Ming Na Wen vs. Portia DeRossi by Bob

Ming Na Wen studied Portia DeRossi cautiously as they squared off. As Portia stared at the Chinese wildcat she could feel the adrenaline rushing through her body. The quiet Oriental wildcat had beaten everyone and was considered the best fighter of the female celebrities who enjoyed fighting in front of a bunch of horny producers and directors. The tiny Chinese beauty didn't look like a fighter and although many of the female fighters had told Portia that she would easily beat the Chinese beauty, she had to respect the fact that Ming Na had never been beaten in five years of catfighting and had been champion for the past three.

The Chinese beauty glanced at the blonde. The Australian had taken the female celebrity fight scene by storm, beating everyone that had tried to take her down. No one had taken the blonde seriously at first, but after a few one-sided wins, many female celebrity fighters started to think Portia may be the toughest and meanest competitor of all. As Ming Na continued to eye her, she couldn't help but marvel at Portia's body. It didn't look that powerful, but Ming Na was aware of Portia's incredible strength. She'd seen the Aussie fight several times and for the first time since she started fighting, Ming wasn't sure she was the better fighter. Watching the lithe blonde destroy everyone she fought, the champ was actually afraid of the taller blonde. She also realized most of spectators had bet on Portia to win.

Portia kicked off her heels and slowly moved towards the champion. Ming Na also kicked off her heels and started moving back. It wasn't like her to move away and everyone watching realized the champion was afraid of her taller foe. Those who had been foolish enough to bet on the champion suddenly wished that could cancel their bets. Portia continued to stalk, waiting for a chance to make her move. She could see fear in Ming Na's eyes and wanted to start the fight.

Frustrated, the Australian turned to the crowd and said, "It looks like the champion doesn't want to fight. I've heard rumors that she's afraid of me." She then turned to her cautious foe and asked, "Are you going to fight like a women or run like a coward."

Ming Na continued to back away, sensing she was getting her blonde foe angry but unsure whether her anger would force her to do something stupid or make her even more dangerous.

"I'm here to fight. But, I'm waiting for you to make a move so I can counter it. You're much stronger than me," Ming said.

"Much stronger..." the words echoed in Portia's mind. Was the champ setting her up?

"I've heard that you're very aggressive and never back up. I think everyone will see the yellow streak that runs down your back when I strip you. Now either fight or forfeit," Portia challenged.

Ming Na continued to back away, but said, "I'm not afraid of you, I'm fighting. Make a move, you'll see my strategy."

Portia was frustrated that her words couldn't get the champ to stop backing up so she ran toward the startled champion. Ming Na tried to move out of the blonde's way, but she was too quick and tackled her. The crowd started to go wild, as the blonde easily put the surprised champion on her back and started throwing rights and lefts. Ming Na fought desperately, trying to throw the Australian beauty off her. Portia was taller and heavier and she'd mounted the champion so now she had leverage. Her flailing fists also made it difficult for the undefeated champion to gain control. The crowd continued to cheer loudly as Portia landed punch after punch to Ming Na's beautiful face and tiny breasts.

The challenger's punches were hard and were leaving ugly bruises and scratches on the pretty champion's face. Trying to fight back, Ming Na was still virtually defenseless and in big trouble. The tall blonde Australian was too strong and Ming Na was helpless in her efforts to stop the blonde's onslaught. Portia was fighting better than she'd ever fought before and she'd administered the kind of beating to the champion that she'd never given anyone else. Because of her intense training, her superior size and strength, and the champion's fear, Portia was easily taking the champion apart! Everyone felt it wouldn't be long before the champion's three year reign came to an end.

Portia continued throwing punches, bloodying the champion's nose and opening cuts on both cheeks, over the champ's right eye, and under the Asian beauty's left eye. Aside from being taken apart, the champ's beautiful face had quickly become a mask of crimson red. Realizing she wasn't strong enough to get Portia off, and hoping to prevent the challenger from doing more damage to her face, Ming Na changed her approach and decided to cover up, hoping that Portia would wear herself out before she lapsed into unconsciousness or was beaten senseless. After throwing several more flurries of punches, Portia stopped. She was arm-weary, but sure the beating had sapped the Asian beauty's strength. Despite being tired, Portia still felt strong enough to pin Ming Na and hold her down while she rested and got her second wind. Then she could resume her assault on the dazed champion; make her suffer from her deadly and viscous attack.

Portia grabbed Ming Na's wrists and easily pinned them down to the floor, then shifted her position so that she was sitting on Ming Na's flat chest. Ming Na bucked and kicked desperately, hoping to throw the blonde beauty off but despite fighting with more intensity than she'd displayed at any time in the fight, Ming Na's efforts didn't accomplish anything except to waste what little strength she had left. She was breathing heavily and the attractive blonde Australian was still in control. Because the hot blonde held her down effortlessly, it was obvious to the Oriental beauty that Portia wasn't tiring; nor was she about to do anything foolish. She was on the verge of winning.

While Ming Na was getting more tired, Portia was gaining her second wind. Ming Na continued to buck furiously, occasionally letting out a scream of desperation at her inability to free herself from the blonde bombshell. Portia laughed as Ming Na stopped struggling and gave up trying to throw her off. When Ming Na stopped bucking, Portia again started throwing lefts and rights to the Oriental's beautiful face. Ming Na was in a lot of pain and didn't know how much more she could take. With the blonde Australian sitting on her tiny chest and covering her arms, she was helpless, unable to defend herself and she'd exhausted what little strength she had left by bucking in her failed attempts to throw the blonde off.

Her only alternative was to try and knee Portia in the back and hope that might knock the brazen Aussie off her. As Ming Na brought her knees up, making contact, Portia slapped her hard across her face and followed with a left-right combination. Despite being semi-conscious, Ming Na went limp and started sobbing in pain and frustration. Portia gave her a last stinging slap, catching Ming Na on her nose and making the dazed Oriental beauty's nose to bleed more profusely. Portia was sure she had broken the champion's nose when she slowly got up and turned to the crowd.

"Does anyone want to see some torture?"

The crowd started chanting, "Torture, torture!"

Portia looked down at Ming Na, who was still lying on her back. "So Ming, have you had enough?" She didn't answer, so Portia put a foot on Ming Na's tiny, firm breasts and pressed down. "How did you ever win the championship? I can't think of anyone I beat who couldn't beat you. You're a wimp, a bloody wimp."

Portia methodically stripped Ming Na who, although she certainly didn't want Portia to do it, wasn't about to try and stop the blonde. She had nothing left and was unable to fight someone who obviously could give her an even worse beating. However, when the blonde put her foot in Ming Na's face and ordered her to kiss it, Ming Na rebelled and decided to try and catch the sexy blonde by surprise. She lifted her head as if to kiss Portia's foot, then suddenly grabbed her ankle and twisted, then bit her foot! Portia screamed in pain and when Ming Na finally stopped biting her toes, Portia grabbed the wounded foot and hobbled off.

Ready to go into a frenzy, the mean-lean Oriental beauty quickly leaped to her feet, grabbed the Australian's long blonde hair and pulled the blonde's head down close to her. She bit the blonde's left ear and Portia screamed out loud as the Oriental continued to hold her ear in her teeth. After about twenty seconds, Ming Na released her bite and as Portia grabbed her ear and staggered back, the crowd could see the champ's mouth slathered with the blondes blood. Portia's blonde hair was bright red and the fair-skinned blonde lost what little color she had.

Those in the crowd that had been wise enough to bet on the champ sensed she was on the verge of turning a one-sided beating into a miraculous, come-from-behind win and started cheering the Oriental queen on. Ming Na followed her injured foe, slapping her face and kicking her in the thighs. The people who bet on the champion were cheering as Ming Na continued to follow the blonde Australian, landing slap after slap after slap as the blonde staggered back. Ming Na, sensing Portia had gotten worse than she gave, she leaped into the air and snapped her right foot around and smashed it into Portia's chin. Portia screamed as she fell backward and the blonde beauty's eyes closed as her head cracked the floor. The challenger was out and the Oriental threw up her hands.

Ming Na turned to the crowd and asked, "Does anyone see a yellow streak down my back?" She turned around slowly, giving everyone a look at her back. "It looks like I'm still the champ," the perspiring naked Asian boasted.

She bent down and slowly stripped Portia and after stuffing Portia's panties in the unconscious blonde's mouth, she told the hushed crowd, "I'm sure she's going to want a rematch. If anyone is still here when she comes to, tell her I'll fight her again but I have a fight with Sharon Lawrence in two weeks - although I might need to postpone that to recover and train. After I beat Sharon, I'll be ready for blondie again. However, next time we fight I'll be the aggressor. Tonight I played with her and gave her a chance because I knew I could beat the whore. I took her best and still I destroyed her. Next time I won't play around, I'll just wipe the floor with her."
Ming Na vs. Sharon Lawrence by Bob

As expected, Ming Na postponed the Lawrence fight until she recovered from her beating by Portia, then she began training again. Finally the night had come! Sharon Lawrence looked stunning in a pink see-through bra and panties and black fishnet stockings with pink heels. Ming Na, the defending champion, was equally stunning in her all white outfit.

Many fight fanatics wondered why Ming Na had decided to face Sharon who had won more fights than anyone and had only lost six, all of her losses coming at the hands of Ming Na! People in the crowd still talked about their first meeting - Ming Na's first fight. Sharon had easily won her first fifteen fights and was looking for an easy fight before meeting Robin Givens for the championship and for the first few minutes it appeared Sharon was going to destroy Ming Na but then the Asian dropped Sharon on her back and gave her a terrible beating.

Everyone was shocked by how badly the newcomer beat the established vet. Sharon was embarrassed at how one-sided her fight with a newcomer was and after winning a few fights she challenged Ming Na to a rematch. In the rematch, however, Sharon didn't even land a single solid punch as Ming Na gave her an even worse beating than their first fight! It was clear that Ming Na's win hadn't been a fluke! Still, the politics of the fight game being what they are, Sharon got the championship fight with Robin Givens - and she easily beat the champ! But then Sharon's first title defense was against Ming Na and for the third time, Ming destroyed the red-headed beauty.

A rematch and their next two fights were all the same - easy wins by the Oriental beauty. So here they were, about to go at it for the seventh time although nobody thought the result of the seventh fight would be any different than the first six. Although Sharon was tough and determined, she just wasn't tough enough to beat her Chinese rival. Many thought that Sharon had never given Robin Givens a rematch because she was afraid of the former champ and some questioned if Sharon could beat Christina Applegate!

Ming Na smiled at her challenger and said, "So, we meet again."

Sharon nodded and said, "Yes, we do. I'm glad you beat Portia because I'd hate to fight you without getting your title."

"You're pretty sure of yourself. Kind of surprising, considering our history."

"Enough of psychological babbling. You can't play with my head. After six fights I know how to beat you now," Sharon said.

"Funny but after six fights it's obvious you can't beat me," Ming Na laughed.

"Well, will know in about five minutes whether or not I can beat you."

Ming Na went to kick Sharon's stomach but surprisingly, the redheaded beauty with the great gams, used her arms to block the kick. The champion tried another kick but it too was blocked!

Ming Na looked at Sharon and nodded, "You're already doing better than you've done in the first six fights."

Then she leaped high in the air and screamed as she started to deliver a kick. Moving like a cat, Sharon - as Ming Na was already on her downward arc, somehow managed to kick her in the back of the legs. Sharon's kick had the same effect as a sweep kick and suddenly the champion's body was parallel to the mat in mid-air. Ming Na crashed down, on her head and back to the floor. Before she got her breath, Sharon stomped down hard on the champion's stomach. Ming Na was in big trouble and Sharon knew it!

Sharon followed with a hard kick to the ribs, then jumped high in the air and screamed as she dropped her shapely ass down on Ming Na's face. Ming Na convulsed for several seconds as Sharon sat down hard on her face but Sharon wasn't about to ease up. She thought about how Ming Na was down and out in her fight with Portia, but still managed to win.

Sharon got off, gave Ming Na one more hard kick to the ribs, and again leaped high in the air. Ming Na's mind told her body to move, but her body was unable to respond and once again, the redhead's ass smashed down on Ming Na's face. The champion's body quivered and went limp. Sharon got up and smiled at the stunned crowd as she raised her arms in triumph!

"I did it! She's got a rematch with Portia next and I have matches already booked with Christina Applegate and Robin Givens. When I finish with them, I'll fight the winner of Ming Na and Portia De Rossi," she announced.

Sharon celebrated her victory by inviting everyone in attendance to join her at her favorite night spot. It had taken her three years to regain the title she'd held for only a few weeks but this time she planned to hold it a lot longer!