Boxing/Wrestling: Dominque Moceanu vs. Britney Spears (c) by John J.

Dominique had signed up for the charity celebrity foxy boxing tournament just to be nice and get name back in the spotlight again. After all, it had been months, in not more, since her name was widely used on TV, and she wanted more publicity for herself, and she figured that this would be the perfect way to do it.

Britney Spears had also signed up for the tournament. Her favorite charity was one of the charities that would be the recepient of the proceeds, so Britney couldn't pass up that opportunity to help them out.

Opponents for the foxy boxing matches were drawn at random from the names of all the women that entered. The names were placed in a hat, and simply drawn at random.

Britney was nervous when she discovered that her opponent would be Dominique. She knew that the young gymnast was in great shape, and would probably easily overpower her. But Britney decided that it was for charity and she would give it her best shot. Dominique laughed when she heard that Britney was her opponent. She figured that she would barely break a sweat to defeat the young blonde singer.

The two women were introduced for the foxy boxing match.

First, Dominique was introduced. She came out in a red tank top, with matching red foxy boxing shorts and white sneakers.

Next Britney was introduced. She appeared in a blue tank top with matching blue foxy boxing shorts and white sneakers. The ladies were fitted with their foxy boxing style boxing gloves, and waited in their corner.

The announcer went over the rules which were fairly standard for foxy boxing events. It was essentially no low blows, no biting, no hits while the opponent is down type of rules. The winner would be determined by a KO, TKO, submission, or audience decision at the end of five three-minute rounds.

Round 1 started, and both women started off cautiously. Dominique went out to show her superior strength and fired a huge right hook at Britney's head, but Britney easily ducked the punch and put a left jab counter-punch into Dominique's ribs. Dominique was unaffected by the punch and easily shrugged it off. She figured that Britney didn't have the power to hurt her badly. Dominique came in after Britney again, this time with a big uppercut. Once again, Britney used her quickness to avoid the blow. Dominique continued her charge and fired back with another jab, which barely missed Britney's chin. Britney took her opportunity again and put an uppercut into Dominique's midriff.

Again, Dominique was able to shrug off the hit, but she knew that she needed to land more of these punches. Britney got a little bit cocky and she closed in and fired a big right hook at Dominique's jaw. Dominique blocked the punch and countered with a right to the gut that staggered the singer. Britney backed away, while Dominique gave chase. Britney avoided several more head punches as she backed away as subdued the pain in the midsection. Britney surprised Dominique when she came after Britney with another hook to the jaw. Britney ducked under the punch and came up with an uppercut to the jaw that rang Dominique's head just a little. Britney was unable to take advantage of that hit, as the round ended.

Round 2 started with both women still being cautious, now more from pain and wariness than uncertainty. Britney bounced around in front of Dominique as she tried to get Dominique to throw wild punches. Dominique threw a huge jab and Britney walked right into it. The jab caught Britney on the chin and the singer staggered back. Dominique followed and pounded Britney's midriff with several hard punches, before the singer escaped. Britney was clearly hurting and Dominique wanted to take advantage and end this fight quickly. Dominique gave chase again, and this time she walked into the punch. She walked straight into a right hook to the jaw that spun her head around.

The gymnast nearly went down as she spun around hard. Britney chased in and put a couple punches into Dominique's midriff and she watched as the gymnast backed away. Britney gave chase and put several more punches into Dominique's chin and jaw. Britney backed Dominique into a corner and unloaded a series of punches to the guts and boobs before the referee broke it up. Britney was unable to continue before the bell rang to end the round.

Round 3 started with Dominique angry. She was clearly fuming as she knew that the singer was ahead at this point. She started off and fired a big hook at Britney again, which Britney avoided. Dominique had enough. She shook off her boxing gloves and raised her fists. She taunted the singer.

"Come on tough girl. Lets go bare knuckles."

Britney wasn't going to back down, so she removed her own gloves and the women squared off bare knuckled. Dominique faked a jab at Britney's chin, and the singer swerved to avoid it, but she swerved right into the real punch, a solid left to the head. Britney's head rang, as the bare fisted punch hit its mark. Dominique grabbed a fist full of Britney's hair and clocked her with a hit to the jaw. Britney went down like a ton of bricks. Dominique taunted her to "get up."

Britney made it to her feet at the seven count. The gymnast quickly chased the singer down and backed her into the corner when she pounded the defenseless girl's tits and gut. Just as the bell rang, Dominique nailed Britney with a knee to the crotch.

Britney fumed at that. She was pissed now, and ready to beat the crap out of Dominique. The pain was still throbbing between her legs after the break but she knew that she had to continue and she was ready.

At the start of the fourth round, Britney went right after Dominique. She shocked the gymnast as she nailed her with repeated punches and backfists to the face. She backed the gymnast into the corner and nailed her with more punches until the ref broke it up.

Britney gave Dominique no rest, she quickly nailed her with a backfist that spun her back into the corner. Britney kidney-punched the girl repeatedly, as she moaned in pain. Britney backed off and saw Dominique was wobbly and barely on her feet. Britney wound up and put her best uppercut into Dominique's chin.

The gymnast went down hard, and barely made it up at the nine count. Britney kept up the pressure and pounded her more. Just at the bell, Britney nailed Dominique with a hard kick to the crotch.

She whispered at the gymnast, "Now we're even, bitch!"

Both women were bruised and hurt, and started off round five slowly. Dominique saw that her fist fight plan had backfired and Britney could fight, so she decided that it was time to put her best assets to work, her legs. Dominique put on a burst of speed and charged Britney. She put the singer down with a clothesline.

Dominique moved in and wrapped her legs around the girl's midsection and squeezed. She poured the pressure into the bodyscissors. Britney yelped in pain as her midriff was compressed. Britney could feel that she was losing her breath and needed to act quickly. She elbowed Dominique in the guts several times, and the gymnast finally weakened the scissors to the point where Britney could escape. Britney rolled away and Dominique followed. Dominique charged in after Britney to continue the attack.

Britney did the only thing she could think of, and raised her knees. Dominique hit hard into Britney's knees and went down in pain. Both women were hurt and got up slowly, but Britney a little faster. She hauled the gymnast to her feet and slammed her down to the floor hard. Britney put Dominique into a Boston Crab and demanded her surrender but Dominique refused to quit.

Britney got tired of waiting and stopped the hold. She switched around and clamped a figure-4 headscissors on the gymnast and again demanded her surrender. Dominique refused. Britney kept up the hold and poured on the pressure until Dominique was out cold and she got the KO.

Britney got up and proudly raised her arms in victory and she waved to her fans in the crowd, and they cheered her wildly for her victory. After she took a little time to get cleaned up and get a change of clothes, Britney, and all the other winners, treated the audience to a concert or performance in celebration of their victories.