Cara Michelle vs. Brooke Shields by Mr. Chris

Brooke Shields was looking forward to erasing the horrible memory of her devastating loss to Katie Holmes. What had begun as an initially closely-fought match between the two feuding parties ended up being a shockingly one-sided beat down as the smaller Katie pounded Brooke into oblivion in the most humiliating manner possible. [That match is on K&G’s Tournament Page in the 2005 International Celebrity All-Star Tournament. It’s Grudge Match #5.] Tonight Brooke’s facing a relatively inexperienced opponent who should present an excellent opportunity for her to begin to regain her image as the big and strong beauty that she feels she really is.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Tonight’s match is a FEMWAR Light Welterweight Division match. Introducing, in this corner…” he points to an unbelievably tall brunette. “From Hawaii, she is the tallest Playmate in Playboy history, standing all of 6’2”and weighing 135 pounds. Her measurements are 34C-26-36 she is….CARA MICHELLE!”

The tall and sexy beauty wore a small black lace bikini. She was incredible. So much of a good thing – long legs, lovely face, ample breasts – tall beyond belief, the curvaceous amazon towered over the ring announcer and referee.

“And in the opposite corner,” the announcer points to another tall woman with light-brown hair, “From New York City, she stands 6’ even and weighs 138 pounds. Her measurements are 34.5B-25-35. Let’s hear it for BROOKE SHIELDS!”

Brook is attired in a low-cut white halter top and black gym shorts, her well-toned midriff visible between the two articles of clothing, and a pair of the best legs in the business encased in sheer black nylon and on glorious display. The actress knows she is entering this match as the betting favorite -- the oddsmakers see her greater experience and strength as being too much for the rookie Cara Michelle to handle, despite the fact that Cara is 13 years younger than the fit 41-year-old Brooke.

The combatants join the referee in mid-ring as the two women are instructed as to the rules. They stare into each other’s eyes. For probably the only time in her career, the six foot tall Brooke has to actually look UP into the eyes of her opponent. What she sees in those eyes slightly unnerves her. Without a trace of apprehension, the underdog Cara confidently and coldly stares down at Brooke with a slight sneer on her lips.

Cara has been getting lessons and working out with other Playmates who are in the FEMWAR league, including Danelle Folta, Angel Boris, and Jennifer Walcott -- all three of whom are in the audience this night. Given the stellar record of these and others among Hefner’s beauties in league matches, it is clear that Cara is coming from a stable of high pedigree. And her training gives the tall beauty confidence. However, she definitely faces a formidable challenge this night. Going up against Brooke, an experienced fighter seeking to rebound against an embarrassing loss, Cara will be running into a buzz-saw.

The two ladies return to their corners, the bell clangs and the match begins. The audience takes in the sight as the two Amazon-sized women emerging from their corners, then warily circling and sizing each other up. Suddenly, Brooke surges forward, bends her knee slightly and slams an Uppercut directly into Cara’s crotch. The surprised Playmate’s eyes enlarge into saucers as she slowly drops to her knees. The audience emits a gasp of shock, as Brooke is not known for using heel tactics. Then the older woman pulls Cara up by the ears and when the younger woman is in position Brooke brutally Head-butts the tall brunette and sends her reeling.

Brooke reaches out and grabs a hand of Cara’s and uses it to yank Cara towards her, then Brooke spins the arm around Cara’s back and puts her in a Hammerlock. She yanks up roughly with it and Cara grimaces in pain.

Brooke leans in and says into Cara’s ear, “I’m gonna break off your arm and feed it to you!”

Then the actress lifts upward on the Hammerlock until she lifts Cara’s feet clear off the mat. Cara lets loose with a horrified shriek as she panics that her shoulder will get dislocated. After being agonizingly held aloft for a few moments, Cara is released as she is thrown forward by Brooke. The tall Playmate crumples to the mat.

Brooke approaches her fallen foe and sees that Cara has gotten up to her hands and knees. The actress jumps forward and slams both knees into the small of Cara’s back, flattening her boobs to the mat. Brooke remains kneeling on top of the Playmate and wraps one arm around Cara’s chest and the other under her knees and begins pulling upward. Brooke’s big biceps bulge as she attempts to take that tall spine of her opponent and turn it into a “U” as she bends the back in a direction it was not meant to go. Cara is clearly in great pain and alarm, but refuses to submit.

At length Brooke releases the back-breaking hold. She stands and hoists an unyielding Cara up with her. Once they are both upright, Brooke snakes her arms under Cara’s armpits from the rear and brings them up around the back of her victim’s neck, clamping on a Full Nelson.

Brooke can’t help taunting her helpless foe, “Welcome to the big leagues, sucker. A little tougher than calendar shoots, isn’t it?”

Brooke grits her teeth and pushes Cara’s head down with the Full Nelson as the long arms of the Playmate dangle harmlessly in the air. Cara counters by backing up and ramming Brooke’s back into the rope. But it does no good as Brooke maintains the hold securely. Then – toying with her prey – Brooke suddenly rears back with the Nelson, lifting Cara’s feet off the mat and Brooke turns from side to side and Cara’s body and legs flop back and forth. Brooke then hurls her away from her and Cara once more finds herself a jumble of long limbs on the mat, wondering what she’d gotten herself into.

Meanwhile, out in the audience, two Playmates who had trained Cara – Angel Boris and Jennifer Walcott – look at each other and sadly shake their heads in dismay. But a third, Danelle Folta, says, “This isn’t over yet. Let’s see how long Shields can keep this up.”

But Folta’s optimism seems misplaced, as the Playmates observe Brooke Shields grabbing hold of their trainee, lifting her upward and tossing her across her shoulders face-up. Grinning from ear to ear, Brooke parades around the ring with the long body of Cara Michelle draped across her shoulders, helplessly staring up into the stadium lights. When Brooke stops her march of triumph, her smile turns to a frown as she begins to pull down with her strong arms, seeking to break the back of her opponent once and for all.

Cara screams. Out in the audience Angel and Jennifer turn to Danelle. Angel picks up a white towel, “Time to throw this in?” Danelle considers for a few seconds, eyes glued to Cara’s plight, then slowly shakes her head “no.”

Back in the ring, Brooke yells out to Cara, “Submit! Submit or I swear I’ll snap you in half!”

But Cara bravely croaks out a defiant response, “No, I’ll never submit to you!”

In the audience, Danelle Folta turns to her mates and says, “She has more guts than I do. I’ll tell you that much!”

A frustrated Brooke stops the back-breaking and instead positions her hands under Cara’s body and, demonstrating that physical strength that fans have seen before, begins to slowly press Cara above her head. She pushes upward until the 135-pound brunette is held aloft at full arm extension. Brooke holds her in this position for several impressive seconds, and then lets her victim drop!

Brooke, overjoyed that she is once more showing the world what she is really capable of, walks slowly around the perimeter of the ring, arms raised, accepting the praise of her audience. Cara is barely moving on the mat. Having completed her celebratory procession, Brooke returns to the business at hand. She grabs Cara’s ankles and rolls her onto her back. She spreads the Playmate’s long legs and steps between them, then begins to hook Cara’s feet with her arms, setting her up for a Slingshot Catapult.

But Cara Michelle apparently has greater reserves of stamina than many would have guessed, for suddenly and unexpectedly she clamps her long legs tight around Brooke’s waist, then wrenches her Scissors hold sideways, toppling her tormentress to the mat, Cara’s long gams still wrapped tightly around the actress’s midriff. Cara’s three Playmate friends, as well as much of the rest of the audience, leap to their feet cheering!

Cara powers down with her Scissors while a shocked Brooke Shields suddenly finds herself straining to escape. The Playmate raises her upper body onto one elbow as she continues to pressure the Body Scissors. Cara is breathing heavily, but slowly gets herself calmed down, using the opportunity provided to her by the Scissors hold to recharge and recover her strength.

But there’s no let up on her Scissors – her impossibly long legs have the leverage to generate a lot of power and Brooke is feeling all of it. The actress writhes in the grip of Cara’s legs until… slowly but surely, Brooke begins to force her hands and arms under the constricting legs. Cara tries to clamp down harder but soon, enough of Brooke’s arms are under the Scissors that - with a mighty surge - she pries Cara’s legs open just enough to escape!

Both ladies move to get to their feet but Cara gets up more quickly and hooks one arm through Brooke’s legs and the other around her neck and hoists the big woman up off her feet and Body Slams her roughly to the mat. Cara then athletically leaps astride the older woman and rips off Brooke’s halter-top and tosses it aside rendering the actress bare-chested.

Cara snorts contemptuously, “For a big woman you sure have a sorry excuse for boobs.” Cara then removes her own bikini top, unveiling her larger, fuller breasts. Cara cups her breasts, “Yours are nothing like these puppies.”

The Playmate reaches down and grabs Brooke’s tits in both hands and begins clawing and squeezing. Brooke reacts with a shriek and bucks her body, throwing Cara off. Keeping the momentum, Cara goes right back at her, grabbed Brooke’s head and putting it between her long, lean thighs in a Standing Head Scissors.

She puts the squeeze on until Brooke is moaning. As Cara maintains her Standing Scissors, Brooke tried to pull her head from between Cara’s imprisoning legs. She reached up and put her hands on Cara’s hips for leverage and tried to yank her head free…but she couldn’t. As she struggled, Cara reached down and clamped her hands around Brooke’s upper arms, then began to dig her long, red-painted fingernails into Brooke’s biceps. Brooke grimaced from the pain.

“Your muscles are ugly, these look like a man’s arms,” said Cara.

She continued to sink her talons deeper and deeper into the muscle tissue of Brooke’s upper arms. Brooke cried out but the sounds were muffled by Cara’s thighs scissoring her head. Cara mercilessly sunk her claws in deeper and soon rivulets of blood began trickling down Brooke’s arms. Cara held her claw on Brooke’s biceps for a few more moments, then pulsed one more mighty squeeze of her thighs, then released both holds. Brooke went tumbling backwards, her arms brutalized, and dizzy from her head being crushed.

Cara reached down and grabbed Brooke by her light brown hair and dragged her up to her feet. She could see Brooke’s arms motionless at her side, out of commission due to the damage done by Cara’s clawing and mauling. Cara lashed out with a quick right fist to Brooke’s jaw, then a left jab, then a right Uppercut that jolted the actress. Brooke was unable to raise her arms to defend herself. Cara smiled and slapped Brooke hard across the face. Then she slapped her again, and then backhanded her. Brooke was helpless. The Playmate was enjoying herself. But she could see Danelle Folta in the audience motioning by drawing her finger across her throat, the signal for Cara to end the match.

Seeing as how Brooke’s formidable arms were no longer a factor, Cara wrapped her own arms tightly around Brooke’s middle and began to apply a Bearhug. Brooke’s arms were not inside the tight embrace, but they were of little help to her as she was only now beginning to get feeling back into them. Cara squeezed harder. Brooke was surprised at the power being generated by the Playmate’s comparatively slender arms. As Cara continued her crushing embrace, both fighters looked down and it was obvious that Cara’s bigger, younger, and firmer breasts were flattening Brooke’s breasts to her chest.

Cara continued to squeeze as Brooke writhed in her tight grip. Then, being the taller of the two, it did not take much for Cara to lean back and lift Brooke’s feet off the mat and continue to squeeze the Bearhug. Cara shook Brooke back and forth like a rag doll. Cara lowered Brooke to the mat, readjusted her grip, and hoisted her up in the air again, squeezing harder than ever.

Brooke emitted a loud “aaargh…” as Cara continued to squeeze.

Then the Playmate lowered Brooke’s feet to the mat to once more re-adjust her grip. Only this time Brooke found she was able to use her arms, and she wrapped them around Cara, lifted the younger woman up off HER feet, and then Brooke smashed Cara’s tailbone against her knee. Cara was stunned, as her spine absorbed the blow to the tailbone. She immediately disengaged from the bear hug and went staggering backward in shock.

Brooke massaged her torso seeking relief from the effects of Cara’s punishing Bearhug. Then the actress stalked forward towards her younger foe. When she got in range she lashed out with one of those long, lovely nyloned legs and kicked Cara right in the breadbasket. Cara bent over forward from the blow. Then Brooke smashed a double-fisted Ax-handle onto Cara’s back knocking Cara flat on her stomach.

Brooke sat down on Cara’s back facing Cara’s head. She placed her hands underneath Cara’s chin and began to pull upward. As Brooke worked the Camel Clutch, her still-bleeding biceps bulged outward from the effort. Cara panicked that her back would break. But then – using an escape maneuver she and the other Playmates had practiced endlessly – she was able to get her feet under her and quickly stood up, dislodging Brooke from her perch and freeing Cara from the camel clutch.

The 6’2” Playmate rose to her full height to face Brooke, she lashed out with her long arms and grabbed Brooke by the wrist and Whipped her hard into the ropes. As Brooke came rebounding back out, Cara leveled her with a Clothesline that dropped Brook flat on her back.

Then Cara moved in and grabbed both of Brooke’s ankles and lifted her legs as she spread her arms, Wishboning Brooke’s legs. She then executed a Knee Drop on Brooke’s crotch, which caused the older woman to let out a shriek. Cara gave her a second Knee Drop, which brought forth a piteous wail. Holding Brooke’s ankles firmly, Cara hit a third Knee Drop to Brooke’s crotch…then a fourth and a fifth! Five Knee Drops in total; turning Brooke’s pussy to hamburger.

When Cara released Brooke’s legs and stepped back, Brooke’s face was deathly pale as she lay quietly sobbing in pain and humiliation. Cara mercilessly reached down and grabbed Brooke by the hair, yanked her to her feet and lifted her up in Body Slam position. Cara then ran several steps and leapt upward and POWERSLAMMED Brooke to the mat. The impact of their combined weight of 273 pounds visibly shook the ring.

Cara peeled herself off of Brooke, dragged her back to her feet, once more hooked her legs and neck and hoisted her shoulder high in Body Slam position. Only this time Cara walked slowly around the ring, displaying Brooke’s broken body like a trophy. Then she took a quick run and jumped….and again POWERSLAMMED Brooke to the mat. Every bone in Brooke’s body felt the impact.

Cara approached Brooke once more but Brooke started sobbing, “Please, no more. Not another one!”

Cara was deaf to the pleas, and once more raised Brooke up to her feet. Only this time Cara threw Brooke over her shoulder in a Fireman’s Carry. Cara marched to the nearest ring post and climbed to the second rope before she turned around. Re-positioning Brooke’s body into the Body Slam position, Cara sprang high in the air and once more SLAMMED Brooke to the mat.

The slow motion replays of this move showed that as she struck the mat, Brooke’s head bounced hard and immediately knocked her out. Cara formally ended the match by turning Brooke over onto her back, lying atop her while hooking a leg, and getting the three-count for the pin!

The audience cheered, and Cara’s Playmate friends stormed the ring and rushed up to her. Cara, Angel, and Jennifer got into a group hug. Her two friends being a pair of 5’4” flyweights, Amazon Cara lifted both of them up off their feet so she could hug them properly with all their heads at the same level while Brooke Shields was slowly coming-to in the ring.

It was a great victory for the aspiring young Cara Michelle - and another devastating setback for Shields who is no longer a young woman! Brooke’s days as a force in celebrity wrestling may well be at an end as, before the close of the post-fight telecast, it was announced Brooke Shields would be holding a press conference the next day at 2:00 PM. (It’s widely speculated she’ll announce her retirement from celebrity wrestling at that time.)