Dina Meyer vs. Denise Richards by technetium 13-Jul-00

Dina was on a couch, talking with other celebrities about her life and work, when Denise suddenly showed up. She sat near Dina and interrupted her, starting caressing her head, mocking her.

"So, little Dina is back to the scenes....how many movies did you make after the one with me? Did I see you in the last James Bond?"

"Well, for what I know you're not a nuclear scientist at all, since scientists do not go in the desert almost naked..... did you notice how unbelievable was your character, and how poor was your performance as an actress? You only let the two European girls look far better than you!!!" replied Dina, not letting the brunette win the verbal fight.

"Oh, oh, here we have the big actress, who has specialized in short commercials....come on, Dina, admit you're only terribly envious of me and my beauty, as you were years ago...... In fact" - Denise turned to the small audience - "she was more interested in me than in the movie. Do you remember, darling?"

"What are you talking about? If my memory does not fail, I have been naked in that movie, and I was the real revelation, not you, playing a stupid part with your stupid face!!!!"

"What????? Are you saying that your body is better than mine???? If you remember, we agree for me to remain with my clothes on because....actually, the producers didn't want people to see the difference between your baby-chest and my gorgeous one!!" "Denise, you weren't nude on that movie because we fought and you lost..... don't you remember??? I kicked your ass, honey!!"

Well, believe it or not, that was exactly what Denise wanted Dina to say. She was waiting for these words, and now she finally managed to have them. So, Denise had dragged Dina to the point of no return. Now it was time for action.

"You kicked my ass???? YOU???? Come on, guys, do you believe that this girl's stronger than me???? Let's see if it is true!! Let's prove it now!!!!"

Dina looked at Denise in anger, but then a feeling of fear wrapped her and she looked at Denise with a sad expression, saying:

"Sorry, Denise, I went too far... Let's forget this discussion soon, and please accept my apologies. I don't want to ruin the evening of this lovely people here with a stupid argument between two proud women. Come on, shake our hands and go back to our party!"

Denise shook her head, looking at Dina with a sarcastic grin: "You would like to finish here, wouldn't you? You think you can end everything with apologies..... no way, new-blonde-bimbo, I'm going to make you regret for every lie you said, and soon you will give me a total different kind of apologies!!!!"

With this, Denise quickly grabbed a hold on Dina's short blonde hair and slammed her on a small nearby table. Quite surprised, Dina did not have time to react and Denise kicked her legs with her high heels several times. Dina crawled backwards, trying to escape Denise's rage, but the brunette quickly stopped her by sitting on her body, pinning her arms down. Dina was visibly terrified, and this was only making Denise more excited.

The brunette played a little bit, telling her foe to try to displace her. Dina tried to bridge and kick, but with no effect. Denise laughed and then tugged at Dina's hair with both hands. Dina screamed high, desperate, but nobody stopped the dominant brunette from her work. Denise started slapping Dina's face, insulting her before every single slap. Dina could take no more punishment and started whimpering like a three-years-old baby.

"So, little poor Dina is hurt, and can't take no more.... scream it, bitch, scream that you give up!!!" Denise yelled at Dina.

Dina did not answer immediately, but collected her remaining strength and gave a final, desperate push from below. This time, Denise wasn't prepared to Dina's attempt and was displaced from her position. Dina quickly slammed her left fist between Denise's legs, making the brunette's face turn pale.

"Aaarrrgghh!!!!!!" she screamed

Denise, tried to slap Dina with no success. Dina quickly sat on Denise and pinned her down, but failed to secure Denise's legs under her ones. Denise seized the opportunity and wrapped her legs around Dina's body, slamming her to the ground. Cruelly, Denise continued the body-scissors, and Dina's attempts to get free were merely pathetically. She kicked and screamed, trying to hit Denise's body with some punches, but with no success. Denise added two hard slaps that made Dina stop.

"So, you said that you've already beaten me... so why you're losing now??? Tell it to these people, baby!!! Tell it!!!!"

Dina, again, did not answer

Denise's provocation, and continued to cry and sob in silence. Denise decided to remove her sexy legs from Dina's weakened body and rose up, spitting on Dina. Then, she grabbed her by the hair and hauled her to her feet. Dina screamed in pain, but Denise dragged her around the room for some seconds before finally slamming her head against a wall. Dina screamed again, and then fell on her knees, bringing her hands up to cover her aching face. Denise smiled in pleasure and started kicking Dina's butt, screaming her to rise up. In total confusion, Dina were not able to think about a defensive tactic, and decided to follow Denise's orders. Trembling, she rose up, and saw Denise totally enraged in front of her.

"Open your dress, bitch!!! Open it so we can see who has the better body!!!!!"

"Never, you're mad!!!!! Stop it!!!!"

But Denise slammed a couple of hard punches to Dina's stomach. Dina knelt for some seconds, and then rose up again, and started opening her black one-piece dress, discovering black lace bra and panties, and a pair of black stockings. With a firm movement, Denise completed the action, ripping Dina's bra, discovering her small tits. Dina tried to cover, but Denise quickly put both hands on them, squeezing mercifully. Dina was sent back to the wall, but managed to give some hard punches to Denise's head.

Completely enraged, Denise brought her head closer to Dina's neck and bit it furiously. Dina screamed at the top of her lungs, but slammed her right knee right between Denise's legs, finding her pubic bone. Denise's head went instantaneously back, and Dina added one more blow between Denise's legs, sending her to the ground. Dina started kicking Denise's legs with her stiletto heels, ripping the transparent pantyhose in several zones. Denise sobbed in pain, and then ceased to move. Thinking her foe was already defeated, Dina leaned on her body to open her blouse, but before she could finish her work Denise grabbed a hold on her blonde hair and slammed her to the ground again.

The two girls started kicking each other's legs, but Denise managed to get a hold on Dina's naked tits, while the blonde tried frantically to find a way between Denise's still closed buttons. Finally, she managed to find Denise's melons, but her hold was weakened by Denise's blue bra. In difficult, Dina decided it was better to change target, and made one hand slide below Denise's skirt, and below the nylon of her pantyhose. Dina pulled hard Denise's panties, making the brunette screaming in anguish. Denise lost her concentration and slapped Dina's tits hysterically, failing to give her any real damage.

Meanwhile, Dina found Denise's bush and firmly get a hold on hit, squeezing with force. Denise sobbed louder, but started pulling Dina's small tits, stretching them without pity. Dina's hold suddenly became weaker, and Denise managed to roll her on her back. Dina lost completely the hold on Denise's bigger globe, and found herself completely unable to react. She tried to make her crotch claw tighter and tighter, but her hand just slipped more and more, making the hold very weak, and allowing Denise to sit on her. Denise pulled her tits hard, lifting the screaming blonde's back, and then made her fall down again. She repeated the move at least ten times, after that Dina's face was completely full of tears. Dina tried in desperation to punch Denise's body and face, but her weak attempts gave no harm to the dominant brunette.

Denise had clearly won the catfight, but she wanted to go further. Dina needed a lesson. She seductively opened her blouse fully and removed it, opening her bra a moment later.

With this, she started mocking Dina, "So, do you really think that you have a better body than mine? Look here, guys, whose tits are better? Just compare them!!!!!"

Denise lifted Dina by the hair again and left her standing and trembling. She tenderly caressed her big globes and put them in front of the blonde, saying:

"Now lick them, as you were used to do years ago!!! Let me see you tongue... and do a good job!!!!"

Dina, totally powerless, started licking Denise's fully erected nipples. The brunette moaned in pleasure, and ordered Dina to suck more and more flesh inside. All of sudden, Dina bit Denise's mammary. She tried to get a grip on the other tit with one hand, and to find Denise's crotch with the other one, but the brunette reacted quickly, pushing Dina with all her strength, managing to send her away. Nevertheless, Denise fell on her knees, covering her wounded globe, dazed.

Dina was even more confused, and crawled to Denise without any strategy. Denise jumped on her back, and started spanking her ass, pulling her black panties at the same time. Dina frantically scratched Denise's pantyhose, shredding it completely. Denise decided to take full advantage of her position and closed her legs tighter, crushing Dina's body between them. Dina suffered the scissors for some moments, but then managed to slip through them, and got free. However, Denise was still pulling her panties, making them painfully slide on Dina's love box. In trouble, Dina seemed to be at the point of surrendering once again. But then she decided to fight.

She slammed her right elbow between Denise's legs, and the brunette screamed once. Denise pulled Dina's panties harder, screaming to the blonde to surrender. Dina cried loudly, and gave one more blow to Denise's crotch. Denise pulled harder, and the lace panties broke the moment Dina rammed her elbow on Denise's crotch for the third time. Not holding anything anymore, Denise was sent away. She rolled on the ground, trying to go as far as possible from her opponent, but Dina chased her on all fours. When Denise stopped, her back on the ground, her eyes looked for a while into Dina's furious ones, before she had to close them for the pain.

Dina gave Denise two hard punches on each tit, and then rolled her skirt up, finding a still existing part of Denise's pantyhose. Cruelly, she used both hands to open a hole in the pantyhose and brought her left hand nails to Denise's pussy, ripping her pubic hair in rage. The right one went quickly to Denise's aching tits, crushing them without mercy. Denise tried to hit Dina with her hands, but her attacks were too feeble. Anyway, Dina decided it was better not to have any kind of troubles, and sat on Denise's stomach, facing her head. She continued the work she started from this position, asking from time to time her opponent to surrender.

Then, Dina made Denise's same mistake. In order to humble her opponent, believing her already finished, she put her naked crotch on Denise's face, ordering her to lick it. Denise started her job, and Dina leaned back in ecstasy. The moment before Dina reached the orgasm, Denise closed her legs on Dina's head, bringing her down. Dina's body was stretched, and the blonde moved her arms to Denise's legs, trying to open them. Finding Dina's pussy still in front of her, Dina had only to reach it with her mouth and bite it furiously. Dina howled in pain, and writhed in total anguish. Her legs were totally unable to close on Denise's attacking head, but her nails started scratching Denise's already injured legs. Even if Dina's action was not too powerful and effective, Denise was soon forced to open her legs, allowing Dina to roll away.

Both girls reached a sat position, and took some moments to catch their breath. Dina removed her shoes, and threw them to Denise, intending to harm her. In fact, they did nothing to Denise, but the brunette was now with a powerful weapon. Instead of throwing them back, she took one of Dina's shoes in her hands and quickly advanced to her, screaming in rage. Dina looked with fear, but when Denise lowered her arm down she realized that that was too slow. Dina blocked it in the air, and then gave a hard punch to Denise's right cheek. Denise was clearly dazed and Dina gave her a final, hard blow with her black-nylon covered left foot. Denise fell down, and her eyes were completely glassy. Dina calmly put her right hand between Denise's legs and started ripping her pubic hair, bringing her partially back to reality.

"Do you give up, slut????" asked Dina, knowing Denise had no chances.

In tears, Denise had to scream her submission.

"Do you think it is finished, you bitch??? Why don't you tell those guys what happened years ago???? What happened????" screamed Dina, tightening the grip on Denise's pussy.

"OK, OK, what you said is true.... you bet me years ago!!!!!! Please let go!!!!!"

"No way, bastard.... you've ruined my evening and the one of these people here! You have to pay for your action!!"

Now it was Denise's turn to whimper, but when the crotch claw turned in three fingers jammed inside her pussy, Denise started moaning in ecstasy. While sliding her fingers, Dina leaned her right foot towards Denise's face, and ordered her to lick it. Denise's tongue started rubbing Dina's black nylon, going in the space between the toes tenderly. Dina spread her toes further, forcing Denise to follow her needing. As Dina's action went faster, Denise licked more frantically, taking a big part in her mouth the moment she came.

Dina removed her fingers from inside Denise's pussy and gently rub her own one, arching her back provocatively. Denise crawled to her, but Dina stopped her few centimetres before.

"Before, you have to remove all your clothes..... and I mean quickly!!"

Denise followed her orders, and finally reached for Dina's already wet pussy. Her tongue continued the job she had so harshly stopped some minutes before, making Dina come in less than two minutes. Dina tugged Denise's hair and brought her face close to her one, and then passionately kissed her. Denise couldn't resist, and kissed her back, enjoying the situation.

Despite the pleasant situation, Dina knew that she had to finish the match with a sign of domination. She broke the kiss and brutally pulled Denise's big tits, forcing her to rise up. When both of them were standing, Dina looked Denise straight in the eyes, and then gave her one of the hardest slap ever seen. Denise spun several times before falling on her knees, crying and sobbing. Dina found her black dress and wore it, leaving Denise completely nude.

"It's time for the party to continue!!!!" she said, smiling, while trashing all Denise's clothes in a big bin.

She sat on the same couch she were before the beginning of the fight and called Denise.

"Honey, come here and start telling these guys the whole story about that movie......it will be very funny!!!".

The End