Christina Ricci vs. Rose McGowan by Fightdir

Christina had been humiliated at her second defeat to Jennifer Love Hewitt, and she didn't know who to turn to, so she went to her old friend and co-star of "Mermaids" Winona Ryder. The two sexy young actresses sat in an out of the way coffee shop in West Hollywood, as Ricci relived every humiliating detail of both losses to Jennifer Love Hewitt. Ryder, listened patiently and stoically as she sipped her espresso, and finally when Ricci finished her tale. The other dark haired actress leaned over the table and said two words to Christina, "Rose McGowan."

Christina Ricci, had heard of McGowan, she had after all done several successful movies including SCREAM and JAWBREAKER, and had a reputation for being one tough girl. Ricci explained that she didn't know Rose and wouldn't begin to know how to bring this up. Winona smiled and said "I know Rose Very well, and if I explain things and ask her I'm sure she'd help you." The two girls exchanged, shop talk and said no more of fights or wrestling, but Christina's young mind raced with thoughts of revenge against Jennifer Love Hewitt. Soon the two left the coffee shop and went on their way.

A few days later, a package arrived at Christina's house. The buxom young starlet was surpassed upon opening it to find a note instructing her to come to a house in the Hollywood Hills at a specific time that night, and to wear what was included in the box. The note was simply signed "Rose" in red ink with a lipstick kiss on the stationary. Inside the box was a very tiny lycra bikini.

Holding it up Christina thought "this is way too small.. I'll never be able to do anything wearing this."

Upon trying it on.. she found that the lycra gave a bit and covered a little more, not much than she had originally thought. That night she found herself clad only in the bikini with a trench coat throw on over it making the drive to the home in the Hollywood Hills. Getting out of the car, she nervously started toward the door, when it swung open and there stood Rose McGowan, dressed in a bikini exactly like the one Christina had on. Christina had a full chest, rounded hips and a body that most men would kill their wives for, but Rose, seemed slightly more in almost every area than the younger starlet. Rose's black hair contrasted against her pale white skin, as much as the black bikini did against her large chest, and flared hips. She smiled a warm smile, and extended a hand to Christina invited her into the house.

The home was incredibly well done and was actually quite warm. It was as if the heat had been turned up on purpose. Christina took off her trench and was now clad exactly as Rose was. McGowan eyed Christina's lush body as she indicated for Christina to sit. "Here are the ground rules. I've already called Jennifer Love Hewitt and set up another match for the two of you a week from tonight."

Christina leapt to her feet, "A week ?!?" she chirped to which Rose only smiled and motioned for her to sit down.

Rose continued, "I'm sure you'll be ready.. here are my ground rules. You live here for the next week. I'll teach you what I can, and hopefully turn you into a winner."

The thought of defeating Jennifer Love Hewitt filled Christina's mind to such an extent she almost didn't hear McGowan say.

"Since you'll be here a week, we'll make it more fun. We'll wrestle in just a few minutes, and the loser with be slave to the winner for a week."

Christina looked up, her dark eyes suddenly wary, "What ?"

Rose smiled and said, "Like I said, the loser will be slave to the winner for the rest of the week.. At the end of the week, just before your re-match with Hewitt, you and I will have another real match, and that will decide something.. the loser of that match will be slave to the winner for a whole month."

Christina, was not liking the sound of this very much, and said so.

Rose put a hand on Christina's bare thigh and said, "Trust me baby, I've beaten Hewitt several times, and if you end up my slave for a week, you'll be more than ready to try and have me as a slave for a month.. that's my whole offer, you can take it or you can walk out right now, and just show up next week for your match with Jennifer."

Christina knew that this was probably her only hope of beating Love Hewitt, and as much as she didn't want to, she nodded her head and said, "OK, I agree."

The two stunning dark haired beauties stood and shook hands on the deal, and Rose said Cheerily let's go down stairs.

Christina followed Rose down into the basement, it was almost like a sauna it was so hot. The room was completely padded so as to prevent injury.

"This set up is amazing" Christina said in awe.

Rose just smiled and said "I've always loved to wrestle, this room is setup for it."

Wiping sweat off her neck Christina asked about the heat in the room. Rose carefully explained that, "It has a way of building up your stamina. Besides, there's nothing like feeling your opponent sweating under you when you're beating her."

Christina grinned at the idea of Jennifer Love Hewitt's young body soaked in sweat and lying prone under her as she finally used her impressive chest to smother the little actress out cold.

Rose looked at her and said, "You read ?"

Christina nodded.

"Good, Noni told me about your match, and it seems like you're weaknesses are your tummy and getting smothered so I'm gonna test those out, now."

Christina watched as Rose begin circling. The two young actresses, in the humid basement begin to slowly circle each other. Christina felt a knot in her belly as she knew this would not be easy. Slowly the two approached and Rose raised her hands in a classic test of strength. As Christina raised her hands to lock with McGowan, Rose's bare foot lashed out and smacked hard against Christina Ricci's tummy. Christina's eyes nearly bugged out of her head, as the pain erupted in her belly, it seemed as if Rose's foot would push all the way through to her spine. The younger girl dropped to her knees, holding her beautiful belly and groaning.

This made it quite easy for Rose to step behind the young girl and lock her hands over Christina's pretty face.. One strong hand clamped her mouth shut and the other closed off her nose. Christina's pretty pale face, gained a look of horror as she realized that McGowan was smothering her. Sweat poured off Christina as her belly and lungs heaved in and out desperately trying to get air into her already aching body. Christina's big brown eyes looked up to see Rose smiling sweetly at her, as her face started to turn almost blood red from the lack of air. Suddenly, she could breath, as she heard Rose laugh.

"Don't worry Christina, I'm not gonna kill you. I was only seeing how much resistance you have.. not much."

The sweat soaked Christina was now on her hands and knees gasping for much needed air, as McGowan reached down and untied the bikini top freeing Christina's incredible breasts, to the dank humid air.

Christina was about to object when her words where cut short, but the bikini top being pulled tight against her young throat, as the sexy McGowan used Christina's own top to garrote her until she was gasping and choking again. Scrambling for any kind of escape, Christina's hands reached back and grabbed at whatever they could find. In this case it was Rose's bikini top, which easily came off, leaving Christina still choking and holding nothing but a skimpy piece of lycra. In the midst of choking and gagging, Christina could feel Rose's sweat soaked belly and breasts pressed against her back and the back of her neck. Spots and stars where starting to form in Christina's brown eyes, when she was suddenly able to breath again.

As she lay on the floor, gasping for air and sweat dripping off of her, though a fog she seemed to hear Rose say, "Number one rule.. if you can, fight topless. shirts, and tops can be used to choke the crap out of you."

With a cruel smirk on her face Rose raked her red nails across Christina's sweat soaked back. The young brunette beauty arched her back and screamed at the top of her lungs, letting out what precious air, she had gained. With the pain of the nails on her back hardly stopped a new agony ripped through Ricci's young body as Rose grabbed her hair and yanked the squealing Christina to her feet.

She roughly turned Christina to face her, as she said, "Rule two: an opponent who can't breath is one who can't fight back."

With that said Rose locked her arms around Christina's waist and pulled her to her in a far from loving embrace. Christina grunted as her body was pressed tightly against Rose, their sweaty bellies squirming together, as their breasts mushroomed out between their two bodies. Rose was increasing the pressure more and more.

As Christina started to go limp in her arms she realized, "Rose is getting off on this. I can't let her win .. I'll be her slave for a week."

But then another thought crashed in on her.

"She's right if I can't breath, I can't fight back."

The sweat soaked Christina began to struggle more, as she tried to get out of the hold, but before she could Rose twisted and sent them both to the padded floor.

Christina moaned as Rose landed ontop of her and quickly pinned her arms down, and grapevined her legs, effectively trapping Christina's mouth watering body under her own.

She grinned down at the trapped Christina and said, "Rule three: Try to wear your opponent down or better yet wind her, with out draining yourself."

Before Christina could ponder what Rose meant, Rose raised her belly up and slammed it down hard on top of Christina's already aching gut. The sound of flesh hammering against flesh sounded like a gun shot in the room. This was immediately followed by a moan from Christina.

Rose grinned and said, "See, this is an easy one" over and over she lifted her body up and slapped it down on Christina's trapped form.

The only sounds in the room, were the slapping of body flesh and Christina's grunts and whimpers. It seemed like an eternity that Rose bounced on top of her, and sweat which was pooling a bit on Christina's belly, splashed off in all directions each time Rose landed on her. When she finally stopped Rose seemed hardly winded, but Christina was in agony and was indeed winded. Rose slid her body forward, in what Christina though was going to be a breast smother, but Rose kept sliding up until her belly was hovering over a whimpering Christina's face.

Suddenly, Rose's knee which was in a perfect location, slammed hard into the younger girl's navel. Christina moaned and air rushed from her body, just before Rose pressed her sweat soaked belly to Christina's face, bear hugging it tightly. Christina could barely hear Rose's words, as she struggled to breath but the seal created by McGowan was complete, Ricci was in a dark sea of flesh, and was fading fast and she knew it.

McGowan said, "Rule Four: Try to get all the air out of your opponent you can before beginning a real smother hold."

Rose could feel Christina's eye lids starting to flutter against her upper abs as she said, "The Lesson for today Christina is welcome to a week of being my slave."

That was the last Christina heard, before slipping into unconsciousness. The next week before the match, Christina Ricci served as a personal slave to Rose McGowan but she was trained for her big match the next week.
Christina Ricci vs. Rose McGowan (II) by Fightdir

Living as the slave to Rose McGowan for a week was not what Christina Ricci had opted for when she asked the stunning brunette to teach her to wrestle. Rose was cruel, and often mean spirited to the younger actress, but she kept her word and worked sometimes three times a day, helping Ricci get ready for her upcoming match with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

During their daily matches and training sessions Rose would often pound and smother Ricci senseless, all the while spouting off her "rules" for wrestling. Christina Realized that Rose was much like Hewitt in the way she fought. Both girls, seemed to enjoy smothering their opponent and both seemed intensely fond of full body contact. While the smothering was brutal, Christina had to admit she felt something akin to pleasure from the feel of her full body pressed against Rose. Almost all of their matches were won by Rose, but Christina couldn't wait until the time when she could use her full body as a weapon against that cocky Jennifer Love Hewitt.

As for the smothers, Christina knew from experience Jennifer loved using her breasts to smother an opponent, while Rose was more included to press her beautiful belly or behind over Christina's face, until the lack of oxygen caused her to black out. Rose was usually quick to get off her, revive her and then slap a hand over Christina's mouth and nose again cutting off the oxygen she needed so desperately to remain conscious.

While the wrestling was, almost a torment, Christina's days as a slave to Rose were worse. Rose set her about doing every horrible chore around the beautiful house.. and when Christina was not busy with that, she had become Rose's personal "cushion."

Christina was made to lie down, with Rose on top of her anytime the cruel brunette needed to watch television, talk on the phone or for whatever reason Rose could come up with.. At night, to insure Christina didn't try to get away, she was tied to the bed and served as Rose's mattress for the night.

All the while Rose's words rang in Christina's head, "Sometime before your match with Hewitt, you and I will have another match, if you win, I'll be your slave for a week, if not you've got another week with me."

As she lay in the sweltering bedroom pressed flat under Rose, Christina knew she could win the match, she was after all getting better, and subject Rose McGowan to the same cruel fate she was forced to endure. The day never seemed to come though.

Finally, it was the day of Christina's match with Hewitt. Infact it was only a few hours before the match, when Rose Called Christina down into the padded room in the basement. Christina went down the stair and found the heat in the room turned up, and Rose standing there, in just her thong bottoms.

"Are you ready for your re-match with me ?" Rose smiled. "I figure that way you'll be warmed up for your match with Jennifer."

Christina didn't know about this, after all there were only a few hours until her match with the girl, but then Rose smiled.

"If you don't want to Christina I understand, but that means you concede the match, and I win, which means you belong to me for another week."

Christina knew she couldn't let that happen, so she nodded her head in agreement to the match. The two girls circled slowly, each feinting and dodging, Christina had become a better fighter and more confident, she'd fare well this time against Hewitt. Christina suddenly reached out and snapped a side headlock on Rose, who grunted and bent at the waist.

"Good, very good." Rose groaned as she seemed to still be instructing. Christina wanted no more of what Rose had to teach, and to shut her up, Christina kept the head lock position but pulled her hand up over Rose's lips and nose. Rose's air was cut off, but she didn't panic, she's been in this situation before, and knew better. Instead Rose, slammed her fist underhanded into Christina's unprepared belly several times. The dark haired younger actress' mouth formed a small "o" as she grunted, but she didn't release the headlock smother.

Suddenly Christina's body filled with a new explosion of pain, as Rose jammed her thumb deep into Christina's large belly button and twisted. This move, while not a killer distracted Christina enough for Rose to slip out of the hand smother Christina had her in.

By this time both beauties were bathed in sweat, but Rose immediately moved behind Christina and wrapped her arms around the girls waist in a reverse bear hug. The air seemed to stampede out of Christina's body as Rose clutched her tighter and even lifted the younger starlet off her feet. Ricci was starting to see spots from the lack of air when McGowan released the devastating hold on her.

Christina sunk to her knees upon being released, and Rose just kicked her onto her belly on the floor. Quickly straddling the girl facing her feet, Rose began to use her fists to pound the girls lower back, savaging it as much as she had done her belly with the reverse bear hug. Tears streamed down Christina's cute face as Rose hammered fist after fist into her lower back. Spinning around on Christina's sweat soaked back Rose locked her hands under the Brunette beauty's chin and rocked back. Christina Ricci's scream of pain was horrific, as the hold immediately took it's toll on her aching abs and her screaming lower back, and she thought that it couldn't' get any worse. Unfortunately, Christina had thought wrong!

Quickly, Rose slid one of her hands around Christina's lovely face and covered her nose and mouth. Christina's brown eyes were poking out just over Rose's pale hand and as she saw her face in one of the mirrors, Christina could see the horror in her own eyes as she struggled to find air that was no where to be found. Something also clicked in Christina's mind.. There was a video camera running in the room, focused on the action between herself and Rose. This thought was swept away, by Rose releasing the painful hold and the smother and air filled Christina's young lungs.

Christina's mind was reeling from the lack of oxygen as she lay on her back looking up at the ceiling. She suddenly noticed another camera up there focused down on her. The image of the camera was quickly replaced with Rose's smiling face.

"Having fun ? I know I am" Rose grinned, as she yanked Christina to her feet by the hair.

The yelp from Christina was cut short, but Rose wrapping her arms around the girls, succulent waist, and beginning to squeeze. Suddenly the reason for the two earlier assaults from Rose hit home with crystal clarity. Christina, nearly passed out from the pain of the bear hug. Rose had systematically broken down her defenses to what was always a brutal hold for Christina. The reverse bear hug had completely broken down the muscles in her stomach and abs, making it to painful to tense them to lessen the effect of the hug. The camel clutch and the pounding of her lower back, made the pain of Rose's fists locked against that area almost mind numbing. Christina was completely defenseless in Rose's arms as the Cruel beauty clutches a sweating Christina Ricci tighter and tighter, eventually lifting her off the floor. Christina couldn't breath and she knew she was in trouble as once again, stars and motes floated past her brown eyes.

Christina's head lolled back as she struggled to try and breath, but could get almost no air into her compressed body. And tense of Rose's arms and Christina's head fell forward onto Rose's shoulder, a thin line of drool coming from Christina's pouty lips.

"Ready to submit ?" Rose taunted.

Christina had no air to answer and so she only shook her head "no" against Rose's shoulder. Suddenly air rushed into Christina's lungs as Rose again released the hold.

The influx of air caused a massive headache for Christina as she fell to her back on the padded floor. Rose Quickly pinned Christina to the floor, grapevining her legs. One hand snapped over Christina's nose and mouth again, cutting off all hope of air. Rose raised her body up and slammed it down hard onto Christina's crushing the girl under her.

"Last Lesson from Me Christina" Rose said as her body "slapped" against the younger girl's.


Christina's body was a vessel of pain at this point, Rose had completely beaten and dominated her. Suddenly Rose slid her body forward and for the first time ever pressed her large breasts over Christina's face, cutting off all light and once again all air. Christina's body bucked and flailed under Rose but she was too tired and beaten to get the girl off of her.

She heard Rose say as she started to black out, "Looks like I've got you as my slave for another week."

With that Christina Ricci passed out again. In the darkness, Christina could hear Rose's sweet voice, despite the ringing in her ears. A few sharp slaps across her round face caused Christina's eyes to flutter open. Her body was aching all over, and her vision blurry, but when things finally came clear in her eyes and mind, Christina saw Rose McGowan and Jennifer Love Hewitt, standing over her.

"Christina, Jennifer is here for your match."

Rose smiled down sweetly and said as she looked at Hewitt, "If you'd come two minutes earlier, you'd have seen me win our match."

Christina's mind reeled. It had been about five minutes since her devastating match with Rose, and now she was forced to fight a girl she's never beaten and in her condition no less..

These thoughts were ripped from Christina's mind as she was yanked to her feet by the hair at the hands of Jennifer Love Hewitt, but that story is for another time.