Denise Richards vs. Rose McGowan by jjj

Rose was introduced first, coming out in a pair of spandex black shorts and matching black tank top. She entered the ring and stood in her corner showing no emotion. She waited patiently as Denise was introduced and walked down the aisle, greeted by a large ovation. Denise was wearing gray tennis shorts and a white top that stopped just below her large breasts, leaving her tight stomach exposed.

Denise didn't waste time as she met Rose in the center of the ring, raised both gloves and began to slowly bob up and down, waiting to see what type of fighter Rose was. Denise’s large chest bounced seductively under the material, as she bounced lightly on her feet. Rose, not one for using technique when blunt force would suffice, swung her right fist viciously, attempting to take off Denise's head. Denise who had been expecting an attack blocked the punch, and quickly landed a jab to Rose's stomach, knocking her back a step.

Denise quickly followed up with a right that connected to the side of Rose's head but Rose wasn't one to go down without a fight and she fired another roundhouse, again missing but forcing Denise back a few feet. The space this created allowed Rose to mount another attack as she lunged at Denise throwing more refined punches. Denise fired two quick jabs, one to Rose's shoulder spinning her body slightly. But Rose used this to her advantage as she continued spinning through a complete 360 and drove a viscous right squarely into Denise's face. She was taken off guard, having never seen the punch coming.

Denise’s vision instantly blurred as tears welled in her eyes but she instinctively raised her gloves in front of her face. The punch felt as if Rose was using her bare fists and not a padded boxing glove and Denise's head was foggy. Luckily for Denise her gloves were in front of her face because Rose followed up the roundhouse with two quick jabs that Denise blocked more by sheer luck than skill.

Collecting herself, Rose saw an opening on Denise’s side and delivered a hook that connected with Denise's kidney stunning the blonde who fell back into the ropes. Rose quickly followed up with another punch to Denise’s head, this one connecting with her temple. Denise was stunned and as she bounced off the ropes she dropped to her knees breathless.

When Denise dropped, she brought her gloves down with her, allowing Rose to land another perfectly thrown punch to the side of the beauty's head. The room seemed to spin as Denise landed heavily on her overstuffed chest. The ref quickly stepped in and pulled Rose away to begin his count. As the ref got to five Denise was back to her knees which Rose took as her opportunity to run over and deliver an uncontested kick into her ribs! Again, Denise hit the canvas, this time holding her damaged side as she curled into the fetal position.

Instead of counting, the ref pulled Rose to her corner and issued a warning. Denise was saved by the bell rang which ended the first round with her still laying on the mat holding her side. The ref helped Denise to her corner where she slumped against the ropes trying to regain her breath. Denise lifted her head and met Rose's evil gaze, starring daggers at her black haired counterpart as she decided not to wait for the bell to resume the fight.

Denise screamed as she charged across the ring at Rose who was taken aback by the brash move. Rose dropped to her stomach and quickly rolled out of the ring, turned and watched to see if Denise would follow. Because of the rage she was in, Denise slid out under the bottom rope immediately. As soon as Denise's feet hit the floor, Rose was ready for her. She fired a punch that connected squarely on Denise’ cheek, snapping her head to the side. Rose followed with another punch, this one smashing into Denise's oversized breast.

The punch landed flush on Denise's breast and made the wincing blonde instinctively bend over to protect her now throbbing chest. This left her wide open to Rose’s next attack and she wasted no time firing another shot that met Denise's eye as she bent forward. Denise lost vision for a moment as she dropped to the floor and tried to curl up in a protective shell. Rose took this opportunity to use her teeth to start tearing at the laces of her gloves. She managed to free the knot on the right glove, and within seconds had it off. To everyone's surprise, Rose had a set of brass knuckles wrapped around across her fingers. With her right hand she quickly released her left glove, freeing both hands.

Rose now turned her attention back to Denise who was still curled up in a ball. Rose wrapped her left hand in Denise's hair and dragged her to her feet. Rose waited for Denise to look up, then tantalizingly showed her what her right hand had in store for the sexy blonde. Seeing the brass knuckles, Denise begged Rose to leave her alone, but her request was answered with a brutal uppercut to the stomach.

All the air shot out of Denise’s lungs and it felt as though she’d black out from the pain. With her hand still twisted in Denise’s long hair, Rose forced Denise to look at her as tears welled in the blonde's eyes. Denise was begging Rose to let her go, but Rose tightened her grip on Denise’s hair and rammed Denise head into the steel pole outside the ring. Denise began to fall but Rose held the blonde up by the hair.

With her boxing gloves still covering her hands, Denise was totally defenseless against the dominant Rose as she locked both hands in Denise’s long hair securing a tight grip. Rose began to viciously swing Denise back and forth by the hair until Denise fell to the floor screaming as a large clump of her long blonde hair was left behind in Rose's grip. Rose wrapped Denise’s hair around her forearm as a makeshift wristband as she watched Denise thrash about on the ground in pain. Then Rose straddled Denise and began to fire punches to the back of the prone girl's head. The brass knuckles echoed loudly as they hit Denise’s head and caused her to cry out loud as her head felt like it would explode.

Rose rolled Denise over onto her stomach and again twined her hand into Denise’s hair. This time she brought the knuckles up and smashed them into Denise’s nose. The blonde shrieked as blood gushed from her nose, which may have been broken. Rose was just as shocked at getting blood on her pale skin. Denise was screaming as she tried to hold her gloved hands to her face, but blood continued to pore out of her nose.

Rose took this opportunity to grab Denise's gray shorts at the hips. Securing a grip on Denise's small shorts, Rose quickly began to pull them off the thrashing girl who hardly seemed to notice as she was busy trying to stem the flow of blood. Rose succeeded in stripping Denise's shorts, revealing a white thong, which looked two sizes too small. Denise was still crying as she was again lifted to her feet by the hair with her blood still flowing between the gloved hands she held over her damaged face. Her shirt was covered with blood, and was now more red than white.

Rose snapped, “Better get this shirt off, don't want to stain it with blood!"

Laughing at the beautiful blondes distress, Rose grabbed two handfuls of Denise's shirt and tried to rip it from her body. This proved difficult as Denise’s cumbersome gloves were in the way. But with a few hard tugs Rose was eventually successful, leaving Denise in just white shoes, matching thong, bra and boxing gloves. Denise was crying and begging Rose to leave her alone, but she only got a laugh from the sadistic girl.

"Wow I never realized your breasts were so big slut,” Rose yelled as she again grabbed Denise by the hair. “I'm gonna love playing with those babies!"

Denise soon found herself meeting the ring pole, this time chest first, as Rose used her own momentum to pin Denise’s body between the pole and her own. Rose picked up her discarded boxing gloves and began to remove the laces while Denise lay on the floor kicking her feet futilely and trying to massage the pain from her face.

Rose succeeded in removing the lace from one of her gloves and she pinned Denise to the floor and quickly had Denise's arms securely tied and knotted behind her back using the lace. Denise lay thrashing about half-heartedly, as the blood flow seemed to be slowing from her damaged nose. Satisfied that Denise's arms were secured, Rose got off of the blonde, and grabbed Denise by her thong.

Showing no mercy, Rose began to viciously jerk and yank the thong, carving it deep into the crevice of Denise's crotch and ass. Denise again screamed for mercy only to have Rose drop with her ass covering Denise's face to silence her screams. Denise howled from the pain as Rose's ass mashed her nose and her body bucked frantically trying to dislodge Rose’s seat from her face.

Denise’s perfect body thrashed wildly - but to no avail! With her arms securely bound behind her back, she was unable to buck Rose off her. The referee, who long ago rang the bell, had finally seen enough and literally tackled Rose off Denise who by then was almost unconscious. When the ref got Rose, who was still kicking and struggling to get back at Denise, more or less under control, an attendant from the back came to take care of the shattered Denise Richards. After the fight, Denise was told she had a broken nose and wouldn't be able to act for at least a month.