Louise Nurding vs Kylie Minogue by Harry 22-Dec-99

As a result of being defeated by Vicky (Posh Spice) Beckham, Louise Nurding had agreed to fight with Geri Haliwell's friend, the Australian pop and soap star, Kylie Minogue. Despite her slightly fragile state, Louise turned up at a pre-arranged interview with the MTV Presenter Cat Deeley a few days latter. When the interview had been concluded, Cat told Louise that Posh Spice had called her and explained the situation. She was due to do an interview with Kylie later that week and that she would set up a date for the fight. Louise was furious that someone knew of her defeat by the Spice Girl, but realised that if she wanted a rematch with her she would have to go along with the plan, but mentally added this slight to the long list of grudges she held against her. Sure enough, on the day of the Kylie/Cat interview Louise received a fax telling her to be at Cat's London flat ready to fight.

When she arrived, Cat was pacing the living room of her spacious docklands apartment having moved all the furniture to create an arena. Cat explained that although she had had fights in her time, none had been recently and she wanted to get involved in the British scene. Louise wasn't happy at the circumstances of the fight, but smiled inwardly at the naivety remembering how she had been like that once. She moved into a bedroom and changed into her fighting outfit, during which she heard her opponent arrive.

When she returned to the arena Kylie was stood waiting for her, with Cat sat on a sofa at the side of the room. Kylie's star had fallen in recent years, with much speculation about her health and love life, but she had managed to maintain a reputation worthy of respect. Kylie had turned up to this fight clearly in a grunge mood, she was wearing black Dr Marten boots, black tights/leggings, black denim cut off shorts, a tight black top that hugged her body, a leather jacket and her blonde hair worn in a pony tail. Louise was bare footed and was wearing cut off white denim shorts, a white blouse with only the middle to buttons done up and a white push up bra, Her light brown hair was unteathered and drapped over her shoulders.

Kylie looked Louise up and down, and was distinctly unimpressed.

"I didn't know we were stripping off to fight." she said sneeringly at Louise.

"Just take your boots off bitch, and then I'll show you a fight."

"Fuck off Louise. Why don't you wear Cat's knee boots," retorted Kylie looking at their hostess who was sat on a settee hugging her legs on which she wore black leather knee boots, slightly awed by what was about to happen.

When Louise didn't react Kylie sat on the floor and unlaced her Dr Marten boots and slipped them off, before tossing them onto the settee next to Cat.

She stood up, "Happy now Louise? Are there any other rules that you'd like for this fight before we start?"

Louise's response was to outstretch her hands, shaped as claws and began to circle. Kylie mirrored this action and as the two superstars began to warily circle one another, Cat was gripped by a sense of anticipation at what she was about to see. She wasn't greatly fussed as to who won or lost, but realised that the winner might be inclined to help her.

Kylie leapt forward and got inside Louise's defences and started to pull at her brown hair. Louise closed her arms behind the petite Australian and started to pull at the blonde hair at the back of her head. The two women struggled for a couple of minutes, staggering around the room each trying to gain an advantage over the other, but in reality getting no where. Kylie drove a knee upward, aiming for Louise's pussy, but instead hitting her thigh giving her a dead leg.

Louise squealed, and released her grip on the blonde's hair and would have collapsed to the floor were it not for Kylie's grip on her own hair. The Australian used this grip to make Louise to look up at her face and then delivered a slap with the open palm of her right hand, leaving a bright red mark. Just as she was about this repeat this attack, Louise drove a fist into her stomach, sending Kylie staggering backwards.

Louise dropped onto one knee and started to rub her bruised thigh, trying to bring life back to her leg. She looked up in time to see the stockinged sole of Kylie's right foot coming towards her, which connected with her chin sending her flying backwards.

Louise lay stunned on the floor for what seemed like minutes, but was in reality only seconds. The fog that was clouding her mind lifted when she became aware of her opponent straddling her chest. Her vision cleared and she realised that she was looking up at Kylie's arse, encased in her tight black denim shorts. Louise's recovery was then knocked back when Kylie smashed a fist into her bare midriff. Louise screamed and tried to double up in pain, but when she raised her head, it collided with the seat of her opponents shorts and her head fell back to the floor.

A second blow to her stomach resulted in the same reaction. Whilst Kylie cackled unpleasantly at the pain she was inflicting, Louise recovered as much as she could in her position, and drove a fist upwards into the crotch of the Australian's shorts. Kylie gasped with pain and feel forward onto her hands and knees. Louise reached up with legs and gripped Kylie's head between her thighs and pulled her down. Momentarily surprised by this development, Kylie closed her own thighs round Louise's head and started to squeeze. Whilst the were in this mutual head lock the each raked their nails down their opponents legs.

Kylie's leggings started to rip and shred exposing her pale skin, whilst Louise's legs started to be covered with weals and broken skin.

They each started to scream with pain as the pressure on their heads told. In desperation, they each started to use their hands to break the painful clamps on their heads. It was Kylie who broke the grip first and then rolled to one side to recover. Louise didn't follow as she was still feeling the effects of the earlier stomach punches.

"Is it over?" Cat asked nervously.

"Like fuck it is!" said Louise as she got up onto her hands and knees and started to cautiously advance on her opponent.

Kylie adopted a similar pose and let the ex Eternal singer get closer. They each lashed out with their hands and having locked fingers they started to drag each other up onto their knees in a test of strength. Louise was able to use her greater height to start to dominate the fight and push Kylie backwards. Realising that she was loosing, the Australian pop start diverted her hands to start pulling Louise's straight brown hair.

But this manoeuvre had no effect upon the laws of gravity, and Kylie fell backwards, slowly dragging her opponent with her. When Kylie's back hit the floor, Louise was between her opponents legs and positioned so that she was unable to grab hold of her blonde hair, so instead started to rain blows upon her stomach. Kylie started to squeal in pain and released her hair hold and instead started to crawl backwards to get away from the pain. Louise tried to stop the eighties pop star from getting away, and grabbed hold of her top which started to stretch and rip so that it revealed her left shoulder and bra strap.

"Bitch!" screeched Kylie who started to lash out with her feet, causing Louise to retreat slightly out of harms way.

They paused momentarily until Louise started to advance again, dodging Kylie's unaimed blows, until she managed to catch both of her opponents ankles. She then rose onto her knees lifting Kylie's butt off of the floor, and despite the Australians thrashings, crossed her legs and started to pull in the opposite direction. At first this was no more than a mild irritation to Kylie, but the farther her ankles were moved apart, the greater the pain that started to develop in her groin. In order to prevent the pain becoming serious or getting an injury, Kylie twisted herself over onto her stomach.

She was surprised when the grip on her ankles stopped and looked over her shoulder. Louise had dropped her legs and now lent forward and grabbed the waist band of her denim shorts. As much as she struggled, Kylie could not move forward, and instead found herself being dragged backwards. Without her boots she could get no purchase on the floor. When she had pulled her opponent close enough, Louise roughly grabbed Kylie's blonde pony tail, dishevelled by the earlier hair pulling. Kylie squealed as her head was pulled backwards, causing her to arch her back. Louise relaxed her grip only long enough so she could position herself astride the blonde's butt when she resumed her hair pulling this time with both hands.

Kylie screamed in agony again as her head and back were pulled upwards. No matter how she thrashed and struggled there was no escape from this pin. When a clump of her blonde locks came away in Louise's hand, causing Cat to gasp in a mixture of horror and awe, Kylie became desperate to free herself. With a strength born of pain, anger and hatred, she was able to force her upper body upwards taking the brunette by surprise and causing her to slide backwards slightly. The Australian twisted painfully and lashed out with her right arm catching Louise in the midriff and knocking her off. Now free of her burden Kylie was able to roll away and put some space between her and her Louise and slowly get to her feet. As she got to her feet she felt her scalp and realised that her hair loose had not been great. She turned to glare at Louise who had also gotten to her feet.

Miss Minogue was enraged at having the hair pulled from her scalp, and charged forward. Louise had been fooled by Kylie's small size and slight build and had thought that the fight would not be all that difficult. She was surprised when the Australians body slammed into her own, pushing her backwards into the wall banging her head. "Hope you haven't damaged the wall bitch!" snarled Kylie as she used a forearm to pin her slightly dazed opponent to the wall whilst she ripped open Louise's blouse. The thin material of Louise's top offered scant resistance to Kylie's spiteful pulling and flapped open revealing her tanned and toned stomach.

Louise had enough wits about her to tense her stomach muscles in anticipation of a punch and place one free hand over the Australians face and push it backwards whilst the other plunged into the blonde hair. But the punch never came, and instead Kylie started to fumble with the buttons that held Louise's white denim shorts in place. The ex-Eternal singer was experienced enough catfighter to realise what was about to happen, and she raised a knee into Kylie's crotch.

The Australian screamed in anguish as the rough denim forced its way through her insubstantial knickers and into her pubic mound. No longer pinned to the wall, Louise started to push the Australian soap start backwards with only slight resistance and back onto the settee, causing Cat to leap up out of the way.

Louise found herself astride Kylie who was sat dazed on the settee, trying to massage her aching womanhood. Now in a dominant position, Louise started to shake her opponent from side to side by her top causing it to progressively rip and lose its shape so that her breasts came into view. The violent shaking prevented Kylie from realising what was happening until she felt her opponents fingers digging into her left breast through the remnants of her top and low cut bra. Cat winced in sympathetic pain as Kylie screamed in pain. This sound that was joined by Louise's own screams as the Australian pushed her hands upwards and grasped her breasts. The flimsy white bra might as well have not been there for all the protection that it offered. Louise did her best to ignore the pain in her breasts as Kylie's long fingers squeezed, scratched and tried to seek out her nipples. She ceased her attempts to rip the Australians top off and instead took and a handful of hair and started to shake her opponents head from side to side and bang it into the back of the sofa.

Kylie was becoming more and more disorientated by Louise's attacks and had no idea of the pain that she herself was inflicting. She released her one hand from its grip on a breast and instead it to force open the white shorts, revealing white panties. Louise tried to use a hand to protect herself , but it was to late as Kylie's fingers snaked over the top of the underwear and tugged at light brown curly minge hair. Cat gasped as the fight entered a new phase, partly out of surprise that the fighters were prepared to attack one anothers pussy's and partly at the thought of the pain that she imagined Louise was suffering. Louise was frantic, knowing what would happen if Kylie could get a real grip on her pubic hair. In retaliation she stopped trying to defend herself and instead plunge her hand down the front of the ex Soap Star's shorts, whilst using her other hand to try and block her mouth and nose.

Now it was Kylie's turn to grow desperate as she could not get to grips with Louise's pussy and her air supply was cut off. She withdrew her hand from Louise's shorts and, curling her fingers into a fist drove it into the English woman's unprepared and vulnerable stomach. As the fist drove into her guts, Louise stopped all her attacks and slumped forward. The second fist caused her to slide backwards, off of Kylie and onto her back on the floor, grasping her aching midriff.

After greedily gulping air into her lungs Kylie flung herself forward onto her prone opponent intent on ending the fight. Louise had had sufficient opportunity to recover her wits so that when the Australian landed on top of her that she was able to return the bitter hair pulling of her opponent. The two pin ups rolled around the floor in a manner that would appal as well as appeal to their hordes of young male fans. They pulled hair, shouted obscenities and used every part of their bodies to impose their dominance and superiority upon the other. Fingers were entwined in hair, pinching, scratching skin and tugging at clothes.

The remnants of their respective tops were not equal to the intensity of the struggle and it did not take long for them to start using their uncovered breasts as weapons. All the while Cat Deeley watched on gasping in admiration and horror at the lengths which each woman was prepared to go to and the pain their were willing to accept.

Once the two combatants were topless, Kylie realised that her smaller breasts were not going to win a prolonged struggle. When, for the umpteenth time, the Australian pop star managed to get on top of Louise she tried to spread her slight frame so that she would remain in the poll position. By now both women were bathed in perspiration and were weaken by the effort and damage that they had incurred. Kylie buried her head to one side of Louise's and pressed her body downwards. Louise squealed as her breasts met the challenge, but when she tried to reverse the position she couldn't gain the required momentum. So instead she diverted her hands to rake her nails down the Australians back. Kylie squealed but held her position.

The realisation of her position started to dawn upon Louise, if she couldn't shift the Australian then she would lose. She used a hand to try and slip it under the waist of Kylie's shorts to attack her backside, but they were too tight. But she was able to manoeuvre her fingers around the under the waistband so that they were in a position over her opponents pussy. Kylie was so focused on trying to use her position to win the fight that the first she realised of this new attack was when Louise started to tug on her short blonde minge.

"You fucking lessie slut!" Kylie screamed as she tried to squirm and grind the pain away.

But Louise's fingers were now truly enmeshed in her pussy and nothing that she could do could stop the fierce pain. In desperation she raised her backside, intent on slamming her body down to crush Louise's hand. But this presented an opening to the ex-Eternal singer and she used her spare hand as a fist and drove it into Kylie's now exposed stomach.

The blow knocked the stuffing out of the Australian Soap star and she rolled off to one side. Free of her burden, Louise made no immediate attempt to follow up, and instead lay there recovering her strength. The pause enabled Kylie to weakly get up on to her hands and knees and make an effort to crawl away. But Louise managed to turn her body slightly to one side and lash out with her left leg. Her foot caught Kylie on the arse sending her sprawling forward. This enabled Louise to get up and position herself across the Australians back so that when she tried to get up she was pinned to the floor.

The English woman took a firm two handed grip of the blonde's hair and slowly pulled her up onto her knees. Kylie tried to resist, but she was a spent force. When both women were on their knees, Louise moved her hands so that they were cupped over the blonde's breasts and started to gently stroke her pink nipples. Once they became slightly erect, she dug her previously gentle fingers in as a nasty pinch. Kylie tried to scream, and it started, but soon tailed away as a feeble whimper. Realising that she had won, Louise released her hold and let her now beaten foe fall to the floor.

She looked up and saw Cat looking on, "So you want a part of this?"

Answering far more quickly than she planned to, Cat said, "Yes."

Louise stood up and walked over to Cat, driving her heel into Kylie's head. She put a sweaty arm around the MTV VJ and they started to walk back to the room in which she changed.

"Well Cat, you set me up my return match with that little spoilt bitch Victoria Beckham, and I'll organise a fight for you. Did you have anyone in mind?"