denim one. The bearhug was doing its job and Christina knew it. She had to escape or else this fight would be over. She leaned forward, resting her head on Rose's shoulder and then bit into it. Rose screamed as Christina's teeth began chewing on her shoulder. She released her and managed to push her off. Christina let go and rolled one way away from Rose while Rose rolled the other way.

The two of them were on their knee's facing each other. Christina was holding her back while Rose was rubbing her shoulder where Christina had bitten her.

"Alright Bitch!" said Rose as she stood up. "Let's finish this thing woman to woman!"

Christina got up as well, watching Rose as she spoke, "Fine with me, Cunt!"

Both ladies then discarded the remainder of their clothes. Rose still had a bald beaver, but Christina's was a nicely trimmed, but thick bush. The two of them circled one another, each looking for an opening. they each took wild swings, but it broke nothing but air. Then as if an unspoken command was given, the two starlets slammed into one another grappling. This time their bodies were so plastered together you couldn't tell which was which. Each of them grunted as they pulled hair and tried to throw the other to the floor. Rose was finally able to lock Christina in a side headlock. She had Christina bent over and was throwing punches into her face and trying to pull her hair out.

Christina was in dire straits. She knew she couldn't keep taking these punches. She had managed to block some of them but not all of them. She desperately looked for an escape and found it.

The look on Rose's face was pure agony and shock. Christina had threw her hand up and latched onto the side of her pussy lips and was digging her fingers in as viciously as she could.


Rose immediately let go of the headlock and tried to force Christina's hand away from her pussy. Christina had hooked her fingers inside of Rose and as Rose tried to pull them out, she was causing herself more pain in the process. After desperately trying to free her pussy from Christina's grasp she finally managed to get her hand out, but at the last second Christina latched onto Rose's clit and as Rose continued to pull, her clit was pulled as well.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!....L-Let G-Go of m-my P-Pussy!....Please!" begged Rose.

When that didn't work. Rose spied Christina's crotch and decided to fight fire with fire. She reached up and grabbed a hold of some of Christina's pubic hair and pulled at it. Her skin that held her hair was stretched until the pubes came out in Rose's hand. Rose then went back for some more.

Christina cried out in anguish as her short-and-curlys were ripped away. She fought back even harder as she twisted Rose's clit between her thumb and forefinger and was reward by a cry from Rose.

"You let go of my pussy! I'll let go of yours! said Christina.

Rose's mind was made up as her clit was given another savage twist. She let go of Christina's womanhood and expected Christina to do the same. Christina did but a soon as she did she stepped forward and brought her knee up into Rose's pussy. her kneecap slammed directly onto Rose's pubic bone. A loud crack was heard as Rose quickly dropped to her knees holding her wounded snatch.

Christina stood there looking down at Rose and what she had done. She was happy. Christina then grabbed a hold of one of Rose's high heel shoes that had fallen off and kneeled down beside her. She spread her legs and then with Rose protesting she jammed the stiletto into Rose's cunt.

"FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!" Rose screamed as Christina began twisting it back and forth.

Rose had never felt pain like this and was close to blacking out. She desperately looked for anything she could use. She found Christina's portable phone laying just within reach. She grabbed a hold of the weapon and swung it at Christina as hard as she could. She hit her in the side of the head which shattered the phone in many pieces. Christina fell backwards stunned. Rose slowly crawled away from her as she pulled her high heel out of her ravaged pussy. Each of them took a few minutes to recuperate from the beating they had took. Miraculously Rose seemed to recuperate faster as she managed to get to her feet, still a little wobbly. The blow to Christina did a lot more to her then Rose expected which she took immediate advantage of.

Rose kneeled down in front of Christina and forced her head between her knees. Rose then began to spank Christina's ass until it was beet red.





Each blow cause Christina to tighten her ass muscles which delighted Rose as she watched Christina's ass jiggle away. After about the twentieth slap. Rose then took her fingernail and began to scratch away at Christina's now very sore ass. The spanking had made her ass sore but the scratching made it worse.

Christina's eyes bugged out as she let out a horrible scream. Rose took her fingernails and put them between both of Christina's asscheeks. She began scratch her asshole.

"I bet you won't be taking it up the ass for a while Bitch!" laughed Rose as she continued her assault on Christina's butt.

Christina tried to free herself by taking her fingers and scratching Rose along her legs. Rose squealed at this new assault but tried to ignore the pain as she reached over the top of Christina's ass and latched onto some of her pussy hair again and pulled some of it out.

"Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! fuck! Cut it out Bitch!" screamed Christina.

"Oh, you want me to cut it out instead of rip it out! Okay!"

Rose quickly stood up and before Christina could do anything, Rose had both of her legs in her hands leaving Christina on her back with her legs spread.

"I told you we we're gonna finish this woman to woman and that's what we're gonna do!"

Christina had a look of fear in her eyes as Rose stepped over one of her legs and then dropped down. Each of their pussies were now plastered together. They had their right leg over top of the other's left and no sooner had their pussies touched then Rose began grinding her crotch into Christina's.

Christina moaned as her clit and Rose's clit made contact. Rose's pelvic thrusts caused her clit to rub against Christina's. Their pussy lips were soon pressed tightly into one another as they got into a rhythmic pattern. The moistness of the cunts was apparent to the other as they bumped and ground away. Slurping noises were coming from both ladies crotches as they tried to bring the other to orgasm.

Rose's clit was still very sore from the attack Christina made on it earlier. Every time Christina thrust her pussy into Rose's it caused her a little pain as well as pleasure, but she continued on anyway. She remembered the feeling of having Christina under her pussy and wanted that again.

Rose picked up the pace and started to grind her crotch into Christina's harder then before. Christina felt the pressure and tried to keep pace with Rose. The thrusts and the grinding between the two's engorged clits was coming to a climax. Soon one of them would not be able to hold it in.

Christina felt a surge coming on as Rose pushed her clit so hard it almost shoved it back inside. She couldn't hold it in any longer. A Rose continued to grind her bald pussy into Christina's hair crotch, Christina's body stiffened and she exploded in orgasm. Rose smiled knowing that she had one and allowed herself the pleasure of orgasming as well. Christina lay there on her back, exhausted. She didn't even offer any resistance as Rose slid herself on top of her allowing their tits, bellies and pussies to once again become pressed together firmly.

"Looks like you lost, Cunt!" said Rose as she moved her hips sexually which caused their pussies to rub again and their bellies to slide together in a sweaty embrace. Rose lifted her tits up off of Christina's and then shook them back and forth banging them into Christina's orbs. She then leaned forward and took a hard nip on Christina's nipple. She stretched it with her teeth as Christina cried out in pain.

Rose let go of the tit and it snapped back into place.

"Looks like you're mine again." whispered Rose.

Rose then sat up on top of Christina's chest and began bouncing her ass up and down on her tits causing Christina to begin crying. Rose then spied the scissors sitting n the table. She remembered what Christina said so she got up and went to retrieve them. She came back and sat down on Christina's chest again. This time she was facing her feet.

"What was it you said earlier? You wanted me to cut it out. This'll be fun."

Christina continued to cry as Rose took the scissors and completely balded her pussy, leaving only a few patches of fur to remind her what use to be. Rose then turned around on Christina's chest and sat down just above her neck.

"Seems to me, we were in this position before. You know what to do, so do it!"

Rose then slid her crotch over top of Christina's face and began to slowly grind away while Christina's tongue did it's job.

"God she's good," thought Rose as Christina brought her to orgasm again.

She let her hand slip back and enter Christina's pussy. She found her clit and began rubbing it with her fingers. Christina vowed that she would not give Rose the satisfaction of causing her to orgasm once again and did her best to try and ignore it. She stuck her tongue in and gave Rose's clit a good tickle which again brought her to orgasm, but Rose's fingers were good. Too good for Christina to ignore. She ended up orgasming all over Rose's hands but at the same time she ended up passing out from the lack of air.

Rose stood up and allowed some of her love juices to spill out onto Christina's face. She then bent down and smeared it across her unconscious face. "Maybe next you'll know who's the boss Cunt." Rose said as she booted Christina's pussy once before putting on her clothes and leaving her there for the makeup artist to find.
Rose McGowan vs. Christina Ricci (3) by LoneWolf

The party had been planned and set for over a week. Since the last garden party was such an interesting affair, Tori Spelling thought that she would hold another one. Although she doubted very much if Melissa Joan Hart would attend. The last get together started out like any other social, but an argument between Rose McGowan and Melissa Joan Hart, which escalated into an all out catfight, brought it to a new level. Most of the girls there ended up cheering them on as they fought instead of breaking it up. It added new life to a party which had slowly started to die.

Tori decided that she was gonna hold another party, but this time there was gonna be a hitch. She figured that the odds of another fight breaking out was astronomical, so she decided to set one up. She got on the phone and called her best friend Tiffani Amber Thiessen and told her of the idea. Tiffani thought it was fantastic and told Tori to make sure that she had enough film in her video camera to record it. The two of them then sat on the phone trying to decide who they thought would be a perfect match-up and who they thought would be easier to get to fight.

"Rose McGowan and Christina Ricci!" said Tiffani.

"Why them?" asked Tori. "Rose was the one who kicked Melissa's ass last time. You really think she'll do it again?"

"Rose and Christina hate each other! It shouldn't take long to get those two riled enough to start swinging!"

"I suppose a few nasty words tossed around here and there would be all it would take. You know Rose's temper. Once she gets pissed, she's libel to do anything."

"Both of them are invited aren't they?" asked Tiffani.

"Oh Yeah." answered Tori realizing that this party was gonna be something to remember. Christina arrived first, wearing a long white evening dress with a small slit in the back and white high heels. She had her hair styled in a way that it was gathered high above her head, like the women in the fifties (or was it the sixties? I don't know how you call that hairstyle). Of course everybody loved her appearance and told her so. But when Rose arrived, Christina was no longer the star of the party. Tori guided Rose in and offered her a seat. When the she sat down, she crossed her legs and all the men in the room had only eyes for her. Rose was wearing an ultra short miniskirt with black shiny pantyhose and black high heel shoes. Christina was shocked. She had dressed in a way that she thought was suitable for her image, but she saw that it was not enough to attract everybody's attention. She knew of course that she and Rose were natural rivals in Hollywood, and so she didn't want to miss the opportunity to put the brunette down.

"Well, it seems you're not making enough money with acting, now you have to prostitute yourself or what?" she said to Rose in a very arrogant tone.

"Well, I think everybody knows why you could never wear a sexy outfit like me, ugly bitch. With a body like yours it's not surprising that you only get "intelligent" roles", Rose shot back.

"Who are you calling ugly, stupid Bitch?"

Christina was furious. By this time both women were already standing toe to toe, their big tits almost touching each other. Tori was ready to heat it up.

"Come on ladies, let's be calm." she said, not really meaning it. That was the signal to Tiffani who came up behind Rose and as she passed her she bumped into Rose hard enough to push her into Christina.

Christina and Rose's chests roughly bumped causing their tits to brush together. Christina took this an attack on her as she placed her hands on both of Rose's tits and shoved her backwards.

"Watch who you're shoving!" threatened Christina.

Rose pushed Christina's hands away.

"Don't be fuckin shovin' me, Bitch!"

Quick as a flash Christina brought her right hand up and slapped Rose across her face. Her cheek instantly became red from the vicious slap. "Fine! I'd rather do this anyway!" Rose stood there momentarily shocked at just what happened. Her mind raced with thoughts of revenge but another slap to her other cheek brought her quickly back to reality. Both of her cheeks were red from Christina's blows and each stung like hell. Rose screeched as she lunged forward and buried her hands into Christina's hair. The scream of rage caught Christina slightly off guard but the pain she began feeling in her scalp pissed her off as she returned the favor. Beside the two battling women was Tori Spelling. A smile slowly crossed her face as her plan began to bear fruit. The men and women who were at the party stood there shocked for a moment as the two women battled it out, but their attitudes quickly changed and they could be heard cheering on their favorites.

Tiffani leaned over to Tori, "You should plan these for all the parties."

Tori nodded in agreement.

The two women had their bodies pressed tightly together as they continued their mutual hair pulling fight. Their large breasts were bouncing and pressing together as they moved across the room.

As the two girls pulled each other around Christina ended up slamming against one of the walls. Rose then started to kick her in the shins. Christina felt the pain in her legs and tried to kick back, but the long dress that she wore constricted her leg movements so when her kicks landed they didn't have the same amount of force that Rose's did. Rose realized this and continued to kick at Christina's legs. Soon there were slight bruises where her feet were doing the most damage. Christina gamely tried to kick back but she soon realized that this form of attack wasn't in her favor, so she let go of Rose's hair and ripped the gown off from around her waist. This gave her the leg movement she wanted and also gave a everyone a great view of her extremely sexy legs. Hoots and catcalls began to ring out around the room. As soon as her legs became free Christina felt that she might be able to keep up with Rose as far as the kicking would go, but Rose changed her tactics as she kept a good hold of Christina's hair and then hurled her to the floor by it.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Christina squealed as she landed. Her hand went to her head to massage the pain that was still there. She looked up at Rose who was standing there looking down at her with a handful of her hair in her hands.

"Lose something?"

Christina tried to get up but Rose pounced on her and tried to pin her to the floor. Rose's mini skirt was riding extremely high and everyone got an eyeful of her pink thong that she was wearing underneath. While struggling on the ground the two girls began to tear away at one anothers clothes. They not only became obsessed with defeating her foe, but also to humiliate her in front of everyone. The cheering and encouragement from the crowd did little to stop it.

"C'mon Christina! Rip her thong off!"

"Get her top off Rose! Let's see what big tits she really has!"

The two girls rolled about on the floor. each of them determined to strip the other of her dignity. After several minutes of floor fighting their two bodies were practically naked. Rose had only her pink thong on and Christina had on a pair of black lace panties . One of her tits were still covered by the fabric but the other was free as a bird. Their two succulent, sweat covered bodies were plastered together. Their breasts were pressed tightly together and the only way to tell them apart was when they moved and even then it was still difficult. Rose's and Christina's erect and rock hard nipples were stabbing into one another's boobs which surprisingly caused each of them a certain amount of discomfort. Christina, who was on top, raised her chest up off of Rose and slammed her tits back down on top of her making sure that her nipples stabbed into the top of Rose's large boobs. Christina continued this attack as each time she landed Rose's lips parted and a low moan was heard. "Splat!"






The crowd was really getting into this as Christina's boobs were flattening Rose's. The slapping of their naked bellies was also heard with each stroke. The sweat that was coating both of their taunt and sexy bellies splattered as Christina's and Rose's flesh came together.

"Give Bitch?" asked Christina as she lay on top of Rose and pressed her tits tightly into Rose's crushing them flat against her chest.

Christina gyrated her hips slightly in a circular motion which caused their glistening bellies to move and slide together almost sexually.

"Slap her tits with your again Christina!" someone cried out.

Rose didn't respond so Christina slapped her tits down on top of Rose once again. A low moan escaped from Rose as she snaked her right hand around Christina and before she knew what was happening Rose got a hold of Christina's panties and yanked up on them as hard as she could giving her the worst wedgie she had ever felt.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Christina screamed as her hand shot behind her to try and dig her panties out from her ass and pussy.

Rose had a firm grip on them and wouldn't let go. Even as Christina tried to pull them away from her body, Rose kept up the pressure.


Rose didn't care and she was able to easily roll Christina off of her. When she rolled onto her back Rose had to let go of the panties unless she wanted her hand trapped underneath her. Christina used this moment to extract the material from her crotch. Rose also used this as an opportunity. As Christina was pulling her panties away from her womanhood, Rose grabbed onto the sides and yanked them down Christina's kicking legs.

More catcalls and hoot echoed around the room as Christina's entire body was put on display. Her pussy was extremely hairy and would have made it almost impossible for her to wear a bikini without showing more then she wanted to. Rose tossed the panties aside which were caught by Bruce Willis. He quickly sniffed them and held onto them as he continued to watch the fight. Rose walked up and grabbed Christina by her hair with every intention of dragging her to her feet, but an uppercut from Christina which smacked incredibly hard against her pussy, stopped her in her tracks.

"Let's see what kind of pussy she has!" Someone yelled.

Without any further goading, Christina grabbed the sides of Rose's panties and yanked them down to her ankles. Rose's pussy was covered with dark pubic hair which was neatly trimmed. A lot of the guys were comparing both girls at this point and loud enough so that they could each hear them.

"No Way! Christina's pussy is a hell of a lot better then Rose's!"

"What are you talking about! At least you can see Rose's cunt without having to go through that fuckin forest of hair!"

To everyone's surprise Christina then threw her face into Rose's pussy. No one was sure exactly what Christina had in mind but with Rose's screams suddenly filling the air there was no doubt what she was up to. Rose's hands went for Christina's hair as she pulled for all she was worth trying to get her face out of her pussy. Christina's teeth had found Rose's clit and had fastened themselves around it. She slashed at it and pulled at it like there was no tomorrow.



Rose began hammering punches to the back of Christina's head as she continued to feast on Rose's cunt. Christina reached both of her hands around Rose's back and latched her fingernails into the soft flesh of Rose's ass cheeks. Whether she did this to help keep Rose steady or another form of attack was unsure but she dug her nails into Rose's ass which caused her even more pain.

Rose was at the end of her rope. She couldn't take much more of this abuse and figured that it was only a matter of time before she was out when suddenly Christina let go of Rose completely and let her slump to the floor. Rose's hands immediately went to work on her pussy try to massage the pain away. Christina stood up and spit on her.

"Finish her Christina!" someone yelled out.

"Yeah! Sit on her face!"

Christina smiled as she went over to Rose and positioned herself over her. She then dropped down on her face and began to grind her sweat soaked pussy into Rose's face. Only Rose's fear covered eyes could be seen peeking up at Christina as she ground away on her nose and mouth. Suddenly with a yelp and a scream Christina was rolled off of her. Rose still had her face in between Christina's legs but no one thought that Christina was still having a good time. She had her hands buried in Rose's hair as she tried to pull her face away from her crotch. Turnabout was fair play thought Rose as her teeth sunk into the soft flesh of one of Christina's pussy lips. Rose managed to get one of her hands free from under Christina and wrapped it into her hairy snatch.

"That's it Rose! Get me a souvenir!" someone screamed.

The sound of the ripping that came from Christina's crotch was almost as loud as the scream that came from her lips. It was loud enough to wake the dead.

"PLEASE ROSE!!! YOU SLUT!!! DONN'T YANK OUT MY....Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Christina didn't get a chance to finish her plea because Rose stopped her in mid-sentence with another rip of pubic hair.

Rose pulled her face away from Christina's pussy.

"HOW DO YOU LIKE IT CUNT!" screamed Rose as she tore out a third handful.

Christina's hands shot down to her pussy and tried to defend it by covering it up. Rose then slowly got to her feet. She was still feeling the same pain in her pussy as Christina was obviously feeling. She made her way to Christina's head and stood on her long hair. She then reached down and grabbed onto both of Christina's nipples with her thumb and forefinger. She then yanked up on her tits as hard as she could. Christina bellowed in pain as she arched her back up off the floor trying to relieve some of the agony. Rose held her there for several seconds before slamming her back down. Christina's tits practically exploded in Rose's hands as they mushroomed out from all sides. Rose then again yanked up on her titties. Christina screamed as her tit flesh was pulled further then it was meant to.


"That would be too bad wouldn't it!" replied Rose as she held on even longer.

Rose finally let go of her tits. Christina's hands were divided between the pain in her crotch and the pain in her tits. Rose just stood there looking at her with disgust. She went over to one of the guys and grabbed the glass he was holding and quickly downed the wine. She then went back over to Christina with the idea of finishing her off. Rose bent over and grabbed Christina by the hair and yanked her to her feet. Christina stood on wobbly legs in front of Rose. the next thing that happened shocked everyone. Both girls brought up their knee's at the same time and connected to each others naked pussy's. Both girls eyes went wide with disbelief as they moaned in pain. Then as if once wasn't enough they brought their knees up again and slammed a second shot home to one another's cunts. This time they both groaned and slumped to the floor and lay only a couple of feet apart.

Tori leaned towards Tiffani. "This better not end in a draw."

The two of them laid there for almost a minute listening to the yells of encouragement from everyone, but mostly to regain their strength. Another minute passed and Rose finally rolled over towards Christina a punched her in the tit. Christina moaned as her boob bounced from the blow. She rolled onto her side and slammed a punch into Rose's boob. She to moaned as the tit flesh jiggled slightly.

Both girls were spent. They were in a lot of pain and they each knew that it would soon be over. They each managed to get to their knees and slammed their bodies together in another hair pulling war. Christina's once proud tits were plastered against Rose once again. Their nipples renewed their stabbing war as their bodies slipped and slid together. Their bellies were also pressed together. The sweat from their forms made them look incredibly sexy as they slapped their bellies into one another. Hair was being pulled from their heads so violently that their faces were directed upwards into the ceiling.

Christina realized that she was losing and she needed an ace in the hole, so she reached down with one hand and found Rose's moist pussy. She immediately latched onto it and pulled with what little strength she had left. Rose squealed and returned the favor. They stayed in that position for several minutes. Their bodies pressed firmly against each other. One hand buried in the hair on her opponents head and the other buried between her legs. Their boobs and bellies slapped together in a rhythmic fashion. The cheering from the spectators were blotted out as each of them concentrated on the task of finishing her foe.

Rose squealed as Christina's fingernails found her clit and pinched it. Christina cried out as Rose dug her nails into the flesh of one of her pussy lips. Back and forth the pussy mauling continued. Christina's pussy was practically denuded as most of her pubic hair lay scattered about on the floor. Rose's cunt wasn't much better. Although Rose still had most of her pubic hair, Christina concentrated more on her clit.

Finally Rose managed to push her complete hand inside Christina's womanhood. Christina gasped as Rose's hand entered inside of her. She cried out even louder as Rose's hand began to gouge and scratch at the inside walls of her sex organ.

Christina tried to fight back by pulling and twisting Rose's clit, but Rose did her best to shut out the agonizing pain and continue with her own twat torture. Christina slipped her hand away from Rose's crotch and began to try and pull the offending hand away from her own pussy. She pulled to no avail and even scratching at Rose's wrist wouldn't free her womanhood.


Rose ignored Christina's pleas and continued with more assertion twisting and scratching with all she had. Christina's body finally couldn't take anymore. She shuddered and fell back onto the floor unconscious.

Rose sat there for a few seconds before removing her hand from Christina's pussy with a slurping sound. Rose looked around.

"Get me a beer."

Within a few seconds Rose had one. She downed a bit of it herself and then poured the rest over top of Christina's face. Christina came to with a sputter. She opened her eyes and saw that Rose was now sitting perfectly on her chest with both of her sweaty ass cheeks flattening Christina's breasts.

"Now were gonna do this the right way Bitch and any ideas of using those fuckin teeth of yours better be just ideas. You can think about it, but don't do it!"

Rose pushed her threat across by reaching back and grabbed at her denuded pussy. Christina yelped and understood. Rose then slid forward and let Christina's tongue do the rest. Rose was in heaven and so was everyone there watching. She gyrated on Christina's tear stained face for several minutes and had several orgasms.

As her third orgasm faded, Rose got up off of Christina's face to the cheering of the crowd. Rose then stretched her body out over top of Christina's. She then began to move her large chest back and forth so that it brushed up against Christina's nipples. Soon she found herself in a rhythmic pattern as her boobs swung like a pendulum and kept erotically touching Christina's nipples arousing both girls in the process. Back and forth Rose's tits swung. Each pass her nipples made they made contact with Christina's.

"What are you doing?" asked Christina. "Get off me!"

Rose ignored her as she continued to sexually rub her tits against Christina's. Christina was disgusted at the idea and she tried to ignore the stimulant that Rose's tits were giving her. This continued for several minutes and excited everyone watching. Rose's pussy was wet with excitement and knew that Christina's must be as well, so she stepped it up a bit.

Rose then grabbed Christina's legs and sat down between them so that her pussy lips were kissing Christina's pussy lips. Christina gasped in erotic pleasure as her clit was introduced to Rose's. A low moan soon escaped from her lips as Rose began to slide her pussy across Christina's.

Their womanhood's were on fire with passion as each girls crotch rubbed into the others. Christina was still disgusted with the idea of having an orgasm because of the bitch and what made it worse was that she was gonna do it front of everyone.

Back and forth went Rose's pussy as it kept in constant contact with Christina's clit. As Rose began to feel the pleasure in the pit of her stomach she knew that Christina obviously felt it to. A look down at Christina's face told the story. Christina was about to explode and Rose did nothing to stop her. She actually helped her along as she licked her finger and started to rub it around Christina's erect nipple.

All her resistance was now gone and Christina gave up to the pleasure that Rose handed her. She exploded in orgasm at the very same time that Rose did. The two girls lay there for several seconds and after she came down from her high Christina fully realized what she did and completely broke down and cried. Rose just smiled as she got up to her feet and collected her clothes.

Tori walked up beside her.

"Well done Rose."

Rose turned to Tori.

"You got a bedroom I could use?"

"Sure. What for?"

Rose walked over to Christine and picked her up and slung her over her shoulder. Ricci offered no resistance.

"Just a few things that we have to take care of."

Rose then winked at Tori. Tori knew what Rose had planned, she just hoped that she would at least put the sheets in the hamper when they were done.

Rose walked by Bruce Willis who was still holding onto Christina's panties.

"Keep em. they're a gift."