Catfight for Justin: Britney Spears (ex-g/f) vs. Alyssa Milano (new g/f) © by John J 2003

Britney and three girlfriends were in a fancy nightclub that many celebrities frequent in NYC. They were having a great time enjoying the music when she saw her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake with new girl Alyssa Milano; arm-in-arm snuggling tightly. Alyssa was in a tight black mid-thigh length dress with tiny spaghetti straps over her shoulders and a moderately plunging ‘V’ neckline that showed a fair amount of cleavage. Alyssa’s sexy legs were clearly visible since her dress stopped midway on her gorgeous thighs. The outfit was completed with matching high heels.

The pop princess fumed with rage as she watched the pair head for a secluded table in the back; an area offering more privacy and intimacy. Britney tried to ignore them but she couldn’t. The rage inside her burned hotter and hotter as she watched them dance with Alyssa grinding her body suggestively against Justin’s. The sexy blonde finally had enough and followed behind the couple back to their table.

Britney had on a steamy little red dress for her outfit; a halter-top with a bare back. Her dress also stopped mid-thigh, but was a bit shorter than Alyssa’s and showed more leg. Britney’s plunging v-neck was far more pronounced and showed tons more cleavage as well. Her red high-heeled pumps had a couple inches higher heel than Alyssa’s.

“Hi, Justin, sweetie, “ Britney cooed when she got to the table and bend over with her palms on the top.

Justin nervously replied, “Hey Brit! You’re looking great…as always.”

She smiled seductively and said breathily, “You always say the sweetest things.” She glanced at Alyssa and looked her over from head to toe, not making any attempt to hide the fact that she clearly wasn’t impressed.

Alyssa cut in, “EXCUSE ME! Justin, tell her to go to hell. We’re on a date.”

Like Britney, Alyssa eyed her rival up and down as she stared daggers at Justin’s ex-. She knew without a word being said that in terms of their outfits Britney had won a psychological battle. Britney clearly had gotten Justin’s attention away from Alyssa which enraged the brunette even more.

Justin blushed nervously. “Ummmm…er...”

“Do YOU want me to go, Justin baby?” Britney cooed softly, her eyes smoldering as Alyssa glared venomously at her.

YES, he does!” Alyssa spat. “GET RID OF HER,” she hissed at Justin, not looking directly at Britney.

Justin blushed again, unsure what to say but knowing whatever he said would be wrong.

“He obviously doesn’t want ME to go, darling,” Britney hissed, locking eyes with Alyssa. “Maybe YOU should take a hike,”.

Alyssa snapped, “You’re the ex- hon, I’m the current. What part of that isn’t clear to you? GET LOST!”

Britney smiled sweetly, “No, I think Justin and I need to have a long talk. YOU GET LOST!” Britney fired back.

“Now, now girls,” Justin stuttered. “Let’s all just calm down.”

But Alyssa hissed, “I’m fucking serious Justin. Tell her to go RIGHT NOW! Or I’ll have to get rid of her MYSELF!”

Justin started to say something, but Britney cut him off and said, “It’s OK, baby. I think Alyssa and I need to have us a girl-talk…in private.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Alyssa growled.

Alyssa got up, grabbed Britney’s elbow and they stalked angrily off to the ladies’ room as Justin called, “Girls? What’re you doing?”

The two rivals completely ignored Justin as they continued into the ladies room. The two vixens waited in silence until two women finished up and when the second one left, Britney put the “OUT OF ORDER” sign on the door, then closed and locked it.

Britney snapped, “There, now we have some privacy for our discussion.”

“What discussion?” Alyssa snapped. “You’re getting your skanky ass away from MY man or you’re getting your peroxide-poisoned ass kicked. Those are your ONLY choices!” Alyssa hissed.

Britney glared, looked Alyssa up and down and snarled, “Listen here bitch. Justin and I had a fight and you walked your tramp ass in and STOLE him! I want him back and I intend to get him back TONIGHT. We can do this the easy way- or the hard way! It’s up to you which way, but either way I’m leaving WITH JUSTIN!”

Alyssa laughed, “Well, ummm. You couldn’t satisfy him and now he’s mine. You gave up on him and you lost him. Now, what if I don’t wanna GIVE him back? You couldn’t keep him before, what makes you think you’ll be able to satisfy him now? Huh, slut?”

Britney smiled, “Then, we do it the hard way…I beat your fat ass to a pulp and TAKE him back.”

“Oh? I’d love to see you TRY beating my ass,” Alyssa giggled. “You’d better get out of here you stupid blonde bimbo, before I lose my temper and you get hurt.”

Britney raised her fists, “I’ve had enough talk! Let’s settle this right now whore!”

“Fine. You’re going to be sorry you screwed with me,” Alyssa spat as she raised her fists and the two beauties started to circle.

They slowly closed and fired jabs, then uppercuts; testing each other’s defense. After several tentative blows, Britney landed the first real punch when she hammered a right hook to Alyssa’s ribs. Alyssa let out a quiet grunt, but she quickly countered as she brought her fist up into the side of Britney’s head. The blonde’s head snapped to the side as Alyssa’s punch connected and she moaned. Alyssa fired another punch, but Britney got her left arm up to block this one and she retaliated by kicking Alyssa in the knee with her high-heel.

Alyssa yelped aloud as the kicked landed and her knee partially buckled. As she stumbled back, she grabbed the wall for support. The sexy blonde saw her chance and she shot forward. She tackled Alyssa into the wall and her back smacked the wall WHAM! Britney continued her attack as she drove a knee up between Alyssa’s legs. Alyssa howled in pain as Britney’s knee crushed her pussy on the wall. Britney pulled her knee back and watched Alyssa start to slide down along the wall with her hands between her legs.

“Ready to give, skank?” Britney demanded.

Alyssa spat through clenched teeth, “Screw you!”

Bracing her hands on the wall for support, Britney shot her knee forward and smacked it into Alyssa’s nose. Alyssa let out another groan of pain and her hands moved to check her nose. She felt a slight wetness on her upper lip, blood flowing from her nose. She grabbed her nose and tried to put pressure on it to stop the bleeding. While Alyssa was preoccupied with her nose, Britney grabbed a fistful of dark hair and hauled the brunette to her feet. Holding Alyssa’s hair securely, Britney slammed the back of her head on the bathroom wall several times. Alyssa groaned as her head began to throb but she gamely retaliated, stomping down with her high-heel on Britney’s foot. Britney squealed in pain as the stiletto heel dug into her skin. At the same instant, Alyssa snapped her head forward and her forehead smashed Britney’s nose! The blonde hobbled back a few steps, losing her hairhold on Alyssa; dazed from the headbutt she’d taken in the nose.

The two beauties broke off the action momentarily as they each gulped down air and reset their defenses. Britney was set for battle sooner than Alyssa and she rushed forward on the attack. Britney didn’t get a chance however, because Alyssa grabbed her by her long blonde hair and yanked her head forward. Britney let out a groan as Alyssa smashed her face into the wall. She saw stars as her nose and forehead took the brunt of the hit for a second time. A red spot was clearly visible on the wall from where Britney’s busted nose was bleeding steadily.

Alyssa took advantage of Britney’s dazed and hurt condition to snare her in a headlock/choke combination. Britney gagged and gasped as she found herself unable to catch her breath with Alyssa’s forearm clamped across her throat. Britney mounted her defense as she fired an elbow back, hammering Alyssa in the gut. A second, then third elbow shot followed until Alyssa’s hold weakened and she backed away.

Alyssa’s head snapped viciously to the side as Britney pushed off the wall, spun around and swung her fist, backfisting Alyssa across the face. She stumbled back several steps after the blow landed while Britney rushed forward and tackled her into the opposite wall. The gorgeous blonde used her shoulder to pin Alyssa on the wall as she pounded her fists repeatedly into Alyssa’s abs. Alyssa groaned as the punches drove into her already throbbing belly.

Then Alyssa saw an opening and attacked! With Britney concentrating on Alyssa’s stomach she didn’t realize she’d left a hole in her own defense but Alyssa made her painfully aware of her mistake! She drove her knee upward and pounded it into Britney’s open crotch. Britney howled out loud when Alyssa’s knee connected. Alyssa smiled nastily as she looked at Britney with no sympathy at all as she started to slump to the floor.

Alyssa raised a high-heeled foot and held her foot over Britney’s crotch in a threatening pose as she cockily sneered, “I’ll accept your surrender and apology NOW. Before I get really pissed, and decide to give you a real beating.”

Britney smiled to herself as she swung out fast with both legs and kicked Alyssa hard in the pussy with both her high heels. Alyssa shrieked as she tumbled to the tile floor in agony. Britney’s double kick had connected solidly with pin-point accuracy. Earlier, Britney had shifted position as Alyssa had kneed her and Alyssa’s knee struck her thigh, not her crotch. Britney had faked her pain to draw Alyssa in and it ended up that Alyssa was the one who made a big mistake - not Britney! Britney sprang to her feet and loomed over Alyssa who lay in tears with her hands cupped to her throbbing crotch.

“Now, what were you saying about an apology, sweetie?” Britney asked venomously.

“Go to hell!” Alyssa snarled between gasps of air, showing she still had plenty of fight left in her.

Britney laughed and with a sadistic smirk hissed, “That’s EXACTLY the attitude I hoped for. Now, I get to beat the shit out of you bitch!”

She reached down, grabbed Alyssa’s skimpy black dress and pulled up the flimsy material up viciously. As she yanked her rival up, the tiny spaghetti straps snapped and a small tear formed at the base of the “v” neck. As Britney continued to yank and pull, the tear became a major rip and, in seconds, the once pristine black cocktail dress lay a torn and tattered rag across Alyssa’s heaving belly. Britney pulled the ripped garment up and twisted it around Alyssa’s neck, then she pulled on both ends - hard!

Alyssa gasped in pain and shock as Britney wrapped the dress tightly around her neck and started to choked her. Alyssa reached up and ripped, tore and pulled at Britney’s dress, quickly turning it too into a torn and tattered pile of rags. Still, Britney didn’t waver in her choke while Alyssa counterattacked. In fact, the more the brunette tore her dress, the harder Britney yanked on the clothing wrapped around Alyssa’s throat. Britney ignored that her gorgeous little red halter dress was a pool of red rags at her feet, completely shredded. In fact, both women’s dresses were a mess, all but useless as clothing. Neither beauty cared she’d have to fight topless for the rest of the battle; nor did she give any consideration to how they’d leave the bathroom in their current state of undress.

Britney stubbornly refused to release her choke and Alyssa grew more and more desperate with each passing second She began to panic and sank her manicured nails into Britney’s bare breasts. Britney let out a loud cry of pain when Alyssa’s talons dug into her tender breasts and left bloody scratches and welts on the soft globes. Alyssa’s efforts began to bear fruit. Britney’s choke weakened slightly just as Alyssa could feel her lack of oxygen beginning to affect her. She was lightheaded and about to pass out but she decided if she was going out, she’d go out fighting so she drew back a fist and hammered repeated punches to Britney’s sore and battered tits, flattening them into Britney’s chest over and over again.

Britney tried to hold on but the pain finally became too much and she was forced to release her choke hold to grab Alyssa’s hands and pry them from her aching puppies. Alyssa immediately jerked her hands back as Britney clutched at them, then rolled away and pulled the torn dress from her neck. As Alyssa gulped precious air back into her empty lungs, a few feet away, Britney shrugged off the tattered remnants of her dress and checked the damage to her boobs. There were plenty of bruises, welts and scratches, but nothing she hadn’t had before or that that looked like it’d leave long-term marks or scars on her abundant cleavage. As both rested during the brief respite, each gorgeous lady checked her nose and face and found the blood flowing from their noses had slowed to a trickle.

With Alyssa’s sharp nails no longer inflicting damage to Britney’s marvelous melons the pain started to subside. Though they’d be sore for a time, she knew her recovery was coming faster than Alyssa who was still breathing heavily and gulping air. Britney now realized just how close she’d come to knocking Alyssa out and silently cursed herself for not holding the choke just a few seconds more. Britney gave no warning or indication she was ready to resume the fight, she just lunged at Alyssa and in a flash had the actress pinned to the bathroom floor with her arms trapped beneath her knees. She bounced a couple times on Alyssa’s chest, driving the new air from her again, setting Alyssa’s recovery back.

Britney sank her nails into Alyssa’s proud boobs in retaliation for the painful boob mauling she’d gotten and it became Alyssa’s turn to howl and yelp in pain as her firm globes were scratched and mauled viciously. Britney squeezed and twisted the stiff nipples and dug her nails into the tender orbs. It didn’t take long for Britney to have Alyssa’s tits even more bruised, welted, swollen and scratched than her own. Alyssa tried to buck and twist, but her struggles were ineffective against the dominant blonde that had her trapped securely. Alyssa howled as Britney got to her feet and pulled her up with a painful tug of her swollen and throbbing nipples.

Alyssa scrambled to get her feet under her as Britney tugged harshly and just as Alyssa reached her feet, Britney swung her arm back and backhanded Alyssa who moaned as she spun around and smacked the wall face fist. Britney stepped in close and pounded her fist to Alyssa’s lower back, drilling her with several hard kidney punches that made Alyssa cry out in pain. As the blows slammed into her, Alyssa’s body started to slide down the wall, her face streaming tears of pain.

Again, Britney yanked Alyssa to her feet, this time with a rough pull on a handful of her hair. Alyssa saw her chance and snapped her head backward, driving her head into Britney’s nose. The blonde shrieked as the blood started to flow from her nose again, worse than before. With Britney temporarily stunned, Alyssa whirled on Britney and, with a hard shove, surged forward to tackle Britney, throwing her into the opposite wall. Britney hit on her back with a loud THUMP and a yelp of pain. Alyssa drew back her fist and threw a punch at Britney’s face. But Britney moved her head at the last second and Alyssa’s fist smashed the wall.

Alyssa screamed in pain and staggered back, holding her throbbing fist. Britney pushed off the wall with her butt and dug her nails into the brunette’s already ravaged boobs, squeezing as she pushed Alyssa back into the wall in the same spot she’d been pinned a minute ago. When Alyssa hit the wall, Britney put her right leg back, then swung her knee up hard, driving her kneecap deep into Alyssa’s crotch. Alyssa grunted and gasped in pain. Unable to hold back her tears, Alyssa slumped to the floor on hands and knees as tears flowed down her pretty cheeks.

Britney stood over her and demanded, “You ready to give now, bitch?”

Alyssa’s tears turned to anger at Britney’s outrageous demand. She didn’t answer but when Britney took a couple steps back, Alyssa propelled herself off the wall with sheer willpower and hatred, sending her body toward Britney with a loud, angry scream. Britney had stepped well back and Alyssa’s charge was slowed somewhat from Britney’s crotch shot. Britney was just able to dodge as Alyssa lunged and the brunette sailed past Britney. She turned with a look of rage in her eyes and Britney took another step back as Alyssa again charged her. This time, as Alyssa closed, Britney snapped out her right leg and caught Alyssa with a roundhouse kick to the jaw.

Alyssa dropped like a ton of bricks, blood now flowing from the corner of her mouth as she slowly pulled herself to her feet. Britney stood back with a cocky sneer and as soon as Alyssa was upright, Britney stepped forward, jumped and lashed out hard with both high-heeled feet, nailing Alyssa with a dropkick in her battered tits. Britney fell hard on her butt after the dropkick but she got to watch with amusement as her hated rival staggered and stumbled backward through the open door of a toilet stall. Alyssa pawed at the wall and doorway trying to brace herself as she slumped painfully and sat down on the tile floor moaning at the pain in her ravaged melons!

Alyssa sobbed, “Please. No more. That….that’s enough.”

Britney down looked at her and spat as she moved closer, “Is that a surrender, whore?”

HELL NO!” Alyssa screamed as she suddenly kicked the stall door shut in Britney’s face.

Unfortunately for Alyssa, Britney wasn’t standing in the doorway when she kicked it shut. It slammed violently, but never touched Britney who angrily responded by kicking the door open again, sending it flying right back into Alyssa’s face. She wasn’t as lucky as Britney and when the door slammed into her face it smashed her nose which started to bleed again worse than the initial punch had!

Britney stepped into the stall, looked at Alyssa, grabbed her hair and snapped, “You’re a fucking mess! You need to freshen up, slut!”

She used a handful of Alyssa’s hair to plunge Alyssa face down into the toilet bowl. Bubbles erupted from beneath the water as Britney held her under. After about a minute, she jerked Alyssa’s head up. Alyssa gasped and coughed as she gulped air. Her enraged and venomous glare was long gone, replaced now by a tearful, frightened expression.

ENOUGH!” she gasped. “I had enough. Stop please…you win!”

“I don’t believe you,” Britney yelled. “This’s just another of your damn tricks!”

Alyssa cried, “No! I swear. I never gave up before but I’m giving up now. No more, please! I’ve had enough.”

“And Justin?” Britney hissed.

Alyssa’s eyes looked down as she whispered softly, “OK, he’s all yours.”

The victorious blonde ripped Alyssa’s sexy little panties off - along with a generous handful of pubic hair, and stuffed them in her mouth. Then she bent down and grabbed Alyssa under the chin and hissed, “Now, we’re going back to Justin’s table. You’re going to tell him we had our discussion and how you think he should reconcile with me. Say you’re dumping him…right now! If you don’t do it - and very nicely - THEN YOU’LL BE SORRY!”

With Britney nearly nude and Alyssa totally nude; both of them bloody, disheveled, bruised and battered, Britney opened the door and dragged Alyssa out by the hair, leading her like a puppy on all fours back to Justin’s table. Britney sat next to Justin and forced Alyssa to her knees at his feet. Britney prodded Alyssa’s hanging breast with her toe and ordered her to ‘speak!’

In tears, Alyssa whimpered, “Justin, Britney’s made me see she’s truly the right woman for you. You and she should reconcile, you need time together. I’m gone; out of the picture. You don’t need any more distractions, only each other.”

Britney patted Alyssa on the head and said, “Good girl. That was very nice. Now, GO!” she hissed and kicked Alyssa in the side, sending her sprawling on the floor. “Justin and I need some time alone,” Britney purred as, still topless, she snaked herself into Justin’s arms and started to kiss him and nibble his ear.

Not wanting to make Britney any angrier, Alyssa scurried away on all fours and hurriedly left the club. She managed to get to her car without the paparazzi, other actresses or anyone else seeing her. She rummaged in the back seat and found clothes she’d tossed there at various times and put them on to drive home without being arrested for indecency. She never called Justin again and she avoided events when Britney was attending, not wanting to tangle with the spitfire blonde again until she’d had time to figure out how to beat her.

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