Rose McGowan vs. Michelle Williams by Hawkeye and Chris 12-21-00

The strains of 'Fire Woman' by The Cult echo through the arena as red spotlights swarm through the crowd eventually meeting at the entrance curtain. Michelle Williams pushes her way through and begins twisting to the seductive beat, her hips shifting enticingly, the low-cut, white peasant blouse straining to contain its abundant contents, the lower portion of the garment tied in a knot leaving the blonde's midriff bare.

After teasing the crowd into an agitated state, she saunters down to the ring, her black micro miniskirt wafting as she performs a few spins - revealing black satin panties beneath.

As she slides under the bottom rope, the 'Creek' star grabs a microphone and deigns to speak PAST those attending and TO her opponent.

"Rose...ROSE. Come on out and let's give these people a show they'll never forget. It's only appropriate that I inaugurate CWC3 - the start of a new era - by ending a myth of the past. I know your reputation...I know your record, not only of wins and losses, but of the seducing pain and humiliation you so enjoy. I know where you live now, Rose."

Michelle holds a tattered book overhead, the worn leather binding and yellowed pages showing the age and incredible usage the volume had endured over the years.

"I'm going to come into your own house, play under your house rules and walk out a big winner. Break the bank as it were and maybe your soft little tummy, as well."

Michelle threw the book in her corner.

"Now don't get me wrong girl, I'm definitely going to add a little of my own spice to the recipe to make it a less dreary, more colorful eradication than you've ever managed, but I think you'll recognize the main ingredients."

Michelle tosses the stick down and trails her fingers lightly over her cleavage crossing her hands as they reach her midriff, making a odd butterfly massaging motion, seemingly warming herself to the task ahead.

There is a long silence after Michelle finishes, almost as if her opponent isn't going to show.. a buzz starts in the crowd.. has one of the all-time bad girls finally met her match.. is McGowan chicken.. as if in answer to the questions Bach's Tacatta starts and the fans of the gothic beauty begin to cheer.. Soon the music is replaced with the amplified sound of flesh striking flesh. The repeated rhythm is both erotic and disturbing at the same time.. The crowd is going into a frenzy..

Soon the curtains at the back of the arena slowly open to reveal Rose McGowan clad in a black leather trench coat. She begins to slowly, methodically make her way toward the ring. She never breaks her stride or picks up her pace. Instead, she saunters toward the ring with a bemused smirk on her face. At an agonizingly slow pace, she finally makes her way to the ring, her eyes never leaving Michelle and the smirk never leaving her lovely face. She finally rolls under the bottom rope and quickly gets to her feet.

Slowly and provocatively, she pulls off the sash of the leather trench coat, and slowly opens it. The contrast of the black leather to her pale white skin is striking. More striking than that is her black leather micro bikini, which is working overtime to contain her significant assets. She tosses the coat aside and it is caught by Christina Ricci who has appeared at ring side, as if out of nowhere. She holds out her red-nailed hand for the microphone. As she speaks, her other hand traces patterns across the flesh of her stomach, as if in answer to Michelle.

"Well, it looks like the bimbo made a check out without getting a library card. Michelle, you are so deceiving yourself. Yes you've gotten one of the books that I play by.. and judging from you attire, you've obviously read it. Otherwise you would not be offering such a blatant challenge that you know I have to accept. Fair warning little girl...that is one of the books I play by, but I assume you failed to notice the other authors in the room, and that will be your downfall. Yeah, you've stepped into my house, and it's a challenge I always welcome, but you forget tramp, you're on my territory now.. and I've played this game a lot longer than you.. and if you think I don't have some other tricks up my sleeve... Be aware of this neophyte, you've read this book, perhaps even twice.. but I've studied it.. and lived it.. it's a part of me.. and it's only fair to warn you.. I know what this is like.. and how it feels, you're only discovering this. You never forget your first.. win or lose the person haunts you for a long time.. and I hope you're ready to not only lose blondie.. but to be haunted and hunted by me for a long time to come.."

Rose lowers the mike to within inches of her stomach.. her pale hand arches in the air.. and comes down solidly, connecting with an amplified "SLAP", echoes through the arena. Rose needs no bell and Michelle knows it, that slap of skin was a bell unto itself.. and the two girls begin to slowly circle.

And circle...and circle...Rose waiting patiently, stroking her fingers over her pale midriff, smiling devilishly, Michelle hesitating less out of patience than doubt, theory was one thing, staring into those penetrating, chestnut eyes was another.

Rose seemed to be inviting her to take the first shot and finally the petite blonde could wait no longer sending a side kick at Rose's gut, the leg intercepted by the raven-haired beauty.

Rose delights in this early advantage, walking around the ring haughtily, as Michelle hops on one foot to keep up. Throwing caution to the wind, Michelle launches into an enziguri kick catching Rose completely off guard and sending her tumbling to the mat.

Instantly, Michelle is on the stunned Rose, guiding her to her feet only to toss her into the ropes and meet her with a successful boot to the midsection that doubles the gothic beauty over. Michelle drops to one knee, slips underneath and plants a little peck on Rose's navel. Raring back, she follows the kiss with another of a slightly different caliber, burying an uppercut as far as she can into the tummy of her rival, Rose grunting slightly, losing some of her wind, but remains standing.

Michelle steps back, a look of concern flashing in her hazel pools. She should have been coughing up a storm after a shot like that and while still recovering her wind, she was most decidedly NOT.

Michelle pushed Rose back into her corner and prepared for the next step on what certainly looked like it might be a long journey. Not a problem, she thought as she retreated to the opposite corner, I can stay out here all night and beat that belly until it's the color and consistency of Mom's strawberry preserves.

The young blonde runs headlong to the other corner, connecting flush with Rose's weakened form, the slap of her belly against Rose's own causing her to grimace then smile, knowing the pain to Rose had to be several fold more.

Striding arrogantly around the ring, she approaches the pale beauty slumped in the corner and draws her to the middle of the ring. Stretching her arms behind Rose, she locks her fingers tight and pulls Rose to her, McGowan drawn into Michelle's embrace like a spider who has had the tables turned and is to be devoured by the fly.

Softly their breasts meet and as the pressure is increased their stomachs make contact - no trademark McGowan slap, but a slow melding of their flesh against each other as Michelle draws Rose closer still. She can almost feel the air leaving Rose's lungs, feel how her back and belly must be aching when suddenly the realization flashes in her eyes; those are not sympathetic pains transferred, but indeed HER breathing becoming more labored, HER belly and chest being immersed into her adversary.

Rose's arms close around the buxom blonde with the efficiency of a pneumatic press, her eyes at once turning from lifeless to brilliant.

Realizing too late, Michelle releases her grip and tries to pry herself loose to no avail. Natural order restored, the spider continues to spin her web around the fly.

An audible moan escaped Michelle's full lips as the grip around her waist tightened. She could feel her body being crushed against Rose's in an embrace that seemed as if it would tighten forever. Despite her arms still being wrapped around McGowan, Michelle could feel her grip loosening and loosening. Rose's dark brown eyes met with Michelle's hazel.

"This is gonna be one long ride for you.. And since you now know what it's all about.. it's gonna be all the more humiliating."

Michelle tried to brace her mind and body for the next excruciating pulse of the embrace, but it didn't come. In fact, all pressure stopped. Her eyes opened and Rose had released her and was circling again. Why had the gothic beauty done that? Michelle wasn't going to question her good fortune, she was going to take advantage of it.

With lightning speed, Michelle grabbed Rose by the wrist and started to fling her towards the turnbuckle, but the buxom dark-haired girl reversed it and it was Michelle flying toward the corner. She managed to turn, but pain rocketed though her body as her back hit the turnbuckle, that pain nothing compared to the feel of Rose's shoulder burying itself in her exposed midriff. Michelle's eyes went wide and her mouth formed a small "o" of pain, as it felt like the smaller girl's shoulder was going to meet her spine from the force.

Michelle's head dropped back as her arms clung to the ropes for support. The sweat from her body was making the white peasant blouse almost transparent already.. and the match had just started.

With a cruel smirk Rose grabbed the ropes on either side of Michelle and used them to slingshot her body into the other girl.

The fans roared as the microphones around the ring picked up Rose's trademark slap of flesh on flesh. Over and over, Rose's body plowed into Michelle's, but this time things were different. Michelle knew that it was always humiliating to an opponent when Rose did these things.. but now she knew why, she understood it.. and knowing about it only made the humiliation worse. It was if her body was wired to feel every inch of Rose's supple skin against her own.

Finally, mercifully, the body pounding stopped, but Michelle still felt the warmth of the other girl's flesh pressed against her own. Rose was still holding the ropes, pressing Michelle into the corner, grinding her body against the other girl. Her lips moved close to Michelle's ear and she licked it, then whispered to her..

"You should have known better than to challenge me at my own game, and I'm gonna enjoy every minute of your......"

Rose's words were cut short by a savage knee to the groin by Michelle. The dark-haired beauty didn't go down, but backed up a step or two clutching her crotch in pain, and giving Michelle a moment to regain her senses.

"Not going to enjoy every minute," Michelle said between gasps.

Stepping forward, she threw out her arm and caught Rose with a short clothesline, dropping her to the canvas.

"See, you're forgetting that I've got your game AND MINE and to put it bluntly, I'm too good at both."

Still between the two, it was obvious which she now preferred, forgoing Rose's open midsection for another vicious stomp to her womanhood, Rose rising to a 'V', an elbow drop to the chin folding her back to a prone position.

The buxom blonde crawled astride Rose's slender hips, bucking deeply into her pelvis, grinding her derriere into Rose, the moist satin of Michelle's panties meeting Rose's leather, a moan of pain emanating from the raven-haired girl, as Michelle dropped into her again.

Still the sound of Rose in pain wasn't enough, for there it was again, staring her in the face, rolling gently, within inches of Michelle's crotch, the sight of her breadbasket drawing Michelle inexorably forward. And with the next pump of Michelle's piston action, she rose to her knees and planted herself deep into Rose's belly, an audible release of air, letting the blonde know she had struck home. Rose could try and hide it, but that had to hurt...had to.

She slid down from her straddle to a full body pin, momentarily expecting to hear the slap of a hand on the mat, but the stipulation had been agreed - submission only, neither woman wanting a simple 1-2-3.

Michelle rode the wave of Rose's warm and wet skin, the feel of her belly against Michelle's own, the sensation flashing her back to the bearhug of minutes before, even in this dominant position, the impression was unnerving.

Shaking the thought out of her head physically, the young blonde moved on to more familiar targets, twisting and stretching the modicum of black leather that contained Rose's bounty. Hardly a shrinking violet, Rose seemed uninterested in humility, using her hands to strike at Michelle's head and chest rather than protect herself and her wardrobe. The blows - while effective - could not deter Michelle from her prize, Williams finally ripping off the top and throwing it aside, Rose's spectacular, ivory globes open for inspection and more importantly to Michelle - attack.

Michelle sunk her diminutive digits into the flesh, squeezing and clawing with both barrels, Rose resolutely gritting her teeth, struggling to deny Michelle the satisfaction of acknowledging the pain.

But satisfaction there was, perhaps not in hearing Rose scream for mercy, but in the control Michelle felt. With each clutch of Rose's ripe bosom, every twist of her swollen nipples, she could sense the raven-haired beauty's nervous system firing warning flares...escape...escape.

What she didn't sense was McGowan's alabaster legs entwining up and around Michelle's waist. Only when Rose forced Michelle off by bucking and rolling to the side did Michelle understand. Rose tightened her calves around Michelle's midsection and then like a croc swallowing its meal, she began to swallow Michelle up. But unlike the reptile shifting his prey deeper into his gullet, Rose gobbled Michelle up farther and farther between her thighs until she could go no further, perfectly situated for Rose to apply the most pressure possible, Michelle squealing when she had the breath.

The sweat-slicked thighs of Rose release for a split-second, only to regain a better hold around Michelle's stomach, driving together, harder, fiercer; Michelle feeling as if she might be cut in two.

The smirk on McGowan's face broadened as she heard the huff of air escaping Michelle's full lips. The girl's eyes were closed trying to figure out a way of escaping. Rose had made sure that the pain of the scissors would be full, as she had placed her knee on Michelle's navel to begin the crushing. She laughed and said...

"Sweety, you barely know your own game much less mine. I've played your game before.. and know mine better than almost anyone. I'm gonna soften you up before going in for the ultimate thrill.. er.. kill."

With that, the pain became so excruciating that Michelle did think she might be split in half by the cruel girl dominating her. On top of the pain there was a new feeling. Michelle opened her eyes to see Rose attempting to undo the knot on her peasant blouse and expose her, just as Rose was exposed. Quickly, Michelle's hands shot down to battle with her attacker's, but another pulse of the gothic beauty's thighs stopped Michelle out of sheer pain.

With Michelle's hands free, Rose made quick work of the peasant blouse, but didn't completely remove it. Instead, she pulled it up over Michelle's head, effectively blinding her and restricting her hands. With her dirty work done, Rose released her scissors, and quickly got to her feet.

Michelle's vision was completely blocked by the white shirt and her arms were more or less useless. She knew she had to get out of it, or she was dead meat.

Suddenly, there was a pain in her groin. A lighting bolt seemed to shoot from her pubic bone to her skull, as Rose apparently was paying her back for the groin stomp.

Still fighting to free herself, Michelle found herself pulled up to her feet. To disoriented to know what was what, Michelle found herself being thrown one way.. was it to a turnbuckle, the ropes.. what? The sudden feel of the ropes taking her weight told her, as she was quickly slingshot back in the direction she had come. She feared the worst.

Ohh there was a slap alright, but not in the way Michelle expected it. It was not the flesh of stomach hitting stomach, but instead was the slap of Rose's bare feet colliding with her full bare breasts in a devastating drop kick. Michelle hit the mat hard but despite the disorienting attack she had managed to get the blouse off of her face and arms.

Not wanting the match to turn against her, Rose yanked the garment out of Michelle's hands and tossed it into the screaming crowd. No sense giving the blonde a weapon she thought, as she tossed the garment away. Rose spun and leapt into the air for a beautiful splash to continue her abdominal assault, but at the last possible moment her brown eyes widened, as Michelle rolled out of the way. Rose hit hard with a grunt, but knew she had to move quickly or Michelle would take her advantage away.

Rose rolled to her feet in an instant, but Michelle had yet to make it there, still massaging her breasts. The Goth princess broke into a wide smile.

"Don't tell me you're wearing down already. There's so much more I want to do to you. On second thought, I'll do it anyway."

Michelle ignored Rose's cutting remarks, but when she moved toward her, the blonde beauty gave her rapt attention. Putting herself in reverse, she slid on her backside to the corner, Rose judiciously following her in.

Waiting for the precise moment, Michelle lashed up and out with a kick between Rose's legs, but she anticipated the blonde's desperation, catching Michelle's ankle inches before impact.

In a state of panic, Michelle grabbed for the ropes to pull herself out, but Rose snatched her other leg and pulled her to the middle of the ring, Michelle squirming and writhing to release herself, her breasts undulating wildly with each attempt.

McGowan steadied herself and glanced around the ring, debating what to do with her cargo. Suddenly, she flipped backward catapulting Michelle into the air. The 'Creek' Star landed across the top rope, frantically halting her momentum from sending her over the top and to the floor some ten feet below; Michelle left as if laundry out to dry.

Rose scrambled to her feet and jumped on Michelle forcing the thick cable deep into her already aching breadbasket. Again and again, she bounced atop the blonde.

"Hey girl, you're my own personal "tramp-oline."

Michelle felt as though she might vomit, her abs caving under the pressure of being sandwiched between Rose's dripping wet bosom and stomach above and the rubber-coated steel below, not to mention the warm breath and words of derision in her ear.

Rose relished the feel of Michelle's sweat slicked back pressed against her naked abdomen as she continued to pump the girl into the rope. Grunt after grunt from the blonde's full lips told the story that the air was literally being forced from her young body.

A quick step to the side and another yank on the rope and Michelle found herself flung into the air landing hard on her back. Her mind screamed one thing to her, she had to protect her abdomen for the other girl. With all she knew, to suffer a defeat or submission with the sweaty pale stomach of McGowan pressed against hers would be more than humiliating, granted the audience didn't know what she knew of the DeSade philosophy, but SHE knew and that was enough. Just seconds after she hit, she rolled over onto her belly.

Rose grinned as she pounced on the slightly larger girl. She knew Michelle was protecting her stomach but the time to claim that prize was made all the more precious in the anticipation of it. Instead of rolling the blonde back over, Rose sat down astride the blonde's sweaty back. Her nearly naked behind, flattening a little as it pressed against the flesh of the girl's exposed back. Bouncing up and down a few times to press more air from her lungs was as much a delight for Rose as it was for the screaming fans.

She knew Rose was smaller than her, and probably weighed a little less, but when McGowan dropped down and started bouncing on her, Michelle felt like she was crushed under a ton of bricks. Soon the bouncing stopped much to Michelle's relief, but suddenly she was aware of a new sensation, not painful but new. She felt the air near her behind cool just a bit. It was only then that she realized McGowan was stripping her of her micro miniskirt leaving her in only a thong, similar to Rose's own.

The crowd roared as Rose slipped the miniskirt off Michelle's near naked behind. For a moment a huge grin passed over her cruel face as she debated stripping the girl naked. No there would be time for that later, so instead she raised her hand in the air. Once against there was a slap ringing in the air, but this time it was Rose's hand colliding with the exposed flesh of Michelle's nearly bare behind. The soft but firm flesh jiggled from the strike, and was soon doing it again, as Rose's hand came down over and over reddening the pale cheek of the Dawson's Creek star.

Michelle roared, more from the embarrassment of being spanked in front of her fans than from the stinging blows, and she began to kick her feet. Some sheep are easily shorn Rose thought, as this is what she had hoped for. Quickly catching Michelle's ankles Rose pulled them towards herself. It was only as she felt Rose's hands on her ankles that Michelle realized she had made a rookie mistake, and she knew she was about to pay for it, as she felt her feet slide smoothly under McGowan's sweaty arm pits.

The pain was almost as horrific as the vision was erotic, as Rose, with Michelle's legs trapped under her arms, leaned back as far as she could. Michelle's mouth opened but no scream would come out, the pain was too great. Rose could feel the smooth firm flesh of Williams' behind press against her crotch and thought she'd give the fans something to remember, as she began to grind her groin against Michelle's pale bottom. After a moment or two of this, Rose returned to pulling backwards on the girl trying to snap her in half, but this time it was not Michelle who made the rookie mistake.

Michelle knew it was a risk but she had to get out of the hold. It was a risk that would either pay off or severely injure her and leave her at the mercy of her sadistic tormentor. As McGowan leaned back farther, Michelle reached up and grabbed the girl's coal black hair in her hand and pulled toward herself. She could have suffered severe and permanent injury to the spine, had McGowan not played into Michelle's attack by instinctively reaching up to relieve the pressure of the hair pull.

Michelle's legs were now free from Rose's dangerous Boston Crab, and flopped back down gracelessly to the mat. Michelle could have cared less about grace, as she yanked and pulled the smaller girl off her to the side. As McGowan hit the mat, Michelle rolled and brought her other elbow down viciously in a drop to Rose's pale throat. McGowan coughed and gagged, clutching her neck, as the pain that flooded her body was instantaneous.

Michelle felt reborn in her deliverance from Rose's handiwork. It was time to return the favor in spades. She sent a double ax-handle blow into Rose's gut...and another...and another, Rose sputtering, each attempted inhalation cut short by the next blow.

"YOU," Michelle drove in again.

Rose moaning gutturally.

"ARE GOING TO LEARN," this time with a slap, that reverberated throughout the arena.

The crowd responding with a reflexive 'WOOO'


Michelle finishing with a claw that she drove into Rose's belly. Using her navel as a guide, the blonde forced her fingers into McGowan's flesh around the button, adding her own indentations to the God-given one.

Rose grimaced, biting her lip. She wasn't going to...

Michelle positioned her opposite hand on top and leaned her body weight into her grip, constricting Rose's abdomen, as well as adding to the strength of her grip.

And there it was - nothing more than a little chirp, but to Michelle it sounded like a shout from a mountaintop. The Goth beauty was unable to deny the pain emanating from the very center of her philosophy...the center of her ring tactics...the center of her body. And as the pale, alabaster skin turned pink, then crimson around each of Michelle's fingertips, Rose blurted out "bitch" in a most violent manner, as she bucked and rolled to escape, Michelle hanging on to her smile, as well as her grip, until she determined that Rose would have to restrained more forcefully for her to continue.

She released her hold, rolling to her feet to survey the damage, Rose rubbing at her most beloved region, the physical manifestation of her being. And as she rubbed, she observed Williams' brand still glowing in her otherwise ivory skin, the thought of retribution already simmering.

However, Michelle pulled Rose - at least temporarily - off the burner, landing a knee to her temple that had the raven-haired beauty flopping on the mat like a fish out of water, her breasts heaving wildly.

"And now the coupe de grace," Michelle said, as she placed her foot in the sweaty cleft of Rose's rack, reducing her spasms to ineffectual squirming.

Lifting Rose to her feet, Michelle threw McGowan's head between her thighs, wrapped her arms around Rose's waist and yanked back, as if she was pulling in a marlin off the Florida coast. Rose fought her efforts, blocking the first attempt and the second, but a knee to the jaw loosened up Rose just enough for the third time to be the charm and in a split-second down...

The crown of Rose's head landed with a thud against the canvas, her spine compressed upon itself. For a moment or two, Michelle held her victim upright, reveling in the results of her piledriver and then releasing, Rose falling limply to the mat.

Yet with no count out available, more work was necessary. She straddled the semi-conscious beauty with a look of malice coalesced with delight. She rubbed her hands together staring down into Rose's glassy eyes.

"What to do...what to do?"

Michelle's eyes danced delightedly as she tried to figure out what to do first with the nearly unconscious Goth beauty under her. Thoughts ranged from putting her in hold after hold after hold until she sobbed her surrender. Thoughts of grinding abdomens with Rose until she was forced to surrender under the eroticism of her own philosophy, no best to save that as a grand finale and really humiliate the girl.

Rose began to groan and her eyelids fluttered more and more, Michelle realizing that she was starting to come around. God, she's like something out of a horror movie. She just keeps getting up and coming back for more. It wasn't the coming back for more, it was the dishing it out worse that started a panic to rise. Thinking quickly she knew she had to keep McGowan groggy and near out of it if she was ever going to force a submission from her. She slammed her hand down over the pale dark-haired beauty's nose and mouth cutting off her air.

It was only moments before McGowan's brown eyes sprung to life from the realization that she was not able to breath, and she began to thrash her near naked body in an attempt to free herself. To her credit Michelle rode the sweaty girl like a bronc buster, as she kept her suffocating hands in place. Had there been a ref. in the ring he would have pulled Michelle's hand away, but there was no ref.. no rules.. just the two of them, striving for the submission.

Slowly those brown eyes began to flutter again, and start to close. The struggles of the sweaty beauty seemed to grow weaker and weaker until she was only slightly writhing. Michelle had to admit the girl's squirming flesh against her bare thighs and crotch were more than stimulating. She removed her hand from Rose's face, to reveal the lipstick smeared by her sweaty palm. Michelle grinned as she slid her body out along Rose's and thought too bad she's to out of it to feel this, she'd love it. Almost as if in answer to her thoughts, McGowan's body shuddered under her own, but Michelle cared nothing for what Rose liked or didn't. Michelle almost gently lowered her full breasts over the lower half of Rose's face in another smother attempt.

The slick flesh seemed to swallow up the pale girl's features as if being consumed in a sea of flesh. Michelle grinned at the fans and began to grind her crotch against Rose's navel, knowing it would humiliate the girl in watching the playback later. In an instant Michelle's pretty smiling face grimaced and she let out a horrible scream. The pain from Rose's teeth sinking into her breast meat told her the girl was playing possum, and had been taking the time while Michelle was showing off to try and get her wind and energy back.

Michelle rolled off Rose, squealing and grabbing at her breast; teeth marks, but no broken skin. She turned to her assailant, who was up to a seated position, still panting and rubbing her neck. There was still time.

Michelle grabbed the raven-haired beauty by her hair and guided her to her feet. Holding Rose's head up, Michelle cocked and fired a right cross that found its mark, Rose falling back a step. Last gasp, she thought, smile returning. But McGowan pirouetted back with a fist of her own and slammed it deep into Michelle's still tender tummy, the blonde losing her grip on Rose's locks. Still, Michelle returned with another right, this time to one of Rose's pendulous breasts, the blow smashing into the delicate tissue, flattening it against her sternum, Rose yelping in pain. Point/Counterpoint continued, as Rose replied with a quick shot to the kidney and then dropping to one knee, landed a stiff uppercut between Michelle's legs that froze her in place, save her knees locking together and a mask of agony defacing her impeccable features.

Rose had somehow regained control and grabbing the rigid Michelle around the midriff, lifted her up and deposited her on her knee, the bone striking like lightning into the most fragile of areas, Michelle unable to verbalize the anguish beyond a pitiful squeak.

Rose threw her to the canvas, Michelle rolling into the fetal position, the blonde cooing and pawing at her crotch. Rose stumbled toward her, shaking off the after effects of her head-first meeting with the mat, the match degenerating to a battle of wills, with survival awarded to the fittest.

And what better way to break one's will, Rose thought. She flopped down next to Michelle and shoved her hand up between Michelle's crossed legs, as if the blonde were her own personal handpuppet. Michelle batted at the intruding hand, but Rose continued to wrench and pull at her reward, Rose's fingers emerging with a set of torn, sweat-soaked, black satin undies, Michelle making one last grab for her cover, her embarrassment overcoming her pain for a moment, but Rose snatched it out of reach with a wicked smile.

"Sorry Miss Blondie, but showing your disk drive is the least of your worries."

Rose peeled Michelle out of her protective ball and kept her that way by jumping aboard in a full body pin, their torsos meeting with a meaty smack, Rose sliding up and down with the help of each girl's salty lubrication.

"Despite your best efforts, I'm right where I belong...right where I said I'd be."

Rose lifted off Michelle and slammed herself back down, breasts and belly reuniting in a resounding thump, Michelle groaning deeply from the impact.

And through the pain and humiliation Michelle knew Rose was right.

If she couldn't remove herself from this predicament and fast...well she didn't want to think about that. Whatever she could imagine, she was sure Rose could come up with something ten times worse.

Rose looked down at the girl trapped under her and grinned. Slowly, as if to draw out the anticipation, she took her time raising her body up over the pinned Michelle Williams. In her position above the girl, Rose looked down grinning from ear to ear. The sight below her was incredibly appealing to her. Michelle Williams her body glistening under the lights, seemingly glazed in her own sweat. Her blonde hair plastered to her face, neck and back.

Michelle's mind was racing she knew that she had to do something. She had read the girl's philosophy and knew what was in store. In some ways it almost made her situation worse, it was almost like having a premonition of things to come unless she could turn the tables and try to gain control, or she would truly be humiliated.

The time that Rose was above Michelle was only a moment, but to both girls it seemed an eternity. Michelle felt sweat dripping from Rose's body onto her own. What had the book said... She knew there was something. As Rose started to drop her body onto Michelle her mind suddenly seized it.

"Welcome the contact and embrace it."

That was all of the sentence her mind was able to grab before Rose's body landed with a splattering sound atop her.

Something was different this time. Yes the collision of McGowan's supple body against her own was compressing, but it did not hurt as badly has it had earlier in the match. There was a warm feeling that she was suddenly more aware of, as McGowan's body lay pressed to hers for a moment, before McGowan started to push up to land on her again. She understood finally, she definitely saw the appeal, and while she wouldn't turn into the monster that McGowan was in regards to this philosophy, she finally got it and could add it to her arsenal.

As Rose landed again, Michelle grunted, but inside of her she was starting to boil. It all made sense. How dare Rose try to take her down this way? It was humiliating even though she was starting to welcome the contact and actually finding the eroticism somewhat appealing How dare Rose do this? She knew she had to fight back, win or lose she was not gonna let Rose walk away thinking that she would literally lay there and take it.

Rose started to drop her body, but this time as she did Michelle arched up her own body, slamming it into McGowan's frame. The combined efforts awarded both girls with a smack of skin on skin louder than was often heard in a McGowan match. As their bodies were compressed, Michelle could swear she felt a shiver run through Rose's body just after the body contact was made.

Rose quickly lifted again but upon her decent Michelle again arched up and slapped back into her. As Rose lifted again their eyes met. Michelle's gaze was steely as she again slapped up against her opponent. This time Rose's body didn't hit, it just rode Michelle's back down, and the anger was flickering in McGowan's eyes. She had always claimed she wanted an opponent who really knew how to play her game in the ring, but now that she had it, it was making it both challenging and frustrating.

As the two landed Michelle flipped her thigh over McGowan's and began to try and roll the girl over onto her back. Both girls pressed their slick bodies together. Breasts mushroomed out between their bodies as they pressed each trying to get the other one down and flat under her.

Michelle used nearly all of what was left of her energy to collide with Rose, but when the uncertainty in Rose's countenance slipped through, a second wind, or more precisely a fifth wind filled the blonde's spirit. Still, Michelle knew this was it. She had one push left and was hoping the minute signs Rose had shown were really there and not in her imagination.

She rolled atop Rose, but the Goth princess, ever aware of every inch of her body and the body in contact with it, kept the momentum of the spin going, only to be met with another 180 degrees, Michelle again foiling her, and this time halting the barrel roll with her on top.

Michelle rose above her pale prey and slammed down upon Rose only to be with an upward thrust by McGowan, the sweaty skin of their midriffs meeting off the mat before gravity assisted Michelle in forcing Rose back down, her back meeting the canvas with a SLAP of its own, Michelle's full body weight resting on top.

Having Rose meet her with a counterattacking push had nowhere near the startling effect Michelle had on Rose with the same maneuver. In fact, the buxom blonde would have expected nothing less, but the look of concern from Rose when Michelle emphatically pushed through this effort did surprise her. And as Michelle ground herself into Rose, trying her best to make the exquisite beauty below her nothing more than a grease spot on the canvas, the look persisted - one of doubt and disbelief.

She could feel a shake rattle through Rose's entire body and the tremor was passed on to Michelle, albeit at a reduced level. Still, it was enough for Michelle to groan lightly, her entire body tingling with goosebumps, the raised skin only intensifying her sensitivity.

Best to break contact before she let the feeling overtake her, and again Michelle rose over McGowan only to hurl herself down. The women's breasts flowering on impact, as they strained against each other, their nipples hard and erect, skin and tissue exploding with sensuous tactility, but also the pain of forced compression. Michelle's belly pounded against her counterpart's, Williams instantly realizing the Rose had not risen to the occasion on this plunge, instead meekly accepting her punishment with a deep guttural groan followed by the heaving of her chest, as Rose hyperventilated in short, choppy breaths.

Rose's struggles pushed Michelle on, unwilling to stop for a moment despite her own overwhelming fatigue and soreness. The 'Creek' star grapevined her legs around Rose - locking her in tandem with Michelle - and swung her arms underneath McGowan's dripping form, pulling Rose to her, Michelle doing her best to contain the delight she felt emanating from her crotch as it chafed against Rose's g-string, even while she went about the business of squeezing the life from Rose. Michelle remained sure to augment her physical control with the psychological; never allowing their belly buttons to part, as if she could draw Rose's will out, as she kept the pressure on.

McGowan's mind raced, this couldn't be happening. Williams was matching her at her own game. The fact that she was on the bottom with her abdomen being dominated by Michelle, was almost as overwhelming as the erotic response it was causing the dark-haired vixen.

Michelle could see that she was starting to move ahead in this game, and hoped that McGowan's arousal would be just the thing to push her over the top. She knew that to prove her point, she would have to keep her abdomen against Rose's for the victory.. and if she could force the girl to climax the humiliation would be complete, but did she have the stamina to do it.. could her body hold out ? She was realizing there was something to this philosophy that McGowan and Ricci held to, as electric as the touch of their skin was, there was also something about laying atop the pale, dark-haired girl, using skin on skin to dominate her that was arousing Michelle as much as it was Rose.

There was not a lot Rose could do. Michelle had her grapevined and with her arms around McGowan's slim waist, her movements were effectively limited. Rose had to concentrate or the feeling of the girl's slick body against her own would arouse her to the point of a loss. Michelle's body seemed to glide against her own like an eel, every way McGowan moved Williams was countering. The effect was both frustrating and infuriating. As the blonde cinched her hug on Rose tighter, McGowan knew she had to try something or she was going to lose, in more ways than one.

Michelle was starting to enjoy this domination game, alternately pressuring the hug, and then letting up, allowing hope to enter the mind of her opponent that it was all over, and then pumping the hug tighter. The entire time she made sure that he sweat slick torso was grinding seductively against McGowan's. She could tell from the gasping breath and flush color on those pale cheeks what effect she was having. Suddenly, in an attempt to roll Michelle off Rose pressed her hips upward, her crotch making contact with Michelle's. The girl's beautiful eyes widened at the contact.

Despite her own state of arousal Rose could see the effect the contact had on Michelle. More than that she felt it, there was a small tremor deep inside of Michelle's abdomen that could be felt because of the contact. Rose knew she had to play this hand, or she was done for. The pallid gothic beauty began to grind her crotch against her opponents, which was met with an immediate gasp from Michelle's pouty lips. McGowan's hands slipped down Michelle's wet back and upon both hands finding the girls round buttocks she grabbed a handful of the flesh and pulled them tighter. She could tell she had the girl close to a loss.

Michelle hadn't been prepared for this, and the sudden grinding contact with Rose had nearly pushed her to her limit. Indeed, she knew that she was close to a loss, but she suspected Rose was as aroused as she and therefore as close to the loss as well. Between McGowan's grip on her behind, and her hug around Rose's chest, there left little for Michelle to do in the way of counterattacking. She could try to grind her crotch into Rose's and hope for the best, or...

Michelle used what little movement she had to lift her tummy up, albeit only an inch or two and slap it against McGowan's, with a light little slap of skin. Michelle knew that it wouldn't be enough to stop her opponent, but maybe it would push her buttons. She was right. The moment of the slap, Rose's brown eyes widened and she let out a gasp of excitement. Michelle thought she might be able to win, if she could only hold out. The only problem was McGowan was thinking the same thing.

The two girls lay there, like a beast feeding on itself. Rose slamming and grinding her pelvis up into Michelle's, who was moaning and gasping. Michelle slapping her tummy and grinding it against McGowan's pale flesh, only to be rewarded with gasps and moans that mirrored her own. It was a test of attrition, only one girl could out last the other, both were exhausted and weary, but it seemed to have come to this. Who would win? Neither could be certain.

The contest was technically a submission match, but both women now knew that the ultimate submission would be the only satisfactory conclusion for either. Entwined as one, their bodies moved in simultaneous thrusts, Michelle on top, working both pleasure and pain, as she melted into Rose's sensitive belly while constricting her arms around McGowan's chest and ribs. The raven-haired beauty's chest heaved desperately even as her midriff and lower abdomen told her, life was good.

With no place to turn, Rose laid all her eggs in one basket, raising her pelvis, her tiny leather g-string caressing the blonde's open pubic mound to spectacular effect, Michelle biting her lip and clenching her toes, anything to contain herself and yet she couldn't break the embrace. It would mean sure defeat. She had suffered the bitter humiliation of loss and fought urgently against being sent into that dark hole, even if it meant avoiding that moment of bliss Rose was forcing on her. If she only had known that below her, Rose was struggling on a completely different level.

She had lost a VERY few matches, who hadn't, but to be so near being bested at her own game. The disbelief merged with the bliss and agony into a powerful combination she was finding more difficult to contain by the second. How could this be happening and to make it worse in front of Christina?

Again the pressure increased. Rose could hardly believe it. And again Michelle rose bare inches before dropping down and skimming over the sheen of perspiration on McGowan's skin, Rose feeling as if each inch might as well be a mile at this point. In a last effort to restrain her desire, Rose ceased her own counter thrusts into Michelle's exposed womanhood, in effect sealing her doom. For as she did, Michelle recovered from her own shaky, near orgasmic state and bore down on Rose all the more.

"This isn't happening," Rose whispered between grunts that alternated between low and high pitches, depending on Michelle's pattern of descent. "This...isn't...happening."

"Oh, but it is," Michelle responded, a long-absent grin returning to her face, Rose's words steeling her resolve all the more. "And there's only one way to stop it before I drive through to your spine...but we know what'll happen before that."

Michelle's smile widened, her soaking, matted, golden locks dripping onto Rose's pale cheeks and devil red lips, all confidence drained from her visage, her self-assurance and poise nearly gone.

"You win," she sighed, desperate to save herself from giving Michelle the ultimate satisfaction.

"Good, but not good enough. Tell me who has the power?" Michelle asked, pushing hard into her belly, even finding the confidence to grind her crotch into McGowan's, only adding to her need to concede, but she had already.

Rose knew what Michelle wanted now and she shook her head wildly, frantically trying to pry Michelle loose, but to no avail. There was nowhere to go now...but she would not admit THAT.

Michelle rocked into her stronger still, closing her hug till Rose could only gasp in response, Michelle aggressively driving into her midriff and crotch. The match already won, the admission denied, there was only one destination left to take her.

Rose grew rigid in her arms, trying to hang on and Michelle could tell in her darting brown eyes, her clenched teeth, her every muscle stiffened, the time was now. She cautiously released her hug and sent one hand to Rose's leather g-string, sliding inside, probing through the moist hair to her lips and beyond, more a tender journey than one of assault. The other hand curled out from beneath Rose and began tracing across her stomach. Michelle's fingers acted as if a pair of jumper cables connecting both pleasure points together, Rose immediately electrifying into spasm, Michelle dragging her digits across Rose's clit with one hand, while digging a claw into her gut with the other.

Unable to respond in anything but the most primal way to Michelle's urging, Rose screamed, thrusting her pelvis up, then exploding in sweet release into Michelle's hand, her nectar dripping from between her legs, running down to her firm pear-shaped ass before falling to the mat, Rose following behind - the lack of oxygen, abundance of exhaustion, earth-shaking orgasm and Michelle's continued abdominal torture combing to leave her a motionless, tantalizing shell of the arrogant warrior she had been at the beginning of the encounter.

Michelle removed her hand from between McGowan's legs taking the sopping leather swatch of material with her, Rose joining Michelle in dueling birthday suits. She tossed away the cowhide and wiped the juices on Rose's already glistening, reddened stomach, moving up to a schoolgirl straddle of Rose's chest and shoulders.

"Seems while I learned a lesson in DeSade, you've learned a lesson in humility."

Michelle slithered up over Rose's chin, only then the raven-haired beauty's gaze turning from a glassy stupor to one of panic. Totally spent, Rose's muscles would not comply with her desperate wish to escape her fate, her grunts of effort ending with a final "ummph", as the young blonde settled down on her exquisite features, her mouth and nose forced into servitude to Michelle's own personal amusement and as the she inched forward, sending the Goth princess' entire face into the humid, carnal darkness, Rose faded from consciousness.

A shame thought Michelle, but it couldn't be helped. The buxom blonde in a lascivious world unto herself, slowly undulated over Rose's face, using every feature as a delightful bump in her ride. Quickly the rolls became staccato jerks, Michelle's panting turning more and more vocal, one hand trailing down to her bush, her fingers dawdling in the short golden curls then playfully mixing in Rose's long mane of midnight; the other reveling in her triumphant belly, gliding and massaging, the tidal waves of senses and emotions overwhelming her...until...Rose's face was awash in the physical manifestation of her satisfaction...her victory.

Michelle ascended from the vanquished Rose a few inches and gathering some of her honey wiped it tenderly across Rose's full ruby lips.

"That my dear girl is the taste of victory...remember it."