Kylie Minogue vs. Holly Valance by Harry 6/19/01

Australia has a long tradition of producing sexy young starlets from its otherwise naff soap operas who then go on to take the world by storm with their charms. Indeed without 'Home and Away' and 'Neighbours' the world would have been denied Natalie Imbruglia, Mellisa George, Isla Fisher, Emma Harrison and the Minogue sisters.

The latest in this long line is Holly Valance who plays the young temptress/tease Felicity or Flick in 'Neighbours'. She is now moving from only being most young men's fantasy to a worldwide sex symbol. Slowly at first, with some subtly risqué photo shoots, becoming raunchier and then moving onto appearing in a music video for an Australian Boy band in which she was seen showering. This has given Holly the confidence to push the envelope further, including some bitchy comments about her rivals, especially a previous star of 'Neighbours,' Kylie Minogue. Holly described the blonde songstress as 'tarty', 'over the hill', 'a fading star' and stated bluntly that Kylie should step aside to let fresh new talent rise to the top.

Unsurprisingly in this age of rapid global communications these words found their way to Miss Minogue who now resides in that well-known Australian city, London. She was livid at these comments from Holly, and she decided to bring forward a planned trip to Australia to discuss this matter with the rising young star. After a few phone calls Kylie discovered that Holly was taking a break from the strain of acting to a raunchy new photo shoot on Australia's Gold Coast. After that piece of detective work, it was simple for Kylie to get to the right hotel, book a room and get access to Holly's room.

Holly meanwhile was engrossed with the photo shoot that required her to appear in skimpy swimsuits draped in seductive poses whilst water was sprayed on her. It was after one such strenuous session that she walked back to her room to repose herself for the evenings shoot. She wore a black, triangular two piece bikini that showed off her body to its fullest advantage, a very short damp yellow cut off T-shirt, unlaced trainers and her blonde hair in a pony tail. As she walked through the hotel her hips swung provocatively as if she were actually the schoolgirl she played. She reached her room and let herself in. It would be fair to say she was surprised to find Kylie reclining seductively on her large bed.

Kylie was wearing her hair in its natural state, with a light blue bikini top (slightly too small so that it pushed her breasts up), tight black shorts and her own pair of trainers.

"What do you want Kylie?" snapped Holly, irritated at what she perceived as Kylie's attempt to steal her limelight.

"After what you said, you talentless skank, did you think I'd NOT pay you a visit?" sneered Kylie, slipping off her trainers.

"OK, you old bitch, if you want to fight lets do it. Its about time that the new talent put you old timers in your place!" sneered Holly clearly relishing the forthcoming fight as she slipped off her own footwear.

Kylie rolled off the bed and walked towards her opponent. Holly brought her hands up ready as the two blonde Australian stars began to circle. Kylie began by lashing out with her hands hoping to unnerve Holly and grab hold of her. But Holly was no virgin catfighter (battles between female cast members of Neighbours and other Aussie soap operas were far more common than reported). She was able to leap inside Kylie's lashing hands and get hold of her well attended to blonde hair. Automatically Kylie brought her own hands to bear on Holly's ponytail pulling her close so that their emphasized breasts collided and began to jostle.

The mutual hair pulling resulted in both women's heads being yanked back so that they were now looking up at the ceiling. The staggered around for a few moments, readjusting their grip to inflict maximum pain on one another before Kylie looped her left arm round her young opponents neck. This sudden move allowed Kylie to drag Holly's head down so that she was bent double.

Unable to maintain her hold on the older woman's hair, Holly squealed in frustration and launched an open handed slap with her right hand to Kylie's butt. It landed with a loud and painful thwack that made Kylie howl, but she did give Holly's ponytail an extra hard two-handed pull. Holly wrapped her arms round Kylie's waist and dug her fingers into the thin material of her shorts.

"Bitch!" hissed Kylie as she thrust her pelvis forward in response to the attack.

When Holly didn't let go, she began trying to swing the younger woman around in an effort to bring relief. When this didn't work she started to use her right hand and thump Holly's back.

"Get your filthy crotch away from my face you dirty old bitch!" snarled Holly, her voice not carrying far as she was looking at the floor.

Kylie responded by taking hold of Holly's yellow T-shirt and pulling. The wet cotton was stretched across the young blondes chest before slowly starting to rip. Holly adjusted her own grip so that her fingers took hold of the top of Kylie's shorts and began to pull. She was rewarded by hearing the sounds of material ripping.

"Rip my clothes Kylie you slag and I'll rip yours!" Holly shouted.

The race to see who could rip fastest ended when Holly began to push forward like a rugby player in a scrum. This took Kylie by surprise and she had no chance to do anything about it before she collided with the wall, which knocked the wind out of her. Kylie let go which enabled Holly to push away, getting in a sly punch to her stomach as she did so. Normally, Kylie would have been able to handle this sort of amateur blow, but the meeting with wall had not done her any favors and she doubled over. She was brought back to reality when her head was pulled up by the fringe of her hair and she saw Holly preparing a follow up attack. The stinging slap across her right cheek only emphasized to Kylie how bad the situation she now found herself in was. She responded by bringing her left fist into Holly's exposed stomach, making her wail with pain as she staggered backwards. With clear carpet between the two women, Kylie brought her foot up intending to plant it in the younger woman's stomach, but Holly was so concerned with her own discomfort that she had moved back out of range.

Kylie screeched with frustration at the failure of her attack but she threw herself at her younger opponent, managing to get her right hand past Holly so that she could grab the pony tail. Holly forgot her own discomfort and reached up and grabbed hold of Kylie's blonde hair. They struggled and swayed clinging to one another's hair hoping to gain an advantage by swinging the other around to the melody of squeals and grunts of pain. Holly tried to bring her knee into play, but as she did Kylie twisted and pushed her shoulder into the young star. Unsteady on one foot, it pushed Holly backward and she toppled to the floor, pulling Kylie down with her so that they landed in a sexy heap.

After some struggling and grappling on the floor, Kylie ended up sitting astride her young opponent with one hand gripping Holly's chin whilst her other alternately pulled hair or slapped her cheek. Holly was not taking this supinely, and she used her own hands to slap at Kylie and attempting to push her off while she struggled between the other blonde's thighs. This only served to irritate the already pretty naked Kylie who took a fistful of Holly's yellow T-shirt and ripped it off, shedding light on her ample breasts which were encased in a designer triangular bikini top that matched her bottom.

"Cow!" squealed Holly as Kylie discarded the item and she began to dig her nails into the older woman's thighs, making her wail. Now Kylie looked down on her opponent with evil eyes and swiftly and decisively clamped both her hands across Holly's breasts squeezing the malleable flesh. The affect was electric as Holly screeched with surprise, pain and humiliation at this attack. But she was able to quickly reach up and take hold of Kylie's breasts squeezing back. Kylie arched her own back in response but did not cry out.

They stayed locked in this mutual breast squeezing battle, biting their lips rather than cry out and squirming and twisting to ensure the maximum infliction of pain. But Holly realized that she was at a disadvantage having to reach up to attack Kylie. Holly was also not afraid to up the stakes to win the fight and she let go of Kylie's left breast, which the blonde bombshell took to be sign that she was winning. She was so wrong in this instance. Instead Holly used her free hand to pull aside Miss Minogue's light blue bikini bottom and attacked the trimmed blonde pubic bush that the article hid from the publics view. Holly had no hesitation or qualms about pushing on and attacking the short curly hairs - it had happened to her before now and were the situation reversed Kylie would do the same to her. Kylie let out a shriek of pain and anger heavily laced with a torrent of obscenity that belied her squeaky-clean image as her back arched with pain.

As the wave of pain washed her body, Kylie fell backwards between her opponent's legs that forced them to let go of one another, which was the more upsetting to Holly as she felt she had had the advantage. Holly tried to repeat the success by grabbing hold of Kylie's ankles and pulling her legs apart despite her desperate kicks. Kylie had a fair idea of what Holly's intention was, but there was little that she could do except ineffectually scratch at her legs. But this was denied to her when Holly rolled over, pulling Kylie very reluctantly with her so that the older woman was left stomach down on the floor with Holly sitting on the small of her back still holding her ankles. Kylie was left to try and push herself up or buck the younger blonde from her, but without success.

At this point Holly decided that she had enough 'messing around' and let go of Kylie's left ankle and instead plunged her hand down past the ex-soap stars pert arse and grabbed her aroused and pouting pussy, pushing her fingers into a moist, dark cavern where few women had been before.

"Oh! You dirty fucking lezzie slut!" screamed Kylie, partly in pain and partly in shame.

The affect on her was electric as she renewed her efforts to throw the younger woman from her. This intensity was increased with Holly's comment that Kylie seemed to be enjoying having her pussy played with and the clear indication of the buzz that Holly was getting. Kylie pushed down with her hands and suddenly thrust her back into the air, a move that took Miss Vance totally by surprise. One moment she was enjoying herself the next she was sliding down her opponents back and then landed on the floor on her back legs apart, stunned. Kylie ignored her own pain at the sight in front of her, and reached out and crudely grabbed hold of Holly's bikini bottoms and ripped them asunder to reveal the younger woman's luxuriant blonde minge. Holly realized what was about to come and tried to move back out of harms way, but Kylie was intent on getting her revenge and reached forward plunging her eager fingers to start the cruel task of pulling and twisting the short curly hairs. Now it was the turn of Holly's mouth to spew forth, pained obscenity and invective.

But Kylie was unmoved and placed her spare hand on Holly's thigh to both steady herself and to remind the young woman who was in charge. Holly wanted to roll away but was in too much agony to do so and didn't want any of her pubes ripped out. It was as she rolled in agony that she saw Kylie's smug face, a mask of concentration at the task in hand that convinced Holly to fight on. Initially she tried to scissor the older woman between her legs, but Kylie was able to easily prevent this.

Instead, Holly bit her lip and raised herself so she could grab Kylie's hair with both hands and pulled the singer forward and down. Kylie had been so intent on ravaging Holly's pussy that she forgot that the young woman was still fighting. Thus it was a complete surprise to her when she felt a burning pain in her scalp and fell forward, so much so that she released her grip on Holly's pussy. As she fell forward Kylie reached forward and took hold of Holly's blonde hair and, as if preordained, the two ravaged pussies collided.

This was less of a shock and surprise to the older woman, whose partiality to women as well as men has been documented. To Holly, despite the rumors and the fantasies this was a first, and although it was not entirely unpleasant these were not the circumstances to dwell upon those sensations. Kylie could tell by the look on her younger opponents face the affect that she was having and proceeded to press and grind her crotch, under the pretext of achieving a more dominant position, against Holly's. She was rewarded by some loud moaning and a lessening of the intensity of the hair pulling, which she did not reciprocate.

"What's the matter Holly dear, not enjoying yourself?" whispered Kylie who was barely able to control herself. "Everyone knows what a right slut you are. I'm surprised you've never been with a real woman!"

To further emphasize her point, Kylie slammed her crotch down against Holly's. The affect was electric! Holly was feeling for the first time, waves of sensations that shook her to her core; so much so, she had to bite her lip rather than cry out. Instead, she tried to concentrate all her efforts on getting out of this predicament. Her initial attack was to pull Kylie's head back hard by her hair. Although this did get Kylie out of her face and she could hear squeals of pain, it only served to make Kylie up the tempo of her own hair pulling and press with her crotch harder. What now seriously began to concern Holly were the lustful pants and squeals that were intermixed with Kylie's expressions of pain.

"Slut!" screeched Holly.

With a fury born of imminent sexual humiliation, Holly let go of her opponents messed up hair and grabbed her arse cheeks hard. In the shock that Kylie experienced at this assault, Holly was able to use her ankles to maneuver the older woman's legs apart to assist in her attack. At once the pleasure for Kylie Minogue was replaced by searing pain that she could do little to alleviate. She continued to pull Holly's hair and shake her head, but this was as nothing to how she was suffering. Both women screamed now and were on the brink of tears, and all that stopped them was the desire not to lose face.

It was Kylie who broke the stalemate by letting go of Holly's hair and making as if to scratch the younger woman or go for her eyes. In doing so she gave Holly all the opportunity that she needed she to push her opponent off of her so that she could roll away from the older woman. Kylie made no attempt to stop this, as she needed a breather herself and relief from the pain.

The two Australians lay on the floor for several moments, breathing hard before wearily rising to their knees. However tired and battered they felt, their intent was clear. They moved forwards toward each other to resume their fight. Kylie sank her hands into Holly's sweaty hair pulling her head backwards, whilst in turn Holly wrapped her arms around the older woman's waist and started to squeeze as she pulled her close.

Both women squealed under the pressure of these new attacks. Kylie responded by wrapping her arms round Holly's torso so that their bikini-clad breasts were forced together painfully. In this sort of contest Holly had the slight advantage with larger breasts and she decided to make the most of her advantage by resuming her attack on Miss Minogue's butt. The ex-Neighbors star screeched and thrust her blonde crotch forward as the two women swayed back and forth engaged in this bitter struggle.

Holly let go of the older woman's arse, dissatisfied with the poor results instead used both hands to relieve Kylie of her bikini top. But Kylie was having none of it and retaliated in kind, tearing off the younger woman's bikini top. It was an unequal race as Kylie's less subtle methods enabled her to wrench aside Holly's top and sink her fingers cruelly into the swelling flesh. It was as the experienced fingers began to squeeze and Kylie lost her own bikini top that Holly thrust her crotch back into her opponents, catching by her surprise and the two women fell sideways onto the floor.

As they hit the carpet, Kylie released her grip on Holly's tits allowing her to thrust her chest forward so that their nipples pressed together. Holly gasped at another this new experience and she retaliated by grabbing and pulling Kylie's blonde hair.

But it was now Kylie's greater experience as a catfighter that told. Across the carpets they rolled back and forth, first Kylie on top, then Holly. It was the older woman who was able to stay on top and once there positioned herself so she was sat astride Holly's flat and tanned stomach.

Both women took a firm and solid grip on the others breasts, twisting and squeezing. But Kylie knew how to inflict more pain (and pleasure) as she pressed, then pulled, squeezed and crushed Holly's breasts, despite the pain that she was herself being put through. This brought Holly to the verge of tears and it was when Kylie began to bounce up and down on her stomach that she finally gave in. Slow pitiful sobs gave way to real wailing and tears. But even when she let go off Kylie to indicate her surrender and submission, the older woman decided to play the bitch and demand the satisfaction she sought. There was nothing Holly could do to prevent Kylie lowering her damp and smelly crotch on her tear-soaked face. Mercifully for the young woman, Holly passed out long before Kylie was satisfied.