Sauna Match: Alyssa Milano vs. Gena Lee Nolin by Tank

Despite the popularity of his Pay Per View sauna matches, Don King was fast running out of participants. Demi Moore had stubbornly refused to honor the promoter’s $5 million dollar 'winner take all' policy and insisted on the same amount just to enter the sauna against Sharon Stone for a rematch.

"Heck, I'd fight her for nothing; in her own bedroom; in front of her limp-dick husband; wearing just g-strings; if she wanted," sneered an irate Stone after hearing Demi's demands.

Fortunately for King, Alyssa Milano publicly challenged Gena Lee Nolin after Shannon Doherty had to withdraw her challenge to Gena after suffering a broken right hand during training. The tall blond accepted the match and King was able to promote at least one more fight, one he feared could be his last. One reason for King's dismay was the reluctance of one of his stars, Jennifer Garner, to enter the sauna a second time after an impressive victory over Jessica Simpson. Everyone had watched as Denise Richards challenged her to a match after disposing of Teri Hatcher and King did his best to talk Jennifer out of her early retirement. He invited her to the Milano-Nolin match and in a board meeting gave his interviewer, Larry Merchant, specific instructions concerning how to coax Garner to accept the match.

"I know Jenny really wants to fight Denise, Larry. We can't let her just walk away,” King grumbled.

"I'm with you, Don," replied Merchant.

It was the evening of the fight and it was obvious to everyone watching that both Alyssa and Gena had put in some hard training - especially Alyssa. The feisty brunette was tired of hearing about her height disadvantage (5'2" to Gena's 5'9") and was getting quite perturbed whenever it was mentioned.

Alyssa's six weeks of training consisted of road work, the light and heavy bags, hours of pumping iron, and sparing sessions against taller opponents. The sessions included wrestling as well as boxing and kick-boxing. The sparing could get quite violent and out of control at times with the sexy Alyssa always coming out on top. The tough brunette's personal mantra was, "Whatever it takes to win!"

Alyssa appeared more buff and well muscled than she had ever looked before and oddsmakers were even considering making her the favorite. In an appearance on the David Letterman Show to promote the fight, Alyssa verbally tore into Gena Lee.

"If she's not the worst actress on the planet I don't know who is! Casting her as Sheena was a big mistake, everybody knew it as soon as it was announced! And how long did THAT last? I’d crack up whenever I saw her running through the jungle in that silly outfit pretending to be some mighty jungle woman. I don't know who she slept with to get the part, but she was hysterical!"

Gena's training was also long and hard though not as intense as Alyssa's. It consisted of road work and weights with very limited sparing. She did spend a great deal of her spare time working an old Thighmaster - a gift from Suzanne Somers - which she kept nearby. The night before the fight, Gena Lee appeared on The Jay Leno Show and looked shaky and unsure of herself.

"I suppose she can say whatever she wants," Gena Lee said, responding to Alyssa's insults. "I'm really more concerned with...uh...her ..muscles than her mouth. She looks like she's on steroids."

"C'mon Gena," fired back Leno. "Millions of dollars will be bet on this fight tomorrow night. Give us a prediction!"

Gena looked very uncomfortable and began to tremble slightly, then gave way to an emotional outburst.

"I feel FORCED into this! It's NOT FAIR!" She got up from her chair and scurried off the set, leaving Leno and millions of viewers absolutely stunned! Don King, watching the program at home, nearly fell out of his recliner!

The next evening, however, Gena prepared to enter the sauna as if nothing had happened. Alyssa was waiting in anticipation and Larry Merchant was poised for his interview with Jennifer Garner.

Alyssa Milano looked stunning in her white bikini and black leather boots as she made her way to her dressing room in preparation for her match. Suddenly, she heard the voice of Larry Merchant. "Alyssa, just one question."

"What is it, Larry?" asked the brunette beauty as they reached the door together.

"Do you feel your seven inch height disadvantage will be a problem tonight?"

Alyssa smiled, opened the door to her dressing room and then slammed it in Merchant's face! Larry walked off searching for Jennifer Garner. Twenty minutes later, he was standing next to Jen who was smiling sweetly in a low-cut, red evening gown.

Merchant: "Jennifer, there’s been a lot of talk about the challenge to you from lovely Denise Richards. What’s your response?"

Jennifer: "My response is - be careful what you wish for, you might get it."

Merchant: "Does that mean you’ll accept her challenge?"

Jennifer: "It means I'm considering it."

Merchant: "Jen, what if J-Lo were to move in next door to you and Ben, then one Saturday morning she knocked on your door and asked to borrow your lawn mower?"

Jen stamped her feet and began to count to ten!

Merchant: "And what if Ben staggered in one night after being assaulted by that Latina Spitfire? Would you call the police or would you rush next door and take matters into your own hands?"

"You want me to take matters into my own hands, Larry?" With that, Jennifer punched Larry in the nose, then followed with a snapping knee to the groin.

"Owwwwww!" Merchant groaned as he doubled over in pain.

"I'M SICK OF YOUR STUPID QUESTIONS!" Jen screamed as she angrily stormed out of the building!

Ten minutes later, Merchant was summoned to Don King's office on the second floor of the building. "YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO COMPREHENSION HOW FIRED YOU ARE!" King screamed at the top of his lungs as Merchant hurried out of the office, slamming the door behind him.


The two beauties enter the sauna at the same time; Alyssa in a white bikini with black leather boots and Gena who is barefoot and sporting a very abbreviated version of the gazelle skin Sheena outfit she wore in the TV series. Gena’s bra is tighter and more revealing than Alyssa's and her bottom is nothing more than a skimpy thong. Alyssa looks amused as she eyes Gena and thinks, ‘She's not here to fight; she's here to be gawked at."

The two combatants stretch in their corners as Alyssa runs over her battle strategy in her mind while Gena vividly recalled the rush of power she felt conquering lovely Jessica Alba in her first match. She hopes to enjoy a similar experience against Alyssa. Michael Buffer announced the participants and a minute later the bell rang.

Both women came out fighting and Alyssa quickly discovered Gena wasn’t afraid of her as the taller blonde lashed out with a three punch combination which grazed her face. She returned fire to Gena's body as the blond backpedaled to avoid her counter. Gena was a quicker than Alyssa anticipated!

Alyssa continued to throw body punches with bad intentions and several found their targets, Gena's ribs and belly which slowed down the athletic blond. But Alyssa was also getting tagged with straight shots to the face and she was soon bleeding from her lower lip.

Alyssa quickly sprung forward with knees, catching Gena in a Bearhug. Gena pounded down on the brunette's head but soon felt her legs swept from under her as Alyssa tripped her to the carpet and fell on her. Both women began flailing away at the other's lovely face with Alyssa landing the harder blows. But her advantage was short-lived because the sleek blond headlocked her and drove a knee to her lower back. Gena was able to power Alyssa off of her, but a parting shot caught Gena in the eye as Alyssa spun away.

The brunette was now fully aware that Gena was far tougher woman than the frightened lady on the Leno Show. The blond, for her part, was painfully aware Alyssa was a much harder puncher than her first opponent. As they scrambled to their feet, Alyssa launched herself like a whirling dervish into the air. Her Flying Dropkick struck Gena's breasts hard enough to knock Gena to the carpet flat on her back.

Alyssa jumped on her dazed adversary and again began to pummel her lovely face. Gena frantically kneed Alyssa in her back as she tried to cover her face to protect it from the brunette's hard blows. The blonde’s knees were striking with authority and like before, she was finally able to throw the fierce brunette off. Both women struggled to their knees facing each other; breathing heavily and sweating profusely.

As Gena began to back away on her knees, Alyssa grinned and slowly moved toward her. The brunette appeared the stronger and more confident fighter and her breasts were thrusting forward in her white bikini top as she advanced. Gena appeared timid and uneasy and Alyssa easily grabbed the blonde’s arm and started to twist it behind her back in a Half Nelson.

Gena shot out her legs and wrapped them around Alyssa's midsection, then pulled her arm free from Alyssa's grasp while maintaining her Leg Scissors. The two beauty’s struggled as their sweat-glistening bodies maneuvered for position but it was Gena who used her body more wisely and soon she forced the struggling Alyssa onto her lap, her thighs flexing powerfully around the brunette's white panties.

Gena had watched as Sharon squeezed Demi into submission in their sauna match and she was confident that, when the opportunity presented itself, her shapely, athletic legs would do the same. Alyssa elbowed Gena and tried to strike backward to Gena's face, but she soon found both arms were wrapped up in Gena’s Full Nelson. The lovely brunette strained her thighs to the max but to no avail.

Now the extra time Gena Lee spent working out with her Thighmaster as well as her other leg exercises were paying sweet dividends. Twisting the struggling brunette over onto her side, Gena increased her pressure. Alyssa grunted and groaned but the shapely brunette's strongest efforts were futile and both women knew it. Alyssa was weakening fast.

Gena twisted the brunette onto her belly and pinned her arms tighter and more painfully behind her as she bounced up and down on Alyssa's butt, hammering the brunette’s pubic mound against the floor. Twisting Alyssa back over onto her side, the blond beauty rippled her thigh muscles one last time and a beaten Alyssa screamed her submission.

"I GIVE UP!" she squealed.

"Do you take back the insults about my acting, Alyssa?" Gena asked.

"YES! Nobody could’ve played Sheena as well as you, Gena!" she sobbed.

"THANK YOU!" answered the blond beauty as she lifted herself off her conquered adversary.

Raising her arms into the air victoriously, Gena began, without fanfare, to strut out of the sauna. Moments later in a post fight interview conducted by Jim Lampley, the lovely and triumphant blond was asked about her appearance on the Leno show in which she appeared frightened of Alyssa.

"Well, she DID say I was the worst actress on the planet, Jim," she chuckled. “Hopefully, no one will doubt my acting - or athleticism - ever again!"