Rose McGowan vs. Denise Richards by LoneWolf

With Denise Richard's string of fairly successful movies the inevitable arrogance quickly followed. Several more movie role offers and a multitude of personal appearances did nothing to diminish the actress's high opinion of herself. It became apparent to everyone around her that she was becoming too big for her britches.

On several of her appearances on talk shows, Denise made it clear that she was an actress who had nothing given to her. Everything she had, she earned from hard work, sweat and determination. Unlike some other girls in this business who would stoop incredibly low just to get their foot in the door. When the host of the talk show asked which girls she was referring to, Denise responded by saying that she wouldn't divulge that information because she didn't want to offend any of the ladies with her comments. All she said on the air was that some of the ladies in Hollywood had a very colorful past when referring to how some of them got their start.

It was later off camera when the talk show host was seen talking to Denise.

"C'mon Denise.

We're off camera now, so just between you and me, who were the ladies you were talking about.

You know, the one's that sold their self esteem."

Seeing as how they were off camera and practically alone Denise relented.

"Well there are several that I could name, but I think I'll just let you in on one. Rose McGowan."

The talk show host's eyes widened.

"You mean the girl that's married to that freak of nature Marilyn Manson?"

Denise nodded in agreement.

"You know how she got the part in the movie 'Jawbreaker'?"

The talk show host shook his head.

Denise smiled.

"Not only did she give the director a bj, but she did him and the producer right there in his office."

The talk show host thought back about three weeks ago when Rose was his guest and tried to picture the scene in his mind but replaced the two other men with himself. He instantly got a hard on.

Denise noticed the slight bulge in his pants.

"I wouldn't get too excited if I were you. I heard it through the grapevine that she wasn't that good and that the only reason she still got the part was she agreed to go at it with the director several times during the actual shooting of the film."

Unknown to either people, standing behind one of the studio sets was a stage worker. He had heard the whole conversation between them and although the story was quite arousing to him, he was friends with Rose McGowan and decided that she should know what rumors are being spread about her.

Needless to say Rose was pissed and at the other end of the phone, her friend held the receiver several feet away from his ear and he could still hear her clearly.

"That f---in cunt! Why the Hell is she saying things like that about me? She doesn't even know me!"

Her friend put the phone closer to his head so he could reply.

"I don't know Rose. I'm only telling you what she said."

"Well that Bitch is gonna pay for this! You can count on it! Nobody say's things like that about me! Especially a f---in no talent c--- like Denise!"

Rose slammed down the phone and then took her anger out on her living room. Vases were smashed. Shelves were torn down and any ornaments that were resting on them were scattered about the floor in many pieces. For several minutes she continued her rampage until she sat down on her sofa and steamed some more just thinking about what she was gonna do to that little Bitch.

Three weeks later Rose McGowan was visiting New York and found out that Richards was staying at the Waldorf Astoria. Remembering what she said about her she decided to make a surprise visit. An hour later Rose was knocking on her door. A moment later the door opened and standing in the doorway was Denise Richards wearing a pink silk dress and jacket.

"Hi Rose." she greeted "C'mon in. What brings you to New York?"

Rose entered but not once did she take her eyes off of Denise. Denise noticed almost immediately and realized something was wrong.

Rose looked around the room and when she saw that they were alone she said, "You little Bitch! You got a lotta nerve!"

"I beg your pardon?" asked Denise with a shocked look on her face.

"A couple of weeks ago when you did that stinkin' interview, a friend of mine who was working there overheard you tell some people that the only reason I ever got a part in a movie was if I gang banged the director and producer!"

"Some people have big f---in mouths, but the truth hurts, doesn't it?" Denise said as she turned away from Rose

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kick your ass!" asked Rose.

"Because you're the one who'd be getting hurt."

Rose made a couple of steps towards Denise.

"Just a minute," Denise said holding up her hands. "If we're really gonna do this I don't want my dress ripped. So let's do this woman to woman."

Rose agreed and the two began removing their clothing. Rose stood there with her hands on her hips wearing a black lacy bra and no panties waiting for Denise to remove her dress. As soon as Richard's stepped out of her dress Rose immediately shoved her to the couch and jumped on top of her. Their semi naked bodies slapped together as tits and bellies were forced into one another.

"You back stabbing Bitch! I wasn't ready!" said Denise as she buried her hands in Rose's hair.

"Tough Shit!" answered the sexy brunette.

The two of them struggled on the couch. Their tits being pushed into one another roughly as their bras found that they could not contain each of the ladies tits in this sort of manner and within a few moments of the struggling, each set of tits found their way to freedom. Both of the girls erect nipples were dueling as they pressed and rolled into one another. Their tummies were engaged in a different battle. Denise who was on the bottom kept thrusting her hips upwards trying to force Rose off of her. In doing so she caused the two ladies bellies to slap together several times.




After several attempts the two ended up falling off the couch and fell onto the floor where they began rolling around knocking over chairs as they went cursing and calling each other names.

"f---ing Cow!" screamed Denise.

"s--- eating Liar!" answered Rose.

As they rolled Denise managed to wrap her legs around Rose's head and squeezed as hard as she could. Rose squirmed and pulled at Denise's legs trying to free herself. She began to scratch at the sexy gams that were practically engulfing her head. Denise squealed as Rose's fingernails left several jagged marks down her legs.

" Aaaaaaaaaa! You Bitch, Quit scratching my legs!"

A low groan escaped from Rose's mouth as Denise squeezed a little harder.

"Then let go of my head before you strangle me!" yelled Rose.

"f--- you Cunt! Let's see if I can rip these fat pieces of shit you call tits right off your chest!" said Denise as she reached down and latched onto Rose's left nipple.

She twisted it right and left between her thumb and forefinger. Rose's nipple was already erect and Denise's fingers expertly stretched them further then they were meant to.

Rose started screaming in pain when Denise began twisting her left nipple hideously. Frantically Rose turned her head and bit down hard into the thigh of Richard's leg. Denise screamed cried out in pain but she still held onto Rose's head between her thighs trying to choke the brunette out. Rose felt more pressure around her head but refused to let go of Denise's leg. She slashed her teeth into Richard's meaty thigh even harder. Denise cried out in pain as Rose's teeth pushed her past the threshold of pain and she released Rose's head and tit and rolled away.

Rose got to her knees and looked over at Denise who was also on her knees.

"You give?" asked Denise as she rubbed the inside of her leg where Rose's teeth left their mark.

"f--- you!" replied Rose as she hauled off and slapped Denise across her face.

The force of the slap knocked Denise onto her back. Rose seized the opportunity and jumped on top of Denise driving her knees into her stomach thus knocking the wind out of her.

Denise attempted to defend herself but was unable to keep Rose from tearing off her panties. Rose flung them aside as she laid herself down on top of Denise's body. Their breast again were pressed into each other. This time though Rose lifted her massive chest up off of Denise and slammed it down on top of her tits causing them to mushroom out from the impact.

"Oooohhhh," Denise moaned as her tits were flattened.

Rose again lifted her larger boobs off of Denise's and again slammed them down on top. Denise's boobs were again squashed flat underneath Rose's expansive chest. Rose continued this assault on Denise's tits over and over. Each time Rose was rewarded with a moan from Denise as her tits crushed Denise's.







Rose's hard erect nipples kept stabbing into Denise's soft tit flesh. This caused her even more pain as Rose's titty squash continued. Rose looked down between the two bodies past their sweaty bellies and noticed Denise's full growth of pubic hair.

"Look's like someone needs to shave a little. f--- Bitch you've got more hair then an ape! I wouldn't worry though! I'll take care of that problem for you!" Thomas said laughingly.

Upon hearing this Denise got scared and realized what Rose meant to do to her crotch. Denise began thrusting her hips upwards again trying to unseat Rose as she laid out on top of her. Their tummies were plastered together with a thin sheen of sweat between them causing their bellies to glisten as they slid between each other as the two struggled on the floor.

Rose abandoned her titty squashing as she tried to keep Denise pinned down underneath her. Denise struggled and managed to free one of her hands from Rose's grip and raked it down the side of the brunette's sexy and sweaty belly. Rose squealed and returned the favor and used her free hand to scratch at the side of Denise's equally sweaty stomach.

The two of them laid there with there hands scratching away at the others taunt stomachs. Finally with the right force behind her thrust Denise was finally able to roll Rose off of her. With her body free from Rose's weight Denise tried to crawl away but Rose was quick to get to her feet and jumped on top of Denise's back rode her around the room like a horse. "Giddyup, Cunt!" laughed Rose as she grabbed a hold of Denise's hair with one hand and with her other hand she reached back and started slapping her ass. The stinging slaps hurt Denise as did the hair pulling, but feeling Rose's naked ass and pussy rubbing on her back was more humiliating to her. "Get off of me you Bitch!" screamed Denise between slaps. "Get that f---in Cunt off of me!"

Rose took exception to the comment and reached down and grabbed both of her arms and pulled them out from under her. Without the leverage under her Denise was rode face first into the floor. Rose spun around quickly and was sitting on Denise's back facing her creamy white upturned ass.

The feeling of Rose's sweaty ass spinning around on her equally sweaty back gave Denise quite a thrill. A thrill she wasn't too pleased with. Rose raised her open hand and started to slap Denise's ass repeatedly. Denise could do little more then squirm and cry in humiliating pain. Each time Rose's hand struck Denise's ass her butt muscle's tightened nicely. Soon her sexy ass had a red hand print tattooed on her butt from all the spanking that Rose was giving her. Denise was eventually able to roll onto her back and throw her hands into Rose's long locks and yank as hard as she could. This may have worked in getting Rose off of her but Rose was thinking one step ahead.

"So you wanta pull hair, eh Bitch! Fine let's pull hair!"

Rose then threw her hands in between Denise's thighs and grabbed hold of her thick bush and started doing what she threatened to do earlier. Denise screamed in agony as Rose's fingers wrapped themselves in her healthy pubic mound and began to rip it out by the handful. Denise's legs began thrashing around trying assist her in throwing Rose off of her.

Rose lifted her ass up slightly and then dropped it back down on top of Denise's tits. Denise moaned as Rose's firm sweaty ass plowed down on top of her breasts and caused them to mushroom out from under her ass cheeks. Denise was getting frantic as Rose began bouncing up and done on her tits, continuing to flatten them with her ass as well as following through with her pussy ripper. Through tears Denise reached up and grabbed hold of both of Rose's tits and ripped back on them, pulling them backwards behind her back. Rose screamed at the sudden attack on her tits. It caught her off guard and It was enough to pull Rose off of her. As Rose fell over Denise attempted to get a little bit of revenge by quickly grabbing at Rose's pussy and tearing out a bit of Rose's neatly trimmed bush.

Rose squealed at the assault.

"What's wrong Bitch?" asked Denise "You can dish it out, but can't take it!"

Rose squealed again as Denise stretched the skin around her pussy to the max. A second or two later Rose's squeal intensified as some of her pussy hairs were ripped out.

Rose thrashed about and sent a kick up between Denise's legs and caught her square on her pussy. Denise moaned loudly as the pain hit her like a thunderbolt. She released Rose's crotch and tried to massage the pain away from her own snatch. Rose laid there for a few seconds. She knew she had the time because Denise was hurt bad. When Rose's foot hit her, Rose felt and heard the loud crack that came when her foot connected to Denise's pubic bone.

Finally Rose got to her feet and stalked Denise like a cat does when its trapped a hurt mouse. Rose grabbed a hold of both of Denise's legs and spread them wide while Denise covered her wounded womanhood.

"I'm gonna stomp those f---in tits flat Cunt!" threatened Rose as she raised her foot up to follow through.

Denise instinctively brought her hands up to defend her boobs, but that was exactly what Rose was hoping for. Rose had no intention of attacking her tits. As soon as Denise moved her hands away from her pussy, Rose brought her foot done exactly where she wanted to in the first place. Denise's pussy. Denise's eyes bugged out as fire went through her body almost causing her to pass out.

Before Denise was able to cover her crotch again Rose was able to stomp Denise's pussy once more. She left her foot there and began to grind her heel into Denise's pussy causing Denise to scream out in pain as the heel pressed roughly into her already sore and sensitive crotch.


Right there, Denise grabbed Rose's foot and tried to force her foot away from her pussy, but was unsuccessful. Rose dropped to her knees in front of Denise's outstretched legs and stabbed her hand into Denise's pussy and began yanking on her clit and pulled it about in all directions twisting and yanking. Rose with her other hand yanked out all off Denise's pubic hair until it was balded. With all the twat torture, Denise finally passed out.

Rose didn't give a f---. She remembered what Denise had said about her so she continued to work Denise's body over sending gut punch after gut punch into Denise's stomach bringing the babe in and out of consciousness. Rose then worked up higher as she began pounding Denise's titties around bruising and scratching them. Denise who must have gone in and out of consciousness about a half a dozen times passed out again.

Rose slapped Denise awake and whispered in her ear, "I don't think you will ever be able to f--- anyone over again you little Cunt."

Rose grabbed what was left of Denise's lace thong panties and then said, "You won't be able to suck dick either."

As she stuffed the panties into Denise's mouth.

Rose then stood over top of Denise's prone body and gyrated her hips above her trying to humiliate her even more. She looked down at Denise and smiled.

"Don't think I'm finished with you yet Bitch because you're gonna be my Bitch for a while!"

Rose then stood between Denise's legs and slowly lowered her crotch on top of Denise's. As soon as their pussies made contact Rose and Denise moaned slightly. Denise moaned more from pain then arousal because the pain in her crotch was still there. Rose then grabbed one of Denise's legs and began to gyrate her hips which caused their pussies to caress each other. Rose's clit found Denise's and the electricity that erupted between the two pussies caused Rose to thrust even harder. Denise continued to moan. Partly from the pain and partly from the arousal that rose's pussy was giving her. Denise felt sick to her stomach. here she is a big star in Hollywood and this little lesbian Slut was trying to get herself off at her expense. There was no way that this c--- would make a Bitch outta her so Denise reserved herself to try and deny Rose any satisfaction. Unfortunately for Denise, Rose had other ideas. Rose continued to grind her pussy into Denise's recently balded one. Their clits continued to rub each other and the moistness of their pussies intermixing made it easier for the wet pussies to slide across one another.

Rose's body stiffened as she started to climax. her love juices spilling out onto Denise's already moist pussy. Rose continued her thrusting and try as hard as she could Denise could not keep herself from exploding in orgasm.

"That's it my little Bitch! Enjoy it while you can!" said Rose as she lowered herself down directly on top of Denise's naked body.

Their tit's, bellies and pussies were in direct contact. Rose then began to rotate her hips so that their sweat cover bellies were sliding together. The scratch marks that were on each of their sexy bellies were red and with the sweat being soaked into their skin it made them slightly stinging, but from the arousal that Rose was getting she hardly noticed it. Denise on the other hand did feel the stinging. Mainly because she was trying to ignore the pleasure that she was getting.

Their dueling erect nipples were pressed into one another once again. This time Rose lifted her tits up and instead of slamming down on top of Denise's she moved them side to side so that they were rubbing against Denise's nipples. Rose continued to rub her nipples into Denise's. At the same time their naked bellies and pussies were scraping into each other. All this combined with Rose's constant thrusting moves caused Denise to lose all resistance and within a few moments her body began to stiffen and shudder. At the same time Rose began to climax as well. Both ladies blew their loads at the same time. Their pussies wet with sweat and love juice stayed locked together for several seconds until Rose moved up Denise's body and sat down on her chest, flattening her tits in the process. Denise looked up through tear stained eyes straight into Rose's hairy pussy. Her mind raced with horrible thoughts. She knew what Rose had in mind, but was powerless to resist. She only hoped Rose wouldn't follow through.

"One last thing before I let you go Bitch and I think you know what it is!"

Rose moved her sexy sweaty form further up Denise's body until she was seated comfortably on her face. Only Denise's eyes could be seen as she looked up at Rose, pleading.

"I don't feel anything Denise!" said Rose. "Don't piss me off!"

Rose then reached back and pushed her hand past Denise's pussy lips and latched onto her clit. Denise's squeals were muffled by Rose's crotch as she felt Rose's fingers tighten around her clit. Denise then wasted no time as she immediately stuck her tongue out and started to service Rose.

Denise regretted everything she said about Rose. If it wasn't for her big mouth and arrogant attitude she wouldn't be in this place. Her tongue did it's job well and Denise could see in Rose's facial expression that she was gonna cum. Denise tried to gulp in what little air she could, but Rose's crotch formed an almost perfect seal and made it extremely difficult. Suddenly without warning Rose blew her love juices all over Denise's face almost drowning her. Denise gagged on it as she tried to get some air but with all the c-flowing into her mouth and the inability the get much air she quickly was rendered unconscious.

Rose stayed in that position for several more seconds grinding away on Denise's face relishing the situation. After she finished her orgasm she slowing got to her feet and gathered her clothes. Before leaving Rose found Denise's camera. With a cruel smile Rose finished Denise's roll of film and left.

Days later, Denise picked up one of the trash magazines and found herself on the cover. It was a picture of her laid out on the floor completely naked with the same talk show host she had spoke to f---ing her. Someone must have had some photo's doctored and she had a good idea who. She may have been pissed off, but Denise thought better of trying to get any revenge against Rose. She was just too tough.