Miss Big Boobs: Leah Remini vs. Pam Anderson by TNT

WHAP! WHACK! THWAP! The petite gorgeous brunette beauty pounded the heavy bag with a vengeance as admiring, lusting eyes focused on Leah Rimini enjoying her workout. Leah looked fantastic in short, 'cheek revealing' denims and a tight, cleavage enhancing sports bra.

"I'd love to see her in the ring; she'd pound the stuffing out of any women," an observant admirer quipped.

"Yeah, she's a hot, fiesty babe alright," another said. "Who'd you like to see her face?"

"Stop that! Quit hassling me and get away from me! Stop gawking at me!"

An irritating, nasal whining voice rose over the other noise in the gym and catching everybodies attention.

"Pam, quit acting like a spoiled brat. You don't own this gym so start sharing. Move on to the next machine and quit dawdling. And, NO, everybody's not staring at you or your big boobs," an angry, attractive brunette scolded Pam Anderson who'd been hogging a workout machine; taking her sweet time while 'eating up' and loving the lustful stares of the other exercisers as they ogled her beautiful body. Pam wore short satin bike shorts and a tight muscle shirt pulled up and tied in a knot under her massive boobs to reveal tight abs and showing off her cleavage most deliciously.

"OK, hon, do your thing," a guy told his girlfriend, motioning toward Leah, then Pam who had finally left her machine and started walking toward the next machine. The girl flashed her boyfriend a big grin and took a swig from her sports drink to quickly freshen her voice.

"Hey Pam! Miss Big boobs! You wanna go a couple a rounds? How about it, or are you a big chicken?"

The voice, sounded exactly like Leah's and Leah spun around staring at the gal who'd just performed a fantastic imitation of her with the invitation. Leah quickly realized the girl actually threw her voice; a perfect setup. She looked at Pam who was angrily marching hurried toward her, her beautiful face wearing an angry sneer. Leah looked at the girl and her boyfriend who were laughing for only a few people realized Leah hadn't issued the challenge. Every eye in the gym was on Leah and the angrily approaching Pam. Leah's first impulse was to confront the meddler and smack her and her boyfriend around but her second impulse was to take advantage because she'd always wanted to smack the smart-alecky, haughty, stuck on herself, buxom blonde around. Now she had a chance to do it in front of a cheering audience which would be a blast! Besides, she needed to blow off steam. Two of the gym staff saw what was about to go down and while one intercepted Pam, the other hurried to Leah.

"If you two wanta do this, you gotta follow our rules," they said and soon enough, the women were in opposite corners of the ring surrounded by a bunch of eager observers at ringside. "Here, put these on," the trainers said, handing outsize gloves to both women.

Pam was mad as a hornet, screaming expletives at Leah who realized Pam hadnt' a clue she hadn't issued the initial challenge. Leah laughed and smiled confidently, eager for the bell to ring.

"No punching below the belt, etc. etc. the impromptu ref said, then he quickly got annoyed when Pam repeatedly interrupted him.

"Just shut up and let me pound her," Pam sneered. "Leah, you bitch! I'm gonna kick your butt."

"I give Pam less than a minute, before she's flat on her ass, nipples up," one observer chuckled, confident in Leah's ability.

"That's unrealistic, like totally," another countered. "Leah's gonna drop her with, like, her first punch."

"Dunno," a third sage observed. "Pam lands on those boobs, she'll bounce right back up on her feet! I seen it before when Theron decked Cat Bell!!"

The whistle blew and the ref barely got out of the way of Pam who came rushing in swinging wildly. WHAP! Her first blow found its target and Leah's head snapped back. She shook off the powerful punch quickly, backing away in awe that Pam had such power. Pam laughed as she saw Leah's head rock back but instead of following up, Pam back off and waited for Leah's attack. Big mistake! The petite beauty darted in with a series of rapid-fire punches, most connecting to the busty blondes belly and ribs. Pam grunted as she dropped her hands and .... WHAM! WHAM! One punch slammed into her chin, the next flattened her left breast!

"Argggh! Uhhhhhh...." Pam moaned, staggering back up against the ropes screaming and staring down at her abused boob.

"Oh for PETA's' sake!" Leah shouted, reluctantly halting her assault to take pity on her blabbering rival.

"Get her, Leah, get her!"

"Get back in there Pammie, go get her."

The cheers, and advice, grew louder and louder. Pam rubbed her glove on her sore breast, wiped her eyes and sweaty brow, then moved in cursing and snarling. Both women threw punches rapidly with few connecting. Pam put a lot of force and strength behind her punches but Leah was fast with excellent foot work and she dodged most of Pam's punches easily. Lean also landed several good punches of her own to Pam's abs, but they seemed to bounce off with no effect. The end of the first round came too soon for most of the fans.

"Hey, this is OK, right?" the voice sounded a bit apologetic as Leah looked up at the face of the woman who started it all.

"Sure, don't worry about it," Leah said smiling. "I always wanted to pound this crazy blonde," she laughed.

"If you don't mind," the girl chirped. "We hope you don't just pound her. My boyfriend'd love to see you do more!"

"Like what?" Leah asked with a mischievous grin.

"Like knock those knockers flat; or better yet, relieve her of that ghastly top," the woman said with a lusty laugh.

"We'll see," Leah said as the ref called the next round.

"Come on an' taste some leather, Leah sweetie," Pam said as she started to prance and shadow box.

WHOMP! “Argggggh..." Leah slapped Pam's gloves aside and moved in, snapping several lightning quick punches to the blondes face, then zipped out of Pam's angry reach before she could land a reposte. A trickle of blood appeared as Pam rubbed her nose, snarled and lunged at Leah swinging wildly with roundhouse punches that all missed the scampering, dancing, darting Leah until Leah's own fancy footwork did her in as she tripped and stumbled down. WHUMP! The back of Leah's head burst into pain, then numbness as Pam fired a hard, powerful, sucker punch at her descending rival. As Leah groaned in agony, the referee's whistle was totally ignored and Pam began to pommel her downed rival. Leah's pain quickly turned to anger, then rage, when she finally regained her senses and was able to block the blondes fast and furious punches.

"Stop! NOW!" The ref's order went unheeded and Pam continued to punch Leah who struggled to block the blows as she made it to her feet and began to return fire. WHUMP. WHUMP. WHUMP. Leah's punches were both fast and accurate, her fists connecting with Pam's ribs, breasts and face. The busty blonde moaned and groaned as she staggered back to the ropes.

"Get her Leah, get her!" her fans screamed and Leah needed little encouragement. Once she had Pam under control, she'd feint a blow to her abs and when Pam dropped her guard, Leah targeted her huge breasts! Pam's pupples felt Leah's leather "kisses" and each blow pushed the huge melons a little further up out of Pam's tight top. When Pam's back hit the top rope, her arms snaked out and grabbed the rope for support. Leah smiled as she darted in, fired a punch to the blondes taut abs, and then quickly pulled off her gloves. Leah reached for the blondes top hoping to tear the gasping groaning beauty's top off to expose her huge breasts to the excited crowd. Leah's fingers latched onto the thin material and she started to pull. WHOMPP! Leah's ears rang as the sides of her head exploded in pain. Pam had slammed her gloves to both sides of her head at once!

"Ugggggh..." Leah moaned when Pam kneed her crotch and it went numb! Her legs turned to Jello as Pam's knee sledge-hammered her crotch a second time and while Leah squeezed her thighs together over her hands, Pam tossed her own gloves aside and watched grinning as Leah started to fall. But Pam grabbed two handfuls of Leah's silky brown hair and wrestled her to the canvas, then threw her own body down on top of her moaning rival.

"Guess my big boobs are a winnin' this contest," Pam snarled as she maneuvered into a sitting position straddling Leah's waist. Grabbing Leah by the hair, Pam banged Leah's head on the mat several times, before delivering a blistering backhand. "Still glad you picked a fight with me?" Pam rasped as she reached down and pushed her fingers up under Leah's top, cupped her full breasts and squeezed the firm mounds as hard as she could, making Leah writh in agony and kick her beautiful legs wildly.

"Get off me you coOWWWW...AIEEEEEEEE!"

"Give up, Leah honey?" Pam snapped as she watched her rivals eyes fill with tears.

Pam shifted her weight trying to control the luscious squirming kicking body beneath her. Leah shrieked again, this time even louder as Pam's fingers captured a rock hard nipple and pinched viciously. When Pam released the breast, slipped her hand out from under Leah's sports bra, grabbed the fabric and pulled it up to completely expose the full breast to loud jeers from the on-lookers.

"She's kinda small, don't ya think?" Pam chirped. "WHOA! Noooooo..." The gasps of admiration and laughter triggered a volcano of movement beneath Pam as Leah's body bucked with all her might; every muscle in her petite luscious body sprang into overdrive, her last convulsions finally sending Pam flying. THUD! Pam smacked headfirst into a turnbuckle, bounced off and dropped to her knees holding her head. "AIEEEEEEE!" Pam screamed as Leah grabbed her hair, straightened her up and drove her knee between her breasts, then jerked the gasping blonde back to her feet.

WHUMP! "Uhhhhh." WHUMP! "Uhhhhhh."

"Too bad we don't have gloves, on, huh bitch?" Leah snipped as she drilled punches to Pam's stomach, ribs, breasts, and an occasional one to the blondes undefended face. To the crowds delight, Leah made no attempt to reharness her loose puppy, preferring to spend her time dishing out pain on Pam. Soon, she had Pam pinned against the ropes where her punches became blisteringly hard slaps; backhand, forehand, backhand.

Whenever Pam raised her hands to protect her face, Leah would drill her tight abs or slam her in the ribs.

"Noooo, please, enough, stop already, uhhhhh..." Pam groaned; but her pleas only spurred Leah on!

"You're going down Miss Big Boo...Arggggh!" Leah's' confidence nosedived as Pam pounded her knuckles into Leah's exposed breast. As if that weren't bad enough, she screamed as Pam then pinched the stiff nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Pam's beautiful, but swollen and puffy face moved close as she cocked her fist to deliver the knockout punch. THUD! "Uggghhhhhhhh!"

"Never telegraph your punch, sweetie," Leah snarled as she grabbed a double handful of silky platinum blonde hair and jerked Pam off balance and threw her down. Before Pam could open her mouth to cry out, Leah's foot shot up shoulder high and smashed Pam's left boob flat against her breastbone. Pam let out a low grunt as she hunched forward cradling her bruised breast, just as Leah dropped to the mat and executed a leg sweep that dropped Pam to her knees with a spine shuddering jolt. Leah's luscious legs swung up again and Leah shouted out loud with joy as she slammed them closed on Pam's head. Pam gasped as her head felt excruciating pain thanks to Leah's sexy strong firm scissors grip!

"Headscissors, in case anybody's wondering," Leah announced proudly as she looked over her shoulder at her excited audience. She reached down and pulled Pam's long blonde hair, giggling as Pam screamed and groaned in agony. "Anybody want a different kind of action?" Leah chirped as she released her hair-pull, raised her hands and made squeezing, twisting motions with her fingers. The crowd reacted with cheers and whistles of approval.

"Wha... what's going on?" Pam gasped, her arms and hands switching back and forth between futilely clawing at Leah's legs and thighs and flailing wildly in the air.

"You'll know soon enough, Miss Big Boobs," Leah laughed as she squeezed her legs tighter, making Pam groan, gasp and moan.

Pam felt like her head was about to explode as Leah squeezed her thighs together. The room started spinning; her vision blurred. THUD! Leah smacked Pam's head as she gave a hard final squeeze and WHOMP Pam dropped to the canvas, gasping for air and holding her aching head.

WHAP! "Uhhhh." Leah snapped a kick to Pam's sexy upturned ass before turning on a dime and walking back to her corner.

"Drinks on me," chirped the perky girl in the front row as she handed Leah a sports drink. "Aren't you glad I started this?"

"Sure am; you and your boyfriend are in for a real treat thanks to our Miss Big Boobs over there," Leah laughed as she looked into the girls eyes and noticed they were as big and full of lust as her boyfriends' were.

"Uhhhhh...ohhhhhhh! I'm gonna kill yo...uhhhhh..." Pam's groans and moans were intermingled with threats as she slowly dragged herself up by the ropes and stood wavering on wobbly legs. "Yeeeiahhhh!" Pam's sudden loud angry yell signaled her angry attack.

Leah spun around and threw the ice cold liquid from her bottle right in Pam's face, then sidestepped the careening blinded blonde and swung her leg out, sending Pam sprawling. A hard kick in the ribs rolled Pam over onto her back where she lay blinking and wiping liquid from her eyes.

"Get up, Miss Big Boobs and lets dance," Leah snarled as she grabbed a handful of Pam's platinum blonde hair.

WHACK! "Uhhhhh." WHACK!! "Uhhhhh..." Pam groaned with each blistering slap. She staggered with each blow when Leah turned the slaps to rapid, stinging punches that peppered the blondes stomach, ribs and breasts. Pam backpedaled away, trying to escape her angry rival but she fell backward over her own feet in her hasty flight. Her arms flew out and she managed to grab the top rope as she fell back. Leah screeched to a halt and watched her beautiful busty rival gasp for air, her arms outstretched, hanging from the top rope...oh, so vulnerable! Leah looked around, briefly studying the situation. The eager crowd was cheering her on, the girl and her boyfriend were just a few feet from Pam who was gasping for air, trying to catch her wind, her body totally totally exposed; her huge breasts bulging out of her top.

WHOOSH! WHAM! WHAM! RIIPPPPPPP! "Noooooooooo..." Leah danced in fast as lightning, delivered two hard punches to Pam's stomach, then grabbed the front of her top and tore it open before Pam could even think of reacting. As Pam's hands flashed up toward Leah's silky brown hair, her groin exploded with breathtaking pain as Leah's knee made its first of several "lets get to know each other better" introductions! Then, as if she weren't in enough pain....

"OW! Not my boobs....oh please, not my BO....oobs! Uhhhhh...oh Gawd, my cunt," Pam shrieked as Leah dug her fingers into Pam's huge breasts while she continued her kneeing, pussy-pounding attack.

"Argggggh!" Leah yelled as her scalp felt the fury of Pam's angry fingers as they yanked and tore at her hair.

"Leggo of my boobs, you're killing me! Please....leggo my boobs....OUCH my hair!" Pam continued her pained protests as Leah's fingers pulled viciously, jerking her head back until she was forced to look into the smirking face of the gal who started it all.

"Who? What the hell? Who are yo...Arggggh! Noooooo...AIEEEEEE!" Pam's' question halted as she felt her shorts suddenly being pulled down.

"Lets see what else ya got, Miss Big Boobs," Leah laughed as she started her new attack. She released Pam's breasts and quickly accomplished her mission, jerking Pam's shorts down around her ankles and leaving a very sexy thong at 'half mast.'

"Yaieeeehhh!" Pam's howls turned to wailing wails of agony. "YAIIIEEEEE! Stop, you're cutting my pus...EEEEEE! Arggg... mmmmmpfffhhh!" Her agonized plea melted into a muffled garbling moaning as a hand clamped over her mouth and she was pulled backward over the rope. Leah continued her painful attack, jerking Pam's thong up hard, making it disappear into the small erotic little forest surrounding Pam's black and blue pubic mound. Leah watched Pam's beautiful frantic eyes widen in agony as she yanked and pulled on the thong, sawing it back and forth in the crevice beneath the curly pubes.

"How ya feeling now, Miss Big Boobs?" The sarcastic, yet playful question was asked by both Leah and girl who had hoped so eagerly for this confrontation.

SNAP! Pam's thong finally broke and with it came her loud moan of relief.

"Aren't you lucky?" Leah said with a smile as she reached up and cupped Pams huge, upturned breasts in both hands, squeezing the twin melons firmly as she thumb-teased the nipples to full erection. To the crowds delight, Pam's other captor bent the blonde back even further, forcing her back to arch and pushing her chest skyward..

"Squeeze those tits!" "Twist 'em!" "Pinch em good!" came the advice from the crowd and, smiling, Leah gladly followed it.

"Excuse me, Leah, but I, I mean my boyfriend just gave me a good idea," the other woman said, her sweet low husky voice full of lust as she bent forward and whispered in Leah's ear. She listened intently and her face slowly widened into a broad, mischievous, grin.

"Uhhhhhh..." Pam groaned as she felt herself pulled to the canvas by a quick, hard, fast and vicious hair-pull.

WHUMPP! Leah dropped her full weight on the blondes stomach, landing slaps and punches to her face until Pam's eyes glazed over, she stopped struggling and kicking. The crowd gasped as they watched Leah jump to her feet to remove her own shorts and panties.

"Any last words, Miss Big boobs?" Leah laughed as she executed a perfect reverse face sit. Muffled groans sent a pleasurable vibration up between Leah's legs as she bent forward and gave Pam's two twin "towers" a hard squeeze before she latched onto her thick, erect nipples. "Uhhhhmmmm....Ohhhhhhh....Yessssss...." Leah moaned, her voice echoing in the small gym.

"I finally got ya Miss Big Boobs; now I can't wait to get my hands on that bitch who just walked in the door." Leah froze in mid-pleasure, as she heard what sounded uncannily like her own voice loudly issuing an arrogant challenge to the newcomer. She looked up at an angry, furious Cori Nadine who had just entered the gym. Still, Pam's tongue continued wagging until Leah's entire body shuddered and burst into spasms of tingling ecstasy.

"Hey Leah? That you? So you wanna fight, eh? Well, get your luscious ass off'n Miss Big Boobs an' lets you an me dance!"