Rose McGowan vs. Tiffani Amber Thiessen by LoneWolf

It had been a couple of hours since Rose dragged Christina Ricci upstairs to one of the many bedrooms in the Spelling mansion. She had subjected the large breasted girl to countless sexual desires. Most of them aimed at satisfying Rose and humiliating Christina but sometimes Rose felt generous and gave Christina a little satisfaction...whether she wanted it or not. Most of the guests had gone home and the party was starting to wind down. Things were being put back to where they belonged and Tori was already thinking ahead to the next get together. Tori was in the kitchen with Tiffani as they were checking out the refrigerator for a couple of leftover munchies.
"I think there's a few things left." Tori said. "We're just gonna have to look through the blasted fridge to find them."

"So what did you think about tonight's festivities?" asked Tiffani leaning against the kitchen table.

Tori poked her head out of the fridge with a plate full of uneaten hors d'oeuvres.

"You mean about the fight?"

Tiffani nodded her head.

"I thought it went pretty good. Although I have to admit I thought Christina would have kicked her ass this time. I guess the guests liked it to. They were talking about it for a while."

"Wouldn't you? Let me ask you something. If you were at a party and suddenly two of the guests started beating the hell out of each other, don't you think you be talking about it to?"

Tori smiled. "Yeah I suppose so, but hell it was a great fight." Tori sat the plate of food on the table and she and Tiffani started to pick through it together. Unknown to them, coming down the back stairs was Rose McGowan. She had finally finished with Christina Ricci and left her upstairs on the bed. Rose stopped on one of the steps when she overheard the two girls talking.

"Any idea who you want to scrap at the next party?"

Tori swallowed some of the food she had in her mouth.

"Hadn't even thought of it yet."

Tiffani then looked straight at Tori, "Then let me take down Rose."

Tori looked back at Tiffani. She knew Tif and been in a few scraps before and could handle herself. She just didn't think she'd go looking for one.

"You wanta take on Rose?"

Tiffani grabbed one of the snacks and popped it into her mouth.

"Yep. There's just something about Rose that really pisses me off. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the way she look's and does weird things. I don't know. She just rubs me the wrong way."

"If that's what you want then fine. I'll make sure to invite Rose to the next party and you can take it from there."

When Rose heard what they were talking about she saw red. Although she didn't like Christina Ricci and would kick her ass again if she wanted to, she just didn't like the idea of being set up for the enjoyment of other people. If Tiffani wanted to fight then Rose guaranteed to give her one and wouldn't be one she's soon forget.

"Shit!" Tori suddenly shouted.


"There was a news conference that Daddy asked me to record for him! I forgot to set the VCR to start recording it! I'll be back in a sec!"

Tiffani watched as Tori ran out of the room. her hand descended to the plate once again for another snack when she suddenly heard a noise behind her. She looked up and saw Rose standing at the base of the stairway.

"Hi Rose." Tiffani said, not knowing that Rose had overheard her conversation. "Did you wear out Christina?"

Rose walked over to the fridge and opened it.

"Yeah I left her upstairs."

Rose pulled out a beer and cracked it open. She then turned back to Tiffani.

"Could you grab me one?" asked Tiffani.

"Here you can have this one!" Rose replied as she sprayed the beer into Tiffani's face.

Tiffani squealed as she got soaked by the beer.

"What the Hell did you do that for?" asked Tiffani as she jumped to her feet, swiping the front of her outfit.

"I did that so I could do this!"

Rose curled up her right hand and smashed Tiffani in the mouth. The brunette shot backwards into the wall from the force of the blow. Tiffani tried to shake the cobwebs from her head, but ended up taking another punch to the face for her troubles. She started to slide down the wall but Rose grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back to her feet.

"I thought you said you wanted a piece of me BITCH!" yelled Rose as she punched Tiffani in the stomach.

Tiffani coughed and gagged as the air was forced from her stomach. She had been taken off guard and realized now that Rose had obviously heard what she said. She was gonna have to do something and fast. Tiffani wrapped her arms around Rose's waist and charged forward. Rose began to backpedal as Tiffani's momentum forced her across the room.

Rose's back hit the table and she ended up sprawled on top of it with Tiffani on top. Tiffani released Rose's waist and began throwing slaps and punches at Rose's face and chest. Rose was in an awkward situation but did a good job in blocking most of Tiffani's blows. One blow to Rose's chest got through and fire shot through her boob as it was smacked into her ribcage.

Rose managed to throw a few punches herself, but being on the bottom her blows didn't have the same effect as Tiffani's.

A quick yank on Tiffani's hair and a well timed punch to the head caused the former Beverly Hills 90210 star to topple off of the table. As she rolled she latched onto Rose's hair and in the process ended up dragging her off of the table as well. When they landed on the floor Tiffani landed first on her back then Rose landed on top of Tiffani.

Their boobs both collided with the impact of their bodies and mushroomed out from under their clothes. A wild clothes tearing and hair pulling fight ensued with both ladies rolling about on the floor. Garments and hair went flying in different directions. Cursing and bitching were also flying around the room. Soon both girls were completely nude as they finally split apart and eyed one another.

Tiffani's tits were large, but not as big as Rose's. So when Rose taunted her, Tiffani got even more pissed. Rose cupped both of her tits and lifted them up.

"I bet you dream of having big tits like these?"

"At least mine don't look like f---ing cow udders!"

"Somebody's jealous," Rose mocked.

Tiffani lunged at Rose with her hands stretched out like claws aimed for Rose's tits. Rose met her head on and the two of them began to try and out maul the others tits. Grunts and groans echoed around the room as each girl's hands were filled with the others soft titflesh. They were so filled that some of the flesh oozed out between their fingers. Inside their hands both girls felt the hardening of the others nipples as they stabbed at the inside of their palms.

Their bodies were slapping together as they tried to force the other into a position of disadvantage. Their naked bellies seductively slapped into one another as they jostled for position. Each time their bellies made contact, the thin layer of sweat that started to cover them, splattered outwards. Unknown to either of them, Tori was standing in the doorway watching the spectacle. She had heard the commotion and came to investigate. A look of shock and delight covered her face.

Tiffani realized that this could go on for a long time with no one gaining an advantage so she decided to change her tactic. She let go of one of Rose's tits and reached down and slammed her hand on top of Rose's hairy snatched and applied the crotch claw. Her fingers gripped at different parts of Rose's pussy. A couple of her fingers gripped tightly onto her pussy lips while another couple grabbed onto the sides. One of her fingers was pushed inside past Rose's labia and twisting away at the inside of her cunt. Rose gasped as Tiffani's hand did it's job. She released one of Tiffani's tits as well and grabbed onto her wrist to try and pull it away from her snatch. When she found that she couldn't, she released Tiffani's other tit and tried it with both hands. Tiffani felt her grip loosening so as she felt her hands sliding away from her hold, she grabbed onto some of Rose's pussy hair.


Rose screamed as her attempt to free her pussy caused the skin in which her pubic hair had taken root to be stretched outwards. Her skin had reached it's limit, but with the pulling continuing, a fist full of pubic hair was ripped out.

Rose's hands went to her sore crotch to soothe the pain that was shooting through like fire. Tiffani didn't waste any time giving Rose a chance to recover. She saw what Rose was capable of earlier and vowed not to end up like Ricci.

With no thought of defense, except to protect her pussy, Rose left herself wide open. Tiffani grabbed both of Rose's nipples and yanked her downwards by them. In a second Rose was laid out on the floor with Tiffani standing over her sensing quick painful kicks and stomps to her tits. Rose grimaced from the pain and curled up into a fetal position. Tiffani continued to send kicks at Rose, only now they were landing on her sides and bruises were starting to form.

"" asked Tiffani as she heightened each word with a kick to Rose's sore body.

When Rose didn't answer it pissed Tiffani off even more. She bent down and grabbed onto Rose's long dark hair and dragged the sobbing girl to her feet. She then threw her across the room. She landed on top of the table, rolled over it and collapsed to the floor. Tiffani smiled as she went over to Rose and dragged her again to her feet by her hair.

"I said, DO YOU GIVE UP?"

Tiffani looked into Rose's eyes when she said that and the only response she got was Rose spitting in her face.

This got Tiffani furious as she stood Rose up against the wall, holding her by her hair with one hand and then began to slap her face back and forth.

"Very stupid CUNT!"
screamed Tiffani.

The look on Tiffani's face suddenly turned to shock. Rose had taken her knee and slammed it upwards into Tiffani's unsuspecting crotch. Tiffani's eyes bugged out as Rose repeated herself for a second and third time. By the time the third c--- blow was struck, Tiffani was all but out on her feet. Her knees had become like Jell-O and threatened to give out on her.

Finally a forth blow that almost sounded like a rifle shot when it hit Tiffani's pubic bone, dropped her to her knee's clutching at her womanhood. Rose leaned up against the wall trying to recuperate while Tiffani laid on the floor sobbing uncontrollably. Rose was now in command and she wasn't about to lose it. It was pay back time and Rose knew she could dish it out, but didn't think Tiffani would be able to take it. Rose leaped into the air and landed on top of Tiffani. A minor struggle a within a few moments Rose had Tiffani in a full body pin.

Their tits were once again in contact, but this time with Tiffani on her back, Rose's large mammaries were practically swallowing Tiffani's. Tiffani's once proud tits were now flattened like pancakes against the constant pressure from Rose's boobs and the unyielding bones of her ribcage. Some of her titflesh oozed out from the sides but it was plain to see that they were now beaten.

Rose's and Tiffani's tummies were also again in contact. The sweat was more abundant between the two and the weak struggles of Tiffani to get out from under Rose caused their bellies to slip and slide together as the sweat flowed freely. Rose pinned Tiffani's hands above her head with one hand and then reached down and raked her fingernails across the sides of Tiffani's sweaty belly leaving red jagged marks in their wake.

"Ooooooooooooooooooo!" Tiffani moaned as she felt her skin being scrapped by this Bitch.

Rose then switched hands quickly and raked her nails across the opposite side of Tiffani's stomach. Another moan of pain escaped Tiffani's lips as she was subjected to this attack once again.

Rose then raised her hips and slammed them back down on top of Tiffani's. This move caused both ladies pussies to come into instant contact. Agony for Tiffani. Pleasure for Rose.

"What's wrong Bitch?" asked Rose "Don't like that?"

Rose then raised her crotch up and began to slam it into Tiffani's crotch over and over and each time Tiffani moaned in pain.

Eventually Rose tired of this so she decided to return the favor as she reached down between the two bodies, grabbed a handful of Tiffani's crotch fur and yanked a fistful for her flesh. Tiffani screamed in pain.

"Shut up Bitch! You're giving me a headache!"

With that said, Rose took the pubic hair and forcefully shoved it into Tiffani's mouth.

Tiffani tried to spit out the offending hair but Rose pushed it back in.

"I said SHUT UP!"

Rose then shot her hand back between the two gorgeous bodies and ripped out another handful of pussy hair. Rose then again stuffed it into Tiffani's mouth. Whether out of fear or she was unable to, the pubic hair stayed there. Some of it actually hanging out of her mouth and on her lips.

Rose then slid her body up Tiffani's until she was sitting on top of her in a schoolgirl pin. Tiffani's struggles continued but since her pussy took those four blows they were almost nonexistent. Rose then took her hand and covered Tiffani's nose and mouth cutting off all her air. Tiffani's eyes went wide as she tried to suck in much needed air, but was only able to breathe in Rose's sweating palm. Her kicking became a little more excited as she tried to get Rose off of her.

Rose then took her hand away from Tiffani's mouth and nose. With the obstruction gone, Tiffani tried to gulp in much needed air. As soon as she got in half a breath, Rose laughed as she covered her mouth and nose again. Tiffani's legs continued to squirm around as she planted her feet and thrust her hips off the floor in a feeble attempt to unseat Rose. Rose laughed down at Tiffani who was still trapped underneath her.

Rose again took her hand away from Tiffani's face just when it looked like she was about to pass out.

"Not yet Bitch!" threatened Rose. "And definitely not that way!"

Tori watched from around the corner fascinated at how Rose was beating Tiffani. Tiffani gave it one last try to get Rose off of her. She brought her legs up and wrapped them around the front of both of Rose's arms and attempted to pull her off of her backwards. For a moment the two of them were locked in that position.

Maybe if Rose was taken by surprise it might have worked, but the brunette was waiting and hoping Tiffani would try this. Finally after a few seconds Rose managed to get the advantage and pulled herself forward with Tiffani's legs trapped around her arms at the knees. In a few more seconds Tiffani's feet were planted on the ground above her head with her ass stuck way up in the air.

"I can't breath." cried Tiffani. "Get off me."

"In a few seconds it won't matter Bitch!" answered Rose.

Tiffani gasped as she saw Rose's superior pussy move a few inches closer and then completely cover her face. Tiffani's legs twitched about helplessly in Rose's grasp as darkness began to overtake her.

"Use that tongue and maybe I'll let you breath." threatened Rose.

With no other alternative left to her, Tiffani did what Rose told her to do. Her tongue entered Rose's pussy and went to work massaging her pink clit and the walls inside her cunt. Rose was ecstatic and allowed Tiffani a little air at a time with only enough to keep her tongue busy. Tiffani was sobbing as she serviced Rose. She knew she was beaten and only thought of living this humiliation down. She suddenly began to gag as Rose began to orgasm all over her face. The love juices from Rose's pussy covering her face completely. In a state of euphoria, Rose "accidentally on purpose" forgot to give Tiffani anymore air and soon the girl was silent and unconscious.

Rose sat there for a moment longer enjoying the situation until she heard a noise behind her.

She turned to see Tori standing there in the doorway.

"Enjoying yourself?" asked Tori.

Rose just sat there and stared at Tori.